Questions Asked on
April 21, 2012

  1. physics

    Extreme-sports enthusiasts have been known to jump off the top of El Capitan, a sheer granite cliff of height 910m in Yosemite National Park. Assume a jumper runs horizontally off the top of El Capitan with speed 5.0m/s and enjoys a freefall until she is

    asked by JOEY
  2. intro to physics

    an athlete executing a long jump leaves the ground at a 28 degree angle and lands 7.6 m away. part a )what was the takeoff speed ? part b) if this speed were increased by just 8.0% , how much longer would the jump be ? for part a) i got roughly 9.48 but i

    asked by emilia
  3. Ap Phyics

    Figure shows an overhead view of a 0.024 kg lemon half and two of the three horizontal forces that act on it as it is on a frictionless table. Force F1 has a magnitude of 6 N and is at ¥è1 = 25¢ª. Force F2 has a magnitude of 10 N and is at ¥è2 =

    asked by Alexander
  4. geometry

    Concrete can be purchased by the cubic yard. How much will it cost to pour a slab 11feet by 11feet by 3inches for a patio if concrete costs $63.00 per cubic yard? $211.75 $70.58 (my choice) $317.63 $1,905.75 The volume of a cylinder is 980pi in^3. The

    asked by lilman
  5. intro to physics

    I was wondering if you guys can help me with this question An airplance is traveling 835 km/h in a direction 41.5 degrees west of north. part a) find the component of the velocity in the northerly direction part b) find the same but in the westerly

    asked by emilia
  6. Physics

    The free-fall acceleration at the surface of planet 1 is 18 m/s^2. The radius and the mass of planet 2 are twice those of planet 1. What is the free-fall acceleration on planet 2?

    asked by Alex
  7. Physics

    The ceiling of a classroom is 3.75 m above the floor. A student tosses an apple vertically upward, releasing it 0.5 m above the floor. What is the maximum initial speed that can be given to the apple if it is not to touch the ceiling?

    asked by Sam
  8. Chemistry

    Enough of a monoprotic acid is dissolved in water to produce a 0.0169 M solution. The pH of the resulting solution is 2.68. Calculate the Ka for the acid.

    asked by Lee
  9. pre-calc helpppp

    Find sin x/2, cos x/2, and tan x/2 from the given information. (show work please) thank you!!! cos x = − 4/5, 180° < x < 270°

    asked by John
  10. Physics please help!

    An object is moving along a straight line and the uncertainty in its position is 1.1 m. (a) Find the minimum uncertainty in the momentum of the object. (b) Find the minimum uncertainty in the object's velocity, assuming that the object is a golf ball (mass

    asked by linds
  11. Anti-ln?!?!

    use a calculator to find the anti-ln(-0.049) to the nearest ten thousandth. My calculator doesn't do anti-ln. just ln. Someone helo me please?

    asked by Tabby
  12. Chemistry

    An experimental spacecraft consumes a special fuel at a rate of 2.10 × 102 L/min. The density of the fuel is 0.690 g/mL and the standard enthalpy of combustion of the fuel is –39.8 kJ/g. Calculate the maximum power (in units of kilowatts) that can be

    asked by Jematormal91
  13. Statistics

    An investigator wants to estimate caffeine consumption in high school students. How many students would be required to ensure that a 95% confidence interval estimate for the mean caffeine intake is within 15mg of the true mean? Assume the standard

    asked by Shavela
  14. math

    Write three arithmetic and three geometric means between 4 and 324

    asked by Mason
  15. math

    The length of an open-top box is 4 cm longer than its width. The box was made from a 480-cm^2 rectangular sheet of material with 6cm by 6cm squares cut from each corner. The height of the box is 6cm. Find the dimensions of the box. Please show me in detail

    asked by Jane
  16. Intermediate Algebra

    The function h(t)=-16t^2+100t+300 gives the height in feet of a projectile fired from the top of a building in t seconds. A) When will the object reach a height of 350 feet? Round answer to one decimal place. B) Explain why part A has two answers.

