Questions Asked on
April 19, 2012

  1. maths

    1 + 1/4 + (1.3)/(4.8) + (1.3.5)/(4.8.12)+...... = _____

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Chemistry

    Which atom has the smallest valence p atomic orbital? -Carbon -Nitrogen -Sulfur Why? A. That atom has the highest electronegativity. B. That atom has the fewest number of electrons. C. That atom does not have electrons in p orbitals. D. The valence

    asked by Pooya
  3. Physics

    On a frictionless, horizontal air track, a glider oscillates at the end of an ideal spring of force constant 2.30 N/cm. The graph in the figure shows the acceleration of the glider as a function of time. Find the mass of the glider. Find the maximum

    asked by Joe
  4. political science

    When membership in an organization allows for a reductions in the price of museum tickets, it is called a a) purposive benefit b) bribe c) promotion offer d) material benefit e) solidary benefit

    asked by tina
  5. physics

    If 1g of steam is mixed wid 1g of ice, then what will be the resultant temperature of the mixture?

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!
  6. Physics

    an electron in a mercury atom jumps from level a to level g by absorbing a single photon. determine the energy of the photon in joules.

    asked by Marty
  7. physics

    The coefficient of friction between the block of mass m1 = 3.00 kg and the surface in the figure below is ìk = 0.365. The system starts from rest. What is the speed of the ball of mass m2 = 5.00 kg when it has fallen a distance h = 1.90 m?

    asked by zamdirhy
  8. Trig

    sin^4t-cos^4t/sin^2t cos^2t= sec^2t-csc^2t i have =(sin^2t+cos^2t)(sin^2t+cos^2t)/sin^2tcos^2t then do i go =(sin^2t+cos^2t)/sin^2tcos^2t stumped

    asked by Josh
  9. physics

    In periods of peak demand, power companies lower their voltage. This saves them power (and saves you money!). To see the effect, consider a 1200- W coffeemaker that draws 10 A when connected to 120 V. Suppose the voltage is lowered by 13 % to 104

    asked by Kristie
  10. Pre-Calc Help!!!!!!!!


    asked by Amanda
  11. physics

    A piece of metal at 80 degrees celsius is placed in 1.2 L of water at 72 degrees celsius. The system is thermally isolated and reaches a final temperature of 75 degrees celsius. Estimate the approximate change in entrophy for this process.

    asked by William
  12. math

    Area A sequence of smaller squares is formed by connecting the midpoints of the sides of a larger square. (a) If the area of the largest square is 1 square unit, determine the first five terms of a sequence that describes the area of each successive

    asked by nick
  13. physics

    An open container holds ice of mass 0.540 kg at a temperature of -18.7 c The mass of the container can be ignored. Heat is supplied to the container at the constant rate of 790 J/minute. The specific heat of ice to is 2100 J/kg . K and the heat of fusion

    asked by I
  14. Pre-Calc Help!!!!!!!!


    asked by Amanda
  15. Chemistry

    Deriving Chem Beer's Law's Equation By comparing the absorbance of each trial solution, Aeq, to the absorbance of the standard solution, Astd, [FeNCS2+]eq can be determined. Two Beer’s Law equations can be written, one for the trial (Aeq =

    asked by Raskin
  16. science

    Which of the following statements is not correct about reference frames?

    asked by pachi
  17. math

    tom had 8 pieces of pizza, tom ate one. How much is left

    asked by bob
  18. 5th grade math

    A group of students went to their favorite restaurant after the football game one Friday night. They all ordered from the menu and forgot to tell the server to give them separate checks. The bill totaled $27, including the tip. They decided to split the

    asked by Leann
  19. math

    The total hang time T in seconds, is given by T(h)=^h/2. Where h is the maximum height. If a person jumps 6 ft off the ground, determine for how many seconds the person is in the air.

    asked by angel
  20. Statistics

    12. The proportion of students who own a cell phone on college campuses across the country has increased tremendously over the past few years. It is estimated that approximately 94% of students now own a cell phone. Twenty five students are to be selected

    asked by Rodney
  21. Mathematics

    water is poured into a cylindrical bucket with the base area of 300cm squared if 4.8 leters of water is poured into the bucket what is the height if the water in the bucket

    asked by Kalene
  22. History

    European immigration in the 19th century was lower in South Carolina than it was in many other areas because the state what ?

    asked by Asia
  23. A level, Mechanics

    An object of mass 100 kg is suspended by two identical cables. The tension in cable one is (400i + 300j)N, where i and j are horizontal and vertical unit vectors respectively. The tension in cable two is (pi + qj)N. If the object remain at rest, find p and

    asked by Tony
  24. Grade 12 life orientation

    Hiv/Aids describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain 5 factors that contribute to the disease

    asked by Tebogo
  25. Math

    A pizza is cut into 10 equal slices. What is the measure of each central angle (the part first eaten)?

    asked by This Guy
  26. Accounting

    Please prepare the following journal entries. Indicate which account should be debited and which account should be credited along with the dollar amount of the debit and credit. a) Investors invested $100,000 in exchange for 10,000 shares of common stock.

    asked by Anne
  27. political science

    when paid staff conduct most of the daily business of a group, that group is best described as a a) PAC b) free-rider group c) 527 committee d) staff organization e) lobbyist

    asked by tina
  28. physis

    A parallel plate condenser with oil between the plates( dielectric const. of oil K=2) has a capacitance C . if the oil is removed then what will be the capacitance of the capacitor?

