Questions Asked on
March 17, 2012

  1. Physics

    A block of mass 0.229 kg is placed on top of a light, vertical spring of force constant 4665 N/m and pushed downward so that the spring is compressed by 0.093 m. After the block is released from rest, it travels upward and then leaves the spring. To what

    asked by beavis
  2. Physics

    A large fish tank is filled with water (of refractive index 1.33). One side of the tank is made of a parallel-sided piece of glass. A ray of light strikes the glass from the outside at an angle of incidence of 48. Estimate the angle through which this ray

    asked by Barry
  3. maths-probability

    The diagram shows a spinner with six numbered sections.(where it has number 2 twice, # 1 triple & # 6 once ) Some of the sections are shaded. Each time the spinner is spun it stops on one of the six sections. It is equally likely that it stops on any one

    asked by pooja
  4. physics

    A convex mirror in an amusement park has a radius of curvature of 3.00m. A man stands in front of the mirror so that his image is half as tall as his actual height. At what distance must the man focus his eyes in order to see his image? I calculated the

    asked by Daniel
  5. Pre-Cal

    Two airplanes take off from an airport at the same time. One travels on a heading of 45 at 420 mph and the other on a heading of 150 at 400 mph. After two hours, how far apart are the airplanes? A.650.66 miles B.1,160 miles C.1,301 miles

    asked by Adrianna
  6. Finance

    Spam Corp. is financed entirely by common stock and has a beta of 1.0. The firm is expected to generate a level, perpetual stream of earnings and dividends. The stock has a price-earnings ratio of 8 and a cost of equity of 12.5%. The company's stock is

    asked by Samantha
  7. chemistry

    Which of the following is not amphiprotic? a)H2O c)NH4+ e)all choices are amphiprotic b)HSO4 – d)H2PO4– need help!

    asked by bob
  8. chemistry

    what are the spectator in this equation Ba(aq)+2I(aq)+2Na(aq)+SO4(aq)=BaSO4(s)+2I(aq)+2Na(aq) Isn't it 2I(aq) and the Na(aq)?

    asked by diane
  9. pre-calc

    Find an angle between 0 and 2ð that is coterminal with the given angle. -8pi/3 A sector of a circle has a central angle of 60°. Find the area of the sector if the radius of the circle is 3 mi.

    asked by John
  10. Physics

    The pendulum bobs in the figure are made of soft clay so that they stick together after impact. The mass of bob B is 14 times that of bob A. Bob B is initially at rest. If bob A is released from a height h above its lowest point, what is the maximum height

    asked by Angelina
  11. Chemistry, please help!

    The average human body contains 6.20 L of blood with a concentration of 2.40×10−5 M . If a person ingests 8.00 mL of 13.0 mM NaCN, what percentage of iron(II) in the blood would be sequestered by the cyanide ion? According to the equation: Fe2+ + 6CN-

    asked by Mason
  12. Math

    Right triangle ABC is similar to triangle XYZ. If the length of side AB is 30 inches, the length of side BC is 60 inches, and the length of side YZ is 10 inches, what is the length of side XY? A.4 B.7 C.6 D.none of above

    asked by Vanessa
  13. Chemistry

    The balanced net ionic equation for the neutralization reaction involving equal molar amounts of HNO3 and KOH is ________. Express your answer as a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your answer. I thought it was this: HNO3(aq)+KOH(aq)->

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Pysics

    Planet X has the same mass as earth, but its radius is only half as big. How does the gravity on this planet compare with the gravity on our planet earth?

    asked by Stephanie
  15. algebra

    the fax corporation bought a fax machine for $700. the fax machine depreciates at a rate of $25 a month A) Find a function F that can be used to determine the value of the fax machine t months after purchase. complete the model below. F(t)=

    asked by kim
  16. algebra

    The price of a pair of shoes is $63.20. The sales tax rate is 4.5 percent. How much sales tax would you pay if you bought these shoes?

    asked by lol
  17. chemistry

    If a bottle of nail polish remover contains 176 mL of acetone, how much heat would be released by its complete combustion? The density of acetone is 0.788g/ml

