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April 2, 2012


    A 5450-m^3 blimp circles Fenway Park duing the World Series, suspended in the earth's 1.21-kg/m^3 atmosphere. The density of the helium in the blimp is 0.178 kg/m^3. A) What is the buoyant force that suspends the blimp in the air? B) How does this buotant

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  2. psy

    17. The higher the price of an antique, the greater people’s expectation that the object is rare. That, in turn, makes the antique appear more valuable. If the statements above are correct, then offering an antique for sale at a bargain price (Points :

    asked by Heidi
  3. government

    Every governor has certain judicial powers. Which is a judicial power that allows a governor to release a prisoner before his or her sentence is fully served? A. parole B. sentence veto C. adjournment D. recall

    asked by Charlette
  4. MATH

    A certain type of combination lock has 3 dials: the first 2 dials each have settings for all the digits 0 through 9 and the third has settings for all the 26 capital letters of the alphabet. A combination consists of one setting from each of the dials. How

    asked by noorie
  5. Finance

    The Isberg Company just paid a dividend of $0.75 per share, and that dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5.50% per year in the future. The company's beta is 1.25, the market risk premium is 5.00%, and the risk-free rate is 4.00%. What is the

    asked by Caitlin
  6. Chemistry

    According to the following reaction, how much energy is evolved during the reaction of 32.5g B2H6 and 72.5g Cl2? The molar mass of B2H6 is 27.67g/mol. B2H6(g)+6Cl2(g)----->2BCl3(g)+HCl(g) Delta H reaction=-1396

    asked by Amanda
  7. trig

    2cos^2 22.5-1 (find exact value)

    asked by kk
  8. Physics

    A grindstone of radius 4.0m is initially spinning with an angular speed of 8.0 rad/s. The angular speed is then increased to 12 rad/s over 4.0s. Assume that the angular acceleration is constant. What is the average angular speed of grindstone?

    asked by Natasha
  9. chemistry

    Calculate the minimum number of moles of Pb(NO3)2 required to start precipitation in 50.0mL of 0.15M ZnI2

    asked by May
  10. Chemsitry

    Tris is an abbreviation for tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, which is a weak base. Calculate how many grams of tris (mw=121.14g/mol) are needed to make 25mL of 0.10M tris solution. Calculate how many mL of 0.25M HCl are needed to convert half of the

    asked by Cassandra
  11. physics

    The force of gravity at Earth's surface on an astronaut is 634N. What is the force of gravity on the same person at each of the following distances, in multiples of Earth's radius, from the centre of Earth? A)2 B)5 C)10 D)17.2

    asked by Melissa
  12. Physics

    How many kcal of heat are required to vaporize 25.0kg of water at 100°C?

    asked by Madison
  13. geometry

    The volume of two similar solids is 1331 m3 and 729 m3. The surface area of the larger solid is 605 m2. What is the surface area, in square meters, of the smaller solid? Answer A. 81 B. 121 C. 305 D. 405

    asked by Anonymous
  14. economics

    suppose the demand curve for a product is given by Q=10-2P+Ps1,where P is the price of the product and Ps is the price of a substitute good. the price of the substitute good is $2.00. a)suppose P=$1.00, what is the price elasticity of demand?what is the

    asked by arep
  15. College Algebra

    The height of a box is 3cm less than the width. The length is 2cm less than the width. The volume is 50cm^3. what is the width of the box?

    asked by Caitlin
  16. algebra 2

    Find two geometric means between 7 and 875

    asked by vanessa
  17. Geometry

    The area of a regular octagon is 35 cm². What is the area of a regular octagon with sides three times as long?

    asked by Samuel
  18. Chemistry

    Need help.... calculate the theorectical yield of the compounds to be prepared in the experiment. The metal ion in both cases is the limiting reagent.Find number of moles of Cu(II) in the sample of CuSO4 x 5H2O that you used. The equal the number of moles

    asked by Debbie
  19. Math

    Corn is poured through a chute at the rate of 10ft^3 / min and falls in a conical pile whose bottom radius is always half the height. How fast is the circumference of the base changing when the pile is 8 feet high? Please explain

    asked by Linda
  20. statistics

    dole pineapple inc. is concerned that the 16 ounce cans are overfilled. assume the standard deviation is .03 onces. a random sample of 50 cans has a mean weight of 16.05 ounces. at the 5% level of significance can we conclude that the mean weight is > than

    asked by dimitra
  21. chemistry

    find the average molar mass of polyethylene when 4.40 g of the polymer is dissolved in benzene to produce 200.0 mL of solution and the osmotic pressure is found to be7.60 torr ant 25 celcious Degree.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Chemistry

    What is the frequency of the photons emitted by hydrogen atoms when they undergo transition from n=5 to n=3?

    asked by Tiffany
  23. Calculus

    Determine the value(s) of k such that the area of the parallelogram formed by vectors a = (k+1, 1,-2) and b =(k,3,0) is [sqrt(41)]

    asked by Jake
  24. government

    The governor is the chief executive officer in the state. Which officer is the chief legal officer in the state? A. secretary of state B. attorney general C. lieutenant governor D. state auditor

    asked by Charlette
  25. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction: N2O4(g) 2NO2(g) delta H^o =58.576kJ; Keq =0.87 at 55degrees celsius What is the effect of each of these changes upon the concentration of N2O4 at equilibrium? a)increasing the temperature b)increasing the volume c) adding more NO2(g)

    asked by Danielle
  26. chemistry

    I balanced an equation between lead(II) nitrate and potassium sulfate and ended up with: Pb(NO3)2 + K2SO4 --> PbSO4 + 2 KNO3 If 0.87 moles of potassium sulfate react with an excess amount of lead(II) nitrate, how many moles of lead(II) sulfate would be

    asked by Nicholas
  27. Physics

    The sound from a mosquito is produced when it beats its wings at the average rate of 559 wing beats per second. What is the wavelength of the sound?

    asked by Sarah
  28. Tax

    Kobe is a single dad with two dependent children, Lizzie, age 7 and Leslie, age 3. He has AGI of $51,000 and paid $6,300 to a qualified day care center. What amount of credit can Kobe receive for the child and dependent care credit? A. $600 B. $1,200 C.

