Questions Asked on
June 4, 2012

  1. Math

    a) Determine an equation, in simplified form, for the family of cubic functions with zeros 2 +- sqrt5 and 0. b) Determine an equation for the member of the family with graph passing through point (2,20)

    asked by Labz

    If you increase the distance between two identical point charges so that the new distance is five times the original distance, what happens to the force between them? I know it is suppose to be divided by 25 but why?

    asked by Pat
  3. statistics

    A person who has served three consecutive terms of four yrs shall be eligible for appointment, nomination for or election to the office of council-member no sooner than for a term beginning eight years after completion of that council member's third

    asked by Lisa
  4. need help in tis problem

    which biconditional is not a good definition? 1. a whole number is odd if and only the number is not divisible by 2 2. an angle is straight if and only if its measure is 180 3. a whole number is even if and only if it is divisible by 2 4. a ray is a

    asked by janika
  5. maths

    divide the number 52728 by the smallest number so that the question is a perfect cube. also find the cube root of the quotient.

    asked by anshikaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Calculus AP

    i wanna KNOW IF im DOING RIGHT. Evaluate the difference quotient for the given function. Simplify your answer. f(x)=x+3/x+1, [f(x)-f(1)]/(x-1) simplify my answer: [(x+3)/(x+1) - (1+3)/(1+1)]/(x-1) = [x+3/x+1 - 4/2] / (x-1) = [2(x+3)-4(x+1)/2(x+1)] / (x-1)

    asked by jackie
  7. chemistry

    at 700 k the equilibrium constant for the reactions is Kp=0.76. Carbon tertrachrolide gas yields carbon solid and chlorine gas. A flask is charged with 2.00 atm of CCl4, which then reaches equilibrium at 700K. A) what is the fraction of the CCl4 is

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math/116

    solve x+y=7 x-y=5 using elimination method

    asked by lynn
  9. Economics

    What happens to the percentage of an income that is taxed when income rises and the tax is a proportional one? A. The percentage of tax falls. B. The percentage of tax rises. C. The percentage rises and then falls. D. The percentage of tax stays the same.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. algebra

    The area of a state is 7 times the area of another state. the sum of the areas are 32,000,000. what is the area of each state

    asked by tracey
  11. chemistry

    what is the equilibrium expression for P4(s) +5O2(g)P4O10(s) I think it is 1/[O2]^5 but the answer says [P4010]/[P4][O2]^5

    asked by chemist
  12. physics

    A golfer, putting on a green, requires three strokes to "hole the ball." During the first putt, the ball rolls 5.9 m due east. For the second putt, the ball travels 2.8 m at an angle 20° north of east. The third putt is 0.50 m due north. What displacement

    asked by physics freakiv
  13. geometry

    In the figure below, find x if segment AB = 12 cm and segment AD = 2x + 6

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics

    A subway train starts from rest at a station and accelerates at a rate of 1.60 m/s2 for 14.0s. It runs at a constant speed for 70.0 s and then slows down at a rate of -3.50 m/s2 until it stops at the next station. a) Sketch a position vs. time graph for

    asked by cody
  15. Math

    Which expression is equivalent to the given expression? 12(x – 17) A. 12x – 12 • 17 B. 12x – 17 C. 12x – 29 D. 12 + 12 • 17

    asked by Karlie
  16. geometry

    The vertices of pentagon LMPQR are at L(4, -2), M(5, -2), P(8, -5), Q(6, -7), R(2, -4). The coordinates of the pentagon after two translations are L'(-5, -1), M'(-4, -1), P'(-1, -4), Q'(-3, -6), R'(-7, -3). How was LMPQR translated to create L'M'P'Q'R'? To

    asked by maria
  17. Geometry Math

    If point M is the center of a sphere with the coordinates (-1,3,2) and point T is a point on the surface of the sphere with the coordinates (0,5,1), what is the radius of the sphere?

