Questions Asked on
March 26, 2012

  1. College Chemistry

    Consider the reaction. 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) ¨ 2Fe2O3(s) If 0.500 mol of Fe reacts with 0.400 mol of O2, what are the limiting reactant and the theoretical yield in moles of Fe2O3 for the reaction, respectively?

    asked by Lisa
  2. math

    Jeremy collected nickels for 1 week. He is making stacks of his nickels to determine how many he has. The thickness of 1 nickel is 1/16 inches. -How tall is a stack of 16 nickels? -What is the combined height of 3 nickels, 2 nickels, and 1 nickel? I NEED

    asked by Gabby ( 5 grade)
  3. Physics

    A 30.0 kg box is being pulled across a carpeted floor by a horizontal force of 230 N., against a friction force of 210 N. Calculate the acceleration of the box and find the x and y components of the acceleration of the box. Align the positive direction

    asked by Anne
  4. algebra

    $6300 is invested,part of it at 10% and part of it at 7%.For a certain year, the total yield is $534.00. How much was invested at each rate

    asked by Anonymous
  5. chemistry

    When the following redox equation is balanced with smallest whole number coefficients, the coefficient for the hydrogen sulfate (HSO4-) ion will be ______ . Al + HSO4- + OH- --> Al2O3 + S2- + H2O (basic solution)

    asked by Admir
  6. Chemistry

    500.0 mL of 0.220 mol/L HCl(aq) was added to a high quality insulated calorimeter containing 500.0mL of 0.200 mol/L NaOH(aq).Both solutions had a density of 1g/mL & a specific heat of 4.184 J/g.K.The calorimeter had a heat capacity of 850 J/C.Temperature

    asked by Meenaakshi
  7. algebra

    A ball is thrown into the air with an upward velocity of 28 ft/s. Its height (h) in feet after t seconds is given by the function h = –16t² + 28t + 7. How long does it take the ball to reach its maximum height? What is the ball’s maximum height? How

    asked by Jin
  8. College Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction that occurs when natural gas is burned. CH4(g) + 2O2(g) ¨ CO2(g) + 2H2O(g) How many moles of water are produced when 6.2 mol of methane are burned? Assume that there is more than enough oxygen present.

    asked by Lisa
  9. chemistry

    51.59 g of water at 82.6 oC is added to a calorimeter that contains 48.01 g of water at 40.9 oC. If the final temperature of the system is 59.4 oC, what is the calorimeter constant (Ccalorimeter) ? Use 4.184 J/goC for the heat capacity of water.

    asked by emily
  10. earth

    3. Show how the length of day changes with latitude by plotting the following points. Use the table below as a graph and place an X in the box where you want to plot a data point. For example, if you find that a day is 10 hours long at 30° N latitude,

    asked by courtney
  11. Statistics

    I am having trouble with this problem. A participant in a cognitive psychology study is given 50 words to remember and later asked to recall as many as he can of them. This participant recalls 17. What is the (a)variable, (b)) possible values, and (c)

    asked by Michael
  12. physics

    The body in Fig. 10-37 is pivoted at O. Three forces act on it in the directions shown: FA = 13 N at point A, 6.4 m from O; FB = 17 N at point B, 3.6 m from O; and FC = 15 N at point C, 2.2 m from O. Taking the clockwise direction to be negative, what is

    asked by Timmy
  13. Physics Question (Tension)?

    A solid object can be deformed in three fundamental ways. A roof is held up by support columns inside the building. The deformation of the column caused by the roof is A. Compression and Tension B. Shear C. Bulk

    asked by M
  14. physics

    Three identical uniform meter sticks are placed on the floor. The first stick lies along the y axis from y = 0.470 m to y = 1.47 m. The second stick lies along the x axis from x = 0.320 m to x = 1.32 m. The third stick is positioned so that one end is on

    asked by Julia
  15. Physics

    A child's pogo stick stores energy in a spring with a force constant of 2.5×104N/m. At position A, the spring compression is a maximum and the child is momentarily at rest. At position B, the spring is in its equilibrium position and the child is moving

    asked by bobby
  16. physics

    An artist designs a mobile of light horizontal rods connected by vertical strings and supporting various shaped weights (see figure below). Find the magnitudes w2, w3, and w4 if w1 = 4.92 units of weight. The numerical values given in the figure all have

    asked by JOHN
  17. Chemistry

    Empirical formula 12.67 aluminum, 19.73 nitrogen, 67.60 oxygen

    asked by Jeff
  18. geometry

    Which segment is a tangent segment to circle Q? (Points : 1) EP EA AP BP It's from K12 and it's a small quiz (homework)

    asked by Brandan
  19. physics

    An electromagnetic wave in a vacuum has a magnetic field with a magnitude of 1.7 x 10^-6 T. What is the intensity S of the wave?

    asked by Sarah
  20. Chemistry

    how many phosphorus atoms are present in 25.0 g of P4O10 ?

    asked by Taylor
  21. math

    yank hardy pulls the cord on his power mower. in order for the engine to start, the pulley must turn at 180 revolutions per minute. the pulley has a radius of 0.2 ft. how many radians per second must the pulley turn? How fast must yank pull the cord to

    asked by michaela c
  22. math

    I am a number between 400 and 500. My ones digit is 3 more than my tens digit. The sum of my digits is 13. What number am I?

    asked by Tristen
  23. chemistry

    How many liters of water vapor can be produced if 8.9 liters of methane has (CH4) are combusted, if all measurements are taken at the same temperature and pressure? Please answer & explain

    asked by Anonymous
  24. statistics

    In a study of termite populations in Swaziland, the following data were gathered on the percentage of termites that were classified as "major workers" at seven randomly selected sites:37.6 20.0 28.8 29.9 51.9 13.6 34.5 29.0 a)Use the given data to produce

    asked by tea
  25. statistics

    7. A recent study investigated the effects of a "Buckle Up Your Toddlers" campaign to get parents to use the grocery cart seat belts. When gathering baseline data prior to the campaign, investigators observed 86 out of 640 parents buckling up their

    asked by tea
  26. Chem

    How many mL of .150 M sodium hydroxide is required to neutralize 25 mL of .125 M of phosphoric acid?

    asked by Kate
  27. statistics

    A random sample of the houses in a particular city is selected and the level of radon gas is measured for each house in the sample. The values collected are given below in parts per million (ppm). Experience has shown that radon gas level is approximately

    asked by tea
  28. Physics help!

