Questions Asked on
May 26, 2012

  1. physics

    A particle moving with a constant acceleration describes in the last second of it's motion 9/25th of the whole distance.of it starts from rest ,how long is the particle is in motion and through what distance does it move if it describes 6cm in first

    asked by srikala
  2. MATHS


    asked by sandra
  3. IT

    A project has been defined to contain the following list of activities along with their required times for completion. Activity No. Activity Time (Weeks) Immediate Predecessors 1 Colect requirements 2 - 2 Analyze processes 3 1 3 Analyze data 3 2 4 Design

    asked by GaPeach2909
  4. matttth help please

    1. Mike wants to invest money every month for 40 years. He would like to have $1 000 000 at the end of the 40 years. For each investment option, how much does he need to invest each month? a) 10.2%/a compounded monthly b) 5.1%/a compounded monthly 2. Kenny

    asked by Maame
  5. algebra

    In a canoe race, a team paddles downstream 480 m. in 60 s. The same team travels up stream in 80 s. Find the team's rate in still water and the rate of the current. Please show how the equation is set up to solve

    asked by chris

    Franco invests some money at 6.9%/a compounded annually and David invests some money at 6.9%/a compounded monthly. After 30 years, each investment is worth $25 000. Who made the greater original investment and by how much?

    asked by Maame
  7. Chemistry

    In a calorimeter, 100 g of ice melts at 0oC. The enthalpy of fusion of the ice is 334 J/g. How much heat was absorbed? 33.4 J 334 J 33.4 kJ 334 kJ

    asked by Liz
  8. physics

    The ability to hear a "pin drop" is the sign of sensitive hearing. Suppose a 0.50 g pin is dropped from a height of 27 cm, and that the pin emits sound for 1.4 s when it lands. Assuming all of the mechanical energy of the pin is converted to sound energy,

    asked by Mike
  9. MATH

    Rico can invest money at 10%/a compounded quarterly. He would like $15 000 in 10 years. How much does he need to invest now?

    asked by Maame
  10. MATH

    Each year, Eric invests $2500 at 8.2%/a compounded annually for 25 years. a) Calculate the value of each of the first four investments at the end of 25 years.

    asked by Maame
  11. math

    A bus travelling at an average speed of 63km/h left a station at 8.15 a.m. A car later left the same station at 9.00 a.m. and caught up with the bus 10.45 a.m. find the average speed of the car.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Algebra!

    An ice cream parlor sells sundaes with 3 different type of ice cream and 4 different toppings. They have 8 flavors of ice cream and 10 toppings for their customers to choose from. What is the probability that a customer orders a sundae including vanilla

    asked by OLIO :)
  13. math

    Jim owns a square piece of land with a side length of a metres. He extends his property by purchasing adjacent land so that the length is increased by 10 m and the width by 12 m. Write an algebraic expression for the area of Jim’s extended property.

    asked by clary
  14. algebra

    if lisa studies for 9 hours and gets a score of 75. How long would she have to study to get a score of 94

    asked by jen
  15. Physics(Please respond)

    1) A penny is dropped from rest from the top of a very tall building. Assuming the height of the building is 407 m and ignoring air resistance, find the speed with which the penny strikes the ground. I am not sure how to start this. Thank you!

    asked by Hannah
  16. Physics

    A thermoelectric-based power meter has a response time of 20 s and sensitivity (output voltage per unit incident power) of 90 mV/W. If the time response is reduced to 8 s by increasing the thermal conductance between the sensor element and heat sink, what

    asked by Bob
  17. CUC

    1.(a) A solid sphere of mass 100gm and radius 2.5cm rolls without sliding wit ha uniform velocity of 10cm/sec along a straight line on a smooth horizontal table. Calculate the total energy. (b) A hoop of radius 100cm and mass 19kg is rolling along a

    asked by Theresa

    Using separation of variables technique, solve the following differential equation with initial condition dy/dx = (yx + 5x) / (x^2 + 1) and y(3) = 5. The solution is: a.) y^2 = ln(x^2 + 1) + 25 - ln10 b.) ln(abs(y+5)) = ln(x^2 + 1) c.) ln(abs(y+5)) =

    asked by Anonymous
  19. algebra

    A jet travels at a rate of 798 mi/hr. with the wind. Going against the wind, the jet travels at a rate of 762 mi/hr. What is the rate of the jet in still air and the the rate of the wind? please show how the equation should be set up

    asked by chris
  20. geometry

    within a 25 mile radius of their store. If this area is represented graphically, with My Flower Basket located at (4, 3), what is the equation that represents the delivery area?

