Questions Asked on
April 20, 2012

  1. calculus

    Find the dimensions of the rectangle with area 256 square inches that has minimum perimeter, and then find the minimum perimeter. Dimensions: Minimum Perimeter:

    asked by casidhe
  2. Chemistry

    A solution household bleach contains 5.25% NaClO, by mass. Assuming that the density of bleach is the same as water(1.0g/ml). Calculate the volume in mL of household bleach that should be diluted with water to make 500.0 ml of a pH= 9.80 solution. Here's

    asked by Katherine
  3. Chemistry

    Calculate the concentrations of all species in a 0.810 M Na2SO3 (sodium sulfite) solution. The ionization constants for sulfurous acid are Ka1 = 1.4 x 10^-2 and Ka2 = 6.3 x 10^-8 so I'm trying to find Na, SO3 2-, HSO3-, H2SO3, OH-, H+ and heres what I

    asked by Katherine
  4. Programming logic and design

    Design a program that lets the user enter the total rainfall for each 12 months into an array. The program should calculate and display the total rainfall for the year the average monthly rainfall, and the month with the highest and lowest amounts. In

    asked by javane
  5. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A 1.2 m diameter wagon wheel consists of a thin rim having a mass of 11 kg and six spokes, each with a mass of 1.1 kg. Find the moment of inertia of the wagon wheel for rotation about its axis. Answer in units of kg · m2

    asked by Amber
  6. calculus

    An open box is to be made out of a 8-inch by 14-inch piece of cardboard by cutting out squares of equal size from the four corners and bending up the sides. Find the dimensions of the resulting box that has the largest volume. Dimensions of the bottom of

    asked by casidhe
  7. Chemistry!!!

    Consider the rxn during the Haber Process: N2 + 3H2 ---> 2NH3 The equilibrium constant is 3.9 x 10^(5) at 300 K and 1.2 x 10^(-1) at 500 K. Find Delta H reaction and Delta S for reaction

    asked by John
  8. Chemistry

    Which pair of compounds will form a solution? A) Benzene (C6H6) and Hexane (C6H14) B) Na2SO4 and Benzene C) NaCl and Hexane

    asked by Emily
  9. Chemistry

    Write a balanced nuclear equation for the positron emission of each of the following nuclei: a) arsenic-74 b) oxygen-15

    asked by Shannon
  10. Applied Calculus

    For the average person that is still growing, the rate of change in weight W (in pounds) with respect to height h (in inches) is approximately dW/dh=0.0015h^2 pounds per inch. Suppose that the average person that is 60 inches tall weighs 108 pounds. Find

    asked by Marie
  11. physics

    1909, Robert Millikan was the first to find the charge of an electron in his now-famous oil-drop experiment. In that experiment tiny oil drops were sprayed into a uniform electric field between a horizontal pair of oppositely charged plates. The drops were

    asked by Kristie
  12. science

    A rectangular container measuring 28 cm 43 cm 58 cm is filled with water. What is the mass of this volume of water in kilograms and grams? (Take the density of water to be 1000 kg/m3.) kg g

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    consider the reaction: N2(g) + O2 (g) --> 2NO (g) removing some of the N2(g) will_____ A) increase the concentration of O2 B) decrease the concentration of O2 C) increase the concentration of NO(g)

    asked by Shannon
  14. science

    scientists often use----to better see how something work? a) models b)data c) procedures d) hypothesis

    asked by michelle
  15. physics

    The balloon contains 0.30 mol of helium starts at a pressure of 125 kpa and rises to an altitude where the pressure is 55.0 kpa, maintaining a constant 300 {\rm K} temperature. A)By what factor does its volume increase? B)How much work does the gas in the

    asked by I
  16. Physics

    Steel railroad tracks of length L = 18.30 m are laid at 10.0° C. How much space should be left between the track sections if they are to just touch when the temperature is T = 49.0° C? mm Please help. I have tried this L° α Δt = 18.3 * 13 10^-6 * (49

    asked by Amy
  17. Physics

    A wheel starts rotating from rest with uniform angular acceleration.After 3.0,its completes one revolution.Calculate a) angular velocity after 3.0s. b)angular acceleration c)angular velocity after completing d)time taken for second revolution

    asked by 115
  18. Calculus AB

    y=6-x y=x^2 Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to x. Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to y. ------------------------------------ i got the intersection pts to be(-3,9)and (2,4)....i then took the integral and

    asked by janki
  19. chemistry

    How much heat (in Kj ) is required to warm 10.0g of ice, initially at -11.0 C, to steam at 112.0 C?