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!
  29. history

    How was the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s a continuation of the Reconstruction-era struggle for blacks to achieve equality?

    asked by Brittney
  30. 3 grade english ms sue


    asked by dw
  31. Physics

    A reversible engine converts 1/6 of the heat input into work. When the temperature of the sink is reduced by 62C, the efficiency of the engine is doubled.What are the temperarure of the source and sink?

    asked by Tulika
  32. chemistry

    What is the percent yield if 23.5 of ethyl chloride is actually formed?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. science

    An aluminum bar is 2m long at a temperature of 20 degrees C What will be the length of the bar at a temperature of 100 degrees C

    asked by jack
  34. Chemistry(Please respond)

    Step 1:H2O2 + I^-^ = H2O + OI^-^ step 2: H2O2 + OI^-^ = H2O + O2 + I^-^ What is the equation for the overall reaction? I am not sure how to do this since there are two equations. Complete the rate law for the overall reaction. I know how to do this one but

    asked by Hannah
  35. Grade 12 life orientation

    Hiv/Aids describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain 5 factors that contribute to the disease

    asked by Tebogo
  36. physics

    A wire of diameter 0.65mm and length 6.0m stretches 10mm when 5.5kg is hung from it. What is the Young's modulus for the wire and what is the effective spring constant for the stretching wire

    asked by Kirk
  37. Physics

    Sodium has bcc packing. If a distance between two nearest atoms is 3.7 A* then what is the lattice parameter?

    asked by Tulika
  38. Algebra

    A jacket priced at $65 is on sale at %20 off the original price. The sale price is then marked down another %30 off. What is the price of the jacket?

    asked by Ashly
  39. Maths

    what is the equation for the tangent to the curve 6y=7-x^3 at (1,1)?

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!!!
  40. math

    Is each question biased or faired? 6. Will you vote for the young inexperienced candidate, Mr. Soong, or the experienced candidate, Ms. Lopez? (1 point) biased fair 7. Will you vote for Mr. Soong or Ms. Lopez? (1 point) biased fair

    asked by jman
  41. math

    Shop A sold a notebook for $1200. This was 125% of the price of a similar notebook sold in Shop B. Find the price of the notebook in Shop B. During a sale, both shops gave the same percentage of discount. Dennis bought the notebook from Shop B and found

    asked by Al
  42. Algebra

    What are variables ?

    asked by Ashly
  43. physics

    both chloroplasts and mitochondria are like in that they both have_______ membranes and their own _____.

    asked by chita


    asked by DANIEL
  45. math

    A jar consists of 21 sweets, 12 are green and 9 are blue. William picked 2 sweets at random. Find the probability that both sweets are blue.

    asked by jenny
  46. chem

    How many molecules are in 1.60 g of SO2? Answer in units of molec

    asked by luke
  47. chemistry

    Benzene has the empirical formula CH and an experimental molar mass of 78 g/mol. What is its molecular formula? Explain how you got your answer.

    asked by Brittney
  48. history

    Describe President Reagan’s foreign policy goals and summarize several of the major, specific actions he took to meet those goals.

    asked by Brittney
  49. chemistry

    (1) How many grams of copper, cu are there in 2.55 mol of cu? (2) Determine the percent composition of each of the following (a) ethylalcohol CH3CH2OH. (b) vitamin C, ascorbic acid C6H8O6. (c) Coteine, C18H21NO3. (3) A 27.5g sample of a compound containing

    asked by frank fred
  50. history

    How did George Kennan’s containment doctrine change during the Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations? Which president was the most successful in containing Communism?

    asked by Brittney
  51. Mathematics

    a bus travelled at at average speed of 54km/hour from lape town to cape town calculate in km the distance from lape to cape town

    asked by Sam
  52. science

    what are the different methods of helping people to hear again if they have something wrong with the cochlea, eardrum and ear canal.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    10a^3b, 8a^2 b^2, and 22ab^3 can someone please help me with this my kid needs help and i don't know how to do it

    asked by Abby
  54. Trig/Precalc

    solve 6=e^0.2t Round your answer to the nearest hundredth Someone please help me - I don't understand this problem at all!

    asked by tabby
  55. math

    For the number 385,4012, and 856 first round each number to the nearest hundred. Then add the rounded numbers

    asked by keshia
  56. science

    what is the word for high energy body on outer edge of space

    asked by Kandy
  57. Maths

    1 + 1/4 + (1.3)/(4.8) + (1.3.5.) + .... = _________

    asked by Tulika
  58. grammar

    can you check these for me ? circle the action word that tells more. 1. Lee grabbed a bucket of paint options: got or grabbed 2.The paint slipped . options: slipped or fell 3. It dripped on Lee's coat, options: went or dripped 4. It sprayed on Lee's pants.

    asked by kevin
  59. microbiology

    what is sugar fermentation

    asked by denis
  60. Maths

    watz the value of (sin 5A)/(sin A)?

    asked by Tulika
  61. biology

    how could you set up an experiment to show that the oxygen is coming from the plant and not from the water???

    asked by chantelle
  62. Math Help Please!!!!

    find the balance after 15 years of a $2500 investment earning 5.5% interest compounded continuously

    asked by Urgent!!!!
  63. life orientation

    in line 10-15 critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community

    asked by tebogo
  64. Calculus

    find the region enclosed by the given curves: 4x+y^2=9, x=2y

    asked by Michael
  65. math plzzzzzzz help

    593 cm = to how many metres? and plzzz show how u gound or got the answer

    asked by smileyface
  66. science

    do you know the word galaxy shaped like a wheel whithout cured arms

    asked by Kandy
  67. chemistry

    What is the theoretical yield of ethyl chloride in the reaction of 20.2 of ethylene with 53 of hydrogen chloride?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Finance

    Comparing Future Value. Calculate the future value of a retirement account on which you deposit $2000.00 a year for 30 years with an annual interest rate of 7%.

    asked by Valarie
  69. chemistry

    What is the theoretical yield of ethyl chloride in the reaction of 20.2 of ethylene with 53 of hydrogen chloride? (For ethylene, 28 amu; for hydrogen chloride,36.5amu ; for ethyl chloride, 64.5 amu.) What is the percent yield if 23.5 of ethyl chloride is

    asked by Anonymous
  70. English

    Writeacher, I really hope you can have a look at my last examples. I need to know which are wrong. I still have a few doubts on the use of to/at/in after have been. Thank you for helping me. 1) I haven't gone out for a walk. I have already been to school

    asked by Matthew
  71. physics

    a gun shoots a potato from a height of 6 feet. how long does it take to hit the ground.

