Questions Asked on
June 28, 2012

  1. physics

    A 4.50-kg wheel that is 34.5 cm in diameter rotates through an angle of 13.8 rad as it slows down uniformly from 22.0 rad/s to 13.5 rad/s. What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the wheel? A) 0.616 rad/s 2 B) 22.5 rad/s 2 C) 5.45 rad/s 2 D)

    asked by help me!!!
  2. calculus

    solution for limit as delta x approaches 0 (1-cos4x/1-cos2x)

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chem!

    10 grams of argon and 20.0 g of the neon are placed in a 1200.0 ml container at 25 degrees C. The partial pressure of neon is?

    asked by Harlem
  4. chem

    would you expect the nonbonding electron pair domain in nh3 to be greater or less in size than for the corresponding one in PH3?

    asked by skye
  5. trig

    A certain species of tree grows an average of 0.5 cm per week. Write an equation for the sequence that represents the weekly height of this tree in centimeters if the measurements begin when the tree is 800 centimeters tall?

    asked by mia
  6. science

    prove that the maximum horizontal range is 4 times the maximum height attained by a projectile which is fired long the required oblique direction

    asked by nt52
  7. algebra

    Bob had three 10' lengths of conduit. If he used a total of 13.75' of conduit to install a motor, how much total conduit does he have left?

    asked by tim
  8. alg

    An amplifier has an input power of 5 mW. The output power is 100 mW. What is the decibel gain to the nearest decibel?

    asked by Erica
  9. algebra

    An amplifier has a 50 watt output and a 5 watt input. What is the gain in decibels for this amplifier, rounded to the nearest decibel?

    asked by Grand
  10. statistics

    Acrylic bone cement is commonly used in total joint replacement to secure the artificial joint. Data on the force (measured in Newtons, N) required to break a cement bond was determined under two different temperature conditions and in two different

    asked by aisha
  11. algbra

    If fuses cost $2.35 each, and each motor requires 3 fuses, how many motors can be supplied with $493.50 worth of fuses?

    asked by MIKE
  12. Physics

    An air traffic controller observes two airplanes approaching the airport. The displacement from the control tower to plane 1 is given by the vector A , which has a magnitude of 220 km and points in a direction 32 degrees north of west. The displacement

    asked by Hiral
  13. Physics

    Standing on the surface of a small spherical moon whose radius is 6.30 104 m and whose mass is 8.00 1018 kg, an astronaut throws a rock of mass 2.02 kg straight upward with an initial speed 42.2 m/s. (This moon is too small to have an atmosphere.) What

    asked by James
  14. offices finances

    Who usually signs a collections letter? A. A law enforcement officer B. A lawyer C. The office professional D. the executive I believed that is C the correct answer but not sure pleased can someone help me thank you

    asked by ilias
  15. Physics

    An off-roader explores the open desert in her Hummer. First she drives 25 degrees west of north with a speed of 7.0 km/h for 15 minutes, then due east with a speed of 11 km/h for 7.5 minutes. She completes the final leg of her trip in 22 minutes.What is

    asked by Hiral
  16. algebra 2

    Lisa Chen invested $24,000, part at 8% and the rest at 7.2%. How much did she invest at each rate if her income from the 8% investment is two thirds that of the 7.2% investment?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. statistics

    The diameter of small Nerf balls manufactured at a factory in China is expected to be approximately normally distributed with a mean of 5.2 inches and a standard deviation of .08 inch. Suppose a random sample of 20 balls is selected. Find the interval that

    asked by Josh
  18. Algebra

    If two planes leave the same airport at 1:00 PM, how many miles apart will they be at 3:00 PM if one travels directly north at 150 mph and the other travels directly west at 200 mph? I understand that d = sqrt[300^2 + 400^2] d = sqrt[250,000] But im not

    asked by Becky
  19. science

    two bombs of 20 kg and 30 kg are thrown from a cannon with the same velocity in the same direction .which bomb will reach the ground first ?explain

    asked by nt53
  20. geometry

    half of a liter is equal to 16.91 ounces. How many ounces are there in 3 liters? help, Please