    asked by kristel thomas
  21. written communications

    I'm doing the writing skills writing assignment and I'm stuck. It says that you have to use "I" like write it from your point of view, and can't use factual information, so I was wandering if I wrote a story pretending I'm a person that was in the

    asked by Ashley
  22. physics

    a bullet fired into a fixed target loses half of its velocity in penetrating much further will it penetrate before coming to rest? options: 1.5cm 2.15cm

    asked by srikala
  23. algebra2

    An ice-cream parlor sells sundaes with 3 different types of ice-cream and 4 different toppings. They have 8 flavors of ice-cream and 10 toppings for their customers to chose from. What is the probability that a customer orders a sundae including the

    asked by Diana
  24. Physics

    A uniform rod AB of length 2a and mass M is freely pivoted at A and is held with B vertically above A. It is then allowed to fall and when B is vertically below A it strikes a stationary particle , also of mass M,which sticks to the rod at B. The rod then

    asked by Theresa
  25. Algebra

    Solve the quadratic equation by the square root property (2x - 1)2 = 25

    asked by Vilma

    Using the separation of variables technique, solve the following differential equation with initial condition: (4x sqrt)(1 - t^2)(dx/dt) - 1 = 0 and x(0)=-2 I believe that the answer is one of the following two options: a.) 2x^2 = arcsint + 8 b.) arccost +

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Physics(Please help)

    1) A cave explorer drops a stone from rest into a hole. The speed of sound is 343 m/s in air, and the sound of the stone striking the bottom is heard 1.33 s after the stone is dropped. How deep is the hole? I did 343 / 1.33. Is this correct?

    asked by Hannah
  28. math

    in a jar of 40 marbles there are 12 red marbles 19 blue marbles and there are orange marbles .Find the ratio ratio A pair of numbers that compares different types of units. of each coloured marbles to the total number of marbles. Simplify where possible.

    asked by Kristy
  29. Algebra

    The area of a rectangle is 48 square cm. If the length is 8 cm greater than the width, what are the dimension of the rectangle?

    asked by Vilma
  30. Algebra 1

    Andrea, Betty, Joyce, Karen, and Paula are starters on their school basketball team. How many different groups of three can be chosen for a newspaper photo?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. physics

    a car moving with constant acceleration covers a distance between two points 180m apart in 6 sec.its speed as it passes the second point in 45m/s. what is its acceleration and its speed at the first point? options: 1. -5 m/s^2;15m/s 2. 5 m/s^2;15m/s

    asked by srikala
  32. Chemistry

    Name and describe two colligative properties that are affected by solute concentration, then list whyone would be affected in that manner. So this is what i put for my answer Lowers freezing point: Each additional level of molal concentration lowers the

    asked by Carrie
  33. physics

    a car moving with a speed of 50 km/hr can be spotted by breaks after at least 6m.If the same car is moving with a speed of 100km/hr the minimum stopping distance is? options: 1. 24m 2. 6m

    asked by srikala
  34. Algebra

    ABC phone company charges $16 per month plus 8¢ per minute of phone calls. XYZ phone company charges $10 per month plus 11¢ per minute of phone calls. How many minutes of phone calls in a month make XYZ phone company the better deal?

