Questions Asked on
June 27, 2012

  1. science

    a cheetah runs at a distance of 200meters in 10 seconds .what is the speed of cheetah in m/s and km/h

    asked by suma
  2. math

    write the exponential function y=40e^0.06t in the form y=ab^t. find b accurate to 4 decimal palces. if t is measured in years, give the % annual growth or decay rate and the continuous % growth or decay rate per year.

    asked by Ariel
  3. computer science

    Using the Crow’s Foot notation, create an ERD that can be implemented for a medical clinic, using the following business rules:  A patient can make many appointments with one or more doctors in the clinic, and a doctor can accept appointments with many

    asked by ben
  4. math

    write the exponential function y=71(1.19)^t in the form y=ae^kt. find k accuarate to 4 decimal places. find the exact annual growth rate and the continuous % growth rate accurate to 2 decimal places.

    asked by Ariel
  5. physics

    Indiana Jones is swinging from a rope. The distance between the pivot point and his center of mass is 31.00m. He begins swinging from rest at an angle theta=20.00 degrees. Assuming that Indiana and the rope can be treated as a simple pendulum, what is the

    asked by Joseph
  6. trig


    asked by Anonymous
  7. chemistry

    calculate the volume occupied by 10^22 molecules of a gas 300 k and 760 mm pressure. please help me please...................

    asked by abby
  8. statistics

    A firm has 30% of its service calls made by a contractor, and 15% of these calls result in customer complaints. The other 70% of the service calls are made by their own employees, and these calls have a 5% complaint rate. Use Bayes’ theorem to find the

    asked by James
  9. statistics

    In a statistic class, 10 scores were randomly selected with the following results were obtained: 74, 73, 87, 57, 71, 68, 65, 77, 67, 66. What are the inner fences? What is the coefficient of variation?

    asked by James
  10. Logic

    Some forest fires that are not started by campers are conflagrations that are not easily extinguished Why are both the subject term and predicate term undistributed

    asked by Tetia
  11. Physics

    A 200 g model rocket is observed to rise 100 m above the ground after launch. What must have been the launch speed of the rocket at the ground?

    asked by Shelbi
  12. lattice point

    A lattice point is an ordered pair (x, y) where both x and y are integers. A triangle is formed by the three points (1, 1), (9, 1) and (9, n). For what integer value of n 0 are there exactly 560 lattice points strictly in the interior of the triangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    The 1994 Winter Olympics included the aerials competition in skiing. In this event skiers speed down a ramp that slopes sharply upward at the end. The sharp upward slope launches them into the air, where they perform acrobatic maneuvers. In the women's

    asked by Emily
  14. Physics

    Two forces, 1 and 2, act on the 5.00 kg block shown in the drawing. The magnitudes of the forces are F1 = 58.0 N and F2 = 26.5 N. What is the horizontal acceleration (magnitude and direction) of the block?

    asked by Emily
  15. smallest of 3 integers

    The sum of the reciprocals of three consecutive positive integers is equal to 47 divided by the product of the integers. What is the smallest of the three integers?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. physics

    A 5.0 kg block of some unknown material is suspended from a spring scale and submerged in water.? The spring scale reads 39.3 N. What is the specific gravity of the block? I get 5051.5 kg/m^3 but its incorrect.

    asked by Joseph
  17. physics

    A uniform horizontal bar of length L = 5 m and weight 243 N is pinned to a vertical wall and supported by a thin wire that makes an angle of theta = 39o with the horizontal. A mass M, with a weight of 300 N, can be moved anywhere along the bar. The wire

    asked by Joseph
  18. math

    Multiply using Lattice Multiplication 23 x 45 379 x 24 379 x 450 Multiply by using the Russian Peasant Method 27 x 79 38 x 126

    asked by mark
  19. common fraction

    Sara tossed a fair coin five times, and Kaleb tossed a fair coin three times. There were five heads and three tails in the eight tosses. What is the probability that either Sara or Kaleb tossed exactly three heads? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math (precalculus)

    A rectangle has one corner in quadrant I on the graph of another at the origin, a third on the positive y-axis, and the fourth on the positive x-axis. Find the maximum area of the rectangle.

