Questions Asked on
May 9, 2012

  1. physics

    A rocket is launched vertically from Earth's surface with a velocity of 3.4 km/s. How high does it go: From Earth's centre? From Earth's surface? how can this be done without any time or force mentioned ??

    asked by matin
  2. chemistry

    Which of the following are redox reactions? (a) Ba(NO3)2 (aq) + H2SO4 (aq) -> BaSO4 (s) + 2 HNO3 (aq) (b) NH4NO2 (s) -> N2 (g) + 2 H2O (g) (c) CuO (s) + H2 (g) -> Cu (s) + H2O (L)

    asked by Derrick
  3. Art

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of post and lintel construction and where can it be seen in architecture today

    asked by Bella
  4. math

    Find the periodic payment R required to amortize a loan of P dollars over t yr with interest charged at the rate of r%/year compounded m times a year. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) P = 100,000, r = 9.5, t = 23, m = 12

    asked by Kristen
  5. physics

    A person with a mass of 60kg climbs up to a diving board 4 meters above a swimming pool. what is the divers speed when entering the water? A 8.9m/s b 6.2m/s c 4.4m/s d 3.3m/s e 2.1 m/s

    asked by neshia
  6. Statistics

    A large furniture store has begun a new ad campaign on local television. Before the campaign, the long term average daily sales were $24,819. A random sample of 40 days during the new ad campaign gave a sample mean daily sale of x(bar)=$25,910 with sample

    asked by Matt
  7. Chemistry

    Consider an amphoteric hydroxide, M(OH)2(s), where M is a generic metal. M(OH)2 (s) M^2+ (aq) + 2OH- (aq) Ksp=4e-16 M(OH)2 (s) + 2OH- (aq) M(OH)4 ^2- (aq) Kf=0.06 Estimate the solubility of M(OH)2 in a solution buffered at pH= 7.0, 10.0, and 14.0 I'm not

    asked by anon
  8. PHYSICS Help please!!

    The two-mile linear accelerator at Stanford University in California "appears" to be less than a meter long to the electrons that travel in it. Explain.

    asked by Jason
  9. math

    A deck of cards has three yellow cards and five green cards. One green card is drawn from the deck and not replaced. One more card is randomly drawn. Find the probability that the second card is yellow.

    asked by saraneka
  10. physics- MC QUESTIONS

    Q 1: which of the following conditions occur when an object is in static equilibrium ? (can be more than one option) a. net force on the object is zero b. net torque on the object is zero c. acceleration of the object is zero d. velocity of the object is

    asked by Lilly
  11. Science 7R - Hw Qs. Help!!!!!!! (plzzzz read!!!!)

    Word Scramble 1. UCATLOCNIRI _____________________ 2. NIVE VEIN 3. ILYCARLAP _______________________ 4. THERTA HEART 5. RATYER ____________________ I'm having trouble with three of them. Please Help!!!!!

    asked by Laruen
  12. vocabulary studies

    Acceptance, Perception and Conclusion

    asked by kia
  13. Algebra

    Two children balance on opposite ends of a seesaw. One child weighs 45 pounds and the other weighs 38 pounds. The distance between them is 10 feet. What is the distance of each child from the fulcrum (the center balance point of the seesaw)? (HINT: The

    asked by Cathy
  14. Math rates

    1,680 kilobytes in 4 minutes how do i solve this

    asked by Chyanne
  15. Science 7R - Hw Qs. Check Q3 (plzzzz read!!!!)

    3. Most of our blood vessels are Answer - capillaries? am i correct?

    asked by Laruen
  16. Physics

    A .060kg tennis ball crosses the net a 40m/s and is returned back across the net at 36m/s by the other player. If the contact time between racket and the ball is .0250s, what is the average force on the ball?

    asked by Sarah
  17. math

    Two similar figures have sides in the ratio of 2:3. If a side of the smaller triangle has a length of 7, what is the length of the corresponding side of the other triangle?

    asked by heather
  18. physics....

    A 32.0 kg child descends a slide 4.00 m high. She reaches the bottom with a speed of 2.40 m/s, was the mechanical energy conserved? Explain your reasoning and identify the energy transformations involved.

    asked by myra
  19. Science 7R - Hw Qs. Check (plzzzz read!!!!)