    asked by Maria
  18. physics

    A small block with mass 0.0400 kg slides in a vertical circle of radius 0.0700 m on the inside of a circular track. There is no friction between the track and the block. At the bottom of the block's path, the normal force the track exerts on the block has

    asked by Perry
  19. Statistics

    The actual weights of bag of pet food are normally distributed.The mean of the weights is 50.0 lb,with a standard deviation of 0.2 lb. B) In a group of 250 bags,how many would you expect to weigh more than 50.4 lb?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. SLS 1000-11H-5A12-S14, Student Learning Success

    Articles: Title: Lasting Menace Author: David Biello Published: July 2010 One direct quote with appropriate APA in-text documentation One paraphrase with appropriate APA in-text documentation The reference listing in appropriate APA documentation A 300

    asked by Tava Mitchell
  21. Science- please help

    compare four examples of technologies that are designed to make buildings earthquake resistant

    asked by Leighton
  22. History

    Which of Roosevelt’s early New Deal programs illustrate his willingness to experiment with bold, innovative ideas? Which of his actions show his hesitation and attachment to conventional values?

    asked by Leslie
  23. maths

    how to write 4th june 2012 in letters without using numbers

    asked by neetu
  24. geometry

    The following are angles in a convex quadrilateral: Angle A = 75.3 degrees Angle B = 114.8 degree Angle C = 65.9 degrees What is the measure of the missing angle?

    asked by ari
  25. Physics

    How far is the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system from the center of the Earth? The Earth's mass is 5.97×1024 kg, the Moon's mass is 7.4×1022 kg, and the distance between their centers is 3.8×108 m.

    asked by Jamie
  26. physics

    A car sounds its horn (502 Hz) as it approachs a pedestrian by the side of the road. The pedestrian has perfect pitch and determines that the sound from the horn has a frequency of 520 Hz. If the speed of sound that day was 340 m/s , how fast was the car

    asked by Melissa
  27. pre-albegra word problem

    I need to write a verbal rule to determine the total monthly cost of my cell phone, assuming I go over the 200 minutes. basic cell phone rate plan cost $29.99 a month plus 45 cents per minute for every minute over 200 minutes during the month.

    asked by kathy
  28. Business Communication

    which of the following would be the Least appropriate in the closing paragraph of a negative message? A)"Let us know if model #A01 would be a suitable substitution." B)"Our layaway plan will enable you to purchase all the clothes the children need for

    asked by Rose_Mary
  29. math-measurment

    321 cm = ___________m 14 ft 4 in = ____________in 2 mi = ____________ft 5.3 km = ___________m __________mi = 7,040 yd

    asked by Celest
  30. physical edu

    antioxidants help protect cells from damage that can occur throughout life? True or False is it False

    asked by Andy
  31. Art

    Here are the last sentences on the same theme. 1) This important feature makes power lines able to transport electric energy without any problem connected with dissipation of energy. They are useful in aerospace industry because they can keep a big amount

    asked by John
  32. Social studies

    Show how each improvement helped the Qin dynasty. Improvement. Advantage 1. Road system 2. Canals 3. Great Wall

    asked by Leighton
  33. Social studies

    In what ways was Shi Huangdi great? What impact did he have on China?

    asked by Leighton
  34. chemistry

    convert a pressure of 1.75 atm to kpa

    asked by luke
  35. Math

    factor out the greatest common factor -2p+40

    asked by Adam
  36. college ststistics

    given x =237 u =2.00 and s=12.3 find z

    asked by melba
  37. Math

    Determine the real roots of the equation: (5x^2 + 20)(3x^2 - 48) = 0

    asked by Labz
  38. Math

    Solve. Round to the nearest one decimal. 7x^3 + 5x^2 - 5x - 3

    asked by Labz
  39. Math

    Find both the circumference area of the circle whose equation is (x-2)2+(y-3)2=64.

    asked by Maria
  40. Study tips needed for exam!!