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Sta

    It is pretty common across most schools to find the grades at the MBA level divided between A’s and B’s. As such, you expect the mean GPA to be around 3.50. Using the sample of 200 MBA students, conduct a one-sample hypothesis test to determine if the

    asked by Mark
  19. Pre-Cal

    A pilot wishes to fly on course 290 with an air speed of 300 knots when the wind blows from 224 at 18 knots. Find the drift angle to the nearest hundredth of a degree. A.3.22° B.5.07° C.86.86° A river is flowing at the rate of 2.4 miles an hour when a

    asked by Adrianna
  20. chemistry

    how does the number of electron pairs around a central atom determines its shape

    asked by Doreen
  21. Physics

    A diver jumps off a 10m diving board with an initial upward velocity of 5.0 m/s. What is the diver's velocity after 1.5 seconds?

    asked by Anthony
  22. grammar help

    Hi, Please help me fix grammatical and any other mistakes in my writing. #1- So the story begin when a small aerobic prokaryote came in a large prokaryote the large prokaryote ingests it and it turns to a mitochondrion , then a small photosynthetic

    asked by zee
  23. Physics

    In 1980, over San Francisco Bay, a large yo-yo was released from a crane. Suppose the yo-yo was 153 kg, and it consisted of two uniform disks of radius 35.4 cm connected by an axle of radius 3.19 cm. What was the magnitude of the acceleration of the yo-yo

    asked by M
  24. statistics

    The Acme Car Company claims that at most 8% of its new cars have a manufacturing defect. A quality control inspector randomly selects 300 new cars and finds that 33 have a defect. Should she reject the 8% claim? Assume that the significance level is 0.05.

    asked by vikram
  25. math

    Which of the following shows the next step using the least common denominator to simplify 7/8-5/6?

    asked by coco
  26. Physics Please help!

    In each of the following cases, the mass is 7.99 kg and the radius is 7.50 cm. (a) What is the moment of inertia (kg/m2 ) of a solid cylinder rotating about an axis parallel to the symmetry axis but passing through the edge of the cylinder? (b) What is the

    asked by john
  27. chemistry

    Why is a measured amount of water needed to determine the specific heat of a metal object?

    asked by Doreen
  28. Algebra

    Given the linear equation y=-4/3x+1,find the y-coordinates of the points (-6),(-3) and (6).Show work.Plot these points and graph linear equation.

    asked by sherry
  29. Physics

    A 50-g ball collides elastically with a 290-g ball that is at rest. If the 50-g ball was traveling in the positive x-direction at 4.75 m/s before the collision, what are the velocities of the two balls after the collision? 290-g ball: magnitude m/s ? 50-g

    asked by Angelina
  30. chemistry

    Which of the following is a Bronsted-Lowry base but not a Lewis base? a) H2O c) CN– e) all choices are both a B/L and Lewis base. b) CO3–2 d) NH3 need help deciding

    asked by bob
  31. Physics

    A house painter stands 3 m above the ground on a 5.3-m-long ladder that leans against the wall at a point 4.7 m above the ground. The painter weighs 638 N and the ladder weighs 143 N. Assuming no friction between the house and the upper end of the ladder,

    asked by Keith
  32. chemistry

    The ion HPO4–2 has both a conjugate base as well as a conjugate acid. The conjugate base of this ion is (1) while the conjugate acid is (2). a) (1) = H2PO4– (2) H3PO4 b) (1) = PO4– (2) H2PO4+ c) (1) = PO4–3 (2) H2PO4– d) (1) = HPO5–3 (2)

    asked by bob
  33. physics

    You are asked to hang a uniform beam and sign using a cable that has a breaking strength of 372 N. The store owner desires that it hang out over the sidewalk as shown. The sign has a weight of 248 N and the beam's weight is 49 N. The beam's length is 1.30

    asked by Keith
  34. physics

    A turntable must spin at 33.7 rpm (3.53 rad/s) to play an old-fashioned vinyl record. How much torque must the motor deliver if the turntable is to reach its final angular speed in 1.5 revolutions, starting from rest? The turntable is a uniform disk of

    asked by Keith
  35. math

    A car manufacturer has 96 cars to paint. Each batch of paint can paint 12 cars. Which equation can be used to find b, how many batches of paint the manufacturer needs to paint all the cars? f) b/12 = 96 g) b/96 = 12 h) 12/b = 96 i) 96/b = 12

    asked by Mia
  36. Admps

    365 people watched a show on monday,78 more people watched the show on tuesday.105 more people watched the show on tuesday than on wednesday.How many people watched the show on wednesday

    asked by Nantha
  37. statistics

    Times for a surgical procedure are normally distributed. Method A has a mean of 28 minutes and a standard deviation of 2 minutes for completion. What is the probability that a surgical procedure conducted by method A takes at most 33 minutes to complete?