    Suppose that a police car on the highway is moving to the right at 26 m/s, while a speeder is coming up from almost directly behind at a speed of 37 m/s, both speeds being with respect to the ground. The police officer aims a radar gun at the speeder.

    asked by Sarah
  29. Chemistry Help!!!

    I seriously don't understand this...i cant even begin to think of what to do please help... How many moles of Ba(OH)2 does it take to neutralize 2.5 moles of HNO3?

    asked by Mary
  30. child psychology

    Parents of impulsive children can foster conscience development by building a a warm affectionate relationship the promotes A. secure attachment B.ego development I stongly believe its A please help

    asked by sarah
  31. College Chemistry

    Animals break down glucose (C6H12O6) as a source of energy according to the following overall reaction. C6H12O6(aq) + 6O2(g) ¨ 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(l) What mass in grams of CO2(g) is produced from the reaction of 15.0 g of glucose?

    asked by Lisa
  32. math

    one sixth of five dozen computers were shiped how many were not shiped b what was the ratio of computers were shipped to those that were not shipped c what percent of computers were shiped

    asked by kristen
  33. Math. Explain

    From the digits 1, 2, 3, and 4, how many positive integers are less than 100,000? Consider the possibilities for 5-digit, 4-digit, 3-digit, 2-digit, and 1-digit numbers and repetition of digits. 1,364 1,024 256 A telephone dial has holes numbered from 0 to

    asked by Sebastian
  34. Statistics

    A social psychologist asked 15 college students how many times they "fell in love" before they were 11 years old. The numbers of times were as follows: 2,0,6,0,3,1,0,4,9,0,5,6,1,0,2 make (a) a frequency table and (b) a histogram. Then describe the general

    asked by Michael
  35. Stats

    In the library on a university campus, there is a sign in the elevator that indicates a limit of 16 persons. Further more, there is a weight limit of 2500 pounds. Assume the average weight of students, faculty and staff on campus is 150 pounds, the

    asked by Jane
  36. physics

    A 69 kg skier encounters a dip in the snow's surface that has a circular cross section with a radius of curvature of 12 m. If the skier's speed at point A as shown below is 8.4 m/s, what is the normal force exerted by the snow on the skier at point B?

    asked by andy
  37. p

    A newly planted tree is supported against the wind by a rope tied to a stake in the ground, as shown in the figure below. The force of the wind, though distributed over the tree, is equivalent to a single force F, as shown in the figure. Find the tension

    asked by JOHN
  38. types of business writing

    Memorandum Revised: BROADWORTH GENERAL HOSPITAL Interoffice Memo TO: Miriam Hopkins, Director of Human Resources FROM: Shawna Parker, Administrative Assistant DATE: March 22, 2012 SUBJECT: Sexual Harassment and unlawful discrimination in the workplace

    asked by Shawna
  39. College Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction. 3Ca(s) + N2(g) ¨ Ca3N2(s) What is the theoretical yield in grams for the reaction if 10.50 g of calcium reacts with 5.50 g of N2?

    asked by Lisa
  40. Geometry

    1. An airplane is flying at 36,000 feet directly above Lincoln, Nebraska. A little later the plane is flying at 28,000 feet directly above Des Moines, Iowa, which is 160 miles from Lincoln. A.assuming a CONSTANT rate of descent, what was the angle of

    asked by Leah
  41. physics

    A certain string breaks when a force of 225 N is exerted on it. If two people pull on opposite ends of the string , each with a force of 175 N , will the string break? What actions reaction pairs of forces would be involved?

    asked by Isabella
  42. accounting

    Mendez Company currently produces and sells 20,000 units of product at a selling price of $10. The product has variable costs of $4 per unit and fixed costs of $50,000. The company currently earns a total contribution margin of?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. statistics

    One method for estimating the availability of office space in large cities is to conduct a random sample of offices, and calculate the proportion of offices currently being used. Suppose that real estate agents believe that of all offices are currently

    asked by tea
  44. English

    Is the word desperate an omitted syllable, omitted letter, or an added syllable?I think is is an omitted letter.

    asked by Chandler
  45. statistics

    the dean of admissions in a large university has determined that the scores of the freshman class in a mathematics test are normally distributed with a mean of 86 and a standard deviation of 11. A sample of 50 students is selected at random from the entire

    asked by Pat
  46. Physics

    A 14.6-g marble is dropped from rest onto the floor 1.23 m below. If the marble bounces straight upward to a height of 0.665 m, what is the magnitude of the impulse delivered to the marble by the floor. If the marble had bounced to a height of 0.884 m,

    asked by Brett
  47. statistics

    According to internal testing done by the Get-A-Grip tire company, the mean lifetime of tires sold on new cars is 23,000 miles, with a standard deviation of 2500 miles. a) If the claim by Get-A-Grip is true, what is the mean of the sampling distribution of

    asked by tea
  48. physics

    What acceleration is produced by a force of 250N acting on a mass of 25KG?

    asked by Rethabile
  49. physics

    A 85.0 N weight is held in the hand. The upper arm makes an angle of 29.0° with the vertical, and the lower arm is 13.0° above the horizontal. Find the tension in the biceps tendon.

    asked by JOHN
  50. chemistry

    If 15.0 mL of a 1.5M HCl solution at 22.5 degrees C is mixed with 25.0mL of a 1.5M NaOH solution at 21.5 degrees C that is in a calorimeter, and the final mixed solution temperature ends up at 28.5 degrees C, what is the balanced equation for this

    asked by Tori
  51. human development

    a condition that's generally the result of social pressure is?

    asked by Ashley
  52. College Chemistry

    In a reaction vessel, the following reaction was carried out using 0.250 mol of NH3(l) and 0.100 mol of N2(g). 4NH3(l) + N2(g) ¡ú 3N2H4(l) Which of the following represents the composition in moles in the vessel when the reaction reaches completion?