    1. Arteries branching away from the heart become Answer -larger and larger? am I correct?

    asked by Laruen
  20. Math

    An indoor running track has the dimensions shown. The ends of the track are semicircles. If the track is to be resurfaced, how many square feet of material will be required? The semicircle is listed at 34 ft., the straightaway at 80 ft., and individual

    asked by SC
  21. math

    A company sells cardboard that is nine and one-eighth millimeters thick. Write an equation to solve for the number of sheets of cardboard, c, in a pile that is two hundred fifty-five and one-half millimeters thick. What must be done to both sides to solve

    asked by cha
  22. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of a solution if I dissolve 42g of NaOH in a total volume of 375ml of solution

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics

    A flywheel of a radius .5 m starts from rest and under goes a uniform angular acceleration of 3 rad/sec2 for a period of 5 seconds. Find the angular velocity of the flywheel at the end of this time? Find the angular displacement (in radians) that the wheel

    asked by Mary
  24. math-permutuation

    a four digit serial number needs to be created using digits 0-9. first digit is even , no digit is repeated , last digit is odd

    asked by sarah
  25. Alg2

    A geometric sequence has a common ratio of 4. If the fifth term in the sequence is 2256, what is the second term?

    asked by Anon
  26. physics

    A mass oscillates with a period of 2.8 s on the end of a spring that has a spring constant of 75 N/m. What is the magnitude of the mass?

    asked by dreamygirl
  27. Geometry word problem

    A rectangular pond is 10m longer than it is wide. A walk 2m wide surrounds the pond. Find the dimensions of the pond if the area of the walk is 216m2

    asked by David
  28. Physics

    The parabolic TV antenna receives electromagnetic waves from satellites. What is special about these rays?

    asked by Celina
  29. Math

    An artist draws a picture of a house with a rose bush in front. In his picture the rose bush is 1.5cm high and the house is 7.5cm high. In reality the rose bush is .75 metres high. How tall is the house (in metres)? x = artist's scale Convert meters to

    asked by ♫J.R.♫
  30. English

    What is the most important reason to consider typography when creating a procedural text? A.It provides white space around the text. B.It makes the document look nice. C.It adds variety to the document. D.It helps the reader find important information.

    asked by MM
  31. chemistry

    plot (IO3) vs. reaction Time(s)

    asked by amine
  32. Physics

    A 2.5kg ball strikes a wall with a velocity of 8.5m/s to the left. The ball bounces off the wall with a velocity of 7.5m/s to the right. If the ball is in contact with the wall for .25s, what is the constant force exerted on the ball by the wall?

    asked by Sarah
  33. Math

    During softball practice, a softball pitcher throws a ball whose height can be modeled by the equation h = -16t^2 (

    asked by Waleed
  34. health

    what function does simple carbohydrates serve in your body

    asked by candy cain
  35. Managerial Accounting

    The gross earnings of the factory workers for Vargas Company during the month of January are $66,000. The employer’s payroll taxes for the factory payroll are $8,000. The fringe benefits to be paid by the employer on this payroll are $6,000. Of the total

    asked by SFC Triplett Larry A
  36. statistics

    The number of cars sold annually by used car salespeople is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 18. A random sample of 310 salespeople was taken and the mean number of cars sold annually was found to be 71. Find the 94% confidence interval

    asked by lupita
  37. algebra

    Does the parabola open up or down? -10m + m 2 = 21 + y

    asked by eric
  38. Math

    What is the probability of spinning an evenly divided spinner numbered 1-8 and getting a composite number on one spin and getting an odd number on a second spin.

    asked by Sheriva
  39. science

    A room has large windows without curtains. The sunlight makes the room bright, but no one can see in. Is the glass opaque, translucent, or transparent?

    asked by raquel
  40. Calculus

    Which is the standard form of the equation with p = 26, O=3pi/4 ? the O before the =3pi has a diagonal slash through it.

    asked by eddie
  41. History

    What similarities do you see between the United States today and the United States of the past? What issues and problems do we continue to grapple with? What successes do we share with Americans in the past? Give specific historical examples to back up

    asked by hadasha
  42. math

    mark wants to enlarge a 4" by 6" photograph so that the longest side measures 15" how wide will he need to make the photograph

    asked by american fork jr
  43. math

    is (0,4)a solution to y=6-2x?.Explain

    asked by jeff
  44. Math

    Ms.Cantu pulled 20 candies out of a bowl at random. She recorded the results in the table,and then she placed the candies back in the bowl. Sweet=9 Sour=2 Licorice=5 Mint=4 If Ms.Cantu pulls 5 more candies,which is the most reasonable prediction of the

    asked by NrGliight
  45. math

    the height of a triangle is 4 centimeters longer than its base. If the area of the triangle is 22.5 swuare centimeters, then what is the height of the triangle?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Psychology

    What is an example of Defense mechanisms?

    asked by Renee
  47. Chemistry

    The pressure of a gas is 35 atmospheres at a temperature of 48 (degrees) C with constant volume. What will the new pressure be if the temperature is increased to 36 (degrees) C?

