Questions Asked on
March 20, 2012

  1. Economics

    The price elasticity of demand for senior citizens purchasing coffee from McDonald's is -5 while non senior citizens have a price elasticity of demand equal to -1.25. If is cost McDonald's $0.02 to produce a coffee, the optimal price for a cup of coffee

    asked by Ronald
  2. Economics

    Suppose you are the marketing manager for the Fruit of the Loom. An individuals' inverse demand for Fruit of the Loom women's underwear is estimated to be P = 25 - 3Q (in cents). If cost to Fruit of the Loom to producing women's underwear is C(Q) = 1 + 4Q

    asked by Steve
  3. Statistics

    The home states of a certain group of people are distributed as follows: 53 percent are from MISSOURI, 21 percent are from KANSAS, and 26 percent are from IOWA. (No one in the group had a home state other than one of these three.) (Note: Your answer to the

    asked by Lucy King
  4. Statistics

    Suppose that the travel time from your home to your office is normally distributed with a mean of 40 minutes and standard deviation of 7 minutes. If you want to be 95% certain that you will not be late for an office appointment at 1:00pm, what is the

    asked by Brad
  5. Economics

    Suppose a manager is interested in implementing third-degree price discrimination. The manager knows that the price elasticity of demand for Group 1 is -2 and the price elasticity of demand for Group 2 is -1.2. Based on this information alone we can

    asked by Carol
  6. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular pool is 84 feet. The width of the pool is half the length. What are the measurements of the rectangular pool?

    asked by ali
  7. Chemistry

    What is the equilibrium equations that result when solid NH4F is dissolved in sufficient water to produce 5.0 mL of 0.5M NH4F solution? How would the addition of 5 drops of 0.1M HCl affect the equilibrium system. Give an explanation. How would the addition

    asked by Megan
  8. Managerial Economics

    The demand for health club services is Q = 350 − 2P and the marginal cost of providing these services is MC = 110 + 2Q. If a two-part tariff pricing system is used, what is the optimal price and quantity combination? a.P = 52 and Q = 240 b.P = 199 and Q

    asked by Ronald
  9. research in CriminalJustice

    The five year survival rate for Caucasians for all forms of cancer increased from 39% in the 1960's to 57% now. Express the change in two ways: (1) as an absolute difference in terms of percentage and (2) as a relative difference in terms of percent.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Physics

    1.Can an object reverse its direction of travel while maintaining a constant acceleration? If so, give an example. If not, explain why not. 2. If you were standing in a bus moving at constant velocity, would you have to lean in some special way to

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Geometry

    determine the radius of a circle if a 24 inch chord is 9 inches from the center

    asked by carey
  12. Economics

    A monopoly produces widgets at a marginal cost of $8 per unit and zero fixed costs. It faces an inverse demand function given by P = 38 - Q. Suppose fixed costs rise to $200. What will happen in the market? A.The firm will decrease its output and lower its

    asked by Steve
  13. Calculus

    A cardboard box of 32in^3 volume with a square base and open top is to be constructed. What is the length of base that will minimize the surface area?

    asked by ASAP
  14. Converting Polar Equations to Cartesian Equations

    If theta= pi/3 , then to convert to a Cartesian equation, let x = A.(1/2)r B.(square root of2/2)r C.(square root of 3/2)r

    asked by Adrianna
  15. business

    Lansing Auto Pats, Inc., has projected sales of $25,000 in October , $35,000 in November, and $30,000 in December of the company’s sales 20 percent are paid for by cash and 80 percent are sold on credit. The credit sales are collected one month after the

    asked by Andre
  16. Economics

    A local video store estimates their average customer's demand per year is Q = 7 - 2P, and knows the marginal cost of each rental is $0.5. How much should the store charge for each rental if it engages in optimal two-part pricing? Answer A. $0.35 B. $0.5.

    asked by Ronald
  17. geometry

    What's the next number 360, 180, 60, 15...?

    asked by julie
  18. math

    Phillip made fudge that filled a 20-cm by 21-cm by 3-cm pan. a)what is the volume of the fudge? b)there are 30 bpeople in the class how much fudge will each person get? c)How should the fudge be cut so that each person gets the same sized peice? d)what are

    asked by Anonymous

    Write the equation for the circle with center at (- 8, - 6) and radius of 10. (x+8)² + (y + 6)² = 10 (x+8)² + (y + 6)² = 100 (x-8)² + (y - 6)² = 100 Find the standard equation for the circle with center on the positive x-axis and passing through the

    asked by Adrianna
  20. geometry

    The diameter of clock's face is 6 inches. Find the length of the minor arc formed by the hands of the clock at 4:00.

    asked by carey

    Consider the reaction. PbCO3(s) PbO(s) + CO2(g). calculate the equilibrium pressure of CO2 in the system at the following temperatures.(IN atm) (a) 270°C (b) 480°C ..... delta Hf(KJ/mol).. d.Gf(KJ/mol).. S(J/mol-K) PbCO3(s)..-699.1 .. -625.5 .. 131.0

    asked by DAN
  22. Economics

    If a firm supplies separable markets with price elasticities h1 = -3 and h2 = -2, it should set prices P1 and P2 so that: a.2/3P1 = 1/2P2 b.3P1 = 2P2 c.2P1 = 3P2 d.P1 = P2 e.2P1 = 2/3P2

    asked by Carol
  23. c++ programming

    Write a program that determines the day number (1 to 366) in a year for a date that is provided as input data. As an example, January 1, 2011 is day 1. December 31, 2010 is a day 365. December 31, 2012 is day 366, since 2012 is a leap year. A year is a

    asked by hafsa
  24. Math

    3logX - log6 + log2.4 = 9

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    Tema Oil Refinery ( TOR ) is the only company mandated to refine crude oil in Ghana. The company has estimated that the fixed cost would be $ 80000. Variable costs depends on the amount of crude oil refined but include the cost of labour and administrative

    asked by Ayensu
  26. Converting Cartesian Equations to Polar Equations

    Convert the Cartesian equation x^2 - y^2 = 16 to a polar equation. r² = 16/cos2è r = -4 r² = 8 help please im stuck between 2 answers.