    asked by Lisa
  53. College Physics

    A 1.75-kg wooden block rests on a table over a large hole as in the figure below. A 4.60-g bullet with an initial velocity vi is fired upward into the bottom of the block and remains in the block after the collision. The block and bullet rise to a maximum

    asked by Anonymous
  54. science

    A merry-go-round starts from rest and accelerates uniformly over 26.0 s to a final angular velocity of 5.50 rev/min.

    asked by JOHN
  55. Geography- Market Areas

    The GIS assumes that you will root for the team nearest you. Thus, it draws market areas based solely on the distance to the nearest baseball team. In real life, however, other factors can affect or distort the market area so that the distance is not

    asked by JJ
  56. math

    a car's wheel turns at 200 rpm. the radius of each wheel is 1.3 ft. to the nearest radian per minute, what is the angular velocity of a point: on the tire thread? on the hubcap .4ft from the center? right at the center?

    asked by michaela c
  57. Calculus

    Vector C=5 and Vector D=8. The angle formed by C and D is 35 degrees, and the angle formed by A and C is 40 degrees. Determine |B|. Here is the image for triangle: imgur dot com/OZAwV please help, I have a test tomorrow~

    asked by Melinda
  58. Physics

    A loud speaker of mass 24.0 kg is suspended a distance of h = 2.00 m below the ceiling by two cables that make equal angles with the ceiling. Each cable has a length of 3.50 m. What is the tension in each of the cables?

    asked by Anne
  59. Chemistry

    2NO(g) + H2(g) --> N2O(g) + H2O(g) + energy. 1. Assume the reaction is reversible and at equilibrium. What shifts in the equilibrium of this reaction are suggested by Le Chateliers Principle?

    asked by John
  60. chemistry

    in order to dilute 40.0 ml of .600 m hcl to .100 m, the volume of water that would need to be added would be?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. statistics

    (Quiz 240 ) Stratified Sampling: The owner of a private food store is concerned about employee morale. She decides to survey the mangers and hourly employees to see if she can learn about work environment and job satisfaction. From the list of workers at

    asked by mary
  62. chem

    How much energy (in Joules) is required to heat 13.48 g of water from 10.5 oC to 46.2 oC ? Use 4.184 J/goC as the specific heat capacity of water.

    asked by emily

    Calculate the force required to remove a suction cup of area 2.60 cm2 from the surface to which it is stuck.

    asked by JOHN
  64. maths

    There ere 258 pupils in the hall.If 1/3 of the boys left the hall and 22 girls entered the hall, there would be an equal number of boys and girls in the hall. 1) How many boys were in the hall at first? 2)Ho many more boys than girls were in the hall at

    asked by srihita
  65. Math

    A certain bacterium divides into 2 bacteria every 20 minutes. If there are four bacteria in the culture now, how many will there be in 4 hours, assuming that no bacteria die?

    asked by Garz
  66. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    NOTE: 1 MJ = 106J. One of the most powerful cranes in the world, operating in Switzerland, can slowly raise a load of 6000 tonne to a height of 8 m. (1 tonne = 1000 kg) The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . How much work is done by the crane? Answer

    asked by Ashley
  67. income tax

    Clyde had worked for many years as a chief executive of Red Industries. Inc. and had also been a major shareholder. Clyde and the company had a falling out, and Clyde was terminated. Clyde and Red executed a document under which Clyde’s stock in Red

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Types of Business writing

    REVISED : Dear Mr. Dittmer: I am writing to you to request a trainer for our seminar on sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination in the workplace for twenty of our office supervisors. Our company would also like to take this opportunity to thank you

    asked by Shawna
  69. Chemistry

    How many mL of .150 M sodium hydroxide is required to neutralize 25 mL of .125 M of phosphoric acid?

    asked by Kate
  70. College Chemistry

    For the following reaction: A + 3B ¨ 4C Which of the following provides the direct link between the amount of reactant A and the amount of product C?

    asked by Lisa
  71. physics

    A 20 kg block slides with an initial speed of 11 m/s up a ramp inclined at an angle of 25o with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the ramp is 0.8. Use energy conservation to find the distance along the incline that

    asked by andy
  72. chemistry

    A helium-filled balloon has a volume of 2.83 L at 30 ◦ C. The volume of the balloon decreases to 2.35 L after it is placed outside on a cold day. What is the outside temperature in K? Answer in units of K?

    asked by Kellie
  73. maths

    sally read 21 pages of a book on Satuday. She read 5/9 of the remainder on Sunday. If she still had 1/3 of the book left to read, how many pages were there in the book?

    asked by srihita
  74. Math

    A motorist took a total of 4hr to drive from town A to town C. He took 1hr to travel from town A to town B,which is between town A & town C. The distance between town B & town C is 11/15 of the distance between town A and town C. If the total distance

    asked by Da S
  75. math


    asked by Anonymous
  76. physics

    A man doing a slow push-up is approximately in static equilibrium. His body is horizontal, with his weight of 755 N supported by his hands and feet, which are 1.34 m apart. One hand rests on a spring scale, which reads 270 N. If each hand bears an equal

    asked by JOHN
  77. science

    What conditions are present in stars that cause hydrogen to form helium? What is this process called?

    asked by long
  78. science

    Compare and contrast an asteroid and a comet.

    asked by SoccerStar
  79. physics

    Using newtons third law of motion, and action reaction pairs explain the following situations A person with ordinary shoes is able to walk on a sidewalk A rocket accelerates in the vacuum of outer space Thanks for the help, any would be great!

    asked by Isabella
  80. English

    1. The bakery is inbetween the school and the bookstore. 2. The bakery is between the school and the bookstore. (Are both the same and grammatical?) 3. The post office is across from the convenience store. 4. The post office is opposite the convenience

    asked by rfvv
  81. English

    Which of the following is an example of primary research? A.Searching the Internet for nutritious recipes B. Asking a reference librarian for specific information C. Calling a dietician for information about a low-carb diet D. Reading an interview in a

    asked by Brenna
  82. Chemistry Help Please!!

