Questions Asked on
May 13, 2012

  1. finance

    the bubba corp. had net income before taxes of $200.000 and sales of $200.000. if it is in the 50% tax bracket ifs after tax profit margin is?

    asked by mike
  2. Physics

    A baseball is hit at ground level. The ball is observed to reach its maximum height above ground level 3.0 s after being hit. And 2.5 s after reaching this maximum height, the ball is observed to barely clear a fence that is 97.5 m from where it was hit.

    asked by Leah
  3. Chemistry

    Write a balanced equilibrium equation and kb expression for the reaction of the hydrogen phosphate ion (HPO4^2-) with water. Answer: HPO4^2-(aq) +H2O(l) PO4^3-(aq) +H3O+ (aq) kb= [PO4^3-][H3O+]/ [HPO4^2-] is that right?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    A die is rolled, and the number that falls uppermost is observed. Let E denote the event that the number shown is even, and let F denote the event that the number is odd number. A. Are the events E and F mutually excluseve? B. Are the evnts # and F

    asked by Terri
  5. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of Ba(OH)2 0.20 M necessary to neutralize 300.0 mL of H3PO4 0.30 M. (4 marks)

    asked by Andrea
  6. physics

    A stone is suspended from the free end of a wire that is wrapped around the outer rim of a pulley, as shown in the figure (see the figure ). The pulley is a uniform disk with mass 10.4 and radius 51.0 and turns on frictionless bearings. You measure that

    asked by Anonymous
  7. calculus

    Eliminate the parameter and write the corresponding rectangular equation whose graph represents the curve. x=4+2cos(theta) y=-1+2sin(theta)

    asked by ct
  8. Chemistry

    A weak acid solution, HX 0.37 M, has a pH of 3.70. Calculate the acidity constant for this acid.

    asked by Andrea
  9. open collages "pet obedience trainer'

    which one of the following statements describes classical conditioning: A. it generally involves more than one independant variable B. it involves the pairing of a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus C. it depends on a close relationship

    asked by sarah
  10. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution prepared by dissolving 12.2 g of benzoic acid in enough water to produce a 500 mL solution?

    asked by Andrea
  11. English

    1. A major difference between today’s Hispanic and past European immigrants is that— (1 point) for Hispanics, the old country is only two hours away. European immigrants were all light-skinned. Hispanics are willing to take jobs Americans don’t want.

    asked by Angela
  12. Physics

    A balloon rubbed against denim gains a charge of -8.0 uC. What is the electric force between the balloon and the denim when the two are separted by a distance of 5.0 cm? (Assume that the charges are located at a point!)

    asked by Kelsi
  13. Psy

    it has been proposed that students have difficulty retuning to their academic schedule after a holiday or break. Specifically, it has been predicted that there will be more students absences on the Monday following Spring Break than on the Friday prior to

    asked by Gwen
  14. circle

    A park maiand mantenance person stands 16m from a circular monument. Assume that her lines of sight from tangents to the monument and make an angle of 47 degrees. what is the measure of the arc of the monument that her lines of sight intersected possible

    asked by Anonymous

    Use the solubility rules to predict whether the following substances are soluble or insoluble in water: a) K2CrO4 _______________ b) NiSO4 _______________ c) Cu(OH)2 ______________ d) Pb(C2H3O2)2 __________ e) Ag2CO3 _______________ f) Al2S3

    asked by DAN
  16. Chemistry

    Are the reactants or the products favoured in the following reactions? a. CH3COOH with NH3? b. HS- with HCO3-? c. HNO2 with NH3 d. NH4+ with F- e. C6H5COOH with CH3COO- f. H2SO3 with HCO3- g. H2CO3 with SO32- h. H2SO3 with SO32-

    asked by Andrea
  17. Chemistry

    200 g of CH3COOH are dissolved in enough water to make 1.5 L. What is the molarity of the acetic acid solution?

    asked by Andrea
  18. English

    How do the styles and themes of “Theme for English B” and “Ballad of Birmingham” compare? Answer this question in at least a paragraph and make sure to cite examples from the text. Answer:

    asked by Liz
  19. Physics

    A balloon rubbed against denim gains a charge of -8.0 uC. What is the electric force between the balloon and the denim when the two are separted by a distance of 5.0 cm? (Assume that the charges are located at a point!)