    asked by Matthew
  38. physics

    When you bungee jump,you are falling under free fall untill you reach the end of the elastic rope bungee jump organisers must use the weight of a jumper to calculate the length of elastic to use.why is this calculatoin important?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Physics

    A submerged scuba diver looks up towards the calm water of a lake and notes that the Sun appears to be 20 from the vertical. The diver's friend, standing on the shore of the lake, is also looking at the Sun. At what angle from the vertical does the diver's

    asked by Barry
  40. business law

    Jud Wheeler signed a contract to purchase 10 acres of land in Idaho from the Krauses. If Jud offered the Krauses considerably less for their property than its possible market value and the Krauses accepted the offer, could they avoid the contract on later

    asked by Lola
  41. history

    So I'm doing a paper regarding the industrial revolution and the working class.. I need your opinion with regards to the idea that the working class is an important agent of change.. During the industrial revolution, why do you think the proletariat was an

    asked by jamie
  42. history

    Hello! I need help regarding this statement of modernization and the industrial revolution: Technology is a product of liberalism and capitalism. Is this statement okay? I'm trying to connect technology with the ideologies of the west.

    asked by Art
  43. Algebra 2

    what is turning point? also relative min and max of it?? thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    Would it have been possible to make DNA a binary code?

    asked by John
  45. reading

    In the book, "The face on the milk carton", what color is Janie's shirt?

    asked by Alexander
  46. Biology

    What is the role of promoter in lac operon?

    asked by John
  47. chem 101

    A hydrocarbon gas contains 92.26% carbon and 7.74% hydrogen, by mass. At one atmosphere pressure and 25°C, 4.20 L of the gas has a mass of 4.47 g. What is the molecular formula for the compound?

    asked by harley
  48. Algebra

    Find slope,if the line is defined state this. (0,2)(4,-3)(5,-7)(-2,5)(-4,6)

    asked by sherry
  49. Algebra

    Write a slope-intercept equation of the line whose graph is desrcibed,parallel to the graph of 3x+2y=5;y-intercept(0,-1)

    asked by sherry
  50. Algebra

    Write a slope-intercept equation of the line whose graph is desrcibed,parallel to the graph of 3x+2y=5;y-intercept(0,-1)

    asked by sherry
  51. Algebra

    Write the slope intercept equation for the line with the given slope that contains the given points....M= -3/4;(0,5)

    asked by sherry
  52. Algebra

    Write the slope intercept equation for the line with the given slope that contains the given points....M= -3/4;(0,5)

    asked by sherry
  53. English

    Doing an assignment on act 4 scene 1-2 of Romeo and Juliet's symbols I have to use these symbols and find an object for each one that reflects it it needs evidence too Here are the symbols and thanks for all your help Love Foolishness of the feud Extremes

    asked by Haley
  54. Algebra

    Find the slope and y-intercept of the line given..y=5/6x-14

    asked by sherry
  55. Algebra

    Find the x and y intercepts and graph the equation plotting the intercepts.Show work...-5x+8y=-40

    asked by sherry
  56. DrBob222 PLEASE HELP!

    I posted this question already but you never replied back :( Consider the following reaction at 298 K: C(graphite) +2Cl2 (g) -----> CCl4(l) Calculate the following quantities. Delta H: -139 kJ/mol deltaS(sys)=? J/mol*K deltaS(surr)=? J/mol*K deltaS(univ)=?

    asked by Leila
  57. trig

    when sin theta+cos theta=square root of 2,find the solution of sin^3 theta+cos^3 theta

    asked by joan
  58. gas laws chemistry

    A neon sign is made of glass tubing with an inside diameter of 12.7 mm and length of 16.0 m. If the sign contains neon at a pressure of 7.56 torr at 33°C, how much neon is in the sign?

