Questions Asked on
April 7, 2012

  1. chemistry

    carbon dioxide dissolves in water to form carbonic acid. Estimate the thermodynamic equilibrium constanst (K) for this reaction (delta Gf values: H2CO3= - 616.1, H2O= - 237.1, CO2= - 394.4) . Carbonic acid then ionizes in water (Ka1= 4.5 x 10^-7). Ignoring

    asked by Mima
  2. Trig

    Find the co terminal angle for 15pi/4

    asked by Jenn
  3. Physics

    If a ball is thrown directly upwards with twice the initial speed of another, how much higher will it be at its apex? A) 8 times D) 2 times B) 4 times E) 2 times C) 2 2 times Please show any equations that are used :)

    asked by DCM
  4. Interediate algebra

    if f varies jointly as q^2 and h, and if f = 72 when q = 3 and h = 4, find h when f = 48 and q = 2

    asked by Jason
  5. statistic

    The amount of time a bank teller spends with each customer has a population mean of 3.10 minutes and standard deviation of 0.40 minute. If a random sample of 16 customers is selected, a) what assumption must be made in order to solve parts (b) and (c)? b)

    asked by Nancy
  6. chemistry - synthesis of aspirin

    wanted to calculate the theoretical and actual yield of aspirin. mass of salicylic acid = 2.005 g But isn't salicylic acid differ. from acetic acid? If so, how do we find the mass of acetic acid in this experiment volume of acetic anhydride = 4 ml mass of

    asked by Priscilla
  7. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A small car of mass 985 kg is parked behind a small truck of mass 1551 kg on a level road. The brakes of both the car and the truck are off so that they are free to roll with negligible friction. A 83 kg woman sitting on the tailgate of the truck shoves

    asked by Amber
  8. chemistry

    How does Le Chatelier's principle explain the result you obtained after the addition of NaOH?

    asked by Emily
  9. Trig

    Factor 4cos^2x+4cosx-1=0

    asked by Katie
  10. Chemistry- Kinetics

    2. At 600 K the decomposition of gas ohase nitroethane (CH3CH2NO2) is first order with a rate constant of 1.9*10^-4 s^-1. CH3CH2NO2 --> C2H4 + HNO2 a) Write out the differential and integrated rate laws for this reaction. b) If a 10.0g sample of

    asked by Tasneem
  11. Math

    If Will gives Molly $9 he will have the same amount as her. If Molly gives will $9 the ratio of the money she has to the money Will has will be 1:2. How much money does Will have in the beginning

    asked by T
  12. Chemistry 2

    calculate the theorectical yield of the compounds to be prepared in the experiment. The metal ion in both cases is the limiting reagent.Find nuber of moles of Cu(II) in the sample of CuSO4 x 5H2O that you used. The equal the number of moles of [Cu(NH3)4]x

    asked by Debbie
  13. Calculus

    which pair of lines are perpendicular? a) 2x + 3y - 7=0, -3x - 2y + 2=0 b) 2x - 3y + 2=0, 5x - 7y + 2=0 c) -4x + y - 3=0, x + 4y=0 d) -5x + y + 1=0, 5x + y + 1=0 Please explain. I know we have to use the dot product :3

    asked by Jake
  14. Physics

    A rectangular block of wood is 40cm wide, 60cm long and 30cm deep. If its relative density is 0.7kg/m^3 and it floats with its 30cm side vertical, determine: a)the length of the block above the water surface and b)the minimum force required to completely

    asked by Momito
  15. Chemistry(Please help)

    What is the pH of 0.144M aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate? I am not sure what to do. Would I do 10^-0.144^ = 0.71?

    asked by Hannah
  16. math

    Write a quadratic equation with real coefficients if one of the solutions is -5 + 7i

    asked by Jill
  17. Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!!

    Tell whether the bonds between the following atoms are polar covalent or pure covalent bonds. a. Si-Si b. H-O c. C-H d. C-O e. Cl-F f. Cl-Cl g. N-H h. O-O

    asked by Maci
  18. Math

    Solve x^2-6x+13=0

    asked by Nathan
  19. maths

    mr williams bought a plot of land for $40000. the vale of the land appreciated by 7% each year. calculate the value of the land after a period of two years.

    asked by jamila
  20. Chemistry(Please check answer)

    The Ksp values for three salts are given: AgCl = 1.0e-10 Ag2CO3 = 6.3e-10 Ag3PO4 = 2.0e-21 Determine the order of solubility for these three salts. My answer is AgCl > Ag2CO3 > Ag3PO4. Would you agree? Thank you.