    asked by armando
  72. Finance/ MAth

    find the balance after 15 years of a $2500 investment earning 5.5% interest compounded continuously Someone show me how to do this, please?!

    asked by tabby
  73. statistics

    Children below the 30th percent are in need of special assistance assistance what raw score makes the cut off score for these children?

    asked by Brittany
  74. african american history

    what is the argument of the book arc of justice?

    asked by brea
  75. Chem

    calculate the volume in ml of 0.250 M silver nitrate solution required to react completely with a 5.00 g piece of copper

    asked by No
  76. calculus

    Solve for x on the interval (0, 2pi] (sin2x + cos2x)^2 = 1

    asked by Adc
  77. chemistry

    Hello, I have data here: tube # Contents Initial color (after 2 drops of universal indicator) Color after adding HCl Color after adding NaOH (after the HCl had been poured) 1 CO32-/HCO3- Dark purple Purple Purple 2 CO32-/HCO3- Dark purple -- -- 3 HCH3CO2/C

    asked by Confused
  78. Chemistry

    Our professor just told us that the final exam will be the ACS exam, we are taking general Chemistry II. What is the best way to study for ir? Is the preparing for ACS general chemistry study guide good? If we are taking general Chemistry II do we have to

    asked by Mima
  79. Algebra 2

    √3x-4=2√x-5 Solve this equation, if there is more then one answer separate with a comma

    asked by Nancy
  80. Biology

    A plant's cell wall is made of cellulose fibers. What is the purpose of a plant's cell wall?

    asked by Daija
  81. Physics

    A capacitor is connected with a battery and stores energy U. After removing the battery,its connected with another similar capacitor in parallel. What will be the new stored energy in each capacitor?

    asked by Tulika
  82. Chemistry

    Our professor just told us that the final exam will be the ACS exam, we are taking general Chemistry II. What is the best way to study for ir? Is the preparing for ACS general chemistry study guide good? If we are taking general Chemistry II do we have to

    asked by Mima
  83. math

    Maria drives 69 mph and Ming drives 60 mph. How far apart will they be in 3 hours?

    asked by Sue
  84. English

    I left out a sentence. Thank you very much, Writeacher. I haven't had my chess lesson yet. I haven't done my chess lesson (is a mistake). Can you suggest a site with exercises on the use of modals to express degrees of probabilities?

    asked by Matthew
  85. Chemistry(Please check)

    .50 - x / x = 3.20e-1 I need to solve for x. I was going to do .50 X 3.20e-1 and then take the square root but this is not correct. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help. Math(Please help) - Reiny, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 3:18pm You probably

    asked by Hannah
  86. chemistry

    Assuming that the temperature and quantity of a gas sample remain constant, what will be the final pressure of 1.6 L sample of gas originally at 330K and 4.84 atm, when the volume is reduced to 840 mL?

    asked by sam
  87. dressmakeing exam 04202100

    the most appropriate fabric for a pregnant women's only coat would be (a) black and ehite plaid (b) solid navy blue (c red and gray stripes (d) multicolored floral, when a dainty slip has along the top edge, the shoulder straps should be attached by (a)

    asked by karen
  88. Algebra

    I am not understanding these kinds of problems: I cannot simplify with understanding. 7 times the 4th root of m^3 plus 9 times the 4th root of 256m^3.

    asked by Taurus
  89. Social Studies

    Why were Hoosiers divided over the issues of slavery and loyalty before the Civil War?

    asked by Alex
  90. math

    Find the principal in Donna's account at the end of the second quarter if she invested $300 at 7% and the interest is compounded quarterly

    asked by Anonymous
  91. SS7R - HW Question Help!

    In my other post I wrote "I'm have other 3 that I want you to check to see if they are correct. BTW - I have one more question I have trouble with." Here it is: Why did the Louisiana Purchase important to the US? Please help! btw - I'm a little curious

    asked by Laruen
  92. Chem

    calculate the volume in ml of 0.250 M silver nitrate solution required to react completely with a 5.00 g piece of copper

    asked by No
  93. chem

    A sample of hydrogen gas occupies 16.8 L at STP. How many moles of the gas are present? Answer in units of mol

    asked by luke
  94. maths

    PT bisects QR perpendicularly.P is a point on the y-axis.if Q(1;8) and R(6;1). Find the equation of PT

    asked by oarabile mpane
  95. calculus

    A swimming pool is a rectangular solid 15 ft wide, 40 ft long, and at most 4 ft deep. Water is being added to the pool at the rate of 25 cubic ft per minute. How fast is the water rising when there is 1800 cubic ft of water in the pool?

    asked by Jasmine
  96. chem

    At 119 degrees C, the pressure of a sample of nitrogen is 1.94 atm. What will the pressure be at 282 degrees C, assuming constant volume? Answer in units of atm

    asked by luke
  97. physics

    an ideal fluid in a pipe of diameter 14cm is moving at 6.0m/s. If the incompressible fluid density is 1.05grams/cc, what is the flow rate in kg/s and what is the speed of flow if the pipe narrows to 4.0cm radius?

    asked by Kirk
  98. Algebra

    Simplify: 5(cube root of 16) + 2(cube root of 54) 5 times the cube root of 16 plus 2 times the cube root of 54. I do not know how to type in the radical signs. Sorry.

    asked by Taurus
  99. math

    Sasa had some 20-cent and 50-cent coins. 7/8 of the coins were 20-cent coins and the rest were 50-cent coins.After Sasa had spent $72.50 worth of 50-cent coins and 5/7 of the 20-cent coins, she had 2/7 of the coins left. Find the total amount of money Sasa

    asked by Al
  100. physics

    A 70g steel bullet moves at 200m/s just before imbedding itself into a thick anchored wood post. If 70% of the initial kinetic energy goes into heating the bullet (steel c = 460 J/kg-C) hot does the bullet become if it initially is at 26 degrees

    asked by Kirk
  101. Physics

    What is the logic behind logic NOR gate?