    asked by harley
  59. math

    A rectangular lot is surrounded by a rock wall 46 meters in length. What are the dimensions of the lot if its length is 5 meters longer than its width

    asked by Kassie
  60. Algebra

    Given the linear equation y=-4/3x+1,find the y-coordinates of the points (-6),(-3) and (6).Show work.Plot these points and graph linear equation.

    asked by sherry
  61. Algebra

    Write the slope -intercept equation for the line with the slope-1/4 and y-intercept(0,-2) and graph the line.Show work.

    asked by sherry
  62. chem 101

    A 0.6753 g sample of an unknown metal was converted to the nitrate, MCl2, then a solution of the nitrate was treated with silver nitrate to give MCl2 (aq) + 2 AgNO3 → M(NO3)2 + 2 AgCl(s) silver chloride crystals. The silver chloride was isolated and

    asked by harley
  63. Algebra

    Solve.Show work. -9y-12(2-3y)=-25-2(y+6)

    asked by sherry
  64. Business

    Is it possible for companies both to maximize financial value for shareholders and to act responsibly in the communities in which they operate, to treat their employees, customers, and suppliers well, and to engage in activities that are good for the

    asked by Dusty
  65. Business

    Imagine you are the owner of a growing technology or service company with a healthy cash flow but little in the way of property and equipment. Develop a strategy for meeting your short-term financing needs to acquire needed property and equipment.

    asked by Dusty
  66. Algebra 2

    x^2/x^2+3x-10 - 1/x^2+8x+15 Simplify Leave in factored form and put () around polynomials

    asked by Nancy
  67. physics

    if I know that a astronaut weighs 860n on a unknown planet how do i determine the gravity?

    asked by Leslie
  68. social studies

    what argument did johnson give for vetoing the civil rights bill of 1866

    asked by Peaches
  69. Physics

    If a lever is 6 feet long and the fulcrum is six inches from a 500 N boulder, how many newtons of force would be needed to life the boulder?

    asked by Alex
  70. phys2

    A 60-kg astronaut is in space, far from any objects that would exert a significant gravitational force on him. He would like to move toward his spaceship, but his jet pack is not functioning. He throws a 720-g socket wrench with a velocity of 5 m/s in a

    asked by opp
  71. phys3

    A projectile of mass 2.0 kg approaches a stationary target body at 4.9 m/s. The projectile is deflected through an angle of 59.8° and its speed after the collision is 2.8 m/s. What is the magnitude of the momentum of the target body after the collision?

    asked by opp
  72. phy3

    A 0.01-kg baseball traveling in a horizontal direction with a speed of 11 m/!@#$%^&s a bat and is popped straight up with a speed of 15 m/s. (a) What is the change in momentum (magnitude and direction) of the baseball?

    asked by opp
  73. algebra

    Choose the equation that best represents an ellipse for the given foci and co-vertices. foci (+or- 3,0) co-vertices (o, + or- 6)

    asked by bree
  74. English

    Writeacher, I really need you to check these sentences and tell me which are possible. Thank you. 1) I really hope we can start our students' email exchange next week. 2) Can you possibly write a short presentation of your school (age range of your

    asked by Matthew
  75. chemistry

    5. How many moles of magnesium were consumed in the reaction? Open the Data window and click on the flask to provide evidence that this answer is correct. 6. Could this experiment be performed in the smaller 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask?

    asked by Dee
  76. trig

    solve for theta 6. tan theta=-1 7. sin(theta/2)=1/2 thank you for your help!

    asked by BreAnne
  77. Geometry

    What geometric figure does a regular polygon begin to resemble as the number of sides increases? How come the answer is a circle?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    factor this trinomial: 12x^2 - 11x + 2

    asked by Polina
  79. college algebra

    what is the domain and range of f(x)=5^-x +5

    asked by jim
  80. math- slope

    write in slope-intercept form. Identify the slope, m, and the y-intercept, b. -12x + 6y = -18

    asked by Anonymous
  81. English

    I left out a few sentences. Thank you. I would like you to tell me the ones which are not possible.Thank you 1) I don't manage to get around to thanking you. Correctio: I can't get around to.. 2) She brought up three children by herself/on her own. She

    asked by Matthew
  82. algebra

    a rectangular pool has an area of 880ft. the lenght is 10 feet longer than thw width. find the dimensions of the pool. solve by completing the square. round answer to the nearest tenth of a foot.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements are incorrect? 1) Gases are not included in the equilibrium constant expression. 2) Equilibrium constant can be increased by adding a catalyst 3) Large equilibrium constant favors reactants 4) Equilibrium is typically

    asked by David
  84. physics

    You have a 15.0 kg block of wood and you drop it from rest at a great height. It reaches terminal velocity of 31.3 m/s. If this is low-speed drag, what is the value of the constant b? If this is a high-speed drag, what is the value of the constant c?