    asked by Kelsi
  20. math

    A box contains five blue, eight green, and three yellow marbles. If a marble is selected at random, what is the probability that it is not blue?

    asked by free
  21. geometry

    Find the surface area of pyramid that has a regular hexagonal base od edge 6 cm and a height of 8 cm. Thank you so much

    asked by Lucas
  22. math


    asked by amanda
  23. chemistry

    what is the ionization reaction and acid ionization constant expression for the HS- ion in water?

    asked by ryan
  24. Chemistry

    Hi Dr.Bob, Which is the correct formula for dinitrobis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) nitrate? I'm not sure which is the correct one out of these two: a)[Co(en)2(NO2)2]NO3 or b)[Co(NO2)2(en)2]3(NO3)3 ? At the instance, I've choosen option a). Is my naming

    asked by Meenaakshi
  25. English

    ENGLISH HOMEWORK.. Need to write a antecedent for each Pronoun that is Capitilized in sentences.? Need to write a antecedent for each Pronoun that is Capitilized in sentences 1. Some of the Students brought THEIR lunches to the beach. 2. Ken took Meg home

    asked by Ann
  26. Chemistry

    The highest positive oxidation number that chlorine can exhibit an any compound is +7, whereas its most negative oxidation number is -1. Write the electron configuration of chlorine and explain why these are limiting oxidation numbers for chlorine.

    asked by Tom
  27. chemistry

    a 8.6 *10 to the -3 power M solution of H3PO4 has a PH of 2.30 what is the Ka for H3PO4?

    asked by ryan
  28. geometry

    hich is the equation of a circle with diameter AB with A(5,4) and B(-1,-4)? possible answers; (x-5)^2+(y-4)^2=10 (x+5)^2+(y+4)^2=100 (x-2)^2+y^2=25 (x+2)^2+y^2=5 Not sure

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Spanish-Help with this question please

    I'm not sure what they're asking in this question- are they asking where you are when you vacation? ¿Dondé te ustedes cuando de vacaciones? Answer-Yo estoy en Florida.

    asked by Anthony
  30. geometry

    Find the surface area of pyramid that has a regular hexagonal base od edge 6 cm and a height of 8 cm. Thank you so much

    asked by Lucas
  31. algebra

    determine the amount of an investment if $500 is invested at an interest rate of 4.25% compounded quarterly for 12 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Chemistry

    Classify the following 3 acids in order of increasing acidity: Acid 1:Ka = 8 x 10-6 Acid 2:Ka = 6 x 10-4 Acid 3:Ka = 9 x 10-11

    asked by Andrea
  33. Chemistry

    Which of the following contains the highest H3O+ ion concentration? Explain your answer. HCl 0.1 M HCH3CO2 0.1 M

    asked by Andrea
  34. Chemistry

    Calculate the KA of formic acid if 2.3 g of it is dissolved in 1 litre of water to give [H+] of 0.003 M.

    asked by Andrea
  35. chem

    what is the maximum amount of KNO3 that can dissolve in 300 grams of water at 40 degree C. Solubility of KNO3 is 60g/100g at 40C. how do i start to solve this?

    asked by bkue
  36. Chemistry

    the chemical dichlorobenzne will not disolve in water, what muct the polarity of dichlorobenznebe by and why?

    asked by Sally
  37. algebra

    how do i round 2/15 to the nearest tenth, hundreth and thousanth?

    asked by john
  38. math

    2 planes parallel to the base of a pyramid cut the pyramid at 1/4 and 2/3 of the height as measured from the base up. If the volume of the pyramid is 100 cubic inches, what is the volume of the middle piece to the nearest tenth?

    asked by Ian
  39. Physics

    You are driving your car at a constant speed down the freeway. You are using 42 horsepower to do this. If the air resistance and frictional forces add up to 650 N, what is the net force on your car?

    asked by Leah
  40. math

    Franklin deposited $1,400 in a savings account that accrues simple interest at 6.75%. What is the balance in his account at the beginning of the third quarter?