    asked by haley
  20. Chemistry

    C6H5COOH(aq) + NO2-(aq) C6H5COO-(aq) + HNO2(aq) A table of ionizations is given to calculate the equilibrium constant for this overall reaction.. but when i looked onto the table the only thing given was the Ka for C6H5COOH [6.3×10^–5] and HNO2

    asked by Katherine
  21. math

    Determine the cost of painting the exterior walls and top of a cylindrical wheat silo that is 40 m high and 20 m in diameter. given that each litre of paint costs $7.25 and covers 8 meter square.

    asked by alley
  22. help

    Introduction to quadratic equations? If you solve the equation by completing the square, fill in the blanks. 9x^2+9x+4=0 x^2+x+blank=-4/9+blank

    asked by Chelsea:)
  23. geometry

    If all of the diagonals are drawn from a vertex of a quadrilateral, how many triangles are formed?

    asked by nicole
  24. calculus

    A rancher wants to fence in an area of 3000000 square feet in a rectangular field and then divide it in half with a fence down the middle, parallel to one side. Length of fence:______ feet *obviously I'm bad at word problems but that's why I'm trying to

    asked by casidhe
  25. chemistry

    Benedict's reagent is used for detecting reducing sugars because _________. the —OH groups are exchanged for hydrogens. the copper ion in the reagent is oxidized as the sugar is reduced. the aldehyde group in the sugar is oxidized. a reduction of the

    asked by krystal

    What is the theoretical yield of ethyl chloride in the reaction of 20.2 g of ethylene with 53 g of hydrogen chloride? (For ethylene, 28 amu; for hydrogen chloride,36.5amu ; for ethyl chloride, 64.5 amu.) What is the percent yield if 23.5g of ethyl chloride

    asked by Anonymous
  27. chemistry

    Given the following information: Ni(OH)2(s) Ni2+(aq) + 2 OH (aq) Ksp=6.0 x 10 16 H2O(l) H+(aq) + OH (aq) Kw=1.0 x 10 14 What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction, Ni(OH)2(s) + 2 H+(aq) Ni2+(aq)+ 2 H2O(l)

    asked by Frank
  28. Physics

    A cube of ice is taken from the freezer at -8.8°C and placed in a 103 g aluminum calorimeter filled with 321 g of water at room temperature of 20°C. The final situation is observed to be all water at 15°C. What was the mass of the ice cube? Could

    asked by John
  29. chemistry

    Benedict's reagent is used for detecting reducing sugars because _________. the —OH groups are exchanged for hydrogens. the copper ion in the reagent is oxidized as the sugar is reduced. the aldehyde group in the sugar is oxidized. a reduction of the

    asked by krystal
  30. MATH##$$&&^^**

    A researcher wishes to estimate the proportion of college students who cheat on exams. A poll of 490 college students showed that 33% of them had, or intended to, cheat on examinations. Find the margin of error for the 95% confidence interval.

    asked by Bridget
  31. Chemistry

    How much heat (in Kj ) is required to warm 10.0g of ice, initially at -11.0 C, to steam at 112.0 C?

    asked by Haley
  32. Chemisty

    N2+3H2=2NH3 Assume 0.150 mol of N2 and 0.477 mol of H2 are present initially. After complete reaction, how many moles of ammonia are produced?

    asked by Jenn
  33. Chemistry

    Suppose that 1.00 g of rubbing alcohol (C3H8O) evaporates from a 57.0g aluminum block If the aluminum block is initially at 25 C, what is the final temperature of the block after the evaporation of the alcohol? Assume that the heat required for the

    asked by Haley
  34. Chemistry!! Help

    Consider the following equilibrium: N2O4 2NO2 You may assume that delta H and delta S do not vary with temperature. At what temperature will an equilibrium mixture of 1 atm total pressure contain twice as much NO2 as N2O4?

