Questions Asked on
June 19, 2012

  1. Chemistry

    While heating two different samples of water at sea level, one boils at 102°C and one boils at 99.2°C. Calculate the percent error for each sample from the theoretical 100.0°C.

    asked by Carley
  2. Foreign languages

    I urgently need you to check these sentences, too. Thank you. 1) Pay in cash (or pay cash?) 2) Have you ever tried shopping on line OR online shopping? 3) They are planning to open a shopping centre on the edge/on the outskirts of town. 3) Imagine to dance

    asked by Mike
  3. Physics

    An ant crawls on a tabletop. It moves 2cm East, turns 3cm 40(degrees) North of East and finally moves 2.5cm North. What is the ants total displacement?

    asked by Helpme
  4. chem

    which choice identifies the spectator ions in the following reaction cuso4 aq bacl2 aq -> bacl2(aq) baso4(s)+cucl2(aq)

    asked by juan rdz
  5. chemistry

    What volume of a 2.5 M stock solution of acetic acid (HC2H3O2) is required to prepare 100.0 milliliters of a 0.50 M acetic acid solution?

    asked by nhfgchnr
  6. Physics: Vectors

    A hiker walks 10.0 km[NE], 5.0 km[W], and then 2.0 km[S] in 2.5 h. (a) What is the hiker's displacement? (b) In what direction must the hiker set out, in order to return by the most direct route to the starting point? (c) If the hiker walks at a constant

    asked by Joey
  7. Physics

    A train travels at a speed of 24 m/s. Then it slows down uniformly at 0.065 m/s2 until it stops. What distance does the train travel while slowing down?

    asked by LaWanda
  8. Physics

    A thin uniform rod (length = 1.3 m, mass = 3.2 kg) is pivoted about a horizontal frictionless pin through one of its ends. The moment of inertia of the rod through this axis is (1/3)mL2. The rod is released when it is 50° below the horizontal. What is the

    asked by Tim
  9. math

    two crooks rob a bank and flee to the east at 66mph. In 30mins, the police follow them in a hellicopter. flying at 132mph. How long willit take for the police to overtake the robbers? I came up with 60mins. i don't think it right! please help with distance

    asked by ^^^^kesha
  10. to ms.sue

    when i do this: Please select one of the two narrative prompts and write a rough draft. On the first day of school you will turn in the rough draft and any graphic organizers that you used to create your draft. The rough draft will be taken through the

    asked by Celest
  11. Physics

    A train travels at a speed of 24 m/s. Then it slows down uniformly at 0.065 m/s2 until it stops. What distance does the train travel while slowing down?

    asked by LaWanda
  12. Precalculus

    You have a total of 820 feet of fencing to enclose a large retangular larea and divide it into four smaller pens of the same dimensions. The fencing used to divide the large pen must be parallel to the same side of the large rectangle. Maximize the total

    asked by Jackie
  13. maths

    Twenty six years from now rajesh will be thrice his present age. what is present age

    asked by JOSHI
  14. MATH

    List the elements of the following sets where P = {1,2,3...} A={x:x € P, 3 < x < 12} B={x:x € P, x is even, x < 15} C={x:x € P, 4 + x € 3} D={x:x € P, x is multiple of 5}

    asked by kensaki
  15. algebra

    Christine found three pieces of cable in her tool drawer. Here are their lengths (in meters). What is the total length of the three pieces?

    asked by iris
  16. trig

    A roadway rises 55ft in horizontal distance of 1/2 mile (1mile=5280ft) Find the tangent of the angle that it makes with the horizontal.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. chem