    asked by jane
  85. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant Kp for the following reaction is 4 atm^2 at 300 K. AB(s) = A(g) + B(g) What is the equilibrium pressure of A(g) and B(g) above AB(s) at 300K? What is Kc at 300K? How would i solve this when they don't even give me any partial

    asked by David
  86. statistics

    The mean life of a set of batteries in a T83 calculator is 525 with a standard deviation of 35 hours assume normal distribution is normal whats is the probability that set will last for more the 540 hrs

    asked by mike
  87. math

    Josephs tricycle tire has a diameter of 7 inches about how does Joseph travel each time his wheel goes around 5 times

    asked by Crystal
  88. Algebra

    evaluate the function f(r)= sqrt25-r-6 at the given values of independent variables f(16), f(-x), f(25-2x) and simplify

    asked by Melanie
  89. chemistry

    The approximate pH of a 3.0 x 10-3 M solution of the strong acid H2SO4 is a) 3.5 b) 3.0 c) 2.5 d) 2.2 e) -3.0 how do you do this?

    asked by bob
  90. Math 209

    Predicting Home Prices Selling prices of homes can depend on several factors such as size and age. The accompanying table shows the selling price for three homes. In this table, price P is given in thousands of dollars, age A in years, and home size S in

    asked by Lulu
  91. chemistry

    Which salt below will dissolve in water to yield an acidic solution? a) NaNO2 b) K C§¤O4 c) NH4NO3 d) Na2CO3 e) Mg Br2 help!

    asked by bob
  92. chemistry

    The Ka for HOBr is 2.4 x 10-9. Thus, you can report the pKb for OBr– as a) 4.2 x 10-6 b) 9.62 c) 5.38 d) 8.62 e) 1.38 help!

    asked by bob
  93. English

    Could you please check these other sentences? They are the last on the same topics. Thank you. 1)You can't get around it: you must tell him the truth. 2) You can't get out of it: you must tell him the truth. My dad took a day off to take me to the sea (Or

    asked by Matthew
  94. Math

    Mrs. Doris' kindergarten class is making Valentines day cards for the parents of the children. The class will be using three colors of construction paper: Pink, Red, and Purple. Mrs. Doris needs to find out the cost of the project so she can shop for the

    asked by Jane
  95. chemistry

    If HClO2 is a stronger acid than HF, which is stronger than HOCl, then the order of strengths of the conjugate bases of these acids is ______ < _____ < _____ a) ClO- < F- < ClO2- b) ClO2- < ClO- < F- e) F- < ClO2- < ClO- c) ClO- < ClO2- < F- d) ClO2- < F-

    asked by bob
  96. Chemistry

    For the following reaction, the equilibrium constant Kc = 97.0 at 900K. If the initial concentrations of NH3 and H2S are both 0.20 M, what is the equilibrium concentration of H2S? H2S(g) + NH3(g) = NH4HS(s) Would you have to create an ICE chart for this

    asked by David
  97. physics

    A spinning flywheel has rotational inertia I = 401.9 kg · m2. Its angular velocity decreases from 20.5 rad/s to zero in 257.1 s due to friction. What is the frictional torque acting?

    asked by Keith
  98. Math

    Can someone help me please 5-2x is greater than or equal 7 I get x can be greater than or equal to -1 Or x can be less than or equal to 6 And to graph i puta closed dot on -1 and 6 but it keeps saying im wrong i don't understand how im wrong, can someone

    asked by Amy
  99. chemistry

    If you have 4.90 moles of Ba, how many liters of N2 would you have at STP?