    asked by bob
  48. math

    3 brothers had a contest to see who could jump the farthest.Mario jumped 4 feet.Cesar jumped 6 feet farther than Mario,and Ramon jumped half as far as Caear.Which number sentence could be used to find the r,the distance that Ramon jumped? A.4+6-2=r

    asked by NrGliight
  49. Alg2

    Find a quadratic equation with integral coefficients having roots 1/2 and -5/2.

    asked by Sira
  50. fourth grade math

    A plan for a playground is a square shape witha perimeter of 32 units. What would be the area of this playground in square units? Explain how you get the answer using pictures, numbers, or words

    asked by Judy
  51. Calculus

    Calculate the dot product of two vectors: m = [4,5,-1] and n = [6,-2,7]

    asked by J
  52. math

    Gloria wants new carpet for her living room.The room is 15 ft wide and 20 ft long. Which equation can be used to find C,the number of square geet of carpet she needs to cover the floor? A.C=20x15 B.C=(2x20)+(2x15) C.C=15+20 D.C=(15+20)x2 A?

    asked by NrGliight
  53. Physics Help

    If we witness events taking place on the moon, where gravitation is weaker than on Earth, would we expect to see a gravitational red shift or a gravitational blue shift? and Explain please a)blue shift b)red shift c)no shift

    asked by Jake
  54. Calculus

    Calculate the angle between u = [5,7,-1] and v = [8,7,8]

    asked by J
  55. Calculus

    Determine the vector u = AB and its magnitude, given A(3,7,-2) and B(9,1,5).

    asked by J
  56. Calculus

    Write a vector equation AND parametric equations of the line through the points A(6,-1,5) and B(-2,-3,6)

    asked by J
  57. math

    The numbers below are in order from greatest to least. 7.358 7.240 6.864 6.500 6.382 Which number would best fill the blank space? A.6.510 B.6.499 C.6.359 D.6.240 B?

    asked by NrGliight
  58. math

    bob buys 3 slices of pizza and a brownie, Al buys 2 slices of pizza and 2 brownies....bobs total cost before tax is 8.26...Al's total before tax was 6.96, what is price of once slice of pizza and what is price of 1 brownie

    asked by Anonymous
  59. math

    The table shows the cost of different tickets at a festival. Child=$3 Adult=$5 Senior=$2 The Delgao family paid $20 for 6 tickets.If 2 of the tickets were senior tickets,then what might the other 4 tickets have been? A.3adult and 1child B.4child C.2adult

    asked by NrGliight
  60. 6th Grade Geography

    Why is the Yangtze River referred to as the Golden Water way? I think it is because of how long it is, and then the fact that it runs from the Himalayas, Other than that I have no answer.

    asked by kathy
  61. Math

    Put the equation in vertex form: y^2=12x-2y+250 using the formula y=a(x-h)^2+k Thanks in advance :]

    asked by Amy
  62. Trigonometry (Math)

    Can someone help me simplify this equation? It needs to be ten characters or less, including signs, parenthesis, etc. If you could show me how you get there that would be great! Thanks!

    asked by Brianna
  63. Math

    Find the vertex,axis,focus,directrix of y+1= -1/8(x-1)^2

    asked by Amy
  64. Algebra 2

    If log(base10)of 2 =0.301 and log(base10) of 3 = 0.477, how would I find a) log(base10) of 8 b) log(base10) of 12 c) log(base10) of 15

    asked by Sira
  65. Math

    Samuel as six 20-dollar-bills.He spent half of the money on a video game.Which pair of number sentences can be used to determine how much money Samuel had left? A.6+20=26 26/2=13 B.20/2=10 10+6=16 C.6x20=120 120-20=100 D.6x20=120 120/2=60 D?

    asked by NrGliight
  66. algebra

    Amy's project in metal shop class is to make a box (with no lid). Her shop teacher gave her a piece of metal that is 28 cm long and 20 cm wide. The assignment is to form the box by cutting squares out of each corner and bending the sides as shown below.

    asked by lexis green
  67. algebra 2

    x^2-4x-32=0 solve by factoring

    asked by star
  68. math

    Iris is cutting fleece to make scarves for her friends. She has ten and one-half feet of fleece to make 3 scarves. How long can she make each scarf? Show your work, and include cancellation in your steps

    asked by cha
  69. physics

    A sled is pushed by 12 monkeys with a constant force until it reaches a velocity of 18.9 m/s. All 12 monkeys stop pushing and the sled slides across a rough surface. From the time the monkeys stop pushing the box slides 12.3 meters before it comes to a

    asked by Connie
  70. history

    In the book Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder what was Megs goals? Please help me. Thanks

    asked by sadie
  71. Statistics

    The returns on the NASDAQ Index and the following stocks on the NASDAQ Exchange were calculated for the period January 2001 to December 2006 are shown in Xm04-73. Amgen Ballard Power Systems Cisco Systems Intel Microsoft Calculate the beta coefficient for