    Which has the lowest freezing point?Select one of the options below as your answer: A. pure water B. 0.5 M ionic NaCl C. 0.5 M ionic CaCl2 D. 0.5 M ionic AlCl3 E. 0.5 M molecular C12H22O11

    asked by ricky
  18. Calculus

    The perfect pizza parlor estimates the average daily cost per pizza to be C(x) = (0.00025x^2 + 8x + 10)/x , where x is a number of pizzas made in a day. a) determine the total cost at the level of production of 50 pizzas a day. b) determine the production

    asked by Yun Gao
  19. Human Resources

    This causes compensation survey data to become obsolete fairly quickly

    asked by Anonymous
  20. english lit

    why is the poem "i know why the caged bird sings" is a good poem. I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou The free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the current ends and dips his wings in the orange sun rays and dares to

    asked by hickman
  21. programming in c++

    a program in c++ that accepts exam marks for 10 students and stores them in an array.the program should then calculate and utput the average marks for the class.and give an account of marks below average and output all marks above average.

    asked by vivian
  22. maths

    factorise a) m^3-27n^3 b) 64a^3b^4+216a^6b c) (a+b)-a-b

    asked by NATASHA MALIK
  23. Math

    Input a list of positive numbers (terminated by 0) into an array find the mean (average) of the numbers in the array and output the results. Use a subprogram to input the numbers, a function to find the mean and a subprogram to output the results

    asked by Tifiani
  24. Physics calculus based

    Consider the Sun to be at the origin of an xy-coordinate system. A telescope spots an asteroid in the xy-plane at a position given by (x, y) with a velocity given by (vx, vy). [DATA: (x, y) = (3.3, 5.2) ×10^11 m; (vx, vy) = (-6.1, -4.0) ×10^3 m/s.] (A)

    asked by JASON
  25. college math

    the speed limit on a local highway is 65 miles per hour. what is this speed in km/hr

    asked by Lourane
  26. Physics

    A 60 kg high jumper lands on a foam pit and comes to rest. If the pit is able to exert an average force of 600 N on the high jumper in breaking the fall, what is the jumper’s acceleration?

    asked by Estefani
  27. chem

    How many molecules of (CH3)2NH are needed to react completely with 2.00mg of H2C2O4? Help i don't understand this process!

    asked by Piper
  28. college math

    Rebekah's recipe for 4 1/2 dozen cookies calls for 6 cups of sugar. how many cups of sugar are needed to make 8 dozen cookies? would the correct answer be 11 2/3 cups

    asked by Lourane
  29. Physics

    A ball is thrown directly upward with an initial velocity of 12 m/s. If the ball is released from an initial height of 2.9 m above ground, how long is the ball in the air before landing on the ground? Ignore air drag.

    asked by Bland
  30. Calculus

    lim x^2+2x-8/x^2-4 x->2

    asked by Danielle
  31. Writing:Quotes, Journal

    Please may you check my answers for a quote that says---> Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens. This quote indicates that people with knowledge will give aedvices to people, and people that listens to the individuals are wise to do so. For an example, let's

    asked by Losa
  32. business law

    Janet Wilson accepts an IOU from her employer in place of a paycheck. Wilson offers the IOU as payment for her groceries. Do you think the grocery store is likely to accept this type of payment?Why? My answer: No, because an IOU is not a reliable source of

    asked by just a student
  33. college math

    Last month Bill's electric bill was $80.77. This month it is $69.06. what is the percent decrease? $80.77 - $69.06 = $11.71 , I don't understand multiply decimal by 100 to get the decrease

    asked by Lourane
  34. Physics

    A small circular object with mass m and radius r has a moment of inertia given by I = cmr^2. The object rolls without slipping along the track shown in the figure. The track ends with a ramp of height R = 3.0 m that launches the object vertically. The

    asked by James
  35. algebra 1

    Opening a book with 2 facing pages. The product of the page numbers is 600. What are the page numbers?

    asked by kathy
  36. Mathematics

    how many times greater is the place value of a digit of a number than the place value of the next digit to its right?

    asked by lauren
  37. geometry

    An open rectangular glass tank with a horizontal base PQRS measures 80 cm by 50 cm by 34 cm. 110 liters of water is poured into the tank. v The tank is tilted towards edge PQ until the water just reaches the edge TU. w Calculate the value of d. s

    asked by pamela
  38. statistics

    the lenght of a species of fish is normally distributed with a mean of 24.3 inches and a standard deviation of 1.8 inches. What is the lenght that is exceeded by 30%of these fish