    asked by Tulika
  102. math

    suppose a board is 9 meters long how many centimeters long is it

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math question

    rosie umbrella shop is selling umbrella for $4.00 off the usua price of $15.00. What is the cost of buying 3 sale umbrellas?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Algebra

    Mr.clarks cell phone bill went from $44.00 in april to $55.00 in may. What was the percent of increase in hiss bill?

    asked by Ashly
  105. math

    Robots are being used with increasing frequency on production lines to perform manotonous task. To determine whether a robot welder should replace human welders in producing automobiles, an experiment was performed. The time for the robot to complete a

    asked by ct
  106. Algebra(please and thanks you ) :)

    What is 0.375 as a fraction in lowest terms ?

    asked by Ashly
  107. economy

    a) Minimizing Losses: Whether a firm suffering losses decides to produce or not to produce in the short run depends on the benefits and costs of continuing production. Explain.

    asked by ct
  108. physics

    A small cork with an excess charge of +5.0 ¦ÌC is placed 0.14 m from another cork, which carries a charge of −3.2 ¦ÌC. What is the magnitude of the electric force between the corks? The Coulomb constant is 8.98755 ¡Á 109 N ¡¤ m2/C2. Answer in

    asked by jenny
  109. physics

    Two electrostatic point charges of +54.0 ¦ÌC and +47.0 ¦ÌC exert a repulsive force on each other of 189 N. What is the distance between the two charges? The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 ¡Á 109 N ¡¤ m2/C2. Answer in units of m

    asked by jenny
  110. English

    ms. sue you please help me with story questions? if you have time then this be story Field of Broken Dreams by Sharon Butala My memories of drives in the country when I was a child in the 1940s and early 1950s, after the devastation of the 1930s, are of

    asked by Mohammad
  111. physics

    Three point charges, +6.5 ¦ÌC, +1.4 ¦ÌC, and −3.9 ¦ÌC, lie along the x-axis at 0 cm, 1.8 cm, and 5.3 cm, respectively. What is the force exerted on q1 by the other two charges? (To the right is positive.) The Coulomb constant is 8.99 ¡Á 109 N

    asked by jenny
  112. physics

    One gram of tungsten has 3.28 × 1021 atoms, and each tungsten atom has 74 electrons. How many electrons are contained in 9.00 g of tungsten? Answer in units of electrons

    asked by jenny
  113. Math

    A farmer had a fence that encloses a square plot with an area of 36 meters squared. If the garnet uses this fence to enclose a circular flower garden, what will the area of the garden be?

    asked by Deanna
  114. Honors Chemistry

    1. What is the pH of a solution whose [H3O+] is 1 X 10^ -5 M? 2. What is the [H3O+] concentration of a solution with a pH of 9? 3. What is the pH of a solution whose [H3O+] concentration is 3 X 10^-3 M? 4. What is the pH of a solution with a [H3O+]

    asked by Kelly
  115. math

    colin is buying dirt to fill a garden bed that is a 9 foot by 16 foot rectangle. if he wants to fill it to a depth of 4 inches, how many cubic yards of dirt does he need? if dirt costs $25 per yard, how much will the project cost?

    asked by christian
  116. statistics

    I need to find the class midpoint, boundaries and class with for the following problem Tar Cigarette Filter Frequency 2-5 2 6-9 2 10-13 6 14-17 15 I did the midpoint and boundaries 3.5 5.5 7.5 9.5 11.5 13.5 15.5 17.5 But for the width I got an answer of

    asked by ALFREDA
  117. History/Global Affairs

    Hi beautiful people! I'm working on an assignment talking about Australia's changing national identity in the EYES OF THE WORLD. I need to look at a particular event and or events as a way to highlight this change. The problem is that I was thinking the

    asked by Em
  118. statistics

    Statistical Abstracts (117th edition) provides information aboutthe number of registered automobiles, including taxis, by state. The number ofregistered automobiles per 1,000 residents follows an approximately normaldistribution with mean ì = 514.6 and

    asked by Anonymous
  119. URGENT!! Chemistry HELP!!

    Use standard enthalpies to calculate Triangle H for: 2C2H5OH (I) + O2 (g) -> 2CH3CHO (g) + 2H2O (I)

    asked by Blair
  120. SS7R

    Why was Toussaint L' Ouverture important to Haiti? Answer - He was a leader of the slave revolt in Haiti. am i correct????? if im incorrect plzzzzz help me

    asked by Laruen
  121. life orientation

    five ways in which you critically discuss how cancer disfase behaviour impact on the teenager

    asked by betty
  122. Plz help me... one science Q!

    18. A pebble drops straight down into a tub of water, setting off ____________________ waves that travel at the boundary between the water and air. (1 point)

    asked by Ms. Simpsonizer
  123. Biology

    can anyone help me by defining what is holophytic? please

    asked by sandra
  124. Physics

    A 30m radius automobile tire rotates

    asked by Lott
  125. Life orientation

    Name two institutions organizations that are involved in supporting or giving redress to these disasters

    asked by Leo
  126. biology

    please help me by answering these questions: 1)how many salivary glands are present in our body? 2)what are the names of those salivary glands?

    asked by sandra
  127. life orientation

    critically discuss 8 way in which the environmental problem impact on the within your community or any other community within south africa or globally

    asked by precious
  128. Algebra

    What property justifies this equation : 565 + 263 = 263 + 565 Identity property Comunitive property of addition Associative property of addition Distributive property

    asked by Ashly
  129. English

    What are some adverbs that show condition? All I can find are adverb clauses that show condition.

    asked by Li
  130. earth

    1.What's the heat trapping action of gases in the atmosphere?

