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March 9, 2012

  1. Chemistry

    Using the following data calculate Delta Sfus and Delta Svap for K in J/mol-k Tm(K) = 336, Delta H Fus(kJ/mol) = 2.33, Tb (K) = 1033, Delta H vap (kJ/mol) = 77.1 For Delta S fus i'm supposed to use 336 K the Tm value and for Delta S vap i'm supposed to use

    asked by Katherine
  2. Chemistry

    For the reaction described by the chemical equation: 3C2H2(g) -> C6H6(l) .. Delta H rxn = -633.1 kJ/mol a) Calculate the value of Delta S rxn at 25.0 C... b) Calculate Delta G rxn... c) In which direction is the reaction, as written, spontaneous at 25 C

    asked by Katherine
  3. chemistry

    Phosphorus pentachloride decomposes according to the chemical equation PCl5(g) -----> PCl3 (g)+ Cl2(g) Kc= 1.80 at 250 degrees C A 0.463 mol sample of PCl5(g) is injected into an empty 4.80 L reaction vessel held at 250 °C. Calculate the concentrations of

    asked by Sarah
  4. physics

    20.) A piano has been pushed to the top of the ramp at the back of a moving van. The workers think it is safe, but as they walk away, it begins to roll down the ramp. If the back of the truck is 1.5 above the ground and the ramp is inclined at 29, how much

    asked by Anonymous
  5. english 11

    1. In persuasive writing, it is important to (1 point)anticipate and address counterarguments. clearly state your position. provide facts and examples to back up your position. practice all of the above. 2. “Redskin” was originally a term for (1

    asked by jason
  6. Chemistry

    A base has a Kb of 2.5 x 10–11. Which of the following statements is true? This is a concentrated base. This base ionizes slightly in aqueous solution. This is a strong base. An aqueous solution of this base would be acidic.

    asked by Rachel
  7. chemistry this is confusing to me please help

    1. List at least three things that your body strives to keep constant. Think about what aspects of your body overall, of one body organ, or of your blood stay nearly unchanged all the time. 2. Describe one way in which each of the items you listed in Part

    asked by princess
  8. physics

    Starting from rest at the top, a child slides down the water slide at a swimming pool and enters the water at a final speed of 4.00 m/s. At what final speed would the child enter the water if the water slide were twice as high? Ignore friction and

    asked by cody
  9. physics

    At a low point in its swing, a pendulum bob with a mass of 0.2kg has a velocity of 4m/s. Ignoring air resistance, how high will the bob swing above the low point before reversing direction? Please explain and show work.

    asked by Mary
  10. AP chem

    An apparatus consists of a 4 L flask containing nitrogen gas at 32C and 885 kPa, joined by a valve to a 8 L flask containing argon gas at 32 C and 47.5 kPa. The valve is opened and the gases mix. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen after mixing?

    asked by Sarah
  11. physics

    Spider silk is a remarkable elastic material. A particular strand has spring constant 70 mM/m, and it stretches 9.5 cm when a fly hits it. How much work did the fly's impact do on the silk strand?

    asked by Eliana

    Equilibrium Equation with Partial Pressures PCl3(g) +Cl2(g) PCl5(g)? An equilibrium mixture of PCl5(g), PCl3(g), and Cl2(g) has partial pressures of 217.0 Torr, 13.2 Torr, and 13.2 Torr, respectively. A quantity of Cl2(g) is injected into the mixture, and

    asked by Kylie
  13. calculus

    2. Let R be the region of the first quadrant bounded by the x-axis and the cuve y=2X-X^2 a. Find the volume produced when R is revolved around the x-axis b. Find the volume produced when R is revolved around the y-axis

    asked by Taeyeon
  14. math

    sheila spent one-sixth of her money in one store. in the next store, she spent three times as she spent in first store, and had 80.00 left. how much money did she have at the start?

    asked by rhea
  15. Chemistry

    Delta H is 20.1 kJ/mol and Delta S is 45.9 J/(mol-k). Assuming these values change very little with temperature, over what temperature range is the reaction spontaneous in the forward direction? Is the reaction spontaneous for temperatures less than or

    asked by Katherine
  16. Chemistry...please help

    A galvanic cell is based on the following half-reactions: Fe2+ + 2e- --> Fe(s) E= –0.440 V 2H+ + 2e- --> H2(g) E= 0.000 V where the iron compartment contains an iron electrode and [Fe2+] = 1.00 x 10-3 M and the hydrogen compartment contains a platinum

    asked by Kaili
  17. earth

    A golfer tees off and hits a golf ball at a speed of 31 m/s and at an angle of 35 degrees. What is the vertical velocity component of the ball? Round the answer to the nearest tenth of a m/s.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. calculus