    asked by Andy
  29. business law

    Val's Food signs a contract to buy 1,500 pounds of basil from Sun Farms, a small organic herb grower, as long as independent organization inspects and certifies that the crop contains no pesticide or herbicide residue. Val's has a contract with several

    asked by Hey
  30. Physics

    as the weight held by a spring increases, the length of the spring increases proportionally. Suppose a 2-lb weight stretches a spring to 15 in., and a 12-lb weight stretches the same spring to 20 in. What is the length of the spring with no weight

    asked by LD
  31. ENGLISH Types of business writing

    Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has charged you with organizing a two-hour training

    asked by danny
  32. statistics

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture claims that the mean consumption of coffee by the person in the United States is 24.2 gallons per year. A random sample of 120 people in the United States shows that the mean coffee consumption is 23.5 gallons per year

    asked by Mike
  33. Life Orientation

    in 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or problem impacts on the community,about teenage pregnancy.

    asked by koketso
  34. physics

    Amy needs 5.0 V for some integrated circuit experiments. She uses a 7.0 V battery and two resistors to make a voltage divider. One resistor is 360 . She decides to make the other resistor smaller. What value should it have?

    asked by Selena
  35. physics

    A jetliner has a velocity of 95 m/s. What is the displacement of the jetliner at t=3.0 seconds

    asked by Blue
  36. Math

    Water boils at sea level at 100 Degrees Celsius. The boiling point of water decreases 5 degrees Celsius for every mile above sea level. Santa Fe, New Mexico is at 7200 feet above sea level. At about what point does water boil in Santa Fe,New Mexico?

    asked by Quinton
  37. math

    If light bulbs have lives that are normally distributed with a mean of 2500 hours and a standard deviation of 500 hours, what percentage of light bulbs have a life less than 2500 hours?

    asked by Bridget
  38. tax

    April and Joey are both 74 years old and received $1,500 in nontaxable social security benefits. Their AGI for the year was $18,000. How much can April and Joey claim as a credit for the elderly or the disabled? A. $300 B. $1,125 C. $1,500 D. $2,000 is it

    asked by Andy
  39. chemistry

    Calculate the minimum number of moles of Pb(NO3)2 required to start precipitation in 50.0mL of 0.15M ZnI2

    asked by May
  40. Chemistry

    A calorimeter contains 22.0 mL of water at 14.0 C. When 2.50 g of X (a substance with a molar mass of 66.0 g/mol) is added, it dissolves via the reaction X(s)+H_2O(l)--------> X(aq) and the temperature of the solution increases to 25.5 C. Calculate the

    asked by Amanda
  41. Science 7R - The Human Body Prep Test

    I have a test tommrrow on the The Human Body and I asked my science teacher if she can post a castle learning assignment about the Human Body (the day before the test she always post a caslte learning assignment for us to study and do well on the test the

    asked by Laruen
  42. government

    The Missouri Plan calls for the governor to appoint all the judges in a state. Each new judge serves until election time. What happens to the judge at election time? A. The judge reports to Missouri for more training. B. The judge must win voter approval

    asked by Charlette
  43. Government

    A market in which buyers and sellers are free to buy and sell as they wish is known as a A. global market. B. common market. C. free market. D. world market. is it A.

    asked by Charlette
  44. psy

    The higher the price of an antique, the greater people’s expectation that the object is rare. That, in turn, makes the antique appear more valuable. If the statements above are correct, then offering an antique for sale at a bargain price

    asked by Heidi
  45. Chemistry

    Two colourless solutions are mixed in a stoppered flask. as the reaction proceeds, the resulting solution turns red, and a colourless gas is formed. after a few minutes, no more gas is evolved but the red colour remains. what evidence is there that

    asked by Danielle
  46. physics

    A car misses a turn and sinks into a shallow lake to a depth of 8.9 m. If the area of the car door is 0.51 m2, what is the force exerted on the outside of the door by the water? Note: 1 atm = 101.325 kPa. What is the force exerted on the inside of the door

    asked by katie please help:)
  47. Finance

    Scanlon Inc.'s CFO hired you as a consultant to help her estimate the cost of capital. You have been provided with the following data: rRF = 4.10%; RPM = 5.25%; and b = 1.15. Based on the CAPM approach, what is the cost of equity from retained earnings?

    asked by Caitlin
  48. Pre-Calc

    For the triangle shown, find the length AD. (Assume u = 18, v = 18, x = 10°, and y = 10°. Round your answer to two decimal places.) Show work please!!!

    asked by Mike
  49. Physics

    A 100 kg steam boiler is made of steel and contains 200 kg of water at 5.00°C. How much heat is required to raise the temperature of both the boiler and water to 100°C? The specific heat of Steel is 0.115kcal/kg°C. The specific heat of Water is

    asked by Madison
  50. chemistry

    the average molar mass of polyethylene when 4.40 g of the polymer is dissolved in benzene to produce 200.0 mL of solution and the osmotic pressure is found to be ...

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Accounting

    Identify each statement as true or false. If false, indicate how to correct the statement. 1. Depreciation is a process of asset valuation, not cost allocation. 2. Depreciation provides for the proper matching of expenses with revenues. 3. The book value

    asked by Casey
  52. math

    help with convert franction to percent 29/50 and 42/50

    asked by sam
  53. algebra

    the difference between the length and width of a rectangle is 5 centimeters. what is the length(the longer side) of the rectangle, if the perimeter is equal to 66 centimeters

    asked by gen
  54. Calculus

    A rusted bolt requires 30 J of torque to be loosened. If only 40 N of force is applied to a wrench with which it makes a 90° angle, how long is wrench?

    asked by Jake
  55. physics

    if a race cars velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time interval, it average acceleration would be 10 m/s2. would this be true or false ?

    asked by vinn
  56. Geometry

    The coordinates of the three vertices of a square ABCD are A (-3, 5), B (1, 7), and C (3, 3). What are the coordinates of vertex D? Answer A.(-4, 2) B.(-2, 1) C.(-1, 1) D.(-4, -2)

    asked by Anonymous
  57. geometry

    A sandpit in the shape of a rectangular prism has length 7 feet, width 5 feet, and height 1.75 feet. It is filled to the brim with sand. Joe puts this sand into a second sandpit having the same shape but a larger base. He needs 17.5 cubic feet of sand to

    asked by Jack
  58. Chem 2

    Need help.... calculate the theorectical yield of the compounds to be prepared in the experiment. The metal ion in both cases is the limiting reagent.Find nuber of moles of Cu(II) in the sample of CuSO4 x 5H2O that you used. The equal the number of moles

    asked by Debbie
  59. Geometry

    If a spherical ball is enlarged so that its surface area is 9 times greater than its original surface area, then the original radius was multiplied by___?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. english

