Questions Asked on
June 9, 2012

  1. Organic chemistry

    If the aspirin crystals were not completely dried before the melting point was determined, what effect would this have on the observed melting point ?

    asked by Heidi
  2. chemistry:)

    The bond enthalpy of the Br–Cl bond is equal to DH° for the reaction BrCl(g)-> Br(g) + Cl(g). Use the following data to find the bond enthalpy of the Br–Cl bond. Br2(l)--->Br2(g) ÄH=30.91 KJ/mol Br2(g)--->2Br2(g) ÄH=192.9 KJ/mol Cl2(g)---->2Cl(g)

    asked by April
  3. Chemistry

    One of the substances that give wet goats and dirty gym socks their characteristic odors is hexanoic acid, CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CO2H, which is a monoprotic weak acid. (a) Write the formula for the conjugate base of this acid.

    asked by Jamie
  4. Geometry

    The math club of Ritzy High designed a pennant for the school yacht. The pennant was in the shape of an isosceles triangle. Two points, P and Q, are located so that AC= PQ= QB. Find the measure of angle B.

    asked by Emily
  5. finance300

    3) Your uncle has $280,000 invested at 7.5%, and he now wants to retire. He wants to withdraw $35,000 at the end of each year, starting at the end of this year. He also wants to have $25,000 left to give you when he ceases to withdraw funds from the

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physics

    A dancer completes 3.4 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement? Help me get this answer please.

    asked by Chris
  7. Physics

    A 6.25 kg solid ball with a radius of 0.185 m rolls without slipping at 3.55 m/s. What is its total kinetic energy?

    asked by Kayla
  8. Geometry

    The captain of a ship at point A and sailing toward point B observes a lighthouse at L and finds angle LAC to be 36*30'. After sailing 5 km to B, he observes angle LBC to be 73*. How many kilometers is position B from the lighthouse?

    asked by Denise
  9. Phsyics(Please respond)

    A uniform horizontal beam is attached to a vertical wall by a frictionless hinge and supported from below at an angle è = 38o by a brace that is attached to a pin. The beam has a weight of 347 N. Three additional forces keep the beam in equilibrium. The

    asked by Hannah
  10. PHYSICS!

    A horizontal force of 10 N is applied to the outer edge of a door at an angle of 32° to the door, as shown in a view from the top looking down. The width of the door is 0.80 m. The magnitude of the torque of this force on the door with respect to the

    asked by Spencer
  11. English

    1. What does Quindlen call feeding babies, walking dogs, and doing household jobs? A. difficult chores B. simple daily routines C. well-paid occupations D. enjoyable pastimes 2.What group of people does Quindlen decide are “correct” in their views? A.

    asked by Crystal
  12. Physics 1

    Three charges are fixed to an xy coordinate system. A charge of +16C is on the y axis at y = +3.1 m. A charge of -16C is at the origin. Lastly, a charge of +55C is on the x axis at x = +3.1 m. Determine (a) the magnitude and (b) direction of the net

    asked by Beth

    A child pushes a merry-go-round with a force of 55.0 N at an angle tangent to the circle (that is, perpendicular to a radius). If the child pushes it through exactly one full circle, and the merry-go-round has a radius of 1.15 m, how much work does she do?

    asked by Meg
  14. art

    i need to compare the facial expressions of the sculptures the seated lohan and the water and moon guanyin bodhisattva

    asked by Tee
  15. rate of change

    For a person at rest, the function p(t) = -20 cos(300˚t) + 100 models blood pressure, in millimeters of mercury ( mm Hg), at time t seconds. What is the rate of change in blood pressure at 3 s?

    asked by sara
  16. PHYSICS!!!