    asked by John
  35. discrete math

    Find the solution to the following lhcc recurrence: an=3nan−1 for n2 with initial conditions a0=4.

    asked by cjones
  36. physics

    The length l of a simple pendulum is about 0.5m, and can be measured within 1mm. what accuracy is required in the measurement of periodic time T of 100 oscillations if the error in l and T are to produce equal percentage in the calculation of acceleration

    asked by ridhi
  37. maths

    Continue these decimal patterns a) 1,0.5,0.3,0.25,0.2,--- ,----,-----. b) 0,0.5,0.6,0.75,0.8,0.83,----,---,---

    asked by RS
  38. MATH

    Solve system of equations algebraically. 1. 3x-3y=24 and 2x+5y=-37 2. -9x+10y=-2 and 45x-50y=11 3. -9x-3y=-3 and 18x+6y=6 4. -5x-6y=-23 and 8x+7y=29 5. 9x-7y=4 and 5x+3y=-46

    asked by Anonymous
  39. chemistry


    asked by presh
  40. SDU

    A nickel is tossed 20 times in succession. Every time the nickel comes up heads, a dime is tossed, Let X count the number of heads appearing on tosses of the dime. Determine P(X=0) and P(X=1).

    asked by Anonymous
  41. physics

    A 40N force applied at an angle of 37 degrees above the horizontal pulls a 5kg box on a horizontal floor. the acceleration of the box is 3meter per second square. how large a frictional force must be retarding the motion of the box. a.50N b.13N c.17N d.25N

    asked by ali
  42. physics

    "Only two forces act on an object (mass = 3.90 kg), as in the drawing. (F = 76.0 N.) Find the magnitude and direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object. " (The angle is 45 degrees and the horizontal force is 40N)

    asked by Allie
  43. COM 200 Interpersonal Communication

    True or False: Because words have human senders and receivers, they also have multiple intentions and interpretations.

    asked by ree
  44. Calculus

    A smoke detector contains 0.2 mg of Americium 241 (Am-241), a radioactive element that decays in t years according to the relation m = 0.2(0.5)^(t/432.2). Where m is the mass, in milligrams, remaining after t years. A) The smoke detector will no longer

    asked by Julie
  45. calculus

    I've done the first question but I cannot get any farther. I'm so stuck. Please explain or just help me to figure out the next steps. A printed poster is to have a total area of 837 square inches with top and bottom margins of 7 inches and side margins of

    asked by casidhe
  46. Interpersonal Communication

    True or False: Americans tend to look at others above the neck or below the knees. Looking at other parts of a person’s body is considered impolite, while looking at anyone for more than three to five seconds can be interpreted as staring.

    asked by ree
  47. math

    Area A sequence of smaller squares is formed by connecting the midpoints of the sides of a larger square. (a) If the area of the largest square is 1 square unit, determine the first five terms of a sequence that describes the area of each successive

    asked by chris
  48. statistics

    Dr. Snyder teaches a large introductory statistics course. In the past, the proportion of students that receive a grade of A is 0.20. The proportion that receives a B is 0.30. The proportion that receives a C is 0.30. The proportion that receives a D is

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math/ Algebra 2

    How many different ways can the letters in the word COMBINATIONS be arranged if the letter C is first and the letter S is last? Thank you in advance ^^

    asked by Cindy
  50. Calculus

    A smoke detector contains 0.2 mg of Americium 241 (Am-241), a radioactive element that decays in t years according to the relation m = 0.2(0.5)^(t/432.2). Where m is the mass, in milligrams, remaining after t years. A) The smoke detector will no longer

    asked by Julie
  51. Calculus

    Find the derivative 1. y = e^xSin²x 2. y = (x³+1)e^-4 3. y = x²e^Sinx

    asked by Anonymous
  52. chemistry

    if 48.3 g of an unknown gas occupies 10.0 L at 40 degrees celsius and 3.10 atm, what is the molar mass of the gas?

    asked by sherly
  53. calculus

    Take an 8.5 by 14-inch piece of paper and cut out four equal squares from the corners. Fold up the sides to create an open box. Find the dimensions of the box that has maximum volume. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Round your answer to

    asked by Anonymous
  54. chemistry

    the heat of vaporization of water is 2.26kJ/g. how much heat is needed to change 2.55 g of water to steam?

