Questions Asked on
February 7, 2012

  1. chemistry

    A scientist wants to make a solution of tribasic sodium phosphate,Na3PO4 , for a laboratory experiment. How many grams of Na3PO4 will be needed to produce 550 ml of a solution that has a concentration of Na+ ions of 1.40M ?

    asked by ASh
  2. Chemisty

    When the following molecular equation is balanced using the smallest possible integer coefficients, the values of these coefficients are: phosphorus (P4) (s) + chlorine (g)----> phosphorus trichloride (l)

    asked by Eliazbeth
  3. Chemistry

    Carbon dioxide gas has a solubility of 0.0972 g/100 g H2O at 40 degrees celsius. Expressed in parts per million, this concentration is closest to... (1)0.972 ppm (2)9.72 ppm (3)97.2 ppm (4)972 ppm

    asked by Bob
  4. Physics

    A man weighing 700 N lifts a 50.0 N object 2.0 m high. He uses a lever and with a force of 10.0 N. What is the resistance force

    asked by Pat
  5. Math

    Math riddle worksheet "did you hear about" 20 boxes Answer ASAP

    asked by Jared
  6. Trigonometry (Math)

    A ladder 42 feet long is place so that it will reach a window 30 feet high (first building) on one side of a street; if it is turned over, its foot being held in position, it will reach a window 2o5 feet high (second building) on the other side of the

    asked by Alianne

    A spherical conductor has a radius of 14.0 cm and charge of 26.0 µC. Calculate the electric field and the electric potential (a) r = 10.0 cm, (b) r = 20.0 cm, and (c) r = 14.0 cm from the center.

    asked by confused
  8. college physic

    Determine a formula for the change in surface area of a uniform solid sphere of radius r if its coefficient of linear expansion is alpha A (assume constant) and its temperature is changed by Delta T.Assume the temperature chan ge is not large, Delta T^2 ~

    asked by noah
  9. Physics

    A ball is tossed from an upper-story window of a building. The ball is given an initial velocity of 8.15 m/s at an angle of 18.5o below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 3.30 s later. How far horizontally from the base of the building does the ball

    asked by Chloe
  10. physics

    A 75 kg skydiver in free fall is subjected to a crosswind exerting a force of 60 N and to a vertical air resistance force of 100 N. Calculate the resultant force acting on the skydiver [6 marks] and his angle of fall (relative to vertical) [6 marks].

    asked by alex
  11. allgebra

    A building is 1ft from an 11ft fence that surrounds the property. A worker wants to wash a awindow in the building 14ft from the ground. he plans to place the ladder over the fence so it rests against the building. He decides he should decides to place the

    asked by Kenna Mask
  12. Physics

    A stuntman sitting on a tree limb wishes to drop vertically onto a horse galloping under the tree. The constant speed of the horse is 10.0 m/s, and the man is initially 2.75 m above the level of the saddle. (a) What must be the horizontal distance between

    asked by Christina
  13. elements of design

    1. Study the following sentence, then select the answer that best describes it. THE COW JUMPS OVER THE MOON! A. Italic serifed type B. Bold roman sans serif type C. Bold italic sans serif type(my answer) D. Bold roman serifed type 2. Which one of the

    asked by Samantha
  14. maths

    Two athletes are pulling on a ring. One athlete pulls with a force of 150 N in a northerly direction. The second athlete pulls with a force of 200 N in a westerly direction. Calculate the magnitude [5 marks] and direction (relative to west) [5 marks] of

    asked by alex
  15. physics

    A spherical conductor has a radius of 14.0 cm and charge of 26.0 µC. Calculate the electric field and the electric potential (a) r = 10.0 cm, (b) r = 20.0 cm, and (c) r = 14.0 cm from the center. how do i calculate k?

    asked by confused
  16. Chemistry

    Determine the partial pressure of oxygen necessary to form an aqueous solution that is 7.7 x 10-4 M O2 at 25oC. The Henry's Law Constant for oxygen in water at 25oC is 1.3 x 10-3 M/atm

    asked by Zoe
  17. math

    Julie is going to the mall. She has 15 coins in her pocket that nadd up to $2.18. She has the same number of pennies as she does dimes. she has 5 more quarters than she has nickels. If she has 3 pennies, how many quarters, dimes and nickles does Julie

    asked by tj
  18. Algebra

    A 10 foot ladder is to be placed against the side of a building. The base of the ladder must be placed at an angle of 72degree with the level ground for a secure footing. Find to the nearest inch, how far of the ladder should be from the side of the

    asked by Zing
  19. Chemistry

    Cyclopropane, C3H6, is converted to its isomer propylene, CH2=CHCH3, when heated. The rate law is first order in cyclopropane, and the rate constant is 6.0 10^-4 /s at 500°C. If the initial concentration of cyclopropane is 0.0238 mol/L, what is the

    asked by Keigan
  20. Finance

    You currently have $7,500 to invest. You can invest the full amount now for a periodof 9 years at which time you want to have $15,000. Approximately what rate ofreturn is needed to accomplish this investment goal?

    asked by lay lay
  21. chemistry

    Consider the reaction below: Cgraphite(s) + F2(g) +1/2O2(g) → CF2O(g) Which of the following is a correct rate expression? 1. rate = −2∆[O2]/∆t 2. rate = −∆[CF2O]/∆t 3. rate =∆[F2]/∆t 4. rate = −∆[Cgraphite]/∆t 5. rate

    asked by bob
  22. Physics

    A rescue plane wants to drop supplies to isolated mountain climbers on a rocky ridge H = 231 m below. If the plane is traveling horizontally with a speed of 227 km/h (63.1 m/s), how far in advance of the recipients (horizontal distance) must the goods be

    asked by Kim
  23. chemistry

    How many grams of mercury are formed from 47.0 of HgO? How many grams of oxygen are formed from 47.0 of HgO? How many grams of HgO would you need to obtain 34.1 of O2?

    asked by ASh
  24. Physics Correction

    You drop a ball from a window on an upper floor of a building and it is caught by a friend on the ground when the ball is moving with speed vf. You now repeat the drop, but you have a friend on the street below throw another ball upward at speed vf exactly

    asked by Haroula
  25. college physic

    Two identical thermometers made of pyrex glass contain,respectively identical volumes of mercury and methyl alcohol.If the expansion of the glass is taken into account,how many times greater is the distance between the degree marks on the methyl alcohol

    asked by noah
  26. algebra

    If a rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 1600 feet per second when will the rocket be 14400 feet high?