    Estimate the volume of the solid that lies below the surface z = xy and above the following rectangle. R = (x, y)|8 ≤ x ≤ 14, 4 ≤ y ≤ 8 Use a Riemann sum with m = 3, n = 2, and take the sample point to be the upper right corner of each square. (b)

    asked by john
  19. Chemistry

    what is the chemical equation of copper II oxide and carbon monoxide (include phases)?

    asked by Steven
  20. Chemistry

    3.0 moles each of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon are placed in a 2.0 liter vessel and allowed to come to equilibrium according to the equation: CO(g)+H2(g)-->C(s)+H20(g) if the equilibrium constant at the temperature of the experiment is 4.0, what

    asked by Kelly Hills
  21. chemistry

    A swimming-pool worker wants the pool's pH to be 7.2. She comes by to test the water and finds that the pH is 9.2. What should she do to correct this situation?

    asked by princess
  22. Chemistry

    2NaOH+2Al+2H2O --> 2NaAlO2+3H2 here is the reaction. If i am trying to find the mass of hydrogen produced and i am trying to convert .95 moles Al to moles H, which number from the reaction do I use for H when converting from moles to moles? Do I 6 because

    asked by Erica
  23. business math

    Manually calculate the compound interest on an investment of $8500 at 6% interest, compounded semiannually, for 18 mo.

    asked by sandra
  24. Chemistry

    At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.832 H2S (g) H2 (g) + S (g) Initially, only H2S is present at a pressue of 0.121 atm in a closed container. what is the total pressure in the container at equilibrium? Please tell me how to

    asked by Jerry
  25. statistics

    A biologist estimates that 80% of the deer in a region carry a certain type of tick. For a sample of 300 deer selected at random what is the chance that 246 or fewer deer have this tick?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. physics

    a sports car traveling at 27.8 m/s slows at a constant rate to a stop in 8.00 s. What is the displacement of the sports car in this time interval

    asked by red
  27. u.s.history

    how successful was Harding in fulfilling his campaign pledge pf returning the country to normalcy?

    asked by esmeralda
  28. chemistry

    How many grams of ethanol must be added to 500.0 g of water to make a solution that freezes at 0.00 degrees fahrenheit? The molal freezing point depression constant for water is 1.86 degree celsius over moles.

    asked by Renee
  29. GPH111

    On a map with a scale of 1:50,000, a measured distance of 7.5 centimeters represents an actual distance of :_____ kilometers Do I just times this to get 375,000 kilometers?

    asked by Jazmyne
  30. math

    Which type of graph is best suited for displaying the number of hours spent studying by students in different age ranges?

    asked by kelvin
  31. 3 grade english ms sue


    asked by dw
  32. Chemistry

    AgNO3+FeCl3 --> AgCl+Fe(NO3)3 In an experiment, it was planned to mix a solution containing 25 g of AgNO3 with another solution containing 45 g of FeCl3. a) What is the maximum number of moles of AgCl that could be obtained? I already found the limiting

    asked by Jamie
  33. help check my answer please catring

    Homework Help: Catering(Gourmet Essentials) 1. In the dining room brigade system, the positions of maitre d’hôtel and/or captain may be combined under the title of A. communard. C. chef de salle. B. boulanger. D. sommelier. 2. Rachel and Mark are

    asked by shanon
  34. geography

    which region of the southern grasslands possesses rich deposits of oil and bauxite?

    asked by brittany
  35. eng lit

    please proof read my short story please and make some correction Love-Hate story “Happy birthday Khushi”, her family said as they came to her room at midnight. “Thank you, Mom, Dad and my lovely sister”, Khushi said with a huge smile. Khushi laid

    asked by annie
  36. phsyics

    A 75.0 g bullet is fired at a muzzle velocity of 476 m/s from a gun with a mass 4.75 kg and a barrel length of 60 cm How long is the bullet in the barrel?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. american Gov.

    What distinction does the mayor-council system of city government hold? . . where can I found this?? Thanks

    asked by kelr
  38. science

    How would changes in blood flow o specific organs help someone resist dehydration? Consider how reduction of function in particular organ systems might help conserve water

    asked by lisa
  39. Physics

    A certain p-channel JFET has a VGS(off) = +6V. What is ID when VGS = +8V?

    asked by Ed
  40. Chemistry(Please help explain)

    The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of potassium iodide is believed to occur by the following mechanism: step 1 slow: H2O2 + I^- = H2O + OI^- step 2 fast: H2O2 + OI^- = H2O + O2 + I^- 1) What is the equation for the overall reaction? Use

    asked by Hannah
  41. statistics

    In a population of exam scores,a score of X= 48 corresponds to z= 1 and a score of X= 36 corresponds to z= -.50. Find the mean and standard deviation for the population?

