Questions Asked on
May 23, 2012

  1. MATHS

    If e^(x+3logx) then prove that dy/dx=x^2(x+3)e^x....can anyone help me out...plz note 3+logx is in adition with x and is the power of 'e' its not e^x+3logx

    asked by Abhishek

    A single card is selected from an ordinary deck of cards. The sample space is shown in the following figure. Find the following probabilities. (Enter the answers either as fractions or as decimals rounded to three places.) P(five of clubs) = Incorrect:

    asked by Mike
  3. science

    How many kilograms of NH3 are needed to produce 2.90 x 10^5 kg of (NH4)2SO4?

    asked by john
  4. geometry

    Have a couple questions: 1) what is the solution of the proportion? 5/7=m/56 possible answers; 5/8 40 1/40 8 2) the polygons are similar. The smaller one is AD=12,DC=3, the bigger one JM=40,ML=x possible answers; 17.3 10 120 160(my choice)

    asked by lilman
  5. geometry

    find the geometric mean of the pair of numbers 99 and 11 kristen lives directly east of the park the football field is directly south of the park the library sits on the line between kristens home and the football field at the exact point where an altitude

    asked by cody
  6. science

    How many kilograms of NH3 are needed to produce 1.00 x 10^5 kg of (NH4)2SO4?

    asked by john

    What are the odds in favor of drawing face card from an ordinary deck of cards? to

    asked by Randy
  8. British Litature

    Of all the characters highlighted in the works included in this unit, which one did you relate to or identify with the most in terms of his or her struggles and conflicts? Why? What was it about this character that made him or her affect you as he or she

    asked by Abbie
  9. geometry

    PLEASE HELP WITH A FEW QUESTIONS triangle ABC has side lengths 8, 15, and 17 do the side lengths form a pythagorean triple? the length of the hypotenuse of a 30-60-90 triangle is 7 find perimeter to approach the runway, a pilot of a small plane must begin

    asked by brittany
  10. physics

    An object is placed 75.0 cm from a screen. (a)Where should a converging lens of focal length 8.0 cm be placed to form an image on the screen? shorter distance __cm from the screen farther distance __cm from the screen (b)Find the magnification of the lens.

    asked by andrew
  11. math

    i am a polyhedron all of my faces are the same all of my faces are equilateral triangles i have 8 faces. what am i?

    asked by Celest
  12. 3 grade math ms sue

    1-Explain how you can use a number line to show that 3/6 and 1/2 are equivalent fractions. my son write- you can show these fractions are equivalent because if the numerator is half of the denomirator it can be 1/2 so 3/6 is just like 1/2. so that's why

    asked by dw
  13. trig

    A tree casts a shadow of 27 meters when the angle of elevation of the sun is 26 degrees. Find the height of the tree to the nearest meter. a. 24 m b. 15 m c. 320 m d. 13 m

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    Determine the slope of the line that passes through the points E(-1, 9) and F(2, -3)

    asked by TIna
  15. physics

    You drop a stone down a well. You hear the splash 2.23 s later. How deep is the well? speed of sound 343 m/s

    asked by fatih
  16. British Literature

    Compare and contrast the conflicts faced by Orwell in “Shooting an Elephant” to those faced by Gideon in “No Witchcraft for Sale.” To what unique revelation does Orwell’s position as a police officer lead him? How can Gideon’s ultimate decision

    asked by Abbie
  17. trig

    6. Compute the modulus and argument of each complex number. I did a-c and f. D. -5 E. -5+5i G. -3-4i 7. Let z= -5sqrt3/2+5/2i and w= 1+sqrt3i a. convert z and w to polar form b. calculate zw using De Moivres Theorem c. calculate (z/w) using De M's theorem

    asked by BreAnne
  18. physics

    Two chains of length 1.0m are used to support a lamp the distance between the two chains along the ceiling is 1.0m. what is the vertical distance from the lamp to the ceiling?