    asked by Adrianna
  27. science

    what is the difference between convection and conduction and what are their defemitions ...studying for test but i don't know what they are:)

    asked by Anonymous
  28. statistics

    The average score on a science test was 72 with a standard deviation of 6. The average score on a history test was 89 with a standard deviation of 7. Compare the variability of the two classes.

    asked by Hannah
  29. Calculus

    differentiate (x^2 + 3x + 2) - (4x - 1)

    asked by Steph
  30. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction of magnesium metal with hydochloric acid to produce magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas. If 3.85 mol Mg and 3.85 mol of HCl are reacted, how many mol of oxygen are left over? I balanced the equation and got Mg(OH)2+2HCl=MgCl2+2H2O.

    asked by Jessica
  31. Chemistry

    How much heat is required to warm 1.50 kg of sand from 20.0 C to 100.0 C?

    asked by Derek
  32. Physics

    A resistance of 400 ohms and inductance of 8H and a capacitance of 20 microfarad are connected in series. Cal. (I) the peak current (ii) the phase angle when an a.c voltage of 40v, f= 900Hz is connected across them

    asked by Olorunferanmi Thomas
  33. Chemistry

    The following reaction was studied at −10°C. 2 NO(g) + Cl2(g) → 2 NOCl(g) The following results were obtained where the rate of the reaction is given below. [NO]o [Cl2]o INITIAL RATE 0.10 0.10 0.18 0.10 0.20 0.36 0.20 0.20 1.45 What is the rate law?

    asked by Kaleen
  34. science

    if the density of octane is 0.703 g/mol, how many gras of carbon dioxide are produced in the combustion of 40L of octane??

    asked by brenton
  35. business

    On December 31 of last year, Wolfson Corporation had in inventory 400 units of its products, which cost $21 per unit to produce. During January, the company produced 800 units at a cost of $24 per unit. Assuming that Wolfson Corporation sold 700 units in

    asked by Andrea
  36. Maths

    Taona and Stella both live 5km from the Hospital,stella walks at a speed of 4km/hr,while taona cycles.if stella leaves home 45minutes earlier than Taona,they arrive at the same fast does Taona cycle

    asked by Andrew
  37. Chemistry

    Which of the following gases occupy the smallest volume at STP? a) 1.000 mol carbon dioxide b) 4.032 g H2 c) 35.45 g Cl2 d) 6.022 x 10^23 molecules of O2

    asked by Renee
  38. Math

    alberto has 12 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels, and 20 pennies. How many different combinations of coins can he make to have $2?

    asked by John
  39. Economics

    Two identical firms compete as a Cournot duopoly. The demand they face is P = 100 - 2Q. The cost function for each firm is C(Q) = 4Q. The equilibrium output of each firm is: A. 8 B. 16 C. 32 D. 36

    asked by Chris
  40. Calculus and vectors

    Bob can swim at a rate of 5km/h. He is in a river that is flowing at a rate of 9 km/h. a) if bob swims upstream, what is his relative velocity to the ground? b)if bob swims downstream, what is his relative velocity to the ground? c) Someone decides to help

    asked by Jake
  41. math

    find the median 44,68,48,61,59,48,63,49

    asked by tdog
  42. Chemistry

    What is the balanced equation for the reaction of acetylsalicylic acid and sodium hydroxide?

    asked by Ella
  43. chemistry

    the components in the following glycerolphospholipid are: O || CH2OC(CH2)14CH3 | O | || CHOC(CH2)14CH3 | O | || + CH2OPOCH2CH2NH3

    asked by Sara
  44. physics

    An object place 5cm in front of a converging lens of focal lenght 10cm produces a magnified image 8cm.find the size and the position of the image

    asked by Abdulrazaq
  45. childhood education

    The goal of Binet and Simons original intelligence test was to: A.develop an objective method for assigning students to special classes. B.determine the underlying mental abilties associated with intelligence. My choice is A.Is it correct? thanks

    asked by sarah
  46. statistics

    customer arrive at alocal ice cream stand at an average rate of 16 perhour. what is the probability that 2 customer will arrive during the next 15 minutes?

    asked by carly
  47. English

    Here are other sentences I need to check. Can you please help me to have a look at them? Thank you. 1) In his Robinson Crusoe, Defoe uses retrospective first person (or 1-st person) narration because he recalls memories from his past adventures. (Not

    asked by Matthew
  48. physics

    A bench seat is attached to a wall by hinges and supported from above by two ropes, as shown in the figure below. The seat weighs 139 N and is designed to support a person weighing up to 1300 N, sitting on the edge. How much tension must each rope be able

    asked by Anonymous
  49. statistics

    Bill spends an average of 5 minutes each day waiting in lines. If Bill is typical of the 290 million people in the United States, which of the following expresses the approximate combined amount of time these people spend annually waiting in line? A. 1.45

    asked by millli
  50. math

    input:1 output:4 input:2 output:7 input:3 output:10 input:4 output:13 What is the rule?

    asked by Karinna
  51. Math

    The McKeegan Corporation has two different bonds currently outstanding. Bond M has a face value of $29,500 and matures in 24 years. The bond makes no payments for the first 7 years, then pays $2,100 every six months over the subsequent 10 years, and

    asked by Mary
  52. Further maths

    If S=(2+3t)(5t-4),find ds/dt when t=4/5sec.

    asked by Great
  53. Informal logics

    "Julie and Kurt got married and had a baby" is best symbolized as

    asked by Anonymous
  54. tax

    In order for an employee to deduct home office expenses, which of the following must occur? a. There must be no other fixed business location. b. The taxpayer's most important activities must occur in the home. c. The home office must be for the

    asked by Andy
  55. biology

    what is the different between diet and health.

