Questions Asked on
June 11, 2012

  1. algebra

    Joan is paid 11/2 hours for every hour she works on Saturday and 2 hours for every hour worked on Sunday; she is paid regular time for the rest of the week. How many hours will she be paid for if she works 40 hours during the week, 8 hours on Saturday, and

    asked by laquel
  2. math

    William, Joseph, Margaret, Frank, and Jeffrey all work for the same company. Frank has been there the longest, eleven years and makes the most money, three times as much as Jeffrey. Margaret has been there the second longest and makes $50,000 a year.

    asked by fee
  3. non-medical

    a particle with velocity u is moving with uniform accelration a. Distance moved by particle in the nth second is given by s= ut+a)2t-1. What are the dimensions of s?

    asked by edward
  4. math

    The smallest package weighed only 1/3 more than 1/2 the weight of the heaviest package. If the two packages combined weighed 100 kilograms, how much did the smaller package weigh?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2Na3PO4(aq)+3CuCl2(aq) = Cu3(PO4)2(s)+ 6NaCl(aq) If 75mL of .175 M Na3PO4 combined with 95mL of .102M CuCl2, determine the concentration of the excess reagent.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. geometry

    Martha climbs 40 steps to reach the first floor of a building. If the vertical and horizontal distance of each step is 1.5 ft and 1 ft, find the distance between the start and end points of each step.

    asked by jonathan
  7. non-medical

    a gun is fired from a distance of 1.2 km from a hill. The echo of sound is heard at same place after 7.1 seconds what is velocity of sound?

    asked by edward
  8. Algebra II (Exponents)

    Simplify: (-1728)^1/3 My answer was this correct?

    asked by Greg B.
  9. calculus

    The cross-section of a drain is a trapezoid. The sides and the bottom of the trapezoid each have a length of 10 feet. Determine the angle θ such that the drain will have maximal cross-sectional area.

    asked by soffy
  10. Math

    A 6m ladder leans against a wall. The foot of the ladder is placed at an angle of elevation at 63 degrees with the ground. How far is the foot of the ladder from the wall?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. english

    On the moors the hare is running races in her mirth whats the figure of speech and where is it

    asked by Anonymous
  12. geometery

    Rectangles ABCD and EFGH are similar. The perimeter of rectangle ABCD is 5 times greater than the perimeter of rectangle EFGH. What is the relationship between the areas of the rectangles?

    asked by jessica
  13. personal finance

    If you want a risk-proof real estate investment, invest in: A. real estate investment trusts. B. real estate limited partnerships. C. participation certificates (PCs). D. real estate syndicates.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. algebra

    The slope of the line below is 2.5 and the y-intercept is 1. What is the slope-intercept equation for the line? Do not include spaces in your answer. Answer:

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    to start a nuclear fusion reaction, two hydrogen atoms of charge 1.602x10^-19 and mass 1.67x10^-27kg must be fired at each other. If each particle has an initial velocity of 2.7x10^6m/s when released, what is their minimum seperation?

    asked by lindsay
  16. physics

    The circuit in the figure below consists of two identical, parallel metal plates connected to identical metal springs, a switch, and a 130-V battery. With the switch open, the plates are uncharged, are separated by a distance d = 7.65 mm, and have a

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    The ages of a population of 300 is normally distributed, with a mean of 45 and a standard deviation of 4. If you randomly selected a member of the population, what is the probablity that his or her age would be greater than 49?

    asked by Gloria
  18. Art

    Could you please check if everything is correct? Thank you. 1) In 1986, Eric Drexler published “Engines of Creation”, a scientific dissemination in which shows not only the theoretical bases of nanotechnology, but also a series of speculation about the

    asked by John
  19. Chemistry

    How many moles of H2SO4 are required to react with 50 mL of NaOH solution? NaOH is 1M.