    asked by Jayson
  72. History

    What were some solutions that Meg had in the book Shades of Gray? PLease help. THANKS VERY MUCH

    asked by Lisa
  73. geology

    which form of mass wasting probably moves more material than any other? areas of deposition on the insides of meanders are known as: Name given delta with smooth D-shaped outline (Nile Delta) A(n)__________ stream is one in which water tends to sink into

    asked by micah
  74. 10th grade social studies

    how did islamic civilization spread to europe africa and asia

    asked by marypat
  75. computer

    While you were gathering information to recommend transmission media for the medical instrument manufacturer, you noticed that some of the telco rooms were in disarray. For one thing you notice sloppy cable terminations. Further, cables are pulled tightly

    asked by Pau Smith
  76. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution having a hydrogen ion concentration of 1x10^-5 M? Also the same question, but Hydroxide instead of hydrogen. thanks in advance!

    asked by sarah
  77. Chemistry

    How many chloride ions are present in 21.0 grams of CaCl2?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. physics- Electromagnetic waves

    A long hollow non-conducting cylinder of radius 0.060 m and length 0.70 m carries a uniform charge per unit area of 4.0 C/m^2 on its surface. Beginning from rest, an externally applied torque causes the cylinder to rotate at constant acceleration of 40

    asked by Rams
  79. physics- Electromagnetic waves

    A square piece of foil with area A = 5.0 × 10^-4 m^2 and mass m = 5.0 × 10^-5 kg is suspended along one edge and hangs under its own weight. When light is incident perpendicular to the foil,the foil bends and reaches an equilibrium angle of 2 degrees. If

    asked by Rams
  80. 4th grade social studies

    how did the marquette and joliet expedition affect the great lakes region?

    asked by Celest
  81. c programming

    Plz give me some idea that how can i do this program. Write a program that uses a 20x20 board, initialised to a given pattern, to play the game Conway's life . After each turn print out the board pattern using a . for a dead square and a * for a live

    asked by Ravinder Kaur
  82. Math 7

    PLEASE HELP!!!!! -You deposit $5,000 in an account that earns 5% simple interest. How long will it be before the total amount is $6,000?

    asked by ☆Ethan
  83. Reading comprehension

    Reading - Annie, Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 9:56pm The fish sizes r on a graph Blue fish. 70 feet Red fish. 45 feet Question true or false The blue fish is not as long as the red fish. True or false

    asked by Annie
  84. Math

    insert parentheses to make equation true. 5 / 3 + 3 x 5 = 4 1/6

    asked by jack
  85. to ms.sue

    marquette ang joliet expedition affect the great lakes because it made them have more exploration? ms.sue, can you also check these two: the government organized settlement of the northwest territory by banning slavery? what was the first state created

    asked by Celest
  86. math

    Suppose payments were made at the end of each month into an ordinary annuity earning interest at the rate of 8%/year compounded monthly. If the future value of the annuity after 14 yr is $70,000, what was the size of each payment? (Round your answer to the

    asked by Kristen
  87. business studie

    research three career paths

    asked by londiwe
  88. social studies

    whats the contitution

    asked by liza
  89. geometry

    a student makes a scale model of a large aquarium.Her model holds 5 liters of water.The large aquarium holds 5000 liters of water.By what factor can she multiply the dimensions of the model to get the demensions of the large aquarium?

    asked by neisha
  90. to ms.sue

    i don know what the second one is.Is it the government sold acres of land?

    asked by Celest
  91. Photography

    What is the first obscura lens by Joseph Niepce? If possible please also enumerate the picture

    asked by Dwyane Wade
  92. Math

    Sales tax on nonfoor items is 7%. Which equaation shows relationship of the price of item p to the total cost c? p=1.07c c=1.07p p=7c c=7p Why is this the correct one?

    asked by Mary
  93. Physics 6A

    A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop. If the jet is moving at a speed of 1100 at the lowest point of the loop: A)Determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 5.5 's

    asked by Daisy
  94. physics

    A tennis player smashes a serve so that the racquet is in contact with the ball for 0.055 s, giving it an impulse of 2.5 N ⋅ s. What average force was applied during this time? Assume that the vertical motion of the ball can be ignored. If the ball's

    asked by dreamygirl
  95. Statistics

    Compute a one-way ANOVA - Give the source table, test null hypothesis at .05 level. Please explain the steps to solving this. Group 1: 26, 34, 46, 48, 42, 49, 74, 61, 51, 53 EX 1 : 484 Ex 1^2 : 25,024 n = 10 Group 2: 51, 50, 33, 28, 47, 50, 48, 60, 71, 42

    asked by John
  96. physics

    If the Sun shrank to the size of a black hole without losing any mass, what would happen to Earth's orbit?