    asked by Lala

    The vertices of a triangle are P(–4, 1), Q(–2, –8), and R(8, –1). Name the vertices of the image reflected across the x-axis. P'(–4, –1), Q'(–2, 8), R' (8, 1) P'(4, –1), Q'(2, 8), R'(–8, 1) P'(4, 1), Q'(2, 8), R'(–8, –1) P'(–4, 1),

    asked by Katie
  57. English

    I tried to check things myself but I still have a few doubts. Please, have a look at them. 1)A novel is retrospective when the narrator recollect memories from his/her past. 2) Friday is similar to a European in his complexion. However, he describes only

    asked by Matthew
  58. tax

    Marion drives 20 miles a day from his first job to his second job. He worked 125 days during 2011 on both jobs. What is Marion's mileage deduction rounded to the nearest dollar assuming he uses the standard mileage rate and mileage is incurred ratably

    asked by Andy
  59. Further maths

    If S=(2+3t)(5t-4),find ds/dt when t=4/5sec.

    asked by Great
  60. counseling

    Each student will write a paper on a specific DSM disorder (e.g., not anxiety disorders, but a specific aspect of a specific anxiety disorder. I am not sure what the instructor is wanting I want to do a paper on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

    asked by anna
  61. calculus

    Given f'(x)=3cosx-10sinx and f(0)= -6 Find f(x)

    asked by blake
  62. Algebra 2

    (4-3/x^4)/(5+2/x3) Simpify, Leave in factored and reduced form.

    asked by Nancy
  63. math

    it took a ball 1 minute to roll 90 feet. What was the ball's average rate of speed, in inches per second?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. alg 1 college

    can you guys please help me wwith a math problem, its asking to solve this equatoion, sqare root5x-4=3x-18. to fkire off first 5x-4= 3x-18 squared. foil thatand you are looking AT 9x squared -54x -54x+324/ add the -54 to 108x.then shoot the 5x to to the

    asked by mack
  65. Chemistry

    Uranium-238 has half life of 4.51 * 10^9 years Uranium-234 has half life of 2.48 * 10^5 years Thorium-230 has half life of 8.0 * 10^4 years Radium-226 has half life of 1.62 * 10^3 years Lead-210 has half life of 20.4 years. The rate constant for the decay

    asked by Harry
  66. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 0.87 M NaCN solution. Solve it exactly (no assume x=0.1)

    asked by Justin
  67. Chemistry

    What is initial concentration of a sodium acetate if the pH (at epuilibrium) is measured to be 9.30?

    asked by Justin
  68. Algebra

    If I have an 83 average and I take a test that's 1/3 of my grade and get a 60 on it what would be my total average?

    asked by Gilly
  69. math

    if the height is 3cm and the base of the area is 4cm 2 what is the volume? and is the lil 3 the sign for volume?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Geography

    we were asked to compare two countries using a chart: children and youth (age 0-19) Working adults (age 20-59) and Seniors (age 60 and older) we were then asked to identify the developed and the developing countries and make predication on the following

    asked by Emma
  71. Psychology

    What is the opposite of a background stressor ?

    asked by Sissy
  72. calculus

    Given f ''(x)=6x–4 and f '(0)=1 and f(0)=5 find f '(x) and f (1)

    asked by Anonymous
  73. physics

    A series circuit contains only a resistor and an inductor. The voltage V of the generator is fixed. If R = 20 Ω and L = 2.8 mH, find the frequency at which the current is one-fifth its value at zero frequency?

    asked by linds
  74. tax

    On May 26, 2007, Jamal purchased machinery for $30,000 to be used in his business. He did not elect to expense the equipment under §179 or the bonus. On October 10, 2011, he sells the machinery to a scrap metal dealer. What is his cost recovery deduction

    asked by Andy
  75. math

    the top of a hill is 40m tall. the horizontal distance from the runaway is 325 m. if the pilot clear the top of the hill by 45 m, what is the angle of takeoff?

    asked by shuntea
  76. 3 grade math ms sue

    which is the better unit to use to measure the capacity of a bathtub: milliters or liters? explain your choice. a liter is equal to 100 centiliters. is a centiliter a greater measure than a milliter? expalin

    asked by dw
  77. English

    Here are some other sentences I need to check with you. Thank you very much. 1) He writes a diary with everything he does on the island (and records everything he does on the island?). 2) To feed himself, in addition to goats’ meat and milk, he plants

    asked by Matthew
  78. science

    If the greatest potential energy is 100J will the kinetic energy of the object ever reach 100J?

    asked by tom
  79. geometry

    a ladder is 15 ft long and is leaning against the wall. the top of the ladder is 12 feet above the ground. find the distance from the bottom of the ladder to the wall. draw and label a picture and show work....

    asked by rob
  80. Reading

    Dear Editor, 1 In your recent article "Just a Play Day," you argue that playing video games is a waste of time. You also descrive video-game players as lazy young people who loaf for hours in front of a screen. I respectfully disagree with your opinions. I

    asked by running.from.myself
  81. Chemistry

    what is the solubility in mol/L of insoluble Ca3(PO4)2 (Ksp=1.00x10^-26)in a solution containing .00100 M Na3PO4? a. 2.15x10^-7 b. 7.18x10^-8 c. 7.18x10^-9 d. 1.00x10^-23 e. answer not given

    asked by alex
  82. Chemistry(Please check)

    For an experiment we had to test the equilibrium of BiCl3 - BiOCl First I had to mix a small amount of BiCl3 with 2mL of water. After doing this the color was cloudy white. Then I added6.0M of HCl drop-wise in which the color became clear. Then 25mL was

    asked by Hannah
  83. math

    If a 4'x4' area equals 20% of the whole what is the size of the whole?

    asked by Claire
  84. statistics

    The distribution of scores is normal with a ì = 100 and ó =15. What proportion of the population have scores A) Above 130? B) Below 90? C) Above 110?

    asked by chante
  85. Physical Science

    During a storm, the wind exerts a 150-N force on a window that measures 1.00 m by 0.50 m. The outside air pressure is 101 kPa. What pressure, in pascals, does the wind exert on the window? a. 75 Pa b. 150 Pa c. 1.5 x 10^3 Pa d. 3.0 x 10^2 Pa e. 3.0 x 10^5

    asked by Ariel
  86. Chemistry

    Find the amount of themal energy needed to raise the temperature of 5 g of a substance from 20 c to 30 c if the specific heat of the substance is 20.1 j/g c

    asked by Jesus
  87. Physical Science

    Two identical beakers are both half filled with a liquid. Beaker A contains water and Beaker B contains a liquid that is denser than water. Which of the following is FALSE? a. The pressure at the bottom of Beaker B is greater than that at the bottom of

    asked by Ariel
  88. English

    I left out these other two sentences. Thank you very much. I need to fix sentence 2 using linkers. 1) From the ship Robinson takes paper, ink and a pen, which he uses to write a diary necessary for Robinson to mantain an ideal contact with his motherland.