    asked by Sarah
  20. algebra 1

    Choose the product. -7p3(4p2 + 3p - 1) -28p5 - 21p4 + 7p3 28p6 + 21p3 - 7p 21p3 + 8p2 + 3p4 - 8p -21p5 + 8p4 - 3p3

    asked by brittney
  21. acc/291

    The following stockholders’ equity accounts arranged alphabetically are in the ledger of McGrath Corporation at December 31, 2011. Common Stock ($10 stated value) $1,500,000 Paid-in Capital from Treasury Stock 6,000 Paid-in Capital in Excess of Stated

    asked by at
  22. Math

    Rectangle ABCD is similar to rectangle EFGH. If rectangle ABCD has sides that are 7 times greater than those of rectangle EFGH, what is the relationship between the perimeters of the rectangles? A. The perimeter of rectangle EFGH is 7 times greater than

    asked by jessica
  23. DeskToping

    Use your _____ finger to key the number zero (0) I. Sem J. K K. F L. A I got I. All of the following should always be capitalized. EXCEPT. M. Months N. Proper names O. Seasons P. Titles I got O.

    asked by Sarah
  24. DeskToping

    Always keep your _____ straight when holding the mouse. E. arms F. back G. wrists H. ALL OF THE ABOVE I got G. The ______ finger used to key the asterisk symbol. A. S B. !@#$%^& D. L I got C. The _____ keys are used to key symbols such as $ and % A. Alt B.

    asked by Sarah
  25. DeskToping

    If you press the ______ key , you will jump to the previous screen. A. Page Down B. Page Up C. Home D. End I got C. You should _______ insert a blank space before the percent symbol. A. always B. not C. occasionally D. NONE OF THE ABOVE I got B.

    asked by Sarah
  26. DeskToping

    Tgere should always be _______ spaces (s) after the period at the end of a sentence. A. 1 B. 1.5 C. 2 D. 2.5 I got A. To key a capital letter K, hold down the ____ key while pressing K key. A. Right Shift B. Right Alt C. Left Shift D. Left Alt I got C.

    asked by Sarah
  27. geometry

    In trapezoid ABCD, if the base DC = 16 and the base AB = 20 and E is the midpoint of AD and F is the midpoint of BC, what is the measure of EF?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Fluid Mechanics

    Water at 600F flows steadily through a horizontal circular divergent duct and discharges into the atmosphere as shown. A manometer with a fluid of SG=2.0 is placed between the two cross-sections with diameters D1 = 0.5 ft and D2 = 0.7 ft. Assuming inviscid

    asked by Bob
  29. Physics

    Three applied forces F1= 20N, F2= 40N and F3= 10N act on a crate with a mass of 2kg on an incline with θ = 30o, φ = 60o and μk = 0.2, find the acceleration

    asked by user
  30. SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs

    Which classes of people were equal to one another?

    asked by Laruen
  31. chemistry

    the rusting of iron is represented by the eqquation 4Fe + 3O2 --> 2Fe2O3 if you have a 1.25-mol sample of iron, how many moles of Fe2O3 can be made?

    asked by britt
  32. Physics

    A student presses a book between his hands. The forces that he exerts on the front and back covers of the book are perpendicular to the book and are horizontal. The book weighs 31N. The coefficient of static friction between his hands and the book is 0.40.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. math

    Solve for x. 3ln(x)-2=16+7ln(e)

    asked by Gloria
  34. calculus

    Can someone explain how find the average rate change for these functions? 1.) f(x)=x^3+1 a (2,3) b.(-1,1) 2.) h(t)= cot t a. pie/4, 3pie/4 b. pie/6, pie/2 I am so lost. T_T please help!

    asked by littleman
  35. math 3

    Peter is playing a game where a ten-sided die is rolled. Four sides of the die have the number 10, three sides of the die have the number 5, two sides of the die have the number 25, and one side of the die has the number 27. What is the expected value of a

    asked by kj
  36. Algebra II (Exponents)

    Simplify: (-8x^-6 y^15)^1/3

    asked by Greg B.
  37. math 3

    Peter is playing a game where a ten-sided die is rolled. Four sides of the die have the number 10, three sides of the die have the number 5, two sides of the die have the number 25, and one side of the die has the number 27. What is the expected value of a

    asked by kj
  38. calculus

    A police cruiser hunting for a suspect pulls over and stops at a point 10 ft from a straight wall. The flasher on top of the cruiser revolves at a constant rate of 75 /second, and the light beam casts a spot of light as it strikes the wall. How fast is the

    asked by soffy
  39. statistics

    drug company promises to help people lose at least 3 pounds per week. 15 people use the drug. they lose an average of 2.8 lbs per week with a standard deviation of .5lbs. is this a left tail or right tail and why?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English 2