    asked by Nick
  21. Algebra

    a gallon of paint covers 350 square feet, how many do I have to buy to cover 560,444 square feet?

    asked by Jackie
  22. earth

    The quantity of radiation received by earth from the sun is 1.4 kW / m2. Assuming that sun is an ideal radiator, calculate the surface temperature of the sun. The ratio of the radius of earth's orbit to the radius of the sun is 216.

    asked by kamal
  23. Math Economics

    1. Jacksonville Technical College received $3,445,553 in state aid on September 15 for the fall academic semester. The vice-president for finance decided to invest $2,000,000 in a 2-month investment that pays 11.5% simple interest. How much interest will

    asked by Alex
  24. chemistry

    calculate the volume occupied by 10^22moleculesof a gas 300k and 760mm pressure

    asked by asin
  25. science

    Three very small spheres of mass 3.00 kg, 5.00 kg, and 3.00 kg are located on a straight line in space away from everything else. The first one is at a point between the other two, 13.0 cm to the right of the second and 24.0 cm to the left of the third.

    asked by Rachel
  26. science

    calculate the increase in entropy when 1gm of ice at -10C is converted into steam at 100C. specific heat of ice=0.5,

    asked by mitu
  27. science

    Which of the following is TRUE? A It was recently discovered that the pituitary gland does not actually do anything. B The hypothalamus is responsible for controlling the activity of the pituitary gland. C The pituitary gland controls the hypothalamus,

    asked by anon
  28. physics

    1. A yacht is tacking into the wind on a zigzag path. On the rst leg of the course, the yacht has a displacement of 12 km at 840 north of east. After a second leg has been completed, the yacht's resultant displacement is 10 miles at 230 west of south.

    asked by mary
  29. geometry

    DEF and ABC are complementary angles and ABC is nine times as large as DEF. Determine the measure of each angle.

    asked by angela
  30. English

    Some ideas to write an argument about why the book 'follow the rabbit proof fence' is better than the movie 'rabbit proof fence'.

    asked by Ajay
  31. algebra ll

    Which choice is the equation of a line that passes through the point (5, –1) and is perpendicular to the line represented by this equation? y = −x + 5 A. y = x− 6 B. 5x − y = 5 C. y = −x− 1 D. 2x− 5y = −1 helpplease!!

    asked by leo
  32. algebra

    Joey is flying a kite that is attached to a string 200 yards long. The kite is as high as it can go and is flying directly above Joey's house which is 50 yards in front of Joey. How high above the ground is the kite?

    asked by laurie
  33. earth science

    Which of the following is a biotic factor in an ecosystem? a.trees b.wind c.Precipitation amount d.sun light

    asked by jesse urena
  34. science

    a train stooping at two stations 4km apart takes 4 min on the journey from one of the station to the other.assuming that it first accelerates with a uniform acceleration x and then that of uniform retardation Y,prove that 1/X+1/Y=2

    asked by 8.
  35. Physics

    A block of mass 20g sits at rest on a plate that is at the top of the fluid on one side of a u-tube as shown in figure P10.38. The u tube contains two different fluids with densities p1= 1000 kg/m^3 and p2= 600 kg/m^3 and has a cross sectional area of A=

    asked by Jackie
  36. Calculus

    Find the maximum and minimum product of 2 numbers who sum is 5

    asked by Derek
  37. Physics

    A 980-N painter stands on a uniform 230-N board supported by 2 wooden poles as shown below. If the poles can hold only 800-N will it be safe for him to stand on the position show?

    asked by Angelique
  38. RES/351

    Identify a management dilemma you face at work or at an organization with which you were previously employed. Using the Management-Research Question Hierarchy in , develop the management questions, research questions, investigative questions, and

    asked by a
  39. statistics

    Three cards are randomly chosen, without replacement, from a standard deck of 52. The random variable X represents the number of hearts cards chosen. Construct the probability distribution for X.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. geometry

    What is the exact area of a circle with a diameter of 25 inches?

    asked by angela
  41. Ant Colony (Maths)

