Questions Asked on
May 25, 2012

  1. Physics(Please help)

    1) two hot-air balloons are 48.2 m and 61.0 m above the ground. A person in the left balloon observes that the right balloon is 13.3° above the horizontal. What is the horizontal distance x between the two balloons? The left balloon is 48.2m and the right

    asked by Hannah
  2. computer literacy

    what is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed?

    asked by owen
  3. physics

    a train moving at constant velocity of 54 k mph moves east wards for 30 min, then due to north with the same speed for 40 min. What is the average velocity of the train during the run?(in k mph)

    asked by srikala
  4. physics

    a boy walks to his school at a distance of 6km with constant speed of 2.5 k mph and walks back with a constant sped of 4 k mph. His average speed of round trip expressed in k mph is?

    asked by srikala
  5. Maths

    If y=Sinx^Sinx^Sinx.......infinity then prove that dy/dx=2ycotx/1-ylog(sinx).?

    asked by Parikshit
  6. Physics(Please help)

    A football is kicked with a speed of 18 m/s at an angle of 65° to the horizontal. How long is the football in the air? Neglect air resistance Would I use the equation y=y0 + voy t -1/2gt^2 ?

    asked by Hannah
  7. geometry

    The volume of a sphere is 2,098pim^3 what is the surface area to the nearest tenth

    asked by Cody
  8. physics

    two uniform cylinders have different masses and different rotational inertias.they simultaneously start from rest at top of an inclined plane and rool without sliding down the plane.the cylinder that gets to the bottom first is?

    asked by owen
  9. early childhood

    When attempting to modify a child's behavior using negative reinforcement, the desired result is that the child will: A. withdraw from certain social activities. B. not argue with adults. C. repeat behavior for which they get the desired results. D. avoid

    asked by Anonymous
  10. geometry

    find the volume of the oblique cone height=25in radius=15in answer choice; 2,208.9in^3 1,472.6in^3 196.3in3 4,417.9in^3 I have tried to figure out but no luck

    asked by lilman
  11. Geometry

    An isosceles triangle has area of 125 ft2. If the base is 14 ft, what is the length of each leg? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Lex
  12. Physics HELP!

    A block of mass 3 kg slides along a horizontal surface while a 20-N force is applied to it at an angle of 25°. If needed, use g = 10 m/s2. For a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.3 between the block and the surface, the frictional force acting on the

    asked by Ashley
  13. physics

    A bicyclist moving at a constant speed takes 10.0 seconds to travel 500 meters down a path inclined 30.0° downward from the horizontal. What is the vertical velocity of this motion?Select one of the options below as your answer: A. 18.3 meters/second B.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. geometry

    Find surface area of a sphere with a circumference of 40ft

    asked by lilman
  15. math

    in circle p below the lengths of the parallel chords are 20,16, and 12. Find measure of arc AB..... the chord with a length of 20 is the diameter. the chords with lengths 16 and 12 are below the diameter torwards the bottom of the circle. arc AB is the arc

    asked by Bo
  16. Chemistry

    PLEASE HELP!! On a clear day at sea level, with a temperature of 25 °C, the partial pressure of N2 in air is 79 kPa and the concentration of nitrogen in water is 5.3 x 10-4 M. When the partial pressure of N2 is ________ kPa, the concentration in water is

    asked by Henry
  17. Math

    Write the number in decimal notation. Select the correct answer. 4*10^1+9*10^0+8*10^-1+7*10^-2+8*10^3 49.878 4.9878 498.78 87.894 PAGE

    asked by keke
  18. 5*10^ -4

    Write in decimal notation. Select the correct answer. 0.00005 -50000 -5000 0.0005

    asked by keke
  19. Math

    Change the numbers to base ten. Select the correct answer. 973 twelve 1,383 1,152 1,371 1,191

    asked by keke
  20. Algebra

    ABC phone company charges $16 per month plus 8¢ per minute of phone calls. XYZ phone company charges $10 per month plus 11¢ per minute of phone calls. How many minutes of phone calls in a month make XYZ phone company the better deal?