    asked by Ralph
  17. Chemistry

    Calculate the concentrations of all species in a 0.810 M Na2SO3 (sodium sulfite) solution. The ionization constants for sulfurous acid are Ka1 = 1.4 x 10^-2 and Ka2 = 6.3 x 10^-8 I calculated SO32- = 0.8096 M, HSO3- = 3.58E-4, H2SO3 = 7.1E-13, OH- =

    asked by Katherine
  18. Math Analysis -graphical method

    a bakery makes both cakes and cookies. each batch of cakes reqire 2 hours in the oven and 3 hours in the decorating room. each batch of cookies need 3/2 hours in the oven and 2/3 of an hour decorating room. the oven is available no more than 15 hours a a

    asked by Gracy
  19. Math

    Jan and Nika ride their bikes. Jan rides 5 miles per hour for 1 hour then rides at ten miles per hour for 30 minutes.Nika rides at a constant 8 miles per hour. the tripss cover the ssme distance. Forr hoew many minutes does Nika ride ?

    asked by Jessica
  20. Math

    In an election, ethan got 5 fewer votes than christohper,who got 3 more votes than olivia, who got 4 fewer votes than Ava. How many more votes did ava get than ethan ?

    asked by jake
  21. chemistry

    Nitrosyl chloride (NOCl) decomposes at high temperature. The equation is 2 NOCl (g) -> 2 NO (g) + Cl2 (g) at 227C Using delta H = 81.2 kJ and delta S = 128 J/K, calculate the value of the equilibrium constant for this reaction. a 1.60 X 10-2 b. 2.1 X 10-7

    asked by CHRIS
  22. chemistry

    The standard molar entropy value of N2 (g) is 191.5 J/K-mol, of O2 (g) is 205.0 J/K-mol and of NO2 (g) is 240.0 J/K-mol. From these values we can calculate the Delta S for the reaction N2 (g) + 2 O2 (g) produces 2 NO2 (g) to be a. – 156.5 J/K b. 636.5

    asked by CHRIS
  23. math

    A pair of dice is rolled, and a number that appears uppermost on each die is observed, Refer to this experiment and find the probability of the given event. (Enter your answer as a fraction)The sume of the numbers ia an add number.

    asked by Maria
  24. Math

    A guy wire is attached to the top of a pole. The other end of the guy wire is staked in the ground 29 feet from the base of the pole. How tall is the pole, if the guy wire is 73 feet long? Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Heather
  25. math

    You are planting a rectangular garden. It is 5 ft longer than 3 times its width. The area of the garden is 250 ft^2. Find the dimensions of the garden. I set it up like this: 3x +5 = 250 where x=8l.7. Is this correct so far, if so what do I do next? Thanks

    asked by Jane
  26. Physics

    What is the fundamental frequency for a 58 cm banjo string if the speed of waves on the string is 450 m/s?

    asked by Lisa
  27. life orientation

    critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community

    asked by tshepo
  28. Enviro Science

    4. Which of the following is NOT a threat that impacts biodiversity? a. use of land for agriculture and housing b. dam construction c. overuse of water d. helping endangered species D 10. If exponential growth occurs in the population of a species of

    asked by mysterychicken
  29. calculus

    The rate at which a rumor spreads through an Alpine village of 400 residents is jointly proportional to the number of residents who have heard it and the number who have not. Initially, 5 residents heard the rumor, but 4 days later this number increased to

    asked by Anonymous
  30. physics

    A 2 kg metal plate slides down a 11-meter high slope. At the bottom its speed is 7.5 m/s. To the nearest Joule, what was the magnitude of the work done by friction?If the slope in the above problem is 22 degrees, what is the coefficient of friction?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. trigonometry

    given triangle ABC with AB=7cm, BC=8cm and AC=9cm calculate 1. the size of the largest angle 2. the area of the triangle

    asked by lindsay
  32. trigonometry

    a ship travels 8km due north then 7km on a bearing of 070 degrees 1. draw a diagram to represent the information 2. calculate the distance and bearing of the ship from its starting point

    asked by lindsay
  33. probability

    of the 2598960 different 5 card hands possible from a deck of 52 playing cards, how many would contain all 4 tens?

    asked by mary

    A mass oscillates up and down on a vertical spring with an amplitude of 6 cm and a period of 2 s. What total distance does the mass travel in 16 seconds?