    asked by Carri

    A single card is drawn from a standard deck of cards. Find the following probabilities. A face card is a jack, queen, or king. P(face card | queen) = Correct: Your answer is correct. P(three | not a face card)

    asked by Mike
  20. American Government

    Congress' inability to consistently provide leadership on broad national issues is due to: A. the lack of talented leadership in Congress. B. constitutional restrictions on Congress' lawmaking powers. C. the constant threat of a presidential veto. D. the

    asked by Karen

    Which of the following elements has eight valence electrons? A. argon B. beryllium C. chromium D. oxygen . CAN SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASEEE :D

    asked by lalt
  22. science

    iron and sulphur reaction

    asked by suzy
  23. calculus

    v(t)= Ce^(k(square root(t)) Suppose that the dealer, who is 25 years old, decides to sell the card at time , sometime in the next 40 years: 0< or equal to t < or equal to 40. At that time , he’ll invest the money he gets for the sale of the card in a

    asked by lyna
  24. statistics


    asked by TIA
  25. Data Management

    The teacher of a Data Management class, in which the class average is 68% with a standard deviation of 8.5%, has offered to help up to 10% of the students after school with their projects. Using the normal distribution, how should the teacher decide who

    asked by Michael Cannataroe
  26. physics

    Review Conceptual Example 7 before starting this problem. A uniform plank of length 5.0 m and weight 225 N rests horizontally on two supports, with 1.1 m of the plank hanging over the right support (see the drawing). To what distance x can a person who

    asked by chelsea
  27. English

    How is the story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London a good example of Naturalism?

    asked by Neil
  28. Chemistry

    Explain why each of the following is incorrect: (a) Entropy increases in all spontaneous reactions. Wouldn't (a) be actually correct? Because when there's a spontaneous reaction, you have less stable molecules and more disorder. It will be lower in some

    asked by Robert
  29. geometry

    Earth has a diameter of approximately 8000 miles. Jupiter's diameter is approximately 88000 miles. How many times greater is the volume of Jupiter than the volume of Earth?

    asked by Piggy
  30. Physics

    A 0.2 kg glass cup at 20 C is filled with 0.4 kg of hot water at 70 C. Neglecting any heat losses to the environment, what is the equilibrium temperature?

    asked by Bob
  31. algebra 2

    A sequence is defined recursively by a1=1,an=(an-1+1)^2. Write the first 4 terms of the sequence.

    asked by jenny
  32. Physics

    At a birthday party, a student ate a piece of cake (food energy value of 400 calories). To prevent this energy from being stored as fat, she decides to drink ice water at 0 C. She reasons that the ingested ice water will be warmed up to her normal body

    asked by Bob
  33. trig

    Solve cos x-1 = sin^2 x Find all solutions on the interval [0,2pi) a. x=pi, x=pi/2, x= 2pi/3 b. x=3pi/7, x=pi/2, x=2pi/3 c. x=3pi/7, x=3pi/2, x=3pi/2 d. x=pi, x=pi/2, x=3pi/2

    asked by Anonymous
  34. algebra 2

    A store sells rings with birthstones selected from the 12 different months of the year. The stones are arranged in a row. Part A: Mary wants a ring with a topaz, a sapphire, and a ruby set in a line. Write and evaluate an expression to show how many ways

    asked by jenny
  35. Math

    write the equation of the line with slope 2 that passes through the point (-1,5)

    asked by Janae
  36. math

    i the conveyor belt takes 54 seconds to move gravel from the bottom of the conveyor belt to the tope at a rate of 3 feet per second, how high does the conveyor belt lift the gravel?

    asked by amanda
  37. Foreign languages

    I urgenlty need you to check these sentences, please.Thank you. 1) A job seeker should make a short list of the job's requirements and should keep it in his mind during the interview. In this way he can bring in examples to demonstrate that he is the right

    asked by Jack
  38. math am i right?

    convert fraction to percent 32/20 = ?/100 =16% is that right

    asked by scooby9132002
  39. math

    Find n if S(n) is approximately 15,408.15.

    asked by Hailey
  40. UoA

    356 Cal to kilowatt-hours

    asked by Tim
  41. The crucible

    In the Crucible, what was john proctor's difficult decision that was somehow related to the society in which he lived in?

    asked by Kate
  42. geology

    during glacier ice ages, sea level rises or falls?

    asked by Ash
  43. physics

    a car travels 50 meters in 1 second. what is the car's velocity?

    asked by ben
  44. physics

    A cyclist starts at rest and accelerates to a speed of 20 m/s in 5 s. what is the acceleration of the cyclist?

    asked by ben
  45. physics

    a go-cart starts and accelerates to 40 m/s in 200m. what is the acceleration of the go-cart?