    A climber with a mass of 75 kg is attached to a 6.5 m rope with a cross sectional area of 3.5×10−4 m2. When the climber hangs from the rope, it stretches 3.4×10−3 m. What is the Young's modulus of the rope? Please help me :)

    asked by Kaelyn
  17. English III

    1. In Dust Tracks on a Road, what kind of literature did the young Hurston like best that made her think of heroic deeds? A. stories that were sad B. stories of math geniuses C. stories that were great myths D. stories about young women 2.What is the main

    asked by Crystal
  18. Physical Geography

    Would someone please help me with this? Or at least tell me the formula I should be using? I've been trying to get help with this for four days now. I'm VERY frustrated. Assume that a parcel of air is forced to rise up and over a 6000-foot-high mountain.

    asked by Sandra
  19. Physics

    Bob and Ray push on a door from opposite sides. They both push perpendicular to the door. Bob pushes 0.63 m from the door hinge with a force of 89 N. Ray pushes 0.57 m from the door hinge with a force of 98 N, in a manner that tends to turn the door in a

    asked by Kate
  20. Physics

    The mass of the sign shown is 28.5 kg. Find the weight supported by (a) the left support and (b) the right support. Between the left and right support is 0.900m and from the right support to the end of the sign is 0.300m. ------------------------------ | |

    asked by Kallie
  21. physics help please

    A dancer completes 3.4 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement?

    asked by chris
  22. Chemistry

    Iodine pentafluoride is an incendiary agent, a substance that ignites combustible materials. This compound is usually made by passing fluorine gas over solid iodine, but it also forms when iodine monofluoride changes into the element iodine and iodine

    asked by Jamie
  23. math

    how many times greater is the first 7 than second in 876574?

    asked by don
  24. physics

    The water skier there has a mass of 71.0 kg. Find the magnitude of the net force acting on the skier when (a) she is accelerated from rest to a speed of 14.0 m/s in 9.00 s and (b) she lets go of the tow rope and glides to a halt in 16.0 s.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. chemistry

    If 3.20 kg of Sulphur reacts with oxygen, calculate the volume in millileters of sulphur dioxide gas formed at 30.5 degrees Celsius and 1.04 atm.

    asked by Madison
  26. Physics please help

    Geosynchronous satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of about 3.58×10^7 m. Given that the Earth's radius is 6.38×10^6 m and its mass is 5.97×10^24 kg, what is the magnitude of the gravitational acceleration at the altitude of one of these

    asked by Kevin
  27. art

    I have to choose a sculpture from the greece / rome era, and write down who the artist or which prehistoric culture its from. Since most of the sculptures don't have an artist, Can i write the sculpture is from the classical period? Does that count as a

    asked by Tee
  28. statistics

    The annual precipitation amounts in a certain mountain range are normally distributed with a mean of 88 inches, and a standard deviation of 10 inches. What is the likelihood that the mean annual precipitation during 25 randomly picked years will be less

    asked by Jameson
  29. Physics

    A box of mass m = 0.20 kg slides across frictionless tabletop from rest, with 2.5 m/s2 acceleration. The length of the tabletop is L = 2.00 m and its height is H = 1.50 m. The box then slides off the edge and hits the floor at some distance away, Find the

    asked by master
  30. chemistry

    Mercury(Hg) has a density of 13.5 g/cm cubed. How much space would 50.0 g of mercury occupy?

    asked by John
  31. Physics

    A dancer completes 3.4 revolutions in a pirouette. What is her angular displacement? In rad.

    asked by Chris
  32. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 32.654 g of aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3, in water and diluting with water to 125.0 mL total?

    asked by Jamie
  33. Grammar

    What is the prefix, root and suffix of the word "subscribe"? My Answer: prefix - sub root - scrib suffix - e Can the suffix be a single letter? What about the word "misused"? Please help!? Am I right?

    asked by Maria
  34. math

    there are 3 shirts,2 caps,4 pairs of many different outfits can wear ?(consisiting of one shirt,one pair of shorts and one cap

    asked by don
  35. Art

    I changed a few things from my previous mail. Could you check grammar and punctuation, Writeacher? Thank you! 1) I suppose you received the remaining balance because my bank has already taken the money from my bank account. 2) However, I would be grateful

    asked by Mike
  36. Physics

    A uniform solid cylinder of mass M = 6 kg is rolling without slipping along a horizontal surface. The velocity of its center of mass is 27.6 m/s. Calculate its energy

    asked by Cyrus
  37. math

    The diameter of an electric cable is normally distributed, with a mean of 0.8 inch and a standard deviation of 0.01 inch. What is the probability that the diameter will exceed 0.81 inch? (Give the answer to four decimal places.)

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Mathematics-please help!