    asked by misa
  131. Chemistry

    Methane, butane, propane and octane are all simple hydrocarbons. Why are these hydrocarbons used differently? I believe they are used differently because of their carbon chains. They are commonly used for different fuels since large amounts of energy are

    asked by Anonymous
  132. chem

    A hydrofluoric acid buffer solution has the following concentrations: [HF]=0.43M [F-]=0.45M If 40 mL of 0.1M NaOH is added to 500 mL of the buffer, what is the resultant pH?

    asked by Jess
  133. Physics

    Question- A deflecting force is experienced by a charged particle entering a magnetic field. The deflecting force is always______ A. parallel to the magnetic field lines B. parallel to the motion of the charged particle C. perpendicular to both the motion

    asked by James Mesch
  134. Per-calc Helppppp

    keep in mind answers should be pi radians or if necessary 3 dec. csc^2-2=0 all angles 4cos^2x-4cosx+1=0 all angles and name 8 angles 7sin^2x-22sinx+3=0 all angles and name 8 angles 2cos^2x-7cosx=-3 all angles sinx(2sinx+1)=0 all angles

    asked by Amanda
  135. physics

    27. A communications satellite transmits a radio wave at a frequency of 5 • 109 Hz. What is the signal’s wavelength? Assume the wave travels in a vacuum. Show your work. (3 points) I at least need the formula and how to solve it... not the answer.

    asked by Ms. Simpsonizer
  136. Per-calc Helppppp

    find: tanx=-3 one period and all angles 3csc^2x=4 one period and all angles sin2x+cosx-0 one period

    asked by Amanda
  137. Math

    Let f(x)= 2x^2, g(x)= 5x-6, and m(x)= 3x. Find and simplify the composite function g(m(f(x))).

    asked by Ariel
  138. PreClac

    The height in inches about the ground of the tip of the hour hand is a function, h(t), of the time (t), in hours. The hour hand is 6 inches long and the middle of the clock face is 68 inches about the ground. Identify the period, midline, and amplitude of

    asked by I need help
  139. Algebra 2


    asked by Chelsea:)
  140. Life Orientation

    Identify and describe one environmental problem that causes crises,ill health,and disasters in South Africa?

    asked by Natalie
  141. to ms.sue

    do you know a website that gives you reviews of tests. im looking for harcourt trophies story:the gold rush

    asked by Celest
  142. Math

    Meg flipped a penny 2 times. What is the probability she get 2 heads?

    asked by Jim
  143. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of barium chloride you need to make a 0.200 m barium chloride solution with 100.0 g of water.

    asked by hereyago
  144. chemistry

    A potassium iodide solution is made by mixing 0.520 g of potassium iodide with 120.0 mL of water. Calculate the molality of potassium iodide. Assume that the density of water is 1.000 g/mL

    asked by hereyago
  145. Pre-Calc Help

    Evaluate the expression under the given conditions. (show work please) sin(A-B); tan A=12/5, A in quadrant 3, sinB=-3sqrt(10)/10, B in quadrant 4.

    asked by Daniel
  146. chemistry

    Calculate the freezing point of 0.15 m calcium chloride aqueous solution. Assume that the molal freezing point depression constant of water is 1.86°C·kg/mol and that the freezing point of water is 0.00°C

    asked by hereyago
  147. chemistry

    The procedure described in this experiment was used to determine the molar mass of unknown liquid (non-electrolyte). The solution was made by mixing 0.961 g of the unknown with 100.0 g of water. The freezing point depression of the solution was −3.7°C.

    asked by hereyago
  148. math


    asked by paul
  149. Algebra

    Norman traveled 261 miles on a trip to bates. The trip took 4 1/2 hours. If he then drives for 1 1/2 hours to leighsville, which is another 81 miles farther, what its his average rate of travel for the entire trip?

    asked by Shaylin
  150. English

    I still have a few doubts on sentences you checked yesterday. 1) I did/had/went for an interview. (Is "do" possible?) 2) I've just taken (done is a mistake) a grammar test. 3) I've just been tested orally in English. 4) I haven't taken an oral English test

    asked by Matthew
  151. physics

    A physics student drops a book into a shaft 250m deep,where the average mine temperature is 5 degrees celsius.Show that the sound of the book striking the bottom is heard after 7.82 seconds

    asked by musuma
  152. Dynamics

    Okay so I have a 1/2 in thick ellipsoidal steel plate where (p=493 lb/ft^3) and it has a major axis diameter of 4ft and a minor of 2ft. the plate rolls w/out slipping (friction=0.15) and in a vertical position has an angular velocity of of w=4 rad/s(i.e.

    asked by Micheal
  153. Inttroduction To Business

    1. Regarding management and leadership, which statement is most accurate? A. Leaders can be good managers, and good managers can be leaders. B. Leaders aren’t managers, and managers aren’t leaders. C. Leadership and management are entirely unrelated.

    asked by Sherri Mcgovern
  154. statistics

    From a random sample of 500 males interviewed, 125 indicated that they watch professional football on Monday night television. Does this evidence indicate that more than 20% of the male TV viewers watch professional football on Monday evenings? Use the

    asked by lola
  155. chemistry

    give at least 3 atoms with its isotopes and its application?

    asked by ANNA
  156. Physics

    Suppose an electron was bound to a proton as in the hydrogen atom, but by the gravitational force rather than by the electric force. What would be the radius and energy of the first Bohr orbit?

    asked by Katie
  157. English

    Writeacher, I downloaded a few details about modals expressing possiblity/probabity but I'm still doubtful about their use. My questions to you are numbers 1-2. Using modals to talk about the present: 1)Will / won't We use will and won’t when we are very

    asked by Matthew
  158. Science

    A bear is an omnivore.Which of the following would be an example of items a bear could eat that would prove the bear is an omnivore? A.nuts and berries and berries and meat D.berries and honey B?

    asked by Jerald
  159. math

    A jar consists of 21 sweets, 12 are green and 9 are blue. William picked 2 sweets at random. Find the probability that both sweets are blue.