    asked by Tom
  100. MAT/116

    add the following: - 1 + ( - 6)

    asked by Beck
  101. Chemistry

    Exactly 100 mL of 0.14 M nitrous acid (HNO2) are titrated with a 0.14 M NaOH solution. Calculate the pH for the following. (a) the initial solution (b) the point at which 80 mL of the base has been added (c) the equivalence point (d) the point at which 105

    asked by Tanya
  102. UCI

    Did UC Irvine stop sending acceptances for 2012? If not, when is the last day? Also when do they send rejection letters? Thanks ^.^

    asked by Dave
  103. Calculus & Vectors

    Could someone explain this question to me? I attempted the question and here is why I chose the answer below. Thank you! -------------------------------------- 1. If A ⃗ is a vector representing 50 km/h northeast, what is 3/5 A ⃗? a) 30 km/h southwest

    asked by Melinda
  104. AP Chemistry

    18.0 ml of 0.122 M diprotic acid was titrated with 0.1017 M NaOH. The acid ionization constants for the acid are Ka1 = 5.2*10^-5 and ka2 = 3.4*10^-10. At what added volume of base does the first equivalence point occur?

    asked by Nymei
  105. kctcs/somerset

    Find the angle of refraction for light that is incident on a water surface from air when the angle of incident is 40 degrees

    asked by summerly
  106. MATH

    A customer has a balance of $1,350. Interest is paid at the end of 12 months. Assuming the balance remains at $1,350 for all 12 months, how much interest will be earned after 12 months if the interest rate on the account is 5.5%?

    asked by RUBY
  107. Finances

    !@#$%^& do you do time series regression?

    asked by Angela
  108. american goverment

    the constitution was ratified by?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. math

    simplify the expression 10x-20/5

    asked by forgetful
  110. business

    A music producing firm holds the copyright over several songs which have just been recorded by a popular singer. Based on market research conducted by a consulting agency, the producer expects to sell 50,000 CDs for $20 each. The accountant of the firm is

    asked by Zunish
  111. chemistry

    prepare n/10 solution of oxylic acid .find out the strength in normality of the given potassium permagnet solution with the help of prepared solution of oxylic acid?

    asked by mrinal
  112. Math

    Factor the following trinomial: 12x^2 - 11x + 2 Please help I have no idea how to do this!

    asked by Anonymous
  113. chemistry

    determine ca2+ and mg2+ ion present in per litres of drinking water quantitively using EDTA method?

    asked by mrinal
  114. Chemistry

    I am working on a redox stoichiometry lab. I need to calculate the moles NaBO3*4H2O. Mass=1.0133g in 100mL solution In my experiment I used 9.98mL and titrated in with KMnO4. I'm really confused about how to calculate the moles. Thanks for any help!!!!

    asked by Sheena
  115. Calculus

    In the following question, k=5.8 Let f(x)= {x sin (k/x) x ~= 0, {L x = 0. For the given value k, find the value of L so that f(x) is continuous at 0. Many thanks!!

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Math

    The value of k that makes f continuous for f(x) = {(5*sin(x))/x, x0 is k = ?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Chemistry

    Explain why the absolute values of the standard enthalpy change in the reaction and heat measured by the calorimeter are not equal. Assume that there are no measurement errors of any kind. In the previous problem I solved that Delta H rxn was -1500 and q =

    asked by David
  118. English

    Writeacher, I need you to check these things I need to include in an email. Thank you. 1) He has just received your principal's email and he is very pleased our schools will be working together on the accomplishments of various didactic (??) projects. I'm

    asked by Matthew
  119. chemistry

    What weight of potassium chlorate is required to prepare 89.6mL of oxygen measured over water at 21.0 degrees C and 743 millimeters of mercury?

    asked by Courtney
  120. french

    How do i write this in French with all correct conjugations? if someone could rewrite this in French with all the proper tences and such i would greatly appreciate it My New York vacation. During the Christmas holiday, me and my family went on a trip to

    asked by Needhelp
  121. Pyhsics

    The force of repulsion that two like charges exert on each other is 3.0 N. What will the force be if the distance between the charges is increased to 3 times its original value?

