Questions Asked on
May 14, 2012

  1. chemistry

    1. Find the pH of a solution whose [H3O+] is 9.5 X 10^ -8 M. 2. What is the [H3O+] concentration of a solution with a pH of 5.45? 3. What is the pOH of a solution with a [OH -] concentration of 2.97 X 10^ -10 M?

    asked by kellin
  2. stat

    for randomly selected adults, IQ scores are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 15. the scores of 14 randomly selected college students are listed below. use a 0.10 significance level to test the claim that the standard deviation of IQ scores

    asked by carl
  3. Related rates

    Sand is being dropped at the rate of 10 cubic meter per minute onto a conical pile. If the height of the pile is always twice the base radius, at what rate is the height increasing when the pile is 8 meters high?

    asked by :)
  4. chemistry

    4 FeO(s) + O2(g) ¨ 2 Fe2O3(s) calculate value of delta H i have done this 4(-272.0)+0->2(-825.5) and the products minus reactants and i got -563 but it is not right?!

    asked by maddy
  5. chemistry

    Use Hess's law and the following equations to calculate ÄH for the reaction N2(g) + 2O2(g) N2O4(g). 2NO2(g)->N2O4(g) ÄH = –57.0 kJ/mol N2(g)+O2(g)->2NO(g) ÄH = 180.6 kJ/mol 2NO2(g)->2NO(g)+O2(gÄH = 114.4 kJ/mol

    asked by princess cunningham
  6. Linear Programming

    Finco must determine how much investment and debtto undertake during the next year. Each dollar invested reduces the NPV of the company by 10¢, and each dollar of debt increases the NPV by 50¢ (due to deductibility of interest payments). Finco can invest

    asked by ama
  7. Biology for sister

    my sister need help with biology homework she need to describe ecology of amoeba, paramecium, and diatom. telling where it be found. how it meet it nutritional needs using and explaining with the right terminology like autotrphic, photosyntetic, parasitic,

    asked by Mohammad
  8. algebra

    how to convert 0.000037 to scientific notation

    asked by rr
  9. geometry

    The top of a ladder is leaning on a building at a point 12 feet above the ground; the bottom of the ladder is 5 feet from the base of the building. What is the length of the ladder?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. ALGEBRA 1

    kendra owns a restaurant. she charges $3.00 for 2 eggs and 1 toast, and $1.80 for one egg and one piece of toast. how much does kendra charge for an egg? a piece of toast?

    asked by loraine
  11. chemistry

    2. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). When you heat baking soda, it breaks down into sodium carbonate powder (Na2CO3), water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The enthalpy of this reaction is 129 kJ. Write a correct thermochemical equation for this

    asked by dd
  12. English

    i need help with poem i not understand the last stanza and why it be so important. it also says by giving examples from poem, tell how poet tells the necessary qualities of all members of cat family. do his outlook also apply to humans? it tells by

    asked by Mohammad
  13. grammar

    The heroes of the The Three Kingdoms can best be described as disorganized. fearful. loyal to the emperor. traitorous Not sure Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics: Riding the Orient Express toward Istanbul, Tom read the novels of Mark

    asked by lilman
  14. geometry


    asked by lilman
  15. chemistry

    3CaCO3+2FePO4-->Ca3(PO4)2+Fe2(CO3)3 We start with 100g. of calcium carbonate and 45g. iron (III) phosphate. What is the maximum amount of Ca3(PO4)2 and Fe2(CO3)3 ??

    asked by emily
  16. Physics

    A magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of a single-turn circular coil. The magnitude of the field is changing, so that an emf of 0.63 V and a current of 2.7 A are induced in the coil. The wire is then re-formed into a single-turn square coil, which

    asked by M
  17. algebra

    simplify plz (y^7/z^3)= use positive exponents only

    asked by plz help
  18. 4th grade math

    Kamala had5,026 grams of flour in a canister. She bought a 4,157 gram bag of flour. She poured some flour from the bag to the canister. As a result, the mass of the flour in the canister is now twice the mass of the flour in the bag. How much is in the bag

    asked by Brandy
  19. Physics

    A car is moving with a velocity of 16 m/s when the brakes are applied and the wheels lock (stop spinning). The car then slides to a stop in 37 m. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the tires and the road.

    asked by Alex
  20. statistics

    A simple random sample of 50 items from a population with σ  6 resulted in a sample mean of 32. a. Provide a 90% confidence interval for the population mean

    asked by priyanka
  21. Pre calculus

    How do you work this problem? Find the exact value of sin 2u, cos 2u, and tan 2u given that cot u=3 and 180

    asked by Cynthia
  22. Math

    make a line plot or bar graph of a data distribution that fits each description. 1. 24 names, with a range os 12 letters. 2. 7 names, with a median lenght of 14 letters.