    How can i study for my exam in one day? There are five chapters and i am on my first. Do you have nay study tips for me. Thanx

    asked by nallu allu
  41. Geometry

    A plane is heading west at 200 mph. The wind is blowing S30°W at 25 mph. 1. What is the ground speed of the plane? 2. When you solve the triangle, what is the smallest angle? 3. What is the largest angle of the triangle? 4. What is the remaining angle? 5.

    asked by Amber
  42. math

    what is the value of the discriminate of 11x^2-2x-10=0? then describe the soulution.

    asked by bar
  43. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  44. statistics

    The actual weights of bags of pet food are normally distributed.The mean of the weights is 50.0lb,with a standard deviation of 0.2lb. Sketch a normal cuve for the distribution.Label the x-axis at one,two,and three standard feciation from the mean,in

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Statistics

    The actual weights of bag of pet food are normally distributed.The mean of the weights is 50.0 lb,with a standard deviation of 0.2 lb. A)About what percent of bags of pet food weigh less than 49.8 lb?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Geometry Math

    Lines y= 2x/3+3&y=5 cut the ring formed by circles (x-3)2+(y-5)2=64 and (x-3)2+(y-5)2=25 into four parts. Find the area of each of the four parts.

    asked by Maria
  47. statistics

    98,99,99,103,101,102,104,89,87,90,90 Find the 25th and 75th percentiles. Within how many standard deviations of the mean is the value 102. Find the interquartile range.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    Write the percent as a fraction in simplest form. 66 3/10

    asked by Sammyjoo
  49. statistics

    The actual weights of bag of pet food are normally distributed.The mean of the weights is 50.0 lb,with a standard deviation of 0.2 lb. C)In a group of 50 bags,how many would yu expect to be within 1.5 standard deviations of the mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. physics

    If a concave mirror with a radius of curvature of 0.93 m has an object placed at 0.37 m in front of it, what is the mirror's focal length? Round your answer to 3 decimal places.

    asked by Anna
  51. physics

    If a concave mirror with a radius of curvature of 0.93 m has an object placed at 0.37 m in front of it, what is the mirror's focal length? Round your answer to 3 decimal places.

    asked by Anna
  52. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of Hg^2+ in 500.0 mL of a solution that was originally 0.011 M Hg^2+ and had 73 g of KI added to it? Hg^2+(aq) + 4I^-(aq) HgI4^2-(aq) The overall formation constant is 1x10^30

    asked by Andrew
  53. Chemistry

    How is the water drawn into the polymer? How is the polymer held in the polymer? What are the intermolecular bonds between the polymer and the water? A diagram again may help. What factors affect the effectiveness of SAP?

    asked by Anushka Sharma
  54. Science HW qs. Check (plzzzz read!!!!)

    1. How does the flow of energy through an ecosystem compare with cycling of matter? i put energy moves through an ecosystem in the form of food am i correct??????????

    asked by Laruen
  55. geography

    what are land features found in the united states

    asked by terry
  56. Englsh

    1. Let's break up the wall. 2. Let's break the wall. (What is the difference between the two sentence?) 3. He wanted to get some rest. 4. He wanted to take some rest. (Are both OK? 5. He got rest after working hard. 6. He took a rest after wroking hard.

    asked by rfvv
  57. English

    1. I gave it up because of the rain. 2. I gave it up because of rain. (Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'the' or not. )

    asked by rfvv
  58. english

    the chorus in ode 3 comments on the a. power of love b. duty of sons to their fathers c. relationship of haimon and antigone d. effect of creon's inflexibility

    asked by Anonymous
  59. chemistry please help

    calculate the concentration of silver nitrate in mol/L M x V =0.2 average Vw in ml of 2.23 2.26 2.43 MxVw = Mwx20 Mw=? mol/L chloride in water sample = mmol/L? =?g/L chloride in sample =?ppm chloride in water sample

    asked by lynda
  60. HIS 103

    Ms. sue I am sorry about posting that question twice. I didn't mean too, again I am very sorry! You have a bless night.

    asked by Maryann
  61. calculus

    factory worker wages, according to data released by city chamber of commerce, the weekly wages of factory workers are normally distributed according to the probability density function f(x)= (1/50√2π)e^((-1/2)((x-500)/50)^2) find the probability that a

    asked by soffy
  62. Science - help!!!

    why there are fewer lions than gazelles on the african plains????