    asked by Vilma
  35. Calculus grade 12

    7. Where does the line r = (1, 2, -5) + t (2, -3, 1) meet the plane 2x + 5y - 3z = 6?

    asked by j
  36. algebra 2

    The monthly rents for the apartments in a building are listed below. $425, $550, $550, $550, $650, $650, $650, $650, $800, $900 Part B: The apartment manager considers raising the rent for every apartment by $50. Find the mean, median, mode, range, and

    asked by jenny
  37. physics

    12. A particle starts moving from rest with uniform acceleration. it travels a distance x in first 2 sec and a distance y in the next 2 sec .Then options: 1.y=x 2.y=3x

    asked by srikala

    Jim paddles a canoe upstream at a rate o 3mi/hr. Traveling downstream, he travels at 8 mi/hr. What is his rate in still water and what is the rate of the current? PLEASE SHOW THE SOLUTION EQUATION

    asked by chris
  39. Stats

    Find the number z (± 0.01) such that the proportion of observations that are less than z in a standard Normal distribution is 0.8 Find the number z (± 0.01) such that 59% of all observations from a standard Normal distribution are greater than z

    asked by Brittany
  40. arithmetic

    Find the sum of the first 25 terms of an arithmetic sequence whose 7th term is −247 and whose 18th term is −49.

    asked by jae
  41. Spanish-Please check if I answered these correctly

    ¿Cuando te cepillas los dientes? Me cepillo los dientes por la mañana. ¿Qué puedes encontrar en tu ciudad o pueblo? Puedo encontrar un parque. ¿Qué vas a hacer con tu familia cuando vas de vacaciones? Quiero a ir a la playa en Hawaii con mi familia.

    asked by Sammy
  42. Accounting

    What s an excess of expense over revenue called?

    asked by Seinna
  43. math

    if you divide the rectrangle into fourths shade 1/2 of the retrangle how many fourths did you get?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. English

    Doug is on the phone with the vice president of marketing, pitching to him the benefits of the new Web-based performance appraisal system that HR wants to implement throughout the company. “It will simplify things for you. More importantly, it will boost

    asked by Mason
  45. Science

    Thank you very much for you invaluable help, Bob. Here is the last part of the same summary. 1) One of the other prominent scientists involved in the promotion of nanotechnology, Richard Smalley, has accused Drexler of ‘scaring our children’ and

    asked by Frank
  46. algebra

    Which is closest to the value of x if x = 3Square root of 11 + 4Square root of 11?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. physics

    an elastic ball rebounces 70% when it is dropped from the height. if it is dropped from 60m what is the total distance travelled by the ball

    asked by Anonymous
  48. psychology

    1.Identify a typical developmental milestone for a person at a specific stage and explain how achievement of this milestone might be impacted by genetics and environment.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. algebra

    Select the set of equations that represents the following situation: Mary invested one amount at 7% simple interest, and a second amount at 5% interest, earning $29.80 in one year. If she had switched the amounts, she would have earned $35.00. What were

    asked by susan flowers
  50. Art

    I still have four more paragraphs to check on the same theme. Thank you very much in advance. 1) The use of children in ads is an exploitation of the children's image. It's a way to earn audience as well as to sell a major number of products. 2) It is also

    asked by John
  51. English

    i read this poem again and simile be that duck call for her mate but wind blow his answer away and leave her lonely on beach? The Lonely Land by A.J.M. Smith Cedar and jagged fir uplift sharp barbs against the gray and cloud-piled sky; and in the bay blown

    asked by Mohammad
  52. HIS 103

    Was a more fluid social structure, with more change and mobility somehow not diserable in the caste system

    asked by Maryanne
  53. Calculus

    4. Write a vector equation of the line through the point (5, -2, 3) and parallel to the vector v=[4, -3, 1]

    asked by j
  54. CUC

    (a)Explain the term time dilation. (b) Show that an interval of time observed in a moving frame of reference will be less than the same interval observed in a stationary frame of reference.