    asked by ALAINE'
  35. Plz help!!! algebra

    use the binomial theorem to expand the binomial (x+5)^5 I have tried it like 4 times but i cannot get it right

    asked by ashley
  36. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution contains 0.216 M ascorbic acid (H2C6H6O6) and 0.131 M hydrochloric acid. Calculate the ascorbate (C6H6O62-) ion concentration in this solution. [C6H6O62-] =______________ mol/L.

    asked by Ana
  37. math

    In 2006, the population of the country was 32.3 million. This represented an increase in population of 6.5% since 2001. What was the population of the country in 2011? Round to the nearest hundredth of a million.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. pre-calc

    tanx= -12/5 x in Q 2. find sin2x= cos2x= tan2x=

    asked by Sam

    What is the longest wavelength that can be heard by a normal ear?

    asked by Hunter

    A smoke detector contains 0.2 mg of Americium 241 (Am-241), a radioactive element that decays in t years according to the relation m = 0.2(0.5)^(t/432.2). Where m is the mass, in milligrams, remaining after t years. A) The smoke detector will no longer

    asked by Anonymous
  41. chemistry

    N2(g) + 3 F2(g) → 2 NF3(g) ΔH° = –264 kJ/mol ΔS° = –278 J/(mol∙K) a. Using the information provided above (only), calculate the maximum amount of non-PΔV work that can be accomplished through this reaction at a temperature of 500°C. b.

    asked by chamy
  42. english/poem

    I am suppose to do a funny sonnet poem that has 10 syllables per line and 14 lines .Can you check my syllable or any mistakes. Oh homework! Oh homework! How I hate you! You smell, you stink, and you I don’t admire I want to tell you “go on” “git”

    asked by joseph

    You observe that 32 crests of a water wave pass you each minute. If the wavelength is 10 m, what is the speed of the wave?

    asked by ALAINE'
  44. Physics

    A tuning fork has been damaged and its frequency slightly changed. What could its altered frequency be if it produces two beats per second with a tuning fork that is known to vibrate at 422 Hz? Lowest frequency? Highest frequency?

    asked by Helen
  45. math

    Write this repeating decimal as a ratio of relatively prime integers: 0.324324324...

    asked by Kasey

    a bat can fly at a speed of 48km/h . How many minutes will it take to fly a distance of 8km

    asked by shah
  47. maths

    Continue these decimal patterns 0,0.5,0.6,0.75,0.8,0.83,----,---,---

    asked by RS
  48. physics

    You have a tuning fork of unknown frequency. When you ring it alongside a tuning fork with known frequency of 360 Hz, you hear beats at a frequency of 10 Hz. When you ring it alongside a tuning fork with known frequency of 347 Hz, you hear beats at a

    asked by Helen
  49. trigonometry

    Find all the angles between 0 degrees and 360 degrees which satisfy the equations a. 8 cos x sin x = sin x b. 5 tan^2 y + 5 tan y = 2 sec^2 y.

    asked by lindsay
  50. calculus

    The Institute finds that the average student taking Elementary Shorthand will progress at a rate given by dQ/dt=k(80-Q) in a 20 -wk course, where Q(t) measures the number of words of dictation a student can take per minute after t wk in the course. If the

    asked by help please.
  51. pre-calc

    cosx= -8/17, 180

    asked by Kimberly
  52. physics

    A physics student drops a physics text book into a mine shaft 250m deep,where the average mine temperature is 5degrees celsius.Show that the sound of the book striking the bottom is heard after 7.82seconds

    asked by musuma
  53. math

    The value of a $20,000 car decreases every, t. The equation below model this situation. 20,000(1-0.04t) = 13,000 How many years will the car be worth $13,000? Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. I got 20,000(.96t)= 13,000, but I don't believe gives me

    asked by Jane
  54. pre-calc help

    cos^2(x/2)-sin^2(x/2) 2sin(x/2)cos(x/2)

    asked by James
  55. Equations of a Circle

    Write the standard for of the equation of the circle that passes through the points at (0,8),(8,0),and (16,8). Then identify the center and radius of the circle. I have r=8, center=(8,8). What now?

    asked by Some1 Help Me Plz
  56. chemistry

    Nitrosyl chloride (NOCl) decomposes at high temperature. The equation is 2 NOCl (g) -> 2 NO (g) + Cl2 (g) at 227C Using delta H = 81.2 kJ and delta S = 128 J/K, calculate the value of the equilibrium constant for this reaction. a 1.60 X 10-2 b. 2.1 X 10-7

    asked by CHRIS
  57. geometry

    The table shows the exterior angle measures for regular polygons. Which expression represents the exterior angle measure for any regular n-gon?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. foreign languages