    Could someone check my work? Ms. Sue thank you for checking for me!! A commercial critizing oil drilling shows images of oil-soaked birds and sea otters that are suffering. This commercial is using pathos (answer) ethos logos A commercial for toothbrush

    asked by kevin
  61. physics

    What is the value of charge of a body that Carries 20 excess electrons

    asked by denny
  62. Chem 2

    Need help.... calculate the theorectical yield of the compounds to be prepared in the experiment. The metal ion in both cases is the limiting reagent.Find nuber of moles of Cu(II) in the sample of CuSO4 x 5H2O that you used. The equal the number of moles

    asked by Debbie
  63. calculus

    evaluate the double integral ∫R∫ lny/x dA for the region R is the rectangle defined by 1

    asked by maga
  64. Chem 2 HELP

    Need help.... calculate the theorectical yield of the compounds to be prepared in the experiment. The metal ion in both cases is the limiting reagent.Find number of moles of Cu(II) in the sample of CuSO4 x 5H2O that you used. The equal the number of moles

    asked by Debbie
  65. Science

    Molecules that make up matter move constantly.Which of these forms of energy refers to the energy of the moving molecules and why? A.Chemical Energy B.Thermal Energy C.Electrical Energy D.Light Energy Which device can change electrical energy to light and

    asked by Rezu
  66. ms. sue

    ms. sue i read story you please help me with questions?

    asked by Mohammad
  67. physics

    A particle moving in the xy plane under goes displacement s=(2i+3j)m while the constant force is given by F=(5i+2j)N.calculate the work done by the force F.

    asked by minas
  68. Science

    What type of energy from the Sun do plants use to make their own food? A.Chemical Energy B.Sound Energy C.Light Energy D.Heat Energy C? An MP3 player uses the chemical energy in a battery to produce electricity energy. The electrical energy makes the

    asked by Rezu
  69. Phys

    A Brass rod 50.0 cm long expands 0.0734 cm when heated. Find the temperature change.

    asked by Jason
  70. physics!

    The image produced by a concave mirror is located 27 cm in front of the mirror. The focal length of the mirror is 13 cm. How far in front of the mirror is the object located?

    asked by linds
  71. Physics

    A Brass rod 50.0 cm long expands 0.0734 cm when heated. Find the temperature change.

    asked by Madison
  72. Accounting

    Presented below are selected financial statement items for Rowe Corporation for December 31, 2012. Inventory $55,000 Cash paid to purchase equipment $30,000 Cash paid to suppliers 154,000 Equipment 40,000 Buildings 400,000 Revenues 200,000 Common stock

    asked by Dan
  73. physics

    The mass of Earth can be calculated using the fact that the weight of an object (in newtons) is equal to the force of gravity between the object and Earth. Given that the radius of Earth is 6.4*10^6m , determine its mass

    asked by Melissa
  74. government

    The Scottish economist, Adam Smith, wrote The Wealth of Nations in 1776. Which of thr following is the basis for Smith's four principles of sound taxation? A. Those who earn the largest amount should pay all the taxes. B. All taxes should come from the

    asked by Charlette
  75. Chemistry

    At a given temperature, analysis of an equilibrium mixture represent below is given as: SO2(g) + NO2(g) SO3(g) + NO(g) Where [SO2]=4.0M, [NO2]=0.50M, [SO3]= 3.0M, [NO]=2.0M. Find the value of Keq

    asked by Anonymous
  76. government

    Which type of city government was first formed when Galveston, Texas, was devastated by a hurricane? A. the council-manager form B. the mayor-council form C. the commission form D. the non-partisan form I think the answer is B

    asked by Charlette
  77. tax

    In which of the following situations would a taxpayer be better off to take the foreign taxes paid as an itemized deduction rather than as a foreign tax credit? A. The foreign tax paid was less than 10% of AGI B. The foreign tax paid was to a South

    asked by Andy
  78. English

    Hello, everybody. I have a lot of point cards. For your activities, you will get points. When your number is chosen from the program, you should get up and answer two questions. I will check your points on the paper. This time, all of you can answer this

    asked by rfvv
  79. Science

    Which of these energy changes takes place in a solar cell? A.Heat energy to light energy B.Light energy to electrical energy C.Electrical energy to heat energy D.Thermal energy to electrical energy C?

    asked by Rezu
  80. physics

    A car speeding at 30km/hr passes a police car at rest just at the speeding motorist passes the police car manintains a constant of 5.8 m/s^2,when and where will the speeding motorist be over taken?

    asked by minas
  81. chemistry

    What is the pH of a buffer solution made from 0.20M HC2H3O2 abd 0.5M C2H302^-.The ionization constant of the acid (Ka)(HC2H3O2)is 1.8multiplied by 10^-5. (ii)Calculate the ionization constant of its conjugate base

    asked by lovemore
  82. government

    Can someone please help Western Europe received the least amount of U.S> foreign aid. Which statement best explains why this region might have received less aid than the other regions? U.S. relations with Western Europe are very amicable. (answer) Western

    asked by kevin
  83. Physics

    How many Btu of heat must be added to 900lbs of steel to raise its temperature from 20.0°F to 500°F? Specific heat of steel .115Btu/lb°F

    asked by Madison
  84. english

    Can someone please check my work? Which of the following is Not a good idea for choosing a subject for a persuasive speech? Choose an issue important to you. Choose a subject that people disagree on. Choose a subject that you have little personal

    asked by kevin
  85. government

    Which form of city government has an elected mayor? A. the commission form B. the mayor-council form C. the council-manager form D. the incorporation form I think the answer is B but im not sure please help.

    asked by Charlette
  86. Government

    In addition to the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the election of Boris Yeltsin, what else contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union? A. a country-wide revolution B. the guidance of Joseph Stalin C. the rise of the Communist Party D.