    asked by leah
  27. chemistry

    A student mixed 75.0 mL of water containing 0.75 mol HCl at 25�C with 75.0 mL of water containing 0.75 mol of NaOH at 25�C in a foam cup calorimeter. The temperature of the resulting solution increased to 35�C. How much heat in kilojoules was

    asked by Alexis
  28. math


    asked by tj
  29. Finance

    keenan corp. is comparing two different capital structure. plan 1: would result in 7000 shares of stock and $160,000 in debt. plan 2: would result in 5000 shares of stock and $24,000 in debt. the interest rate on the debt is 10 percent. Q: (a)ignoring

    asked by chaterine
  30. Trigonometry

    If A + B + C = 180° prove that Sin2A + sin2B – sin2C = 4cosAcosBsinC

    asked by Kewal
  31. Chemisty

    Calculate the number of milliliters of 0.738 M NaOH required to precipitate all of the Mg2+ ions in 148 mL of 0.541 M MgSO4 solution as Mg(OH)2. The equation for the reaction is: MgSO4(aq) + 2 NaOH(aq) Mg(OH)2(s) + Na2SO4(aq) _____________mL NaOH

    asked by Eliazbeth
  32. Algebra

    The volume in cubic feet of a Cd holder can be expressed as V(x)=-x^3-x^2+6x, the depth is 2-x , factor the polynomial to find linear expression for the height and the width. - Do I just factor the -x^3-x^2+6x? It because I know the volume is LWH, so don't

    asked by Shadow
  33. physics

    Waves on a particular string travel with a speed of 17 m/s. By what factor should the tension in this string be changed to produce waves with a speed of 102 m/s

    asked by Will

    A mixture of H2, S, and H2S is held in a 1.0-L vessel at 90°C and reacts according to the equation H2(g) + S(s) H2S(g). At equilibrium the mixture contains 0.46 g of H2S and 0.40 g H2. (a) Write the equilibrium-constant expression for this reaction (Kc).

    asked by Yelnats
  35. Microbiology

    You have a broth that contains 2.7x10^7 cfu/ml/ How many colonies would you expect to count on a plate if you spread our: a. 1.0ml? b. 0.1ml?

    asked by Ashley
  36. Math

    Mrs. Klein made some tarts. She sold three fifths of them in the morning and one fourth the remainder in the afternoon. If she sold 200 more tarts in the morning than in the afternoon how many tarts did she make?

    asked by Valerie
  37. chemistry

    What mass of oxygen is needed for the complete combustion of 2.50×10−3 of methane?

    asked by ASh
  38. ECON

    The demand curve for haircuts at Terry’s Hair Design is P=20-0.20Q Where Q is the number of cuts per week and P is the price of a haircut. Terry is considering raising her price above the current price of $15.00. Terry is unwilling to raise price if the

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math

    Some of Helen's plants need water every day, some need water every other day, and others need water every third day. If she waters them all today, how many days will it be before she waters them all again?

    asked by Nicki
  40. Chemistry

    1.29g H2 is allowed to react with 10.3g N2 , producing 1.86g NH3. What is the theoretical yield for this reaction under the given conditions? What is the percent yield for this reaction under the given conditions? I have been stucks for days now.

    asked by ASh
  41. rome

    When the plebeians demanded an assembly, what did the Senate do to satisfy their demands and how did it turn out for Rome? Can you please help me?????

    asked by running.from.myself
  42. physics

    How much heat is required in order to change 5 g of ice at -15 degree to steam at 150 degree?

    asked by joan
  43. Physics

    An enemy ship is on the western side of a mountain island. The enemy ship can maneuver to within 2520 m of the 1850 m high mountain peak and can shoot projectiles with an initial speed of 260 m/s. If the eastern shoreline is horizontally 305 m from the

    asked by Jeremy
  44. Calculus

    A block of ice is exposed to heat in such a way that the block maintains a similar shape as it metls. The block of ice is initially 2' wide, 2 'high, and 3' long. If the change in the width of the ice is -1/3 ft/hr, find: the amount of time it will tak

    asked by W
  45. chemistry

    what is the percent of recovery if you begin with 0.421 grams of copper and recover 0.325 grams?

    asked by jill
  46. chemistry

    What mass of water is produced from the complete combustion of 2.50×10−3 of methane?

    asked by ASh
  47. chemistry

    if we combust 4.23 x 10^24 molecules of propane how many grams of carbon dioxide and water you will produce ?

    asked by Summer
  48. chemistry

    If 6.57 g of iron are reacted with an excess of hydrochloric acid, HCI, then hydrogen gas and14.63 g of iron (III) chloride are obtained. calculate the theoretical yeild and percent of yeild of FeCl3.

    asked by haley
  49. Trigonometry

    Expressed in simplest form, (n-1/n)/(1+1/n) is equivalent to... 1.)n-1 2.)n+1 3.)n-1/n+1 4.)n

    asked by Selena
  50. maths

    At the beginning of a race, a yacht crosses the start line and sails in westerly direction at a speed of 4 m s-1. The current of the sea is flowing at 2 m s-1 towards the north-east. Calculate how far [8 marks] and in what direction (relative to west) [8

    asked by alex
  51. fin

    You are able to deposit $850 into a bank CD today and you will only withdraw the money once the balance is $1,000. If the bank pays 5 percent interest, how long will it take you to attain your goal?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics

    Two metal spheres with masses 4.0 g and 6.0 g are tied together with 6.0 cm long massless string and are at rest on a frictionless surface. Each sphere is charged to + 5.0 nC. a. What is the energy in the system? b. What is the tension in the string? c.

    asked by Collin
  53. Physics

    . A rock thrown horizontally at a large bell 57.0 m away is heard to hit the bell 4.10 s later. If the speed of sound is 330 m/s, what was the speed (in meters/second) of the rock? (Disregard gravity.)

    asked by Nicole
  54. General Chemistry

    What is the molality of KBr in a solution made by dissolving 2.21 g of KBr in 897g of water

    asked by Tyra
  55. physics

    A hunter at a distance dx from a coconut tree points the nuzzle of his gun directly at a monkey sitting on the tree at a height dy. The monkey sees the hunters and drops vertically from the tree at the very instant of firing. Will it be hit by the bullet?

    asked by erwin
  56. science

    Danny sails a boat downstream. The wind pushes the boat along at 21 km/hr. The current runs downstream at 15 km/hr. What is the actual velocity of the boat

    asked by linds
  57. CALC 2A

    True or False. If f is continuous at 5 and f(5)=2 and f(4)=3, the the lim x-> 2 f(4x^2-11) = 2 the answer is true, but i do not understand why..because when i plug the numbers in im not getting what it has stated. Please explain thanks:)

    asked by Student (UCI)
  58. Chemistry

    At what tempature will .0100 moles of argon gas have a volume of 275mL at 100 kPa? please this is due tommorrow really need som help

    asked by Noble Hauck
  59. Physics!