    asked by Matthew
  89. Chemistry

    the reaction 2 NO + O2 2 NO2 (delta H = -114.2 kJ) has a Kc=7.00 x 10^7 at 200 degrees Celsius. what is the value of Kc at 400 degrees celsius? a. 1.25x10^4 b. 1.68x10^8 c.3.91x10^11 d. 5.74x10^22 e. answer not given

    asked by alex
  90. physics

    In a series circuit, a generator (1254 Hz, 13.8 V) is connected to a 15.5-Ω resistor, a 4.25-µF capacitor, and a 5.32-mH inductor. Find the voltage across each circuit element. VR = VC = VL =

    asked by linds
  91. Physics

    If you happen to be trapped inside a burning building and need to jump out of the window, should you propel yourself upwards first or just let yourself fall? No not perform any calculations. Explain your answer. Air resistance is considered negligible.

    asked by Anthony
  92. physics

    Two objects of equal mass are on a turning wheel. Mass 1 is located at the rim of the wheel while mass 2 is located halfway between the rim and the axis of rotation. The wheel is rotating with a non-zero angular acceleration. For each of the following

    asked by Miriam
  93. Math

    Need help. A microwave oven sold for. $95 and discounted to $45. What is the percent of decrease? I got 47.4% is this right ? A men's store. Reduced. The price of a hat from $12.50 to $10.00 what is percent of discount? I got 1.25 or 1.3% is this right?

    asked by Marko
  94. math

    Taylor is planting 4 trees at the community center.She wonts to leave a 2 square foot area between each one.How many square feet does she need for the trees?

    asked by lynnay
  95. trig

    if tan(θ)=√(33) / 4 (√ does not ride over 4) find sin(θ)

    asked by person
  96. AP History

    What was the impact of Eli Whitney's interchangeable parts concept and what impact did Eli Whitney's cotton gin have? Why was the cotton gin so important?

    asked by angel
  97. Chemistry

    What is the solubility in grams per liter of SrSO4, in 0.23 M Na2SO4? Ksp for SrSO4 = 2.5E-7

    asked by S
  98. math

    I have 20 pieces of sod that are 1ft X 2ft and 20 pieces of sod that are 1ft X 3ft. How large a square in my garden can I put them on?

    asked by carla
  99. Science

    1.What is refraction? The bending of light as it passes through matter 2.What type of lens would you use to magnify your view of a butterfly? Concave 3.What is a sound wave? Sound waves are waves of energy moving through matter.Sound waves are vibrations

    asked by Derrick
  100. Math

    They have 20 pieces of 12 foot lumber. If they need 2 screws for every 3 feet of lumber, how many screws do they need?

    asked by Me
  101. trig

    If theta is a standard position angle and cot theta = 1.85, in which quadrant(s) could theta lie?

    asked by people
  102. chemistry

    What is (a)PH(b) POH of a solution wholes hydrogen ion consentration is 5.00x10-4?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math

    What does x equal in x^2/(.81-x)?

    asked by Justin
  104. ELA

    what are some topics for argumentative writing around the world right now like troops going back to Afgan

    asked by BIBIN
  105. geometry

    a cone with slant height 22 cm and radius 7 cm (1 point) about 484 cm2 about 507 cm2 about 637 cm2 about 1,123 cm2 a sphere with radius 12 cm (1 point) about 904 cm2 about 576 cm2 about 452 cm2 about 1,809 cm2 a square pyramid with base edge 80 m and slant

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Math

    The illumination produced by a light source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance to the source. If a light source 5m from an object illuminates with 70 candela, what illumination would be produce if the object were mover to 12 m away?

    asked by Hi
  107. algebra

    what is the intersection for 15x-8y=-41 and 1.6x-2.8y=6.4

    asked by tiffani
  108. Science

    1. A 25.00 sample of 0.723M HClO4 is titrated with a 0.273M KOH solution. The H3O+ concentration after the addition of 10.0mL is___M. 2. Determine the pH of a 0.188M NH3 solution of at 25 degrees C. The Kb of NH3 is 1.76x10-5.

    asked by Shayla
  109. social studies

    under the bolshevieks the russian empire expanded in size and power

    asked by Anonymous
  110. business-ACCOUNTING

    Income from operations, $151,800 The following events took place for Fed Inc. during October 2012, the first month of operations as a producer of road bikes: • Purchased $427,000 of materials. • Used $367,500 of direct materials in production. •

    asked by Ashley
  111. math

    find the zeroes of g(x)=(x^2-5x-6)/(x^2-9) I know i suppose to use synthetic division, but the denominator has x^2 in it. Does this matter or do I just divide by -9

    asked by meme
  112. math

    If you have 360 books and you pick up 90 what is the percent

    asked by Anonymous
  113. math

    If you have 360 books and you pick up 90 what is the percent

    asked by Anonymous
  114. math

    If you have 360 books and you pick up 90 what is the percent

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Chemistry

    What are the units for the rate constant for a second and third -order rate law?

    asked by Kaleen
  116. math

    If I spent 3/8 of her allowance and then another 3/8, how much does she have left?

    asked by Lucy
  117. geometry

    If the mean of a certain population is 250 and the standard deviation is 40, what x value corresponds to the z-score of -0.35.

    asked by Gabi
  118. math


    asked by BLBLBLB
  119. chemistry

    A gas is compressed from an initial volume of 5.60 L to a final volume of 1.22 L by an external pressure of 1.00 atm. During the compression the gas releases 128 J of heat. What is the change in internal energy of the gas?

    asked by jesse
  120. Math

    Each cube below is made up of smaller cubes, but the large cubes are not solid. They had tunnels through them. • The first cube originally had 27 small cubes, but the tunnel removed 3 cubes. • The second cube originally had 64 small cubes, but two

    asked by Neil
  121. AP History

    What was the Talented Tenth? Who proposed it & why?