    asked by Laruen
  63. maths

    You get a wage increase of 5% plus an extra five pounds per week. Your present wages are 250 pounds per week. What will your new weekly wage be wage be?

    asked by oj
  64. algebra 1

    solve 5^3/5 . 5^7/10

    asked by kathy
  65. Calculus

    If y=Root of(logx+root of (logx+root of logx.........infinty)...prove that dy/dx=1/x(2y-1)

    asked by Abhishek
  66. Geography

    Taken as a whole, what would you say is the single most pressing problem found in Latin America or South America? What possible solutions can you develop? My Answer: In my opinion, the most pressing problem would have to be the management of poverty. South

    asked by Sasha
  67. Math

    Solve the inequality: (5x + 4)(x - 4) < 0

    asked by Labz
  68. algebra 1

    how would i simplfy 16^3/2

    asked by kathy
  69. math

    There are 30 kids in a class. 3/5 are girls, how many of the are girls

    asked by eliza
  70. math

    How To solve Polynomials?

    asked by chang
  71. math

    Oops,first question was wrong. Sorry. There are 30 kids in a class room.3/5 of them are girls. How many are boys and how many are girls.

    asked by eliza
  72. college math

    Find the value of the expression -128 + 4^ + 6 - 1

    asked by Lourane
  73. calculus

    find the taylor series f(x)1/2(e^x + e^-x) ;x=0

    asked by soffy
  74. English I Part II College Prep Program

    Give two examples of each of the following elements of poetry from the poems you have read in Units 4, 5, and 6. Metaphor: Simile: Personification: Onomatopoeia: Imagery: Sensory Language: Rhyme: Alliteration: Assonance: Consonance: Repetition:

    asked by Delta
  75. home economics

    What are the, equipments,materials used for farm crop production.

    asked by bing
  76. geography

    Taken as a whole, what would you say is the single most pressing problem found in Latin America or South America? What possible solutions can you develop? My Answer: In my opinion, the most pressing problem would have to be the management of poverty. South

    asked by Maria
  77. Economics

    What is usually the relationship between a bond’s rating and the interest rate a company pays to buyers? A. The rating is the same as the rate. B. The higher the rating, the lower the rate. C. There is no relationship. D. The higher the rating, the

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    i not get what this poem mean, wat features do it tell of tyger? i say that it say it be fearful powerful. and i not get these lines, it have to be what poet tell abt nature of this animals creator what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful

    asked by Mohammad
  79. Math

    Find harmonic mean and geometric mean for numbers 120, 130,145

    asked by Amit
  80. geometry

    In exercises 31-34, a cooler at a picnic contains 100 cans of soda covered by ice. There are 30 cans of soda, 40 cans of orange soda, 10 cans of ginger ale,and 20 cans of root beer. The cans are all the same size and shape. If one can is selected at random

    asked by angela
  81. Chemistry

    Write a balanced equation for the formation of boehmite (ALO2H) from aluminium ions and hydroxide ions.

    asked by Zen

    timmy is sitting at rest, he has50j ofGPE .then his dad gives timmy a big push, and when his dad let go timmy has 75J of GPE and 125J of KE a) Befoe his dad pushes him GPE____ KE___ TE____ B) Immrdialty after his dad pushed him GPE_____ KE____ TE___ C)

    asked by lisa
  83. physics

    A blue minivan weighing 20,000 Newtons and traveling east at 100 km/hr on a familiar turnpike approaches the toll booth. What is the kinetic energy (in joules) of the minivan just before the brakes are applied? Assume g = 10 m/s/s.

    asked by anon
  84. Economics

    1. Why is representative money more useful than commodity money? B. Representative money has value because the government says it does. C. Representative money exists in unlimited supply, so more people use it. D. Representative money is portable, durable,

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    damn i cant post a drawing..there r 2 cubes, cube x and cube y and the length of the cube x is 12cm. A) find the volume of cube x. B) if cube y has a volume equal to 1/8 of the volume of cube x, find the length of its edge.