    asked by Randy
  55. discrete math

    Find the solution to the following recurrence: an=3an−1+7 for n2 with initial conditions a0=7

    asked by cjones
  56. statistics

    In which data set is there evidence of a strong nonlinear relationship between the two variables?

    asked by cc
  57. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A uniform disk with a mass of 130 kg and a radius of 1.2 m rotates initially with an angular speed of 950 rev/min. A constant tangential force is applied at a radial distance of 0.5 m. How much work must this force do to stop the wheel? Answer in units of

    asked by Amber
  58. math

    A recipe for cream of broccoli soup calls for 1 pint of cream and a quart of reduce the fat, plans to use all milk. How many cups of milk should she use in the recipe?

    asked by neshia
  59. bobpursley

    write the equation of the ellipse with foci at (0, -sqrt3) and (0, sqrt 3) and for which 2a=4 i've done this befoe, but with squareroots as endpoints. and if 2a=4, a=2, right? Please help me.

    asked by Tabby
  60. math

    Note: Object not drawn to scale If X = 3 inches, Y = 10 inches, W = 4 inches, and Z = 5 inches, what is the area of the object?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. chemistry

    Questions 2-3 refer to : 〖KClO〗_3 + C_6 H_12 O_6 = KCl + 〖CO〗_2 + 〖H〗_2O? 2. Balance the equation. How many mole of potassium chlorate react with 0.250 mole of glucose How many grams of carbon dioxide are formed. How many grams of water are

    asked by jhong
  62. Math

    A bag of 12 white marbles and 1/3 red marbles and 2/5 blue marbles what is the total marbles in the bag?

    asked by Tom
  63. Life orientation

    What are the realistic and appropriate ways to deal with drug addiction?

    asked by Karabo
  64. math

    A recipe for cream of broccoli soup calls for 1 pint of cream and a quart of reduce the fat, plans to use all milk. How many cups of milk should she use in the recipe?

    asked by neshia
  65. Chemistry

    calculate the amount of heat energy in joules to condense 125g of steam at 100 degrees celcius and cool to the liquid to 15 degrees celcius?

    asked by Kimberly
  66. chemistry

    The chemical reaction N2(g) + 3 H2(g) ↔ 2 NH3(g) is at equilibrium. An experimenter injects a small amount of N2 into the reaction chamber. What happens to the forward reaction rate right after the injection of the N2?What happens to the reverse reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  67. geometry

    A swimming pool circular in shape has its distance around 282.74 ft, what is the area? in cm^2 in in^2 in m^2 TIA

    asked by kilkaru
  68. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    Consider a wheel (solid disk) of radius 0.748 m, mass 16 kg and moment of iner- tia 1/2 MR^2 . The wheel rolls without slipping in a straight line in an uphill direction 27 above the horizontal. The wheel starts at angular speed 20.5882 rad/s but the

    asked by Amber

    An electron is located on a pinpoint having a diameter of 2.04 µm. What is the minimum uncertainty in the speed of the electron?

    asked by na
  70. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.0353M solution of NH4F and a 0.0000666M solution of NH4F?

    asked by Janet
  71. Physics

    A certain radio station broadcasts at 1430 kilohertz. This is the frequency of oscillation of electrons in the transmitting antenna producing the radio wave. Find the period of the electrons' motion.

    asked by Alex
  72. physics

    A wire of radius one meter is centered on the origin in the xy plane. This wire carries a total charge of +Q. Another wire of length two meters runs along the z-axis and is centered at the origin. It carries total charge -Q. What is the electric field

    asked by allan
  73. Calculus

    Let R be the region bounded by the y-axis and the curves y = sin x and y = cos x. Answer the following. a)Find the exact area of R. b)A solid is generated by revolving R about the x-axis. Find the exact volume of the solid.

    asked by ronnieday
  74. Algebra 2

    There are 8 movies you would like to see currently showing in the theater. Due to time offerings, 2 of the movies must be seen first and second respectively. A) In how many different ways can you want all the movies?