    Give two possible expository writing purposes. TOPIC: An historical figure Purpose #1 Purpose #2

    asked by Taylor
  41. early childhood

    let me in ,"said the pin this is an example of 1 assonance 2 a metaphor 3 alliteration 4 personification is 1 correct

    asked by reema
  42. non-medical

    a drop of oil of radius 0-20mm spreads on a circular film of diameter 20mm on the water surface. Estimate the size of molecule.

    asked by edward
  43. French

    I'm having difficulty with these two sentences. There is something wrong with them and I can't figure out what it is. I'm pretty sure it have to do with pluralization but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Ils avaient un job. Ils travaillaient dans un

    asked by Lissa
  44. 12th grade math

    a block of mass 77kg is placed at the top of a frictionless plane that is inclined 46degrees to the horizontal. The height of the plane is 23 meters. find the speed of the block at the bottom of the plane. Show the steps please, -thanks

    asked by frusterated
  45. SS7R - Word

    what is the navihation acts

    asked by Laruen
  46. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the average force required to stop an 1500kig car in 8.0 s if the care is traveling at 95 km/h? Formula: Sigma F= ma *convert 95km/h to 26m/s Which kinematic equation do I use and for which variable do I use within the equation?

    asked by Mr. McKee
  47. physics

    When an electron makes a transition from its first quantum level to the ground level, the energy difference is carried by the emitted photon. In comparison, how much energy is needed to return an electron at ground level to the first quantum level?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Dame Pearlette Primary

    when $40.00 is spent from 3/5 of peters money half his money is left. how much did he have at first?

    asked by John
  49. Math

    What is an example of an equation for Celsius to Fahrenheit? I completely forgot the equation since i spend too much time doing summer things, but this is for Summer School, Please help me understand it again.

    asked by Losa
  50. Chemistry

    How many mols of dinitrogen monoxide are contained in 56.0L at STP?

    asked by Harrison
  51. Chemistry

    What mass of KClO3 must be decomposed to KCl and O2 to give 638ml O2 at 18 degrees Celcius and 752torr?

    asked by Jeff
  52. Physics

    A wave on a string has a speed of 400 m/s. If the tension in the string is 131 N and its length is 3.5 m, what is the mass of the string?

    asked by Alex
  53. geometry

    Each of the numbers 0 through 15 is written on a piece of paper and all of the pieces of paper are placed in a hat. One number is selected at random. determine the probability that the number selected is even. Note 0 is considered an even number.

    asked by angela
  54. math

    Andrea deposited $300 in a savings account that pays 3% simple annual interest. How much interest will Andrea earn at the end of 3 years?

    asked by pashia
  55. Calc

    If y=tanx-2cosx Find y'(pi/3)

    asked by H.Edmunds
  56. Physics

    A vector F of magnitude 30 N points 45 South of West directed away from the orgin. The x component of the vector in North is?

    asked by Asia
  57. Math

    if y=(x^2)/(x+4) find the values of x where there is a horizontal tangent

    asked by Nancy.Sullivan
  58. Math Algebra Multiply

    (a+3)^3 is answer: 3a+9a+9 12a+9

    asked by Adriana
  59. Math

    Given f9x0=x2=3x-5 on {-1,3} show f(x)= 10 without solving for x

    asked by Mark
  60. geometry

    In exercises 17-20, a single die is rolled one time. Determine the probability of rolling a number greater than 3 or less than 5.

    asked by angela
  61. Calc

    Find values for a and b so f9x0 is continuous everywhere using the definition of continuiy if F9x) = 3 x less than/equal -1 ax+b -1

    asked by H.Edmunds
  62. Calc last one

    Given lim x>-4 1/2x-3 and E=.001 Find S that goes with this E

    asked by H.Edmunds

    Consider the fact on Rousseau's idea that said that all men should have the right to take up arms against the government if it did not respect these rights and placed it in the Declaration of Independence and later added something similar as the 2nd

    asked by Booker Perry
  64. chemistry

    how many gram of NaNO3 are in 25cm3 of 0.01m NaNO3 solution?