    asked by giglu
  97. Art

    Writeacher, could you please check if everything is OK? Thank you. 1) Samuel Richardson was born into a Puritan middle-class family. He moved to London quite young, and there started working as a printer. 2) At the age of 51, when he was one of London's

    asked by Frank
  98. Geometry

    A rectangualar playground is 4 meters longer than it is wide. If the length is increased by 5m, and the width decreased b y 1 m, the area is increased by 15m SQUARED(15M2).Find the original dimensions of the playground.

    asked by David
  99. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you. 1) In contrast to Defoe's novels, there is also a sense of individual development within the story: characters are not static and the reader is almost a witness to their gradual development, 2) Richardson's

    asked by Frank
  100. Spanish

    2. Working on the school newspaper and literary magazine are popular extracurricular activities amoung Guatemalan teenagers. -False? 3. The currency of many Spanish-speaking countries contains the images of literary characters, political leaders, and

    asked by mysterychicken
  101. physics

    What is the change in gravitational potential energy of a 6200 kg satellite that lifts off from Earth's surface into a circular orbit of altitude 2500 km? What percent error is introduced by assuming a constant value of g and calculating the change in

    asked by pinki
  102. physics....plzzz help

    A 2.5 kg wooden block slides from rest down an inclined plane that makes an angle of 30o with the horizontal. If the plane has a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.20, what is the speed of the block after slipping a distance of 2.0 m?

    asked by pinki
  103. language arts

    It also affects the way in which one family relates to another, to the neighborhood, and to the community. What correction should be made to this sentence?

    asked by josh
  104. English

    Where did Eva's family live in the book Uncle Tom's Cabin?

    asked by Lindsey
  105. MATH

    Terrence normally uses seven-eighths teaspoon of dried basil to make his own salad dressing. He decides to change the recipe to use less dried basil. He decides that the flavor is perfect when using a total of three-fourths teaspoon. Write a subtraction

    asked by cha
  106. PHYSICS 6A centripetal acceleration

    A jet pilot takes his aircraft in a vertical loop. If the jet is moving at a speed of 1100km/h at the lowest point of the loop: A)Determine the minimum radius of the circle so that the centripetal acceleration at the lowest point does not exceed 5.5g's

    asked by Daisy
  107. geometry

    the height of a wall is 25 feet and an 8 x 20 rectangular door is positioned on the wall such as there is 8 feet of wall remaining on the right side and 4 feet remaining on the left side. Find the area of the wall to be painted. do not paint the door

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math

    A tire shop that sells only one size of tire, .75 metres in diameter, decides to sell tires for big rigs that are 1.5 metres in diameter. If the cost of the .75 meter tires is $100.00 for four, how much will it cost for the 18 tires required for a big rig?

    asked by ♫J.R.♫
  109. Earth Science

    How long will it take for Potassium to have a 25% of oringinal radioactive product left?

    asked by Christine
  110. Chemistry

    A Student Performing a lab weighed a 1.0993g sample, containing an unknown KHP, which required 18.06mL of 0.1879M NAOH to reach the phenolphtalein endpoint. a) How many moles of base were consumed by the KHP in this sample? b) How many grams of KHP were

    asked by Brittany
  111. Spanish

    5. "Vamos al cine. Quieres ir con nosotros?" "No, gracias. No puedo ____ esta noche. Tengo que estudiar." a. comer con Uds b. ver un partido de beisbol c. salir d. repasar D Thanks

    asked by mysterychicken
  112. Homework Help

    A ruling of the FTC requires that every used car must display a(n) ________ spelling out the warranty terms under which the vehicle is offered for sale. A. vehicle identification chart B. agreement C. option chart D. buyer's guide

    asked by Elizabeth
  113. Chemistry

    I'm in 10th grade and we did a titration lab; with every lab we have to answer follow up questions and I'm totally stuck on this one: We did not uses the volume of the water added initially to the Erlenmeyer flask in our calculations. Why? Ok as far as

    asked by Sarah Hejnosz
  114. Chemisty

    A 2.5 L volume of sodium hydroxide solution was prepared. The titrant was standarized against primary standard oxalic acid dihydrate, H2C2O4*H2O(molar mass is 126.06) if a 0.4774g sample of the prmiary standard consumed 31.94mL of the base solution in

    asked by Brittany
  115. 6th Geography

    Mongolia's high elevation contributes to the extreme temperature experienced there. True or false. I think false, am I right?

    asked by poisoned thorn
  116. Chemisty

    Write all possible quilibrium equations for KHP dissovled in water and then write the quilibrium constanst expressions for the equation.

    asked by Brooke
  117. Math

    Allie has an income which is five eighths that of Basil. Allie's expenses are one-half those of Basil and Allie saved 40% of his income. What is the percentage of his income that Basil saves? 25%?