    asked by Cindy
  75. algebra

    URGENT! How do you calculate for marginal cost against fixed cost. E.g., a company produces 2 pairs of shoes at $390.00. If it produces 1 more pair (making total production 3), total cost is $600.00. If no production is made, the fixed cost is $130. With

    asked by Garnett
  76. consumer business math

    Beth Pittman earns $12,558 per year. She is paid 52 times per year and claims 2 exemptions. If $8.85 in taxes is withheld from each paycheck, at what rate is she taxed? The answer options are: 3.9% 4.2% and 5.1%

    asked by BUG
  77. math

    If C dollars are deposited in an account paying r percent annual interest, approximate the amount in the account after X years if c=$250, r=2.4% and x=23 years?

    asked by angel
  78. Chemistry

    A Gaseous mixture contains 4.08g of oxygen and 2.78g of Nitrogen a)What pressure is exerted by the mixture inside a 100.0ml metal container at 150C. b) what pressure is contributed by the oxygen? (please show steps)

    asked by cc
  79. life orientation

    Identify and describe one environmental problem that causes ill health,accidents,crises and disaster within your community or any other community within south africa or globally?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. distance formula

    I need to find the distance between two points, (6,-3) and (-1,4). d = sqrt[(x2-x1)^2 + (y2-y1)^2)] I got that down to the sqrt of 98, which is the decimal 9.899494937, approximated at 9.9. Is this the right answer?

    asked by Tabby
  81. physics

    "Only two forces act on an object (mass = 3.90 kg), as in the drawing. (F = 76.0 N.) Find the magnitude and direction (relative to the x axis) of the acceleration of the object. " (The angle is 45 degrees and the horizontal force is 40N)

    asked by Allie
  82. math

    mr.lopez is putting a face around his vegetable garden. the garden is shaped like a rectangle.the longer side are 14 feet long, and the shorter side are 9 feet long how much fencing should mr.lopez buy

    asked by lise
  83. programming

    write a payroll program that promt a user to enter his name,hourly rate,working hours in the week and display the amount earning by each employee in Rand.user is not allowed to enter any negative value for hourly rate and working hours.

    asked by Anonymous
  84. College Algebra

    Solve the equation. If necessary, round to the nearest thousandth. 5(2x-1)=10

    asked by Christina
  85. Calculus

    Find the derivative of each 1) y = e^x(Sin²x) 2) y = (x²+1)e^-4 3) y = x²(e^Sinx)

    asked by Julie
  86. Calculus grade 12

    Determine the derivative of each function A1) y = e^x(Sin²x) A2) y = e²Sin²x B1) y = (x³ + 1)e^-2 B2) y = (x² + 1)e^-2 C) y = x²(theta^Sinx)

    asked by Julie
  87. Calculus grade 12

    Determine the equation of the tangent line to the function f(x) = x + Sinx at x = pie

    asked by Julie
  88. economics

    In 1989, the Detroit Free Press and Detroit Daily News (the only daily newspapers in the city) obtained permission to merge under a special exemption from the antitrust laws. The merged firm continued to publish the two newspapers but was operated as a

    asked by Tiffany
  89. Polar equations

    write the polar eqaution 3 = r cos (theta - 315) in rectangular form.

    asked by tabby
  90. Physics (Waves)

    You have 27 tuning forks that oscillate at close but different frequencies. What are the (a) maximum and (b) minimum number of different beat frequencies you can produce by sounding the forks 2 at a time, depending on how the frequencies differ? *I KNOW

    asked by M
  91. math

    how do we find the surface area? top: bottom: right: left: front: back: its still hard when we i find the surface area of a rectanguar prism.

    asked by Celest
  92. calculus

    I've posted this question before and think I've made some progress but it some part of the second answer I got is wrong I've done the first question but I cannot get any farther. I'm so stuck. Please explain or just help me to figure out the next steps. A

    asked by casidhe
  93. physics

    A 89.0 N grocery cart is pushed 13.0 m by a shopper who exerts a constant horizontal force of 40.0 N. If all frictional forces are neglected and the cart starts from rest, what is its final speed?