    asked by Vilma
  21. Spanish

    Is this English to Spanish correct? Dear Maria, Today I'm going to write a letter to you about my daily routine from morning to night. Before school, I wake up at 6:30 A.M. and brush my teeth and get dressed. By 6:45 I am ready to eat breakfast. I am very

    asked by mysterychicken
  22. Algebra II

    (7 − 2) ÷ 5=

    asked by Sarah
  23. geometry

    abcd is a parallelogram. if ab is equal to 2x+1 and cd is equal to x +13,findx

    asked by cody
  24. geometry

    A glider lands 18 miles west and 5 miles south from where it took off the result of the trip can be described by the vector (-18,-5) use distancs for magnitude and direction to describe this vector a second way. I believe its south of west but not sure if

    asked by lilman
  25. Physics

    Sam tosses a ball horizontally off a footbridge at 4.3 m/s. How much time passes after he releases it until its speed doubles? Can someone please explain the correct equation to use thoroughly and help me to find the correct answer?!

    asked by Megan
  26. Physics(Please help)

    1) A force vector has a magnitude of 579 newtons and points at an angle 43o of below the positive x axis. Find the x scalar component and the y scalar component of the vector? For the x component I did 579cos(43) = 423.45 N. Is this correct? For the y

    asked by Hannah
  27. Physics

    A particle travels counterclockwise around the origin at constant speed in a circular path that has a diameter of 2.50 m, going around twice per second. Point Q is on the path halfway between points P and R, which lie on the x axis and the y axis,

    asked by Rachel
  28. Science

    Here are the other sentences on the same theme I urgently need you to check. I hope you can help me. Thank you. 1) The existence of complex molecular structures present in every living system is used by Drexler to show the theoretical possibility of the

    asked by Frank
  29. physics

    if a car covers 2/5th of the total distance with v1 speed and 3/5th distance with v2 then average speed is?

    asked by srikala
  30. Math

    Write the equation of a line in slope intercept form that is parallel to the line y= 1/3x+ 5 and passes through (-9, 5). Do not use any spaces. Slope should be a reduced improper fraction.

    asked by Natalie
  31. math

    if shampoo costs 3.96 for 17 ounces what is the unit cost

    asked by sue
  32. physics-kinetic theory

    A glass bulb with radius 15 cm is filled with water vapor at a temperature of 500 K. On the exterior of the bulb a spot with area 2.0 mm^2 is placed in contact with liquid nitrogen. This causes the temperature of the spot to drop well below 0◦C. When the

    asked by sand
  33. college math

    Write as a reduced fraction 10 1/8 %

    asked by Lourane
  34. physical sciences

    Diamond is the hardest substance known while graphite is one of the softest. Both are made only of carbon atoms. What is the most likely reason why this is true? A. Both are bonded ionically. B. Both are bonded covalently. C. The carbon atoms are arranged

    asked by lalt
  35. calculus

    Derivative of y=in((e^-2x)(cos4x))

    asked by DK
  36. Physics

    After delivering his toys in the usual manner, Santa decides to have some fun and slide down an icy roof. The roof is 7 m in length and makes an angle of 41° with the horizontal. He starts from rest at the top of the roof and accelerates at the rate of

    asked by Tina
  37. math

    If E and F are events with P ( E ∩ F ) = 0.09 and P ( E F ) = 0.3 , P ( F E ) = 0.4 Find P (F )

    asked by dan
  38. Spanish

    14. ¿Para qué deportes se necesita un balón? a. el futbol, el basquetbol y el hockey b. el tenis, el beisbol y el golf c. el futbol, el basquetbol y el futbol americano d. el futbol, los bolos y el golf Don’t both C and D require balls? .. 17.

    asked by mysterychicken
  39. Statistics

    A number of cashiers at a chain of grocery stores complained about the working conditions (shift length, design of cash registers, etc.), claiming that they resulted in back pain in at least 80 percent of cashiers. The employer, trying to show that that

    asked by Michael
  40. Learning through Play

    One of the parents in your school says, “I really enjoyed coming to Parents’ Night last week and seeing all the things the children are doing. I was particularly interested in your comments about the materials which enhance cognitive abilities. Why is

    asked by Kelly
  41. chem

    Calcium chloride is 36.0% calcium by mass. A 5.00g sample of calcium chloride contains what mass of chlorine?