    asked by Charlette
  87. Science

    you are to make a buffer of pH = 4.33 using HNO2 and NaNO2 what ratio of NO2- to HNO2 is required?

    asked by Jenna
  88. Government

    What did the people of Bosnia experience as a result of the weakening of Communist rule in Yugoslavia? A. They experienced a renewed economy. B. They joined the European Union. C. They suffered genocide. D. They gained control of Yugoslavia. I think the

    asked by Charlette
  89. government

    Which word describes the Spanish system of giving control of Indians to a settler for forced labor? A. hacienda B. encomienda C. hacendados D. campesinos

    asked by Charlette
  90. Chemistry, pH, Buffers

    Please help!! Given this data: mass of unknown acid 1.4671g Volume of NaOH used in titration 18.47mL Concentration of the NaOH used 0.2403M pH of the original acid solution 2.16 pH of the final acid solution 3.49 Show me how do I calculate the Ka of the

    asked by Krina
  91. Government

    Which landmark Supreme Court case ruled that segregation by race in public education was unconstitutional?

    asked by Charlette
  92. math

    a sprinkler system on a baseball diamond rotates 120 degrees and sprays water up to 35 meters. What is the area of the diamond that can be watered with the sprinkler

    asked by ceci
  93. Physics

    60.0 kg boy and a 40.0 kg girl are sitting in identical office chairs in a large warehouse. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the chairs and the horizontal floor are both 0.250. The boy puts his feet up against the girl’s chair and

    asked by LEBZA
  94. statistics

    Find the sum of squared deviations, the variance, and the standard deviation of:2,2,0,5,1,4,1,3,0,0,1,4,4,0,1,4,3,4,2,1,0

    asked by John P
  95. Chemistry

    A- a water soluble salt forms a precipitant during Group 3 analysis. An acidic solution of this precipitant and NaBiO3 yields a pinkish color. This same salt has no reaction to concentrated H2SO4 or AgNO3, what is the chemical formula for this salt? B- a

    asked by Mima
  96. calculus

    Suppose lighthouse A is located at the origin and lighthouse B is located at coordinates (0,6). The captain of a ship has determined that the ship's distance from lighthouse A is 2 and its distance from lighthouse B is 5. What are the possible coordinates

    asked by Tiffany
  97. 3rd grade math mrs spadini

    is a centiliter a greaer measure than a milliliter? Explain

    asked by Oron
  98. Physics

    Polar Bears are extremely good swimmers and can travel as long as 10 hours without resting. If a polar bear swims with an average speed of 2.6 m/s, how far does it travel in 10.0 hours? Express this in m and km.

    asked by Desha
  99. government

    Which branch of the law regulates wrongful acts involving injury to one's person, property, or reputation in a situation not covered by the term of a contract? A. common law B. tort law C. civil law D. contract law

    asked by Charlette
  100. word problem money

    you have $ 1.55 in dimes and quarters. find all the possible combinations of coins that you might have i got; 1) 1 quarters 13 dimes 2) 3 quarters 8 dimes 3) 5 quarters and 3 dimes is this right 3 ways?

    asked by marko
  101. Physics

    A candle, 3.5 cm high, placed 29 cm in front of a curved mirror forms an image at a distance of 12 cm from the mirror. Focal length of mirror? How high is the image? What type of mirror is this?

    asked by Con
  102. Math

    A projectile is fired upward 200 ft from an observer. The height in feet of the projectile after t seconds is given by s=-16t2 + 180t. What is the rate of change of the angle of elevation of the observer to the projectile after 7 seconds? I don't

    asked by Linda
  103. Intermediate Algebra

    Dale and Kim can assemble a swing set in 1 1/2 hours.Working alone it takes kim 4 hours longer than Dale to assemble the swing set .How long does it take Dale working alone to assemble the swing set?

    asked by sherry
  104. Physics

    Find the increase in Volume of 50.0L of acetone when heated from 40.0°C to 75.5°C.

    asked by Madison
  105. calculus

    find the average value of the function f(x,y)=xe^y over the plane region R is the triangle with vertices (0,0), (1,0) and (1,1)

    asked by mabel
  106. Math

    Use the local linear approximation to approximate a value for f (x)= sec 121 degrees.

    asked by Linda
  107. Math

    Find the points at which the relation 3x^2-2xy+y^2=24 has a vertical or horizontal tangent line.

    asked by Mary
  108. corporate finance

    You have been hired as a consultant for Melody Harmonitune Sdn. Bhd. (MHSB), a manufacturer of fine zithers, to evaluate a capital budgeting proposal. MHSB observes that the market for zithers is growing quickly. To confirm their observation, the company

    asked by ria
  109. government

    What was a major consequence of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire? A. the beginning of world trade B. an end to city-states C. the end of democracy D. the collapse of organized government

    asked by Charlette
  110. math

    In writing. How would you explain:describe the interval you would use for a bar graph if the data ranges from 12. To 39 units thanks

    asked by Bella
  111. CFinance

    You have been hired as a consultant for Melody Harmonitune Sdn. Bhd. (MHSB), a manufacturer of fine zithers, to evaluate a capital budgeting proposal. MHSB observes that the market for zithers is growing quickly. To confirm their observation, the company

    asked by unknown
  112. MathLog#4

    A degenerate cone results when the intersectoin of a plane with a double napped con is not a parabola, circle, elllipse, or hyperbola. When a plane parallel to the cone's nappe passes through the cone ,it can creat parabola. What can also be created when a

    asked by Beyonce
  113. English

    Writeacher, I used one of the website you suggested to me. I made a few changes and I need your revision. In particular question 2 1) What is Siem Reap like and why do most people visit Siem Reap? (It is a small town near the world famous... People visit

    asked by Matthew
  114. MATH015

    eric has unit test scores of 70, 79, 52 and 54 in MATH015. He needs an average of 69.5 or greater to be able to progress to the next class in the math sequence. I final exam counts as 2 tests, write an inequality to find what scores on the final exam eric

    asked by Anonymous
  115. French

    How do i responsed to Ce soir tu vas regarder la tele?

    asked by BRITTNAY
  116. Chemistry

    what is the electronegativity of NH3, CH4, AND CO2?

    asked by Morgan
  117. trigonometry

    a restaurant uses a cable for the servers to slide orders down to the kitchen. the end where the servers place the order is 5 feet high. the end where the kitchen receives the order is 1 foot high. the angle of elevation from the kitchen to the servers

    asked by ceci
  118. Science

    Which one of these is a form of stored energy? A. Heat energy B. Light energy C. Electrical energy D. Chemical Energy D?

    asked by Rezu
  119. Physics

    A minimum horizontal force of 10 N is needed to keep a 500 g book in place against a wall as shown.What maximum mass of book could be supported by the 10 N force if it were directed upwards at an angle of 60° instead of at right angles to the wall?

    asked by LEBZA
  120. physics help!!