    asked by devy
  23. Global History

    Definition and importance in Japanese history: • Ethnocentrism • Zaibatsu I have already looked in my textbook, without success. Please no links. My computer is extremely slow and links screw it up. Thanks!

    asked by Angel
  24. calculus

    A spherical snowball is melting in such a way that its diameter is decreasing at rate of 0.2 cm/min. At what rate is the volume of the snowball decreasing when the diameter is 8 cm. (Note the answer is a positive number).

    asked by remy
  25. marketing

    2. What forces in the marketing environment represent possible opportunities for Danone’s Activia brand?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Physics

    A person is pushing on a refrigerator that sits on a level floor. Use Newton's third law along with his second law to find the magnitude of the acceleration of a man as he pushes the refrigerator. Assume the man has a mass of 62 kg, he exerts a force of

    asked by Alex
  27. Art

    Could you please check these examples and tell me if the sentences in brakets are possible? Thank you , Writeacher 1)Her boss is going to ask her out for dinner next Saturday. 2) The line is engaged. Would you like to hold? (Not: would you hold?) 3.Our

    asked by John
  28. Pre-Calc/Math

    Prove identity: (sec x/csc x) + (sin x/cos x)=(2/cot x)

    asked by Yadira
  29. statistics

    Suppose that the certain lifetimes of a certain light bulb are normally distributed with μ=1500 hours and σ=200. Find the probability that a light bulb will burn out in less than 1200 hours.

    asked by Yenny
  30. 8 th grade math

    perimeter of rectangular is 32 in .what are the length and width that will give the rectangle the largest possible area 4in,x12in. 5in.x11 in. ,7in. x9in. ,8in x8in. i answered 8x8

    asked by Anonymous
  31. 8 th grade math

    length and width of a 3in x 5 in photo are tripled what scale factor is used i put 9 id that right

    asked by Anonymous
  32. science

    If you watch a movie scene in which a loud explosion occurs in the space. What do you conclude about the accuracy of the scene?

    asked by raquel
  33. Art

    What are some of the similarities and differences between scroll paintings in China and Japan?

    asked by Maria <3
  34. chemistry

    If you used the alcohol burner to heat the water and all of the heat from the burning of the alcohol went into heating the water, how many grams of alcohol will you burn to do that heating? (Remember, for every 7,000 calories needed, it will use up a gram

    asked by bea
  35. math

    At irvs cycle rental shop, Irv rents all kinds of cycles: unicycles, tandem bikes, and even tricycles. He parks all the cycles in front of his shop with a helmet for each rider strapped to the cycles. This morning Irv counted 57 helmets and 115 wheels

    asked by lexis green
  36. 8th grade math

    length and width of a 3ln. x 5jn. photo are tripled what scale factor relates the areas choices are 3,9,12,27 i chose 3 because it said triple is that right

    asked by Anonymous
  37. algebra 1

    -6 = -( x- 5) -3 ( 5+ 2x) -4 (2x -4) solve for x

    asked by diego
  38. math

    At a Little League game, three fourths of the people in the stands were kids and the rest were parents. If the ratio of dads to moms is 3:4, what percent of the people attending the game were moms? (Round your answer to the nearest percent.) Please show

    asked by lexis green
  39. social studies

    What are the causes and effects of the Glorious Revolution?

    asked by momo
  40. algebra

    If f(x)= x^2-2, then f(x+h)=?

    asked by John
  41. chemistry

    Can someone pleeeeeaaase explain Charle's law in a simple way.

    asked by albert
  42. algebra

    Given f(x)= 5x^3-9, find the inverse of f, f^-1(x)=?

    asked by John
  43. Science

    How do plants reproduce?

    asked by Esha
  44. Math

    On a graph coordinate A is -1,4 B is 6,4 C is 6,0 D is -1,-2. These coordinates form a rectangle. What is the area of ABCD?

    asked by Cherie
  45. math 8th grade

    22 points in game 1,18 points in game2, 20 in game 3 what was their mean score for these 3 games i answered 20 is that right

    asked by Anonymous
  46. English

    Is this a complete sentence? Or should the comma be replaced by a semi-colon? Surely there are certain situations in which appropriate attire is necessary, so should we as women give in to that standard?

