Questions Asked on
January 13, 2012

  1. English/11th grade

    I have a few questions on my English homework. The directions state: Analyze the sentence to select the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the word(s) modified. 1. When you obey your parents, you please the Lord. Adverb clause: _____

    asked by Amy
  2. chemistry

    which of the following processes is more easily observable for light with a short wavelength? a. the photoelectric effect b. radio transmission c. diffraction d. interference

    asked by sofia
  3. Physics

    Two point charges are 10.0 cm apart and have charges of 2.0 μC and –2.0 μC, respectively. What is the magnitude of the electric field at the midpoint between the two charges? 8.99*10^9(2*10^-6/.025)=719200 Two equal charges are separated by 3.7 x 10-10

    asked by Anonymous
  4. physics

    In a head-on collision, a car stops in 0.11 s from a speed of 23 m/s. The driver has a mass of 87 kg , and is, fortunately, tightly strapped into his seat. What force is applied to the driver by his seat belt during that fraction of a second?

    asked by Malik
  5. calculus

    An automobile travels 4 miles road in 5 minutes. Use the Mean Value theorem to show that the speedometer reads exactly 48 mph at least once during the trip.

    asked by smith lionel
  6. Geometry

    A jump ramp for waterskiing makes an angle of 15 degree with the surface of the water. The ramp rises 1.58m above the surface. What is the length of the ramp to the nearest hundredth of a meter?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Algebra 1

    Samantha Jones has a job offer in which she will receive #600 per month plus a commission of 2% of the total price of the cars she sells. At her current job, she receives $1000 per month plus a commission of 1.5% of her total sales. a. What is the total

    asked by Annon.
  8. Chemistry

    What compound forms when one molecule of HCl and one molecule of NH3 combine? It is an ionic compound. I am not sure how to find this out. I thought is was H3O but that is not right.

    asked by Hannah
  9. english

    i have to take out embellishments, misquotations,false benefits and unethical tactics out of these sentence can some one help me 1. Storm damage done to water filtration plant #3 was mimimal. While we had to shut down temporily, servive resumed to meet

    asked by sharon
  10. algebra

    Henry deposited $420 into a savings account. There is a $5.00 per month service fee on the account. Also, Henry decides he wants to withdraw $25 a week for spending money. In how many months will Henry run out of money?

    asked by lundinn
  11. Chemistry

    1) Consider the following substance: V3N5. What is the oxidation number of vanadium and nitrogen? 2) Consider the following substance: Mn2O7. What is the oxadation number of manganese and oxygen? 3) Consider the following reaction: Al2(SO4)3. What is the

    asked by Ryan
  12. Math

    A shopkeeper packages together two types of hard candy: peppermint and cinnamon. Separately the peppermint candy sell for $1.80/kg and the cinnamon candy sells for $2.40/kg. The mixture sells for $2.16/kg. Determine the amount of each type of candy that is

    asked by Sienna
  13. accounting

    Christy Burch and Myung Lim, partners, compared their current income statement with their income statement of a year ago. They noted that sales were 12.0% higher than a year ago. They also noted that the total expenses were 20.0% higher than a year ago.

    asked by britt
  14. Chemistry

    When sodium Metal is dropped into water, all the metal reacts in the equation shown below. What mass of hydrogen is liberated from a 46.0 gram piece of sodium? 2Na(s)+2H2O(I) > 2NaOH(aq)+H2(g)

    asked by Franklin
  15. English - Sentences/Clauses

    Hello, could you please help me with a few questions I have with English? Directions: Classify this sentence as simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex. 1. She thought she saw a stranger, but he turned out to be her neighbor who was back from

    asked by Amy
  16. Geometry

    One side of a triangle is x inches longer than another side. The ray bisecting the angle formed by these sides divides the opposite side into 3- inch and 5-inch segments. Find the perimeter of the triangle in terms of x.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. English

    Writing sentences and paragraphs. Is the below correct? Paragraphs 1 Dear Mrs. Peggy, I am so glad that I enroll in Penn Foster School for my new career. I wanted to better my education by taking medical billing and coding to help me get a better paying

    asked by Mama
  18. Math

    find the absolute and percentage change in the following case: the congressional delegation of california increased from 30 in 1950 to 53 in 2010.

    asked by Maureen
  19. physics


    asked by Fonde
  20. chemistry

    __NH3(g) + __ O2(g) → __ N2(g) + __ H2O(g) When the reaction above is completely balanced, the coefficient for NH3 will be (a) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (d) 6.