    A spotlight on a boat is y = 2.6 m above the water, and the light strikes the water at a point that is x = 8.1 m horizontally displaced from the spotlight. The depth of the water is 4.0 m. Determine the distance d, which locates the point where the light

    asked by chase
  121. government

    This one i am stuck between A and B i need help. Which correctly lists the three factors of production in a capitalist economy? A. land, labor, and a laissez-faire economy B. socialism, labor, and capital C. land, labor, and capital D. land, capital, and

    asked by Mary
  122. MathLog#4

    How would you solve for 'a'? (1/a) - (1/b) = c would you use the LCD???

    asked by Serena
  123. economics

    suppose15 percent increase in the price of airlines causes a 10 percent decline in the quantity demanded, what is the elasticity of demand for airlines?

    asked by arep
  124. geometry

    the perimeter of a rectangular swimming pool is 40 ft. the length of the pool is 12 ft. what is the area of the pool

    asked by rose
  125. Science

    Think about the analogy "full of hot air." If a person were to inhale 2.2 L of gas at a temperature of 18 °C and that air heats to a temperature of 38 °C inside the lungs, what would be the new volume of the gas? Round to the nearest hundredth. Don't

    asked by Andrew Keen #72
  126. English

    DESCRIPTIVE WRITING A song or piece of music comes to the radio. Immediately the tune reminds you of a particularly happy or sad occasion. Describe in detail the scene you remember (real or imaginary) and your feelings at that time: It was my first day

    asked by .zakiyya
  127. Math

    Find two lines passing through (-1, 1)which are tangent to the ellipse x^2-4x+y^2+3=0. Please write out how to get there. Thank You.

    asked by Mary
  128. World History

    4. A major problem in relations between Israel and the Arab states was the a. resettlement of Palestinian refugees b. failure to develop trade agreements c. status of Jerusalem as an open city d. level of influence Great Britain still exercised C 6. The

    asked by mysterychicken
  129. physics

    a fully loaded saturn V rocket has a mass of 2.9*10 to the power of 6 Kg. Its engine provides a thrust of 3.3*10 to the power of 7N(down). Determine its weight (force due to gravity) as it stands on a launching platform

    asked by Matt
  130. Algebra

    Two trains start from the same place at the same time. They travel i~ opposite directions. One averages 60 miles per hour and the other averages 80 miles per hour. After how long will they be 420 miles apart?

    asked by LIbby
  131. French

    Donnez des reponses personnelles. (Give your own answers) 1. Ce soir tu vas regarder la tele? 2. Tu vas telephoner a un copain ou a une copine? 3. Tu vas preparer le diner? 4. Tu vas aller en classe 5.Tu vas inviter tes professeurs au restaurant?

    asked by BRITTNAY
  132. government

    Who holds the decision-making power in a communist-run nation? A. the nation's president B. the voters C. the Communist Party D. an elected legislature

    asked by Charlette
  133. math

    how many counters could i add without having to regroup if i have 24 counters?

    asked by cymari
  134. Logarithms

    Kepler's third law of planetary motion relates P, the period of a planet's orbit, to R, the planet's mean distance from the sun, through the equation log P = 1/2 (log k + 3 log R), where k is a constant. a) Rewrite the formula as a single logarithm. b)

    asked by Labz
  135. physics

    A rotating wheel as an initial angular velocity of 10rad/s and 2.5rad/s^ many revolution does it will complete in 30seconds?

    asked by minas
  136. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) The Ka for acetic acid is 1.8e-5. What is the pH of a 3.18M solution of this acid? I did 1.8e-5 = x^2/3.18 x=sqrt 1.8e-5 X 3.18 = 7.56e-3 pH=-log(7.56e-3) = 2.12 The pH is 2.12 2) At 25 degrees celsius, the pH of a 1.75M NaCN solution (the Ka for HCN is

    asked by Hannah
  137. math

    B had 30% as many stamps as C. C had 125% as many stamps as D. If D gave B 70 stamps, B would then have 50% of what C had. How many stamps did the 3 of them have altogether?

    asked by lm
  138. Math

    An unfair coin with Pr[H]=0.25 is flipped 95 times. A random variable X is defined as the number of heads that occur. Find the standard deviation. Any help??

    asked by Tiffany
  139. corporate finance

    Suppose that you are now in your final semester of your MBA programme and you are faced with the choice of either getting a job when you graduate or continuing your study for a doctoral degree. Of course, your choice is not purely financial. However, to

    asked by ria
  140. math

    1lb candy 502 pieces cost 16.8 cents ounce,how do you find out the cost of 1 piece of candy?

    asked by jj
  141. ochem

    After reacting racemic phenylethylamine with R,R-tartaric acid, several of our class samples contained needle-like crystals instead of prismatic crystals. What did this indicate about the success of the separation?

    asked by OH
  142. chemistry

    THank you for help steve with the other one!! :) My other one is: The compostition of adipic acid used in the manufacture of Nylon is 49.3%c, 6.9% H and 43.89%O. The molecular mass is known to be 146 amu. What is the molecular formula of adipic acid? I got

    asked by rachell
  143. geometry

    how many segments does a 7 sided figure have joining the midpoints of the sides? can you show a photo of how this looks cuz i don't understand - pls thanks

    asked by marko
  144. life orientation

    Describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain 5 (more)factors that contribute to the disease.topic that refers to:lack of physical fitness and proper nutrition in the adolescent

    asked by Teru
  145. corporate finance

    Your company is considering diversifying its investment in financial securities into both stocks and bonds. You are asked to evaluate the following alternatives and make your recommendations as to the securities that your company should select. Bonds:

    asked by ria
  146. MATHS

    Paul has 3 pieces of rope of length 36cm,40cm,and 48cm respectively. He needs to select 2 out of the 3 pieces and cut them into smaller pieces of equal length. What is the greatest possible length of each smaller piece if there is to be no wastage?