    asked by Hannah
  21. Algebra

    An insurance office has 150 employees. If 135 of the employees have cell phones, what portion of the employees do not have cell phones.

    asked by Marsha
  22. statistic

    The Tite Wire Company manufactures wires for circus acts. It has taken a random sample of 100 pieces of wire and wants to see if the thickness of a batch of wire meets minimum specifications. Assume that the population mean is 0.45 inch, with a standard

    asked by Nancy
  23. Trig

    19pi/7 Which quadrant does the terminal side lie on?

    asked by Jenn
  24. calculus

    A magician writes a list of numbers, 1 through 10, on the board then turns his back to the board. Two audience members are asked to write different numbers from 1-10 in the first two spaces. One of the spectators adds the two numbers and places the result

    asked by Jacob
  25. science

    How does colorvision and night vision function?

    asked by lauren
  26. Physics

    A −5 × 10−6 C charge is brought from a very distant point by an external force and placed at the origin. Calculate the magnitude of the electric force on this charge. Answer in units of N

    asked by Alice
  27. science-anatomy

    How is static equilibrium accomplished? How is dynamic equilibium accomplished?

    asked by lauren
  28. economics

    am completely stuck on these three questions. I have read my chapter, but I am still doubting that I got the answers correct. 1.A decrease in aggregate demand causes a decrease in ______ only in the short run, but causes a decrease in ______ in both the

    asked by Bobbie
  29. geometry

    what shape is 2 units wide and 5 units long?

    asked by laura
  30. davenport

    Chapter 6 Problem 14 -- Avon Products Using the financial statements provided below and any other information you find relevant, answer the following questions: a. What was the book value of Avon’s shareholders’ equity from 2001 to 2003? What were

    asked by lisa
  31. TRIG

    Factor 4cos^2x+4cosx-1=0

    asked by Katie
  32. Math

    Find the inverse function of f f(x) = x^2 + x, x >(or equal to) (-1/2) Thanks!

    asked by Vanilla
  33. physics

    If the strip is 29 mm long, how far is the maximum deviation of the strip from the straight orientation? (The deviation is measured from the straight orientation from the interface of the two strips.)Radius of curvature is 53.7 m

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Anthro

    how do macaques connect to anthropology?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    ((k^2+6k+9)/(k^2+12k+27))×(k^2+9)/((k^2+12k+27)) express in lowest terms

    asked by Jason
  36. biology

    why a disease that was once on the decline might re-emerge?

    asked by awsin
  37. chemistry - synthesis of aspirin

    This is an experiment for a synthesis of aspirin lab mass of salicylic acid = 2.005 g mass of acetic acid = ? moles of acetic acid = ? volume of acetic anhydride = 4 ml mass of acetic anhydride (Use 1.08 g/ml for the liquid density) = (1.08 g/ml) (4 ml) =

    asked by Priscilla
  38. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    When a 0.35 kg baseball is hit, its velocitychanges from 21 m/s to -29.5 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse de-livered by the bat to the ball? Answer in units of N · s

    asked by Amber
  39. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A 1.3 kg steel ball and 8 m cord of negligi-ble mass make up a simple pendulum that can pivot without friction about the point O. This pendulum is released from rest in a horizontal position and when the ball is at its lowest point it strikes a 1.3 kg

    asked by Amber
  40. math

    solve the system of linear equations 2x+2y=1 3x-y=6 thanks

    asked by sandra
  41. Math

    Please help me solve this statistics problem. You are an owner of a firm that manages other small manufacturing companies, which pay you to employ temporary salespersons to sell their products. The owner of one of these firms wants to increase their sales

    asked by Victoria
  42. Chemistry(Please respond, thank you)

    The ionization constant of HA is 4.0e-4. Using the ice table what is the equilibrium concentration of HA in terms of its initial concentration and x? HA(aq) + H2O(l) = H3O^+^(aq) + A^-^(aq) I 0.040M OM OM C -X +x +x E ? x x I thought that to find the

    asked by Hannah
  43. statistics

    Provide the Null and Alternative Hypothesis to test to be sure that a juice manufacturer is delivering exactly 12 fluid ounces, on average, for each 12 oz juice box.

    asked by cc
  44. Math

    find the equation of a line that passes through (5,2) and (2, -2)?

    asked by matt
  45. statistic

    Provide the Null and Alternative Hypothesis to test the hypothesis that sales is meeting their minimum quota for the month.

    asked by cc
  46. Law

    How have Congress and the courts justified placing limits on the freedom of speech?

    asked by Stacy
  47. Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!!