    asked by Mike
  41. Physics

    A block of mass m lies on a rough plane which is inclined at an angle è to the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the plane is ì. A force of magnitude P is now applied to the block in a horizontal direction, towards the

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2NOCl(g) 2NO(g) + Cl2(g) Initially pure NOCl(g) is placed in a vessel at 3.00 atm. At equilibrium, 0.416% of the NOCl has decomposed. Determine the value for Kp.

    asked by Andrew
  43. Art

    I would like you to check these last sentences? Thank you very much Writeacher. 1) They had an argument but they made it up. 2)They held up a bank but they managed to get away with it. 3) He needn't have bought a new map. 4) It wasn’t necessary for her

    asked by John
  44. economics

    When the price of corn dogs is $1.00, 5,000 corn dogs are demanded. When the price of corn dogs is $2.00, 2,500 are demanded. What is the price elasticity of demand for corn dogs?

    asked by Ashaki
  45. economics

    The central bank is rensponsible for the management of monetary policy. What is the major tool of monetary policy, and how would it operate in the context of a tight money policy?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue you know what I name my poster on rosemary?

    asked by Mohammad
  47. Computers

    For each order, display the Company Name, City, and the Country for the customer who placed the order.

    asked by Kendra
  48. chemistry

    calculate the molar solubility of FeCO3. How many grams of FeCO3 are present in 15 L of a saturated FeCO3 solution ?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Biology

    What is a good question I can ask my class about Pulmonary Embolism that would create a good discussion?

    asked by Rebecca
  50. Chemistry

    How do I identify the reducing agent in a reaction of magnesium with oxygen?

    asked by Jasmine
  51. Chemistry

    I keep getting the last part of this question wrong. Strong base is dissolved in 765 mL of 0.200 M weak acid (Ka = 4.63 x 10^-5) to make a buffer with a pH of 4.18. Assume that the volume remains constant when the base is added. HA(aq) + OH-(aq) -. H2O(l)

    asked by Katherine
  52. Chemistry

    Got another practice question but I'm really stumped on this one: If the [ZnCl4]^2- ion is diamagnetic what must its structure be and why - octahedral, tetrahedral or square planar? I know that diamagnetic means that all its electrons are paired and that

    asked by Miaow
  53. Maths

    A fence that is 4 metres tall runs parallel to a tall building at a distance of 1 metre from the building. What is the length of the shortest ladder that will reach from the ground over the fence to the wall of the building?

    asked by Arjun
  54. Chemistry

    Please help! I need to calculate the enthalpy change of the POCL3.

    asked by Lowrence
  55. algebra

    an angle is (3x+43) and (8x+8) what is the degree of the angle

    asked by Lawanna
  56. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of volume 7 dm3 is obtained by dissolving 5.5 kg of C12H22O11 in enough water. express the concentration in mol/L and mol/Kg

    asked by Susan
  57. Psychology

    Alexander, a fifth grade teacher, believes that Kimberly's behvior is a result of poor parenting. The school counselor is concerned with her inability to focus, attendto directions, and recall information from the prevous day or events from earlier in the

    asked by Gwen
  58. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue i already say what rosemary represent but why she be important in story? because she introduce peace and happiness to main character? i not know wat else to say

    asked by Mohammad
  59. MATH

    The probability that a voting-age adult in 2004 voted in the presidential election was 0.57. Five voting-age adults in 2004 were randomly selected. Find the probability that exactly 2 or the 5 adults voted in the presidential election.

    asked by Matt
  60. Health

    I left out two last sentences, Writeacher. Could you please check them? 1) I have no credit on my phone. I need to top it up. 3) They are trying out a new vaccine against cancer.

    asked by John
  61. English

    Hello. I will be very grateful for some language help. 1)Is it possible to use "have" with the word "victory", for example "Last year our country had an important victory - it joined UNESCO"? 2)Is it possible to use "have a win" in the same context: "Last

    asked by Ilma
  62. physics 30

    an object is thrown from 1.5m above the ground with a velocity of 15m/s and at an angle of 25deg with the ground. using vectors and motion equations, determine how long the object will remain in the air before returning to the ground. ARGHHHHHH help

    asked by Don
  63. Statistics

    M80,sd10,s8,n25 how do I calculate the sampling distribution parametes

    asked by Mildred
  64. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue i also want to say that jacob feel alone, but i not find proper word to say that he feel like a handful duty on his children. i not know what proper word to use.