    Two metal spheres with masses 4.0 g and 6.0 g are tied together with 6.0 cm long massless string and are at rest on a frictionless surface. Each sphere is charged to + 5.0 nC. a. What is the energy in the system? b. What is the tension in the string? c.

    asked by Collin
  60. desktop publishing: an introduction

    asked by Samantha
  61. Chemisty

    How many GRAMS of sulfur are present in 1.53 moles of sulfur dichloride ? grams. 2. How many MOLES of chlorine are present in 3.61 grams of sulfur dichloride ? moles.

    asked by love
  62. physics

    a soccer ball is kicked from the ground with an initial speed of 19.5 meter per second at upward of 45 degrees. a player 55 meter away in the direction of the kick starts running to meet the ball at the instant. what must be his average speed if he is

    asked by xai
  63. math

    find the exponential function of the form y=ab^x whose graph passes through the points (4,6) and (7,10) i got a=3.04 and b= 1.185 so my equation is y=3.04(1.185)^4 is this correct? one more problem. find a power function of the form y=ax^b whose graph

    asked by greeny
  64. Chemistry

    20.7mL of ethanol (density=0.789g/mL) initially at 8.2 degrees Celsius is mixed with 37.1 mL of water (density=1.0g/mL) initially at 25.7 degrees Celsius in an insulated beaker. Assuming that no heat is lost, what is the final temperature of the mixture?

    asked by Katie
  65. Physics

    A stuntman sitting on a tree limb wishes to drop vertically onto a horse galloping under the tree. The constant speed of the horse is 10.0 m/s, and the man is initially 2.75 m above the level of the saddle. Please Show work!! I am completely lost!

    asked by Haroula
  66. PHYSICS!

    Given: G = 6.67259 × 10−11 Nm2/kg2 The acceleration of gravity on the surface of a planet of radius R = 3430 km is 4.43 m/s2.What is the period T of a satellite in circular orbit h = 7683.2 km above the surface? Answer in units of s

    asked by anonymous
  67. algebra

    Amistad starts selling tickets to basketball games. They sell 292 tickets to the last game of the season. An adult ticket costs $3. A student ticket costs $1. They collect $470.00 in ticket sales. Write and solve a system of equations to find the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  68. chemistry

    What mass of carbon dioxide is produced from the complete combustion of 2.50×10−3 of methane?

    asked by ASh
  69. mth174

    A tank is full of water. Find the work W required to pump the water out of the spout. (Use 9.8 for g and 3.14 for π. If you enter your answer in scientific notation, round the decimal value to two decimal places. Use equivalent rounding if you do not

    asked by Alex
  70. arithmetic

    the sum of the 3rd and the 4th term is 44 and the sum of the 10th and the 15th term is 203. what is the sum up to the 20th term?

    asked by linda
  71. Physics

    The driver of a truck slams on the brakes when he sees a tree blocking the road. The truck slows down uniformly with acceleration −5.15 m/s2 for 4.20 s, making skid marks 62.1 m long that end at the tree. With what speed does the truck then strike the

    asked by tim
  72. Physics

    You are driving south on a highway at 24.0 m/s (approximately 54 mi/h) in a snowstorm. When you last stopped, you noticed that the snow was coming down vertically, but it is passing the windows of the moving car at an angle of 26.6° to the horizontal.

    asked by Stacy
  73. Math(Algebra)

    How would you set this problem up and work it: The difference between two numbers is 16. Three times the larger number is seven times the smaller. What are the numbers? This one also: The differnce between two numbers is 18. The sum of twice the smaller

    asked by Lily
  74. chemistry

    to produce 4.00 mole if c6h12 from the following how many grams of c6h6 must you combine 78.12 g/mol c6h6 + 2.02 g/mol h2 = 84.18 g/mol c6h12

    asked by Amber
  75. Physics

    Given: G = 6.67259 × 10−11 Nm2/kg2 . A 602 kg geosynchronous satellite or- bits a planet similar to Earth at a radius 1.98 × 105 km from the planet’s center. Its angular speed at this radius is the same as the rotational speed of the Earth, and so

    asked by Holly
  76. Physics

    An athlete swings a 3.46 kg ball horizontally on the end of a rope. The ball moves in a circle of radius 0.55 m at an angular speed of 0.35 rev/s. What is the tangential speed of the ball?

    asked by Holly
  77. geometry

    A regular hexagon has side lengths 15 in. The perimeter of the hexagon is 90 in. A second hexagon has side lengths 18.75 in. Find the perimeter of the second hexagon. Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by bob
  78. Math

    A juice concentrate containing 65% solids is added to a single-strength juice solution(containing 15% solid), in order to generate a final product which contains 45% solids. Calculate the amounts required for the concentrate and for the single strength

    asked by Janice
  79. math

    Jackson is creating a water garden surrounded by a triangular patch of grass. If the pond will take up the space indicated by the circle, how many square feet of sod will he need to complete the garden (use 3.14 for and round your answer up to the next

    asked by juan
  80. ECON

    . Movie attendance dropped 8 percent as ticket prices rose a little more than 5 percent. What is the price elasticity of demand for movie tickets? Could price elasticity be somewhat overestimated form these figures? That is, could other things have

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math

    a rope 60m long and 5cm in diameter is coiled tightly. Estimate, correct to one significant figure, the radius of the 'circle' formed. ( please could we have working out).

    asked by joe
  82. math - integers

    4. The temperature is falling 3 degrees per hour. How many degrees has it fallen altogether from 12 noon to 12 midnight?

    asked by Randy
  83. english112

    In the essay by Derek Bok "Protecting Freedom of Expression on Campus" does this thesis sound like it would work with the essay? Inappropriateness causes dissonance with each other.

    asked by sharon
  84. physics

    A 20 g sample of aluminum at 85 degree is dropped in 500g of water. The resulting temperature of aluminum and water is 25 degree. What is the initial temperature of water?

    asked by joan
  85. geometry

    the points K and M are points of tangency. Find the value of x. 4x+7=7x-8

    asked by tanesha
  86. Physics!

    Two metal spheres with masses 4.0 g and 6.0 g are tied together with 6.0 cm long massless string and are at rest on a frictionless surface. Each sphere is charged to + 5.0 nC. a. What is the energy in the system? b. What is the tension in the string? c.

    asked by Collin

    At ordinary body temperature (37 C) the solubility of N2 in water in contact with air at ordinary atmospheric pressure (1.0 atm) is 0.015 g/l. Air is approximately 78 mol % N2. a)Calculate the number of moles of N_2 dissolved per liter of blood, which is

    asked by Jeremy
  88. physical

    a copper calorimeter of mass 150g was half filled with water of 300g and temperature 0c. 5g of ice at oc was added to the content, later some quantity of steel was passed into the mixture and temperature by 20c. calculate the quantities of steel added if

    asked by seun
  89. Physics (PLEASE HELP)