    We did an experiment and I don't really know how to calculate this question. If you could show me how to do one, then I could do the rest. INFORMATION: HCl = 0.1404 M We placed 0.5 g Ca(OH)2 in 100 mL of the following solutions: Flask A: Distilled Water

    asked by Ally
  83. physics

    The electromagnetic wave that delivers a cellular phone call to a car has a magnetic field with an rms value of 1.90 10-10 T. The wave passes perpendicularly through an open window, the area of which is 0.20 m2. How much energy does this wave carry through

    asked by sarah
  84. Math

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify? (4x)/(x-2)+(8)/(x+2)

    asked by pop
  85. Math

    Mr Roberts drove a distance of 118km from city X to city Y. At first,he drove at a speed of 60 km/h. Then he drove for 1 1/4hr to city Y,covering a distance of 70km. If Mr Roberts left city X at 1400, at what time did he arrive at city Y?

    asked by Da S
  86. Leadership

    As F. Nicholas Jacobs toured the Windber Medical Center facility, he was dismayed by the industrial pink painted walls, the circa 1970 furniture, and the snow leaking through the windows of the conference room. Employees earned 30 percent less than their

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Chemistry

    what is the magnitude of delta for [Ti(H2O)6]3+ in kj/mol?

    asked by Steven
  88. physics

    a cherry boob explodes into three pieces of equal of the piece has an initial velocity of 10 m/sx.another piece has an initial velocity of 6.0 m/s x-3.0 m/s y.what is the velocityof the third piece

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Physics

    Find the angular velocity of a clock's second hand and the linear speed and linear acceleration of a point on the second hand 1.96 cm from the rotation axis.

    asked by Alex
  90. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    A skier of mass 71 kg is pulled up a slope by a motor-driven cable. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2. How much work is required to pull him 64.6 m up a 33.8 slope (assumed to be frictionless) at a constant speed of 2.53 m/s? Answer in units of kJ

    asked by Ashley
  91. Chemistry HELPP!!!!!!

    We did an experiment and I don't really know how to calculate this question. If you could show me how to do one, then I could do the rest. INFORMATION: HCl = 0.1404 M We placed 0.5 g Ca(OH)2 in 100 mL of the following solutions: Flask A: Distilled Water

    asked by Myles
  92. math

    if triangles abc and xyz are congruent. angle a is one half the size of angle b. angle y is 90 degrees. angle c and angle z are both 45 degrees. what is the measure of angle a?

    asked by steve
  93. physics

    An object is in front of a converging lens (f = 0.36 m). The magnification of the lens is m = 4.8. (a) Relative to the lens, in what direction should the object be moved so that the magnification changes to m = –4.8?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Science

    How does the process of upwelling affect the distribution of life in the ocean? A.It keeps the salinity of the ocean constant. B.It replaces polluted water near shore with clean water. C.It replaces nutrient-depleted waters with nutrient-rich waters. D.It

    asked by Astrid
  95. Physics

    Find the angular velocity of a clock's second hand and the linear speed and linear acceleration of a point on the second hand 1.96 cm from the rotation axis.

    asked by Alex
  96. algebra

    $6300 is invested,part of it at 10% and part of it at 7%.For a certain year, the total yield is $534.00. How much was invested at each rate

    asked by Anonymous
  97. statistics

    1. The fracture strength of a certain type of manufactured glass is normally distributed with a mean of 579 MPa with a standard deviation of 14 MPa. (a) What is the probability that a randomly chosen sample of glass will break at less than 579 MPa? (b)

    asked by Anonymous
  98. statistics

    An agricultural economist is interested in determining the average diameter of peaches produced by a particular tree. A random sample of 50 peaches is taken and the sample mean calculated. Suppose that the average diameter of peaches on this tree is known

    asked by Pat
  99. Chemistry

    a) Write the chemical formula for the simplest pentyne isomer, b) give the name of the two isomers that have pentyne as the base chain, c) give the name of the one isomer that has butyne as the base chain, d) give the name of the 5 chain cyclic isomer, e)

    asked by Hannah
  100. Algebra

    A rectangular pen for a pet is 5 feet longer than it is wide. Give possible width of the pen if its area must be 204 and 750 square feet, inclusively.

    asked by Jennifer
  101. maths

    Siew Yan had some red coloured beads and yellow coloured bead. The number of red coloured beads was 4/9 as many as the number of yellow coloured beads. After giving away 21 yellow beads, Siew Yan 2/3 as many red coloured beads as yellow coloured beads. How

    asked by srihita
  102. Maths

    A spaceship has a speed of 500000 meters per second. Calculate, in scientific notation, the speed in km per hour.

    asked by Cyco
  103. Chemistry

    energy required to raise the temp of H2O from -15C to 125c

    asked by Luke
  104. Chemistry

    4 a) Write the chemical formula for the simplest pentene isomer, b) give the name of the two isomers that have pentene as the base chain, c) give the name of the three isomers that have butene as the base chain, d) give the name of the 5 chain cyclic

    asked by Hannah
  105. english

    In "Good night Wille Lee, I'll See You in the Morning" I am looking for abstract nouns I know that forgiveness and promise is one but I need one more.

    asked by Poem
  106. english paragraph 8 - 12 sentences long

    Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she is a perfect

    asked by kay
  107. Science; magnets

    I know that magnets are attracted to iron. I don't know the proccess of how magnets stick to something. I also need to know more sciency magnet words like magnetism and that. what is magnetism. stuff like that. i need help because I might fail

    asked by Celest
  108. Chemistry Help Please

    What is the OH- concentration of a solution that has a pH of 9.66?

    asked by Mary
  109. chemistry

    In hard water analysis, the end point is reached when 13.5 mL of 0.0913 M standardized EDTA has been added. Determine the water hardness in equivalence of CaCO3. That is, determine the mg CaCO3 per liter

    asked by Brynn
  110. Calculus and vectors

    Please help/verify the answer. 1. When you add vectors geometrically: a) vectors are aligned tail to tail b) vectors are aligned head to head c) vectors are aligned head to tail d) vectors are put side by side Is the answer D?

    asked by Melinda
  111. thermodynamics

    A piston-cylinder device contains 100 g of ethylene gas initially at 27oC, 115 kPa. Ethylene is heated and the piston starts to rise until the volume reaches 90 L and merely touches a linear spring that has a spring constant of 60 kN/m. More heat is added

    asked by sara
  112. trig

    How do I prove : 4sinAcosAcos2Asin15 all over. :sin2A(tan225-2sinsquared A)is equal to. :root 6 - root 2 over 2

    asked by michelle
  113. physics please help!!