    Writeacher, I changed my name to Mike1 because someone answered my post with "I don't know". I hope it is OK with you. Here are the sentences I left out before. 1) I was proud of myself for helping my granny last holiday (on my last holiday, during my last

    asked by Mike1
  59. math

    Question-2; Consider the function f(x)= -cos3x -4sin3x. (a)Find the equation of the line normal to the graph of f(x) when x= pie/6 . (b)Find the x coordinates of the points on the graph of f(x) where the tangent to the graph is horizontal. (c)Find the

    asked by weloo_volley
  60. chemistry

    q1)Which entries below should have the highest standard molar entropy? a. SiCl4 (s) b. CCl4(l) c. CCl4 (g) d. SiCl4 (l) q2) For the above, which should have the next highest standard molar entropy?

    asked by CHRIS
  61. chemistry

    Calculate the value of ()Go for the following reaction , given the standard free energies of formation listed below each ion. Ag(SO3)_2^3- -> Ag+ + 2SO32- delta Gf, kJ/mol = -943 +77 -497 a. - 1860 kJ b. – 128 kJ c. + 26 kJ d. - 369 kJ e. + 523 kJ help

    asked by CHRIS
  62. physics

    How to find out specific heats of substances?

    asked by misha
  63. trigonometry

    express 3 cos x -2 sin x in th eform R cos (x + a) and hence write down the maximum and minimum values of 3 cos x - 2 sin x.

    asked by lindsay
  64. physics

    A mass of 2 kg is hung from the lower end of a vertical spring and extends it by 40 cm. The mass is now pulled down a further 20 cm and is then released from rest so that it oscillates about the equilibrium position. Determine : a) the spring stiffness

    asked by minha
  65. Accounting

    1. Partially Correct Check My Work Problem-Solving Strategy Problem 16-1 (Algorithmic) Statement of Cash Flows—Indirect Method The comparative balance sheet of Mavenir Technologies Inc. for December 31, 2013 and 2012, is shown as follows: Dec. 31, 2013

    asked by shell
  66. Physical Science

    Can't figure this out, HELP!: What is the velocity (v) of a stream with a discharge (Q) of 8.53 x 10^3 m 3/s and a cross-sectional area (A) of 5.27 x 10^3 m2?

    asked by mel
  67. Physical Science

    Please help me with this. I just don't get it. The average rate of chemical weathering of carbonate rock in an urban area is 2.1 x 10^-3 mm/yr. The depth of lettering of the tombstones shown in the table below was measured in 2010: Date on Tombstone Age

    asked by mel
  68. Statistics

    A newspaper article stated that college students at a local university spent an average of $95 on beer a year. A student investigator who believed the average stated was too high polled a random sample of 50 students and found a mean of $92.25 and s = 10

    asked by vera
  69. statistics

    Please advise-Thank you. The Center for Urban Transportation research released a report stating that the average commuting distance in the United States is 10.9 miles Suppose that this average is actually the mean of a sample of 300 commuters and that the

    asked by vera
  70. trigonometry

    state the amplitude, period and phase shift of the function y = tan (2 theta- 180 degrees)

    asked by lindsay
  71. math

    Class A has the same number of students as Class B. The ratio of the number of girls in Class A to the number of girls in Class B is 3 : 2. The ratio of the number of boys in Class A to the number of boys in Class B is 3 : 5. What is the ratio of the

    asked by Al
  72. Algebra

    -√3, 3√3 Write a quadratic equation in the variable X having the given numbers as solutions. Type in standard form ax^2 + bx +c =0

    asked by Stella
  73. Stats

    A random sample of n=500 households in a certain metropolitan area revealed that 150 have combined cable, phone and internet service. a.Calculate p-hat, the sample proportion of households having such service. b.Calculate a confidence interval for π, the

    asked by sam
  74. Calculus

    Find the derivative Y = ln(ln^2(ln^2 x))

    asked by Julie
  75. english/poem/writeteacher

    Regarding my poem the teacher doesn't want to follow the traditional iambic pentameter. In this case do you think my poem has 10 syllables per line and funny?