    asked by Teddy
  47. Algebra 2

    a hyperbola is centered at (3,7). The vertices are (9,7) and (-3,7). The slopes of the aymptotes are m==/-5/6. Enter the equation of the hyperbola in the form: (x-h)^2/a^2-(y-k)^2/b^2=1

    asked by Nancy
  48. math

    what is the simplied form of (5m^-4n^2)^3

    asked by plz help
  49. Physics

    ball of mass 0.202 kg has a velocity of 1.54 m/s right; a ball of mass 0.298 kg has a velocity of 0.410 m/s left. They meet in a head-on elastic collision. Find their velocities after the collision. (assume + is right and - is left)

    asked by Anonymous
  50. books

    Contrast the effects of war in two of the following works: "Cranes,""Thoughts of Hanoi," and "Tokyo." Can someone please help me, not sure what to write.

    asked by lilman
  51. English

    i only find simile not metaphor in here. simile be in 4th stanza but i not understand it. i also not get how it aids to create feeling, or tone. i guess he only be describing his land. do that be theme? i not understand most lines in poem The Lonely Land

    asked by Mohammad
  52. Art

    Writeacher, could you please check these sentences? Thanks. 3) It takes him half an hour to drive to school. 4)He has called the wrong number. 5) He paid 300 Euros for his wedding’s suit. 6) I phoned Mary yesterday morning. He started reading his new his

    asked by John
  53. math

    The mass of Mars is about 421x10^20 metric tons. The mass of the sun is about 1.998x10^27 metric tons. About how many times the mass of Mars is the sun? Give answer in scientific notation. The mass of the sun is about....times the mass of mars.

    asked by rr
  54. algebra 2

    solve using substitution x^+y^-100=0 x+y-14=0

    asked by bob
  55. Enviro Science

    20.People are exposed to pollutants on a daily basis in the a. food they eat b. air they breathe c. water they drink d. all of the above D 24. the 5 major pollutants to both the environment and human health are pesticides, lead, particulate matter, coal

    asked by mysterychicken
  56. Spelling

    What are the unusual spelling patterns for wonder and gasoline?

    asked by Bradley
  57. english

    In a fit of anger after an argument, I __________ out all of my friend's letters and pictures. a) through b) threw c) thru d) have thrown

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math


    asked by Leslie
  59. us history

    1) How did the American Revolution change the role of women in America?

    asked by anonymous
  60. Science 7R - HELP!

    Active in blood clot formation?

    asked by Laruen
  61. math 8th grade

    if length and width of a 3in. x5 ln. photo are tripled what scale factor relates the area 3,9,12,27 i answered 27 is this correct i tried 9 but got no answer

    asked by Anonymous
  62. SCI - HW Qs. Check!

    path of blood to the heart tissue??????????? Answer - Systemic circulation am i correct???????????/

    asked by Laruen
  63. Foreign languages

    Thank you, Writeacher. I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1) Who has called the wrong number? His team has always been (or have always been?) worse than the others. 2) Have you read that book yet? No, I haven't finished it yet. 3)

    asked by John
  64. geometry

    Find the slant height of a cone with surface area of 178.6 in2 and a radius of the base of 4.9 in

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math 8th grade

    perimeter of a rectangle is 32 in. wnat are the length and width that will give the rectangle the largest possible area? choices are 4in x 12in. ,5in.x 11 in.,7 in.x 9 in. ,8 in. x 8 in. i think 4 in. x 12in

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    anthony is selling mugs . the wholesale price is $2.95. retail price is $5 what is the mark up what percent is that

    asked by arthur
  67. algebra2

    A 10ft ladder placed against the wall forms a 40° angle with the ground.The distance from the ladder to the wall is unknown

    asked by joe dallas
  68. math

    A marine biologist tags 100 whales. Later, a sample of 115 whales was gathered and 5 were tagged. Estimate the total whale population.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. grammar

    Louis was a scoundrel __________ everyone distrusted. a) whom b) who

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    A ferris wheel makes one rotation in 15 minutes. Find your car's location and the angle of rotation after: 3 mins., 5 mins., 9 mins., 12 mins. The diameter of the wheel is 328 ft. and the height, with the base, is 369 ft.

    asked by Ann
  71. chem

    At what temperature will a 1.0 g sample of neon gas exert a pressure of 500 torr in a 5.0 L container ? or At what temperature will a 0.0470 mol of a gas fill a balloon to 1.20 L under 0.988 atm pressure ?

    asked by katie
  72. Chemistry

    Iron(III) oxide is formed when iron combines with oxygen in the air. What is the mole ration of Fe used and the mole of Iron(iii) oxide produced? 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) > 2Fe2O3(s) a - 3:2 b - 4:3 c - 4:2 d - 3:4 Can someone help?