    asked by katt
  94. economics

    Over the last 30 years in the United States, the realprice of a college education (i.e., after adjusting for inflation) has increased by almost 70 percent. Over the same period, an increasing number of high school grad- uates have sought a college

    asked by Joanne
  95. Math

    It is known that if the deer population falls below a certain level, m, then the deer will become extinct. It is also known that is the deer population goes above the maximum carrying capacity, M, the population will decrease to M. (a) Discuss the

    asked by Jenny
  96. chemistry

    In 1999, chemists working for the Air Force Research Laboratory reported that they had produced a compound containing an unusual ion with the formula N5 +. This ion had not been expected to exist, and its instability makes it both diffi cult and dangerous

    asked by aydin
  97. physics

    A certain refrigerator is rated as being 39% as efficient as a Carnot refrigerator. To remove 102 J of heat from the interior at 0 °C and eject it to the outside at 23 °C, how much work must the refrigerator motor do?

    asked by zuhra
  98. geometry

    The deck in Alice's back yard is round. It has 5 posts evenly spaced around the edge to support a trellis. For her get together, she wants to connect each post to all the other posts with red ribbons. How many ribbons will she need.

    asked by Carol
  99. Mathematics

    Express 3x squared + 2x + 1 in the form a(x+p)squared + q where a,p and q are real numbers

    asked by Sam
  100. rational exponents

    express the third root of(8a^3y^5) using rational exponents. Please show your work!

    asked by tabby
  101. Statistics

    Determine if a linear relationship exists between unemployment rates and cost of living indexes by constructing a scatter chart and adding a trend line. What is the regression model and R2?

    asked by Tiffany
  102. Calculus

    Use the form of the definition of the integral to evaluate the intergral. From 0 to 9 (10+6x-x^2)

    asked by Andrew
  103. physics

    In periods of peak demand, power companies lower their voltage. This saves them power (and saves you money!). To see the effect, consider a 1200- W coffeemaker that draws 10 A when connected to 120 V. Suppose the voltage is lowered by 13 % to 104

    asked by Kristie
  104. Integral calculus

    Yesterday I posted this number that I don't understand. There was a mistake in the question,this is the right one: ∫ (5^(3/x) - (x^8 + 9)^1/3 ) / 3x^2 will u, for sub. be = x^8 + 9? Then du is = 8x^7 dx x^7 dx = 1/8 du Thank you!

    asked by Tommy
  105. Logarithms

    solve 6 = 15^1-x by using logarithms. Round your asnwer to the nearest thousandth. PLease help?

    asked by Tabby
  106. Algebra

    Which equation shows an exact computation? A. 12/7 = 1.714 B. 2π = 44/7 C. 22/7x14 = 44 D. 2√2 = 2.818 And if possible, could you explain what exact computation is? Thank you.

    asked by Nicole
  107. Algebra

    Devin attempted to solve the inequality -2x+6>10 following the steps below: •subtract 6 from both sides of the inequality. •divide both sides of the inequality by -2. He finds that x>-2. Clearly explain why this is not a correct solution. In your

    asked by Nicole
  108. Applying Algebraic Thinking to Data

    Snoopy is in his plane, 4500 ft above ground. he fires a projectile straight up. The Vo of the projectile is 340 ft/s. (after the projectile is fired, it has no acceleration, so its height can be modeled by a "falling body" model). The Red baron is

    asked by Rachelle
  109. statistics

    Joan has j

    asked by Mike
  110. Geometry

    What is the volume of a horizontal cylinder whose radius is 2.6 yd,and length is 8.4 yds to the nearest tenth of a cubic yard using 3.14?

    asked by Jane
  111. English

    Can you please tell me where I can interview homeowners, will they agree if its for school purpose? Thank you!

    asked by Layal
  112. ChemistryI

    If an ideal gas occupies 736 ml at 45C and 719 torr, what volume will it occupyat 105Cand 972torr?

    asked by cc
  113. Physics

    A car is initially traveling at 20 m/s when it accelerates to 35 m/s in a time of 5 seconds. What is the acceleration of the car in m/s^2?

    asked by Matthew
  114. Business Math

    The balance sheet of karim imports lists the following account balances: cash 6,450 supplies 1,200 accounts receiveable 15,360 office equipment 8,500merca

    asked by T
  115. English

    Here are other sentences I need to check. I really hope you can check them, Writeacher. 1) blamed my friend Peter for breaking some plates, but the real guilty was me. I’m quite independent of my parents because I do a lot of things without their help.