    asked by Amy
  42. Algebra

    A reduced fat cookie contains 12g of fat per serving. In order for food to be termed reduced fat it must have at least 20% less fat than the regular item. What can you conclude about how much fat is in a serving of the regular cookie?

    asked by Sharon
  43. calculus

    1. Let R be the region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graphs of y=4-X , y=3x , and the y-axis. a. Find the area of region R. b. Find the volume of the solid formed by revolving the region R about the x-axis.

    asked by Taeyeon
  44. Geometry

    The ramp on the back of a mvoing van is 3 feet high and rises at an angle of 25 degrees. How high is the ramp? Round to the nearest foot.

    asked by hope
  45. us history

    how might the overall atmosphere of the 1920's have contributed to the failure of prohibition?

    asked by esmeralda
  46. physics

    a weightlifter lifts a set of weights a vertical distance of 2.36. if a constant net force of 335 N is exerted on the weights how much net work is done on the weights?

    asked by Nikki
  47. physics

    A spring is stretched 5 × 10−2 m by a force of 5 × 10−4 N. A mass of 0.01 kg is placed on the lower end of the spring. After equilibrium has been reached, the upper end of the spring is moved up and down so that the external force acting on the mass

    asked by swapnali
  48. physics

    true or false a small plastic ball has an excess negative charge on it. if a magnet is placed close to this ball, it will either attract or repel the ball, depending upon which pole is closer to the ball.

    asked by fatih
  49. organic chemistry

    a lower yield of phosphonium salt is obtained in refluxing benzene than in xylene.

    asked by vian
  50. Music

    Classical music is centered on this aesthetic a. balance and symmetry b. violent emotions c.self expression d. a driving bass line

    asked by kady
  51. 6th Grade Christian History

    To the Romans, what was appealing about Christianity? What did they like about the teachings? Why were the Christians persecuted by the Romans?

    asked by ☻i♥zee☻
  52. statistics

    A score that is 6 points below the mean corresponds to a z-score of z= - .50, what is the population standard deviation?

    asked by Amy
  53. 6th Grade Christian History

    When Jesus cam as a stranger what did the blessed ones do? My answer: They invited him inside. They fed him if was hungry, gave him water if he was thirsty. They took care of him and made him feel as he belonged. Even though they didn't know it was jesus.

    asked by
  54. Chemistry

    A 14.0-g sample of ice at -18.0°C is mixed with 122.0 g of water at 87.0°C. Calculate the final temperature of the mixture assuming no heat loss to the surroundings. The heat capacities of H2O(s) and H2O(l) are 2.08 and 4.18 J/g · °C, respectively, and

    asked by Janesa
  55. physics

    What is the maximum speed (in meters/second) with which a 1300 kg car can round a turn of radius 700 m on a flat road, if the coefficent of friction between tires and road is 0.530 ?

    asked by cole
  56. principles of physics

    Calculate the force of gravity between a newborn baby (mass = 2.6 kg) and the planet Mars (mass = 6.4 * 10^23kg) when Mars is at its closest to Earth (distance = 5.6 * 10^10m).

    asked by Kristie
  57. math

    the water in leroy's and jerod's fish tank has evaporated so it was about 5/8 inch below the leverit should be.they added water and the water level went up about 3/4 inch.did the water level end up above or below where it should be? answer

    asked by barb
  58. principles of physics

    Calculate the force of gravity between Earth and the Sun (the Sun's mass = 2.0×10^30 kg; average Earth-Sun distance = 1.5×10^11 m).

    asked by Kristie
  59. math

    the area of a square is 49 square inches. find the number of inches in the length of a diaganol. express your answer in simplest radical form.

    asked by pedro
  60. 5th grade reading

    Dear reader, I need help with my reading homework and when you can, can you help me with it? Thanks for reading. From yours truly, Portia1214 Tell what you think she/he should do. Tashas' mom wants her to clean her room, but Tasha would rather wating her

    asked by Portia
  61. 1st grade

    I am helping my little sister. SHe is in the first grade and learning about Abraham Lincoln. Her questions are- 1. What year was Abe president. What year did he die. 2. How old was he when he died? 3. When did he marry ____. Who did he marry. 4. Who made

    asked by
  62. physics

    For a damped harmonic oscillation, the equation of motion is 0, 2 2 + g + kx = dt dx dt d x m with m = 0.25 kg, g = 0.07 kgs−1 and k = 85 Nm−1. Calculate (i) the period of motion, (ii) number of oscillations in which its amplitude will become half of

    asked by swapnali
  63. MsSue

    you helped me last week on finding a persuasive topic for on issues of Kalamazoo. I chose Water Conservation.. Do you know any handy news articles that would be of help that are 2009 and greater? Thanks In Advance

    asked by help
  64. geometry

    Construct a triangle XYZ where YZ=4cm,ZX=4cm,YX=5cm and triangle XYZ=60°

    asked by shraddha
  65. Chemistry

    A sealed cylinder of gas contains nitrogen gas at 1.00 10e3 kPa pressure and a temperature of 25°C. The cylinder is left in the sun, and the temperature of the gas increases to 60.°C. What is the new pressure in the cylinder?