    A piece of wire 168cm. long is to be cut into two pieces, each to be bent to make a square. The lenght of a side of one square is to be 2cm. greater than the lenght of aside of the other. What is the area of the smaller square? Ans= 80

    asked by Jeconiah
  39. Physics

    A green sedan weighing 25,000 Newtons is put on a lift supported by a piston with a cross sectional area of 0.1 square meters. What is the minimum force that must be exerted by the air compressor that pushes down on the oil in the reservoir of the lift

    asked by LL
  40. Physics

    The drawing shows an edge-on view of two planar surfaces thatintersect and are mutually perpendicular. Surface 1 has an area of 1.7 m^2, while surface 2 san area of 3.2 m^2. The electric field in the drawing is uniform andhas a magnitude of 250 N/C. Find

    asked by Beth
  41. Physics

    A green sedan weighing 25,000 Newtons is put on a lift supported by a piston with a cross sectional area of 0.1 square meters. What is the minimum force that must be exerted by the air compressor that pushes down on the oil in the reservoir of the lift

    asked by LL
  42. Physics

    A green sedan weighing 25,000 Newtons is put on a lift supported by a piston with a cross sectional area of 0.1 square meters. What is the minimum force that must be exerted by the air compressor that pushes down on the oil in the reservoir of the lift

    asked by LL
  43. physics

    A green sedan weighing 25,000 Newtons is put on a lift supported by a piston with a cross sectional area of 0.1 square meters. What is the minimum force that must be exerted by the air compressor that pushes down on the oil in the reservoir of the lift

    asked by LL
  44. Physics.

    A car starts a race from rest on a circular track and has a tangential speed of 43 m/s at the end of the third lap. The track has a radius of 91 m. If it has constant angular acceleration, what is the magnitude of its tangential acceleration? Help me and

    asked by Mellanie
  45. physics

    A 84.5-kg person stands on a scale in an elevator. What is the apparent weight when the elevator is (a) accelerating upward with an acceleration of 1.93 m/s 2, (b) moving upward at a constant speed, and (c) accelerating downward with an acceleration of

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    a person spins the pointer and is awarded the amount indicated by pointer.It cost $5. to play . There are three sections $2.00 1/2, $5.00 1/4. and $10.00 1/4 what is the expectation of a person who pays. what is the fair price to play game

    asked by canduy
  47. business

    A researcher was given the assignment of predicting which of three actions would be taken by the 280 employees in the Desota plant that was going to be sold to its employees. The alternatives were to: a. Take severance pay and leave the company. b. Stay

    asked by andrea
  48. chemistry

    Mercury(Hg) has a density of 13.5 g/cm cubed. How much space would 50.0 g of mercury occupy? Calculate the mass in grams, of a 3 cubic inch cube of aluminum(Al). The density of aluminum(Al) is 2.5 g/cm cubed. NOTE:(1inch cubed =16.4 cm cubed

    asked by John
  49. microeconomics

    Individuals in a market who must take the market price as given are?

    asked by Pat
  50. Introduction to Business

    Things have really been happening at Sun-2-Shade, a company that manufactures self-darkening windshields. Many changes have been made and it would seem like things ought to be going smoothly. However, there are problems with the workers, and you just can't

    asked by Demetric
  51. Accounting

    Kathryn, an individual, own all of the outstanding stock in Copper Corporation. Kathryn purchased her stock in Copper 11 years ago, and her basis is $18,000. At the beginning of this year, the corporation has $38,000 of accumulated E &P and no current E&P

    asked by Tina
  52. finance

    You want to save $1,000,000 for your retirement (under 40 years old) or $100,000 (over 40 years old). If you use common stocks with an average rate of return of 10% how much do you need to save monthly?

    asked by lisa

    Which of the following documents was the first famous document to "open the door" of democracy in England? A) The Petition of Rights B)The Mayflower Compact C)The Magna Carta D) The Bill of Rights

    asked by Booker Perry
  54. c0llege math

    multiply and simplify 3(3)(3)negative exponent x 3 6 exponets would the correct answer be 1/81

    asked by Lourane
  55. Physics(Please check)

    A spring stretches by 0.0226 m when a 4.39-kg object is suspended from its end. How much mass should be attached to this spring so that its frequency of vibration is f = 7.35 Hz? 7.35 = 0.0226(4.39x) Did I set this up correctly?

    asked by Hannah
  56. English

    1. In an hour, we arrived at the base. 2. After an hour, we arrived at the base. 3. In an hour, we will arrive at the base. 4. After an hour, we will arrive at the base. (Which preposition do we have to use? Which ones are correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  57. math

    twin primes have one composite number between them(e.g.5,7).write one pair of twin primes between number 20 and 40

    asked by don
  58. Mathematics-please help!