    asked by Matthew
  116. statistics

    Using the Chi-square test I am having problems when I get to the part of adding the the fractions and getting the percent that must be rounded to three decimal places. I have looked in the text and searched the internet. Can you please me

    asked by Mary
  117. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=(x^3)(e^9x), -2 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 4 *The absolute maximum value is _____ and this occurs at x equals 4. *The absolute minimum value is _____ and this occurs at x equals ______ I got the 4 but I

    asked by casidhe
  118. physics

    a 2kg and a 4kg hang freely at opposite end of a light in-extensible string which passes over a small and light pulley fixed to a rigid support.calculate the acceleration of the system.

    asked by ali
  119. physics

    a one meter chain that weights one newton sits on a flat horizontal table that is one meter from the floor. the coefficient of friction between the chain and the table is 0.15. how much of the chain can dangle off the table until the chain pulls itself

    asked by david
  120. Polar Equations

    I am supposed to identify the classical curve that is represented by r = 1 + sin Theta. I think it's a cardioid, because its equation is r = 1 + 1 sin theta (r = a + a sin theta). Is this correct?

    asked by Tabby
  121. College Algebra


    asked by Brian
  122. Geometry

    Find the missing side. Approximate the answer to three decimal places when appropriate. A=15 yd C=25 yd? Help!

    asked by Susan
  123. physics

    How much energy becomes unavailable for work in an isothermal process at 440 K, if the entropy increase is 25 J/K

    asked by I
  124. geometry

    what is the lateral surface area of the cone with radius 9cm and slant 12.5cm? possible answers; 221cm^2 240cm^2 304cm^2 620cm^2 Could someone please help

    asked by lilman
  125. Physic

    If a circular space station has on outside radius of 750Km, how fast must the space station rotate in order to give an astronaut with a mass of 90Kg an acceleration of 9.8m/s^2?

    asked by Ernest
  126. Applied Calculus

    Suppose that an object is thrown down towards the ground from the top of the 1100-ft tall Sears Tower with an initial velocity of – 20 feet per second (the negative velocity indicates that the object is moving towards the ground). Given that the

    asked by Marie
  127. algebra

    theperimeter of a rectangle is32 ft. The lenght is 12 ft longer than the width. Find the dimensions. Write a system of linear equations and solve the resulting system. Let x be the lenght and y be the width write the first equation 2x-2y= write the second

    asked by Anonymous
  128. language arts

    i need help depicting a poem using literary terms. The poem is Dear Sister and goes: Do not believe what all you read in the papers, Leona, about the strikers being reds. It is true, the Communist Party of New York sent down a truckload of potatoes. You

    asked by hannah
  129. Algebra

    Use the function to answer the question. f(x)=1/4-x For what value in the domain is the function undefined? Explain your answer.

    asked by Nicole
  130. English

    I urgently need to revise a few sentences containing reflexive pronouns. I really hope you can help me. 1) I was last proud of myself when I won a swimming competition. I (once) blamed one of my friends for telling me a lie. 2) I depend on my parents.

    asked by Matthew
  131. College Algebra

    log5 (x+2)+log5(x-2)=3

    asked by David
  132. Applied Calculus-Question for Damon

    Hi, I have two other questions for Applied Calculus but they have graphs and I am unable to post them in here. Is there a way you could help me out with the questions?

    asked by Marie
  133. Physics 30

    If a truck moving at 30km/hr accelerates at 2.5m/s^2 to 50 km/hr, what time (in sec) does it take? a. 2.22s b. 5.56s c. 8 s d. 28.8s

    asked by Don
  134. Government

    Does the U.S. have a responsibility to become involved in Syria or any other country where civilians are being killed by their leaders?

    asked by Kate
  135. math

    A statue is 62 inches in height. When it is shipped in a box, it will have padding that is 4 inches thick on each end. Will the statue fit into a box that is 2 yards in height?

    asked by neshia
  136. Maths

    need extra classes for my son grade2 Parsons Hill Primary school

    asked by Queen
  137. math

    where to find Assignment Expert in port Elizabeth to attend.

    asked by Queen
  138. English

    What is the regular verb or verb phrase in these sentences. Most other children received lessons from home. Today, students usually attend formal schools. In ancient Greece, Socrates worked with small groups of students. These advances are creating new

    asked by KATHY☺☻
  139. Mathematics

    simultaneous equation x squared = 4-y x = y+2

    asked by India
  140. Algebra, Please Help!