    asked by angel
  122. math

    how would you write the ratio of 4 white shirts to 6 red shirts

    asked by ruben
  123. global culture attributes

    what is global culture attributes?

    asked by mubashar
  124. Math

    Max's pencil was 8/23ft and Ian's pencil was 6/12. How much loner is Max's pencil than Ian's? A.2/12 B.4/12 C.6/12 D.14/12 Is it A or C?

    asked by Derrick
  125. math

    What can you interpret from the scatter plot above?

    asked by sthefani
  126. math

    if the ratio of free throws made to free throws attempted is 5 to 6 what would be the possible number of free throws made and free throws attempted

    asked by ruben
  127. business

    At the end of January, Mineral Labs had inventory of 725 units, which cost $10 per unit to produce. During February the company produced 650 units at a cost of $14 per unit. If the firm sold 1,000 units in February, what was the cost of goods sold? a.

    asked by Andrea
  128. English

    Writacher, I didn't revise these questions. Though they can be improved, I can't see anything wrong with grammar. 1) Provide a description of Friday as given in Chapter 16 of Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. 3) Outline the main features of 18th-century novels.

    asked by Matthew
  129. English

    1. Wilma tried very hard to succeed as an athlete. 2. Wilma tried to succeed as an athlete very hard. (Do both sentences have the same pattern and the meaning? Is the verb 'tried' a transitive verb, and take an object the to infinitive? Or is the verb

    asked by rfvv
  130. Physics

    On a banked race track, the smallest circular path on which cars can move has a radius of 113 m, while the largest has a radius of 164 m, as the drawing illustrates. The height of the outer wall is 17.4 m. Find (a) the smallest and (b) the largest speed at

    asked by Anonymous
  131. geometry

    a ladder is 53 inches. how tall is it in feet and inches

    asked by melissa
  132. Physics

    On a banked race track, the smallest circular path on which cars can move has a radius of 113 m, while the largest has a radius of 164 m, as the drawing illustrates. The height of the outer wall is 17.4 m. Find (a) the smallest and (b) the largest speed at

    asked by Anonymous
  133. English

    i have to make creative story abt me having mental illness. i really having trouble with this. i not know what mental problem to write about and how write it. i please really need help. in class we also watch movie A Beautiful Mind and this guy see

    asked by Mohammad
  134. math

    there are 20 cars and 36 trucks in a parking lot what ratio accurately compares the number of trucks to cars

    asked by ruben
  135. chemisrty

    The molar heat capacity of silver is 25.35j/mol C . How much energy would it take to raise the temperature of 9.30 grams of silver by 12.0 C?

    asked by help
  136. chemistry

    A vitamin C tablet containing 250 mg of ascorbic acid (C6H7O6; Ka = 8.0 x 10-5 is dissolved in a 250 mL glass of water. What is the pH of the solution? i tried answering this question multiple times but i still get it wrong.... can someone help?

    asked by Finding the pH of a weak acid?
  137. Chemistry

    Calculate DeltaHrxn for the following reaction: C + H2O --> CO + H2 Use the following: C + O2 --> CO2 DeltaH = -393.5 kJ 2CO + O2 --> 2CO2 DeltaH = -566.0 kJ 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O Delta H = -483.6 kJ DeltaHrxn = ?

    asked by Chemistry
  138. statistics

    Consider a random sample of 37 students, and consider the number who graduate in six years. . Find the probability that 20 students in the sample graduate in six years

    asked by Jack
  139. Math

    Allison's 11th birthday is just around the corner. Her parents are remodeling her bedroom for her birthday. They will replace her carpet and repaint her walls Allison's Room Height 8ft Width 11ft Length 13ft 1.Allison wants the top 1/2 of her walls painted

    asked by Derrick
  140. Chemistry

    The number of moles of hydrogen gas present in a 1,500 mL container at 298 K and 2.0 atm pressure is?

    asked by Renee
  141. English

    I left out these sentences. I really hope you can check them, too. 1) When Robinson arrives on the island he brings some tools he took from the ship with him; He has got a Bible, some seeds, a diary, weapons and gunpowder. 2) He keeps himself busy by

    asked by Matthew
  142. Economics

    If a firm supplies separable markets with price elasticities h1 and h2, it should set prices P1 and P2 so that: a.P1 /h1 = P2 /h2 b.P1/(1 - 1 /h1) = P2 / (1 - 1/h2) c.P1(1 + 1/h1) = P2 (1 + 1/h2) d.P1 = 1 - 1/h1 and P2 = 1 - 1/h2 e.P1h1 = P2h2

    asked by Ronald
  143. Math

    For a poll, 60 students were selected at random from the 6000 students at Calgon Community College. It turns out that 12 were in favor of higher parking fees to support extra police patrols of parking lots on campus. In this example, the sample proportion

    asked by Nicole
  144. Math

    Norton has cycled 15 miles and has drunk 7 liters of water. Which is the most reasonable prediction of the number of liters of water he will drink by the time he has cycled 50 miles? A.17 B.23 C.31 D.65 C?

    asked by Derrick
  145. geometry

    Two legs of a right triangle have 11 and 13 what is the measure of the larger acute angle?