    asked by Mohammad
  65. English, novel, ivanhoe

    How is the late 12th century depicted by Sir Walter Scott, and do you find his interpretation realistic or purely fictitious? On what do you base your conclusions?

    asked by sanna
  66. Please can you help me (Statistic))

    If the confidence interval obtained is to wide. How can the width of this interval be reduce and which alternative is the best and why? Thank you for your help

    asked by Fakaapo. Suetusi
  67. statistics

    the probability that a voting-age adult in 2008 voted in the presidential election was .57. Five voting age adults in 2008 were randomly selected. Find the probability that exactly 2 of the 5 adults voted in the presidential election.

    asked by dave
  68. trig

    find the values of x between 0 and 2 pi where the tangent line to the graph of y = sinxcosx is horizontal

    asked by Jom
  69. Chemistry

    A sample of a gas at STP has its temperature raised to 510C and its pressure raised to 5 atm. If the initial volume of this gas is 100.0 ml, what will the final volume be?

    asked by Linda
  70. Math

    hello I need help to do this exercise Consider the function f (x) = (16 x + 33) / (x +3) 1) Determine its domain Df 2) Solve the equation f (x) = 14 3) Show that for all x in Df: f (x) - 15 = (x-12) / (x +3) 4) deduct the resolution of the inequality f

    asked by Sébastien
  71. Statistics

    Having problems reading the z-table. I don't understand how .1500% equates to a 1.04 z-score Thank you for your help

    asked by Jesse
  72. Reinbursement Methodologies

    Which of the following would be the best to use to help plan home health care outcomes and assessments? A.MAC B.Oasis C.Raven D.Haven Can someone check my answer i chose (B)

    asked by Brenna
  73. Spanish

    I had to write about what I do when I go to the airport. Is this correct Voy al aeropuerto con mi equipaje. Me presento en el mostrador con mi boleto aéreo y mi pasaporte. Registro mi equipaje. Voy con mi maleta de mano y paso por seguridad. Luego de

    asked by Anthony
  74. English Literature

    What is the purpose of Cantos 26-28 of Dante's Inferno?

    asked by Tate
  75. math

    A solid cone is cut into two parts by a plane parallel to the base and 3/5 of the height of the cone above the base. Find the ratio of the volumes in the two parts.

    asked by My Name Is Bob
  76. math

    what is the locus of the midpoints of the line segments joining a given external point to all points of a plane? (Locus is set in space aka 3d)

    asked by My Name Is Bob
  77. trig pre calc

    cos x (sec x +cos x csc2x)=csc2x

    asked by trig identities
  78. physics

    Hi, my teacher doesn't teach us too well and we have a few packets to hand in for tomorrow that I really don't understand much of. If someone could give me the answers to all of the problems on the first link if you search "the electrical energy converted

    asked by David
  79. Calculus

    Show by vector calculation that the bisector of the angle between the two equal sides of an isosceles triangle bisects the third side and is perpendicular to it.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. English - ms. sue

    WFE question chapt 12 uncle al want be like ring ling bros, wat be harms he be putting his team in? that be he making them do hard work? main character jacob say he hate that he be in love with mrlena nd hate he let both of them down. who be they nd why he

    asked by Mohammad
  81. English - ms. sue

    WFE queston chapt 13 what difference main character see in circus in nursing home and one he see when he be young? this be be less abusive and not interesting?

    asked by Mohammad
  82. Chemistry

    A balloon that has a temperature of 12C and a volume of 10.0Lt has its temperature raised to 150C. Assuming a constant pressure, what will the new volume of balloon be?

    asked by Linda
  83. Chemistry

    A container with a volume of 19.6 L that has temperature of 37C and a pressure of 0.900 atm has its temperature lowered to 0.00C and its pressure raised to 1.90 atm. What will the new volume be? Assume that the number of moles is constant.