    asked by 大S
  86. chemistry

    why does C4H10 have a higher BP than C2H6,C3H8, CH4

    asked by chemist
  87. principle of accounting

    raper Consulting began operations and completed the following transactions during the first half of December: Dec 2 Received $18,000 cash and gave capital to Draper. 2 Paid monthly office rent, $550. 3 Paid cash for a Dell computer, $1,800. This equipment

    asked by carol
  88. Math

    a rectangular block 16 cm long has two spare faces. A cube of volume 343 cubic centimetre is cut from the rectangular block. Find the volume of the remaining block. Help me pls^

    asked by 大S
  89. algebra 2

    pleas help me with my home work 00703600

    asked by sara
  90. english

    Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? A. The local police asked the F.B.I. to assist with the case. B. Mr. Jones visited the YMCA before becoming a member. C. Mary remembered to buy milk didn't she? D. The company held it's annual party

    asked by cameron
  91. Physics

    "A person is playing a small flute 10.75 cm long, open at one end and closed at the other, near a taut string having a fundamental frequency of 600.0 Hz. If the speed of sound is 344.0 m / s, for which harmonics of the flute will the string resonate? In

    asked by Kyle
  92. Foreign languages

    Writeacher, could you please tell me if 5 and 6 are possible? Thank you. 1) In 1951 an Afro-american woman was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. 2) In those years scientists had been unsuccessfully trying to grow malignant human cells

    asked by John
  93. english

    Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. Brett earns his income by repairing cars.

    asked by natahliee
  94. algebra

    Christine went shopping and brought each of her eight nephews a gift , either a video costing 14.95 or a cd costing 16.88. she spent 133.41 on the gifts. How many videos and how many cds

    asked by Janet
  95. geometry

    Expected value If on a $1 bet, Paul Goldstein's expected value is 0.30,what is Paul's expected value on a $5 bet?

    asked by angela
  96. algebra

    You need to hire a part-time associate to work 30 hours a week in your store. You have $250 in labor budget for the new associate each week. You just interviewed an excellent candidate for the position who has requested to be paid $9.00 per hour. Your

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Chemistry

    how do you calculate the mass of sodium ions in a 500ml bag of saline solution concentration 20.0 mmol l-1. A 100ml aliquot is analysed using silver nitrate, the precipitate weighs 0.2866g

    asked by Honey
  98. English

    I need a real life example on how growing up or maturing involves seeing and experiencing pain. We used examples from this book we were reading but I also need a real life example and I can't think of one

    asked by Jacob
  99. english

    Select the correct noun clause in the sentence below. Then, choose the function of the noun clause. The real question is whether he will be on time to the concert tonight.

    asked by natahliee
  100. Art

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you, Writeacher. 1)He writes to his mum about the incident. 2) He is critical of the war and turns against those who think that it is glorious and fitting to die for one's country. 3) His friend dies because he is

    asked by John
  101. History

    How did containment and U.S. preoccupation with communists lead to the use of military force in Vietnam? Analyze the conditions and constraints that made Vietnam a “quagmire” for American forces and policies.

    asked by Leslie
  102. Biology

    how many ATP molecules are released during cellular respiration? or what is the value of1 ATP molecule?

    asked by sandra
  103. Math

    when do you need to regroup in subraction and explain the regrouping steps

    asked by ashley
  104. Math

    when do you need to regroup in subtraction and explain regrouping steps?

    asked by ashley
  105. Math

    how do you subtract hundreds?

    asked by ali
  106. Physics

    The uniform sheet of siding shown has a centrally-located doorway of width 2.0 m and height 6.0 m cut out of it. The sheet, with the doorway hole, has a mass of 264 kg. (a) What is the x coordinate of the center of mass? (b) What is the y coordinate of the

    asked by Jamie
  107. math

    Susan's back yard is rectangular with dimensions 39 yd. by 71 yd. Carlos's back yard is rectangular with dimensions 30 yd. by 50 yd. How much larger is the area of Susan's back yard than the area of Clarlos's back yard?

    asked by Sara
  108. PHI 103 Informal Logic

    I need major help with writing my final research paper. research paper are over whelming to me to information is need and its has to bee 6-8 i don't have that much to say.This is the topic "Is the death penalty just and applied fairly"?

    asked by Macc
  109. algebra

    4x+10y=28 6x+7y=6

    asked by rainee
  110. physics

    Assuming that the speed of sound at a certain altitude is 330m/s calculate the speed of an airplane that is travelling at (A) mach 0.70

    asked by Melissa
  111. Physical Edu.