    Suppose that a police car on the highway is moving to the right at 26 m/s, while a speeder is coming up from almost directly behind at a speed of 37 m/s, both speeds being with respect to the ground. The police officer aims a radar gun at the speeder.

    asked by linds
  114. Physics-Thermo

    Imagine a 600 g of water at 70oC in a piston-cylinder device. Initially, the 9-kg, 13-cm diameter piston rests on two stops such that the water occupies a volume of 0.2 m3. Heat is transferred to the system until the water is completely vaporized. Take the

    asked by sara
  115. algebra-trig help asap

    An isosceles triangle has a base 22 cm long and a base angle of 72 degrees. Find its perimeter.

    asked by missy
  116. Types of buisness writing

    Email Revised TO: Deb.Walker@ CC: Jeremy.Dittmer; m_hopkins@ SUBJECT: Sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination in the workplace seminar Dear Deb: I would like to confirm our arrangements as we previously discussed on our seminar about sexual

    asked by Shawna
  117. trig

    Prove: sin(x–y)sin(x+y)=sin^2(x)–sin^2(y)

    asked by Carl
  118. chemistry

    In the presence of a tungsten catalyst at high temperature, the decomposition of ammonia to nitrogen and hydrogen is a zero order process. If the rate constant at a particular temperature us 3.7x10^-6 mol. How long will it take for an ammonia concentration

    asked by court
  119. Math

    Mark wanted to measure the height of a nearby building. He placed a mirror on the pavement at point P, 80 feet from the base of the building. He then backed away until he saw an image on the top of the building in the mirror. If Mark is 6 feet tall, and he

    asked by Hannah
  120. Chemistry Help!!!!

    for each of the following pairs of elements, give the correct molecular formula, explain how you arrived at this answer( you may use the Bohr model notation, or the orbital model notation, or explain linguistically) and note whether the bonding is covalent

    asked by John
  121. Accounting

    What is the difference between cash basis and accrual basis accounting? Why do accrual-basis financial statements provide more useful information than cash-basis financial statements? Describe when each method (cash basis and accrual basis accounting)

    asked by Mar
  122. English

    Writecher, I need your help to revise this. Thank you. 1) I really hope that you read my presentation of your school and that you liked it. As a matter of fact, I've just emailed it to our history teacher, who is going to set up a link to your school

    asked by Matthew
  123. Statistics Psychology

    I'm confused about how to prove this question: ht tp:// photo/my-images/708/ question1c. jpg/ Get rid of all the spaces

    asked by Arianna
  124. College Chemistry

    Consider the following symbolic reaction in which the hypothetical elements hearts (¢¾) and diamonds (♦) react to produce the compound spades (¢¼). ¢¾ ¢¾ ¢¾ ¢¾ + ♦ ¡æ ¢¼ ¢¼ . Which of the following represents the number of spades

    asked by Lisa
  125. Language

    a) the singing of one's name _ _ _ _ ture b) the time to leave _ _ _ _ _ ture c) silly, not acting of one's age _ _ _ _ture I swear I found all of them except these three

    asked by SMARTY PANTS
  126. Math

    the volume of a rectangular prism is 256 cubic centimeters. What is the volume of a similar rectangular prism that has edge lengths one fourth as long as the edge lengths of the original prism?

    asked by Joe
  127. science

    At 472 deg C the reaction reaches equilibrium with the following composition: [H2]=7.38atm, [N2]=2.46atm, [NH3]=0.166atm. Into the equilibrium mixture 1.5 atm of N2 is introduced: a. Calculating Kp and Q, determine in which direction the reaction will

    asked by kim
  128. medical terminology

    A patient was brought to the hospital emergency room with a stab wound to the patellar area. A needle was inserted to remove synovial fluid from the joint. What type of procedure was done?

    asked by kah
  129. Geometry

    Which of the following can be used to describe the triangle with the vertices listed below? F(-1, 2), G(-10, 2), H(-12, -11) I. acute II. obtuse III. right IV. scalene V. isosceles VI. equilateral --------Please help!!! Explain.

    asked by monique
  130. child psychology

    Mishel's research shows that --------- is especially important in teaching children to delay gratification and resit temptation. A. the desire-theory of mind B.diverting attention C.perspective taking D.reinforcing I think its C, am I correct please help

    asked by sarah
  131. maths

    solve for x for angles between o and 360 degrees (i)cos2x+sinx=0

    asked by muzi
  132. Physics

    I am having alot of difficulty with this problem,any help would be greatly appreciated. A baseball of mass 145 g leaves a pitcher’s hand at 96.6 mi/h (1 mi/h = 1.609km/h), but due to air resistance, it arrives at home plate 60.0 ft away (1 ft = 0.3048 m)

    asked by bobby
  133. Physics

    How high does the 35g ball go if the ball leaves the spring at the point shown in image? K=953 N/m and Xa=0 and Xb=0.120m (b)? What is the velocity of the ball when it leaves the spring?

    asked by bobby
  134. science

    Some theoriests say that in the inflationary period, the scale of the universe increased by a factore of 1050. Suppose your height were to increase by a factore of 1050. How tall would you be? Express your answer in light-years and compare it to the size

    asked by long
  135. Math

    Mrs Leong took 1 hour to drive 1/5 of a journey from village R to village S.she drove the remaining 180km in 4hr. A) what was Mrs Leong's speed for the first part of the journey? B) how long did she take to travel the whole journey? C) find Mrs Leong's

    asked by Da S
  136. ms.sue 3 grade english


    asked by dw
  137. child psychology

    A parent who uses imperitives and specifit suggestions in everyday life is most likely the parent of A.son B.daughter C.teenager D.son and a daughter I think its C but not sure because teenagers don't have time to listen

    asked by sarah


    asked by KIM
  139. calculus

    Find the volume V of the solid in the rst octant bounded by y = 0, z = 0, y = 3, z = x, and z + x = 4. The best part about this problem is that I solved it using basic geometry but am expected to do it using a triple integral that will take up a whole

    asked by Bryant
  140. math

    inventory puposes, a manufacturing company assigns a 3 charcter code to each differnt item produced. the first character of the code must be aleter from the 26 letter english alphabet. the second and third characters must each be a digit from 0-9. how many

    asked by sb
  141. computers

    I need some help with creating a simple, but automatic site status (uptime/downtime) monitor script in ColdFusion. Basically I would like the script to check if an application on my site is accessible or not every 60 minutes. If the application is down at

    asked by Mike
  142. Geometry

    Explain why the inverse of sine times 1.5 does not make sense.