    asked by Cookie
  122. ratio

    at a playground, the ratio of boys to girls was 5:6. if 2 over 5 of the boys and 1 over 2 of the girls left, there were 54 children in the playground. how many boys were at the playground at first?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. history

    what was vimy ridge

    asked by ted
  124. physical

    An object is thrown upward at a certain angle above the ground, eventually returning to erth.1.Is there any place along the trajectory where the velocity and acceleration are perpendicular? If so, where? 2. Is there any place where the velocity and

    asked by badi
  125. physical sciences

    An air plane with

    asked by badi
  126. physical

    An object is thrown upward at a certain angle above the ground, eventually returning to erth.1.Is there any place along the trajectory where the velocity and acceleration are perpendicular? If so, where? 2. Is there any place where the velocity and

    asked by badi
  127. Physics

    (.50 kg )(35.7m/s^2) = ? kilograms meters per second squared

    asked by Don
  128. math

    There are 9 tennis balls in a box, of which only 5 have not previously been used. Four of the balls are randomly chosen from the box. Let ⇠ be the number of new balls among the selected ones. (b) Evaluate the expectation E

    asked by neeks
  129. math

    The probability that a prime number occurs on at least 2 tosses when a balanced dice is tossed 5 times independently is equal to

    asked by amit
  130. history

    Hello! I need help regarding this statement of modernization and the industrial revolution: Technology is a product of liberalism and capitalism. Is this statement okay? I'm trying to connect technology with the ideologies of the west.

    asked by Art
  131. Math

    Solve for x: logx(121/64)= -2

    asked by Tammy
  132. algebra

    a triangle have lengths that are consecutive whole numbers and its perimeter is greater than 2008 cm.If the least possible perimeter of the triangle is x cm, find the value of x.

    asked by Anonymous
  133. hum120

    has the aborginal culture still live and has the western culture change

    asked by shawki
  134. Finace

    Bond valuation Callaghan Motors’ bonds have 10 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually; they have a $1,000 par value; the coupon interest rate is 8 percent; and the yield to maturity is 9 percent. What is the bond’s current market price

    asked by Sharon
  135. physics

    A sphere has a radius of 0.20 meters and has a uniform surface charge density equal to 6.3 micro coulombs per meter squared. A second point charge has a magnitude of 0.58 micro coulombs and is 0.61 meters away from the center of the sphere. Find the

    asked by doug
  136. Chemistry

    Reposted: Use Hess's law to calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction: 3C(s) + 3H2(g) yield C3H6(g) Given the following thermochemical equations: 2C3H6(g) + 9O2(g) yield 6CO2(g) + 6H2O(l) enthalpy change= -4116.0 kJ/mol C(s) + O2(g) yield CO2(g)

    asked by Hailee
  137. Maths

    Solve for x: 2(27)^x=9^(x+1)

    asked by Reina
  138. Physics

    A prism, made of glass of refractive index 1.50, has two plane faces at an angle 33 to each other. A ray of light enters the glass from one side perpendicular to that face and emerges through the other. Part A: As the ray enters the glass, what is its

    asked by Barry
  139. English

    requirements name the root morpheme:quire # of bound morphemes: 3 list derivational morphemes: re, ment list inflectional morphemes: s Is this correct?

    asked by Matt
  140. trig

    In a computer simulation, a satellite orbits around Earth at a distance from the Earth's surface of 2.1 X 104 miles. The orbit is circular, and one revolution around Earth takes 10.5 days. Assuming the radius of the Earth is 3960 miles, find the linear

    asked by John
  141. Physics

    Laser light with a wavelength = 665 illuminates a pair of slits at normal incidence. What slit separation will produce first-order maxima (i.e. m=1) at angles of 8 from the incident (or straight through) direction? Remember, 1 nm = m. Express your answer

    asked by Barry
  142. Chemistry

    I'm having a problem with a simple conversion question! "What is the molarity of 30.0 g of NH3 in 70.0 g of water? The desnity of the solution is 0.982 g/mL, and the molecular weight of ammonia is 17.0 g/mol" 1.76 mol NH3 Vsolution = mass/density V=

    asked by Katherine
  143. Math

    x(x+4)^(2/3) a). Find the second derivative b). Find any points of Inflection c). Determine the intervals of Concavity

    asked by Sam
  144. world history

    For the period 1500-1830, compare Nirth American racial ideologies and their effects on society with Latin American/Caribbean racial ideologies and their effects on society Help to make an outline

    asked by Kole
  145. math

    if a boy is 4 years less than twice his sisters age and the sum of the age is 11 how old is he

    asked by were here