    asked by joseph
  76. geology,, please help me

    can you give me answers for these question for my homework. thank you 1. why dopeople fear earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornedoes more than they afraid than landslide? 2. if you were building a house on a cliff what would you look for to ensure that your

    asked by jessie
  77. chem help

    what is the ratio of molezs of NaHCO3 reacted to moles of NaCl produced?

    asked by ...
  78. Trig

    Dalco manufacturing estimate that its weakly profit, P, in hundreds of dollars,can be approximated by the formula P= -4x²+8x+7, where x is the number of units produced per week, in thousands. 1)How many units should the company produce per week to earn

    asked by Alex
  79. chemistry

    what are metals and non metals that are found in the human body and their function?

    asked by ANNA
  80. biology

    need help with a paper from news article on human biology using scientific method?

    asked by tracy
  81. Physical Science

    Could use some help. I don't get this: The maintenance department of a botanical garden is monitoring the displacement of statues that have moved by the process of creep. The statues must be straightened when the displacement reaches 15cm to prevent

    asked by mel
  82. english

    explain the lesson[oliver walks to london]

    asked by gaiyus
  83. Math

    Write a quadratic equation having the given numbers as solutions. -5 and -2 The quadratic equation is: __=0 Thank you.

    asked by Jean
  84. L.O

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.I have choose pollution as the environmental factor

    asked by georginah
  85. Life Orientation

    How could air pollution in South Africa affect teenagers?

    asked by *Philasande
  86. Accounting

    What types of cost information are reported to support managerial purposes and decisions? Describe 2 major categories of purposes that are supported by cost information. Describe how cost information supports both of these categories. What is a cost object

    asked by Rachel
  87. math

    You have 6 cups of sugar. It takes 1 cup of sugar to make 24 cookies. The function c(s) = 24s represents the number of cookies, c, that can be made with s cups of sugar. What domain and range is reasonable for the function?

    asked by Jane
  88. Economics/Money

    Suppose that banks today were required to keep 100 per cent reserves against their deposits. What would be the result?

    asked by Labz
  89. pre-calc helpppp

    Evaluate the expression under the given conditions (show steps please) sin(è/2); tan è = − 5 / 12 , è in Quadrant IV

    asked by John
  90. bethamhem

    which group of native americans often moved, ffollowing the buffalo

    asked by estyd
  91. English Essay:NCLB

    can some proofread my paragraph it is for a persuasive essay? Please,Thank You!! Is Education system taking the risk for students learning? Is the capital that we have been giving helping students to improve their performance in schools ? What can be done

    asked by Stressed
  92. biology

    What geological process is used to explain how nearly identical animals that cannot swim, are found on continents separated by large oceans? What is the half-life of Uranium 238 and what did we use that radioisotope to date as the oldest item on Earth?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    A farmer’s harvest in bushels varies directly with the number of acres planted. A. Express in sentence form what this means to the farmer. B.Translate the variation statement into the corresponding variation equation. C. If 8 acres can produce 144

    asked by Veronica
  94. Life orientation

    Ways in which environment or human problems impacts on community.

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Hyperbolas

    Find the equation of the hyperbola whose vertices are at (-1,-5) and (-1,1) with a focus at (-1,-7). Please and thank you.

    asked by Tabby
  96. Economics(Please respond)

    Given the increase in government expenditures and the marginal propensity to consume, how would you find the change in equilibrium GDP? I did the expenditures X the marginal propensity but this is wrong.

    asked by Hannah
  97. Chemistry

    What is the difference between heat capacity and heat energy?

    asked by Rebecca
  98. Inequalities

    graph the system of inequalities: ( x-3)^2/9 + (y+2)^2/4=4 I do not know how to simplify this down enough to graph it

    asked by Some1 Help Me Plz
  99. Chemistry

    What is the ÄH of CF4 (carbon tetraflouride)? What is the ÄH of HF (hydrogen flouride)? Lastly, what is the ÄH of C2H4 (ethane gas)? Please help.