    asked by tenisha
  42. MATH

    I really don't know how to do this, need as soon as possible. Please help! A rabbit population satis es the logistic equation dy dt = 2x10^-7y(10^6- y); where t is the time measured in months. The population is suddenly reduced to 40% of its steady state

    asked by Lilly
  43. Algebra

    Parking in a students lot cost $1 for the first half hour and $1.25 for each hour thereafter. A partial hour is charge the same as a full hour. What is the longest time that a student can park in this lot for $7? The longest time is ? (simplify your

    asked by Please HELP
  44. history

    Passed in 1935, Roosevelt's most significant reform measure was the

    asked by Anonymous
  45. spanish

    write the correct form of verb in the present and preterite 1 yo no venir en febrero 2 quere usted luchar por la democracia 3 ellas venir a las nueve

    asked by trevene
  46. Math

    A store owner buys supplies from a vender for 8,450. The terms of sale are 2/10, n/30. What will be the net amount due if the owner pays the bill by the 10th day after he receives the supplies?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Science

    Suppose we allowed each person 1000m^3 of living space in a large building, with ceiling height 3 m. To the nearest order of magnitude, how many 1000m high buildings would have to be built to house the entire population of 8.5 x 10^14 people on the

    asked by Ann
  48. Physics(Please respond)

    1) Which components remain constant throughout the motion? vx = x component of the velocity vy = y component of the velocity ax = x component of the acceleration ay = y component of the acceleration I know that ax and ay remain constant but I am not sure

    asked by Hannah
  49. acc/291

    What types of industries have unearned revenue?

    asked by at
  50. Calculus

    5. Determine an equation for the plane that is exactly between the points A(-1, 2, 4) and B(3, 1, -4).

    asked by j
  51. Calculus

    6. Find out if the line r = (1, 3, 8) + t (-2, 5, 7) is parallel to the plane 3x + 4y - 2z = 1

    asked by j
  52. science

    Using absolute dating,a fossil is dated to be 3 million years old and decomposed 1 half-life. If it takes the same fossil 12 million years to decompose to 4 half-lives,how old will the fossil be when it is measured to be at 3half-lives?

    asked by Cherie
  53. Calculus

    4. Write a vector equation of the line through the point (5, -2, 3) and parallel to the vector v=[4, -3, 1]

    asked by j
  54. acc/291

    why is unearned revenue considered a liability?

    asked by at
  55. Math

    Spoouse you see a car an advertise price of $25,800 at $590.40 per month for 5 years. what is the amount of interest paid?

    asked by Linda
  56. Calc

    Find the limit as x approaches zero from the right of ((sqrt((1+x)/(x^2))-(1/x)) I don't even know where to start with this. Help? P.S. If you go to the wolfphram alpha website and put copy and paste ((sqrt((1+x)/(x^2))-(1/x)) into the search bar you can

    asked by Anna
  57. Math

    if the principle $700, the rate 6 1/2% and a 1year, What is the amount of interest? what is the future value?

    asked by Linda
  58. physics

    A planet orbits a star once every 3.14x10^7 s in a nearly circular orbit of radius 1.51x10^11 m. (a) With respect to the star, determine the angular speed of the planet b) With respect to the star, determine the tangential speed of the planet. c) With

    asked by Jennifer
  59. math

    In a random sample of 1,000 exams, the average score was 500 points with a standard deviation of 80 points. Find the interval about the sample mean such that the probability is 0.90 that the mean number lies within the interval.

    asked by King
  60. Math

    Evulatate (9) (6) (3) (3) (5) (1)

    asked by Linda
  61. algebra

    a carpenter needs to cut down a piece of wood that is 4.75 feet long to 1.37 feet.what is the measurement of the left over piece?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    A car dealer will sell you a used car for $6,664 with $664 down and payments of $174.50 per month for 48 months, what is the simple interest rate?

    asked by Linda
  63. chemistry

    A chemist makes a “stock” solution of KOH by dissolving 1050.0 grams in enough water to make 1.50 liters of solution. If later on the chemist wants to use this stock solution to make 200.0 mL of 0.10 M KOH, what would the chemist need to do? (Define

    asked by Jim
  64. chem

    At room temperature (25oC) and normal atmospheric pressure (760 torr), the average person’s lungs have a total capacity of about 5.5 liters. If a person takes a deep breath and then dives deep into a lake where the temperature is 19oC and a pressure of

    asked by Steven
  65. algebra homework check

    The monthly rents for the apartments in a Business building are listed below. $425, $550, $550, $550, $650, $650, $650, $650, $800, $900 Part A: Find the mean$637.50 median=$650 mode=$650 range=$475 and standard deviation of the rents???