    asked by ssssss
  147. Earth/Space Science

    How does damage to the ozone layer cause a threat to humans? A. It increases radiation of heat from Earth into space. B. It allows damaging infrared radiation to penetrate the atmosphere. C. It allows damaging ultraviolet radiation to penetrate the

    asked by Astrid
  148. government

    Which of the following statments is true about U.S. roads and highways? A. The Federal Government is a partner with the States in funding higways. B. The Interstate Highway System was completed in the 1950s. C. Few roadways are built with State funds. D.

    asked by Charlette
  149. physics

    A spacecraft circling the moon at a distance of 384,000 km from the earth communicates by radio with a person on earth. How much time elapses between the sending and receiving of a signal?

    asked by rahul
  150. psy 202

    please help me with writing why is it important to write your goals and formulate it. I started off by saying it is important because it helps you to underline, draw arrows on those important views.

    asked by Maryann
  151. ochem lab

    What is the expected observed rotation of a 9.1 x 10-5 M solution of compound X? Note: compound X has a specific rotation of [α]D20 = -49o and a molecular weight of 235.2 g/mol. In addition, the path length of the cell used to take the polarimetry

    asked by cn
  152. math

    Doug is staning at (2, 1).Susan is standing (1, 2).Who is farther to the right?How do you know?

    asked by anan
  153. math word problem

    a>you take a trip to visit your cousin. by 10;15 am the train has traveled 20 mi. by 10;30am the train has traveled an additional 15 mi. you are now half way to your cousins town. 1) if the trains rate is constant, what is its rate? 2) at what time will

    asked by marko
  154. Geometry

    Which of these is a valid conclusion? Answer A. All sergeants clear a fitness test. Harry has cleared a fitness test. Therefore, Harry is a sergeant. B. All sergeants clear a fitness test. Harry has not cleared a fitness test. Therefore, Harry is not a

    asked by Anonymous
  155. math

    What is 5 percent of 40

    asked by liv
  156. english

    could u pl arrange the given scrambled sentences into a meaningful paragraph a.the opossum sometimes escapes its enemies by pretending to be dead b. when the predator loses interest and leaves the opossum calmly gets up and walks away c. most predatory

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  157. geometry PLS HELP

    I could not draw the full picture of diagram below i need to explain the relationship between the measure of

    asked by marko
  158. Anthropology

    Redistribution involves: (Points : 1) the exchange of goods between people already associated with each other. the systematic movement of wealth toward an administrative center and its reallocation by authorities. the exchange of goods at prices. the

    asked by kesha
  159. Jobs(9th)

    We are finding out what people do for their jobs. My job I got was an Interior Designer and I have to find out more about it but I need help. Description and Duties: I put Plan,design,and furnish interiors of homes and buildings. Education and Training:I

    asked by Rezu
  160. physics

    NOTE: the formula for converting the CHANGE in temperature is NOT the same as simply converting the temperature! A bridge is made with segments of concrete 81 m long (at the original temperature). If the linear expansion coefficient is 1.2 ×

    asked by amanda and leah
  161. english

    what is the subject of the following sentence? Would you care for a cup of coffee? My answer: you the verb is care. I asked who care? the answer: you care is this correct?

    asked by meisha
  162. chemistry

    THank you for help steve with the other one!! :) My other one is: The compostition of adipic acid used in the manufacture of Nylon is 49.3%c, 6.9% H and 43.89%O. The molecular mass is known to be 146 amu. What is the molecular formula of adipic acid? I got

    asked by rachell
  163. science

    Which statement correctly describes the Sun and earth?

    asked by jennny
  164. physics

    When a man throws a ball vertically up his watch fall down from his hand.if the initial speep of the ball is 20m/s from a building.what will be its velocity when it reaches the ground if the height difference b/n them is 100m?

    asked by minas
  165. chemistry

    dry gaseous hcl contained in volume of 1L at STP is dissolved in 200ml of 0.5M barium hydroxide soltion. How many mol of 0.5M hcl would be needed to neutralise the resulting solution?

    asked by mob
  166. Science

    Identify the sources of energy used to power the cell phone and other energies that it can transform into

    asked by Rezu
  167. Physical Science

    Distinguish between longitudinal and transverse waves. Do all waves fall into one or the other of these categories? If not, give an example of one that does not?

    asked by Jessica
  168. physics!

    Light is incident from air onto the surface of a liquid. The angle of incidence is 50.7°, and the angle of refraction is 34.5°. At what angle of incidence would the reflected light be 100% polarized?

    asked by linds
  169. government

    Which term describes the voters' removal of an elected official from office before his or her term is over? A. impeachment B. recall C.plurality D. reprieve

    asked by Charlette
  170. algebra

    a sidewalk forms a 3-foot wide border with the grass as shown. how many bags of concrete are needed to make the sidewalk if a bag of concrete covers approximately 0.75 square feet?

    asked by sohialh
  171. economics

    a firm with a kinked demand curve experiences an increased fixed cost explain how the firm's price, output and profit change

    asked by iza
  172. Two Multiple Choice American Government Questions

    The chief way the federal government raises revenue is from borrowing money foreign aid individual income taxes corporate taxes This concept means that the total federal budget changes only a little from one year to the next. reconciliation fiscal policy

    asked by Katie
  173. Social Studies 7R Help!