    asked by ben
  46. physics

    a go cart starts at rest and accelerates to 40 m/s in 200m what is the acceleration of the cyclist?

    asked by ben
  47. math

    marita orders 12 yards of material to make banners. If she needs 1 foot of fabric for each banner, how many banners can she make?

    asked by dante
  48. algebra 2

    A clock loses 10 minutes each day. How many days will it take to reach a point where the clock will indicate the right time?

    asked by Carolyn
  49. math

    ok what is this one 21/50=?% i ended up with 238.095 so is that 238%?

    asked by scooby
  50. math

    Tell whether the sequence is geometric. Explain why or why not. 1. 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024,... 2. -1/4, 3/8, -3/16, 1/32, -3/64, ... 3. 0.75, 1.5, 2.25, 3, 3.75, ...

    asked by Neil
  51. math

    a particle is moving along the graph of y=x^(1/3) when x=8 the y component of its position is increasing at the rate of 1 centimeter per second how fast is the x component changing at this moment

    asked by john
  52. reading

    choose the most effective thesis sentence from the following: A) I learned a valuable lesson B) Life is full of valuable lessons. C) The saying " Honesty is the best policy" is a valuable life lesson. D) Valuable lessons are important in life

    asked by Stephanie
  53. algebra

    simplify the following expression, and rewrite it on equivalent form with positive exponets. -16x7y4z ---------- 20x2z3

    asked by tressa
  54. geometry

    In right triangle ABC, measure of angle ACB= 90 and segment CD is the altitude to the hypotneuse AB. Ad= 6 cm and BD= 4 cm. Find the length of segment CD to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Colleen
  55. Economics

    Consider an infinitely repeated Cournot duopoly with discount factor delta 0, and inverse demand functions p(Q)=a-bQ, with a>c and b>0. Find the condition on the discount factor,delta , for which the two firms could successfully collude over the monopoly

    asked by Brian
  56. science

    why is rice so impotant to our world? expalin. check; rice is important to our world because half the world eats rice. idk

    asked by Celest
  57. math

    A $1500 investments has an annual simple interest rate of 7%. Find the simple interest earned on the investment after 18 months.

    asked by miss c

    Given that AB is a tangent of the circle with the center at X, AB = 12, and XD = 2.5, which is the length of DB?

    asked by ROBERT
  59. Johnson

    For each type of book,list the the book type, the number of books of that type,and the total number of OnHand value for all books of that type.

    asked by ken
  60. algebra 1

    berts age plus twice ernies age is 30. three times berts age plus 8 times ernies age is 108 how old are bert and ernie.

    asked by huma
  61. SQL question

    For each type of book,list the the book type, the number of books of that type, and the total number of OnHand value for all books of that type.

    asked by ken
  62. PreCalculus

    many questions. I have Given f(x) = x^5 and g(x) = 5+x , find (g o f)(x) and its domain

    asked by HELPPP
  63. Math

    Unit 2 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 3 pages Details: Using our data set from Unit 1, compose a 3-page e-mail to the head of the American Intellectual Union, which includes the following: 1. Begin your e-mail to AIU by first providing an overview

    asked by Anonymous
  64. dressmaking

    1)What sewing method should be used to attach a row of two mettalic threads around the wrist of a dress made of voile A)Trapunto B)!@#$%^&oting C)Couching D)smocking Im looking at either C or D 2)If you want to attach curved lines of beads,you can either

    asked by Sarah
  65. math

    Solve 5 take 2 over 7

    asked by tasha
  66. pre calculs

    for the given function f(x)=3x^2=7x=2 find the intervals for increasing and decreasing?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Foreign languages

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you,Writeacher. 1) In the first part if the novel she writes letters to her parents asking them for advice. However, she resists all her master's advances protecting virtue. 2) As a reward, he proposes marriage

    asked by Jack
  68. writing

    I need help in writing a persuasive paper?

    asked by willie
  69. chemistry

    How many moles of silver atoms are in 2.8 x 10^20 of silver?

    asked by Tiffany H.
  70. to ms.sue


    asked by Celest
  71. writing

    I would like to see other paper on a persuasive writing

    asked by willie
  72. Calculus

    Integrate e^((x^3)/2) How do I start? I know that the integral of e^x is just e^x plus C, but what do I do with the ((x^3)/2)? Thanks!

    asked by Hannah
  73. math


    asked by cs
  74. Math Help!!!