    asked by Dontae
  66. algebra

    write an algebraic expression for y decreased by 14?

    asked by Anonymous

    Which of the following sentences uses apostrophes correctly?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Geometry/trig

    A ladder, 17 feet long, leans against a wall at a 49 degree angle to the ground. How far up the wall does the ladder reach?

    asked by Leana

    I'm doing a poster in science and its about radon. Radon is a radioactive gas and it causes lung cancer, but i don't know what to do for the poster and it's due March 16,2012 but i have to turn it in by tomorrow so that the poster can get to the science

    asked by Portia
  70. Pseudocode with sequential, selection and arrays

    Analyze, design, and document a simple program that utilizes a good design process and incorporates sequential, selection and repetitive programming statements as well as at least one function call and the use of at least one array. Each of these items

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Physics

    A JFET has a specified pinch-off voltage of -5V. When VGS = 0, what is VDS at the point where ID becomes constant?

    asked by Josie
  72. Alg 2 trig

    Write a sine equation for period= pie, amplitude=1/2, vertical shift up 1 and phase shift left pie/4. How would the equation be written?

    asked by Nicole
  73. math

    Solve for X 0.0421=0.0015-x/0.025+1/2x PLEASE HELP!!!

    asked by Summer
  74. Math Help Please

    Can you Please explain the answer that I received of 2469? It is the correct answer but I do not understand how to show the work. Thank you *************************************** Using the 9 digits, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 and 9 you can arrange four

    asked by Urgent Please Please
  75. chemistry

    What is the pOH of a solution with [OH-] = 2.0 10-2?

    asked by princess
  76. chem

    how do you tell which reactant is limiting reactant with the following information: mass of cup 55.78g mass o/sodium bicarbonate 1.01g mass o/citric acid 1.52g toal mass 58.31g mass of cup,solute after reaction 59.95g mass o/carbon dioxide .42g

    asked by jo
  77. physics!

    A particle moves from the origin to the point x = 3.0 m, y = 15 m along the curve y =ax^2 - bx, where a = 3.0 m^{-1} and b = 4.0. It is subject to a force vector F = cxyi +dj, where c = 10 N/m^2 and d = 18 N. Calculate the work done by the force.

    asked by Eliana
  78. 6th Grade Christian History

    after a rebellion in 132 AD, the Romans____________, a) were defeated by the Jews b) banned the Jews from returning to Jerusalem c) imprisoned the Jews and made them all slaves d) crucified Jesus and threatened his followers my answer: b, am I correct

    asked by
  79. physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising upward with a constant speed of 2.50 m/s. When the balloon is 3.00 m above the ground, the balloonist accidentally drops a compass over the side of the balloon. How much time elapses before the compass hits the ground?

    asked by rachel
  80. chemistry- Energy in Matter

    Question 1: Kinetic Theory (7 points) a. Briefly state what the kinetic theory says. (2 points) b. Put the following molecules in order from least kinetic energy to greatest. (2 points) Cool water _____ Frozen water _____ Warm water _____ Water vapor _____

    asked by princess
  81. Physics

    Light of wavelength 550 nm in vacuum passes through a piece of crown glass of refractive index of 1.52. Find the velocity and frequency of light in crown glass.

    asked by Akash
  82. biology

    humans have a double circulation system. there is a low pressure circulation and a high pressure circulation. (a) explain how the structure of the heart enables it to pump blood into two circulations at different pressures

    asked by pooja
  83. Physics

    How do i determine the rise in temperature when the passage of steam is continued until a further 15g of steam has condensed and the mixture is in thermal equilibrium when dry saturated steam at 100 degrees C is passed into 25g of a mixture of ice and

    asked by Kingsley
  84. Geometry

    A man is sitting by a pool. He looks up at an angle of elevation of 18 degrees at a bird in a nest at the top of a tall tree. Since the man is 200 feet from the bird's tree. How tall is the tree?

    asked by hope

    E cell= E naught cell- (0.02570 V/n) lnQ where Q=1/([H+]^4[SO42-]) calculate E cell at 25 c if [H2SO4]=10.0M help?