    asked by Kaelan
  73. english

    After the committee had deliberated, they __________ a report that included the concerns of the citizens. a) had written b) wrote c) had wrote d) written

    asked by Anonymous
  74. algebra 1

    what is the degree of the trinomial? a3+7ab-8b4

    asked by jr
  75. 8 th grade math

    each side of square is 6 in. long . a scale factor of 2/3 is used to draw a similar square. how long is each side of similar square . choices are 4in. ,6 in., 8in. ,answer not here i chose 8 in. is that right

    asked by Anonymous
  76. math

    if an office has an area of 120 sqare feet and a perimeter of 44 feet. what are the dimensions of this office.

    asked by chris
  77. Science

    Eight bricks 6 cm thick with mass 1.5kg lie flat on a much work is required to top them one on another?

    asked by Christopher
  78. history

    Describe the role of the senate in Rome???

    asked by Fifi
  79. MAT 116

    Use the distributive property to rewrite the expression (a+8)4= (simplify answer)

    asked by angel
  80. math

    input 27 35 42 54 output 38 46 - -

    asked by serenity
  81. math

    $24 lft a 15 percent tip how much total

    asked by albert
  82. The Ohio State University

    A magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of a single-turn circular coil. The magnitude of the field is changing, so that an emf of 0.74 V and a current of 3.8 A are induced in the coil. The wire is then re-formed into a single-turn square coil, which

    asked by Ryan
  83. math

    tax rate is $8.75% what is the tax due on a sale $15,500

    asked by carlos
  84. cocoa

    Julian's shadow is 6 feet long. At the same time a 31 foot tall building casts a shadow that is 28 feet long. What proportion could be used to find Julian's height?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. physics

    What is the index of refraction of a liquid in which the speed of light is 2.22 x 108 m/s?

    asked by Zach
  86. divisin and multiplication functions

    input 27 output 38

    asked by serenity
  87. Accounting

    The ranking of project differs, depending on the use of IRR or NPV measures. Which project should be selected? Why is the IRR ranking misleading?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Science

    I have 5 minute presentation on any thing. I like talk about space travel or space exploration. I do not know where to find and other websites they have too much informtion. can you please give me any websites?

    asked by Jessie
  89. MAT 116

    Please HELP!! traslate six times a number subtract three the number then simplified the expression

    asked by angel
  90. algebra 2

    An auditorium has a curved back wall. A horizontal cross section of the wall is in the shape of a parabola. The wall is 80 feet wide and the vertex of the parabolic cross section is 50 feet from the stage. Where in the auditorium should you sit for the

    asked by jenny
  91. history

    describe the difference between the poor and wealthy citizens of Rome.

    asked by Jack
  92. english 12.....

    "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is famous for its use of vivid figurative language and memorable sound devices. What do you think are several especially effective examples of simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, assonance, and internal rhyme?

    asked by MARIEEEE
  93. business english

    I found an inspiring bumper sticker with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi_ " What ever you will be insignificant, but is very important that you do it.: select the correct punctuation to place on the line

    asked by tammie
  94. Math

    John has two part time jobs. He works no more than 40 hours per week. He earns $6 per hour from the first job and $8 per hour from the second job. To cover his expenses, he needs to earn at lease $210 per week. Which of the following system of linear

    asked by Shadia
  95. History

    I need help finding pictures of the orginal AR 15S and M-16 rifles that the LAPD SWAT first used when they were created. Please help

    asked by Anonymous
  96. business english

    identify the sentence with the correct adjective or adverbs A. Dorie is the short person in the room, standing at just five feet tall B. My mother has five children , and I am the oldest C. Habanero chilies are more the hotter than, jalapeno peppers. D.

    asked by tammie
  97. MATH


    asked by Anonymous
  98. chem: equilibrium

    In which direction does the equilibrium shift for the following reaction? SO2(g) + NO2 (g) SO3(g0 + NO(g) + 42 KJ a. temperature increases b. pressure increases c. [SO2] increases d. [NO2] increases e. temperature decreases f. [No] increases Im confused on

    asked by bkue
  99. physics

    if givin 115 osculations in 2.40 seconds, what is the length of the pendulum

    asked by Anonymous
  100. physics

    an ant walks 4 cm East, gets some rest, and continues for another 3 cm in the same direction. What is the total displacement traveled by the ant?

    asked by king
  101. logarithmic differentiation

    y= 4th root (x^2+1)/(x^2-1)

    asked by ana
  102. Algebra- MAT 116

    I need Help with this question: Find the value 0.2y(y to the second power)+ o.3y (y to the second power)-0.1y (y to the second power)

    asked by angel
  103. history

    describe the difference between the poor and wealthy citizens of rome.

    asked by Jack
  104. ela

    I need a attention grabber for, a newspaper article. It is based on the giver, it is about a ceremony that is about to begin i need a attention grabber for that.

    asked by Aisha
  105. physics

    There is a legend of a Dutch boy who bravely held back the whole Atlantic Ocean by plugging a hole in a dike with his finger. Is this possible and reasonable? Estimate the force if the hole were about 1.5 square centimeter in area and 1.8 meter below the

    asked by please help me
  106. math

    A map of the world has an area of 28 square feet. Its perimeter is 22 feet. What are the dimensions of the map?