    Predict what type of bonging predominates in each of the following. a. AsCl3 b. LiBr c. CuNi d. SO2 e. XeF6 f. Fe g. MnF2 h. HCN i. Al2O3 j. KCl k. O2 l. Cr

    asked by Maci
  48. Math

    Perform the indicated operations and simplify i^37 sqr-12 x sqr-15

    asked by Mason
  49. geometry

    The trapezoids are similar. The area of the smaller trapezoid is 564m^2. Find the area of the larger trapezoid to the nearest whole number. The picture of the small one has a number 42m and the larger one has a number 57m. Can someone please help me my

    asked by kevin
  50. Math

    the solution for 19/6+4y=8y-1/6

    asked by Billie Jo
  51. Politics.

    The federal government employs approximately how many people? 1. 1-2 million 2. 2.5-2.7 million 3. 3-4 million 4. over 5 million Answer 2.5 to 2.7 .(Am i right) Question2: Policies that use spending and taxing to accomplish policy goals are: 1. Foreign

    asked by sham
  52. Math

    A comet passed by earth in the year 1835 It passes by every 60 years Based on this information in which of the following years can be the comet be expected to Pass by earth A : 2035 B: 2060 C: 2075 D: 2080

    asked by Leslie
  53. math

    please help simplify (3y/x^4)^-3 1/(1+square root of a) what would be the best solution: (1)/(x-2) +8= (x)/(x-2)

    asked by haley
  54. health

    all of the following conditions were responsible for the majority of premature deaths in the early 1900's except

    asked by tony
  55. english

    josephine has lived at shady pines for three years. A month ago,Josephine close friend moved into high care.Josephine is sad,becoming more isolated and not happy to join in any activites. There are many activities run at the facility on a weekly basis that

    asked by Lisa
  56. Chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of aqueous solution of barium hydroxide whose pH is 12

    asked by Momito
  57. Chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of aqueous solution of barium hydroxide whose pH is 12

    asked by Momito
  58. Chemistry(Please help)

    What is the pH of a 5.06E-2 M aqueous solution of sodium acetate? I know that I would set this up the same way I did for the previous question that I posted. I am just confused on how to find the Ka. I know it is kw/kb but for what compound is what I do

    asked by Hannah
  59. economics

    1) What is the key theory for understanding the politics of information?

    asked by Lia
  60. Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!!

    what do we mean when we describe a molecule as being polar?

    asked by Maci
  61. Sciences

    How gravitational acceleration is used to benefit mankind ad the environment?

    asked by Tumelo
  62. java programming

    Create a program that will generate lottery numbers for the user. There are two types of numbers in the lottery, the standard numbers 1-43 and the power ball number 1-60.There are three different lottery games, a three number game, a five number game with

    asked by JR
  63. algebra

    mamixmize P= 5x + 5y Subject to 2x + y < 10 x + 2y < 8 x,y >10

    asked by tinkle
  64. GeOmEtRy!!!

    Simplify the expression 5(x+2)- 3(2x-4).

    asked by VERONICA
  65. Java

    Write a program that will compute the paychecks for a small business. The business owner would like to be able to enter in an employee name, pay rate, and number of hours worked. The owner would like be able to specify the number of employees, and after

    asked by Mike
  66. finite math

    Maximize z= 5x + 5y Subject to 3x + 2y < 6 -x + 2y < 4 x,y >0

    asked by tinkle
  67. Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!!

    what shape would you expect a molecule to hove that was based on an atom with only two bonding pairs of electrons? Three bonding pairs? Four?

    asked by Maci
  68. Physics

    How much energy is stored in a 2.90-cm-diameter, 14.0-cm-long solenoid that has 200 turns of wire and carries a current of 0.790 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!!

    what shape would you expect a molecule to hove that was based on an atom with only two bonding pairs of electrons? Three bonding pairs? Four?

    asked by Maci
  70. java

    can anyone help me with this? I'm new to java! Write a program that will find the lowest common denominator of two numbers. The user will enter the two denominators, the program will output both the lowest common denominator and the multipliers required

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Mechanics for A-level?