    What is Heron's formula? Could you explain it piz?

    asked by Karen Help!!!!! Help!!!!!!
  75. to ms.sue


    asked by Celest
  76. math

    v(t)= Ce^(k(square root(t)) Suppose that the dealer, who is 25 years old, decides to sell the card at time , sometime in the next 40 years: 0< or equal to t < or equal to 40. At that time , he’ll invest the money he gets for the sale of the card in a

    asked by victoria
  77. Math

    what is heron's formula and could you explain ?

    asked by Karen Ms.Sue
  78. circles and arcs

    YOU have a circle with a traingle inside. P being the top of triangle and Q and R, are on the sides, PQ= (8x-10) and PR=(6x) and the bottom QR= (10x+10) SAYS: a)find X b)is the triangle equilateral, isosceles, or scalene? explain. We have not done this

    asked by lilman
  79. algebra 1

    5/wx² + 2/w²x

    asked by kathy
  80. trig

    a voltmeter's pointer is 3 cm in length. find the degrees through which is rotates when it moves 1.1 cm on the scale?

    asked by aubrey
  81. math

    what is 36,200,000 written in scientific notation

    asked by elexcias
  82. Geometry

    The length of the longer leg of a 30-60-90 triangle is 24 feet. How do I find the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle? The answer must be a radical in simplest form.

    asked by Bonnie
  83. circles

    a. To find X, you will need to add the arc measures together and set this expression equal to the total degrees of a circle and then solve for X. Must show all work. b. Here are the steps to take (show all work) 1. Plug your x-value from a into each of the

    asked by lilman
  84. Bussiness

    Assigment: write a business letter according to the background. Background:Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human

    asked by Akram
  85. Physics

    A boat moving at 40 km/h is crossing a river in which the current is flowing at 10 km/h. In what direction should the boat head if it is to reach a point on the other side of the river directly opposite its starting point?

    asked by Tiny
  86. physics

    A 0.700-kg ball is on the end of a rope that is 2.20 m in length. The ball and rope are attached to a pole and the entire apparatus, including the pole, rotates about the pole's symmetry axis. The rope makes an angle of 70.0° with respect to the vertical

    asked by Adam
  87. Stoichiometry

    In the decomposition of 2.5 moles of Chromium Hydroxide how many moles of water are produced? Please be VERY descriptive on how to do this. I've been out of school a very long time and am expected to take a test on it tomorrow.

    asked by Rebecca
  88. algebra 1


    asked by kathy
  89. Stoichiometry

    What mass of NO2 is formed when NO reacts with 384 g of 02? Please be VERY descriptive. I've been out of school and I'm expected to take a test tomorrow on this.

    asked by Rebecca
  90. Geometry

    If angle A and angle B are the acute angles of a right triangle, what is the value of (tan A) times (tan B)?

    asked by Bonnie
  91. Math

    Find the sum of the geometric series. 10 1. Ó 5(2)^i - 1 i= 1 12 2. Ó 8(3/2)^i - 1 i= 1

    asked by Neil
  92. English

    This clue does not sway Romeo from his original purpose. What does he do? ( From Romeo and Juliet)

    asked by Anonymous
  93. algebra 1

    z-4/z+7 = 1/5

    asked by kathy
  94. MATH

    Adrienne had a party at a local bowling alley. She spent seventy-five dollars for the lane and five dollars per person for shoes. Let c be the total cost of the lane and shoes, and let f be the number of friends at her party. Write an equation to represent

    asked by le
  95. Math

    Ali and Tim have 12 sheets of paper that are each 9 inches by 12 inches. They want to use all 12 sheets to make a sign for a basketball game. They plan to put a strip of cardboard around the outside edge of the sign. How should they arrange the 12 sheets

    asked by Kingbla
  96. math

    Rabbits Marcie has 4 rabbits named Rosie, Clark, Peep, and Lewis. One is orange, one gray, one black, and one spotted. Rosie is orange. Lewis is not gray. Peep is black. What color is Clark? Explain how you found your answer.

    asked by Kingbla
  97. math

    the fundraiser will cost $1.50 per pencil plus $50.00 in adversising. write an equation that represents the cost, c, for n for pencils