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Finance

    How long will it take you to accumulate $10,000 if you save $250 a month starting next month? Assume you can earn an APR of 2.4% on your savings.

    asked by Debbie
  108. MAT 116

    how do I write the expression and then solve it four square dived by two square?

    asked by Linn
  109. Spanish

    Hey! Are these sentences grammatically correct? 1. Como se llama la cosa que has comprado? 2. Tengo que comer algo proque tengo muy hambre. 3. Adonde lleva quince minutos desde ocho y media? 4. Has perdido la pelicula en que hay Mr.Bean. Many thanks in

    asked by Dame
  110. history

    how big was the city of rome?

    asked by kate
  111. History

    Why Is It Important To Set Up Programs For The Elderly,Disabled And Employed ?

    asked by Remy W,
  112. History

    Can someone help me find a current and the original LAPD SWAT uniform that is labeled because i am having trouble finding them

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Science 7R - HW Check (plzzz read!)

    Directions - Match each phrase with the correct term from the list of Key Science Words. 1. filters microorganisms Answer - capillary Am I correct plzzzz hurry I have a school's concert 2nite.

    asked by Laruen
  114. math

    three coins, a half-dollar, quarter, nickel are tossed at the same time. to say that there is an outcome xyz means that the half-dollar, landed x, the quarter landed y, and the nickel landed z. the eight equally likely possibilites can be listed as

    asked by jose
  115. SCI7R - HW Check! (plzzz read!)

    3. vessel connected to the heart ventricle answer - ????????? (vein?)

    asked by Laruen
  116. History

    Themes of entertainment in the 1930's ?

    asked by Remy W
  117. pre-calc

    a ship leaves port and sails for 2 hours north east and than 3 hours north west. If the speed remains constant, what course should the ship take home?

    asked by Bobert
  118. chem, find concentrations

    A 2 liter container holds 2.2 mol of NH3 gas, which starts to decompose according to the following reaction. At equilibrium there are .6 mol of H2. Determine the concentrations of NH3, H2, and N2 at equilibrium. 2NH3-> 3H2+N2 ^ all gas

    asked by bkue
  119. language arts

    What happens in chapters 17 and 18 in the book Journey Home by Uchida

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Physics

    A squirrel is resting in a tall tree when it slips from a branch that is 40 m above the ground. It is a very agile squirrel and manages to land safely on another branch after only 0.71 s. What is the height of the branch it lands on?

    asked by Alex
  121. chemistry

    on my selected thermodynamic data i cant find delta H for SiCl4(L) (i can solve the reaction i just cant figure out what SiCl4(L) is.

    asked by maddy
  122. Art

    Have I fixed the run-on? Thank you very much, Writeacher. I added a few more sentences. 1) John doesn't have to take the car. We can walk to school. 2) Have you received any new emails from my students? How many have you got so far? 3) What are you

    asked by John
  123. statistics

    a random sample of 100 students from the current years batch gives the mean IQ level of 110 and variance of 5 can we say that this is same as the IQ of the previous batch which was 116.

    asked by anu
  124. statistics

    no. of 10 resturants surveyed in city of lucknow and found that average food wastage per day is 35 kg with variance as 3 kg . is it reasonable to assume that the daily mean wastage of food in a resturant is 38 kg ? test @5% significance level.

    asked by anu
  125. algebra

    Dal and kim can assemble a swing set in 1.5 hours. working alone it takes kim 4 hour longer than dal how long will it take dal alone to assemble the swing set

    asked by Jenn
  126. accounting

    how do i close a partial worksheet for Walter Searing, for month-end and post closing trial balnce.

    asked by Renee Davis
  127. Intergration: Measurement (Math)

    I don't get it. I need to find out these conversions. 15,000 g= ____ kg 5,000 mL= ____ L 75 mL= ____ L 390 mL= ____ L 0.03 m= ____ mm 6 m= _____ mm 2.48 L= ______ mL 43.2 L= ______ mL 807 mL= _____ L 3,751 m= _____ km

    asked by Sami
  128. Art

    The question is compare and contrast the architectural details of the Early Christian basilica with those of the Gothic Cathedral. My question is, what is this question exactly asking? Are they asking to compare the basilica with a Cathedral, or are they

    asked by Bella
  129. Spheres, Locus (in space aka 3d)