    A -6.00 µC charge is moving with a speed of 6.60 104 m/s parallel to a very long, straight wire. The wire is 5.00 cm from the charge and carries a current of 73.0 A in a direction opposite to that of the moving charge. Find the magnitude and direction of

    asked by DCM
  90. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of the liquid HF is measured at different temperatures. The following vapor pressure data are obtained. Temperature(K) Pressure mmHg 250 129.63 260 206.65 270 318.22 280 475.16 Determine the enthalpy of vaporization. I have know idea how

    asked by Hannah
  91. statistics

    FB: Attendance at a university's basketball games follows a Normal distribution with mean ì = 8,000 and standard deviation ó = 1,000. 60% of all games will have more than _______ people in attendance.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. math

    A corporation borrowed $124,000 cash by signing a 5-year, 10% installment note requiring equal annual payments each December 31 of $32,711. What journal entry would the issuer record for the first payment?

    asked by angela
  93. chemistry

    Calculate the energy in joules and calories required to heat 34.0 copper (Cu) from 142 to 256

    asked by Aiesha Colson
  94. math 7

    what is 3/7th of 490

    asked by jenna
  95. chemistry

    Nitric acid can be produced by the reaction of gaseous nitrogen dioxide with water. 3NO2(g) + H2O(`) −! 2HNO3(`) + NO(g) If 745 L of NO2 gas react with water, what volume of NO gas will be produced? As- sume the gases are measured under the same

    asked by Aaron
  96. Math

    How long did Michelle sleep if she went to bed at 9:40 PM and got up at 7:20 AM.

    asked by Fani
  97. Physics

    A 0.105 kg meter stick is supported at its 40 cm mark by a string attached to the ceiling. A 0.77 kg object hangs vertically from the 6.33 cm mark. A second mass is attached at another mark to keep it horizontal and in rotational and translational

    asked by amanda and leah
  98. Finite Math

    Sinking fund which the goal of $100,000 to reach with n=22, i= 0. 03

    asked by Ashley
  99. algebra

    Quadratic equations can be solved by graphing,using the quadratic formula, completing the square, and factoring. What are the pros and cons of the methods. when would each be appropriate?

    asked by debby
  100. rome

    Why do you think the legacy of Roman Law is so important?

    asked by running.from.myself
  101. Trigonometry

    If A + B + C = 180° prove that cos2A + cos2B – cos2C = -1 -4cosAcosBcosC

    asked by Kewal
  102. Business Analysis

    Barney Casey borrowed $40,000 from his parents for 2 years. He paid them a total of $45,000 at the end of the 2-year term of the simple interest loan. What rate of interest did he pay his parents?

    asked by Lizzie
  103. physics

    What is the velocity in meters per second of a sailboat that travels 150 m away from the shore in 17 seconds?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Algebra 1

    Use the power of a product property to simplify the expression. (2)^3 I'm not sure whether you would just have it be 2^3 or just plain old 8. Any help would be appreciated, please.

    asked by Kai :)
  105. algebra

    The sum of three consecutive integers is -96. What is the largest integer?

    asked by bob
  106. geometry

    Square is the product of a number multiplied with that number itself.square of a number is its second power . 1 multiplied 1 = 1 raised 2 = 1 , 2 multiplied 2 = 2raised2=4 , 3 multiplied 3 =3raised2 =9 , 4 multiplied4 =4raised2 = 16 . Find the other 96

    asked by Ajeeb
  107. college mathematics

    8. Determine which, if any, of the three statements are equivalent. Give a reason for your conclusion. Show complete work. I.) If the dog wags its tail, then the dog is not calm. II.) Either the dog does not wag its tail or the dog is not calm. III.) If

    asked by cody
  108. Phyics

    Given: G = 6.67259 × 10−11 Nm2/kg2 The acceleration of gravity on the surface of a planet of radius R = 3430 km is 4.43 m/s2.What is the period T of a satellite in circular orbit h = 7683.2 km above the surface? Answer in units of s

    asked by anonymous
  109. Physics

    A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 58.0 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 1.50 m/s2 until its engines stop at an altitude of 120 m. (a) What can you say about the motion of the rocket after its

    asked by Haroula
  110. English

    1. Because she felt cold, Susan put on her coat. 2. Because Susan felt cold, she put on her coat. 3. Feeling cold, Susan put on her coat. (Which one is correct? Are all acceptable and the same?)

    asked by rfvv
  111. Math

    I need help on pizzazz worksheet d40 #10!!!! I need help now

    asked by Angle
  112. math

    It takes approximately 15 minutes to code one record. How many personnel hours would be needed to code 1,424 discharges for the month?

    asked by laura
  113. chemistry

    A sample of potassium chlorate us heated and decomposes to produce 229mL O2 gas, which was collected over water at 20 Celsius at a total pressure of 754 Torr. What is the partial pressure of O2 gas, if the partial pressure of water at 20 Celsius is 17 Torr

    asked by paulaine
  114. Trigonometry

    Which expression is equal to (6x^3+10x^2-4x+10)/(3x-1)? 1.) 2x^2+4x+10+(10/3x-1) 2.) 2x^2+4x+(10/3x-1) 3.) (2x^2)+(8/3x)-(20/9)+(110/27x-9) 4.) 2x^2-4x-10+(10/3x-1)

    asked by Anthony
  115. algebra

    Assume you work at a company where you are paid hourly. You are paid $8.60 per hour for regular time (less than or equal to forty hours) and time and a half for overtime hours up to fifty hours in one week. If you are asked to work fifty or more hours in

    asked by Lisa
  116. physics


  117. physics

    A cyclist is riding in the positive horizontal direction at 14.8 m/s on a horizontal level surface. He encounters an air resistance force of 50 N. The actions on the pedals by the cyclist cause a backward force of 73 N to be exerted by the rear wheel on

    asked by Anonymous
  118. geometry

    If triangle has vertices A(7,-3), B(-1,5), and C(4,-8), what is the length, in simplest radical form, of the median from C to AB?

    asked by Emily
  119. chemistry

    The freezing-point depression is -0.930 Celsius degree. Determine the molality of the solution of an unknown nonelectrolyte in water. Please help!! I do not understand this problem!

    asked by vivian
  120. chem (significant figures)

    what are the errors in the measured values g=9.910 m/s^2 amd 9.805? true value 9.797 for 9.910 i got 0.113 and for 9.805 i got 0.008. i know i need for significant figures but i got three in my answer. so what do i do?

    asked by lou
  121. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of an unknown substance is given at various temperatures. properties of the substance are: density of solid=1.375g/ml density of liquid= 1.150g/ml. freezing point= 275.0K boiling point=375.0 K How would i calculate the vapor pressure at

    asked by Gifty Ansah
  122. English

    I urgenlty need you to check these sentences, too. I need to be extremely convincing but also determined. 1) We also agreed to use English as lingua franca during the preliminary meeting we held at our school with our school principals. 2) On that occasion

    asked by Henry2
  123. Science

    What can you conclude about Gregor Mendel? A. The Catholic Church forced him to stop his experiments B. He was one of the first researchers to establish how heredity worked C. He concluded that heredity worked for people as well as plants D. He established

    asked by Andrew
  124. algebra

    Ky has 3 times more books than Grant, and Grant has 6 fewer books than Jaime. If the total combined number of books is 176, how many books does Jaime have?

    asked by bob
  125. chem

    barium nitrate and sodium sulfate combine to create: write the balanced equation

    asked by auds
  126. AP Chemistry

    In the titration of 77.5 mL of 1.0 M methylamine, CH3NH2 (Kb = 4.4 10-4), with 0.38 M HCl, calculate the pH under the following conditions. (a) after 50.0 mL of 0.38 M HCl has been added (b) at the stoichiometric point

    asked by Bill
  127. english

    because reverend hale and parris pressured tituba to confess about the devil, then

    asked by Anonymous
  128. math

    If every 6th customer gets a coupon for free fruit snacks and every 9th customer gets a coupon for free fruit juice which customer will be the first to get both free fruit and free juice?

    asked by nick
  129. Physics!