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Spanish

    49. "¿Trabajas como voluntario paral el periódico de la escuela?" "Sí. ____ periódicos los viernes." a. Gano b. Reparto c. Desayuno d.Suelo Not sure.. 61. "¿Cuánto pagaste por esa gorra?" "___ 15 dolares." a. Pagó b. Pagaste c. Pago d. Pagué 62.

    asked by mysterychicken
  99. calculus

    Suppose that the dealer, who is 25 years old, decides to sell the card at time , sometime in the next 40 years: 0< or equal to t < or equal to 40. At that time , he’ll invest the money he gets for the sale of the card in a bank account that earns an

    asked by illy
  100. math

    simplify 5x+5/15 x+15

    asked by dfgdfg
  101. MATH

    A customer uses a $20 bill at a self check-out register to pay for products totaling $14.50. The customer is concerned they did not receive the proper change. How much money should they have received back from the automated register?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. ALGEBRA

    Evaluate the expression. \( _3^10 \) \( _4^5 \) \( _1^4 \)

    asked by Danny
  103. ALGEBRA

    Evaluate the expression. \( _3^12 \)

    asked by Danny
  104. Social studies

    In the book bull running what was Lilly moellys summery of her story

    asked by Lilop sreng
  105. Maths

    A water pipe has a circumference of 8 centimetres ,calculate the diameter of the pope ,giving your answer correct to one decimal place.

    asked by Anonymous
  106. statistics (college

    An insurance company checks police records (in a city) on 500 accidents selected at random and notes that teenagers were at the wheel in 120 of them. It is desired to test if this information indicate that more than 20% of auto accidents involve teenage

    asked by Hannah
  107. Art

    Can you please have a look at these sentences, please? 1) This information about the Augustan Age was not asked for in your test. You weren't supposed to introduce the Augustan Age. You should have focused on both Walpole's and Pitt's policy, the rise of a

    asked by Jack
  108. Physics(Please respond)

    There is a diagram of a ball being thrown in a horizontal diection at 30m/s and there is an angle of 48degrees and a side with 4m. How long is the ball in the air? I am confused because I am not sure of the equation. I know that is is something like y = yo

    asked by Hannah
  109. Change boring verb and ordinary adjectives

    Bill felt mad with his little sister

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Pre-calc

    A car is moving at the rate of 60 miles per hour, and the diameter of its wheels is 2.5 feet (1 mile=5280 feet) a) Find the angular speed of the wheels in radians per minute b) Find the number of revolutions per minute the wheels are rotating.

    asked by Xochil
  111. physics

    The drawing shows a person (weight W = 581 N, L1 = 0.843 m, L2 = 0.404 m) doing push-ups. Find the normal force exerted by the floor on each hand and each foot, assuming that the person holds this position. force on each hand N force on each foot N

    asked by chelsea
  112. biochemistry

    how could nucleotides be named and what are thier functions?

    asked by wangning
  113. geometry

    if triangle abc is similar to xyz and the area of abc is 8 square inches, what is the area in square inches of xyz. the triangles are right isoseleces triangles and the base of abc is 4. the base of xyz is 10.

    asked by lisa
  114. english romeo and juliet

    I need a artifact for the story with quotes and the artifact can not be in the story just has to represent quotes from the story

    asked by justin
  115. trig

    evaluate the expression tan (257pi/4) a.-1 b. -(sqrt2)/2 c. 1 d. (sqrt2)/2

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Art

    Could you please help me express the following evaluations? Thank you. 1) You wrote exactly what I included on the photocopy without varying (hardly/almost) anything. The only word you changed is not an English word. 2) You also failed to include

    asked by Jack
  117. Bio

    In general, how do neuron inhibit cells? thanks

    asked by rebekah
  118. Law

    Where would I found real world criminal justice examples to illustrate in effective communication.

    asked by Susan
  119. math

    Find n if t(n) is approximately 10,832 in the geometric sequence with first term 83 and a common ration 1.07

    asked by Meg
  120. Bio

    In general, how do neuron inhibit cells? thanks

    asked by rebekah
  121. Algebra

    Write a slope-intercept equation of the line whose graph is described. Perpendicular to the graph of y = x; y-intercept (0,0).