    asked by jenny
  160. Integral calculus

    Hello, this is the last question from my homework that I get stuck at: ∫ (5^3/x - (x^8 + 9)^1/3 ) / 3x^2 will u, for sub. be = x^8 + 9? Then du is = 8x^7 dx x^7 dx = 1/8 du from there I'm stuck. Thank you

    asked by Tommy
  161. maths

    A triangle has side lengths in the ratio 3:4:5. I the perimeter of the triangle is 84 cm, what is the length of the shortest side?

    asked by Kylie
  162. Music Physic

    The trombone's low B flat 2 is played with the slide in first position. What is its effective length, that is the length of an idealized closed tube with the same second mode frequency? Estimate how far the slide should be moved to reach second position in

    asked by AAA
  163. Science

    Which of the following is a star? Earth Sun Moon a Comet? Sun?

    asked by Jerald
  164. Math

    Evaluate the integral from 0 to 4 of (x+1)/(16+x^2) dx the answers are log(sqrt2) + pi/16 Could you please take me through how to get to that answer please, thank you very much!

    asked by Candice
  165. Integral calculus 2

    This is also one I can't figure out: ∫ x^3 (2x^2 + 1)^1/2 dx u is obviously = 2x^2 + 1 du = 4x dx x dx = 1/4 du 1/4 ∫ x^3 u^1/2 from here I know I can't integrate because I can't have more than 1 variable. Thank you

    asked by Tommy
  166. Math

    The region above the curve y = sin^-1(x), (0 greater than or equal to y greater than or equal to pi/4), is rotated about the y-axis through a complete revolution to form a solid. Evaluate the volume. Thanks!

    asked by Candice
  167. math

    Karen put 60% of paycheck into her savings account. If Karen put $120 into her savings account, what was the amount of her entire paycheck

    asked by keshia
  168. chemistry

    what are the applications of the silicon atom with its isotopes of 28,29,and 30?

    asked by ANNA
  169. Math

    Evaluate the integral from 0 to sqrt3 cot^-1(x) dx. Thanks :)

    asked by Candice
  170. statistics

    The mean of math SAT scores is 500 and the standard deviation is 100. A random sample of 64 students from Leeds H.S. received an average of 480. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the population mean SAT score for Leeds H.S. is less than 500 with

    asked by lola
  171. physics

    You have exactly 1 L of ethyl alcohol at room temperature 23 C. You put it in a refrigerator at 4 C.What's its new volume?

    asked by I
  172. physics

    A certain refrigerator is rated as being 39% as efficient as a Carnot refrigerator. To remove 102 J of heat from the interior at 0 °C and eject it to the outside at 23 °C, how much work must the refrigerator motor do?

    asked by zuhra
  173. pharmacy

    suggest a technique , other than tlc, to confirm the purity of the samples

    asked by pavan
  174. science of sound

    a violin string’s length from nut to bridge is 33 cm, and on the open string A=440 Hz is played. What is the wavelength of the sound?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. Economics

    "The government decides to increase tax- (ceteris parabis)". -> what is the effect of this in an economy?

    asked by CrissyXD
  176. math

    The water in fish tank has evaporated so it was 5/8 inch below the level it should be they added water and the water level went up 3/4 inch did the water level end up above or below where it should be

    asked by john
  177. calculus

    what is the linear approximation of f(x)=x^3-x at x=2

    asked by jess
  178. 5th grade math

    the points that amelia scored for each game are shown 325, 198, 262, 301, 275, 229 after her seventh ga, the range of her points was 129 points how many points did she score in the seventh game

    asked by christian
  179. English

    i still be working on metaphor assignment for the fruits, i write that if tree bear fruits that represents achievement/success for writing ive written. do that make any sense?

    asked by Mohammad
  180. Science

    Trees will most likely compete with one another for- A.carbon dioxide B.soil C.water D.oxygen I know trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. But im not sure which is the answer. Is it C?

    asked by Jerald
  181. Statistics

    A large television repair service claims that its average repair charge is $124. Suspecting that the average charge is higher, a consumer group randomly choose a sample of 35 statements for tv repairs done by the repair service and found the mean was

    asked by lola
  182. Math

    The tail of a giant kangaroo is attached by a giant rubber band to a stake in the ground. A flea is sitting on top of the stake eyeing the kangaroo (hungrily). The kangaroo sees the flea leaps into the air and lands one mile from the stake (with its tail

    asked by Confused!
  183. English

    Sorry, for asking you the same thing again, but I really don't know if I have to leave these two sentences as they are. 1. I have already been at school today. 2. I have already been to school today. (Is there a difference between them?) 3.I haven't been

    asked by Matthew
  184. to ms.sue

    what do miners do in order to start mining. a go to a boom town b build flumess cstake a claim d find a grubstake i think its c.

    asked by Celest
  185. chem

    At STP, what is the volume of 8.38 mol of nitrogen gas? Answer in units of L

    asked by luke
  186. Science

    Which of the following objects can reflect light? B.telescope C.tinted window D.eyeglasses C?

    asked by Jerald
  187. programming

    Write a simple ATM program. Ask the user to enter their account number, and then print their beginning balance. (Just make one up). Then ask them if they want to make a deposit or a withdrawal. Depending on their selection, call a function to perform the

    asked by Tammie
  188. memorial

    Peter and Ashley each drew a triangle with an angle of 59 degrees. Under which condition would the triangles be similar?

    asked by Taylor
  189. math

    find equivalent fractions with a common denominator and order from least to greatest.1/2 4/9 4/18

    asked by kaitlen
  190. Social Studies 10 Oregon Territory

    1. Compare and contrast American and British attitudes toward the Oregon Territory: 2. Which attitude do you think would be more effective in gaining control of the Oregon Territory. 3. How might the Americans and British have attempted to undermine each

    asked by Ryan
  191. Physics

    Is the speed of light constant as it passes through transparent materials?

    asked by James Mesch
  192. Commerce

    Provide recommendations on how to address the topic that you identified in the previous question

    asked by N.k
  193. math

    If three identical cubes have 3x^2+18x^2+36x+24 find a possible length of one side of one of the cubes

    asked by Anonymous
  194. math

    find function values f(x)=9x^2+10x-8

    asked by angel
  195. Commerce

    Name two institutions that are involved in supporting these disasters.explain how these organizatins are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment

    asked by N.k
  196. physics

    what is the wavelength of light of frequency 100Hz?