    Insoluble fiber in foods, especially plant sources, decrease colorectal cancer because they do not break down in the intestines: True OR False Is it TRUE?

    asked by Andy
  112. physics

    A speed bike tops a hill at 3.5 m/s and accelerates steadily down hill reaching a speed of 11.4 m/s after 4.2 seconds. How far did the bike travel during this period?

    asked by lloyd
  113. Foreign languages

    Thank you very much, Writeacher for checking my paragraph. Here is the last part. 1) Six months after being diagnosed with cancer, she was dead. HeLa cells have had a fundamental importance in scientific research. 2) Her living cells, which survive to this

    asked by John
  114. physics

    Explain the term adhesion and cohesion

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Physical Edu

    which of the following nutrients has the most calories per gram? a. minerals b. carbohydrates c. fats d. protein e. vitamins is it C

    asked by Andy
  116. math

    there is 1 teacher for every 20 students. which of the following is not a proper way to express the teacher-student ratio?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. physics

    a man 60 kg skating with a speed of 10 m/s collides with 40 kg skater at rest and they cling to eachother. Find the loss in kinetic energy?

    asked by star
  118. math

    In a pet shop one half of the animals are fourth of the animals are bunnies. Six of the animals are cats. There are an equal number of cats and bunnies. How many dogs are there in the pet shop

    asked by charisma
  119. English/Marketing

    Hello I have a job interview question I want to get right. Below is the note I composed. How does it sound? Dear Mr. Smith Thank you for your interest in Apt. 1107, I am glad the apartment met your criteria. If you have any other questions please feel free

    asked by Amy
  120. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral: 16csc(x) dx from pi/2 to pi (and determine if it is convergent or divergent). I know how to find the indefinite integral of csc(x) dx, but I do not know how to evaluate the improper integral.

    asked by Sam
  121. Math

    On a nine-question true-or-false test you randomly guess at the answers. What is the probability that you get all nine answers correct? What is the probability that you get all nine answers wrong?

    asked by Stryke

    When i was in elementry school the gym teacher had this big long rope with a ball at the end in class and the teacher would spin the ball around on the floor and whenever the ball come to us we had to jump anyway. A) What was the direction of the force

    asked by lisa
  123. math

    Marna wants to find the values of x for which the funciton below will have a value of 10. f(x) = x^2 + x - 20. Which of the following shows the correct factorization of this funciton for f(x) = 10. A. (x + 5) (x + 4) = 10 B. (x - 5) (x - 4) = 10 C. (x + 6)

    asked by Jane
  124. English

    I'm writing a paper about life as a sophomore in 2012 in the style of Charles Dickens ("It was the best of times, it was the worst of times") and I'm not sure if this sentence makes sense or is grammatically correct. Please help! It is a year of waiting;

    asked by Rose
  125. physics PLEASE I NEED HELP

    Roy has a bowling ball in the trunk of his car when he goes around corners the ball rolls across the truck and A) if roy turns to the right which wall of the trunk will the ball hit? b) Once the ball hit the wall of the trunk the wall exerts a force on the

    asked by lisa
  126. Physics

    Imagine you are in an open field where two loudspeakers are set up and connected to the same amplifier so that they emit sound waves in phase at 688 Hz. Take the speed of sound in air to be 344 m/s. If you are 3.00 m from speaker A directly to your right

    asked by Mike
  127. Foreign languages

    Could you please check if this paragraph is possible in scientific English? Thank you, Writeacher. 1) Superconduction consists of a particular physical phenomenon which characterizes only superconductors. 2) These materials become superconductors when they