    asked by Mary
  100. Math

    6cos^2 theta + 5cos theta=1 Solve for theta

    asked by Rivan
  101. Statistics

    The AP reported that in a sample of 507 people only 142 correctly described the Bill of Rights as the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of the entire population that could give a correct

    asked by lola
  102. calculus

    The population of a certain community is increasing at a rate directly proportional to the population at any time t. In the last yr, the population has doubled. How long will it take for the population to triple? Round the answer to the nearest hundredth,

    asked by help please.
  103. Life orientation

    Discuss 8 way in which the environmental problem impact on the within your community

    asked by Thabang
  104. math

    Let f(x) be a polynomial of degree 3 which has a critical point at(-1,8/3) and an inflexion point at(2,-46/3) (a)Determine f(x) . (b) Find another critical point of f(x) (if any). (c) Determine the intervals where f(x) is increasing and where it is

    asked by weloo_volley
  105. geometry

    In a right _angled triangle one of the acute angles is 20 dgrees greater than the other.find the angles of the triangle

    asked by Tobi
  106. calculus

    evaluate the limit by using change of variable lim x--> 27

    asked by shahroz
  107. physics

    at a local country fair, the merry-go-round rotates at a rate of one circuit every 7.5 seconds. what is the angular velocity in radians per second

    asked by peter cb
  108. Life orientation

    describe the environmental problem waste dumps that causes ill health,accidents,crises and disasters in South Africa and globally.

    asked by charity
  109. Kasey

    Write this repeating decimal as a ratio of relatively prime integers: 0.324324324...

    asked by Jim
  110. social studies

    i am studying about palestinia and israel i have to write 8 bullets notes on what are the problems of the palestians and israel in the middle east. I don't understand the problems going on over there is there a website for my age 12 to understand this

    asked by marko
  111. chemistry

    an oxygen tank contains 12.0 L at 25 degree C and 3 atms. After a 4 L canister of oxygen at 25 degree C and 3 atms is emptied into the storage tank, what will happen to the temperature and pressure of the tank to be?

    asked by ayesha
  112. math

    Given P(x) = x^3 - 3x^2 - 5x + 10 a evaluate P9x) for each integer value of x from -3 through 5 b. Prove that 5 is an upper bound on the zeros of P(x)

    asked by Jake
  113. Finance

    what is the 1st year interest on a convertible bond (20 yr, 10%)

    asked by True
  114. chemistry

    For a particular reaction delta G is more negative than delta H. This means that a. delta S is zero. b. deltaS is negative c. delta S is positive d. delta S is negative if delta H is positive. e. delta S is negative if delta H is negative. i thought it was

    asked by CHRIS
  115. chemistry

    delta G for a reaction can be calculated from 1. delta Gf data 2. delta Hf and delta S data 3. equilibrium constants a. only 1 or 2 or 3 b. 1 & 2 only c. 1 & 3 only d. 2 & 3 only e. 1, 2 & 3 help

    asked by CHRIS
  116. chemistry

    delta G for a reaction can be calculated from 1. delta Gf data 2. delta Hf and delta S data 3. equilibrium constants a. only 1 or 2 or 3 b. 1 & 2 only c. 1 & 3 only d. 2 & 3 only e. 1, 2 & 3 help

    asked by CHRIS
  117. science

    A doctor advises a patient to change home from the midst of a city to the city outskirts where lichens are found more.what could be the reason behind this advice?

    asked by plz help me
  118. sdu

    . A man finds that two things cause him to wake up at night-noise or indigestion. If it is due to noise, the time to fall asleep again has exponential distribution with rate 5 per hour, and if it is due to indigestion the time to fall asleep again has

    asked by Anonymous
  119. pre-calc helpppp

    Simplify the expression by using a Double-Angle Formula or a Half-Angle Formula. ã((1-cos50)/2)

    asked by John
  120. Chemistry

    HF + NaOH =NaF + H2O What will be the pH of a solution produced when 40 mL of 0.25 M HF is titrated with 80 mL of 0.125M NaOH? Ka for HF is 3.5*10^-4

    asked by Kristen
  121. Plz help!!! algebra

    use the binomial theorem to expand the binomial (x-5)^6

    asked by ashley
  122. Pre-Calculus

    Evaluate the expression under the given conditions.? show work please! sin(A-B); tan A=12/5, A in quadrant 3, sinB=-3sqrt(10)/10, B in quadrant 4.

    asked by Kimberly
  123. Cellular Anatomy

    The function of smooth muscle is to provide? A. cushioning around the joints B.rapid contractions C.skeletal support D. involuntary movement Can some one check my answer it is (D)

    asked by Brenna
  124. language

    does a type sketch always have to be written negatively? Can one write a type sketch from a positive point of view? Instead of pointing out vices or folly, can one point out good attributes? Thanks

    asked by l
  125. Trig.