    asked by Manuel
  122. math

    an account which pays 14% compounded quarterly, what is the effective rate of yield?

    asked by Jackie
  123. psychology

    subjects were asked to break down into its basic elements the immediate experience of tasting an apple. This approach was used in the?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. English ASAP

    I have to choose the sentence that has no error in italics. (Italicized) a)Their lawyers are handling the case pro bono and not charging them a dime. b)Yes, of course you can use (and) instead of a comma here. c)Oh, I see the problem; this (three) should

    asked by Liz
  125. algebra 2

    Jeremy and Noor are playing a game where they each draw a marble from a bag, and whoever draws the marble worth the most points wins. Red marbles are worth 1 point, green marbles are worth 2 points, blue marbles are worth 3 points, and white marbles are

    asked by jenny
  126. Math/Prob

    Claire takes a five-question true-false test. She hasn't studied, so she guesses at random. With her ESP she figures she has a 60% probability of getting any one answer wrong. A. What is the probability of getting an answer wrong? (Do you think they want

    asked by Ben
  127. College Math

    Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right

    asked by Lourane
  128. College Math

    Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right

    asked by Lourane
  129. books

    Romeo and juliet i need a conclusion for my essay the theme is how love can make you do crazy things. so far my 3 paragraphs conclude of 1 romeo climbing to juliets balcony 2 they get marrried 3 they kill themselves now i just need a conclusion

    asked by lala
  130. Physics

    1. A particle moved from point A to point B on the x-axis and had a positive displacement. Which one of the following is true? a. particle moved in the positive direction but it is on the negative side of the x-axis b. particle moved in the negative

    asked by Nate
  131. Math

    Write a rule for the nth term of the geometric sequence. Then find a7. 1. 7, -4.2, 2.52, -1.512, ...

    asked by Neil
  132. Chemistry

    I need help with the Lewis Dot Structure. I'm so lost. The problems I have and need help with are 1) H2NCH3 2) C3H6 3)NO2-ion 4) H3CSCH2F 5) NCl3 6) H2NCOOH 7)C3H7OH

    asked by Brittany
  133. physics ! HELP !

    A 65 kg bungee jumper leaps from a bridge. She is tied to a bungee cord that is 11m long when unstretched, and falls a total of 30m . Part a) Calculate the spring constant of the bungee cord assuming Hooke's law applies. part b)Calculate the maximum

    asked by emmie
  134. Precalculus

    What are the exact values for which tan t = -(sqrt3)

    asked by Emily
  135. physics

    7. Two cars are moving. The first car has twice the mass of the second car, but only half as much kinetic energy. Then, both cars increase their speed by 8.00 m/s. They then have the same kinetic energy. The original speeds of the two cars are,

    asked by James
  136. math

    what is a linking verb is a verb that links the subject HELP ME PLEASE I'M TIRED

    asked by AMERICAL
  137. Math

    Find n if S(n) = 23,001 for the arithmetic series 4+7+10...

    asked by Morgan

    if there are two forms of each of the seven traits, how many possible combinations are there?

    asked by JEN
  139. College Math

    Simplify 5 + 1/3 x1/3 x1/3-(1/9 + 1/9)

    asked by Lourane
  140. Algebra

    How is solving for a specified variable in a formula similar to finding a solution for an equation or inequality? How is it different? give some examples

    asked by Need HELP PLEASE
  141. Algebra II

    A cowboy is practicing his lassoing technique by lassoing the fence posts at his ranch. Consider that is lariat forms a perecly elliptical shape centered at the origin while he twirls it. If the fence posts are 2 inches in circumference and the cowboy

    asked by Danny
  142. Chemistry

    A sample of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) has a concentration of 5.00 %(m/v). Determine the molar concentration of the solution.

    asked by Josh
  143. Chemestry

    I got NaOH, 7%, and its density is 1,08g/mol. Calculate the molar concentration.

    asked by Martins
  144. Chemestry

    I got NaOH 7%, its density is 1,08g/ml. Calculate the molar concentration

    asked by Martins
  145. Math

    Michael purchased a certain number of share of one stock for a total of $2800. The second stock was selling for $6 less per share . Michael could have bought 6 more shares of the second stock for the same amount of money. How many shares of the first stock

    asked by Janine
  146. english

    What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? We walked along the mountain path looking for unusual flowers.