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Algebra

    Find two consecutive odd numbers that add to 208, when the smaller number is added to five times the larger number.

    asked by Vilma
  40. college math

    Find the value of the expression 99 x 4/9 -(5=4)

    asked by Lourane
  41. geometry

    What is the exact circumference of a circle with a diameter of 15 inches.

    asked by angela
  42. To JMartina

    Please do not post your e-mail address here. Repost your question, please.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  43. to ms.sue- project part 3 and 4

    •On the second page write the three character traits you chose in the squares. On the third page, show support for each trait listed on the second page. Draw a picture of the character displaying the trait and write a caption. On the last page draw a

    asked by Celest
  44. Chemistry

    600cm3 of a gas has a pressure of 1200mmHg find its volume if the pressure is reduced to 1001mmHg

    asked by Bala
  45. chemistry

    find the specific heat of lead using 200 g of pb at o degrees celcius and placing it in 200 g of water at 60 degrees celcius

    asked by Kathleen
  46. physics

    What will be the equilibrium temperature when a 273 g block of copper at 298°C is placed in a 132 g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 815 g of water at 11.4°C?

    asked by cassie
  47. Economics

    Stabilizing the national economy.. What effect is an increase in tax rates likely to have on the underground economy? Why?

    asked by Kathy
  48. algebra

    When Amy drives her car to work, the trip takes 1/2 hour. When she rides the bus, it takes 3/4 hour. The average speed of the bus is 12 mph less than her speed driving. Find the distance she travels to work.

    asked by Molly
  49. Math

    I am a six digit number. Two of my digits have the values 300 and 4000. All the digits in my thousands are the same. The remaining digits are also the same and their sum is the 10.

    asked by Enzo
  50. geometry

    how far from the wall should he place the ladder? If his ladder is 13 feet long and has to reach a 12 feet window.

    asked by rose
  51. Calculus - please check my work

    differentiate each function a) y = cos^3x b) y = sin(x^3) c) y = sin^2 xcos3x my answers: a) y' = 3cos^2 x(-sinx) b) y' = cos(x^3)(3x^2) c) for this one, i don't know which one is correct. i got 2 different answers but i think they may be the same.. im not

    asked by Henry
  52. chemistry

    Who much molar energy is releced from reacting NaHSO3 and HOCl?

    asked by keren
  53. Physics

    A solid ball and a hollow ball, each with a mass of 2 kg and radius of 0.1 m, start from rest and roll down a ramp of length 3 m at an incline of 44°. An ice cube of the same mass slides without friction down the same ramp. What is the speed of the ice

    asked by Maria

    In order to reduce cigarette consumption, govt initiates anti-smoking media campaigns. At the same time it provides price support program for tobacco farmers, pushing price of tobacco above equilibrium. with supply demand framework explain the effect on

    asked by Titir
  55. MATH

    Brandon received a book for his birthday and read seventy-six pages in 4 hours. Later, he read eighty-five pages in 5 hours. Does his reading follow a direction variation? Explain

    asked by leya
  56. chemistry

    Nitrogen-13 has a half-life of 10 minutes. Given a starting mass of 2.00 g of nitrogen-13, how many grams will remain at the end of 30 minutes?

    asked by drew
  57. algebra

    When Amy drives her car to work, the trip takes 1/2 hour. When she rides the bus, it takes 3/4 hour. The average speed of the bus is 12 mph less than her speed driving. Find the distance she travels to work.

    asked by Molly
  58. statistics

    for the population consisting of four abservations 1,3,5,7, find the dampling distribution of the sample mean for sample size n=2

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Chemistry

    Methanol(MM=32.04g/mole) is sometimes used as fuel for race cars, since methanol fires are easily extinguished with water. the energy content o methanol is investigated in a high-quality calorimeter for which the heat capacity is known to be 4.5Kj/C. When

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Statistics

    Fo each pair of variables, is the association likely to be positive or negative, or no association and why Car size in square feet and cost of car($) Temperature outside in the winter and propane consumed to heat house Amt of soda pop consumed and GPA

    asked by Rochelle
  61. Algebra-HELP!!!!