    An electron orbits a 3.0 cm diameter metal ball 5.0 mm above the surface. The orbital period of the electron is l2.0 micro seconds. What is the charge on the metal ball? I think I use E=kq/r*R but im unsure! Please help! Thanks

    asked by Collin
  130. 3 grade english

    ideas stated in text you are sometimes alike in several ways. to generalize, you use the individual ideas to make a general statement about them. look for clue words, such as most,many,all,or few. directions read the following passage. then answer the

    asked by dw
  131. Chemistry

    The density of liquid "A" is 1.80gm/ml, liquid "B" is 1.10 gm/ml and liquid "C" is 1.40 gm/ml. If theses liquids are immiscible in each other and a piece of solid with a specific gravity of 0.80 is placed in a container of all these liquids, what will

    asked by Jen
  132. algebra

    A box of animal crackers measures 12 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches. What is the volume of the box?

    asked by Bob
  133. english

    A man in your community received a postcard yesterday from his father, who lived in a nearby town and had just returned from a trip. “Please come over so your mother and I can show you pictures of our trip,” the postcard said. “I guess my father

    asked by blaze
  134. Calculus

    uu) lim ln(1-x) as x->1- yy) lim (√(6-x)-2)/(√(3-x)-1) as x-> 2 zz) lim (1-(1/2)arctanx) as x->-∞ bbb) lim ln|1-x| as x->1 If these are hard to interpret with all the parentheses, you can plug them in to Wolfram Alpha and it interprets them

    asked by Emily
  135. math - integers

    2. One Saturday morning, Liza jogged 15 blocks from her house and then decided to go back 5 blocks by the same road. How many blocks away is she from her house?

    asked by Randy
  136. math

    lizette wants to read more books. her goal is to read at least 2 books each month. let m represent the number of books she will read in a year. use m >= 24 to graph the number of books she plans to read on a number line

    asked by roodson
  137. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of an unknown substance is given at various temperatures. properties of the substance are: density of solid=1.375g/ml density of liquid= 1.150g/ml. freezing point= 275.0K boiling point=375.0 K How would i calculate the vapor pressure at

    asked by Gifty Ansah
  138. business

    Before writing a recommendation report to the CEO, Dee and Carlos distribute a survey to everyone in their company to determine which new benefits employees are most interested in what part of the writing process does this activity represent? A. Writing B.

    asked by Anonymous 2
  139. Business Studies

    Profits last year was exorbitant

    asked by Afzal
  140. chemistry

    A sample of Nitrogen is collected over water at 26 Celsius. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen if the total pressure is 99.4 kPa and the partial pressure of water vapor at 26 Celsius is 25 torr

    asked by paula
  141. phyhsical science

    how much time is needed for a car to accelerate from 6.5 m/s to a speed of 22 m/s if the acceleration is 3.0 m/s/s?

    asked by brandon
  142. math

    The team won 16 of its 28 games. What was the team’s won-lost ratio?

    asked by robbie
  143. Physics

    A projectile is fired in such a way that its horizontal range is equal to 2.6 times its maximum height, what is the angle of projection? I know a similar question was asked, but I didn't understand the solution.

    asked by Buster
  144. CDA

    I need to find 5 children's books that support dev. of gender identity by portraying males and females in diverse roles.

    asked by Debbie
  145. MATHS

    fIND THE VALUE OF THETA,given that theta is greater than zero but less than 360 degrees,given that sec(3theta/2 - 48 degrees)+ 2 = 0

    asked by victor.m
  146. English

    Could you check these sentences, please? Thank you for helping me! 1) Here is the translation I did on the presentation of the school as received (in Italian) from..... I'm attaching it to this email together with the things he still has to complete. 2) He

    asked by Henry2
  147. physics

    A force of 64 N is required to keep a model power boat moving at a constant speed through the water on a pond. How much work is done in moving the model power boat a distance of 25 m?

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Social Studies

    Who were considered the Big 4 at the treaty of Versailles? Some sites say US, Great Britain, France, and Italy. Others say US, Great Britain, France and Germany. Thanks...

    asked by Brandi
  149. english

    That apple, glossy and red, rolled out of the grocery bag and across the smooth wooden table.

    asked by samy
  150. math

    what order are these fractions from least to greatest 1/7,1/9,2/7,1/12 2 5/6,9/8,3 1/8,3 1/9 5/9,10/3,2 1/4,3/2 11/2,4 1/2,1/100,5 1/4

    asked by haley
  151. Trig

    Help please! Thank you! If csc(theta)= -2 and theta lies in Quadrant III, find tan(theta).

    asked by Mandy
  152. Algebra 2

    suppose you have 10 green marbles, 10 gold marbles, and ten black marbles. You also have 3 bags. Your plan is to ask a friend to randomly select a marble from one bag. How should you distribute all the marbles amongthe 3 bags to maximize the probability

    asked by Ann-Marie Guischer
  153. math - integers

    1. Freddy lives 34kms south of Makati City while Misael lives 34kms north of Makati City. How far is Freddy's place from Misael's place?

    asked by Randy
  154. business

    Matthew interviews the director of computing services to get information for the company newsletter. What part of the writing process does this activity represent? Writing Editing Revising Planning i think planning

    asked by Anonymous 2
  155. history

    In America, the main influence of the Enlightenment was expressed through A. family life. B. moral values. C. philosophies of religion. D. practical scientific experimentation.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. MATHEMATICS_algebra

    Find the speed of a train if an increase of 6kph lowers the time for a journey of 72 km by 10 minutes.

    asked by PDF
  157. business

    Ben chooses a pattern of organization before he begins a letter. What part of the writing process does this activity represent? Planning Writing Revising Editing i think c or a

    asked by Anonymous 2
  158. Physics - Question

    A ball of 250g hits the floor at a velocity of 2,50 m/s at an angle of 70* relative to the vertical. The vertical force in function with time between the floor and the ball is: from 0 to 50 N : from 0 to 1 sec. from 50 N to 100 N : from 1 to 2 sec.