    asked by Theresa

    I really don't know how to do this, need as soon as possible. Please help! A rabbit population satis es the logistic equation dy dt = 2x10^-7y(10^6- y); where t is the time measured in months. The population is suddenly reduced to 40% of its steady state

    asked by Lilly
  56. Calculus

    4. Write a vector equation of the line through the point (5, -2, 3) and parallel to the vector v=[4, -3, 1]

    asked by j
  57. Calculus

    6. Find out if the line r = (1, 3, 8) + t (-2, 5, 7) is parallel to the plane 3x + 4y - 2z = 1

    asked by j
  58. methods and analysis of quantitative research

    The graduate selection committee wants to select the top 10% of applicants. On a standardized test with a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100, what would be the cutoff score for selecting the top 10% of applicants, assuming that the standardized

    asked by mary
  59. college statistics

    construct a scatterplot for x,y values x 1 2 3 4 5 y 0.5 0.0 -0.5-1.0-1.5 what would be the slope of this regression line would the correlation between xand y be postive oe negative how would you interpret these data in terms of regression

    asked by melba
  60. Written communications

    Here is my store for my writing assignment. Please tell me if it is good and the errors I made on it. I really need to pass this. It was a cold wintery day in Europe where I lived. I had a family of four. My mom, dad, and sister. My sister, Elizabeth, and

    asked by Ashley
  61. Vocabulary

    I am trying to unscramble the word wastefn. I need all seven letters in one word. Please help. Can't find this anywhere.

    asked by Denise
  62. Calculus

    5. Determine an equation for the plane that is exactly between the points A(-1, 2, 4) and B(3, 1, -4).

    asked by j
  63. Calculus Grade 12 University

    8. Find the vector equation of the line in which the 2 planes 2x - 5y + 3z = 12 and 3x + 4y - 3z = 6 meet.

    asked by j
  64. Physics

    1.(a) Explain the term time dilation. (b) Show that an interval of time observed in a moving frame of reference will be less than the same interval of the observed in a stationary frame of reference. 2. A rocket was found to be 150m when measured on earth.

    asked by Thaifa
  65. Physics

    1.(a) Explain the term time dilation. (b) Show that an interval of time observed in a moving frame of reference will be less than the same interval of the observed in a stationary frame of reference. 2. A rocket was found to be 150m when measured on earth.

    asked by Thaifa
  66. chemistry

    A 40-year-old manager, at a prominent legal firm in L.A., experiences abdominal pain post lunch. He goes to the restroom a couple of times, but continues to experience pain and cramps. He eventually decides to get himself examined. While questioning him,

    asked by Anonymous
  67. College math

    Nick received a $7000 raise. If his previous salary was $55,000 what was the percent of increase in salary?

    asked by Lourane
  68. Art

    Writeacher, I urgently need to revise these sentences. I really hope you can help me. 1) Ads can change and can wash the minds of children. Some years ago people used to switch channels to avoid ads, but we do it less and less 2) Nowadays most people

    asked by John
  69. Calculus

    5. Determine an equation for the plane that is exactly between the points A(-1, 2, 4) and B(3, 1, -4).

    asked by j
  70. Calculus

    Find the shortest distance from a point P(2,-1,2) to a line L r= [-1,0,7] + t [4,1,-2].

    asked by J
  71. Algebra

    Use the elimination method to solve the sysrem of equations a+6b=13 a+3b=4

    asked by Anonymous
  72. chemistry

    at 727 degree centigrade,K=3.8*10^-5 for the dissociation of I2 into iodine atoms: I22I. if the original concentration of molecular iodine is 0.20 mol/L calculate the concentration of atomic iodine at equilibrium. check to see if the hundred rule is

    asked by aijaz
  73. HIS 103

    Why was a well-defined social hierarchy so important in the caste system.

    asked by Maryann
  74. CUC

    1.Two masses of 4gm and 6gm respectively are attached to the ends of a light rod of negligible mass and the rod rotates anticlockwise at the rate of 2rev/sec about an axis passing through the center of mass and perpendicular to its length. Calculate (a)the

    asked by Theresa
  75. Physics

    1. For a particular piece of glass the refractive index for X- rays of wavelength 1.60 X 10^-6 less than unity. At what maximum angle, measured to the surface , must a beam of X-rays strike the glass to undergo total internal reflection? 2 An oil drop of

    asked by Thaifa
  76. Calculus

    Find the shortest distance between the two skew lines L1 and L2 with equations r = [1,2,2] + s [4,3,2] and r = [1,0,-3] + t [4,-6,-1]

    asked by J
  77. science

    In a micelle, why do you find the fatty acid chains of the of the phospholipid molecule are on the inside of the bilayer?