    1) A "small circle" is a circle on a sphere that is NOT a "great circle". What is the locus of the centers of ALL small circles of a sphere having radius 1/2 that of the sphere? I think the answer is a plane? But I'm not sure. Please help me!

    asked by Billy
  130. Global History

    What was the effect of Japanese imperialism in the early 1900s?

    asked by Angel
  131. Biology

    A population of hawks increases in size by 5.5% each year. In how many years will this population quadruple?

    asked by Anonymous
  132. Spanish

    Which one would be correct? I will help to build Ayudaré a construir OR Ayudaré construir I'm not sure whether to place the "a" or not to...

    asked by Amy
  133. SCI Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    path of blood to the heart tissue???????????

    asked by Laruen
  134. Art

    Could you please check these few examples? Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) It is likely that he will pass his driving test. He is likely to pass his driving test. He should pass it. 2) I'm unsure that (if) I will pass it. I might pass it. It is

    asked by John
  135. math

    a small plane sitting on a runway 5 miles west and 2 miles north of town is scheduled to fly to a second runway 17 miles east and 25 miles north of the same town. to the nearest mile, what is the distance between the two runways

    asked by sara
  136. 8 th grade math

    3in.x 5in. photo are triped what scale factor is used

    asked by Anonymous
  137. 8 th grade

    person 6 ft.tall casts a shadow of 8 ft. long what is height of nearby building that casts a 72 ft shadow at same time

    asked by Anonymous
  138. basic calculus

    use the first and second derivatives to find the x-coordinates of all local maxima and minima of f(x)=8e^2x-2x. indicate which of your answers are local minima and which are local maxima.

    asked by Connor
  139. Physics

    A 1.07 kg block slides across a horizontal surface directly toward a massless spring with spring constant 4,794 N/m. The surface is frictionless except for a rough patch of length 0.461 m that has coefficient of kinetic friction 0.358. The initial velocity

    asked by Jennifer
  140. algebra 1A

    a family travels to Bryce Canyon for three days. on the first day, they drive 150 miles. on the second day, they drive 190 miles. what is the least number of miles they drove on the third day if their average number of miles per day was at least 180?

    asked by loraine
  141. algebra 1A

    the fun guys game was rental store charges an annual fee of $5 plus $5.50 per game rented. the game bank charges an annual gee of $17 plus $2.50 per game. for how many game rentals will the cost be the same at both stores? what is the cost?

    asked by loraine
  142. math

    5 cards are drawn at random from a standard deck of playing cards. What is the probability that all are the same suit?

    asked by Derrick
  143. algebra 1A

    at the local per store, zebra fish cost $2.10 each and neon tetras cost $1.80 each. if marsha bought 13 fish for a total of $25.80, not including tax, how many of each type of fish did she buy? a)7 zebra, 6 neon b)8 zebra, 5 neon c)6 zebra, 7 neon d)5

    asked by loraine
  144. chemistry

    Write the double-replacement reaction of HgCl2 reacting with Na2CO3.

    asked by bea
  145. calculus

    The altitude of a triangle is increasing at a rate of 3.000 centimeters/minute while the area of the triangle is increasing at a rate of 2.500 square centimeters/minute. At what rate is the base of the triangle changing when the altitude is 9.000

    asked by remy
  146. calculus

    At noon, ship A is 30 nautical miles due west of ship B. Ship A is sailing west at 25 knots and ship B is sailing north at 25 knots. How fast (in knots) is the distance between the ships changing at 6 PM? (Note: 1 knot is a speed of 1 nautical mile per

    asked by remy
  147. calculus

    Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 50 cubic feet per minute. It forms a pile in the shape of a right circular cone whose base diameter and height are always the same. How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the pile is 24

    asked by remy
  148. chemistry

    How many calories will be needed to melt that 50 grams of snow (report as 1 significant figure)?

    asked by bea
  149. chemistry

    Write the double-replacement reaction of PbCl2 reacting with Na2CO3.

    asked by bea
  150. english

    How to make a sonnet poem with 10 syllables

    asked by joshua
  151. chemistry

    2Na+(aq) + CO32-(aq) + H2O(l) 2Na+(aq) + HCO3-(aq) + ???(aq)

    asked by bea
  152. science

    convert 25 liter into SI unit

    asked by kapil
  153. 8 th grade math

    each side of square is 6 in. long aq scale factor of 2/3 is used to draw similar square , how long is each side of similar square?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Government