    asked by Patrick
  84. Chemistry

    How many moles of Xe gas are there in a container of Xe with a volume of 1.5L, and a pressure of 1.25 atm, and a temperature of 150C?

    asked by Patrick
  85. English - ms. sue

    chapt 14 WFE camel not alright because he drink jake and he be paralyzed? it ask what be physically wrong with him and what do kinko say he have. he have jake leg? how u ease someone in camel's place? i not get how to ease someone in that place

    asked by Mohammad
  86. English - ms. sue

    chapt 14 question WFE kinko say we cant keep camel concealed 4ever Wat be some presumptions u hve about this statement that everyone find out about his problem?

    asked by Mohammad
  87. Chemistry

    What is the pressure of a sample of Chlorine gas if the gas sample contains 0.25 moles of Chlorine and has a volume of 150 L with a temperature of 25 K?

    asked by Amanda
  88. English - ms. sue

    WFE chapt 14/15 in chapt 14 end wat do mrlena say w/o verbally saying it? that be she love jcob?

    asked by Mohammad
  89. Chemistry

    Working on a practice question for finals so I really want to understand how this works: What is the coordination number of mercury in K2[HgI4]? I say that mercury's coordination number is 4 because I^- is a monodentate ligand. Does the potassium affect

    asked by Miaow
  90. geometry

    The ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is 36 : 25. What is the ratio of the perimeters of the two triangles?

    asked by adeny
  91. geometry

    The scale factor for two similar triangles is 4 : 3. The perimeter of the smaller triangle is 12. What is the perimeter of the larger triangle?

    asked by adeny
  92. Psychology

    I need my 10 quiz questions check for correctness. Thank you! 1. An asymptote is: a) a decrease in the strength of the conditioned response. b) an increase in the strength of the conditioned response. c) stability in the strength of the conditioned

    asked by Kathy
  93. math


    asked by amanda
  94. geometry

    In circle O, ∠AOB intercepts an arc whose measure is 50°. What is the measure of ∠AOB?

    asked by adeny
  95. English - ms. sue

    WFE question it be right for jcob & kinko to inform cmel son? i think it be because they not want him to get killed and that be only other option. who be blamed? uncle al or agust? for that rosie complication that happen in chapter 15? al for buying

    asked by Mohammad
  96. math

    1/5x+y=2 x-10++-5y

    asked by amanda
  97. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue teacher say i have to do easy bib workcite page even for pictures i get from internet she say they need to have authors but images i get from google not have any authors you know site i get pictures from that have authors?

    asked by Mohammad
  98. math

    4x-y=7 5x+y=20

    asked by amanda
  99. math


    asked by amanda
  100. trig! please help!


    asked by Brianna
  101. Easy Math

    If a basketball has a circumference of C = 2.98 ft, what is its surface area and its volume?

    asked by gretchen
  102. algebra

    you have just graduated from college and recently opened a specialty pizza restaurant. Based on surveys conducted in your area, you determine what it is feasible to sell your specialty for $15. The cost for making the pizzas includes a fixed cost of $55

    asked by cathy
  103. Geometry

    The surface area of a cone is 55 pie cm squared. The radius is 5 cm. What is the slant height?

    asked by Angela
  104. trig

    2sin(4x)[(cos(3/2)x)(cos(5x/2)-sin((15/4)x)]+x can someone simplify this using trig identities?

    asked by Brianna
  105. Math- Radius

    The volume of a sphere is V = 14,130 ft3. What is its surface area? What is it's radius? The volume of a sphere is V = 4443 m3. What is its surface area? What is it's radius?

    asked by Mike
  106. chemsitry

    how do you find PH of {H+} = 1.0 * 10 to the -5 power M?