    asked by Rezu
  118. Math

    Hi everyone, Sorry to bother you, I was wondering, why is it that for the graph of 1/(1+e^x), 1 is the horizontal asymptote? I had thought the HA should be something that makes the reciprocal function undefined, so I kind of thought the HA should be -1.

    asked by Lawn
  119. math

    factor the expression given below 9x^2-16

    asked by ervin
  120. Math

    Hello, I have this question to which it's solution I'm not quite sure of. The question is based on a diagram, and I can't really present it but I'll explain it to my very best, thank you very much for trying to understand my bad presentation of the

    asked by Torre
  121. Math

    The price of a camera increased from $75 to $90 find the percent of the increase price

    asked by Al
  122. Science 7R - Hw Qs. Check Q2 (plzzzz read!!!!)

    2. Veins leading back in the heart become Answer - smaller and smaller? am i correct?

    asked by Laruen
  123. Physics

    1. Will the swinging wonder ever let 2 ball bearings go in and one ball bearing out with twice the v? Why? 2. A 10.0 kg object moving to the right with a speed of 4.0 m/s collides and sticks to a 4.0 kg object moving to the left with a speed of 4.0 m/s.

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Statistics

    A jar contains 12 marbles, 5 of which are blue and 7 of which are red. If 4 marbles are chosen at random and without replacement, what is the probability of selecting 3 blue ones and 1 red one?

    asked by crystal
  125. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular painting is 266 centimeters. If the length of the painting is 77 centimeters, what is its width?

    asked by calvin
  126. Physics

    object A of mass 3g with a velocity of 12cm/s to the east, collides with stationary object B. After collision, object A rebounds with a velocity of 10cm/s to the west and object B has a velocity of 1.5cm/s to the east. Calculate the mass of obeject B

    asked by Sarah
  127. Physics

    A bullet of mass 35g strikes a stationary wooden block of mass 2.6kg, becomes embedded in the block, and they both move off at 7.5m/s. What was the original velocity of the bullet?

    asked by Sarah
  128. calculus

    A pole at a right angle to the horizontal is located on a slope that makes an angle of 12 degrees with the horizontal. The pole's shadow is 16 meters long and points up the slope. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the sun is 20 degrees.

    asked by ASH
  129. Physical Science

    What is a nine letter word for the size of a measurement.. and the last letter of the word ends in "E".. Thanks, Priscilla

    asked by Priscilla
  130. Physics

    A rocket car had a mass of 1650kg. The engine expels 140kg of combustion products in 7s. The expelled material has a velocity of 850m/s to the south. Calculate the velocity of the car at the end of 7s. ANSWER: 72m/s to the north

    asked by Sarah
  131. Spanish

    7. "¿Por qué estás triste?" Porque _____." a. terminaron temprano las clases hoy b. por suerte no hay clases la semana proxima c. hoy no tengo que dar un informe en la clase de historia d. saqué una mala nota en el examen de geografia D? Thanks

    asked by mysterychicken
  132. Physics

    A 50g bullet strikes a stationary 1.50kg block of wood paced on a horizontal surface just in front of the gun. The bullet becomes embedded in the block and the impact drives them a distance of 10m before they come to rest. If the coefficient of kinetic

    asked by Sarah
  133. math

    help find the simple interest rate. Find the simple interst owed for the use of the money. Assume 360 days in a year. p=$4000, r=6%, t= 1year

    asked by Dee
  134. Physics

    a car crashes into a wall at 25m/s and is brought to rest in .1seconds. Calculate the average force exerted on a 75kg test dummy by the seat belt. How many g-forces is this? (Remember g-force= Force/mg)

    asked by Sarah
  135. Physics

    A 55 kg pole vaulter falls from rest from a height of 5m onto a foam rubber pad. The pole vaulter comes to rest .3s after landing on the pad. A) calculate the athlete's velocity just before reaching the pad B) calculate the constant force exerted on the

    asked by Sarah
  136. math

    Jeff wants to start a lawn maintenance service to earn money for college. He wants to charge $25 for a small lawn and $35 for a large one. It takes him an average of 2 hours to mow and trim a small lawn and 3 hours to do a large one. He wants to make at

    asked by Cj
  137. english

    I need a newpaper report about twelth night and fast

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Physics

    A .145kg baseball pitched at 39m/s is hit on a horizontal line drive straight back toward the pitched at 52m/s. If the average force the bat exerts on the ball is 13,200N, how long did the collision last?

    asked by Sarah
  139. hvac/r

    When antifreeze is added to water specific heat

    asked by marvin
  140. geometry

    Paula casts a shadow 2 meters long at the same time a tree casts a shadow 28 meters long. The tree is 17.5 meters tall. How tall is Paula?