    asked by Raf
  159. Math

    The weight of an object on the planet Mercury is about 2/5 the weight of that object on the Earth. An object that weighs 30 pounds on Earth would weigh how many pounds on Mercury?

    asked by Michael
  160. Science

    a ball is thrown upward at a speed of 12 m/s. It will reach the top of its path in about: a) 0.6 sec b) 1.2 sec c) 1.8 sec d) 2.4 sec Please explain how you find the answer!!! I cannot figure it out

    asked by Jessica
  161. math

    please explain: sam invested part of his $25,000 bonus in a fund that paid 8% profit and invested the rest in stock that suffered a 3% loss. Find the amount in each investment if his overall net profit was $1230.

    asked by micah
  162. physics

    How deep can a snorkel diver dive if the maximum gauge pressure on the thorax cannot exceed 10.9 kPa? Hint: density of seawater = 1.015g/cm3

    asked by mw
  163. 6th grade math

    liam is planting 30 bean plants and 45 pea plants in his garden. If he puts the same number of plants in each row and if each row has only one type of plant, what is the greatest number of plants he put in one row?

    asked by spencer
  164. algebra

    Evaluate the function f(x) = 9x - 6 for x=0.

    asked by jimmie
  165. Chemistry

    write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction elemental pentatomic thulium atoms, Tm5 , and elemental pentatomic astatine atoms, At5 , to produce thulium astatide, Tm9At13

    asked by Susan
  166. algebra

    The sum of three consecutive integers is . What is the largest integer?

    asked by bob
  167. Chemistry

    A student heats 9.85 g of lead to a temperature of 92.3 C. He places the hot lead into a container of water, initially at a temperature of 23.7 C; the final temperature of the water and lead is 24.5 C. What quantity of heat was lost by the lead?

    asked by Sahiba
  168. Physics

    Compute the magnitude of the tangential acceleration, the radial acceleration, and the resultant acceleration of a point on its rim after it has turned through 38.2^\circ. Enter your answers separated with commas.

    asked by Anonymous
  169. language

    Write the verb in each sentence. Write whether the action is past, present, or future 1. A Potter adds sand to the clay (adds, present) 2. Then he rolls the clay into long, pipe-shaped pieces. (Pipe-shape, past) 3.Another potters will use a potter's wheel

    asked by jj
  170. calculus

    If the line y=mx-5 does not meet the curve y=3x^2-6x+7 then value of m is in the open interval (a,b). Find the exact value of b.

    asked by Yvonne
  171. Geometry (Logic)

    Which argument is not valid? 1.) Given: a→b a Conclusion: b 2.) Given: a˅b ~b Conclusion: ~a 3.) Given: a→b ~b Conclusion: ~a 4.) Given: a→b b→~c Conclusion: a→~c

    asked by Lisa
  172. Calculus

    How to rationalize this question? (√3 - √2)/(√3+√2) Do I multiply those two by(√3 - √2) or (√3 + √2)

    asked by Jake
  173. Pre-Calc/Math

    if (0,-7) lies on the terminal side of angle theta in standard position, find each value sec(theta) , cot(theta) and sin(theta)

    asked by Purplechick4
  174. Grammaranum

    what is the use of the pronoun... Q1. Is the town's oldest couple (they) or the Halberts? i think it's predicate nominative Q2. the coach gave (me) another chance to try out. it's subject of an infinitive Q3. late for a meeting, (he) quickly hailed a taxi.

    asked by Anonymous
  175. human body

    How is the integumentary system involved in the immune system?

    asked by running.from.myself
  176. science

    How is temperature related to the average kinetic energy of molecules that make up a substance?

    asked by erwin
  177. geometry problems (algebra)

    the lengths of the triangle are consecutive odd integers, find the length of the shortest side if the perimeter is 19 units shorter than 4 times the lenghts of that side

    asked by arvin
  178. Science

    What is concluded about one of Mendel's short pea plants? A. It has one dominant and one recessive gene B. It has a pair of recessive genes C. It has a pair of dominant genes D. It has no recessive genes A?

    asked by Andrew
  179. logs

    how would you use log which has a subscript of 2 5 to approximate log subscript 2 50 and log subscript 2 0.4?

    asked by skye
  180. Physics (due soon!)

    One component of a magnetic field has a magnitude of 0.080 T and points along the +x axis, while the other component has a magnitude of 0.034 T and points along the -y axis. A particle carrying a charge of +1.00 10-5 C is moving along the +z axis at a

    asked by DCM
  181. math

    y-3x=-3 3y-9x=-18

    asked by oj
  182. Math

    if a polynomial function is of degree n, then the graph will have n-1 relative maximum and minimum points. Is this: Always True, Sometimes True, or Never True? It's really confusing me.

    asked by Lauren
  183. Social Studies

    I need to find out 4 mistakes Germany made during WWI. I know one is unsrestricted submarine warfare. Another one would be the Zimmerman Note. A third one could be that they invaded Belgium. I can't think of a 4th mistake though.

    asked by Brandi
  184. college mathematics

    9. Create a Euler diagram to determine whether the syllogism is valid or invalid. All children like games. John likes games. John is a child.,

    asked by cody
  185. algebra

    how soon Sally will get to the mall if she peddles her bike 5 mph for 5 minutes and rides her scooter for 6 minutes at 6 miles an hour!!!!

    asked by Piggy
  186. math

    You are taking your friend to lunch and have exactly 15 dollars to spend. You want to leave a 15% tip. What is the maximum amount of money you could spend?

    asked by Robert
  187. Math

    The weight of an object on the planet Mercury is about 2/5 the weight of that object on the Earth. An object that weighs 30 pounds on Earth would weigh how many pounds on Mercury? Need solution because I think it is 7.5 but my parents think the answer is

    asked by Michael
  188. geometry

    in triangle abc angle a is (3x+40) angle b is (8x+35) and c is 10x what is the longest side of the triangle

    asked by Anonymous
  189. science

    What is the effect of increasing the temperature of a body?

    asked by erwin
  190. Calculus

    Simplify difference quotients. 1/(1+h)-1/h I got 1-1-h/h but the answer is -1/(1+h)

    asked by Melinda
  191. physics

    A smooth stone is dropped from a bridge strikes the water after 5second.Calculate the height of the bridge above the surface of the water

    asked by Tumi
  192. English

    could someone tell me an awesome thesis on the Prohibition era (cause and effect)for a paper

    asked by mountain
  193. calculus

    How much work is needed to extend a 20 foot fence so that one end touches the ground. The fence as a linear mass density of (.4x - .02x^2) lb./ft.

    asked by Renita
  194. 6th grade science

    how do carrier proteins recognize substances to transport in active transport?

    asked by running.from.myself
  195. business

    Kristen analyzes her audience to determine how much background? Kristen analyzes her audience to determine how much background information they will need in order to understand the main point of her message. What part of the writing process does this

    asked by Anonymous 2
  196. History

    What caused Republicans to abandon their defense of black rights? Discuss economics as well as political reasoons.