    asked by marissa
  78. Algebra

    A man buys four DVDs for $75.68, including 6% sales tax. How much did each DVD cost?

    asked by Vilma
  79. health

    identify one way in which the role of cdc agency and the product or service it regulates or oversees affects consumer choice in health care marketplace. 2. identify 3 advantages of regulatory oversight for the selected healthcare product or service

    asked by stacey
  80. math

    the letters elementary are placed in a bag. one letter is randomly selected from the bag. what is the probability the letter selected is a consonant?

    asked by eric
  81. college math

    my previous question 3/8 x 12.52 could show me how you worked it out to get the answer 4.695 Thanks

    asked by Lourane
  82. college math

    5 is ____ % of 7 could 0,71 be the correct answer

    asked by Lourane
  83. Physics

    A car is coasting to a stop. The total drag (frictional Forces) on the 200kg car equal 2000N. Initial velocity is 25 m/s 1. What is the acceleration of the car? 2. How far does it travel before comming to a stop?

    asked by Khloe B
  84. Calculus

    7. Where does the line r = (1, 2, -5) + t (2, -3, 1) meet the plane 2x + 5y - 3z = 6?

    asked by j
  85. college statistics

    if the correlation co-efficient is o.32 what is the sign of the slope regression line as the correlation co efficient decreases from 0.78 to 0.71 do the oints of the scatter plot move toward the regression line or away from it

    asked by melba
  86. Math

    Solve for the variable: 17d-16=-43d-4 I got d= 1/3 but I'm not sure.... probably wrong

    asked by Cate
  87. chemistry

    The Managing Director of a well-known company on Wall Street thrives on a diet of fruit jam, bread, pasta, and coffee. She exercises intermittently. One day she decides to go to her primary healthcare provider for a routine checkup. The healthcare provider

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Art

    Thank you, Writeacher. I still have a few more paragraphs to check. 1)I think that ads can be very dangerous for children because they often show children happy for a kind of product, like a toy and so they want to be like them. 2) I think that parents

    asked by John
  89. Art

    This is the other paragraph I urgently need you to check. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1)I hope that in the future the consumerist societies will be defeated and that with the money, or better, with the resources that we put away we will help people

    asked by John
  90. Ms. Sue help!!!

    could you tell me information of Heron's Formula?

    asked by Karen
  91. college math

    In regards to my question $7000 raise previous salary $55,000 would the increase be 14%. Pleae show how you recived this answer

    asked by Lourane
  92. Calculus

    6. Find out if the line r = (1, 3, 8) + t (-2, 5, 7) is parallel to the plane 3x + 4y - 2z = 1

    asked by j
  93. Statistical Math

    Starting with the data values 70 and 100, add three data values to the sample so that the mean is 90, the median is 91, and the mode is 91. Please show all of your work.

    asked by Jenn
  94. CUC

    1. A rocket was found to be 150m when measured on earth.It then leaves and move at a constant velocity of 2 x 10m/s. What is its new length? 2. Two spaceships A and B are moving in opposite directions, A with a speed of 0.9c while B with a speed of 6c.

    asked by Theresa
  95. critical thinking

    a topic of interest to you and explain how you would come up with a reliable sample for obtaining peoples' opinions.

    asked by rb
  96. college math

    28% of what number is 3 1/2

    asked by Lourane
  97. math

    what is the answer to 1+5-100-(356+5475)=

    asked by gabriel
  98. ELA

    We need to do acrostic stuff for the word Military Makes our country the best they can In the military people die for us Lots of people served in the war In America everyone is proud of our leaders T A R Y Can you help with the last 4

    asked by ♫♫Colton♫♫
  99. Spanish

    21. "¿Qué hizo Ud. después de levantarse hoy?" "_____" a. Me acosté, me cepillé los dientes y me vestí b. me bañé, me cepillé los dientes y me sequé el pelo c. Se acostó, se cepilló los dientes y desayunó d. se bañó, se cepilló los dientes

    asked by mysterychicken