    asked by John
  128. physic please check answers test tommoro

    5) suppose in the previous question when timmy is sitting at rest he has 40j of GPE then his dad geves timmy a push when his dad lets go Timmy has 60j of GPE and 12J of KE a) befor his dad pushed him GPE= 40J Ke= 0J TE=40J b) immedialtey after his dad

    asked by lisa
  129. physic please check answers test tommoro

    bobpursley did i do the math problem right if not could u do it for me .thanke

    asked by lisa
  130. MATH

    Adrienne had a party at a local bowling alley. She spent seventy-five dollars for the lane and five dollars per person for shoes. Let c be the total cost of the lane and shoes, and let f be the number of friends at her party. Write an equation to represent

    asked by leya
  131. physics NEED HELP

    5)suppose in the previous question when timmy is sitting at rest he has 40j of GPE then his dad gives timmy a big push when his dad lets go. Timmy has 60j of GPE and 120j of KE A) before his dad pushed him GPE____ KE___ Te___ B) immedalety after his dad

    asked by lisa
  132. need help in tis problem

    are two lines that intersect at right angles are perpendicular?

    asked by janika
  133. math

    Describe how you can use a number line to order the fractions 3/7, 5/7 and 1/7 from least to greatest.

    asked by Ray

    5)suppose in the previous question when timmy is sitting at rest he has 40j of GPE then his dad gives timmy a big push when his dad lets go. Timmy has 60j of GPE and 120j of KE A) before his dad pushed him GPE____ KE___ Te___ B) immedalety after his dad

    asked by lisa
  135. Math

    Factor x^3 - 4x^2 + x + 6 with all steps

    asked by Labz
  136. physics

    A runner covers one lap of a circular track 40.0 m in diameter in 62.5 s. Suppose initially the runner starts by going in the north direction. Assume the speed is constant for the first half-lap and then constant for the 2nd half-lap. Suppose instead the

    asked by cody
  137. need help in this problem

    is this reversible "a dos is a mamamal"? 1. its false 2. true, a animal is a dog if (and only if) it is a mammal 3. true, an animal is a mammal if (and only if) it is a dog 4. true, if an animal is a dog, then it is a mammal

    asked by janika
  138. Physical Edu

    Phytochemicals are damaging to the body true or false its false right?

    asked by Andy
  139. Reimbursement methodologies

    What do you need to determine a faciliyi's CMI

    asked by stephen gyasi
  140. Reimbursement methodologies

    Which insurance coverage was created to allow coverage for options that are not covered under Medicare A & B

    asked by stephen gyasi
  141. Reimbursement methodologies

    If you are billing outpatient claims, you are probably using (a)CMS 1450 (B)UB-40 (C)CMS1500 (D)UB-92

    asked by stephen gyasi
  142. Foreign languages

    Thank you very much for checking this part on scientific English. Here is the last part. 1) The superconductors are also characterized by the so called Meissner-Ochsenfeld Effect. When a superconductor is put in (into) a magnetic field, it produces a

    asked by John
  143. physical edu

    Excessive consumption of ______ has been one factor linked hypertension a. sodium b. vitamin supplements c. protein d. phytochemicals e. carbohydrates is it C

    asked by Andy
  144. Reimbursement methodologies

    You perform the billing for a skilled nursing facility,you are probably using which system?

    asked by stephen gyasi
  145. physics

    timmy is sitting at rest, he has50j ofGPE .then his dad gives timmy a big push, and when his dad let go timmy has 75J of GPE and 125J of KE a) Befoe his dad pushes him GPE____ KE___ TE____ B) Immrdialty after his dad pushed him GPE_____ KE____ TE___ C)

    asked by lisa
  146. Math

    Simplify x^2 - 9x + 18/ x^2 - 6x + 9 for all values of x for which the expression is defined. A. x-3/x-6 B. x-6/x-3 C. x-1/x+9 D. x+9/x-1 Please explain how you work this problem in detail. Thanks.

    asked by Jane
  147. chemistry

    convert a pressure of 1.75 atm to kpa

    asked by luke
  148. Social studies

    Was Shi Huangdi a good ruler?

    asked by Leighton