    asked by carly
  147. Elem Math

    The surface area of a rectangular prisms that are 3.5ft. x 4.25ft. x 6ft Answer 89.25ft 2.33 meters x 2.5meters x 4meters Answer 23.3 meters Am I correct

    asked by AMERICAL
  148. Physics

    How many Joules of thermal energy must be added to 5 kg of water at 20 C to bring it to the boiling point (at 100 C)?

    asked by Bob
  149. math find balance compound interest

    i need help i need to find the balance in each compound interest account: $1400 after 3 years at 5.5% i got: B= P (1 + r) t =1400 (1 + .055)3 I am stuck and don't know how to do this #2 $1800 after 11 years @ 6.0% #3 $900 after 10 years @ 4.62% #4 $2500

    asked by marko
  150. Instantaneous rate of change

    Please help.. Joe is investigating the rate of change of the function y=cos x on the interval xE[0,2π]. He notices that the graph of y=cos x passes through the x-axis at 45°. He also determines the instantaneous rate of change at x = 0, π, and 2π by

    asked by Kjd
  151. college physics

    Two blocks of mass m1 = 3.00 kg and m2 = 7.50 kg are connected by a mass less string that passes over a frictionless pulley. The inclines are frictionless. So this is like a triangle with a pulley at the top and both blocks resting at either side of the

    asked by kathy
  152. algebra

    A normal distribution has a mean of 98 and a standard deviation of 6. What is the probability that a randomly selected x-value from the distribution is at least 80?

    asked by jenny
  153. 6th g-math

    Diego has $10 to spend on school supplies. He wants to buy a calculator for $5.50 and several packs of mechanical pencil for $1.50 each. What inequality can be used to find the maximum number of packs of mechanical pencils Diego can buy? A. 1.5p + 5.5 _<

    asked by Nastia
  154. Math

    write the equation of the line with slope 2 that passes through the point (-1,5)

    asked by Janae
  155. Biology

    In general, how do neuron inhibit cells?

    asked by rebekah
  156. math

    v(t)= Ce^(k(square root(t)) Suppose that the dealer, who is 25 years old, decides to sell the card at time , sometime in the next 40 years: 0< or equal to t < or equal to 40. At that time , he’ll invest the money he gets for the sale of the card in a

    asked by allison
  157. Math

    1.The principal is $50,000. This is P. 2.Research the annual interest rate for your investment. This is r. 3.State the time in years for the investment (as in when the new grandchild will be attending college). This is t. 4.State the number of compounding

    asked by ruby
  158. algebra

    Renee belongs to a bowling club. She scores 50, 52, 55, and 59 on her first four games. She hopes to continue improving according to this pattern. Part A: What are the next four terms in Renee’s sequence? Part B: Write an recursive function rule for the

    asked by sam
  159. speech

    can you help me to write speech about the shark

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Pre-Calc/Math

    Use factoring, the quadratic formula, or identities to solve cos(x)+1=sin^(2)x. Find all solutions on the interval [0, 2pi)

    asked by Yadira
  161. English

    Choose the correct sentence Question 1- A) The patient was brought to the operating room, and we induced general endotracheal anesthesia, and then prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. B) The patient was brought to the operating room, induced in

    asked by Spaz2248
  162. algebra 2

    The monthly rents for the apartments in a building are listed below. $425, $550, $550, $550, $650, $650, $650, $650, $800, $900 Part A: Find the mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation of the rents. Part B: The apartment manager considers raising

    asked by jenny
  163. English

    Question 1- The patient, as mentioned in other reports, __________ in no acute pain. A) are B) is Question 2- A piece of the suture __________ embedded in the scar tissue. A) was B) were Question 3- The fractures of his phalanges had __________ origin in

    asked by Jenn
  164. Problem Solving

    A 4oz jar of spice costs 92 cents. What is the unit cost per ounce.