    asked by Priscila
  21. Real Estate Financing

    "Mr. Smith acquired a property consisting of one acre of land and a two-story building five years ago for $100,000. He also obtained an $80,000 mortgage loan from ACE Bank to provide financing to complete the purchase. This year, Mr. Smith constructed

    asked by Tianna
  22. statistics

    Breast feeding sometimes results in a temporary loss of bone mass as calcium is depleted in the mother's body to provide for milk production. An investigation gave the following data on total body bone mineral content (g) for a sample of mothers both

    asked by tanya
  23. chemistry

    Hvap 40.65 kJ/mol Hf -285.83 kJ/mol Hfusion 6.03 kJ/mol specific heat 4.186 J/gC molar mass 18.02 g How much energy is consumed by thawing 4.3 g ice?

    asked by martin

    Please post a substantive response to the following discussion questions by clicking on Reply: Aristotle developed a theory of persuasion by which there are three ways a speaker can persuade an audience. Ethos is the idea that an audience can be persuaded

    asked by WILL
  25. math

    Given a dilation with the origin O (0, 0), by observation determine the scale factor "k." DO,K = (6, 12) (3, 6) What is the scale factor K = a0 Is the dilation an expansion or contraction? a1

    asked by jen
  26. chemistry

    the volume at s.t.p. occupied by a gas q originally occupying 153.7 cc at 287 k and 750mm pressure, vapour pressure of gas q at 287k is 12 mm of hg

    asked by Mayank Goswami
  27. prealgbra

    identify the number as rational or irrational. explain 291.87

    asked by sandra
  28. alGebra

    A constant tone is being applied to a speaker. The voltage across the speaker is 5 volts. The voltage across the speaker is increased to 15 volts in order to increase the sound level. What is the decibel gain, rounded to the nearest decibel?

    asked by lucy
  29. Physics

    A jogger is running around a circular track of circumference 480 m. If the jogger has a speed of 11 km/h, what is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the jogger?

    asked by Sierra
  30. chemistry

    In the macy's thanksgivingday parade, 2000, there was a new float, the cheerios'bee, buzbee. the jar of honey it was holding contained 36,763L of helium. the honey jar was 1/10 of the body size. What is the volume of the entire float?

    asked by Leslie
  31. algebra

    Mike's family wants to build a rectangular fenced backyard area for their dog. They have a 20-meter length of wire fence and four posts. They can also use the 20-meter straight length of the back of their house as a side of the enclosure, but the fence

    asked by km
  32. physics

    an object falls from a plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 40,000 ft at 500 mi/h. How long will it take to hit the ground?

    asked by wen
  33. prealgbra

    is the sequence 3,12,36 a geometric sequence?explain

    asked by shania

    If an electronic circuit experiences a loss of 3 decibels with an input power of 6 watts, what would its output power be, to the nearest watt?

    asked by Markie
  35. science

    a particle travels in a straight line ,such that for a short time 2s

    asked by bk4
  36. Physics

    Vector points in the positive x direction and has a magnitude of 75m . The vector C=A+B points in the positive y direction and has a magnitude of 95m . Sketch A, B, and C with tails at dot.Find the direction of the vector B

    asked by Hiral
  37. statistics

    In a statistic class, 10 scores were randomly selected with the following results were obtained: 74, 73, 87, 57, 71, 68, 65, 77, 67, 66. What are the inner fences?

    asked by Josh
  38. child day care management

    Which of the following is the primary function of certification? A. To enforce mandatory government regulations B. To give credit to a facility that meets certain professional standards C. To grant a credential to an individual as an authorization to teach

    asked by Anonymous
  39. KSU

    At 3 P.M, ship A is 150 km west of ship B. Ship A is sailing east at 35 km/h and ship B is sailing north at 25 km/h. How fast is the distance between the ships changing at 7 P.M.? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

    asked by Ali
  40. statistics

    The weight of a product is normally distributed with a mean of 4 ounces and a variance of .25 "sq ounces." The company wants to classify the unit as a scrap in a maximum of 1% of the units if the weight is below a desired value. Determine the desired

    asked by Isabella
  41. Chemistry

    3.30 mL of vinegar needs 40.0 mL of 0.150M NaOH to reach the equivalence point in a titration, how many grams of acetic acid are in a 1.10 qt sample of this vinegar?