    Solve for x: 9/28 + 3/x+2 = 3/4.

    asked by Jeconiah
  59. CJS230

    Can someone please assit me with finding a website to answer the folloing questions? Based on the ideals of a penitentiary, what should it be like? What was the principal goal of a penitentiary? What were the differences between the two prison models? What

    asked by Picaboo
  60. college math

    combine the terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x -9-y

    asked by Lourane
  61. economics

    Price Quantity $50 300 40 600 20 800 10 1,000 According to the above demand schedule, if price falls from $20 to $10, then

    asked by Ashaki
  62. English

    e.g. It is easy to draw cartoons. In this sentence 'It' is a formal subject and 'to....' is a real subject. (Is the expression correct?)

    asked by rfvv
  63. calculus

    Use the Newton method to approximate the indicated zero of the function. Continue with the iteration until two successive approximations differ by less than 0,0001 the zero of: f(x)=x^3+2x^2+x-7 between x=1 and x=2, x0=1

    asked by soffy
  64. Mathematics-please help!

    If cos x >0 ans sin x= -4/5, then tan x=?

    asked by Jeconiah
  65. Finance

    An annuity is developed and used based on the concept of time value of money. Please solve for the principle required when one retires so that a payment of $1500.00 is received each month for 30 years (360 months). Assume that the interest rate for the

    asked by John
  66. Finance

    Often in personal finance we want to know what our $1 investment today will be worth in 20 years. In business however, there is more concern with answering the question, “If I receive $100 in 5 years, what is that worth today?” To answer this question,

    asked by John
  67. physics

    A cannonball of mass 6.09 kg is shot from a cannon at an angle of 47.18° relative to the horizontal and with an initial speed of 48.90 m/s. As the cannonball reaches the highest point of its trajectory, what is the gain in its potential energy relative to

    asked by lanre
  68. Physics(Please help)

    Some bacteria are propelled by motors that spin hair-like flagella. A typical bacterial motor turning at a constant angular velocity has a radius of 1.9x10-8m, and a tangential speed at the rim of 2.7x10-5 m/s. (a) What is the angular speed (the magnitude

    asked by Hannah
  69. college math

    combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 -y is this clearer Sue

    asked by Lourane
  70. college math

    original question 11/14a - 1/15b + 1/14a - 11/15b is this answer correct 12/14a + 12/15b

    asked by Lourane
  71. math

    Determine if each function is even, odd or neither. Show all work and include an explanation of any symmetry that exists. A) y = x^4 + 4x^2 B) y = 3x^3 - x - 3 C) y = x^5 - x^3 + x D)y = 3

    asked by liban
  72. CHEM:

    caluclate the volume in mL of 1.74 grams of sodium chloride from a 0.270 M solution 1.74g sodium chloride from a 0.270 M solution 7.10g ethonal from a 2.45 M solution 6.90g acetic acid (CH3COOH) from 0.606 M solution

    asked by April
  73. US government

    Which of the following was ratified with the assistance of adding a Bill of Rights to assure citizens that their individual rights would not be imposed upon by the new government? A)The Magna Carta B)The Articles of Confederation C)The Declaration of

    asked by alex
  74. art

    is the prehistoric culture of the statue of eros sleeping the hellenistic period

    asked by Tee
  75. college math

    if 5 times a number is increased by 5, the result is 30. Find the number. would the correct answer be 5

    asked by Lourane
  76. history

    what was the role of violence in the Mexican Revolution ?

    asked by johnny
  77. math

    howmany degrees does a person turn who was facing north and now faces south?

    asked by don
  78. Mathematics-please help!

    The first term of the sequence is -168 and every term after the first is 8 more than term immediately proceeding it. Find the 88th term.

    asked by Jeconiah
  79. Physics!