    asked by jenny
  66. calculus

    Use vectors to find interior angles of the two triangles with given vertices - round to nearest hundredths Question 1: (-3, -4),(1,7),(8,2) Question 2: (-3,5), (-1,9), (7,9)

    asked by AEF
  67. history

    Which system of Spanish government did haciendas replace? A. the encomienda B. popular sovereignty C. socialism D. coalitions

    asked by brittany
  68. Geometry

    in circle p below the lengths of the parallel chords are 20,16, and 12. Find measure of arc AB..... the chord with a length of 20 is the diameter. the chords with lengths 16 and 12 are below the diameter torwards the bottom of the circle. arc AB is the arc

    asked by John
  69. Physics

    A particle travels counterclockwise around the origin at constant speed in a circular path that has a diameter of 2.50 m, going around twice per second. Point Q is on the path halfway between points P and R, which lie on the x axis and the y axis,

    asked by Rachel
  70. geometry

    Find the similarity ratio of a cube with a volume 512m^3 to a cube with volume 3,375m^3

    asked by kevin
  71. Physics

    If the juggler wants the balls to remain in the air for 1.4 seconds, (a) what should the vertical velocity be? (b) What should the horizontal velocity be? The distance between the juggler’s hands is 0.70 meters and the acceleration due to gravity is

    asked by Karie
  72. Physics

    1)A force vector points at an angle of 12.4 ° above the +x axis. It has a y component of +337 newtons (N). Find the magnitude and the x component of the force vector. For the x component I did 337cos(12.4)=329.13 N For magnitude I am not sure what to do.

    asked by Hannah
  73. Earth Science

    If you started with 100 grams of Potassium-40 how much would reamin Potassium-40 after 3.9 x 10 to the 9th years?

    asked by Donna
  74. composition

    what do manners look like in an introduction?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physics

    A solar sail is used to propel a spacecraft. It uses the pressure (force per unit area) of sunlight instead of wind. Assume the sail and its spacecraft have a mass of 245 kg. If the sail has an area of 62,500 m2 and achieves a velocity of 8.93 m/s in 12.0

    asked by Karie
  76. Chemistry

    What is the freezing point (°C) of a solution prepared by dissolving 11.3 g of Ca(NO3)2 in 115 g of water? The molal freezing point depression constant for water is 1.86°C/m. (Note that when Ca(NO3)2 dissolves in water Ca2+ and NO32- ions are produced).

    asked by Henry
  77. Statistics

    Using a sample of recent university graduates, you estimate a simple linear regression using initial annual salary as the dependent variable and the graduate's weighted average mark (WAM) as the explanatory variable. If the regression model has an

    asked by Anthony
  78. math

    Suppose you have a $1,000 charge on a credit card charging 1.5% monthly interest using the adjusted balance method. The minimum payment due in May is $20. How much will you save in interest charges in June by paying $40 instead?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Parabola

    3y^2+24y+72x-96=0 Can anyone put this in standard form: (y - k)2 = 4p(x - h) All help is greatly appreciated! :)

    asked by Kate
  80. Spanish

    5. "¿Qué hiciste anoche?" "____ ir a una exposicion de arte con mis padres." a. Tuviste que b. Tuve que c. Pedí prestado d. Lo pasé bien B 6. "Mama, ¿ ____ dónde están mis patines?" "Creo que están en el guardarropa de tu cuarto." a. saben b.

    asked by mysterychicken
  81. childhood

    Teachers attuned to their role in affecting children's behavior who are also well grounded in the developmental process know that problem behaviors are normal and that: A. children pattern their responses after adult behaviors. B. children are more likely

    asked by Anonymous
  82. childhood

    All of the following statements describing how the American family has changed since 1970 are accurate EXCEPT: A. the number of children growing up in single-parent households has more than doubled. B. there are at least three times as many divorced

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Parabola

    How do I put this parabola in standard form? Could someone show how they would put it in this form: (x - h)2 = 4p(y - k) 1. 4x^2+24x+128y-988=0 Please help! I'm lost.

    asked by Kate
  84. geometry

    Really need help on this one Use formula to find the lateral area and surface prism area of the given prism. height=2m ends=7m and 7.28m front=29m not sure how to explain can give answer choices if that might help; 472m^2;486m^2 443m^2,486m^2 472m^2,479m^2

    asked by lilman
  85. physics

    A car drives around a curve with radius 390 m at a speed of 32 m/s. The road is not banked. The mass of the car is 1200 kg. (a) What is the frictional force on the car? N c) Explain I really don't know how to solve this could someone please help me out on

    asked by Julia
  86. college math

    If gas cost $3.97 per gallon what is the cost of filling a 13.8 gallon gas tank?