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Spanish-9th grade-Please help me

    Is this I would say I snacked(past tense) on popcorn and a drink in the movie? Merende palomitas de maíz y un refresco en el cine. How do I say I snack(present tense) on popcorn and a drink in the show? Meriendo palomitas de maíz y un refresco en el

    asked by Joelle
  144. student

    an average length of 2 inches and a standard deviation of .005 inches. What is the 95% confidence interval for the length of these screws?

    asked by mark
  145. math

    a rectangular security area is enclosed with 200 ft of fencing. if this rectangular area is arranged so that the ratio of the length to the width is 5/3, find the dimensions.

    asked by alan
  146. Algebra 2

    If f(x)= x^2 + 3 and g(x) = 3x - 1 then find the following: 1a. (f+g)(x) 1b. (f+g)(3) 1c. (f-g)(x) 1d. (fg)(x) 1e. (fg)(-1) 1f. (f/g)(x) 1g. (f o g)(x) 1h. (f o g)(1) 1i. (g o f)(x)

    asked by Elizabeth
  147. Chemistry help please

    What is the pH of a solution whose hydronium ion concentration is 0.0010 M?

    asked by Mary
  148. College Chemistry

    The maximum amount of product D that can be produced from the following reaction is 55.75 g. 2A + B ¨ 2C + 3D Following an experiment based on this reaction, when the D was isolated, 50.67 g of D were obtained. What is the percent yield for this

    asked by Lisa
  149. Language

    Can u guys plz answer to my questions????PLZZZZ

    asked by SMARTY PANTS
  150. Calculus and vectors

    Do the vectors (2,0,1),(-2,0,0) and (2,3,0) lie on the same plane? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Melinda
  151. Shurley english

    How do you classify the sentence Today Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.

    asked by Sharon
  152. 4th grade math- *sigh

    in which situation below would you need to find the area? 1) finding the distance around a pool 2) buying a wallpaper border for your bedroom 3) carpeting the living room 4) fencing a yard

    asked by Celest
  153. History

    What event in the U.S. History took place at Appomattox Court House in Virginia?

    asked by Derrick
  154. College Math

    A spherical balloon has a radius of 9 centimeters. Find the amount of air required to fill the balloon. Round to the nearest hundredth

    asked by Rochelle Finister
  155. English

    i think of doing mental illness story on stress. i think of doing this in third-person. my friend sort of add and give me more ideas for this story i be doing. please tell me if it be good and give any other ideas. and this third-person be close person to

    asked by Mohammad
  156. chemistry

    Consider the reaction at equilibrium: CaO(s) + CO2(g) ! CaCO3(s) If you add more CaO to the system, how will the system respond?

    asked by please help
  157. US History

    Got a question: On our class we have to write a research paper tracing the historical causation of a current event and the current event has to be with in a year! Can someone help me with suggestions?

    asked by Brooke
  158. Math

    an empty sandbox has a length of 6 ft, a width of 4 feet, and a depth of 2 feet.of the sandbox is filled with 8 bags of sand and each contain 4.5 cubic feet of sand, what fraction of the sandbox is still empty

    asked by Estefani
  159. Biology

    Suppose that black hamsters were found to be 70% of the population and the gray hamsters 30% of the population. Calculate the percentage of BB, Bb, and bb hamsters in the next generation. - I don't know how to calculate the percentage of the genotypes.

    asked by Aria
  160. Chemistry

    85.65 grams of barium hydroxide were dissolved in 2000ml of water. 88 grams of carbon dioxide were passed through the solution producing a white precipitate. what was this white precipitate and how many grams of it were produced.

    asked by John
  161. math

    x times 8.625 = 755.65. What is x

    asked by Rich
  162. English

    1. Look at the girl's appearance. How does she look? She looks happy. 2. Look at the girl's looks. What does she look like? She looks angry. 3. Look at the girl on the first picture. How does she feel? She feels angry. 4. Look at this picture. Will you

    asked by rfvv
  163. Chemistry Help Please!!!

    For each of the reactions below give a balanced equation. 1)Methane (CH4) with chlorine to give chloroform (CHCL3)and hydrogen cloride. 2) Sodium Hydroxide with phosphoric acid. 3)sodium carbonate with sulfuric acid. 4) sodium sulfide with hydrochloric

    asked by Kimberly
  164. Physics

    how to find how many ridges a 10 p coin has? What do we measure and how do we work it out?

    asked by Anonymous
  165. Calculus

    The Regional Farm Bureau (RFB) is preparing a brochure that offers advice about constructing pens for small farm animals, and they want us to be their consultants. They need us to carefully analyze the following situations and provide a detailed report.

    asked by Michael
  166. math

    HELP ANYONE PROBLEM: Mrs. O'Dell made this diagram of her backyard.( 7squares across and 5squares down) If each square represents1 squareyard, what is the area of her yard?

    asked by ebony
  167. chemistry

    Student A ran all her standards through the AAS at a specified C2H2/air flow rate. Just before she was to run her Cu sample, Student B turned down the flow rae of C2H2, thus lowering the flame temperature. Would students' A results of Cu in their sample be

    asked by Jane
  168. statistics

    I need an example of constructing a frequency polygon and have never used excel. I know what I'm supposed to put on the graph, I just don't know how to construct one on a computer.

    asked by Jody
  169. geometry

    what is the area of a isosceles trapezoid with legs of 15 feet and bases of 10 feet and 28 feet?

    asked by Alyssa
  170. chemistry

    calculate the mass of kool aid required to prepare 200.0 ml of 0.30 M kool aid

    asked by ana
  171. English

    Hi,I am giving in this work and so is my sister Zakiyya.Please check both of ours. --------------------- Q)You are the editor of a local weekly newspaper. A national charity is planning to open a residential home for troubled teenagers in your area.Some

    asked by Parveen
  172. American Literature

    Explain the shift from the 1950s ideal of the great American novel to the Death of the Novel debates of the 1960s. would appreciate a few pointers on this, thanks

    asked by random
  173. Biology

    The main function of the stomach is to soften the food so that the food can pass through the body quickly. Is this True or False?

    asked by Elina
  174. physics

    what is the formula to find..If the driving frequency is reduced slightly (but the driving amplitude remains the same), at what frequency will the amplitude of the mass's oscillation be half of the maximum amplitude?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. Math

    Fauzia took 30min to cycle from her house to the cinema. If she cycled the first 3km of the journey at a speed of 150m/min, find her average speed for the remaining 3km of the journey

    asked by Da S
  176. Math!!!!!