    asked by seb
  146. MATH


    asked by JOHN
  147. chemistry

    A gas occupies 10 liters at a pressure of 40.0 mm hg. What is the volume when the pressure is increased to 60.0 mm hg

    asked by jr
  148. Earth Science

    Two locations, one in northern canada and one in the southwestern United states, recive the same amount of precipitation each year. The location in canada is classified as a humid climate. Why would the location in the United states be classified as an

    asked by Unknown
  149. math

    on monday, ivy crawled one inch more than tuesday. on tuesday, ivy crawled twice as much as on wednesday. on wednesday, ivy crawled 4 inches. how many inches did ivy crawl each day

    asked by jayden
  150. Math

    How to round 63 for homework

    asked by Autumn
  151. Maths

    A steel bar 3.6m long is in the form of a triangular prism.its section is right angled i sosceles triangle with sides 50mm.the volume of the bar in cubic meters is? A.0.045 B.0.0045 C.0.0125 D.0.018 E.0.00125

    asked by Andrew
  152. math

    Determine the remainder of the following polynomial divisions: (2 marks) A) (4x4 + 3x2 - x + 3) ÷ (x + 1) B) (3x2 + 2x - 7) ÷ (2x - 1)

    asked by james
  153. Earth/Space Science

    Which of the following is responsible for absolute sea-level changes? A. formation and melting of ice sheets B. erosion of land surfaces by wind and water C. human activities along coastlines, such as development and grading D. movements of a tectonic

    asked by Astrid
  154. math

    Complete the square to find the vertex of each quadratic function. State the vertex. (10 marks) A) f(x) = x2 + 8x – 3 B) f(x) = x2 – 5x + 8 C) f(x) = 2x2 – 12x + 1 D) f(x) = 3x2 + 2x – 5

    asked by james
  155. math

    Factor each of the following trinomials: (14 marks) A)15s2 + 26s + 8 B) x4 – 5x2 – 36 (hint: let a = x2) C) t2 + 4t – 2 D) 2w2 – w – 4

    asked by rick
  156. Math

    Let csc(x)=-3. Find all possible values of sin(x)+cos(x) ------------- sec(x)

    asked by Sarah
  157. math

    If (x – 3) divides evenly into x3 – x2 – kx + k, find k. (2 marks)

    asked by james
  158. math

    If (x + 2) is a factor of m^2x^4 + 5mx^3 + x^2 – 7x – 2, find m. (4 marks)

    asked by mark
  159. math

    If (x – 3) divides evenly into x^3 – x^2 – kx + k, find k. (2 marks)

    asked by rick
  160. math

    When px^3 – 2px^2 + 3x – p is divided by (x – 1), the remainder is -5. Find p. (2 marks)

    asked by rick
  161. Economics

    Two firms compete as a Stackelberg duopoly. The inverse market demand they face is P = 62 - 4.5Q. The cost function for each firm is C(Q) = 8Q. The outputs of the two firms are: A. QL = 48; QF = 24. B. QL = 35; QF = 6. C. QL = 6; QF = 3. D. None of the

    asked by Ronald
  162. Quail valley

    A soccer ball is kicked upward from the ground with an initial vertical velocity of 3.6 meters per second. After how many seconds does it land?

    asked by Michael Alvarez
  163. Economics

    The market demand in a Bertrand duopoly is P = 15 - 4Q, and the marginal costs are $3. Fixed costs are zero for both firms. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true? a.P = $3. b.P = $10. c.P = $15. d.None of the statements associated with this

    asked by Steven
  164. Mangerial Economics

    Consider a Cournot duopoly with the following inverse demand function: P = 50 - 0.2Q1 - 0.2Q2. The firms' marginal cost are identical and given by MCi(Qi) = 2. Based on this information firm 1 and 2's reaction functions are A) r1(Q2) = 4.8 - 0.5Q1 and

    asked by Chris
  165. math

    _____+______=______ Then use partial sums and solve. ...... 9 pictures in it. the students used 585 pictures all together. how many students were there in all?

    asked by Joeng
  166. Chemistry(Please respond, thank you)

    For an experiment I had to add 1 drop of 1.0M HCl into a test tube that had 2.5mL of 0.10M Na2CrO4 and record the color. The original color of the Na2CrO4 was yellow. After adding the HCl the color became a very dark yellow. I know that the equilibrium

    asked by Hannah
  167. English

    In the word ecologists, is eco the root morpheme or ology? Are the morphemes eco, log, y, ist, s or ec, ology, ist, s ? This is very confusing for me. Any explanation on how to find the root would be appreciated. For example, on contributions are the

    asked by Li
  168. Economics

    The spirit of equating marginal cost with marginal revenue is not held by a.perfectly competitive firms. b.oligopolistic firms. c.perfectly competitive firms and oligopolistic firms. d.none of the statements associated with this question are correct.

    asked by Chris
  169. physics

    An object was launched with a velocity of 20 ms−1 at an angle of 45° to the vertical. At the top of its trajectory the object broke into two equal pieces. One piece fell vertically downwards. Where would the other piece fall? (Take g = 10 ms−2)

    asked by swapnali
  170. physics

    An object is located 30 cm to the left of a converging lens whose focal length is 50 cm. (a) Draw a ray diagram to scale and from it determine the image distance and the magnification. (b) Use the thin lens and magnification equations to verify your answer

    asked by Daniel
  171. chemistry

    given; how many grams of fe2o3 can be converted to fe3o4 by 14 grams of co?

    asked by Anonymous
  172. 4th grade fractions

    come up with 1 fraction up to 99 that has 2 different prime numbers that can work. For example: 20/30 the prime numbers there are 2 and 5. 20 divided by 2. 30 divided by 2. then it would be 10/15. then you do 10 divided by 5. 15 divided by 5. then it would

    asked by Celest
  173. science

    You are confronted with the following question: One mole of an ideal gas is sealed in a 22.4- container at a pressure of 1 and a temperature of 273 . The temperature is then increased to 305 , but the container does not expand. What will the new pressure

    asked by Anonymous
  174. math


    asked by Renee
  175. dressmaking

    Which type of fastener becomes more secure when yu try to pull the garment pieces apart? a) snap fastener b)hook and eye c)velcro d)zipper I feel the answer if b)but feel it cld also be d)What do yu think is right

    asked by karina
  176. math

    Find the dimensions of a rectangle with perimeter 40 with the largest area. (hint: Find an equation for area and one for perimeter, use both to find perimeter in terms of one variable)

    asked by Jordan
  177. math

    If there were only cats and dogs at the pound and the ratio of cats to dogs was 3:4 if there were 105 cats, how many animals altogether?

    asked by Cooper
  178. English

    Can you please check these other sentences,too? Thank you. 1) Every detail in the novel is accounted for in the most precise manner. 2) Friday's physical traits are similar to those of a European. Friday doesn't believe in God so he is not Christian.