    Las Vegas uses a council-manager style government?

    asked by Diana
  155. physics

    A long hollow non-conducting cylinder of radius 0.060 m and length 0.70 m carries a uniform charge per unit area of 4.0 C/m^2 on its surface. Beginning from rest, an externally applied torque causes the cylinder to rotate at constant acceleration of 40

    asked by Rams
  156. physics

    A square piece of foil with area A = 5.0 × 10^-4 m^2 and mass m = 5.0 × 10^-5 kg is suspended along one edge and hangs under its own weight. When light is incident perpendicular to the foil,the foil bends and reaches an equilibrium angle of 2 degrees. If

    asked by Rams
  157. 8th grade math

    is 2/3 a fraction that can be renamed as a repeating decimal

    asked by Anonymous
  158. ALGEBRA 1

    is (8,5) a solution of yx+7

    asked by janika
  159. 8 th grade math

    a stack of fierwood is 8ft.x4ft.x4ft wood costs 1.00 per cubic foot what is total cost of stack 64.00

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Science

    A boy exerts a force of 15N to push a motor bike which has flat tyre for a distance at 30m.calculate the mass of the motor bike. Calculate the density of the motor bike.calculate the work done by the boy.[take g=10m|sm2

    asked by Nicholas
  161. Science

    A boy exerts a force of 15N to push a motor bike which has flat tyre for a distance at 30m.calculate the mass of the motor bike. Calculate the density of the motor bike.calculate the work done by the boy.[take g=10m|sm2

    asked by Nicholas
  162. Chemistry

    30 cubic-centimetre hydrocarbon requires 90 cubic-centimetre of oxygen for complete combustion and 60 cubic-centimetre of carbondioxide is formed .What is the formula of hydrocarbon?

    asked by NItesh Kumar
  163. maths

    i will be greatefull,if you help me in answering the below problem: 1.)Prove that the bisectors of two adjacent supplementary angles include a right angle.

    asked by srikar
  164. Chem

    You have a 46.0 G sample of H20 at a temperature of -58.0*C. How many joules of energy are needed to heat the ice to 95.3*C?

    asked by Joel
  165. math

    weloo (a)find antiderivatives for the following functions : (i) e^5x sinh3x + 4x+6/x^2+3x+5 . (ii)root3x(x^2-2/x+1). (b)Evaluate the following integrals over the given intervals: (i)4/2x-1 - 3/x+4 over [1,3] (ii)cosh 3x-sinh4x over [0, ln2] (c)A particle

    asked by weloo
  166. Chemistry

    how many atoms of oxygen are present in 30 g of glucose

    asked by Susan
  167. mayh

    Price of corn was 4%/ on Jan 2009 and 7%/ on Jan 2010. By what percentage did the corn price change from Jan 2009 to Jan 2010?

    asked by Anonymous
  168. Foreign languages

    I left out the following examples. Thank you, Writeacher. 1) He told us the match has been cancelled (correct should be: was/had been cancelled?). 2. My father suggested that I should do up the house before selling it. I should have my house done up ....

    asked by Mike
  169. math

    what is x over 6 divided by x over 30?

    asked by Michael
  170. s.c.l.s

    in 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the humans or enviromental problems impact on the community.due to hiv/aids

    asked by lindi
  171. 8 th grade math

    what is length of hypotenuse 16m is bottom measure and 12 m is side i added them together and got 28m is this right

    asked by Anonymous
  172. statistics

    a sales manager wants to know whether a special promotional campaign is a success. he had the following data-Retail outlets :1 2 3 4 5 6 ; Sales before campaign : 50 48 31 42 28 53 ; Sales after campaign : 56 55 30 45 29 58. Test at 5% LOS.

    asked by jesse
  173. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.202 kg has a velocity of 1.54 m/s right; a ball of mass 0.298 kg has a velocity of 0.410 m/s left. They meet in a head-on elastic collision.

    asked by Kim
  174. Pre-Calc/Math

    Prove Identity: (1-cos2x/ tan x) = sin2x

    asked by Yadira
  175. Science

    What is the nostril

    asked by Valerrie
  176. physics

    A net charge of 47 mC passes through the cross-sectional area of a wire in 19.0 s. (a) What is the current in the wire? 1 A (b) How many electrons pass the cross-sectional area in 1.0 min? 2 electrons

    asked by Amelia
  177. physics

    A hair dryer draws a current of 9.7 A. (a) How much charge passes through the hair dryer in 3.5 min? 1 C (b) How many electrons does this represent? 2 electrons

    asked by Amelia
  178. physics

    How much charge passes through a cross-sectional area of a copper wire in 0.8 s if I = 3.5 A? 1 C

    asked by Amelia
  179. physics

    A color television has a power rating of 325 W. How much current does this set draw from a potential difference of 120 V? 1 . A i got 2.92 but its wrong?