    asked by peter
  65. English

    i be having test soon in english and we be writing synthesis essay and narrative essay, i not know what synthesis mean, can you please give me examples of narrative essays online i know narrative be story telling type essay but examples be helpful for me

    asked by Mohammad
  66. Calculus

    If y=tanx-2cosx Find y'(pi/3)

    asked by H.Edmunds
  67. Calculus

    Given f(x)=x2+3x-5 on [-1,3] show f(x)= 10 without solving for x

    asked by Mark
  68. math - Can someone please help to solve

    what is the answer to 1.)Find the lower quota of 8.87, upper quota, 2.)arithmetic mean of the lower and upper quotas, 3.)the geometric mean of the lower and upper quotas, 4.)Round the given modified quota by comparing it with the arithmetic mean and

    asked by Diane
  69. Algebra HELP!

    If a sum of money is deposited in a savings account that is paying x percent annual interest (expressed as a decimal), then this sum of money increased by a factor of (1+x)^3 after 3 years. A. multiply this expression B. Evaluate the polynomial expression

    asked by Adriana
  70. Math - can someone help me to graph

    graph x + 4y = 12

    asked by Diane
  71. math

    using multipication and addtion,write the number of days in 2 months and 3 weeks

    asked by leane hart garcia
  72. Desktoping

    In a bibliography, each source should be formatted using a ____ indent. A. center B. hanging C. left D. right I got D. Press ____ in copy selected text to the clipart A. Ctrl + A B. Ctrl + B C. Ctrl + C D. Ctrl + D I got A.

    asked by Sarah

    1) The debate over ratifying the US Constitution was won by the Anti-Federalists. 2) The US government is based upon the force theory of state. 3) The evolutionary theory of states asserts that early nations developed out of the family structure,

    asked by Booker Perry
  74. Art

    Here is the last part of the same work. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) Rather that its utopian promise, Drexler’s book is remembered for the warning that as this technology developed it would be necessary to guard against the accidental release of

    asked by John
  75. math

    I want to be able to buy a car with cash in 4 years. I have $5,000 that I can invest today. I can get a bond earning 6.5%. How much will I have for the purchase?

    asked by ciara
  76. algebra

    The volume of a sphere is given by V(r) = 4/3*pi*r3. Find the volume of the sphere when the diameter is 8 m.

    asked by Anonymous
  77. quadratic equations


    asked by kim
  78. Physics

    A 20 kg sign is pulled by a horizontal force such that the single rope holding the sign makes an angle of 21 degrees with the vertical. Assuming the sign is motionless, find magnitude of the tension in the rope.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    A car slowed down at a constant rate from 32meters per second to 3.0 meters per second in 9.0 seconds. What was the distance the car traveled in 9.00 seconds? Please show all steps, thank you very much.

    asked by Jen
  80. Physics

    A fire hose 3.8 cm in diameter is capable of spraying water at a velocity of 20 m/s. For a continuous horizontal flow of water, what horizontal force should a fireman exert on the hose to keep it stationary? I know the answer is 454 N but how does one

    asked by James
  81. Physics

    A particle moved along the x axis with a constant acceleration of -85.0 meters per second squared. The initial position of the particle was at the origin and its initial velocity was +325 meters per second. Find the position of the particle at T=4.0

    asked by Jen
  82. Physics

    A wheel is rolling ithout slipping at 487 meters per second to the right on a level surface. the diameter of the wheel is 100 centimeters. What is the angular speed of the wheel in revolutions per minute? Please walk me through your steps, don't just

    asked by Jen
  83. Physics

    The liquid in the tube has a density of 1.48 g/cm^3 . The atmospheric pressure is 1.013 X 10^5 newtons per square meter. What is the pressure P in the container? Please walk me through your steps, don't just suggest a formula. Thank you very much.