    asked by Aaron
  42. Chemistry

    Nitrogen Oxides, NOx (mixture of NO and NO2). The NOx in the atmosphere is slowly broken down to N2 and O2 in a first-order reaction. The average half-life of NOx in the smokestack emissions in a large city during daylight is 3.9 hours. (a) Starting with

    asked by Robert
  43. Chemistry 2

    Chlorine atoms contribute to the destruction of the earth's ozone layer by the following sequence of reactions: Cl + O3 --> ClO + O2 ClO + O --> Cl + O2 Where the O atoms in the second step come from the decomposition of ozone by sunlight: O3 --> O + O2

    asked by Robert
  44. Physics

    Eris, the largest dwarf planet known in the Solar System, has a radius R = 1200 km and an acceleration due to gravity on its surface of magnitude g = 0.77 m/s2. (a) Use these numbers to calculate the escape speed from the surface of Eris. (b) If an object

    asked by Anna
  45. Math

    If a dog can run 10ft in1/5 of a second how many feet can it run in 20 seconds

    asked by Sarah
  46. calculus

    All right, sorta hard to explain but I will try my best. I am suppose to find the equation for the that lines that are tangent to the curve y=cot^2(x) at the point (pie/4, 1)....(the x is not to the power of 2, a variable right next to the cot^2) I am not

    asked by hiii
  47. organizational behavior


    asked by Anonymous
  48. statistics

    A particular report included the following table classifying 711 fatal bicycle accidents according to time of day the accident occurred. Time of Day Number of Accidents Midnight to 3 a.m. 38 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. 29 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. 64 9 a.m. to Noon 78 Noon to

    asked by annie
  49. chemistry

    0.44 gram of a colorless oxide of nitrogen occurs 224 ml at stp. write the molecular formula of the compound

    asked by arindam roy
  50. science

    two equal forces have their resultant equal to either.what is the inclination between them?

    asked by nt531
  51. chemistry

    How many molecules are in 15.6 g NO2? Answer in units of molecules

    asked by Real
  52. prealgbra

    brandon needs $480 to buy a tv and stereo system for his room.He received $60 in cash for birthday presents. he plans to save $30 per week from his parttime find how many weeks w it take to have $480, solve 60+30w=480

    asked by janet
  53. physics

    A 4.7 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 0.50 kg block of wood resting on a frictionless table. The block, which is attached to a horizontal spring, retains the bullet and moves forward, compressing the spring. The block-spring system goes into SHM with

    asked by Tom

    According to the principles of a market, when the price of a hot pretzel is $2.50, how many pretzels are sold Price of a Hot pretzel:$2.50 Quantity demanded:125 Quantity supplied:300 A) 250 B) 200 C) 150 D) 125 E) 50 Would it be D? since that's how much

    asked by Booker Perry
  55. prealgbra

    is a triangle with sides of length 6ft,21ft,23ft a right triangle.? explain

    asked by shania
  56. chemistry

    how many grams of H2O will be produced if 32.0 grams N2O are produced in the reaction ?

    asked by morgan
  57. Algebra 1 (Scientific Notation)

    How will you write this in scientific notation? if you do not mind explaining how you did it. Thank you! $15,789,000,000,000

    asked by *Please Help*
  58. Algebra 2

    What simple interest rate will Susan need to secure to make $2,500 in interest on a $10,000 principal over 5 years? how would i figure this out?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Physics

    When two identical ions are separated by a distance of 5.9 multiplied by 10-10 m, the electrostatic force each exerts on the other is 6.0 multiplied by 10-9 N. How many electrons are missing from each ion?

    asked by Alex
  60. science

    a 6.85ohm light bulb is connected to a 12.0v battery. how much current flows through the bulb. how much power bulb consume

    asked by lora
  61. prealgbra

    is the sequence 5,9,15 an airthmetic sequence?explain

    asked by sandra
  62. science

    which is the pah followed by a javelin projected horizontally by an athlete?