    When Amy drives her car to work, the trip takes 1/2 hour. When she rides the bus, it takes 3/4 hour. The average speed of the bus is 12 mph less than her speed driving. Find the distance she travels to work.

    asked by Molly
  62. geometry

    Can somebody help me with Proofs in Geometry Given:M

    asked by Jay
  63. Economics

    Stabilizing the national economy.. What effect is an increase in tax rates likely to have on the underground economy? Why?

    asked by Kathy
  64. english

    in one particular lesson something happens in the hotel but the name of the lesson is titled THE NIGHT AT THE HOTEL my point is when something happens inside the hotel during night time why the preposition IN is not used rather than AT will you please

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  65. Physics

    A 2.00kg mass is hanging on a vertical compressed spring 1.0 m above the floor.The spring constant is 75N/m and the spring is compressed 0.90m. The mass is released so that it falls vertically.Determine 1) The acceleration of the mass when it was dropped.

    asked by roger
  66. college math

    Last month Bill's electric bill was $80.77. this month Bill's bill was $69.06. What is the percent decrease?

    asked by Lourane
  67. R.E

    me teacher has asked us to make some questions on guru nanak and i am not sure what to put so i was wondering is someone can help me

    asked by Alex
  68. Econ

    What effect is an increase in tax rates likely to have on the underground economy? Why?

    asked by Kathy
  69. math

    A roadway rises 55ft in horizontal distance of 1/2 mile (1mile=5280ft) Find the tangent of the angle that it makes with the horizontal.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    if there are 145 test questions, and the mean of the test scores for a class is 100 with a standard devation of 15, what percentage of the people taking the test would have the following scores: scored b/w 100 &115, scored b/w 100 & 115,scored b/w 0 & 100,

    asked by Anonymous
  71. to ms.sue-project part 2

    •On the cover include the names of the author and the book in the lower right hand corner of the book. Your title across the top should read “Name of Character’s Trait Flip Book”. Example - “Big Bad Wolf’s Trait Flip Book” What does this

    asked by Celest
  72. math

    what is the stopping distance for a work truck weighing 4,685 lbs plus cargo of 1000 lbs traveling at 35mph?

    asked by Brian
  73. geometry

    The number of dry cleaning orders picked up at Sunny Fresh Dry Cleaners was sampled over 12 hours periods. Below is the sample 71 86 63 46 70 63 49 63 81 71 63 59 45 63 70 64 Construct a stem and leaf plot of the data.

    asked by angela
  74. college math

    Carl weighs 4 times more than his daughter. If Carl weighs 204 pounds how much does his daughter weigh? would the correct answer be 51 pounds

    asked by Lourane
  75. maths

    The number of boys is 3/2 the number of girls in the class. the total strength of class is 40.what is the number of girls?

    asked by JOSHI
  76. math

    Graph each linear equation. plot four points for each line. y=2x-3

    asked by Anastasia
  77. physcial edu

    discuss the results of "Life even stress test" in terms of its implication for your having a stress illness this year. List atleast 4 or 5 factors that influence this implication. can somebody please help me with this question

    asked by Andy
  78. mathematics

    what is seven-digit number if the ones digit is the sum of the millions digit and thousands digit is and the digits is the number from the largest value to the smallest place value are consecutive numbers.

    asked by lauren
  79. Desktoping

    1. which of these is NOT one of the rules for the care of CDs? A. Hold the CD by putting your finger through the hole in its center B. Avoid getting fingerprints on the CD C. Store CDs away from heat D. Return the CD to its case when you are not using it I

    asked by Ciara
  80. reading

    in "After Twenty Years" how are jimmy and bob similar and different

    asked by Taylor
  81. Calculus

    Determine the work done by the force F = [1, 4], in newtons, for an object moving along the vector d = [6, 3], in meters.