    asked by Jen
  84. Physics

    Find the magnitude of the gravitational attraction force that the earth exerts on a 62-kilogram astronaut who is 8.00 X 10^7 meters away from the center of the earth. Useful numbers: M^earth=5.98 X 10^24kg; G=6.67 X 10^-11 N*m^2kg^-2 Please walk me through

    asked by Jen
  85. Physics

    A block of mass 77.0kg is placed at the top of a frictionless plane that is inclined 46 degrees to the horizontal. The height of the plane is 23.0 meters. Find the speed of the block at the bottom of the plane. Please show all your steps, don't just

    asked by Jen
  86. Ethics

    Would Kant support having a baby in order to another life??

    asked by Lette
  87. calculus

    Integral of ln(sinx+cosx) with respect to x from -pi/4 to pi/4

    asked by alsa
  88. sssc

    Suppose we test H0 : p = .3 versus Ha : p ≠ .3 and that a random sample of n = 100 gives a sample proportion p = .20. a: Test H0 versus Ha at the .01 level of significance by using critical values. What do you conclude? b: Find the p-value for this test.

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Physics

    Young acrobats are standing still on a circular horizontal platform suspended at the center. The origin of the two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system is assumed to be at the center of the platform. A 30-kg acrobat is located at (4 m, 9 m), and a 36-kg

    asked by Jeremy
  90. algebra

    The power (P) required to run a motor is equal to the voltage (E) applied to that motor times the current (I) supplied to the motor. If the motor data says the motor uses 180 watts of power and the voltage applied to the motor is 120 volts, how much

    asked by laquel
  91. Calc

    1. Differentiae each function a) Y=-3x^2+5x-4 b) F(x) = 6/x-3/x^2 c) F(x)=(3x^2-4x)(x^3+1) 2. Determine the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=2x^2-1 at the point where x=-2 3. Evaluate, rounding to two decimal places, If necessary a) In 5 b) b)

    asked by Bobby
  92. algebra 1b

    Solve the problem by stating the equation you would use to solve and then solving it. After receiving discount of 12.5% on its bulk order of printer paper, johns office supply pays $3200 . what was the price of the order before the discount ? round to the

    asked by Dee
  93. math

    State the domain and range for following: A) y=4x B) y=12 C) y=x^2-4x+1 D) y=x^2+2x+1 E) y=3x^3-x^2-1 F) y=3x^3+x^2-1

    asked by liban
  94. math

    Determine if each function is even, odd or neither. Show all work and include an explanation of any symmetry that exists. A) y = x^4 + 4x^2 B) y = 3x^3 - x - 3 C) y = x^5 - x^3 + x D)y = 3

    asked by liban
  95. physics please help

    How many grams of carbohydrate does a person of mass 75 kg need to metabolize to climb five flights of stairs (15 m height increase)? Each gram of carbohydrate provides 17.6 kJ of energy. Assume 10.0% efficiency—that is, 10.0% of the available chemical

    asked by Nasir
  96. Physics

    A woman driving her car approaches an intersection and begins to accelerate just as the traffic light turns green. Her velocity is the function of time described by the equation: v(t)=2t^2-8t+10 (A) Use calculus to find her instantaneous acceleration at

    asked by Genny
  97. Physics

    A block of mass 77.0kg is placed at the top of a frictionless plane that is inclined 46degrees to the horizontal. The height of the plane is 23.0meters. Find the speed of the block and the bottom of the plane. The correct answer is: 21.2m/s... I've tried

    asked by Genny
  98. Physics

    A 54.0kilogram block is placed on a plane that is inclined 32 degrees to the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the plane is 0.573 and the coefficiencet of kinetic friction is 0.310. Find the acceleration of the block down

    asked by Genny
  99. Physics HELP PLS!!!

    I, for the life of me, cannot figure out this equation: The index of refraction for a particular type of glass is 1.52 and the index of refraction for air is approximately 1.00. A ray of light at a particular frequency enters a block of glass from air with

    asked by Genny
  100. English

    Posted by rfvv on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:53am. 1. Would you say hi to your mother? 2. Would you say hello to your mother? (Are both interchangable? Are both the same?) 3. He is also a good cook. 4. He can also cook well. 5. He also cooks well. 6. Also

    asked by rfvv
  101. Physics help please!