    asked by Lourane
  87. early childhood

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, since 1970 the number of divorced persons has: A. more than tripled. B. decreased. C. more than doubled. D. quadrupled.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. physical sciences

    Why do He and Ne then have different numbers of electrons in their outer shells? . . Help Please..

    asked by lalt
  89. physics

    A highway curve has a radius of 123 m. At what angle should the road be banked so that a car traveling at 26.5 m/s has no tendency to skid sideways on the road? [Hint: No tendency to skid means the frictional force is zero.] I can't get this one right

    asked by Julia
  90. physical sciences

    Which of these elements has the most chemically reactive atoms? A. gold B. argon C. carbon D. chlorine HELP PLEASE!!

    asked by lalt
  91. Calculus

    1. Find a unit vector which is perpendicular to both of the vectors m=[4, 2, -3] and n=[2, -3, 1]

    asked by j
  92. Calculus

    2. Give that the vectors u=[2, t, -4] and v=[1, -3, t-4] are perpendicular, find the value of the constant, t.

    asked by j
  93. Calculus

    3. Determine that the vectors u=[t, 4, 2t+1] and v=[t+2, 1-t, -1] are perpendicular, find the possible values of the contant, t.

    asked by j
  94. physics please help

    An astronaut stands at a position on the Moon such that Earth is directly overhead and releases a Moon rock that was in her hand. (c) What is the gravitational force exerted by the Earth on the same 2.7-kg rock resting on the surface of the Moon? answer in

    asked by Adam
  95. Chem. theromodynamics

    if you start with 300g of lead acetate in 850ml of water what is the Pb^2+ concentration at a pH of 4.8?

    asked by JM
  96. physical sciences

    The atoms of the elements in this group are the most chemically reactive of the ones listed. A. IA B. IIA C. VA D. VIA . HELP PLEASE... .

    asked by lalt
  97. Math

    Calculate the monthly finance charges for the following credit card transaction, assume that it takes 10 days for a payment to be received and recorded and that the month is 30 days long. $500 balance, 20% rate, $400 payment, average daily balance method.

    asked by Linda
  98. physics

    the conditions that the net force and the net torque both vanish?

    asked by owen
  99. Science

    Bobpursley, could you please check if the following paragraph is written using a correct scientific terminology? Thank you. 1) Nanotechnology is the design, characterisation, production and application of structures, devices and systems by controlling

    asked by Frank
  100. physics

    for an object in equillibrium the net torque acting on it vanishes only if each torque is calculated about?

    asked by owen
  101. physics

    for a body to be in equillibrium under the combined action of several forces

    asked by owen
  102. Physics

    Two cubic blocks are in contact, resting on a frictionless horizontal surface. The block on the left has a mass of mL = 6.70 kg, and the block on the right has a mass of mR = 18.4 kg. A force of magnitude 112 N is applied to the left face of the left

    asked by Mary
  103. chemistry

    what is the mechanism of formation of various hydrazides by using hydrazine hydrate

    asked by aruna
  104. MATH

    A rabbit population satisfies the logistic equation dy/dx=2x10^7y(10^6-y), where t is the time measured in months. The population is suddenly reduced to 40% of its steady state size by myxamatosis. If the myxamatosis then has no further effect, how large

    asked by Henry
  105. physics- please respond

    A 16kg sled starts up a 28 degree incline with a speed of 2.4m/s . The coefficient of kinetic friction is = 0.27. part a)How far up the incline does the sled travel? part b)What condition must you put on the coefficient of static friction if the sled is

    asked by julie
  106. MATH

    Solve three x is greater than negative six for x.

    asked by leya
  107. Calc- Trig Substitution

    integral of dx/square root(x^2-64) My answer is: ln (x/8 + square root(x^2-64)/8) +c is this right?

    asked by kelly
  108. PHYSICS!