    Fanny invests $12000 at 6% p.a. For 2 years. Find the amount she will obtain after 2 years if the interest is compounded monthly

    asked by Nicole
  177. Life Or

    3.1,1What according to the basic condition of employment Act applies with regard to the contravention that you ve identified?

    asked by ZEE
  178. trig

    prove: (tan x + sec x)^2 = 2sec^2 x + 2tan x sec x - 1

    asked by Help!!!HElp!!!Help!!!
  179. Math

    What is 1/6 in decimals?

    asked by Candy Corn 
  180. U.S History

    what did the members of the temperance movement hope to do?

    asked by Jackson
  181. Chemistry - buffers

    Two burettes are filled with solutions: one with 0,1OM CH3COOH solution, second with 0,15M CH3COONa. How many milliliters each solution will need to make 20mL of solution, which pH=4.85

    asked by Anonymous
  182. ap world history

    what was the world bank? why was it created?

    asked by cody
  183. media

    what is the difference between "homogenization" and "nationalization" of the news?

    asked by tina
  184. math

    15,000 down payment, 20-year mortgage loan with annual 6% interest compounded monthly. The payment is $809. Trying to figure the final selling price. I can do all the steps except for calculating P.

    asked by john
  185. math

    Determine the water level inside a tank that has a diameter of 40 feet and contains 180,000 gallons of water?

    asked by J
  186. Math

    Manny loves to eat Cajun pizza. Each square inch of pizza is 8 calories. He orders a slice of pizza from a pizza with a diameter of 16 inches that is cut with a central angle of 20 degrees. How many calories does he eat?

    asked by Kat
  187. Economics

    What does this sentence mean? "Economies of scale are experienced when average costs per unit of production fall as the size of output grows"

    asked by CrissyXD
  188. physics

    A 1-kg mass (the blue mass) is connected to a 9-kg mass (the green mass) by a massless rod 67 cm long, as shown in the figure. A hole is then drilled in the rod 40.2 cm away from the 1-kg mass, and the rod and masses are free to rotate about this pivot

    asked by Anonymous
  189. Calculus

    Point A=(1,3,4) and point B=(-2,2,0). Determine AB. a) (3,1,4) b) (-3,-1,-4) c) (-1,5,4) d) (1,5,4) I chose answer C. 2. A goes from (2,1) to (4,-1) Determine the components of A. a) (6,0) b) (-2,2) c) (2,-2) d) (0,6)

    asked by Jake
  190. Math

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify? (4x)/(x-2)+(8)/(x+2)

    asked by pop
  191. Science (PLEASE HELP)

    The oceans are so large that many people believe the oceans can absorb vast amounts of pollution without harm. Analyze the error in this concept, and explain how ocean pollution can affect human food supplies?

    asked by Anna
  192. Chemistry

    What mass of solid calcium hydroxide is required to neutralize .100 L of .500 < sulfuric acid?

    asked by Kate
  193. child psychology

    what is the only emotion that males express freely than females in every day interaction A.anger B.Sorrow C.Embarrassment D.Envy I think it is A but not sure because at time girls are the more aggresive ones. please help

    asked by sarah
  194. geometry

    Find volume of a cone where the base is a square using 8inches,10inches,and 4inches

    asked by Shannon
  195. =

    Generally, _________ cars get the best gas mileage. A. compact B. subcompact C. intermediate- or mid-size D. convertibles

    asked by diamond
  196. math 7th

    the car travled 350 miles on 15 gaallons of gasoline the car averaged how many miles per gallon? round answer to the nearest tenth

    asked by kristen
  197. History

    This religion was a driving force in both the abolitionist and women's rights movements. HELP PLEASE!?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. Consumers

    A trapezoid has an altitude of 12 cm. Its parallel sides measure 10 and 8 cm, respectively. What is it's area?

    asked by Kylee
  199. ALGREBA


    asked by KIM
  200. maths

    Kai Ling, Sam and Marie shared a bag of candies. Kai Ling received 2/5 of the candies, Sam received 2/3 as many candies as Kai Ling. Marie received 65 candies. How many more candies did Kai Ling receive than Sam?

    asked by srihita
  201. Calculus

    Vector D represents: URL is here imgur dot com/AX4EN a) A+B b) A-B c) C+B d) A+C I chose answer A. Is that the correct answer?

    asked by Jake
  202. Psychology Statistics

    Not sure how to rewrite this question: ht tp://img221. img221/601/question2. jpg Get rid of all the spaces to see image of question.

    asked by Arianna
  203. maths

    D,E,F are the midpoints of a triangle ABC then what is the area of triangle DEF?

    asked by help me out it's urgent
  204. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue i think of idea for mental illness story down below u please see if it make sense?

    asked by Mohammad
  205. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) I'll take an umbrella in case (that) it rains(it may rain/it might rain) You can go to the cinema providing you finish your homework. 2) He should have repaired his car. She

    asked by Matthew
  206. Math

    Putting together the things that go together. corns, onions, beets, broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, string beans. Write why they go together..

    asked by Veil
  207. math

    If the area of the grass, before removing the innermost track lanes, is approximately 9615 square meters, how many square kilometers of grass are there?

    asked by nika
  208. Physics

    Find the velocity of a car of mass 1300kg and has kinetic energy of 3800 J.

    asked by Selena Uter
  209. math

    solve for x. 8^6+3x=16

    asked by danielle
  210. math

    what is 75 percent of 64

    asked by kristen
  211. English

    It is a long walk to school. (What does 'It' refer to? What does 'to school' modify in the sentence? Is 'to school' an adverbial phrase?)