    A colony of ants is growing so that the total number of ants present, A, after a number of weeks, t, is shown in the table. t 5 10 15 20 25 30 A 140 200 280 400 570 800 The food supply available is such that it can feed A ants at any given time, t

    asked by Ajay
  42. Physics

    A carefully designed experiment can measure the gravitational force between masses of 6 kg. Given that the density of iron is 7860 kg/m3, what is the gravitational force between two 6.00-kg iron spheres that are touching? The answer is 1.87e-07 N. How do I

    asked by Amy
  43. Business law

    The state of Confusion enacted a statute requiring all trucks and towing trailers that use its highways to use a B-type truck hitch that is presently being manufactured by only one manufacturer, which is located in Confusion. The result of this statute is

    asked by Chloe
  44. Calculus

    Find the maximum area of a rectangle that lies above the x axis and below y=9-x^2

    asked by Derek
  45. chemistry

    A compressed gas cylinder of H2 containing 25 l at 200,000 kPa of pressure is emptied due a leak in a gas chromatography laboratory, with the following dimensions: 5 m long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 m height. Calculate the % oxygen and hydrogen in the

    asked by Uwaoma
  46. speech

    Read "is misleading your spouse fraud or tact?" In looking out looking in 13th edition(p.329). Discuess whether either party was justified in his/her behavior. What are the effects of benevolent lies, silence, equivocation, or hinting, as alternatives to

    asked by jimmy
  47. Physics

    What is the maximum theoretical efficiency of a steam engine operating between 60°C and 410°C?

    asked by Tom
  48. living life a health life

    what are the three methods by which HIV and AIDS are usually transmitted?

    asked by dc
  49. algebra

    The height of a triangle is 4x + 5 inches and its base is equal to its height. Find its area.

    asked by Anonymous
  50. algebra

    How much bigger is the area of a square with side 3x + 2y inches than a square with side 2x - y inches?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Calculus

    I have two similar problems that I need help completing. Please show all your work. Question: Find the limit L. Then use the å-ä definition to prove the limit is L. 1. lim (2x+5) x->3 2. lim 3 x->6 Thank you for your anticipated help!!

    asked by Liz
  52. physics

    Locate the position of a spaceship on the Earth-Moon center line such that, at that point, the tug of each celestial body exerted on it would cancel and the craft would literally be weightless. What is the distance (in m from the moon)

    asked by Rachel
  53. Grammar

    What does parenthetical expressions mean? -Common Rules 3D.,and GC.

    asked by Losa
  54. Algebra

    I posted this question earlier incorrectly: I could still use some help figuring it out. A student deposits $6,000 in a savings account with 6% continuously compounded interest. How many years must he wait until the balance has doubled?

    asked by Vilma
  55. math116

    in some year election for the president there were 86.7 million voters,whereas in the next year there were 126.2 million voters. find the percent change in the number of voters.

    asked by shay
  56. Math

    Compare. write >,

    asked by Matthew
  57. geometry


    asked by angela
  58. Calc

    Find a and b such that y=asrtx+ b/srtx has (1,8) as a point of inflection.

    asked by Tom M
  59. Grammar

    What does nonessential appositives and appositive phrase or phrases mean? (It's the common rules 3a.. Untit 5, 7th Grade.)

    asked by Losa: Flame Girl
  60. living life a health life

    At what age does excercise begin to result in strength in boys and girls?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. science

    In the laboratory with the following dimensions: 5 m long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 m height. a cylinder of 10 l of CO compressed to 25,000 kPa, empties. Calculate the ambient concentration of CO will be achieved and see if they meet or exceed the values of

    asked by Uwaoma
  62. Math

    subtract. write each difference in lowest terms 18 8/9 -6 3/5

    asked by Anastasia
  63. Valedictorian Speech

    I go to an Islamic private school. can you please comment on my speech i don't care you can be as harsh as you want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can everyone please take out $5? … You know I should get

    asked by iman
  64. Foreign languages

    Is the following sentence correct ? People are born on the assembly line.