    asked by Yun Gao
  82. Algebra II

    Find the value of the annuity? a^1=2,000,I=0.06, n=5 What is the future value of the annuity?

    asked by Kashata Warren
  83. stadistics

    If 200 of the adults surveyed were in the age category of 24 and under and they provided a standard deviation of $14.50, construct a 95% confidence interval for the weekly average expenditure on fast food for adults 24 years of age and under. Assume fast

    asked by victoria
  84. Intermediate Algebra

    Rewrite with positive exponents assume that even roots are nonegative and that all demonintors are nonzero. (6xy) -3 --- 4 The parenthesis is supoose to be around the line as well as the four. I just don't know how to make my computer do that. This is what

    asked by ladybug Please Help!!
  85. mathematics

    the base of isoceles triangle is 4/3 cm. the perimeter of the triangle is 4 2/15. what is the length either of the remaining equal size

    asked by adithya
  86. Foreign languages

    Can you check these last sentences? Thank you, Writeacher! 1) He is learning to drive a moped. 2) I'm teaching him to speak French. 3) I wonder whether to reply to his email or not. 4) We were obliged to postpone the meeting. He was the first to hand in

    asked by Mike
  87. Foreign languages

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you. I also need to find an example with "demand" followed by the infinitive. 1) They demand the bridge to be closed (?). Keep the book open and check the sentences yourself. Active/passive 2) He let me go to the

    asked by Mike
  88. book

    what are some possible reasons for a letter of reccomendation for the book Their Eye's Were Watching God?

    asked by deaija
  89. penn foster

    A cause-and-effect relationship must be stated or evident in order to code which of the following? A. Sequence B. Hypertensive condition C. Atherosclerosis D. Manifestation unsure of answer? 16. Which of the following is true about the ICD-10-CM? A. An

    asked by james
  90. Maths

    how to do algebra homework in a easy way?

    asked by Classof
  91. maths

    factorise: a) 4(x-y)^2-12(x-y)(x+y)+9(x+y)^2 b) (a-b)^3+(b-c)^3+(c-a)^3

    asked by NATASHA MALIK
  92. Math

    give the number whose hundred place is one-third of the greatest one-digit number, the tens place is twice the hundred place, the ones place is four times the digit in the hundreds place divided by 2, and the three digits in the thousands period is the

    asked by henri
  93. Algebra(please help)

    Will someone please help me withthis question I couldn't solve it. What is the length of the segment whose endpoints are A(2, 3) and B(10, 7)? a)2 Sqrroot29 b)2 Sqrroot41 c)4 Sqrroot2 d)2 Sqrroot5

    asked by Liz
  94. College

    Another term that means the same thing as "insurance company" is:

    asked by Jana
  95. Physical edu

    Does Diet play a role in stress? its False right?

    asked by Andy
  96. help please :)

    Actual payments by an insurance company for losses that happen are called: A. benefits. B. coverage. C. premiums. D. insurable interest i got B.

    asked by kimiy
  97. help please :)

    Expensive jewelry is usually insured by a(n): A. umbrella policy. B. replacement cost rider. C. policy floater. D. named-perils policy. i got B.

    asked by kimiy
  98. to ms.sue-project part 2

    isnt it supposed to be : Kate Barlow's Trait Flip Book across the top?

    asked by Celest
  99. Foreign languages

    Can't you have the structure "have someone do something" in American English? Thank you very much, Writeacher. I had her get a piece of chalk.Active She was asked (requested??) to get a piece of chalk. Passive (??)

    asked by Mike
  100. math

    what is the stopping distance of a 3500 lb work truck traveling at 35mph?

    asked by Brian
  101. Math

    Can someone explain how to work and graph this problem. f(x)=x^2+6x+5

    asked by john
  102. WRITING

    How Do I think of One Specific and Significant question as I was reading The Book , My Brother Sam Is Dead by Christopher Collier & James Lincoln Collier

    asked by Munira
  103. Reading: Pierce arrow

    What does it mean by REDESIGNING COMPLICATED MACHINERY? Its a type of work i think.