    asked by Amelia
  180. physics

    A color television has a power rating of 325 W. How much current does this set draw from a potential difference of 120 V? 1 . A i got 2.92 but its wrong?

    asked by Amelia
  181. Math

    Find a number between 1/4 and 13/20?

    asked by AT
  182. physics

    A steam iron draws 6.5 A when connected to a potential difference of 120 V. (a) What is the power rating of this iron? 1 W (b) How many joules of energy are produced in 20.0 min? 2 J (c) How much does it cost to run the iron for 20.0 min at $0.014/kW·h? $

    asked by Amelia
  183. Physics

    A 1.4 kg mass is attached to a spring with a force constant of 56 N/m. If the mass is released with a speed of 0.26 m/s at a distance of 8.6 cm from the equilibrium position of the spring, what is its speed when it is halfway to the equilibrium position?

    asked by Emily
  184. physics

    Calculate the cost of operating a 65 W light bulb continuously for a 30-day month when electrical energy costs $0.23/kW·h. $ 1

    asked by Amelia
  185. physics

    The operating potential difference of a light bulb is 120 V. The power rating of the bulb is 105 W. Find the current in the bulb and the bulb's resistance. Current 1 A Resistance 2 I got 0.916 for A and 115 for B but they are wrong

    asked by Amelia
  186. 8 th grade math

    ann batted 12 times and made 9 hits what is the percent of her times to bat i put 66 2/3 is that right or it could be 75%

    asked by Anonymous
  187. 8 th grade math

    there are 6cars,2 trucks, and 2 motorcycles in parking lot. what is the probability that the first vehicle will be a truck? choices are 1/10 ,4/5, 1/5 or answer not here . i answered 1/10 is this right

    asked by Anonymous
  188. physics

    A person exerts a horizontal force of 36 N on the end of a door 97cm wide. What is the magnitude of the torque if the force is exerted perpendicular to the door and What is the magnitude of the torque if the force is exerted at a 70.0 angle to the face of

    asked by emmie
  189. chemistry

    what mass of KCl can be dissolved in 200.0g of water at 15.0C?

    asked by valerier
  190. physics

    A large 62.0 kg board is propped at a 44 angle against the edge of a barn door that is 3.1 wide.How great a horizontal force must a person behind the door exert (at the edge) in order to open it? Assume that there is negligible friction between the door

    asked by emmie
  191. Fundamental of marketing

    Name a business or health care organization that you believe is using a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to dealing with the marketing environment.

    asked by lisa
  192. Soanish-8th grade please check answer

    I'm not sure what they're asking in this question- are they asking where you are when you vacation? ¿Dondé te ustedes cuando de vacaciones? Answer-Yo estoy en Florida.

    asked by Anthony
  193. 8 th grade math

    12 is 150% of what number choices are 8,10, 18, 24 i answered 8 is that right?

    asked by Anonymous
  194. Geometry

    If measures of two complementary angles are in the ratio 1 : 5. What are the degree measures of the two angles? Thanks :)

    asked by Samuel
  195. Math

    Amperes (abbreviated amp) measure the strength of electric current. An ohm is the unit of electrical resistance. In an electric circuit, the current varies inversely as the resistance. If the current is 24 amps when the resistance is 20 ohms, find the

    asked by Haylie
  196. statistics

    you have requirement that men must be at least 74 in tall and women must be at least 70 in tall. the men height is 69 in +/-2.8 and women mean height is 63.6 +/-2.5. If the requirement s changed so that the tallest 4% of men and women are eligible, what

    asked by alyssa
  197. physics

    A ferryboat traveling at a speed of 30 km/h attempts to cross a river with a current of 5 km/h. What is the boat's speed relative to the shore?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. owning and operating a car

    It is important to make sure that any person selling you a car has? A. physical possession of the vehicle. B. informed the motor vehicles department of the intention to sell the vehicle. C. legal title to the vehicle. D. a good reputation for honesty.

    asked by Aisha
  199. chemistry

    After the lithium chloride dissolves and you get the heat from the Heat of Solution, what could you do to the dissolved lithium chloride so that you could reuse it for heating?

    asked by bea
  200. Please HELP

    I need to compare and contrast the architectural details of the Early Christian basilica with those of the Gothic Cathedral. Im searching and searching on google, and i cannot find anything. PLEASE HELP PLEASE.

    asked by Hey