    The pressure of a fixed quantity of an ideal gas was held constant. The initial volume was 8.00 cubic meters and the final volume was 2.50 cubic meters. What was the final temperature in kelvins if the initial temerature was 188 degrees fahrenheit...

    asked by Genny
  102. physics

    An arrangement of two pulleys, as shown in the figure, is used to lift a 49.6-kg mass a distance of 3.70 m above the starting point. Assume the pulleys and rope are ideal and that all rope sections are essentially vertical. (a) What is the mechanical

    asked by Akbar
  103. Physics

    The mass of the object was 8 kilograms. The object was acted on by a foce of 20 angle 80degrees newtons. What was the acceleration of the object? Please walk me through the steps instead of just suggesting a formula.. Thank you!

    asked by Genny
  104. math

    Construct the equations of the following trigonometric functions: A)A sine function with amplitude 2, period , phase shift /3 right B)A tangent function with a reflection in the y-axis, period ¾, translation up 5 units C)A cosine function with period

    asked by darshi
  105. college ststistics

    given x is a noramlly distributed random variable with a mean of 28 and a sd of 7 find p(x

    asked by melba
  106. Math

    (15 - 2x)0, for x = -3

    asked by Shannon
  107. geology

    which rock will not float in water? any guesses anyone?

    asked by Carlos
  108. Physics

    A 0.140 kg baseball traveling 39.0 m/s strikes the catchers mitt, which, in bringing the ball to rest, recoils backward 13cm. Question- What is the average force applied by the ball to the glove? *Sigma Force= mass*acceleration

    asked by Mr. McKee
  109. Finance

    You just borrowed $15,000 from a bank. If you pay $4,000 at the end of each year over the next 5 years, you will pay off the loan. What is the interest rate on the loan?

    asked by Brian
  110. chemistry

    The volume of a gas is 250 mL at 340.0 kPa pressure. With the temperature remaining constant, what will the volume be when the pressure is reduced to 50.0 kPa? Don't forget the units.

    asked by dimo
  111. trig/math

    Determine the period, amplitude and phase shift for each given function: A)y = -4 cos 3x + 5 B)y = 2/3 sin (30x-90)-10 c)y = -0.38 tan (x/3+pi/3) d)y = pi cos(2x)+ pi

    asked by darshi
  112. Physics

    A 5.5-kg box is under an upward force of 45 N which makes a 60o angle with its normal. Find the magnitude of the horizontal acceleration. What is the normal force?

    asked by 1234
  113. early childhood

    preschoolers use private speech 1 to influence others 2 to keep some of their ideas a secret 3 because it is more effecient 4 becoz it enables them to coommunicate new ideas is 3 correct

    asked by reema
  114. early childhood

    words are 1 convenient communication shortcuts 2 not arbitrary symbols 3 unique to each individual in english 4 thoughts written down 4 is correct

    asked by reema

    (9X+8)-(-7X+9) IS ANSWER: 16X-1?

    asked by Adriana
  116. Math (please help!)

    1. θ is a first quadrant angle in standard position and cos 1/(sqrt10)= . Find the exact value of sin . 2. feta is a second quadrant angle in standard position and tan(feta) -((sqrt5)/2) = . Find the exact value of cos(feta) . 3. θ is an angle in

    asked by noel
  117. chemistry

    How many liters are occupied by 1.05 mol of nitrogen at 198C and 0.564 atm pressure? Answer in units of L

    asked by luke
  118. chemistry

    A sample of gas in a closed container at a temperature of 83C and a pressure of 9 atm is heated to 259C. What pressure does the gas exert at the higher temperature? Answer in units of atm

    asked by luke
  119. physics

    what is steradian?

    asked by abhi
  120. Statistics for Behavioral Sciences

    A disease affects 9% of individuals in a population and a sample of 100 people is selected from the population. What is the probability of finding the disease in 15 people?

    asked by Lindz
  121. how children learn

    According to behavior modification, how can a teacher or teacher aide change student behavior for the better?