    asked by rfvv
  212. algerbra

    2. As you are leaving the community, you notice another new community just down the street. Because you are in the area, you decide to inquire about it. a. The sales representative here tells you they also have two floor plans available, but they only have

    asked by Anonymous
  213. Pre-Cal

    A telephone dial has holes numbered from 0 to 9 inclusive, and eight of these holes are also lettered. How many different telephone numbers are possible with this dial, if each "number" consists of two letters followed by five numbers, where the first

    asked by Sebastian
  214. social studies

    impacts of the fur trade on first nations?

    asked by janette
  215. Physics

    Hydro Quebec charges clients by the kilowatt hour. Is this a unit of power, energy or force? If you consume 500kWh per month how would this be expressed in SI units?

    asked by bobby
  216. History

    The first transcontinental road in the United States ran from New York City to where?

    asked by Derrick
  217. American Literature

    How did the social and political climate of the 1950s differ from that of the 1960s? a few pointers on this as well, thanks

    asked by random
  218. math

    If a-b=3,ab=7,then(a+b)is _______

    asked by help me out it's urgent
  219. world history

    What were some of the ways that people in power restricted poor people from voting in the United States in the 19th century? You should be able to describe at least two.

    asked by Anonymous
  220. physics--please help

    A half-open pipe is constructed to produce a fundamental frequency of 230 Hz when the air temperature is 17 °C. It is used in an overheated building when the temperature is 39 °C. Neglecting thermal expansion in the pipe, what frequency will be heard?

    asked by sara
  221. language arts

    how do you diagram this sentence.. Monica,my best friend laughed with delight at my funny joke.

    asked by carlye
  222. LA

    who is John Newberry and what signifigance did he have to the award, (I just need help finding a site with the answer on it, not the actual answer because that would be cheating)

    asked by Katniss
  223. math

    MRS.O'DELL MADE THIS DIAGRAM OF HER BACKYARD. ( 7 squares across and 5 down) if each square represents 1 square yard, what is the area of her backyard?

    asked by EBONY
  224. physics

    How might you determine the age of a star from an Earth-based telescope? What measurements might you make?

    asked by long
  225. child psychology

    Typically when paired with a boy in a laboratory play session, a two year old girl is likely to A. stand idly while the boy explores the toy B.assume domineering behavior, telling him what to do C.actively explore the surroundings cooperatively with

    asked by sarah
  226. spanish/check please

    Mis hermanos y yo los ( oimons/ oyeron) ______ hablar unos minutos en la cocina. answer :oyeron

    asked by joseph
  227. math

    hi if the second term of a sequence is root(2) and the seventh term is 8 what is the nth term equation(Geometric sequence) thanks

    asked by joe
  228. Chemistry help please

    What is the pH of a solution whose hydronium ion concentration is 0.0010 M?

    asked by Mary
  229. trig

    prove: cot^2(x)=cos(x)/(sinx)(tanx)

    asked by Help


    asked by Anonymous
  231. math

    is 6.31 equal to 0.631

    asked by barry
  232. English

    I still have a few doubts on a few sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) I need to write an example containing the verb "awake/awoke/awoken". Could you please help me? 2) Do you remember when/why/the reason for which/ the place in which/ how/ the

    asked by Matthew
  233. history

    What caused Jeffersonian Democracy to develop?

    asked by Lala
  234. language arts

    Hi. Do you know of any poems about holidays that include word play or puns? Thanks!

    asked by Elizabeth
  235. math

    whats is the equation to get these numbers 65,51,41,59,52

    asked by haroun
  236. Organic Chemistry

    I'm looking for a site with all the pentene isomers, and all the pentyne isomers. Anyone got any suggestions?

    asked by Hannah
  237. maths

    1/3 of Ali's stamps is equal to 2/3 of betty's stamps.If Ali has 85 stamps more than betty.How many stamps does Ali have?

    asked by srihita
  238. liberal arts

    mary and tom jointly buy the vanilla-chocolate cake for $20. Suppose that Mary values vanilla cake four times more than she values chocolate cake. Find the dollar value to Mary of each of the following pieces of the cake: a. the vanilla half of the cake b.

    asked by kiara
  239. Algerba 2

    how to graph 1/3

    asked by John
  240. to ms.sue or soccerstar or someone

    can you help me study with magnets and elactricty because I'm usually not in class when we have science experiments to see how it actually works.

    asked by Celest
  241. trig

    prove: (tan x + sec x)^2 = 2sec^2 x + 2tan x sec x - 1

    asked by Help!!!HElp!!!Help!!!
  242. math problem

    please help x^2+14x-4=0

    asked by Lavern
  243. science

    Most stars we see are on the main sequence. Stars spend most of their lives consuming their initial stock of hydrogen. Is there a connection between these two statements? If so, what is it?

    asked by long
  244. Math Problem

    Please help me v=48t^2

    asked by Lavern
  245. math

    How do I find the Area of the base of a tank if it is 8m high,base 4m long and 3m wide

    asked by dejon
  246. math

    how many edges does a cilinder have?

    asked by Kemily
  247. algebra


    asked by Sara
  248. science

    what are the hazards that can be caused during this health and safety experiment

    asked by aleesha
  249. Math problem

    subtract simplify if possible i am confused (4-z)/(z-6)-(6z-5)/(6-z)

    asked by Lavern
  250. Mathematics

    Patrick invests a sum of money for 2.5 years at 12% p.a. compounded monthly. If he earns $11305 after 2.5 years, how much is his investment?

    asked by Renee
  251. math

    input:1 output:49 input:2 output:48 input:3 output:47 what is the rule? p.s.please answer this question. i need the answer right now.

    asked by Karinna
  252. Chemistry - buffers

    Laborant got a task to make a buffer, which pH = 8.00. Which same concentration solutions and which ratio would you suggest him to mix?

    asked by Anonymous
  253. math

    1/2 x 2/3

    asked by Alex
  254. Math!!!!

    Jessica deposits $6509 in bank at r% p.a. compounded half-yearly. If she obtains an amount of $6764 after 1 year, find the value of r.

    asked by Nicole
  255. to drbob222

    thank you so very much

    asked by Celest