    A 20 kg square slab with side lengths 3.0 m rotates around an axis perpendicular to the slab. A particle of mass 0.60 kg sits on each of the corners of the square. Also, a particle of mass 0.80 kg sits at the center of each of the edges. What is the moment

    asked by Lilly
  80. leadership

    Lars Larsen was your first boss at the medical center. You had problems from the outset, because of a clash of personalities. Then things got worse, and you filed a sexual-harassment complaint. The complaint was not sustained because of lack of specific

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Physics

    A building with a weight of 5.200e+7 N is built on a concrete foundation with an area of 1300 m2 and an (uncompressed) height of 2.82 m. By what vertical distance does the foundation compress?

    asked by Kate
  82. maths

    a cyclist and jogger are 20 miles apart. the cyclist rides at 17 mph and the jogger runs at 7 mph. they move towards each other. a fly starts on the nose of the cyclist and flies at 20 mph from the cyclist to the runner and back. it continues back and

    asked by Sara
  83. phy

    A constant force does 12.0 Joules of work pushing a 350 gram block a distance of 2.5 meters up a ramp. The block starts from rest and reaches a speed of 4.75 m/s after being pushed for 2.5 m. The block’s potential energy increases by 5.0 J as it travels

    asked by ihsan
  84. Logorithms

    Solve: 3^5x = 27^(x-1)

    asked by Labz
  85. college math

    ny answer is 6x - 12y - 5 12x 4 - 11y -6x - 9 -4

    asked by Lourane
  86. college math

    combine like terms (simplify) 11/14a - 1/15b + 1/14a - 11/15b would the correct answer be 12/14a + 10/15b

    asked by Lourane
  87. econimics

    Suppose that two people, Michelle and James each live alone in an isolated region. They each have the same resources available, and they grow potatoes and raise chickens. If Michelle devotes all her resources to growing potatoes, she can raise 200 pounds

    asked by rob
  88. college math

    would this answer be correct with fraction reduced 6/7a - 4/3b is this finally correct sue

    asked by Lourane
  89. Math

    Facebook reports that the average number of facebook friends worldwide is 175.5 with the stand deviation of 90.57. Take sample of 25 students, what is the probability that the mean number Facebook friends in the sample will be 190 friends or more..HELP

    asked by Amy
  90. science

    A ball hit by a player too 2.4s to reach the short stop from home plate. If the short stop threw the ball to first base at a speed of 20m/s, a distance of 30m, how long would the runner have to make it to first base and arrive at the same time as the ball.

    asked by amy
  91. Art

    Ms. Sue, Writeacher I urgently need you to check this paragraph and suggest where I should look for more specific details on this topic. 1) The information appearing on cosmetics must be present directly on the container of the cosmetic and, if present, on

    asked by Mike
  92. Physics

    %%%%%B--A (inclined at 55 degree) %%%%/|%%/\ %%%/%|%/%%\Pull 3900N %%/%%|/ %D---C %|%%/| %|%/%| %|/%%| %!@#$%^&E %|%%/| %|%/%| %|/%%| %H---G (All is Pin Joint) Distance DC = FE = HG = AB = 2.7m FH = FD = GE = EC = CB = 2 m Find the supporting reaction of

    asked by ToT_Alex
  93. geology

    How is a debris flow different from a rock slide

    asked by Carlos
  94. Mathematics-please help!

    The vertices of a triangle are (-2,3),(2,1) and (2,7). What is the area of this triangle?

    asked by Jeconiah
  95. Mathematics-please help!

    The first term of the sequence is -168 and every term after the first is 8 more than term immediately proceeding it. Find the 88th term.

    asked by Jeconiah
  96. Algebra 1-PLEASE HELP

    Solve for k k/k-4 + k/k-1=1

    asked by hockeyfreak2011
  97. Algebra 1

    What is the difference of: x^2-1 1 ------- - ----- x^2+8x+7 x+7

    asked by hockeyfreak2011
  98. Math

    evaluate: log base 1/4 (1/16)^4

    asked by Labz
  99. math

    what does it mean to describe the context in which a equation is used. describe the meaning of a equation and the meaning of the variables.what is meant by solution of a equation. my equation is y=2x+3

    asked by pat
  100. calculus

    can you please explain tep by step how to solve dividing complex numbers strictly using a graph, the complex plane. I know how to do it algebraically, but not graphically. thankyou

    asked by wendell
  101. Math

    A square is made up of section A and section B. Section A is 500 sq. ft. and section B is 750 sq. ft. What percent of the square is section A?