    asked by suemmy
  141. business law

    you are interested in buying a new car an bob lets you borrow one if the cars on his lot for a week to test drive. you decide you like the car and when you visit bob to drop off the car, he hands you the following document and a pen

    asked by Anonymous
  142. chemistry

    what is the molor mass (grams/mole) of a gas if 2.25 grams of it occupies 3.50 l at STP?

    asked by Sean Lewns
  143. math

    I have to do a crossword puzzle in geometry.One of the questions is where perpendicular line segments cross. It is five letters long with o being the second letter. Please help

    asked by Cherie
  144. English

    i doing project for water for elephants and i pick rosemary as symbol from book. i hve to tell what she signify, her importance, and other representations in poems, movies, songs, etc. I only say about her that she be like an Angel to Jacob, he yell his

    asked by Mohammad
  145. science

    During the shot put competition at a track and field meet, a shot putter transfers 245J of energy to a 7200g steel ball he is throwing. What is the velocity of the ball?

    asked by mona
  146. maths

    rounding of to the nearest ten

    asked by gaiyus
  147. american literature

    identify two rhetorical devices Lincold used in his "Gettysburg Address" - Include examples from the speech of each device

    asked by tiffany
  148. English Honors

    Hi, im having a hard time answering my assignment and coming up with an idea. History Repeats Itself There can be some parallels made between the way politicians today might attack the foibles and personal shortcomings of their opponents, the same way

    asked by YOLO
  149. chemistry

    determine the pressure that must be excreted on 200 grams of oxygen to contain it in a 2.oo l vessel at 30 degrees celcius

    asked by Sean Lewns
  150. English

    could someone please give me site for poetic terms like metaphor, simile, ones that have definitions and give examples from authors. like really easy to understand site.

    asked by Mohammad
  151. statistics

    psychologist wants to interview subjects with IQ scores are normally distributed with mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15. find the score that separating the top of IQ frin the bottom 90%

    asked by joe
  152. fin

    would you ever use CAPM to make personal investment decisions?

    asked by kay
  153. Math

    How dor i find whay the radius of the curve if the middle ordinate measures 4.8 feet when using a chord with a length of 42 feet?

    asked by Ccs
  154. chemistry

    A .500 g sample of impure CaO (a solid) is added to 50.0 mL of 0.100 M HCl. The excess HCl is titrated by 5.00 mL of .125 M NaOH. What is the percentage of CaO in the sample?

    asked by b
  155. measurement

    A trailer driver left Miami at 15:45 and arrived at his destination 637.5 km away at 02:15 the next day a. How long did the journey take? b. What was his average speed in km/h c. What was his speed in ms^-1?

    asked by Lindsay
  156. measurement

    A cylindrical container has an interior diameter of 21 cm. It can hold 6.93 liters of liquid. Find its height take Pi=22/7

    asked by Lindsay
  157. Math

    One bag contains 5 red marbles, 4 blue marbles, and 3 yellow marbles, and a second bag contains 4 red marbles, 6 blue marbles, and 5 yellow marbles. If Lydia randomly draws one marble from each bag, what is the probability that they are both not yellow?

    asked by Hannah
  158. Earht Science

    To bobpursley, the half life is 40.(potassium 40)

    asked by Christine
  159. math

    simplify (8-0.02)^2 divided by 2+8.3*0.4

    asked by miss c
  160. biology

    How geographic isolation of a common ancestral species of finches has led to the development of 14 different species of finches in the Galapagos Islands?

    asked by Brian
  161. math

    what is the value of y when x=-3 in the equation y=-x+9?

    asked by mike
  162. c mont middle

    find the vectors2, given u=, v=, and w= z=-7u+v-1/5w

    asked by sj
  163. algebra2

    If f (x) = x² + 3 and g (x) = 3x - 1 then find the following: 1. (f/g)(x) 2. (f o g)(x) 3. (f o g)(1) 4. (g o f)(x)

    asked by pauly

    Does a train traveling at 20 mph on a curved track have a constant velocity?

    asked by MIKE
  165. math

    what is the first step in solving the equation 2x-5=21?

    asked by carlos
  166. measurement

    Find thde total surface area of the net of a square pyramid given that the base is 3cm by 3cm and each slant edge is 5cm. Include the flaps.

    asked by Lindsay
  167. vocabulary studies

    Equal Rights

    asked by kia
  168. chemistry

    a 35.5 mL sample of an NaOH solution is needed to titrate a 2.08 g sample of pure benzoic acid (HC7H5O2)a solid. What is the molarity of the NaOH solution?

    asked by b
  169. math

    When px^3 – 2px^2 + 3x – p is divided by (x – 1), the remainder is -5. Find p.