    asked by Matthew
  179. calculus

    Consider ∫R∫syDA, where R is the square R=[0,1]x[0,1]. Let us compute some Riemann sums. For any positive integer n we partition R into n^2 little squares Rij each with sides 1/n long. Within each little square we evaluate the integradn at the point

    asked by Bryant
  180. math

    pei fen walked a distance of 526 m.then she walked for another 5minutes at a speed of 70m/min.she took a total of 12 min to walk the entire distance. A.find the total distance that pei fen walked b.what was pei fen's average speed for the whole journey?

    asked by Da S
  181. geometry

    Find the perimeter of the figure if AB = 8 inches and BC = 14 inches.

    asked by Anonymous
  182. math

    a boat travel for 4hr from pole a to pole b.then it travel for 3hr from pole b back to pole a.the distance between the two poles was 40km a.find the total time taken for the whole journey b.find the average speed for the whole journey

    asked by Da S
  183. math

    what property is being used in the equation 4p+7+7+4p.

    asked by shako
  184. Math

    Suppose you invest $8000 at a nominal interest rate of 5.75% for 5 years. Find the accumulated amount if your account is accumulated yearly.

    asked by Nate
  185. geometry

    What's the next number 360, 180, 60, 15...?

    asked by julie
  186. c++ programming

    Solve the following problem. Apply all the steps i.e decomposition, Flowcharting and Pseudo code. Also write C++ program. Design and Write an interactive program that computes the salary in Rupees of a part-time employee based on: - Number of days worked.

    asked by hafsa
  187. math


    asked by Renee
  188. Physics

    If the cart weighs 3.9kg and the cart starts at a height of 7.8m, what is the final velocity of the cart?

    asked by Laurel
  189. Spanish-Please check answers

    Él no va nunca.He never goes Él ve alguien.He sees someone. Él no ve nadie.He doesn’t see anyone.

    asked by Ellen
  190. Physics

    A 41g bullet is traveling at 499m/s when it strikes a block of wood. If the block of wood exerts a force of 50,000 N opposing the motion of the bullet, how far will the bullet penetrate the block of wood?

    asked by Laurel
  191. Physics

    A 659g block is placed on a spring with a spring constant of 194N/m, compressing it 30cm. What height does the block reach when it is launched?

    asked by Laurel
  192. chemistry

    Mg(OH)2 + 2HCl = MgCl2 + 2H2O if 33.5g of Mg(OH)2 react, what mass of H2O could be produced

    asked by kae
  193. General math

    30 3/4 x 60 3/8

    asked by Angie
  194. math

    one fourth of the childern in room 20 have dogs how many kids have dogs

    asked by Angel
  195. calculus

    Simplify with only positive exponents: (v^-1/2t)^-2(t^2/v^-2)^-3

    asked by Christian
  196. english

    the textbook stresses that your writing___that is, you must have "a goal of demonstrating the truth of your conclusions and clarifying and illuminating your idea about the topic and also about the work."

    asked by Anonymous
  197. math


    asked by ely
  198. to ms.sue, writeacher, martha, or vanessa

    come up with 1 fraction up to 99 that has 2 different prime numbers that can work. For example: 20/30 the prime numbers there are 2 and 5. 20 divided by 2. 30 divided by 2. then it would be 10/15. then you do 10 divided by 5. 15 divided by 5. then it would

    asked by Celest
  199. geometry

    i need to write the word that describes the lines or line segments for the following: 1> the strings on guitar : parrallel 2. the marks left by a skidding car : parrallel 3> sidewalks on opposite sides of streets: parralel 4> the segments thta make up a +

    asked by marko
  200. math

    explain how you could use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units

    asked by maya
  201. Math

    Simplify with only positive exponents: (v^-1/2t)^-2(t^2/v^-2)^-3

    asked by Christian
  202. English

    Can you please check these other sentences? Thank you very much. 1) Robinson makes Friday a slave. He calls him Friday because of the day the savage was saved. Better: after the day he is rescued/after the day of his rescue. 2) There were specific

    asked by Matthew
  203. Algebra

    Simplify the following expression: 2(4y + 5z) - 10z

    asked by Elysa
  204. to ms.sue

    i know how to do it but I don't understand what it means when it says up to 99.

    asked by Celest
  205. Geometry

    I am leaning a ladder against a wall. The ladder is 18 ft long, and I place the bottem of the ladder away from the wall, forming a 48° angle. How far away is the bottem of the ladder from the wall?

    asked by Anonymous
  206. math

    you want to spend at most $10 for a taxi ride. before you go ansywre the taxi driver sets the meter at the initial charge of $2 the meter then adds $1.25 for every mile driven. if you plan on $1 tip what is th efarthest you can go? it is Inequalities

    asked by Taylor
  207. Reading

    Dear Editor, 1 In your recent article "Just a Play Day," you argue that playing video games is a waste of time. You also descrive video-game players as lazy young people who loaf for hours in front of a screen. I respectfully disagree with your opinions. I

    asked by running.from.myself
  208. math

    plz help students in a math class need an average of at least 90 points to earn an A. one student test scores are 88,91,and 85 what must be the strudent score on the nest test to earn an A? it is Inequalities

    asked by Taylor
  209. 3 grade english ms sue

    fact and opinion a fact tells something that can be proved true or false. an opinion tells someones ideas or feelings.words that telll fellings, such as should or best, are clues to opinions. yu can ask an expert or use reference book to check whether a

    asked by dw
  210. History

    All of the following statements about Jaoan in the last year of the war are true except: A. Japanese retreated from Okinawa B. Fire bombs crippled Japanese economy and war production C.Japanese treated Postdam Decleration with disintrest. I

    asked by Mary
  211. MATH


    asked by TONYA
  212. math

    write a quadratic function and an exponential function with a base of 2 whose values at x=5 are between 50 and 64

    asked by Anonymous
  213. dressmaking

    The tops of pants or a skirt is finished with facing when a)extra strength is required at the waistline b) its not possible to layer the fabric c) a stay tape cant be used in the seams d0yu don't want the waistband to be visible from the right side. My

    asked by karina
  214. Math

    Determine a relationship between the x- and y- values in the equation {(0,1), (1,0), (2, -1), (3, -2)}. Write an equation......y=?