    Solve. Check for extraneous solution. 6x= √20+6x

    asked by Rach
  126. social studies

    What are present day states that are part of the Area Ceded by Mexico and the Gadsden Purchase other than California and New Mexico?

    asked by SoccerStar
  127. Life orietantion

    A clear explanation of how drug addition is a human factor that may cause ill health

    asked by A clear explanation of how drug addition is a human factor that may cause ill heath
  128. Exponential Functions?!

    solve 9^(2x-3) > 4. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. The part in parenthesis is up at top like an exponent. I dont' know how to do this. Please help me.

    asked by Tabby
  129. Math

    Jnuary 1, 1990 was a Monday. What day of the week was february 1, 1990 ?

    asked by Jessica
  130. space

    i need facts why N.A.S.A should not shut down :) please hel pi cant find anything on google

    asked by help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. poetry

    Hi I need to do a critical analysis on one thematic aspect of Kenneth Koch's "One train may hide another" and I'm totally clueless. Any ideas?

    asked by Zhin
  132. lang. arts

    so, I am doing a collage and was wondering if I could get some of your guys "quotes" that are uplifting. The point is to take pictures, poems, quotes that were made y me, are famous, made by friends or what-have-you. and that are uplifting and cheerful.

    asked by kathy☺☻
  133. linear algebra

    Find the steady state for the Markov matrix? A=[ .2 .4 .3 .4 .2 .3 .4 .4 .4] Then calculate the limit of A^n = (0,20,0) as n->infinity

    asked by fatih
  134. english

    is their any such things as a sklekion bird that talks.

    asked by Blair
  135. trigonometry

    state the amplitude, period and phase shift of the function y=tan (20-80 degrees)

    asked by lindsay
  136. calculus

    Use Euler's method with given values of to obtain an approximation of the initial value problem when x=3 . Round your answers to four decimal places, if necessary. dy/dx= x+y, y(0) =3 n=4, y(3)= n=6, y(3)=

    asked by Anonymous
  137. ilfe orientation

    identify and describe the enviromental problem waste dumps or fires that causes ill heath,accidents,crieses, and disasters within your community or any other community within south africa or globally

    asked by vinolia
  138. English

    Thank you very much, Writeacher. I need to revise these sentences, too. 1) I was last proud of myself when I helped one of my friends one week ago. She lost her father after a tragic accident (better: in) and I'm currently supporting her emotionally. 2) I

    asked by Matthew
  139. life orientation

    8 ways in which the environmental problem impact on within your community or any other community within south africa or globally.

    asked by mukeliwe
  140. calculus

    evaluate the limit using change of variable x--> 27 27-x _________ x^1/3 -3 (answer is 1/12)

    asked by shahroz
  141. Intermediate Algebra

    Write with rational exponents 3 square root of x^2

    asked by Ralph
  142. math

    write the particular equation of a quartic function that could, according to Descartes Rule of Signs have four positive zeros.

    asked by Mark
  143. Social Studies

    How can minerals as a resource be utilized to contribute to economic development?

    asked by Sasha
  144. Chem.

    I was confused. is kinetic molecular theory the same thing as ideal gas law?

    asked by Linda
  145. chem

    why does mercury level drop when you move to higher altitudes in a glass column filled with mercury.

    asked by Hyunho
  146. chemistry

    Free energies of formation are a. always positive b. always negative c. never zero d. measured at 298K e. more than one response above is correct help thinkin a though

    asked by CHRIS
  147. chemistry

    A reaction will be nonspontaneous under all conditions when a. delta G is negative b. delta H is negative and DS is positive c. delta H is positive and DS is negative d. delta H is positive independent of the value and sign of DS e. delta S is positive

    asked by CHRIS
  148. calculus

    find the interval on which the graph of f(x)=ln(x^2+1) is concave upward.

    asked by money
  149. Math

    I want to creat a easy-to-use formula to measure the intensity of a exercise workout. The input factors are: 1. Minutes exercise. 2. Miles run. 3. Calories burned. 4. Level of treadmill. So, if: Minutes = 50 Miles = 4 Calories = 423 Level = 10 Therefore,

    asked by Stuart
  150. Charu

    Simplify 8.3^1/2 /( 6^1/2 + 5^1/2)

    asked by Hanu
  151. Math

    Simplify 8.3^1/2 /( 6^1/2 + 5^1/2)

    asked by Charu
  152. Algebra

    The volume of a rectagular prism is x^3+3x^2-4x-12. The length is x+2 and the width is x+3. What is the height

    asked by Jody
  153. Math Help PLEASE!