    asked by Nia ! Dr.Bob!! please help me!!
  86. principles of physics

    my last one!! Calculate the force of gravity between a newborn baby of mass 2.9 kg and the obstetrician of mass 100 kg, who is 0.58 m from the baby.

    asked by Kristie
  87. biology

    The heart lung machine is used so that surgeons can oprate on the arteries supplying heart muscle.the arteries may be diseased. (a) Name these arteries and explain how they may become diseased (b) suggest why a patient is put on a heart lung machine during

    asked by pooja
  88. geometry

    h = 16, k = 4, a = 4.) k = 3, a = 9, h = __________ 5.) a = , h = 5, k = ___________ 6.) h = 4, k = 1, n = ___________ 7.) h = 9, k = 6, m = ___________ 8.) n = , h = 5, p = ____________, k = __________

    asked by help
  89. physics

    Physics Gravitation help...? hello People i need some help with my physics revision sheet. i cant seem to get my head round it. if anyone could help by telling me how to work it out to get the right answer i would be grateful... answers would also be

    asked by basher
  90. Fluids

    A pipe of constant diameter d = 10.5 cm carries water up a hill h = 38.1 m high. How much pressure is required at the bottom of the hill if the water is to reach the top? Any help would be great

    asked by Sasha
  91. trig

    Find all angles in degrees that satisfy the equationtan∝ +√3=0

    asked by Anonymous
  92. college math

    boat travels 160 miles downstream in the same time that it takes to go 96 upstream. the pead of the stream is 6 mph. what is the speed of still water

    asked by victor
  93. Geometry

    A tool maker is working on a shed roof. He looks down at a 42 degree angle of depression at the shadow of the shed. If his shed is 24 fett tall, how long is the shadow?

    asked by hope
  94. chem

    At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.832 H2S (g) H2 (g) + S (g) Initially, only H2S is present at a pressue of 0.121 atm in a closed container. what is the total pressure in the container at equilibrium?

    asked by Ken
  95. Math

    2x^3+3x^2-120x to find the critical numbers I took the derivative which is 6x^2+6x-120 so divide by 6 to simplify x^2+x-20=0 so the critical numbers will be (4,0) and (-5,0) but its wrong I don't know y?

    asked by Angelina
  96. Geometry

    Name DAE a different way

    asked by Sheliah
  97. us history

    do you think the passage of the volstead act and the verdicts of the scopes trial are in line with traditional american values?

    asked by esmeralda
  98. AP US History

    i have to create a DBQ on the 1930's and the great depression in the united states. does anybody have any ideas on what kind of question i should come up with or ideas to help me get started?

    asked by mariah
  99. physics

    What is the difference between gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy?

    asked by THEBOSS
  100. chemistry

    1. Heat can initiate reaction as well as be a product of chemical reactions. Cite the specific sample from the experiment that show heat acting in the manner. 2. Aluminum chloride was a product in step 6. How could you instruct your lab partner to recover

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Chemistry

    At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.832 H2S (g) H2 (g) + S (g) Initially, only H2S is present at a pressue of 0.121 atm in a closed container. what is the total pressure in the container at equilibrium? Please tell me how to

    asked by Kylie
  102. C++

    Write a MAIN function and a FUNCTION to compute the sum of the below series. ((-1)^(n+1)*n!)/(n*n) (from n=1 to infinity) Within the MAIN function: . Read a variable EPSILON of type DOUBLE (desired accuracy) from the standard input. EPSILON is an extremely

    asked by maria PLEASE HELP
  103. Business Law

    As company ombudsman, your task is to investigate complaints of wrongdoing on the part of corporate directors and officers, decide whether there is a violation of the law, and deal with the wrongdoers accordingly, Jane, a shareholder of Goodly Corporation,

    asked by Kim
  104. physics

    How far does a point on the circumference travel if the wheel is rotated through an angle of 26.2 rev?

    asked by Jackie
  105. geometry

    what is the circumference of the circle to the nearest tenth d=1/2

    asked by katelyn
  106. C++

    Write a MAIN function and a FUNCTION to compute the sum of the below series. ((-1)^(n+1)*n!)/(n*n) (from n=1 to infinity) Within the MAIN function: . Read a variable EPSILON of type DOUBLE (desired accuracy) from the standard input. EPSILON is an extremely

    asked by maria PLEASE HELP
  107. English-Poetry

    What does riprap symbolize in Gary Snyder’s poem, “Riprap”? A.the barriers of friendship B.the needless walls we build around ourselves C.the journey and the workmanship of the trail of life D.the things we bother ourselves with in life I think the