    asked by nt5
  63. chemistry

    Hvap 40.65 kJ/mol Hf -285.83 kJ/mol Hfusion 6.03 kJ/mol specific heat 4.186 J/gC molar mass 18.02 g How much energy is consumed by thawing 4.3 g ice?

    asked by martin
  64. algerabra 1

    how do you find the equation for the line containg the side opposite the side containg the first two vertices?

    asked by bridget
  65. physics

    A comet orbits the Sun with a period of 72.8 yr. (a) Find the semimajor axis of the orbit of the comet in astronomical units (1 AU is equal to the semimajor axis of the Earth's orbit). (b) If the comet is 0.55 AU from the Sun at perihelion, what is its

    asked by Tim
  66. algerabra 1

    how do you find the equation for the line containg the side opposite the side containg the first two vertices?

    asked by bridget
  67. physics

    a 70-kg man climbs a mountain 1200 m high (measured from the base) in 4 h and uses 9.8 kcal/min. calculate his power consumption in watts. what is his power output in useful work? what was the efficiency of this man during the climb?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    if $15,000 is invested at 6%, compounded quarterly, how long will it be before it grows to $25,000?

    asked by tania
  69. Engineering Science

    A bullet with a mass of 28g and travelling at 300m\s strikes a body with a mass of 14kg and which can move freely. The bullet remains in the body. At What velocity will the body start to move?

    asked by Jan Vosloo
  70. physics

    if i travel in a bus which have 40km/hour speed than i through a coin in vertical hight. Does the coin fall in my hand

    asked by dc
  71. chemistry

    An experiment is set up in which a copper surface is irradiated with high-intensity photons with a wavelength of 15.0nm. Electrons ejected from the surface are found to have a velocity of .548% of c. What is the binding energy of copper's most weakly bound

    asked by Anonymous
  72. bashyam

    For the circuit shown in the figure, letε=14 V. Initially the switch is open and the capacitor is uncharged. When the switch is closed, there is an initial instantaneous current of 1.00 mA in the resistor. Two seconds later the current through the

    asked by fdbb
  73. Finance

    a company is offering the US Government's 8.5% 2020 treasury bond for "150.266" . What is the price in dollars of the bond?

    asked by Kiki
  74. prealgbra

    charlie is at a small airfied watch for the approach of a a small plane with engine trouble. he sees the plane at an angle of elvation of 32. at the same time, the pilot radios charlie and reports the planes altitude is 1,700 feet. Charlies eyes are 5.2

    asked by shania
  75. Writing/BME

    Strength is defined as the amount of stress a material can withstand before fracturing. Therefore, the more strength a material has, the more durable it is. Thus, a toric lens should be constructed from a material with high strength. Every time I read this

    asked by James
  76. Math: profits and costs

    Anne and Carol conducted a cooking class. They collected $375 from the participants as registration fees. They used $180 of this money to pay for rental of the kitchen. Carol took the remainder of $195 and $205 of her own money for Anne to buy food. Anne

    asked by edtan
  77. finance

    BBA307: Finance Exercise 8A Assignment 8.1 Assignment 8.1: Capital Budgeting Application You have just graduated and one of your favorite courses was Financial Management. While you were in school, your grandfather died and left you $1 million. You have

    asked by nancy
  78. calculus

    (SIN^8X-5 SIN^5X+SINX)COSX DX I need the answer to this, because I have tried so many times and cannot figure it out.

    asked by Anna
  79. calculas

    Find the volume of the solid that is obtained when the region under the curve y=©ø¡îx+3 over the interval [5, 24] is revolved about x-axis.

    asked by raza
  80. Statistics

    what drawback of the standard deviation is illustrated by example?

    asked by Lu
  81. Trigo

    Two men travelling in opposite directions at the rate 18 and 22 miles per hour respectively started at the same time from the same place. In how many hours will they be 250 miles apart?

    asked by Alice
  82. Science

    1. What are some of the evidence that led Wegener to propose his theory, why it met with hostility and why the theory was revived in the 1950’s?

    asked by Maria
  83. Algebra 1 (exponents)