    asked by cindy
  122. Fluid Mechanics

    The components and their dimensions of a hydraulic jack are shown in the figure. The specific gravity of the fluid in the jack is SG=0.8. A force F=400 N is applied at the left end of the handle, which is hinged at the right end. Determine: (a) The fluid

    asked by Bob
  123. Fluid Mechanics

    The gate OAB under water is 5 m-wide and is hinged along O as shown. (a) Find the hydrostatic force on the horizontal surface AB. (b) Determine the magnitude and point of action of the hydrostatic resultant force on the vertical surface OA. (c) Draw a free

    asked by Bob
  124. Phsyics Plz Help

    How many grams of carbohydrate does a person of mass 75 kg need to metabolize to climb five flights of stairs (15 m height increase)? Each gram of carbohydrate provides 17.6 kJ of energy. Assume 10.0% efficiency—that is, 10.0% of the available chemical

    asked by Nasir
  125. Fluid Mechanics

    Water enters a turbo-machine at a velocity 12 ft/s. The flow occurs in the horizontal plane. The inside diameters of the inlet and exit pipes are 1 ft and 2 ft, and the gage pressures at the inlet and exit are 10 psi and 5 psi, respectively. The machine is

    asked by Bob
  126. Physics

    An arrangement of two pulleys, as shown in the figure, is used to lift a 49.6-kg mass a distance of 3.70 m above the starting point. Assume the pulleys and rope are ideal and that all rope sections are essentially vertical. (a) What is the mechanical

    asked by Akbar
  127. algebra

    if a student rank in a class 400 is 87 waht id the student percentile rank

    asked by marie
  128. Trig

    The length of the base of an isosceles triangle is one fourth the length of one of its legs. If the perimeter of the triangle is 16 inches, what is the length of the base?

    asked by Rina
  129. algebra 1

    solve for x: x^2+12x+4 = 0

    asked by kathy
  130. Math

    Can two different size rectangles have the same area? Explain.

    asked by Ryan
  131. physics

    Give an example of an object that moves in a direction opposite the direction of its acceleration

    asked by Anonymous
  132. history

    What was World War 1 impact and aftermath in the Carribbean ?

    asked by johnny
  133. Physics

    A train consists of two carts and an engine. If m = 1000 kg, and the train is moving with an acceleration of 5.5 m/s2, find the tensions between the engine and the middle cart.

    asked by 7861
  134. early childhood

    harborview preschool is designing its program to include lots of activities that develop writing skills. which would not be used for this specific purpose ? 1 dot to dot pics 2 tracing 3 cutting 4 gluing help me

    asked by reema
  135. math

    The kinectic energy E, of a toy car is directly proportional to the square of its velocity v. The difference in the kinectic energy of the toy car when it is travelling at 15cm/s and 20cm/s in 10 J. Find the kinectic energy of the toy car when it is

    asked by Vinitha
  136. SS7R - HW Qs. Check

    Which geographic theme would be most concerned with international trade? answer - interaction right????

    asked by Laruen
  137. SS7R - HW Qs. Check (Q2)

    who occupied the highest position in aztec society? ANSWER - Emperor right????

    asked by Laruen
  138. computers

    write the features of next generation micro processers

    asked by alisha
  139. computers

    explain the scope of 6th sense technology in upcoming input & out\put devices

    asked by alisha
  140. computers

    what is the future of email in India after real time communications on social network

    asked by alisha
  141. English Poetry

    What are the similarities and differences of the poems Hiroshima by Angela Clifton and Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen? What point of view are the poems? What are the themes of the poems? What are the contrasts and comparisons of the two poems?

    asked by Jaizzer
  142. computers

    future impact of mobile computing on desktop computing

    asked by alisha
  143. English

    1. Many icebergs were melting because of the global warming. 2. Many icebergs were melting because the globe was warming. ( Is #1 the same aas #2?) 3. He went mountainclimbing. 4. He went driving with his son. 5. he went cooking to the center. 6. He went

    asked by rfvv
  144. Math/Trig

    How would I evaluate these trig functions without using a calculator? U: sin(-13π/6) cot 11π/6 cot(-14π/4) sec 23π/6 Thanks in advance ^^; and if you'd tell me step by step on how to do problems like these I'd be grateful :D

    asked by Leah
  145. English

    1. He added a little flour to the pan. 2. He added a spoonful of flour to the mixture. 3. He added two scoops of flour to the frying pan. (Are they all grammatical? As flour is an uncountable noun, we need to use the word 'flour' that way, right?)

    asked by rfvv
  146. English

    1. I was full, but I still ate a lot of it. 2. I ate lots of them. 3. I like plenty of these. 4. I hate a lot of those. (Are they all grammatical? Thank you for your help.)

    asked by rfvv
  147. Physics

    Give an example of an object that moves with constant acceleration and constant speed.