    asked by Losa
  104. Business Communication

    1. When people read at work, they-----. A. want to question your statements. B. WANT TO UNDERSTAND your point with as little effort as possible. C. WANT to read your carefully. D. Compare your writing with Lincoln's.

    asked by Carline
  105. Calculus

    determine where f(x)={x^2-5x+6/x-3, if x3 is discontinuous.

    asked by Melissa
  106. Foreign languages

    Can you please check these sentences, Writeacher? It's urgent. 1) I'd like to get/have my money sorted out ( I need a synonym) before I leave for university. 2) I want the bank to give (issue is possible?) me a credit card. 3) I've tried many times to stop

    asked by Mike
  107. brain teaser

    a small child is lost in a snow storm. How will you find the child who is wearing white cap, white eyed gear, white coat, white pants and white boots

    asked by Sushant pradhan
  108. Physics question

    Students decide to measure a projectile's range for an initial projectile angle of 45°. This angle has many advantages, not the least being that since the expression for the range is proportional to the sine of twice this angle, errors in determining the

    asked by Anonymous
  109. college math

    Ms. Sue will the correct answer be 0.16 for the percent decrease. this question electric bill $80.77 -$69.06 = $11.71

    asked by Lourane
  110. Managerial Accounts

    How do you find the acccounts receivable, in a cah budget.

    asked by Anonymous
  111. math

    I know that the obvious pattern between circle and square alternates. If you have a circle with 6 dots inside, then a square with 6 dots inside, then a circle with 6 dots inside, then a square with 6 dots inside. i know the next one is going to be a circle

    asked by bethel
  112. reading

    in "after twenty years" how much has jimmy changed over the years

    asked by Taylor
  113. Math

    Hi, I can't seem to figure out the answer to this problem. Thanks to anyone who can help! *Solve the system of equations. Write your solution(s) in the form (x,y). y = x^2 x^2 + y^2 = 20

    asked by Hollie
  114. Art

    The statue, Bodhisattva Padmapani, (search on yah oo, and go to the first website listed to see a picture of it) I need to write what expression he gives off, and 4 characteristics. Characteristics - Broad face, Elongated eyes, Long curved eyebrows, and a

    asked by Anonymous
  115. college math

    Solve 3-x=12(x-1) would the correct answer be x=15/13

    asked by Lourane
  116. algebra

    the set of months after june

    asked by rainie
  117. math

    write y in terms of x 4y+5x=8

    asked by Stefanie
  118. college math

    Solve 7=m/5 the correct answer be m=35

    asked by Lourane
  119. language

    What's the noun and verb in seek his will in all you do and he will direct your path.

    asked by cynthia
  120. to ms.sue

    can you help me with the project now?

    asked by Celest
  121. Macroeconomics

    Describe how each of the following will affect the equilibrium price level(P) and real output(Y) in the short run(Assume the economy is initially in the long-run equilibrium.) (a) A reduction in the real interest rate (b) A widespread fear of deep

    asked by Cody
  122. math

    prove that, apart from y=a^x and y=0, there exist no other continuous functions such that for any real x and y the equation f(x+y) = f(x)f(y) holds.

    asked by jeena
  123. to ms.sue-project #1 check

    Kate Barlow 1. skillful 2. fair 3. fearless HOW? skillful- she knows how to make spiced peaches and teach children and adults fair- she traded sam 6 jars os spiced peaches for him to fix her roof i need one more,what word do u use to describe: kept calm

    asked by Celest
  124. differential equation


    asked by sd
  125. Math

    5x-y=1 10x-2y=2

    asked by Tina
  126. math

    28x^2 – 196xy + 343y^2

    asked by libra
  127. Math

    a-b^2+4b+5 (2,) , ( ,2)

    asked by Anastasia
  128. math


    asked by Anastasia
  129. to ms.sue- project

    i don't know 3 character traits for kate barlow and why

    asked by Celest