    asked by Jess
  108. Business Law

    As company ombudsman, your task is to investigate complaints of wrongdoing on the part of corporate directors and officers, decide whether there is a violation of the law, and deal with the wrongdoers accordingly, Jane, a shareholder of Goodly Corporation,

    asked by Kim
  109. Math

    Simplify the following expression. 8 - 4[(5 + 2)2 - (23 + 4)]

    asked by Krystal
  110. algebra

    total revenue is the total amount of money taken in by a business an appliance firm determines that when it sells x washing machines the total revenue, R in dollars is given by the polynomial R= 140.86x-0.2x^2 what is the total revenue from the sale of 266

    asked by kay
  111. math

    Solve for X 0.0421=0.0015-x/0.025+1/2 i'm lost

    asked by ana
  112. GPH111

    The temperature controls to two locations on Earth. Discuss how the 5 factors influencing temperature patterns effect St. Louis, Missouri (38°39' N, 90°W; elevation 535 ft) and Singapore (1°24'N, 103°55'E; elevation 16ft). How does the latitude affect

    asked by Jazmyne
  113. English

    Writeacher, I need your help to develop a few ideas. Thank you very much. 1) It would be really important if in the future a science teacher from your school could embark in a Comenius project (I don't know how to express it), which will enable him, on the

    asked by Henry
  114. Trig

    If CSC X = 4 in the quadrant 1, what is COS X?

    asked by April
  115. physics

    Chitra has a mass of 70 kg. She is jogging at a velocity of 7 m/s. What is her momentum?

    asked by brent
  116. precalc!!!!!

    find the point on the line y=2x-1 which is closest to the point (2,-1). I used distAnce formula and got D= (square root 5x^2 -4x +4) I did.... D=square root (2-x)^2 + (-1-(2x-1))^2 What do I do now?

    asked by L.Bianchessi
  117. biology

    Why is a denaturing solution used in the Southern blotting technique?

    asked by D
  118. calculus

    find max, min and saddle points of the give function f(x,y)=sin(x)+sin(y)+sin(x+y) 0

    asked by Help Please
  119. english

    he learned to play in a quart a musical group for four instruments ithink its an abslout phrase

    asked by sally
  120. biology

    The heart lung machine is used so that surgeons can operate on the arteries supplying heart muscle. These arteries may be diseased. (a) Name these arteries and explain how they may become diseased. (b) suggest why a patient is put on a heart lung machine

    asked by pooja
  121. english

    i'm having a hard time paraphrasing this passage in MLA style and also using it as a direct quote in APA please help!! The United States faces two major CT challenges in the Arabian Peninsula—the direct threat posed by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula

    asked by salma
  122. physics

    for circuits with either an inductor or capacitor, the current gets out of phase with the voltage. for these circuits how are the frequencies of the current and voltage related?

    asked by fatih
  123. physics

    often it is highly desirable to minimize the impedance in a circuit. if the circuit contains a resistor, a capacitor, and an inductor, where the resistor and capacitor must be R and C respectively, and the inductor may have any value, what is the minimum

    asked by fatih
  124. chemistry(thermodynamics)

    questions related to thermodynamics

    asked by werksow
  125. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 10cm greater than the width. The area is 551cm^2. Find the length and width

    asked by Heidi
  126. Algebra

    y=x^2-3x-10, Find the y-intercept and any x-intercept

    asked by May
  127. 6th Grade Christian History

    is anybody a christian on here? if so what are some of the things christians do that are different than other religions. I'd appreciate it. ☺♦☻

    asked by ☻i♥zee☻
  128. literature

    Which of the following elements is specifically necessary for a mystery story? A) clues B) a villain C) far-away setting D) historical background my answer is b, am i correct?

    asked by
  129. reading

    Has anybody read the short story "The Trailer Murder Story"? If so, what year did it take place?

    asked by
  130. exam for early childhood education

    a child who has to struggle to climb into a chair is confronting a/an ____________ hazard

    asked by princess pum-punt
  131. exam for early childhood education

    which type diapers meet the American Health Association's standards?

    asked by princess pum-punt


    asked by FELICIA
  133. Biology

    H+Hb --> HHb HHb --> H+Hb which process is internal respiration and which process is external respiration???

    asked by Saphire
  134. Chemistry

    1/[N2O] = 1/(1.75M) + (1.10E-3M^-1 S^-1)(1852s) [N2O] = 0.383 M I know I posted a similar question but I am having trouble with this one as well. Should I do 1/1.75 first and then add 1.10e-3 and then multiply by 1852? Math(Thank you for your help) - john,

    asked by Hannah
  135. English

    I've varied a few things. Can you check if everything is OK? Thank you. 1)If you want, I can ask my students to use both English and Italian for their messages so that your students can get enough practice of our language, too. They will be delighted to

    asked by Henry
  136. Astronomy

    The maximum wavelength of emission from Neptune's cloud tops is 6.0 x 10-5m. Using this value, determine the temperature of Neptune's outer atmosphere.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  137. world history