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!
  197. Cardiovascular Respirtory

    Which one of the following words means "the surgical repair of the larynx? A.Laryngectomy B.laryngostomy C.Larynoplasty D. Laryngostenosis My answer is (A) can someone check my answer

    asked by Brenna
  198. political science

    A _______________ is the best example of an informational benefit provided by many interest groups. a) travel discount b) free T-shirt c) health insurance program d) newsletter e) consciousness-raising workshop

    asked by tina
  199. physics

    Heat is added to an ideal gas at 20 degrees Celsius. If the internal energy of the gas increases by a factor of three during this process, what is the final temperature?

    asked by William
  200. Math

    Maria is playing a game of chance at the Hibiscus festival, costing $1 for each game. In the game two fair dice are rolled and the sum of the numbers that turn up is found. If the sum is seven, then Maria wins $5. Otherwise Maria loses her money. a)

    asked by Koia
  201. Algebra

    Please help solve Problem of the Week Waiting in line... The week before the big concert, five friends Alan, Ben, Cameron, Derryck, and Garrett, stood in line to buy tickets. There were other people there, but the five friends were in the line in the order

    asked by Linda
  202. physics

    Explain how the specific heats of materials are measured using the technique of calorimetry.

    asked by William
  203. Ä·Ä«mija

    Savienojuma reakcija ?

    asked by Ingus
  204. math

    There are 24 counters. How many counters could you add without having to regroup? Why?

    asked by Eric Rosado
  205. to ms.sue

    so it's d?

    asked by Celest
  206. math

    Biologist have have found that the weight W of a bird and the length L of it’s wing span are related by L=kW1/3, where k is a constant. The following list L and W for one species of bird. What is the value of k? W kilograms0.1 0.4 0.8 1.1 L meters 0.399

    asked by angel


    asked by Dempsey
  208. Physics Question. About cubes Mass

    If a solid cube has a density of 9kg/m3 and a volume of 27 cubic meters, what is the mass of the cube? A- 81kg B- 3kg C- 9kg D- 243kg

    asked by James Mesch
  209. Physics Question. About cubes Mass

    If a solid cube has a density of 9kg/m3 and a volume of 27 cubic meters, what is the mass of the cube? A- 81kg B- 3kg C- 9kg D- 243kg

    asked by James Mesch
  210. chemistry

    You need to make a solution containing 150 g of potassium chloride in 300 g of water. What temperature is required?

    asked by Anonymous
  211. physics

    A cylinder with height 5.0 m is made by mixing materials with different indexes of refraction. The mixture is prepared such that the index of refraction is 1.0 on one end, 2.6 on the other end and varies linearly in between. How long does it take light to

    asked by sand
  212. Please can you help me (Probability)

    Maria is playing a game of chance at the Hibiscus festival, costing $1 for each game. In the game two fair dice are rolled and the sum of the numbers that turn up is found. If the sum is seven, then Maria wins $5. Otherwise Maria loses her money. a) Please

    asked by Fakaapo. Suetusi
  213. Health Science

    What is the pulse deficit if an apical pulse is 112 and the radial pulse is 88?

    asked by Ally
  214. Calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed by the given curves: 4x+y^2=9, x=2y

    asked by Michael
  215. Math 10 Linear Equations

    Kevin opened a bank account and plans to deposit $200 each month. Each time he makes a deposit, his parents have agreed to add 50% of the amount the family collects for returning cans and bottles. a) Write an equation that will show his monthly amount when

    asked by Emily
  216. physics

    Which of the following is forward biased? (i canna draw so plz manage wid dis) (0V)-------pn-------(-2V) (-4V)-------pn-------(-3V) (-2V)-------pn-------(2V) (3V)-------pn-------(5V)

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!!!
  217. Economics

    Which of these products or services is likley to have an inelastic supply on a short run? A. Cargo Ships B. Haircuts C. Staples I said D am I rights?

    asked by Anonymous
  218. chemistry

    The molal boiling point constant (Kb) for water is ).51oC/m and the molal freezing point constant (Kf) for water is 1.86oC/m. Given this information here is the question... If I pour 25 mL of 0.035 M NaOH into 975 mL of water, what is the new concentration

    asked by Sarah
  219. physics

    When an electron jumps from the 4th orbit to the 2nd orbit which series line does it get?

    asked by its urgent!!!!!!!!!!
  220. Economics

    A large increase in gas prices creates a demand for cars with good gas mileage. It takes months for car companys to make these cars. How do you describe this market for cars? A. Inelastic B. Static I said A.Inelastic because, its a short run and the firm

    asked by Anonymous
  221. Math

    Roger wants to carpet a rectangular room with the length of 8 ¾ feet and a width of 9 1/3 feet. If he has 85 square feet of carpet, how many square feet of carpet will be left after he covers the floor of the room?

    asked by Fred
  222. Economics

    How does a persons perception of a good as a neccessity or a luxury effect his or her purchase of it? A. people who have alot of money will buy goods even if they think they are a luxury. B. a good that is perceived as expencive will no longer be

    asked by Anonymous
  223. math

    In 2000 the population of a state was 5 million and growing continuously at a rate of 3.4% per year. a) Write a function that models the state’s population in millions x years after 200. b) Graph f in 0,10,1 by 4,7,1 c) Estimate the state’s population

    asked by angel
  224. chem

    What is the volume of 2.8 × 10^6 molecules He? Answer in units of L

    asked by luke
  225. English

    I have an test on these and I do not want to fall the test. Please tell me a ways I can study, online tests etc so that I can pass it. Thank you and I appreciate for your help! They are: They will be fill in the blanks, multiply choices. (1)Petroleum (2)

    asked by Amanda
  226. Commerce

    Provide recommendations on how to address environmental factors

    asked by N.k
  227. math

    The population P in 1995 for a state is given along with r, its annual percentage3 rate of a continuous growth. P=16 millions, r=1.2% Write the formula f(x) =Pe^yx, where r is in a decimal notation, that models the population in millions x years in 1995.