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Physics

    The density of a 5.0-m long rod can be described by the linear density function λ(x) = 140 g/m + 14.8x g/m2. One end of the rod is positioned at x = 0 and the other at x = 5 m. (a) Determine the total mass of the rod. (b) Determine the center-of-mass

    asked by James
  149. math

    you write an equation to show 54 pupil in class,3 more boys than the number of girls

    asked by leane hart garcia
  150. Physics

    A system consists of two particles. Particle 1 with mass 2.0 kg is located at (2.0 m, 6.0 m) and has a velocity of (3.1 m/s, 2.6 m/s). Particle 2 with mass 4.5 kg is located at (4.0 m, 1.0 m) and has a velocity of (1.1 m/s, 0.6 m/s). Determine the position

    asked by Tim
  151. English

    1. Would you say hi to your mother? 2. Would you say hello to your mother? (Are both interchangable? Are both the same?) 3. He is also a good cook. 4. He can also cook well. 5. He also cooks well. 6. Also he can cook well. 7. He can cook well also. (Are

    asked by rfvv
  152. Art

    Writeacher, could you please check this sentence? Thank you. 1) The scientist could be consider as a “New Prometheus”: like fire, donated by Prometheus, could be for men a great resource, but at the same time a threat if they had not been able to

    asked by John
  153. statistics

    An average office worker uses 10000 sheets of paper each year. Assume that the population standard deviation is 3000 sheets per year. Is it unusual for the office worker to use over 15000 sheets each year? What % of workers use at least 8000 sheets per

    asked by patina
  154. chemistry

    chemical structure CH3C5H9

    asked by jennefer
  155. statistics

    How many infants should you sample if you want a margin of error of 10 minutes for a 95% confidence interval about the mean amount of sleep they get per day if the population standard deviation is assumed to be 96 minutes?

    asked by patina
  156. English

    1. We can help their son and daughter. 2. We can help their daughter and son. (Which one is generally used?) 3. This is a blouse and that is a shirt. 4. This is a blouse but that is a shirt. (Which one is grammatical?) 5. I like English or Korean. 6. She

    asked by rfvv
  157. calculus

    find the derivative of the function f(x)= tan (10x^2)

    asked by soffy
  158. statistics

    1- The ages of a population of 300 is normally distributed, with a mean of 45 and a standard deviation of 4. If you randomly selected a member of the population, what is the probablity that his or her age would be greater than 49?

    asked by Gloria
  159. math

    What is the value of an initial investment of $2300 after twelve years if the interest accrued is compounded quarterly, and the annual rate is 6.5%?

    asked by Gloria
  160. math

    What is the probablity of getting at least one head as a result of flipping 6 fair coins?

    asked by Gloria
  161. history- WW1

    What was World War 1 impact and aftermath in the Carribbean ?

    asked by johnny
  162. math

    In a group of 7 men and 8 women, how many committees of 5 can be selected for which there are 2 men and 3 women? What is the probability of selecting a committee of 5 consisting of 2 men and 3 women?

    asked by Gloria
  163. math

    The sum of the first 5 natural numbers is 15 or (5)(6)/2. The sum of the first 21 natural numbers is 231=(21)(22)/2, and the sum of the first 30 numbers is 465. Use inductive reasoning to derive the formula for the sum of the first n natural numbers.

    asked by Gloria
  164. SS7R - Hw. Qs. Help - Aztecs

    CT - How does this graphic organzier suggest the importance of warfare in Aztec society? Give two examples. answer - well... um.... it explain the aztecs from the highest to lowest i need a bit help this is the graphic org.: emperor chosen by nobles and

    asked by Laruen
  165. Chemistry Please HELP!

    calculate the mass of each product formed if 10.0 g of the first reactant is reacted with 10.0 g of the second reactant: NCl3 + 3 H2O → 3 HClO + NH3 (Please show me full working out)

    asked by Kevin