    Devin attempted to solve the inequality -2x+6>10 following the steps below: •subtract 6 from both sides of the inequality. •divide both sides of the inequality by -2. He finds that x>-2. Clearly explain why this is not a correct solution. In your

    asked by Nicole
  141. Polar equations - Help?

    i need to graph the polar equation 2 = r cos (theta + 180) on one of the graphs that looks like a flattened globe. So far I have 2=r cos180 costheta + r sin180 sintheta what do i do now?

    asked by Tabby
  142. physics

    a bar is pushed so that it slides across the floor. how far will it go, given the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.25, and the push imparts an initial speed of 2.5m/s?

    asked by krag
  143. to ms.sue

    i still don't get surface area!

    asked by Celest
  144. Statistics

    An automobile dealership has as one of its performance goals that the proportion of its automobiles sold that are deemed “good value for the money” by the purchasers be at least .90. For a random sample of 400 automobiles sold over the past six months,

    asked by Sheila
  145. Math

    Suppose three coins are tossed. What's the probability of having exactly 1 tail, 3 tails, or all the same?

    asked by Carol
  146. math

    The odds for being assigned homework are 5.5 to 1. Find this expressed as a probability.

    asked by ley
  147. MATH

    What Is Three Half Of 2/6/7 ? Pleasee Help !

    asked by KIM
  148. medical transcription

    Please help to perfect my grammar, lot of confusion and trouble, please help me. Now usage of "complains of" and "complaints of"

    asked by baby
  149. Polar equations

    write 3x-6y=-14 in polar form. round phi to the nearest degree

    asked by Please Help Me!
  150. College Algebra


    asked by Jack
  151. Life orientation

    5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impact lack of infrastructure on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

    asked by Maalebogo
  152. physics

    A pulley with diameter D = 27in weighs 80 lb. It is mounted on a diameter d = 2-in axle. A weight of 1000 lb is to be lifted. If the coefficient of friction f = 0.1, what vertical pull force P will be needed?

    asked by Teri


    asked by MATTHEWS
  154. Math

    Which gender typically watches more television per month? Justify your answer. MALE |. . . . :. . . : .: .. . .: . . . . . FEMALE| . . .:. . . .::.. ::. .. . . | | | | | | | 700 1050 1400 1750 2100 2450 2800

    asked by Tessa
  155. Math

    Area formula for a circle

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    How much interest is earned on 20,000 at 6% for 2 yrs compounded annually?

    asked by Michelle
  157. Social Studies

    Daughter was born on 7-19. Son on the 24 thof the 2 month and my sister in the 51st year of our lord father in the 42nd year. What is my sign?

    asked by Janell
  158. life orentation

    provide 5 ways in you critically discuss how life style disease/behaviour impact on the teenager

    asked by thandixolo
  159. chemistry

    How do you calculate the solubility at 25°C in grams per liter of silver iodide in an aqueous solution that is 0.15 M inpotassium iodide and 0.25 M in ammonia.

    asked by Lisa
  160. Science

    Why are x-rays uneffected my electric and magnetic fields. Please help me to understand this. I think that x-rays are unefected because each has a different wavelength of radiation. These different wavelengths cause no effect.

    asked by Sam
  161. programming

    write a java application to calculate the exponent value of a number using the following specification

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Question (plz read!)

    What is Equine Science????

    asked by Laruen
  163. Maths

    Using appropriate prperties find: 4/5*(-2/3)- 4/5* 1/2 + 1/7* 2/3

    asked by Job Daniel
  164. science

    fill in the blanks with these worsd: galaxies gunpppowder guns hubble space telescope mummy sealed tomb the invention of 1990 of the led to the 1996 discovery of new .

    asked by science
  165. not in school

    Does age determine brain size?

    asked by N. Paulus
  166. to ms.sue

    e area when there is 3 numbers. which one is base, height, and width.

    asked by Celest
  167. Math

    One bag contains 4 pink marbles and 4 turquoise marbles, and a second bag contains 2 white marbles and 1 pink marble. If Angel randomly draws one marble from each bag.... A) What is the probability that they are both pink?

    asked by Cindy