    asked by Brianna
  197. ENGLISH

    I have a term paper and its on the Prohibition era, and i want to know if this thesis is the best, and if not,could you help reform it? thesis: Prohibition of alcohol in the United States during the 1900's was enacted to reduce crime, have a healthy

    asked by chris34
  198. 7th grade science

    what is the gravitational potential energy of a 0.1 kg apple sitting on a 12.5 m flagpole?

    asked by lol
  199. maths

    Evaluate limit squareroot of (x^4 - 16)/(x^3 - 8) as x approaches 2

    asked by victor.m
  200. MATHEMATICS_algebra

    A rectangular brass sleeve has a square base of side (x) cm and height (h) cm, its weight (w) kg is given by a formula w= (3x^2h)/10. How is w changed if x is trebled and h is halved?

    asked by PDF
  201. math

    ms.Sue, where did you get 2:20?

    asked by Fani
  202. algebra

    a trip of 120 miles required 7 gallons of gas. at this rate how many gallons would be needed at 180?

    asked by Mikayla
  203. math

    If there are 16 teams, how many players will there be. Explain how you got your answer.

    asked by lola
  204. economics

    what is the theory of inflation

    asked by Anonymous
  205. Algebra; URGENT

    How can you tell the difference between a vertical strecth and a vertical shrink?

    asked by A Girl.
  206. college mathematics

    5. Given p is false, q is true, and r is false, find the truth value of the statement (~p~q)-->~r. Show step by step work.

    asked by cody
  207. language

    Underline the present-tense verb. Tell whether it is singular or plural. 1. A craftsperson uses small shells or pieces of large shells. (uses ,singular) 2. most people glue the shells into the frame. (frame, plural) 3. Then they place it on a flat surface.

    asked by jj
  208. computer

    · What did you learn from this course that is new and helpful to you? How will you use that information in the future? What useful advice could you provide someone based on what you have learned?

    asked by Anonymous
  209. English

    Rewrite each sentence below, replacing all clichés with more creative or straightforward expressions. The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat.

    asked by Kenzie
  210. physics help!!!

    How do you find the speed of sound wave using the formula for speed when you have 195 Hz 89.4m in 0.311s. Help what formula to use what's the answer???

    asked by lili-chan
  211. International Finance

    Suppose that the current Bid-Offer on the Yen is $0.0089/¥ and $0.0091/¥, and the three-month forward is $0.0094/¥. 1. If you wish to hedge 10,000,000 Yen Obligation due in three months, what position would you take? Explain why. a. Buy Yen forward at

    asked by Harry
  212. Alg 2

    Find the lcd 14/4(x+1) , 7/4x I don't get it can you please explain step by step?

    asked by Yolie
  213. science

    What do scientists mean when they say that action equals reaction?

    asked by erwin
  214. Math Challenge

    A three-digit number increases by 9 if we exchange the second and third digits. The same three-digit number increases by 90 if we exchange the first and second digits. By how much will the value increase if we exchange the first and third digits?

    asked by Please Help
  215. English

    Thank you very, very much for helping me! I still have to mention a few things to connect the description of the school to the need of promoting the study of English and IT. I hope you can help me express them. 1) I also wanted to say that students from

    asked by Henry2
  216. Reading

    The word sympathy means A.time B.respect C.interest D.understanding D?

    asked by Jaycee
  217. math

    explain how you can use a grid to subtract 1.65 - 0.98

    asked by bebe
  218. math

    The HIM department listed the following LOS data for the longest admissions for the month of September. If patient A's LOS was 66, what is that percentile? 43, 45, 54, 55, 59, 60, 62, 64, 66, 67, 67, 68, 68, 69, 70, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75

    asked by laura
  219. math - integers

    3. Arlan and Bryan started driving from the same place. Arlan drove at an average speed of 55 kph, Bryan drove at an average speed of 65 kph. How far apart were the after 2 hours?

    asked by Randy
  220. math - integers

    5. Robert, a real estate agent, drove 170 kms north from his home. The following day, he drove 54 kilometers south. How far and in what direction did he have to drive to get back home?

    asked by Randy
  221. Math

    fabric that is 56 1/4 cut into 3 3/4

    asked by Me
  222. Chemistry

    ln 555.6/281.1 = -deltaH vap/8.314J/k mol [1/256.1K - 1/242K]. I have to solve for delta Hvap. I know that the left side would be7.21. I am not sure what step to do next.

    asked by Hannah
  223. math

    MS. Sue can you explain me the problem please

    asked by Fani
  224. Science

    What is concluded about one of Mendel's short pea plants? A.It had one dominant and one recessive gene B.It had a pair of recessive genes C.It had a pair of dominant genes D.It had no recessive genes B?

    asked by Andrew
  225. physics

    a speaker at a concert generates 1 x 10^-2 w/m^2 at a distance of 20m form the speaker at a frequency of 1kHz 1) calculate the wavelength of the waves emitted. b) what is the intensity level at 20m

    asked by Amanda
  226. Physics/Chemistry

    The following combinations of quantam numbers are not allowerd 1. n=3 l=0 m=-1 2. n=4 l=4 m=0 Can someone explain to me why the second one is not allowed. Also check my explaination for the first one. If L=0 then m also has to also =0 The s subshell (ℓ =

    asked by Hero
  227. Math

    How does doubling the measure of each dimension in a rectangular prism change the volume of the prism?

    asked by Coral
  228. math

    The cost of a X chocolate bar is $3.50. The cost of a similar Y bar is $3.20. (a) Find the percentage saving in buying a Y bar instead of the X bar. (b) Find the percentage loss in buying a X bar instead of the Y bar. Please help...........

    asked by running.from.myself
  229. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. 1) Our German partner wrote that students can communicate in one of the European languages of their partners. I'm really disappointed by his words and I need to reply to this. 2) Among the linguistic objectives

    asked by Henry2
  230. SDSU

    I need help solving Integral from 0 to (a/sqrt(b)) of (a^2-bx^2)^(3/2) I got (a^4/8sqrt(b)) - 3a^4pi/4sqrt(b)

    asked by Theresa
  231. geometry

    how to defin 130 dagree angel

    asked by how to draw 130dagree angal
  232. general science

    a train goes forward at a speed of 1 m/s for 20 seconds. then it stops and goes backward at a speed of 0.5 m/s for 4 seconds. after both movements are completed, how far is the train located from its starting point.

    asked by frank
  233. physics

    When a 1150 kg space rocket lifts off of ground. How many joules of energy has been provided by its engine during the time in which it achieves a speed of 180 m/s.

    asked by Zach
  234. ms. sue

    ms. sue u be able to make my answer more long? i not know what more to add to make it paragraph lengthy.

    asked by Mohammad
  235. English

    What is the book "The Great Gatsby" about?