    I have this chart it look like this Issue Thomas Jefferson Alexnder H. Pol. Party Republican Federalist I'm in: Type of Economy under issue i wrote for federlist: support manufacturers what did the republican supported? please help

    asked by Laruen
  174. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2(g) can theoretically be produced from a 5-g sample of magnesium metal and excess HCl(aq)?

    asked by Polly
  175. math

    there are 12inches in 1 foot and 5,280 feet in 1 mile.Explain how you would estimate the number of inches in 1 mile.then find the exact number

    asked by fjoseph
  176. algebra

    systems of linear equations in 3 variables 1/3x-2/3y+z=0 1/2x-3/4y+z=1/4 -2x-y+z=1

    asked by ashley
  177. Math - Logarithms

    How do you solve 7^(3x) = 8^(2x)

    asked by Labz
  178. Chemistry(Could someone please help)

    Given the wage in dollar per day and the CPI for years 1 and 2 how do you calculate the nominal % increase in wage and the real % increase in wage? I am not sure what to do for this or what the formula is if any. Thank you for your help. I have tried to

    asked by Hannah
  179. Maths B

    Abbey steers her boat in a North Easterly direction for 15 s, East for 6 s and then stops to avoid hitting a duck. If her boat travels at a constant speed of 10 m/min during this time, what is the distance and compass bearing of Abbey’s boat from the

    asked by Rianna
  180. Physics

    Ed(height of 2.3 m) is 30 m away from the passenger side of a car. The radius of curvature of the mirror is -4m. How far from the mirror is the image? Is the image virtual or real? How tall is the image

    asked by Con
  181. Math

    Find y^1 for the relation 2 sin (x^2y)-5x^3=3y^2. Please explain so I can work similar problems.

    asked by Mary
  182. chemistry

    if a race cars velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time interval, it average acceleration would be 10 m/s2. would this be true or false ?

    asked by red
  183. English Grammar check

    Hi. I wrote a reflective piece from an observational placement in clinic and I was wondering could anyone have a read through it and tell me where the punctuation may be wrong or if some parts just don't sound right. Thanks During my first year of studying

    asked by Wioleta
  184. basic college mathematics

    mechanic charges $35.00 an hour plus parts to fix a car, if the parts cost $90,00 dallars and it took 5 hours to do the job, what is the tolal cost of the repair

    asked by gladys
  185. algebra

    I do not know how to solve the following systems of linear equations in 3 variables 1) x-2y+z=7 2) 2x+y-3z=-1 3) x-4y+3z=13

    asked by ashley
  186. Algebra

    Graph parabolas how would i do this y=x^2 + 1 (-3 < or equal to X < or equal to 3)

    asked by BIBIN
  187. ACT

    Any practice online for ACT, PSAE or sample questions.Please To much stress.

    asked by Jack
  188. English

    Could you please tell me if the instructions are possible? I included a few more things. 1) Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs in the box + a reflexive pronoun (8 pts.) 2) Jack would like to know you better. Answer his

    asked by Matthew
  189. algebra

    systems of linear equations in 3 variables 1/3x-2/3y+z=0 1/2x-3/4y+z=1/4 -2x-y+z=1 every time i do it is wrong and i cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong please help!!!

    asked by ashley
  190. math

    Doug is standing at (2,1).Susan is standing (1,2).Who is farther to the right? How do you know?

    asked by bebe
  191. math

    Hi, I need help with these questions: factor 6m^2-90m+324 8a62-2ab-21b^2 pls help

    asked by ted
  192. geometry

    find the number of diagonals in a 14 sides polygon can you help me wiht this?

    asked by marko
  193. history (urgent)

    Identify and discuss 4 key actions taken by the U.S. Government between 1790 to 1820 that established long term policy in the U.S. Please help me answer this, thank you so much.

    asked by jack
  194. Intermediate Algebra

    Please explain how to solve this: (ã5 + 4)(ã5 - 1)

    asked by Joni
  195. Chemistry(Thank you for your help)

    What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction of ammonium ion with formate ion? I know that the ionization constant for ammonium ion is Ka=5.6e-10 and for formate Kb=5.6e-11. I am not sure what to do next. Should I divide ka by kb?

    asked by Hannah
  196. calculus

    evaluate the double integral ∫R∫ ye^x^3 dA for the region R is bounded by x=y/2, x=1, and y=0

    asked by maga
  197. math (integers)

    What interval would you use on a line graph that's range is +13~+42?

    asked by liz
  198. geometry heptagon

    how many segments does a 7 sides figure have joining the midpoints of the sides? so the heptagon 7 sided figure has 7 segments joining the midpoint of sides' is that right?

    asked by marko
  199. physics

    if a race cars velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time interval, it average acceleration would be 10 m/s2.

    asked by mike
  200. English

    I forgot to include the following things. Thank you very much for helping me! 1) Overgrown ( a place overgrwon by jungle) Synonym: covered (?) 2) a spectacular city. Synonym: a prominent/outstanding/striking (which is best?) 3) Tourists are amazed at the

    asked by Matthew
  201. general

    What are the various long-term and short-term impacts of food wastage? Please give answers from multiple area eg. cultural,social,economics etc. Global warming I have found out about it so please give a more insightful answe

    asked by travis
  202. Intermediate Algebra

    Solve by factoring..2a^2+3=7a

    asked by sherry
  203. Science 7R

    How do activites in the large intestine help maintain homoestatsis?

    asked by Laruen
  204. American Government

    The Continental Congress exercised both ____ and _____ powers.

    asked by Nefthali Bryant
  205. MathLog#4

    Simplify: ((2x^n)^2 - 1)/(2x^n-1) where x is an integer and n is a positive interger.

    asked by Jessica
  206. Physics

    Atrain stare

    asked by Diwakar
  207. Intermediate Algebra

    (1/2)^3(2/3)^4/5/6^3 Show work

    asked by sherry
  208. Geometry

    A kindergarten school has square mats in two colors, red and blue. The ratio of the perimeter of the red mat to the perimeter of the blue mat is 2 : 1. The area of the blue mat is 36 square feet. What is the area of the red mat?

    asked by V'Andrew
  209. psychology

    is it true that people who suffer from anterograde amnesia will recall past memories but not be able to make new ones?? or they lost the past and unable to make new memories??

    asked by Help!
  210. math

    what is the missing number? 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 36, ______, 144, 480.

    asked by lm
  211. english

    Fredericksburg use to be in Comanche territory. Is the verb "use" used correctly in this sentence?

    asked by Anonymous
  212. government

    I think the answer to this one is C but im not sure help please. Which term is used to describe businesses owned by a single individual? A. corporations B. monopolies C. partnerships D. sole proprietorships

    asked by Charlette
  213. social studeis

    who was marco polo i need facts bout him

    asked by HELP! :)
  214. Physics

    A 0.5kg puck traveling in a horizontal circle of radius 3.2m has a frequency of 0.5Hz. what is the centripetal force on the cord?