    asked by ryan
  107. statistics


    asked by Anonymous
  108. physics

    a bus engine can operate at very high temperatures . if one of the cylinders has a volume of 1 litre and is initially at 25°C and atmospheric pressure , what is the temperature when the gas in the cylinder is reduced to a volume of 100cubic centrimeters

    asked by amanda
  109. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant for the following reaction is 7.2 x 10-10. What is the [H+] in a solution 1.0 M of this acid? HCN + H2O --> H3O+ + CN-

    asked by Andrea
  110. English

    Hello. I'll be grateful for some more help. Is it possible to use the Perfect tense twice in the sentence, for example "Peter, who has long lived in New York, has promised to show me the city"? Thank you very much for help. As for the sentence about

    asked by Ilma
  111. chemistry

    how to calculate PH and POH {OH-) = 1.0 *10 to -11 power M?

    asked by ryan
  112. algebra

    -71+square root of 1/142 simplify

    asked by amanda
  113. physical

    Fiend moment of inertia of a circular ring about a tangent to the ring the lying in its planc

    asked by Md jawed
  114. statistics

    Compare the standard deviation for the heights of males and the standard deviation for the heights of females in the class. Compare the values and explain what can be concluded based on the numbers

    asked by letty
  115. Writing

    I need help answering this question. "America is a nation of entrepreneurs. Franchises provide too many people an avenue to achieve the “American Dream” by starting and maintaining a successful business. Investigate the positive contributions that fast

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Art

    I still have a few doubts on some corrections you did yesterday, Writeacher. Could you please check them? Thank you very much. 1)It took me a long time to grow into the job. (Also: It took a long time for me to grow into.....?) 2) She handed down a

    asked by Mike
  117. Chemistry

    4.00L of water was added to 0.400L of an aqueous ethanol solution, giving a final concentration of 0.0400 M. What is the initial concentration of ethanol? I just need help setting it up pls Thanks!

    asked by Winston Churchill
  118. 6th grade math

    Please check to make sure I did these correctly, so confusing. Thank you. Rename each fraction as a terminating or repeating decimal 13/20 .65 1/3 0.3333333333333333 2/9 0.2222222222222222 5/12 0.4166666666666667 1/16 0.0625 Rename each mixed number as a

    asked by claire
  119. deforestation

    im making a list of negative effects of deforestation, could I get a couple of effects?

    asked by environment
  120. statistics

    Compare the standard deviation for the heights of males and the standard deviation for the heights of females in the class. Compare the values and explain what can be concluded based on the numbers. female 2.541 male 4.21

    asked by letty
  121. physics

    you take 250.0 g of ice from the refrigerator at -8.00 degrees celsius. how much heat does it take to warm it to room temperature, 20.0 degrees celsius?

    asked by megan
  122. Chemistry

    Commercial vinegar usually has a concentration of 5%, per volume. a) Calculate the [H3O+] , if the density of acetic acid is 1.051 g/mL. b) Calculate the pH.

    asked by Andrea
  123. Algebra

    how do i find the fractional notation of 11.443 and equal it to ?/1000

    asked by aubrey
  124. Author

    When being an author, what's the salary Do you get paid when you publish a book? Is it the author choice for the price of the book? Do you get paid a lot when being author?

    asked by Laruen
  125. Chemistry

    25g of ethanol is dissolved in 1.50 kg of whater. what will the boiling point of the solution be?

    asked by Sandra
  126. Math

    A hi-tech bowling ball is constructed from concentric spheres, kind of like a perfectly round M&M peanut. The inner sphere, of material X, has a radius of 1 inch. The middle spherical shell of material Y has a thickness of 2 inches. The outer shell of

    asked by My Name Is Bob
  127. ICT

    Indicate the type of method used to access data for the following: (a)Hard drive (b)Magnetic tape

    asked by Nneka
  128. Calculus

    As you know, Chemproc, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of chemicals and chemical waste. Further, as has been recently highlighted on the local news, we are in the process of expanding our Lonlinc, Skanebra chemical manufacturing plant to add two or three

    asked by Sarah
  129. chem

    what is the boiling point elevation when 31.5 g of menthol (C10H20 O ) is dissolved in 258g of acetic acid? Kb for acetic acid is 3.07 C/m.

    asked by bkue
  130. Science

    What is a galaxy with no definite shape or size called?

    asked by Ginny
  131. GED-Word Problems

    How many cubic feet of gravel will be needed to fill a circular area 14 feet across and 3 inches deep?