    asked by rick
  170. algebra 2

    An auditorium has a curved back wall. A horizontal cross section of the wall is in the shape of a parabola. The wall is 80 feet wide and the vertex of the parabolic cross section is 50 feet from the stage. Where in the auditorium should you sit for the

    asked by jenny
  171. math

    what is the value of y when x=2 in the equation y=-4x - 5?

    asked by mark
  172. Foreign languages

    Thank you, Writeacher. I need to check a few other things. 1) Have you received the emails from my students? When will they get in touch with their parners? 2) When will you be in France? 3) As you know, we won't be able to start with the student exchange

    asked by Mark
  173. Chemistry

    A 0.130-mole quantity of CoCl2 is added to a liter of 1.20 M NH3 solution. What is the concentration of Co2 ions at equilibrium? Assume the formation constant of Co(NH3)62 is 5.0× 10^31.

    asked by HELP. PLEASE!!
  174. Chemistry

    A 0.130-mole quantity of CoCl2 is added to a liter of 1.20 M NH3 solution. What is the concentration of Co2 ions at equilibrium? Assume the formation constant of Co(NH3)62 is 5.0× 10^31.

    asked by HELP. PLEASE!!
  175. Chemistry

    3) You pour 240 mL of Coke into a glass, where the T of the beverage is at 10.5 *C. You then add one ice cube of 45g. Determine the final temperature and the amount of ice remaining, if any. So I know that there won't be any more ice left because they will

    asked by Robert
  176. math

    Solve the following polynomial inequalities. a) 4x - 5 ≤ 2(x - 7)

    asked by rick
  177. algebra 2

    Nonlinear systems Solve the system by elimination. y=x^2+2 -4x-y=10 Solve the system using substitution. y=-3x^2+x-2 y=-5x+3

    asked by jenny
  178. Questions

    What conflict is revealed in Act one?

    asked by Charnita
  179. SQL

    1. How do you display letters in uppercase in access? how do you display in lowercase in access? 2. how do you round a number to a spisfic number of decimal places in access? how do you remove everything to the right of the decimal place in access? 3. how

    asked by paul
  180. Art

    The question is Explain two methods of building construction. I think the answer is post and lintel, and arch and vault. Am i right?

    asked by Bella
  181. Math

    How to rewrite an expression with negative exponents such as : -12(3x-1)^-5 *(6x+7)^5 + 30(3x-1)^-4 *(6x+7)^4 common factor is 6 but what can I pull out from the (3x-1)^-5 and (3x-1)^-4 ?

    asked by Bob
  182. physics

    A 3.50 g bullet is fired horizontally at two blocks at rest on a frictionless table. The bullet passes through block 1 (mass 1.16 kg) and embeds itself in block 2 (mass 1.85 kg). The blocks end up with speeds v1 = 0.560 m/s and v2 = 1.36 m/s (Figure (2)).

    asked by Kasie
  183. statistics

    The data below are the ages of a random sample of 8 men in a bar. It is known that the population of ages are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 11. Determine the 93% confidence interval estimate of the population mean. 50 70 22 36 59 39 27

    asked by lupita
  184. Science

    If 5.6 mol of CuCl2 reacts with 10.2 mol of NaNo3, what is the limiting reagent?

    asked by Haley
  185. science

    Please help. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is a 38% w/w solution of HCL in water and has a density of 1.18g/ml. How many millilitres of concentrated hydrochloric acid are needed to prepare 500ml of a 1:200 w/v HCL solution? My answer is 2.12ml. I'm not

    asked by Peter
  186. math

    when you have pounds and you want to convert it into an ounce, do you multiply 16?

    asked by Celest
  187. Natural disasters

    how many natural disasters were there is 2011? please profide url! thanks!

    asked by rebekah
  188. to ms.sue


    asked by Celest
  189. math

    how much is a ton and kilogram?

    asked by Celest
  190. Microeconomics

    The market equilibrium price for coffee beans in Ecuador is $2.75/pound, a price at which growers are unable to make a profit. Due to the lack of profits, many growers have stopped production and the output of coffee beans has fallen from 400 tons per year

    asked by Priya
  191. Science

    Do homologous structures have the same function in different organisms?

    asked by Sholanda
  192. to Anon

    i want to know how many pounds a ton and kilogram is.

    asked by Celest
  193. Math

    The table shows how much money it costs James to make a caramel apple/ Item Apple:$.80 Caramel:$.27 Stick:$.15 Wrapper $.7 If James sells a caramel apple for $5,how much money will he have left over after he subtracts the expenses? A.$1.29 B.$1.92 C.$3.08

    asked by NrGliight
  194. Microeconomics

    You are the manager of a California winery. How would you expect the following events to affect the price you receive for a bottle of wine? You may include graphs if they help illustrate your response. a)The price of comparable import wines decreases b)One

    asked by Priya