    Find the equation of the hyperbola whose vertices are at (-1,-5) and (-1,1) with a focus at (-1,-7). Please and thank you.

    asked by TJ
  154. Physical Science

    Trying to figure this out and can't: The elevation of a streambed is surveyed near a bridge to be 2,367m. At another bridge 12.2km downstream the elevation is 2,232m. What is the gradient of this stream?

    asked by mel
  155. math

    a rectangular field measures 20 meters by y meters is surrounded by grass patch of width 2 meters . What is the area of the grass patch ? Leave your answer in the simplest form in terms of y .

    asked by melissa
  156. Algebra

    During the first part of a trip, a canoeist travels 57 miles at a certain speed. The canoeist travels 13 miles on the second trip at a speed 5 mph slower. The total time for the trip is 5 hrs. what was the speed on each part of the trip? The speed on the

    asked by Jean
  157. Inventions

    When was the telephone, atomic bomb, paper, flint tools, and the wheel invented? I've answered the other 4 and I think the telephone was invented in 1876. Please help.

    asked by Elena
  158. Intermediate Algebra

    If the discriminant of a quadratic equation has the given value, determine the number and type of solutions of the equation. A.48 B.0

    asked by Ralph
  159. algebra

    -5 and -2 write quad equation. __=0 Thanks

    asked by Stella
  160. Algebra

    -5 and-2 write a quad equation. -√5,6√5 write quad equation Tick, tick..I'm doomed..

    asked by Jean
  161. math

    Write the first 8 terms of the meometric sequence with first term 10 and common ratio 2I.

    asked by lane
  162. Mathematics

    for the sequence 3,8,15,24,35,48,63 a. write the next two terms b. write an equation for t(n)[the n is under the t] in terms of n

    asked by Malia
  163. math

    Find the number to which this geometric series converges: 200 - 170 + 144.5 - ...

    asked by Jim
  164. English

    Which is correct (* him or he)? -The old man is satisfied for has won the battle between*him and the marlin. (Is it correct to say "has won" for the sentence above?)

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Life orientation

    5 ways in which the human or enviromental problem impacts on the community

    asked by Ntombifuthi
  166. Trig.

    Subtract. Simplify is possible. (x^2-3x-28)/(x^2-x-42) -(x^2+10x+24)/(x^2+x-12)

    asked by Rach
  167. math

    Find the value of the expression -128/(4)2+6-1

    asked by Susan
  168. Life orientation

    10-15 lines discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.

    asked by Simon
  169. Math

    To which set of numbers does 13.274... belong? and Why? A) whole B) integer C) rational D) Irrational

    asked by Hanu
  170. Math

    Simplify (12^1/2 + 5. 3^1/3)^2

    asked by Charu
  171. how to find class widths??

    can someone tell me how to calculate class width. suppose the number of classes and class widh being 5 and 12 respectively.form a grouped frequency distribution.. the maximum is 98 while the minimum is 12. Should i calculate it: maximum - minimum that is

    asked by PALLAVI
  172. math

    Seek power series solution of the given differential equation about the given point x0; find the recurrence relation. (1-x)y'' + y = 0; x0 = 0

    asked by Jen
  173. Intermediate Algebra

    Write with radical notation y^4/5

    asked by Ralph
  174. algebra 2

    When you spend $1 at the grocery store, the store doesn’t keep all of your money as profit. Some of it is reinvested in the economy when the grocery store buys more merchandise from suppliers. In turn, the suppliers don’t keep all of that money as

    asked by sam
  175. PSSA

    when is the science PSSA test. also if you taken the science PSSA test, what would be on it?

    asked by Celest
  176. math

    Simpliy (x^a-1)^3 / (x^2a)(x)

    asked by Hanu