    In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the Song Dynasty had all of the following characteristics except A. equal status for men and women. B. an environment favorable to the arts. C. increasing food production. D. a booming economy.

    asked by Anonymous
  138. chemistry

    1. Heat can initiate reaction as well as be a product of chemical reactions. Cite the specific sample from the experiment that show heat acting in the manner we are experimenting a copper II nitrate, sodium hydroxide and HCL for recyling a copper

    asked by jhong
  139. physics

    A graphite rod is 1.0 m long, with a 1.0 cm by 0.5 cm rectangular cross sectional area. What is the electrical resistance between its long ends? What must be the diameter of a circular 2.0 m long copper rod if its resistance is to be the same?

    asked by pakilina
  140. 6th Grade Christian History

    What is the difference between the old and new testament of the Holy Bible?

    asked by ☻i♥zee☻
  141. science

    my teacher gave us this question and im lost. Anthropologists have found an old campsite in a remote location. After calculating the carbon-14 in the wood, they determine that there is 1/8 of the original material left. How many half-lives of carbon-14

    asked by marry
  142. exam for early childhood education

    at what age does exercise begin to result in strength in boys and girls?

    asked by princess pum-punt
  143. chemitry

    I have a list of chemicals, how do i know if they are alkanes and alcohols

    asked by joe
  144. physics

    A satellite is in circular orbit above the Earth at an altitude of 2000 km. What is the orbital speed of the satellite? what is the equation i need to use

    asked by jess
  145. Chemistry(Urgent, please answer)

    If you are given the slope and y intercept how do you find the rate constant of a chemical equation??? Would I multiply the slope and the y intercept???

    asked by Hannah
  146. english

    what are some contractions of hawaii

    asked by sally
  147. physic

    for an RLC ciruit, how are phase sifts other than plus or minus pi/2 possible?

    asked by fatih
  148. Social studies

    Which century did the industrial revolution start?

    asked by Shaun
  149. physics

    The charged plates of a parallel plate capacitor each have a charge density of sigma C/m^2. Using Gauss's law, compute the electric field between the plates.

    asked by pakilina
  150. Physics

    Using volume of a sphere, calculate the average density of Saturn (radius = 60,268 km).

    asked by Lalane
  151. Physics

    A bus started out going 20 miles per hour on the highway. One hour later it drove 40 miles per hour on the freeway. How long did it take to go 140 miles? IS THE CORRECT ANSWER 3.5MILES PER HR??????????

    asked by Anonymous
  152. MaTH!!!

    Let P(x,y) be a point on the curve y=16-x^2 and let A be the point directly below P on the x axis. If O is the origin, find the area and the perimeter of triangle OAP as functions of x. I got Area=x(8-1/2x^2). Is that right? And perimeter= x+16-x^2+

    asked by L.Bianchessi
  153. Chemistry(Thank you for your help!)

    The following info was obtained: [HI], M 0.535 0.268 0.134 6.70E-2 seconds 0 520 781 911 What is the average rate of disappearance of HI from t = 0 s to t = 520 s The answer is 5.13E-4 M s-1 but I do not understand how to get this!!!Could someone please

    asked by Hannah
  154. Physics


    asked by Anonymous
  155. Math

    Write 10 1/8% as a reduced fraction

    asked by Sheliah
  156. science

    What are some good discussion questions to ask my class about pulmonary embolism?

    asked by Rebecca
  157. English

    The delivery will have arrived by next Sunday. is this an example of future perfect tense or an example of passive voice? or both?

    asked by Ctonne
  158. Science

    Effects on drought, flood and/or bushfire on the Red Wattle bird.

    asked by Anthony
  159. 6th Grade Christian History

    Who made Christianity the official religion of Rome?

    asked by
  160. English

    Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Is the preposition "in" OK in the sentence "they had a conversation in which they agreed ..."? 2)Is it possible to say "they met tete-a-tete"? If yes, which order is OK "they met in London tete-a-tete" or "they

    asked by Ilma
  161. English

    I urgently need you to check this message I need to include in an email. Thank you, Writeacher. 1) Our students have started receiving post from their new Irish partners. It would be nice if you could send me a list of the students participating in the

    asked by Henry
  162. geometry

    what is the ratio of 3ft 9in?

    asked by rob
  163. Science

    Drought, flood and/or bushfire effects on the Red Wattle bird.