    asked by John
  65. geometry


    asked by angela
  66. English

    Someone please help me! I know it long but I need help. ASAP. What's the answer! Discuess whether either party was justified in his/her behavior. What are the effects of benevolent lies, silence, equivocation, or hinting, as alternatives to disclosing what

    asked by Jimmy
  67. Geography

    One important factor that infuences Japan's season's is its tectonic activitity, elevation, ocean levels, or winds?

    asked by Heather
  68. geometry

    Determine the following AU(CUB)

    asked by angela
  69. economics

    describe the current state of consumer income and interest rates in the u.s.

    asked by lynda
  70. algebra1

    solve: y-3/y-7 - y+1/y+7 + y-63/y2-49

    asked by kathy
  71. microbiology please answer.

    Define and contrast the terms sterile and clean.Thanks

    asked by bing
  72. science

    please give me a diseases of the blood.give me full answer,my teacher asked please help me please thank you.

    asked by leane hart garcia
  73. college algebra

    simplify. express answer with positive exponents only. (-2x^-5y^4z^2)-3

    asked by saya
  74. computers

    Although label choices vary for different printers, your textbook recommends __________ for laser and ink jet printers. A. Avery standard, 5160, Address B. Avery standard, 6150, Label C. Avery standard, 6150, Address D. Avery standard, 5160, Label I've

    asked by julia
  75. math

    In my math book i got a question 1 1/3 times 1/4 my answer was 5/12. I know the answer is right but how do i do the problem

    asked by Americal
  76. math

    If y= (x^2+20)/(x-4) Find all critical Numbers. After get f' i got the answer -5/4. What did i do wrong or is that the critical number?

    asked by Derek
  77. Calculus

    If y= (x^2+20)/(x-4) Find all critical Numbers. After get f' i got the answer -5/4. What did i do wrong or is that the critical number?

    asked by Derek
  78. science

    5 easy ways on how to take care our ears

    asked by mercy
  79. Math

    3(-4x + 5y) -3 (2= 4y)=

    asked by Diane
  80. Algebra

    convert english measurements to metrics L 134 in W 124 in H 92 in I took these three and multiplied them by 2.54cm I got 889cm. I need to find the volume in cubic centimeters. If each dimension (L,W,H) is doubled, what happens to the volume of the room?

    asked by Jackie
  81. health

    A man with a long history of increased blood cholesterol levels has to have part of his carotid artery removed because a blockage has developed there. If the carotid bodies are removed during this procedure.which of the following is most likly to occur.

    asked by carol
  82. math

    Thank you your answer is helpful but how do i change a proper into an improper fraction.

    asked by Americal
  83. desktoping

    if you are at the end of a line and want to leave a blank line before beginning the next line press __________ 2 times A. Space bar B. Enter key C. Home key D: Tab key I got D. __________ is measured in words per minute A. Accuracy B. Level C. Margin D.

    asked by Ciara
  84. Maths

    5 drops

    asked by Ner
  85. Math

    Mr. Munoz has a 1/16 inch drill bit and a 3/32 inch drill bit. Which will make a bigger hole?

    asked by Angel
  86. Math

    Nick grew 5/16 of an inch this year and 3/8 of an inch last year. How much did he grow in two years? The family ate 3/4 of a gallon of vanilla ice cream and 1/6 of a gallon of chocolate ice cream. How much was eaten in all?

    asked by Jamie lynn
  87. English

    A more creative or straightforward expressions for The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat.

    asked by Priscilla
  88. Math

    Tom needs a pipe that is 21/24 of an inch in diameter. The store has 7/8 inch pipe. Should he buy it?

    asked by Angel
  89. Math

    17 -5 5/8

    asked by Brigett
  90. intro topersonal financial

    which part of the comprehensive financial plan do rent and food fall under?

    asked by rosita henderson
  91. Aurora national Science High School

    a +4C charge is 400m along the horizontal line toward the right of a -3C charge. Calculate the E at a point 300m above the negative charge. ASAP please. It's 7:48pm here and I need it tomorrow at 7am. Thanks.

    asked by Jezrell
  92. math

    12*30+ 890/2 equal?

    asked by mae