    asked by Greg
  102. CJS210

    Can someone please help me find a website to answer these following question? Describe various types of police agencies at the local, state, and federal level and how each is organized. Identify the principal roles and functions of police organizations and

    asked by Sade C
  103. algebra

    sqrt(10a) + 5 sq. rt. (250a^2) add and sinplify

    asked by Randy
  104. college math

    multiply -7(2a-4) would the correct answer be 14a-28

    asked by Lourane
  105. math

    1/5 of 35 +16 equal?

    asked by don
  106. math

    label its dimensions after you rule a square the same area as this rectangle on the back of this sheet 16mm ,4mm

    asked by don
  107. calculus

    find the derivative of the function f(x) = e^(3x) sec (7x)

    asked by soffy
  108. Mathematics-please help!

    If cos x >0 ans sin x= -4/5, then tan x=?

    asked by Jeconiah
  109. c0llege math

    factor bx-by+bz would the correct answer be b(x-y+z)

    asked by Lourane
  110. Geography

    The occurrence of floods in urban areas is particularly dangerous because _____.

    asked by Me.
  111. Science-Nerve Cells

    Descibe how an electrical impulse travels through a nerve and between nerves.

    asked by hockeyfreak2011
  112. art

    is peaceful considered a mood? I need to write the mood of the sculpture, statue of Eros sleeping.

    asked by Tee
  113. college statistics

    consider a population with a mena =51.6 and a sd=5.9 (A) calculate the z score for x= 50.5 from a sample of size 47. (b) could this z score be used in calculating probabilities using table 3 in appendix b in text book ahy or ahy not

    asked by melba
  114. college math

    Evaluate the expression 3x small 2 and y= 5 would the correct answer be 45

    asked by Lourane
  115. Algebra


    asked by Diane
  116. math

    State the domain and range for following: A) y=4x B) y=12 C) y=x^2-4x+1 D) y=x^2+2x+1 E) y=3x^3-x^2-1 F) y=3x^3+x^2-1

    asked by liban
  117. Chemistry

    When you use UV Vis to determine the purity of the product- how does knowing the amount of salicylic acid help? Do you only use this when you know (after adding Fe3+) that the aspirin isn't pure? I know there is a very simple answer to this question...

    asked by mish
  118. math

    find the quotient x^2-64/x+8

    asked by jenn
  119. Mathematics-please help!

    Solve for x: 9/28 + 3/x+2 = 3/4.

    asked by Jeconiah
  120. Math

    Evaluate: log base 2 of 32^3 show all steps.

    asked by Labz
  121. c0llege math

    factor bx-by+bz would the correct answer be b(x-y+z)

    asked by Lourane
  122. algebra

    3(a+2)=4a I multiply 3*a+3*2=4a so 3a+6=4a I added 3a to 4a/ =7a and answer was 1(answer is 6) i just don't understand how and why we subtract 3a from 4a instead of adding. please help me

    asked by ^^^^kesha
  123. PSY202

    One of the reasons that certain advertisements are successful is because viewers want to behave like those they observe. What is the general term that psychologists use to describe this type of behavior? (Points : 1) Operant Conditioning Social Learning

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Physics help

    If a spherical glass marble has a radius of 0.00665 m at 1.02×105 Pa, at what pressure will it have a radius of 0.00650 m? Thanks

    asked by Alex
  125. Maths


    asked by Michael
  126. Art

    Thank you, Writeacher. Here is the last part of the same summary. Could you please check it? 1) The names of the ingredients are reported using an international code, INCI which is the same for all EU countries though it is also used in other countries,

    asked by Mike
  127. Health

    i need recipes/food from meat,dairy,grain,veg,an fruit under 600 calories so all the food from each category equals to 600 cal please help

    asked by plz help :)
  128. college math

    should the correct be 12/14a - 10/15b is this correct sue

    asked by Lourane
  129. Math

    out of these variables which would and would not follow normal distribution. shoe size height age GPA model year of car how many friends on face book Please explain why..thanks

    asked by Ella
  130. c0llege math

    solve 2-x=11(x-1)

    asked by Lourane
  131. c0llege math

    multiply 0.5(a+b-5) would the correctanswer 0.5a=0.5b-2.5

    asked by Lourane
  132. springford

    a motorcycle traveling at 60mph hits a stopped car how far will the driver of the motorcycle be launch in feet

    asked by brian