    asked by Nathan
  215. Intermediate Algebra


    asked by sherry
  216. chemistry

    what is the final molarity when 250ml 0.45M is mixed with 350mL water

    asked by Jamie
  217. algebra

    x-3y+z=8 3x+y-2y=4 x-3y+2z=6

    asked by ashley
  218. Intermediate Algebra

    Show all work. Find the quotient:6x^3-x^2-7x-9/2x+3

    asked by Ciara
  219. physics

    A) If voltmeter measures 2V across a 50 ohm resistor what current goes through the resistor? B) The voltmeter itself has 10Mohm internal resistance; how much current goes through the voltmeter? C) How much current should have gone through the Ammeter? Use

    asked by Anonymous
  220. Intermediate Algebra


    asked by sherry
  221. fractional division

    A bee gathered nectar for 3/4 of an hour it returned to the hive every 1/12th hour. How many trips did the bee make.

    asked by nickolas
  222. Applied Ethics

    How do I hypothesize Contracturalism for a vet who needs to get a certain breed of dog for his daughter with allergies, but would prefer to adopt rather than purchase one from a puppy mill?

    asked by JL
  223. Critical Thinking

    What kind of rhectorical or fallaci is this statement When religious conservatives enact laws to enforce the idea that their God abhors suicide, they threaten the central principle on which America was founded

    asked by Help
  224. trigonometry ASAP!

    wendell is setting concrete on a triangular patio. one side of the patio is 12.9 feet and another side is 15.2 feet. the angle opposite the 15.2 foot side is 68 degrees. one bag of concrete covers an area of 5 square feet. how many bags of concrete will

    asked by ceci
  225. government

    What goals of American foreign policy have changed since the end of the Cold War?

    asked by kevin
  226. Math

    What is the mode of 93, 81, 76,69

    asked by Hayden
  227. maths

    solution to the question+from the starting point A, a person goes 10m east then 10m north reaching the foot of a vertical pole 5m high, on top of which a red light is fitted. what is the actual distance of the red light as observed from A?

    asked by Anonymous
  228. 4th math

    ordr these fractions from least to greatest 1/3,2/4,3/5,2/7,4/9

    asked by kamryn
  229. math

    6/?=18/?=?/12 (fractions)

    asked by liv
  230. gen chemistry

    I need help please?? Calculate the empirical formula for a compound composed of 13.27g Carbon and 70.9g sulfur. I got C1S2. Is this correct?

    asked by rachell
  231. Math

    an art teacher is displaying projects on a wall for open house. The teacher uses a 13-foot ladder to hang the projects 12 feet above the floor. how far from the bottom of the wall should the ladder be placed?

    asked by Ember
  232. Legal Studies

    Why are the united nations headquarters in New York City?

    asked by Jiskhaa
  233. Science

    Identify the sources of energy used to power a cell phone and other energies that it can transform into. I put Electrical Energy and it can be transformed to heat,sound,light,and mechanical energy.

    asked by Rezu
  234. Chemistry

    Using the total volume at endpoint (51.98mL) and the fact that the concentration of CrO4 ^2- due to Mohr's indicator is 0.26 M, find the actual concentration of CrO4^ 2- at the endpoint (or at the instant just before Ag2CrO4 begins to form). Any help I am

    asked by josh
  235. Chem 2

    left a line out of answer 1.546x10-2mols CuSO4x2=3.09x10-2 mole ions

    asked by Debbie
  236. math

    Abbey steers her boat in a North Easterly direction for 15 s, East for 6 s and then stops to avoid hitting a duck. If her boat travels at a constant speed of 10 m/min during this time, what is the distance and compass bearing of Abbey’s boat from the

    asked by Rianna
  237. trig

    cos(sin^-1 x)=sq rt(1-x^2) prove the identity

    asked by Emily
  238. government

    What goals have remained virtually the same since the end of the Cold War?

    asked by kevin
  239. math

    Jenn's mom bought 3 2/3 pounds of grapes on sunday. jenn ate 1/4 of the grapes before she did her homework. How many pounds did she eat on sunday?

    asked by strange h.w kid
  240. Math

    The blocks of a side walk block are 6ft by 12ft.the blocks for a drive way are 6ft by 12ft.what is the diffrence between the area of the side walk block and the drive way block.what is the perimeter

    asked by Gia
  241. math

    5 4 10b b 6 ? 5a 2a 40 2 2 5c The above numbers are presented in 3 sets of 4 boxes each. What is the missing algebraic expression in the box in the last set?

    asked by Al
  242. math

    5 4 5a 2a 10b b 40 2 6 ? 2 5c What is the missing algebraic expression?

    asked by Al
  243. government

    This one im for sure is A but i just want to check and make sure help please. Why did early groups of people form governments? A. to help them survive B. to preserve democracy C. to provide leadership opportunities D. to encourage the arts

    asked by Charlette
  244. ms. sue

    ms. sue you know the story i write yesterday i not know what to name it, you know any cool names i give it?

    asked by Mohammad
  245. Algebra

    /| / | / | b / | / | 20 / | / | /_______| a a+b=20

    asked by Austin
  246. science

    Mg metal is introduced in Hcl soluon.1.Write two half equations 2.Write overall equation

    asked by Burton
  247. English

    what it mean when it say: i was reefing through a post

    asked by Mohammad
  248. Central angles

    If i have a circle graph split into 3 groups tennis = 45% volleyball= 30% basketball= 25% what is the measure of central angle for each sport?

    asked by Lay Lay
  249. organic chemistry

    how to filter when a compound recrystallize at zero degree

    asked by attia
  250. physics

    what is the average velocity of the car from 0.0s to 40.0 s

    asked by mike
  251. new secondary school

    how many moles are there in 49gh2 so4?

    asked by deeq
  252. science

    Which of the following reactions can occur or not.explain Zn + 2H -> Zn + H2 Fe + 2Ag -> Fe + 2Ag Cu + Pb -> Cu + Pb

    asked by Burton
  253. algebra 1

    121n exponent 2 -66+9

    asked by Anonymous
  254. math help needed

    what is 5 percent of 40

    asked by liv