    Two blocks are connected by a massless cord and are being pulled to the right by an external force F. They are accelerating at 2 m/s2. If needed, use g = 10 m/s2. With a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.3, the external force acting on the 8 kg block is

    asked by Katie
  109. physics

    A particle moving with a constant acceleration describes in the last second of it's motion 9/25th of the whole distance.of it starts from rest ,how long is the particle is in motion and through what distance does it move if it describes 6cm in first

    asked by srikala
  110. Physics

    According to Boyle's law, the volume V of a gas at a constant temperature varies inversely with the pressure P. When the volume of a certain gas is 125 cubic meters, the pressure is 20 psi (pounds per square inch). If the volume of gas is increased to 400

    asked by Pat
  111. English

    1. He emptied the bucket of water. 2. He filled the bucket with water. (#2 is correct. What about #1? If I want to use the opposite of #2, what do I have to say?)

    asked by rfvv
  112. Business HELP!!!

    This is a 100 question hw sheet and I have answered all but i am unsure about a few please help!!! 8. Which of the following statements about when the Fed increases the reserve requirement is correct? A. Interest rates go down. B. Banks have more money to

    asked by anon
  113. Physics :)

    The vector F is (12.0, −3.00) in rectangular notation. What is this same vector in polar notation? Express the angle as a positive number between 0° and 360°. I got 12.4, just can't get the angle.

    asked by Chris
  114. Precal

    What is the standard form of this parabola: -2x^2+16x+24y-224=0 Please Help, parabolas are evil.

    asked by Sam
  115. world history

    the evolution of the socio political milieu during colonial period, including protestant, christinity impact on colonial social life

    asked by joe
  116. applied mathmatics

    find dy/dx y=3u^2-6u+2,u=v^2-1;v=2x

    asked by ashok
  117. physics

    a boy walks to his school at a distance of 6km with constant speed of 2.5 k mph and walks back with a constant sped of 4 k mph. His average speed of round trip expressed in k mph is?

    asked by srikala
  118. physics

    a train moving at constant velocity of 54 k mph moves east wards for 30 min, then due to north with the same speed for 40 min. What is the average velocity of the train during the run?(in k mph)

    asked by srikala
  119. health

    how are the seven organizational approaches used to studying the human body

    asked by kathy
  120. SCIENCE


    asked by SS
  121. Math

    Whats a diameter and how do u calculate it? And whats a circumference?

    asked by HELP! :)
  122. Math

    1. Write the equation of a line in slope-intercept form that has a slope of -1/4 and passes through the point (8, -1).Do not use any spaces. Slope should be a reduced improper fraction. 2.Write the equation of a line in slope-intercept form that passes

    asked by Jessica
  123. algebra

    the larger of two numbers is 5 less than 8 times the smaller. their sum is 94. find the numbers

    asked by Anonymous
  124. math

    What would the percentage be if I had 16 apples and 15 of them were yellow?

    asked by Sue
  125. math

    what is x(7-4)=2x equal

    asked by iyasu
  126. Chemistry

    A copper ore consists of 6.32% chalcopyrite, CuFeS2(s). How many metric tons of ore must be processed to obtain one metric ton of copper?

    asked by Jematormal91
  127. Chemistry

    A copper ore consists of 6.32% chalcopyrite, CuFeS2(s). How many grams of ore must be processed to obtain one gram of copper?

    asked by Jematormal91
  128. physical sciences

    When a covalent bond forms between two atoms how many atoms have a full outer shell of electrons? A. one B. two C. zero D. It depends on what the atoms are. HELP PLEASEE

    asked by lalt
  129. british english 12

    Discuss the narration in "My Antonia" and how the use of both Jim's young voice and Jim's older voice changes? the pace and flow of the novel for a reader.

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Business

    In a ____________, consumers ultimately decide what should be produced

    asked by Laura
  131. geometry

    Find the length of a rectangle if its diagonal is 34 cm long and the angle the diagonal makes with the length is 27° 50'. (answer correct to the nearest centimetr) Thank you so much Could you be so nice and explain me ho I will count 27° 50'?

    asked by Lucas
  132. Math

    Someone please help! Have spent ages stressing over this and still can't figure out how to do it! need asap. Question 3. In ecology, the logistic equation is often written in the form dN divided by dt = rN(1-N/K) where N = N(t) stands for the size of the

    asked by Mel
  133. College Math

    Perform the indicated operations 3/8 x 12.52

    asked by Rhondia
  134. literature

    Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. What is Mr. Gradgrind’s opinion of horse riders? A. He does not approve of them. B. He is fascinated with them. C. He believes they have a

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