    asked by Jackson
  164. Important Operations

    18r4s5+6/-32s+3=? A)6r2s5+3 B)-6r2s5+3 C)6r2s4+3 D)-6r2s4+3

    asked by Robin
  165. English

    Writeacher, I really need your help to check some mistakes in the word choice: 1) He lives alone because his wedding is broken. 2) It is impossible to switch off the telescreen fully (better completely) 3)The Thoughtpolice observe people 24 hours a day. 4)

    asked by Henry
  166. English

    I left out these other statements.Thank you very much. 1) n 1936 Orwell took part in the Spanish Civil War (Better: he reported about the Spanish Civil War) 2) He resigned the BBC in... Eton had a hard discipline, according to which teachers used to

    asked by Henry
  167. essay

    I have to write a 5 page essay over a television show. DO you know any interesting shows. I can write it over the whole season. It is due in 2 1/2 weeks. Thanks. ANy shows are allowed. Any rating is allowed (Mrs. Cherry (english teacher) said i could do

    asked by ☻i♥zee☻
  168. physics help please

    How many grams of water at 20.0C are necessary to change 800.0g of water at 90.0C to 50.0C

    asked by ******tasha******
  169. Networking

    I wanted to know if the MAC address is needed to be changed and does the ip address need to change if I move my computer from my home and into my office at work which are not on the same network?

    asked by James
  170. Math

    Use the principle of square roots, (x-2)^2=25

    asked by Ann
  171. algebra

    First person 3/8% of sun money and second person 3/8%=first person -sum money. And first person -second person=36 so find sum monex?

    asked by Vishal
  172. math

    The breaking strength (in pounds) of a certain new synthetic is normally distributed, with a mean of 165 and a variance of 4. The material is considered defective if the breaking strength is less than 161 pounds. What is the probability that a single,

    asked by Anonymous
  173. Physics

    How far (path length) does a point on the circumference travel if the wheel is rotated through an angle of 26.2°?

    asked by Jackie
  174. physics

    captain iplanet measures the magnetic forces on a proton which is vertically falling at 1996 m/s at the equator (take the earth's field to be .4 Gauss horizontal and pointing northward). what force would she measure? Give both force and direction.

    asked by fatih
  175. math

    33 1/3+p=100%

    asked by barb
  176. Math(Thank you for your help)

    1/[N2O] = 1/(1.75M) + (1.10E-3M^-1 S^-1)(1852s) [N2O] = 0.383 M I know I posted a similar question but I am having trouble with this one as well. Should I do 1/1.75 first and then add 1.10e-3 and then multiply by 1852?

    asked by Hannah
  177. literature

    what are qualities of a mystery story? My Answer: Mystery stories usually have detectives and clues. There are usually murders or stolen items, kidnaps and things as such. How is this for an answer?

    asked by
  178. Science

    Effects on drought, flood and/or bushfire on the Red Wattle bird AND Kangaroo paw

    asked by Jackson
  179. Math

    45 ft^2 = _____ yd^2

    asked by Sheliah
  180. physics

    An object with mass of 7kg was thrown down with initial velocity 10m/s and reached the ground in 10s. What was the the initial height

    asked by ******tasha******
  181. english 11

    what are connotations of hawaii

    asked by kailly
  182. vocab

    wat is/who is apostle

    asked by ☻i♥zee☻
  183. math

    x^1/2+y=11 and x+y^1/2=7 find the value of x and y?

    asked by munna prasad
  184. math problem

    having problem with this please help ∛3x+5+7=3

    asked by Lavern
  185. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  186. math

    Hi sir, can anyone help me understand the formula, logic behind the relationship of given numbers i.e 9454 = 3938 9845 = 1936 8143 = 1356 3399 = 2284 what i want to say is, how can i get(derive) 1936 from 9845 or 2284 from 3399, how can it be done. there

    asked by Fayaz
  187. Math

    -4/11 + 5/11

    asked by Sheliah
  188. health

    list 3 documents that protect the legal rights of individuals at health care

    asked by sarah
  189. Math(Please, please help)

    1/[N2O] = 1/(1.75M) + (1.10E-3M^-1 S^-1)(1852s) [N2O] = 0.383 M I know I posted a similar question but I am having trouble with this one as well. Should I do 1/1.75 first and then add 1.10e-3 and then multiply by 1852?

    asked by Hannah
  190. Math

    Solve by completing the square, 8x^2+4x-4=0

    asked by Marie
  191. Math

    solve -9/x-2 - x = 8

    asked by Cathy
  192. math

    area of triangle with base of 1 3/4 and height of 4/5

    asked by scott
  193. Math

    d+8 / 3+14=0

    asked by tee
  194. math


    asked by tim