    asked by angel
  228. Algebra 1

    2) A family of 2 adults and 3 children go to the county fair that sells raffle tickets for 75¢ each. Admission price is $5 per child and $8 per adult. Let n be the number of raffle tickets bought. 2a) Write a function in the form of C(n) to describe the

    asked by Diane
  229. French

    I need an accurate translation for this: "Two accusation people make of Americans is that we are lazy and spoiled. This is an unfair accusation, for we are all different." in french Thank you for all the help given.

    asked by Evaline
  230. life orintation

    identify and describe one environmental problem that causes ill health,accidents,crises,and disasters within your community or any other community within South Africa or globally

    asked by zodwa
  231. Math

    How do you evaluate these expressions? 13 + (-29) or (-32) -44

    asked by Kam
  232. science

    Define the main goals and strategies of green intelligence. Do you think market-based approaches could save the planet? Why or why not?

    asked by Anonymous
  233. English

    Writeacher, I downloaded a few details about modals expressing possibility/probability but I'm still doubtful about their use. My questions to you are numbers 1-2. Using modals to talk about the present: 1)Will / won't We use will and won’t when we are

    asked by Matthew
  234. Alg2/Trig

    Write the log as a single function: logx + 2logy - logz

    asked by Alayna
  235. Pre calculus

    finding equations for the hyperbola whose graph is F(0,13) and F(0,-13)

    asked by Ariel
  236. Economics

    In a market supply, what factor would cause a decrease in meals served? A. lifting of excise taxes B. government farm subsidies C. high global demand for fuel My grandmother says A. but i say B. whos right me or her? Someone help please!!

    asked by Anonymous
  237. chemistry

    Calculate the theoretical yield of the precipitate formed when a solution containing 1.02 grams of lithium phosphate is mixed with a solution containing 2.72 grams of strontium nitrate

    asked by Rayna
  238. math

    why is it hard to find the mass of the statue of librty

    asked by witshell
  239. English

    I still have a few doubts on the use of to/at/in after have been. Thank you for helping me. 1) I haven't gone out for a walk. I have already been to school (or at school) today. I haven't been to the cinema yet today. 2) I've already gone shopping online.

    asked by Matthew
  240. physics 101

    A solid uniform disk of mass 21kg and radius 85cm is at rest flat on a frictionless surface. A string is wrapped around the rim of the disk and constant force of 35N is applied to the string, which does not slip on the rim, in the positive x direction. (a)

    asked by Artin
  241. Music Physics

    Given that the oboe's lowest note is B flat 3 and its length approximately 64 cm, what length would you expect for the bassoon, whose lowest note is B flat 1? What length for the contrabassoon, lowest note b flat 0?

    asked by AAA
  242. Music Physics

    The clarinet's lowest note is D3, 147 Hz. What is its effective length, that is, the length of an idealized closed pipe that has this frequency for its first mode? Explain why this is less than the actual length of the instrument?

    asked by AAA
  243. SS7R HELP!

    I have a worksheet for which is due tomorrow and my teacher is grading it. I'm having trouble with 3 questions (it have 7 questions) please help me. 1. Why did the western farmers oppose Spanish and French control of New Orleans? 2. Why was Toussaint L'

    asked by Laruen
  244. SS7R - 3 HW Question Check

    4. What were Jefferson's concerns in purchasing Louisiana? Answer - Jefferson's concern in purchasing Louisiana is that he had always insisted that the federal government had only those powers spelled out in the constitution. 5. Jefferson sent Lewis and

    asked by Laruen
  245. math

    eighteen railroad ties, each 2.9meters long, are laid end to end. find the total length in meters, of the eighteen ties

    asked by keshia
  246. Pre-Calc Help!!!!!!!!

    Evaluate the expression under the given conditions. sin (A+B); tan A= 12/5, A in quadrant 3, sin B= -3sqrt(10)/10, B in quadrant 4.

    asked by Amanda
  247. English

    Writeacher, what does "blasè" mean? Example: I was getting a bit blasè by the time I had my last interview. I still need to check a sentence. Thank you very much. 1) Speaker 2 believes that appearance is important when going for an interview. For this

    asked by Matthew
  248. chemistry

    What are the various uses of radioactivity in healthcare? What are the future trends in healthcare with respect to the use of radioactivity?

    asked by Anonymous
  249. English

    1. One question at a time. 2. Ask one question at a time. 3. Ask me one question at a time. 4. Ask one question of me at a time. 5. Ask one question at a time of me. (Are they all the same? Can we use all the expressions?)

    asked by rfvv
  250. Physical Science

    The conversion of water to ice is considered a physical change, whereas the conversion of iron to rust is considered a chemical change. Why?

    asked by Jess
  251. math

    Ellen drove 220 miles in 3.5hours. To the nearest tenth, find Ellen's average speed in miles per hours

    asked by keshia
  252. Science

    A group of trees are on a hillside The trees will most likely compete with one another for- A.carbon dioxide B.soil C.water D.oxygen I think it's C I know that plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen

    asked by Jerald
  253. math

    wat is the value of (2/3)to the 2power?

    asked by keshia
  254. MATH


    asked by AITA
  255. Trig?Precalc

    write the rectangular equation x^2+y^2=6 in polar form. I do not want people to just post the answer! Please, show your work so that I can understand how to do these kinds of problems myself! Thank you and God Bless!

    asked by tabby
  256. ECO/372

    What are on-line and text based resources?

    asked by at
  257. English

    Yes, it does make sense. Blasè means uninterested. Could you please check if everything is OK as I made a few changes? Thank you very much! 1) Mr. Otis buys Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville. After that, Mr. Otis drives with his family to

    asked by Matthew