    asked by Rebecca
  236. Virtue Ethics-College Level

    I need help in understanding what the viewpoint would be of a virtue ethicist in deciding who should receive a liver transplant. There are 5 candidates: Bob- is 40 years old unemployed, homeless with a severe drinking problem and a criminal record.He was

    asked by Anonymous
  237. earth

    At what height above the earth surface will an austranouts experience only half the gravitation that he experience on earth

    asked by nonkululeko solomons
  238. Mathematics

    Anthony uses 1.2 metres of leather and one buckle when he makes a leather belt. He can make 15 belts per hour and he values his labour $11 per hour. Anthony buys his supplies in bulk. The leather comes in rolls 50 metres long at a cost of $180 per roll and

    asked by CrissyXD
  239. algebra

    please check answers and change if wrong thank you. The absolute value of 3 times a number x is greater than 33. |3x| > 33 3x > 33 x > 11 what about -11

    asked by ann
  240. physics

    A smooth stone is dropped from a bridge strikes the water after 5second.Calculate the height of the bridge above the surface of the water

    asked by Tumi
  241. Trigonometry (Math)

    From the top of a building 70 ft. high, two objects in a straight line from the building are observed at angles of depression of 28° and 41°6' respectively. Find the distance between the two objects. -Complete Solution please. :'(

    asked by Alianne
  242. algebra

    Cedric cashed a $125 check at the bank. The teller gave Cedric his money in $5 and $10 bills only. If the teller gave Cedric twice as many $10 bills as $5 bills, how many of each type did cedric receive?

    asked by Rose
  243. algebra

    please check and correct thanks Problem: solve and check the inequality if possible |4F+8|< 12 positive: negative: |4F+8| < 12 |4F + 8| < -12 4F + 8 -8 < 12 - 8 4F +8-8 < -12-8 4F < 4 4F< -20 F < 1 F< -5 solutions 1 and -5 or -5 < F < 1 check positive ck

    asked by ann
  244. science please help me fast

    the stomach uses two kinds of tissue to carry out diffusion. true or false

    asked by running.from.myself
  245. algebra

    how would you graph y=x^2(-3 is less than or equal to x is less then or ewqual to3)

    asked by jahnay
  246. algebra

    how to find the unknown quantity when you have only p r t no i is known

    asked by Anonymous
  247. college mathematics

    3. Fill in the heading of the following truth table using any of p, q, ~, -->, , V, and ^. p q T T T T F F F T F F F T

    asked by cody
  248. college mathematics

    4. Construct a truth table for q (p^ ~q). Be sure to include all intermediate steps in your table.

    asked by cody
  249. college mathematics

    10. If the argument below is valid, name which of the four valid forms of argument is represented. If it is not valid, name the fallacy that is represented. If I sing in the shower, then I will not be overheard while singing. I was not overheard while

    asked by cody
  250. college mathematics

    2.) Construct a truth table for (p^~q)-->q.

    asked by cody
  251. biology

    which leukocyte is predominant in the blood smear? explain by comparing it with other leukocytes ad red blood cells in the blood smear

    asked by art
  252. tusd

    last year, the sports athelitic club charges 20.00 per class. 70 people attended. The club wants to increase the class price. the club expects to lose one customer for each $1.00 increase. a. what should the new price be to maximize the income? b. what is

    asked by leon
  253. Chemisty

    How many GRAMS of chromium(II) nitrite are present in 1.72 moles of this compound ? grams. 2. How many MOLES of chromium(II) nitrite are present in 1.46 grams of this compound ? moles.

    asked by Eliazbeth
  254. medical billing and coding

    In which of the following procedures might a catheter be placed in the heart preoperatively to monitor hemodynamic status? a.pericardiocentesis b.swann-ganz placement c.transeophageal echocardiography d.right-heart catheterization

    asked by gt
  255. physics

    a dog escapes from his front yard a 3:15pm and is discovered 3.5 miles from home at 4:50pm. What is the dog's average speed in mph. how do you solve this i am lost

    asked by angela
  256. English

    I just wanted to add a few more things. I urgently need to express them. 1) We keep emailing each other (two people involved) in English because we both agreed to use English as the lingua franca. 2) Therefore, we must vary the application module;

    asked by Henry2
  257. Science

    Which of the following is inherited? A. The shape of your blood cells B. Your intelligence C. Your personality D. Your weight A?

    asked by Andrew
  258. Social Studies

    Which was the last of the Ivy League schools to admit women? Princeton?

    asked by Jaycee
  259. paper

    how would I do an in text citation for this reference? 1. Shinji Fukuda, Hidehiro Toh, Koji Hase, Kenshiro Oshima, Yumiko Nakanishi, Kazutoshi Yoshimura,Toru Tobe, Julie M. Clarke, David L. Topping, Tohru Suzuki, Todd D. Taylor, Kikuji Itoh, Jun Kikuchi,

    asked by Rebekah
  260. Trigonometry

    Solve for x,assuming x≠0:(-2/5)+(x+4/x)=1

    asked by Joseph
  261. AP Chemistry

    Consider 67.0 mL of a solution of weak acid HA (Ka = 1.00 10-6), which has a pH of 4.500. What volume of water must be added to make the pH = 5.000?

    asked by Bill
  262. Science

    Hi , I am doing a written science assessment on burning magnesium metal - one of the questions we had to answer was:explain the reaction using the big idea of energy . Would you have any clue what that means ? Thanks x

    asked by Melody Aheto
  263. 7th math

    7x(x+4).... (b+11)2b...

    asked by Jordan
  264. chemistry

    what is the mass in grams of 0.0850 mol of hydrogen atoms?

    asked by Amanda
  265. Public Health

    A screening test was used to identify carriers for a gene causing prostate cancer. Discuss the social, legal, and moral implications of using the results of the test.

    asked by Jennifer
  266. math

    Is the number 82 the sum of the digit 100?

    asked by ayinde
  267. MATHEMATICS_motion

    Find the speed of a train if an increase of 6kph lowers the time for a journey of 72 km by 10 minutes.

    asked by PDF
  268. Math

    What is 11twefths of 24

    asked by Peyton
  269. 7th math

    can you help me with this..../ 8(x-5) -3(w+4)

    asked by Jordan
  270. math

    simplify each rate into unit rate $1.20 for 5 minutes

    asked by lony
  271. Math

    Ming has 13 rocks. He puts them into 2 equal groups with some left over. How many rocks are in each group?

    asked by Siya
  272. Math

    what are the next 3 numbers after -1,+4,-9,+16

    asked by Kenzie
  273. math

    a = 19 and m

    asked by DJ
  274. math


    asked by sally
  275. bio lab

    what should i labeled on giant chromosome slide? -things that should have on that chromosome.

    asked by Yuni
  276. math

    the sale of drawing is 1/4 in. = 12 ft. find the atual measurement

    asked by nikki