    (6p)^-2 how will I write this in positive answer? I got 1 ---p ^-2 136 Please help! thank you

    asked by Lizzy
  84. algebra1

    factor: 4x^8-24x^7+12x^6

    asked by kathy
  85. sequence math

    Find the sum of the first 27 terms of the following sequence: 10, 18, 26 . . .

    asked by elito
  86. science

    derive the expression for time of flight maximum height & range when a body is projected at an angle thita frommthe vertical position with a proper diagram.

    asked by tanushree
  87. American Government

    I am having trouble finding anything on this in my book Please help. A ______ is someone who is not in the military.

    asked by Wayne
  88. history

    (1) What was the main goal of the Hasburg Empire during world war 1? (2) Why weren't the San Humters of southern africa overwhelmed during the 1900's? (3)what was an important soical development during the 1870's in japan

    asked by Paulette
  89. Finance 370

    What are some other applications where WACC (weighted average cost of capital) would be useful?

    asked by anita
  90. California History

    What's a good website that i can read about the Chinese immigrant labor during the railroad era? & whats one way i can start the first sentence on a one page report? Thank You

    asked by Kathy
  91. statistics

    how large a sample size is needed for 2 sided 95% confidence interval to have a length of 2 weeks when mean is 3.6

    asked by jo
  92. maths

    solve the following -3x = -18

    asked by jaimin
  93. Algebra

    What is the area of a circle with radius a^2 - b^3 + c^2 centimeters. Express your answer in term of "pi".

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    Jim can fill a pool in 30 min, sue can do it in 45 min, Tony can do it in 90min, how long would it take all three to fill the pool together? How would i figure this out?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Algebra 116

    in 2000, In a country A, the average family net worth was &270,000, and there were about 6.3 x 10^7 families. Calculate the total family net worth in Country A in 2000. What is the Country A's total family net worth ?

    asked by Kinah (Please Help)
  96. math

    Write the equation of the line that passes through the points (4, 7) and (-3, 7). Show all your work for credit.

    asked by angelena
  97. algebra

    -4 (9r+3) +5(3r+7)=

    asked by lora
  98. psychology

    Hello, I have to do a method section for a paper and need to know what I would put down for measurement and procedure section. like an example its on 500 college women and 500 college men participating in a study. thanks

    asked by darien
  99. math

    Your store’s average basket (transaction) size for the month of March was $11.50 and you believe the average basket size will remain the same for your store in April. One of your hourly employees had an average basket size of $9.00 for the month of March

    asked by John
  100. Psychology

    Dr.Gillian explained that research has identified over 25,0000genes that are responsible for the genetic information that progresses from generation to ceneration.These genes are:

    asked by Sandra
  101. math

    what is the sum between 5 in the ten billions place and 5 in the hundred thousands place?

    asked by fiona denice
  102. Algebra

    A dining table is in the form of a square. Its side is 3x - y + 4z. What is its area?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. prealgbra

    solve by simulating the have a 5 -question multiple -choice test. each question has four chices. you don't know any of the answers. what is the experimental probility that you will guess exactly three out of five question correctly?

    asked by sandr
  104. physical science

    a certain amount of water freezes and the resulting weight of the ice is

    asked by lora
  105. american literature

    what is the attractive legend about hawthorne?

    asked by danny johnsom
  106. Algebra

    (1/2a + 3/4b - 1/3c)^2

    asked by Anonymous
  107. MATH Algebra 116

    is this correct? multiplying ans writing it my answer in standard form. (2*10^5)*(4*10^3) =8*10^8 =800000000 then my answer should be 8.0 I am correct?

    asked by Mia
  108. English

    what literary device helps you develope a religous theme in a poem

    asked by Ace
  109. Algebra 1

    can a base be negative at the same time as my exponent? how will you solve this one? -6 ^-3

    asked by Help
  110. pre cal


    asked by Maria
  111. math

    if there are 10 more girls than boys in a club with 60 members, how many are boys?

    asked by grace
  112. math

    did you get to see wills performance?

    asked by Breanna
  113. organizational behavior

    which of the following is a work hindrance stressro?

    asked by Anonymous