    A particle of mass m can just rest on a rough plane inclined at 30 degree to the horizontal without slipping down. show that the least horizontal force needed to maintain its position if the inclination is increased to 45 degree is 0.268mg.

    asked by Jat
  72. Technology

    Do you feel that technology helps or hinders parents in becoming more involved in their students' education? Why?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. 6th G Math

    The school pep squad members wanted to make rectangular spirit flags with bases of 7 inches and heights of 8 inches. Each flag is divided evenly into a red triangle and a white triangle. How much fabric would be needed to make the white triangle for 100

    asked by Jon
  74. healthcare

    how can issues impact on the elderly person daily activities?

    asked by Lisa
  75. healthcare

    how can you try to alter the stereotypical attitude towards older person?

    asked by Lisa
  76. English

    Thank you very much. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check, Writeacher. 1)Caliban s a half-beast, half-man creature who has always lived on the island in which the play takes place. 2) He inherited it from his mother, the witch Sykorax, and he

    asked by Matthew
  77. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1) The Tempest is the last one of Shakespeare’s plays and it’s very different from his previous ones. In fact it is not a tragedy, like Macbeth or Hamlet, but a romance based on forgiveness and

    asked by Matthew
  78. life orientation

    What is water pollution

    asked by tylor
  79. grammar

    How do the Noun phrases in the following sentence acquire case ? -It is odd that Bill should have refused the offer It has been noted that Noun phrases need case because they need to be visible in order to receive a theta role . Discuss the problems raised

    asked by kala
  80. bookkeeping

    bought 153units (unassembled)at 15.76 bought 105 units (assembled)at 25.76 what is the ammount that should be entered in the accounts payable column (a)484.38 (b)518.59 (c)528.76 (d)549.71 my answ245 brackets at .46 each less2%discount taken what amount

    asked by susue
  81. ISC

    how do I write an electronic SOP for 21 CFR Part 11?

    asked by Norma
  82. Science

    What would be John Endler's relationship towards natural selection? Help!

    asked by Danielle
  83. Math (Pre-Calc)

    An airplane is flying east at a constant altitude of 28,000 meters. When first seen to the east of an observer, the angle of elevation to the airplane is 71.5 degrees. After 73 seconds, the angle of elevation is 51.6 degrees. Find the speed of the

    asked by Tina
  84. Math

    At a distance of 56 feet from the base of a flag pole, the angle of elevationi to the top of a flag that is 3.1 feet tall is 25.6 degrees. the angle of elevation to the bottom of the flag is 22.9 degrees. the pole extends 1 foot above the flag. find the

    asked by Tina
  85. math

    Factor -15-5x+35y

    asked by geo
  86. maths

    If a van travels for a distance of 18 km at an average speed of 75 km/h and then for a distance of 63 km at an average speed of 90 km/h, what is the total time for the journey in minutes, to the nearest minute?

    asked by karen
  87. Life orientation

    Five ways in which you critically discuss how cancer impact on the teenager?

    asked by Mishka
  88. English

    I tried to do some of the corrections myself. I really need you to check them now. 1) Caliban is a half-beast half-man creature who has always lived on the island on which the play takes place. 2) He inherited it from his mother, the witch Sykorax, and he

    asked by Matthew
  89. English

    I left out these sentences. 1) There are three main themes: forgiveness, reconciliation, and the element of magic. There are two kinds of magic: the beneficent used by Prospero only for good purposes and the maleficent used by Sykorax to harm its victims.

    asked by Matthew
  90. statistic

    If 55% of a television viewing population watched a program called ¡§Name that Poem¡¨ one evening, what is the probability that, in a random sample of 100 viewers, less than 50% of the sample watched the program?

    asked by Nancy
  91. statistic

    The distribution of cash withdrawals from the automatic teller machine at a certain bank has a mean of $500 with a standard deviation of $70. To reduce the incentives for robbery, the bank puts money into the machine every 12 hours and it keeps the amount

    asked by Nancy
  92. Science

    green house effect influences the temperature on Earth because try not to give a link

    asked by M.
  93. english

    the snow is so deep mean?