    asked by Matt
  165. English

    Question 1- Neither the fracture nor the lacerations __________ surgery. A) require B) requires Question 2- The nurse asked the patient and _________ to leave the room. A) I B) me C) myself Question 3- Sam could not remember __________ medications he has

    asked by Jenn
  166. English

    2. In the last stanza of "Tableau", the boys a. angrily confront the adults of the town b. happily continue walking c. sadly go their separate ways d. speak to each other loudly B 3. Which of the following quotations from "The River Merchant's Wife" is the

    asked by mysterychicken
  167. math

    1 - 5t/4 >_ 6

    asked by cs
  168. English

    Each of the patients __________ discharged at noon. A) was B) were Each of the nurses __________ her favorite uniform. A) has B) have I think both answers are A. Clarifying that the pronoun "each" are always singular and require a singular verb which would

    asked by Jenn
  169. 3 grade english ms sue

    conjunctions directions-combine each pair of sentences using the conjunction shown. in combining the pairs,use the underlined repeated words and phrases only once.make any necessary changes in words. add a comma in compound sentences. example- you can see

    asked by dw
  170. Math

    Enter parentheses to make the following expression have a Value of 45: 24/8*3+5*2+18/3 *= times/multiple /= divided by

    asked by Jacob
  171. Math

    Enter parentheses to make the following expression have a Value of 45: 24/8*3+5*2+18/3 *= times/multiple /= divided by

    asked by Jacob
  172. math


    asked by anthony
  173. algebra

    Let cost = 600.00 fixed costs x = set of tiles $11.00 find the profit equation by substituting your equations for R and C P = R -C THE profit made for 26 and 31 tiles per month. 2nd part; use trail and error to find the quanity of tile sets per month

    asked by plz help
  174. math

    If b= 9, c= 5 and

    asked by geena
  175. ALGEBRA

    A history teacher gives a 20 question T-F exam. In how many different ways can the test be answered if the possible answers are T or F, or possibly to leave the answer blank?

    asked by Randy
  176. ALGEBRA

    What is the probability of getting a license plate that has a repeated letter or digit if you live in a state that has one numeral followed by two letters followed by four numerals? (Round to the nearest whole percent.)

    asked by Randy


    asked by DAN
  178. Math

    jim owns a square piece of land with a side length of a meters. he extends his property by purchasing adjacent land so that the length is increased by 10 m and the width by 12 m. write an algebraic expression for the area of jim's extended property

    asked by T
  179. Math

    The student council plans to have a BBQ lunch for the whole school to celebrate its victory in the volleyball finals. They need a total of 427 hotdogs and hamburgers. Hot dogs costs $0.25 each and hamburgers cost $0.80 each they have a budget of $203 for

    asked by Seema
  180. math: advanced geometry

    given triangle ABC with side b=14 ft, c=17 ft, and a=17 ft, find the measure of angle A.

    asked by kerry
  181. MATH

    Explain how to find the sum positive three plus negative eight using chips, a number line, or the rules for adding integers. Give the answer with your explanation.

    asked by le
  182. Chemistry

    Why does scientist want to demostrate chemical bonding use models with colored balls to represent atoms. Balls arenot totally accurate. So why does scientist use them?

    asked by Kim
  183. Grammar

    Question 1- Between the mother and __________, there was already a long history of addiction problems. A) he B) him C) himself Answer: C ?

    asked by spaz2248
  184. Statistics

    The Arcade shack is a manufacturing plant located in San Diego where 800 factory workers are employed. The personnel department selected 36 factory employees at random for the statistical study. construct a 95% interval for the percentage of males in the

    asked by Andre
  185. Physics

    When you take a bath, how many kg of hot water (49 C) must you mix with cold water (13 C) so that the temperature of the bath is 36 C? The total mass of the water (hot and cold) is 191 kg.

    asked by Bob
  186. Art

    I left out these sentences. I hope you can have a look at them,too. Can you tell me if the modals are possible, Writeacher? 1) I’m sure he didn’t rob the bank. He can't have robbed the bank He couldn't have robbed the bank . (is this possible?) 2)

    asked by Jack
  187. communication

    was there anything ineither the university Phoenix student code if conduct or the code of academic integrity surpising if what why and why not.

    asked by Tom William
  188. math

    convert fraction to percent 48/4 (4/4) =?%

    asked by scooby9132002
  189. Please help!- science

    how do nerve fibers in the brain send messages

    asked by matthew
  190. statistics

    .) A hospital in a large city records the weight of every infant born at the hospital. The distribution of weights is normally shaped, with a mea n µ= 2. 9 kilograms and a standard deviation o- = 0 .45. Determine the following: a. The percentage of

    asked by Anonymous