    asked by kayla
  132. Foreign languages

    Writeacher, could you please check these other sentences. Thank you. Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition. 1) I regret ….. inform you that you didn’t pass your FCE test. 2) Lucy dreams of………(go) to live in Australia. The fire officer

    asked by John
  133. Chemistry

    For the following acids: i. CH3COOH ii. HNO2 iii. HCN a) What is the dissociation equation in an aqueous solution? b)Give the KA expression for each of the acids. c)Identify the acid-base pairs.

    asked by Andrea
  134. Physics

    A block of mass m is projected at speed Vo up a rough plane inclined at an angle theta to the horizontal. Model the block as a particle and assume that the frictional force acting is given by kv^2, where v is the block's speed and k is a constant. What is

    asked by Anonymous
  135. GED-Word Problems

    A pan is 24 cm wide 35 cm long and 2 cm deep. A full pan of brownies is how many cubic centimeters?

    asked by kayla
  136. math

    garys cat weighs 11 lb.How many ounces is that?

    asked by Gabe
  137. math

    how many tons are in 35,00 lb?

    asked by andy
  138. Algebra 2

    Soo the equation is 25y^2-9x^2-200y-36x+139=0 and for the center is got (2,4) and the vertices I got (2,7) and (2,1) But i cant figure out how to find the slopes of the asymptotes and it wants the answer is reduced fraction please explain

    asked by Nancy
  139. GED-Word Problems

    Roland drives a mixer for a cement company. The mixer is a cylinder 10 feet long with a diameter of 9.5 feet. What is the volume of the mixer?

    asked by kayla
  140. math

    2006 the population of a country was 32.4 million. This was a 4.1% increase since 2001. What was the population in 2001?

    asked by Anonymous
  141. Volume and Surface Area

    Find the exact surface area and volume of a right square pyramid with a radius of 2 inches and a height of 6 inches.

    asked by Billy
  142. math

    which two points of a trignometric function will always give an average rate of change of 0?

    asked by shab

    Write the formulas for the following substances as they would appear in a total ionic equation: a) Aqueous acetic acid b) solid lithium carbonate c) Aqueous ammonia d) Aqueous sodium dihydrogen phosphate I don't know, do we have to write the formula [like

    asked by DAN
  144. math

    how fast are 13 inch trailer tires going when my truck is going 55mph with 15" tires

    asked by Ed
  145. Algebra

    Use the graph of the function to estimate: a. f(2) b. f(–4) c. All x such that f(x) = 0

    asked by ron
  146. social studeis

    why do people celebrate when its kosovo's independence day?

    asked by katie
  147. algerbra 2

    What did the baby pocupine say when it backed into a cactus?

    asked by samantha
  148. English -ms. sue

    ms. sue do the character Mr. Freeman in movie Speak be good representation of rosemary in WFE? He give the main character Melinda encouragement.

    asked by Mohammad
  149. English

    Hello. I've just noticed that I posted my previous question in the wrong place. Sorry. I'll be grateful if you will answer my questions. 1)English has many synonyms,and sometimes it's quite difficult to choose the correct word. Is it possible to use the

    asked by Ilma
  150. ECO/372

    product with an import surplus and the impact that has on the U.S. businesses?

    asked by amt
  151. pre-calculus

    Currently in school we're learning about proving identities and for extra credit I got this problem. cosB= -8/17 in quad II and I have to find sin 7B. I have gotten this far: sin7B= sin(3B+4B) sin3Bcos4B+sin4Bcos3B my problem I can't figure out how to

    asked by Luis
  152. ECO/372

    what are foreign exchange rates and how are they determined.

    asked by at
  153. culture diversity

    2. Why do people label and group other people?

    asked by mandy
  154. math

    If an object with the weight of 70 newtons requires 37 newtons to start sliding, what is the value of the coefficient of the static rounded to the nearest tenth?

    asked by joseph
  155. Physics

    What will be the final temperature of 130 g of 20°C water when 100 g of 35°C iron nails are submerged in it? (The specific heat of iron is 0.12 cal/(g·°C).)

    asked by moron