    asked by tony
  94. Chemistry

    If I have 1. Mass of test tube and sample 2. mass of test tube 3. mass of sample 4. mass of watch glass and organic solid x 5. mass of watch glass 6. mass of organic solid, x and percent component is calculated as (mass of component/total mass of sample)x

    asked by Vanilla
  95. Calculus

    Explain fully please and thank you! =) Determine the point of intersection of the lines L1: r= (1,3,7) + s(1,2,-2),seR and L2: v=(0,2,-3) +t(1,1,4), teR. a) P(1,3,1) b P(1,3,7) c) The lines coincide d) no point of intersection

    asked by Melissa
  96. Probability Distribution

    An urn has fifteen red balls and nineteen white balls. Three balls are selected at random and the number of red balls are observed. Find the probability distribution for Number of Red Balls: 0 = 1 = 2 = 3 =

    asked by F0reveryoung
  97. Calculus

    Verify if correct. Determine which line is parallel to the line with Cartesian equation 2x +3y + 5=0 a) r=(-1,-1) +s(2,3), seR b) x=3t-1, y=-2t-1, teR c) x=2t-1, 3t-1, teR d) none of the above. I chose D, none of the above because none of them are

    asked by Melissa
  98. the parts of speech

    13. In which sentence do the capitalized words represent a prepositional phrase? A. The Maxi Deli is AROUND THE CORNER. B. Apart from his looks, I would never TRUST HIM. C. The conductor CALLED OUT, "All aboard!" D. I am not going TO RUN out of patience.

    asked by harold
  99. chemistry

    If 10L each of propane and oxygen are combined at the same temperature and pressure, which gas will be left over after reaction? What volume of that gas will remain? The answer is 8 L of Propane Tried for a while but I don't understand how answer books

    asked by od
  100. Probability and Statistics

    Sixty percent of a particular model of car are silver. What is the probability that in the next 10 observations of this model you observe 5 silver cars?

    asked by F0reveryoung
  101. Statistics

    How do you calculate the percentage of women that have weights between 140 lb and 220 lb with a mean of 145 lb and a standard deviation of 31 lb?

    asked by T
  102. Trig

    Complete the following statement. (1-sinθ)(1+sinθ)

    asked by Jenn
  103. Chemistry

    Estimate the pressure when the barometric height is 650mm Hg. Pls explain how 2estimate if its not basic

    asked by Momito
  104. Trig

    What is the supplement of 3pi/5?

    asked by Jenn
  105. Math 141

    I am having trouble with this problem. perform the indicated operations and simpily the result as much as possible a) (3x - 2) (x^2 + 2x - 4 ) the answer i got so far is 3x^3 + 4x^2 -16x + 8. Am i done or i have to conitnue to simplify? if so, what do i

    asked by John Terry
  106. Physics

    A ray of light enters a glass block from air at an angle of incidence of 50 degrees. The angle of refraction is 30 degrees. What is the refractive index of the glass? What is the value of critical angle for this glass? Thank you :)

    asked by Celina
  107. English

    Writeacher, I just wanted to know if the expressions "to make a less-savage out of him" and "turned him into a slave" are acceptable. I added a few more things. Thank you. 1) When Miranda and Prospero were friendly living with Caliban, they tried to teach

    asked by Matthew
  108. Chemistry

    Questions: 1. In each test tube, a precipitate formed upon DROPWISE addition of the second reagent (steps 5 and 6). What are these precipitates? (a) First test tube with HgCl©ü : (b) Second test tube with SnCl©ü : 2. In each test tube, which reagent

    asked by Maranda
  109. Linear Algebra

    The nullspace of a 3 by 4 matrix A is the line through (2,3,1,0)? a. what is the rank of A and the complete solution to Ax=0? b. what is the exact row-reduced echelon form R of A?

    asked by Fatih
  110. English

    I did some of the corrections myself. Can you check them, please? 1) Caliban curses himself for having shown Prospero the secrets of the island. 2) Prospero pens him up in a cave like pig and he wishes he could use all the magic spells of Sykorax against

    asked by Matthew
  111. English

    I left out two sentences. I find it difficult to check number 2.Thank you. 1) Most Shakespeare's plays have a tragic ending. However, in the Tempets criminals are prevented from cuasing death and they are finally forgiven. 2) Finally, the theme of magic:

    asked by Matthew
  112. Chemistry

    From data below, calculate the total heat (J) needed to convert 0.172 mol of gaseous ethanol (C2H6O) at 351° C and 1 atm to liquid ethanol at 25.0° C and 1 atm. Boiling point at 1 atm 78.5°C c gas 1.43 J/g · °C c liquid 2.45 J/g · °C ΔH°vap 40.5

    asked by Lizichka
  113. Physics

    Charge 2 × 10−18 C is on the y axis a distance 4 m from the origin and charge 9 × 10−18 C is on the x axis a distance d from the origin. What is the value of d for which the x component of the force on 9 × 10−18 C is the greatest? The Coulomb

    asked by Alice
  114. science..

    What is the range of olfaction and taste? What is the threshold of olfaction and tast?

    asked by Laci