    asked by Mona
  215. math

    Starting at A, count the number of linear inches to go completely around the outside of the rectangle. (Each square is 1 inch long.) what doe s this mean!?!

    asked by Anonymous
  216. math

    you have several coins that total 38 cents. you have the same number of pennies as you do nickles. how many coins do you have?

    asked by quan
  217. English

    I urgently need to check some paragraphs with you. I hope you can help me. I repeated the same sentence many times to see all the possible variations. Thank you very much. 1)Defoe's novels are fcitional and retrospective autobiographies always pretending

    asked by Matthew
  218. math

    16stickers are placed in a box if one sticker Is drawn from the box which color is it most Likely to be? Key:-1 Red I I I Blue I I I I Yellow I I Green I I I I I I I

    asked by Sara
  219. physics

    You have a parallel plate capacitor (with air between its plates) which is attached to a voltage source until the capacitor is fully charged. (a)After detaching the capcitor from the voltage source, you move the capacitor's plates farther apart; which of

    asked by Rebecca
  220. Chemistry

    What volume will be required to contain a mixture of 0.547 mol of N2 and 0.547 mol of O2 at 1.11 atm and 22.1 degrees celsius?

    asked by Harry
  221. To ms.sue

    i still don't understand what it means when it says up to 99. can it be 45/99 orsomething like 4/72. can you give me an example?

    asked by Celest
  222. physics

    Which floats with most of its volume below the surface? A) None of these.B) An oak log.C) All of these.D) An iceberg.E) A mountain range.

    asked by Jim
  223. calculus

    Consider ∫R∫xydA, where R is the square R=[0,1]x[0,1]. Let us compute some Riemann sums. For any positive integer n we partition R into n^2 little squares Rij each with sides 1/n long. Within each little square we evaluate the integradn at the point

    asked by Bryant
  224. physics

    For which of these will the buoyant force be the same as its weight when placed in water? A) A match stick.B) All of these.C) A small rock.D) None of these.E) A nail.

    asked by Jim
  225. healthcare accounting

    what is the entry when we get a gift of $100,000 for cancer research only with the investments earnings also limited to cancer research?

    asked by scott
  226. psychology

    Is community treatment for schizophrenia effective? Think about what constitutes “community” and is it the same everywhere? Explain.

    asked by jessica
  227. physics

    start at a 9 meter hill, standing on a 77kg skateboard whats the kenetic energy at the bottom of the hill

    asked by Anonymous
  228. chemistry

    If 73.5 g of liquid Br2 and 330 mL of 1.18 M aqueous NaI are reacted stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many grams of liquid Br2 remain? Round your answer to 3 significant figures. 2NaI(aq) + Br2(l) → 2NaBr(aq) + I2(s)

    asked by jasmine
  229. English

    I left out a few more things and a short translation. Can you please check them, too? 1) Four of your students have sent email so far. Can you please send me the individual email addresses of your partecipating students so that we can start the email

    asked by Matthew
  230. algebra

    The period of a pendulum is the time it takes to swing from left to right and back again. The period T seconds, of a pendulum is directly proportional to the square root of its length, Lcm. When L=25, T=1 Find a formula for T in terms of L.

    asked by beth
  231. Math

    The table shows the number of lemons needed to make different numbers of pitchers of lemonade 24lemons 3pitchers 32lemons 4pitchers 56lemons 7 pitchers 96lemons 12pitchers What is the relationship between the number of pitchers and the number of lemons?

    asked by Derrick
  232. Math

    The Surface Area of a Square Pyramid is 112 sq. ft. If the Length of Each Edge of the Base is 8 ft, what is the Height of each Triangular Face?

    asked by Deshana
  233. Grammar and writing

    What is the adverb? Pete sometimes pretends he is strong, silent cowboy.

    asked by Indyia
  234. tax

    On July 15, 2009, Travis purchased some office furniture for $20,000 to be used in his business. He did not elect to expense the equipment under §179 or bonus. On December 15, 2011, he sells the equipment. What is his cost recovery deduction for 2011? A.

    asked by Andy
  235. statistics

    from generation to generation, the average age when smokers first start to smoke caties. however, the standatd deviation of that age remains constant of around 2.1 years. a survey of 40 smokers of this generation was done to see if the average starting age

    asked by ed
  236. Geography

    need help predicting what should be done to prepare each of our two countries for education for young people, Infant care for young mothers, Home construction for growing families, and Medical care for seniors. Age group for each: 0-19 -25.90, 20-59 -51.70

    asked by Emma
  237. to ms.sue

    which one is an example of up to 99

    asked by Celest
  238. chemistry

    A sample of unknown gas weighs 2.96 g and occupies 750. mL at 760. mmHg and 100.°C. What is the molar mass of the unknown gas?

    asked by bobby
  239. math

    there are 6 brownies on a plate. Four people share them equally. How many brownies does each person get? show your solution

    asked by veil
  240. statistics

    The scores on a national achievement test are normally distributed with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. Out of a group of 200 students, how many would you expect to score more than 70?

    asked by Anonymous
  241. college algebra

    if y vaires directly as x^2 and y=20 when x=4, find y when x=7? I got 61.25 but was not sure if it was correct...

    asked by Anonymous
  242. math

    I really need help please Your primary job’s gross income is $3,500.00/month, and your second job’s realized income is $368.49/month. Deductions are FICA (7.65%), federal tax withholding (10.75%), and state tax withholding (8.35%). How much is the

    asked by Cindy
  243. math

    Your fixed expenses are $1,035.65/month and are 36% of your realized income. Use proportions to compute the realized income on your budget. I am lost please help

    asked by Cindy
  244. Maths

    A shopkeeper sells a hat for $14.the amount he gains is three times the amount he loses when he tries to sell it for $8.find the cost price? A.9 B.8.5 C.9.5 D.11 E.10

    asked by Andrew
  245. to ms.sue

    your a life savor. i couldn't have finished my homework without your help.i'll maybe come back tommorow. Bye.good night,sweet dreams! thank you so much!!!

    asked by Celest
  246. Algebra 2

    (5+3/x^2y)/(3+x/x^3y) Simplify. Leave in factored and reduced form. Put () around polynomials in numerator and denominator

    asked by Nancy