    asked by Kacie
  21. Algebra 1

    Solve by substitution 2x+3y=40.50 3x+y=38.00

    asked by Debbie
  22. Geometry

    Find the perimeter of PQR with vertices P(-2, 9), Q(7, -3), and R(-2, -3).

    asked by Monica
  23. geometry

    find the coordinates of the circumcenter of tringleABC A(3,-1),B(-2,-1),C(3,-8)

    asked by Tony
  24. 11th grade english

    Hello! I was hoping someone could look over my answers? It's very much appreciated! :) How is the bracketed noun clause used? Subject, Direct object, Predicate noun, or Object of preposition. 1. I am optimistic enough to believe [that young people will

    asked by Amy
  25. english

    i have to take out embellishments, misquotations,false benefits and unethical tactics out of these sentence can some one help me 1.The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrade. 2.All of our costs were within fair-guidelines. 3.Al the lots we

    asked by morgan
  26. Geometry

    The Great Pyramid of Cheops in Giza, Egypt, was completed around 2566 B.C.E. Its original height was 482 ft. Each face of the pyramid forms a 52 degree angle with the ground. To the nearest foot, how long is the base of the pyramid?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Health Science

    Hi, I'm writing my assignment on people's lifestyles and cant come up with many ideas... this is the question: Why health professionals have to take into account factors that influence people's lifestyle choices?

    asked by Carol
  28. Science

    which of the following effects would also occur at the end of an Ice Age 1.) an increase in volcanic activity near the equator. 2.) a global rise in the sea level. 3.) a worldwide extinction of the reptiles. 4.)a shorte length of the day. 5.)a complete

    asked by Bill
  29. Geometry

    According to OSHA, a ladder that is placed against a wall should make a 75.5 degree angle with the ground for optimal safety. To the nearest tenth of a foot, what is the maximum height that a 10-ft ladder can safely reach?(trigonometry)

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    how far to the nearest tenth of a meter can a runner running at 7.9 m/s run in the time it takes a rock to fall from rest 65 meters?

    asked by Jason
  31. Athropology

    How could I summarize this article into approximately 10 sentences? Case Study: Mass Wedding in Iraq In Baghdad, Nada Omran and Kathi Jabran chose to share one of the most important days in their lives with dozens of strangers. It was the only way the two

    asked by Rebecca
  32. Finance

    Ag Silver Mining, Inc. has $500,000 of earnings before interest and taxes at the year end. Interest expenses for the year were $10,000. The firm expects to distribute $100,000 in dividends. Calculate the earnings after taxes for the firm assuming a 40

    asked by Vanessa
  33. physics


    asked by Fonde
  34. physics

    What is the resulting temperature when a 150g cube of ice at zero degrees celsius is added to 200g of water in a 100g aluminium cup at 30degrees celsius.

    asked by victor.m
  35. physics

    A 20000 kg airplane takes off by traveling 300 m down a runway while the engines exert a continuous force of 4000 N.(a) Calculate the change in kinetic energy of the airplane during takeoff.(b) Determine the speed of the airplane as it leaves the runway.

    asked by emily
  36. geometry

    if angle FGH is similar to angle PQR, FG = 6, PQ = 10, and the perimeter of angle PQR IS 35, find the perimeter of angle FGH

    asked by Anonymous
  37. chem

    Earlier I asked does the following represent an equilibrium situation: 1) A glass of iced tea still has sugar at the bottom after several minutes of stirring. If no more sugar can be dissolved could you explain why that represents an equilibrium? Please

    asked by maria

    "POWERS" Compute the power of a number given the base and exponent. Do three versions of this program using a while loop, a do-while loop and a for-loop. Introduction Please help..i don't know how to input this in java...please help.tnx

    asked by Java
  39. Geometry

    One side of a triangle is x inches longer than another side. The ray bisecting the angle formed by these sides divides the opposite side into 3-inch and 5-inch segments. Find the perimeter of the triangle in terms of x. ( triangle angle bisector theorem)

    asked by Anonymous
  40. history

    Describe and evaluate president Eisenhower policy regarding Joseph McCarthy could you tell me if this is the answer. He was succeeded as president influence,pursued foreign policy. Thank You

    asked by keria
  41. math

    If A = 296 ± 4, and B= 535 ± 4, C=AB-200B, determine C and its % error.

    asked by blaze
  42. Physics

    Lai threw a ball downwards with an initial velocity of 11.0 m/s. What is in meters the displacement of the ball during the 2.9 seconds after she threw it? (don't include units in the answer, use 10.0 m/s2 for g and use the upward direction as positive)

    asked by Savannah
  43. physics

    A car traveling at 70 km/h. It then accelerates at 3.6m/s^2 to 90km/h. How long does it take to reach a new speed. How far does it travel during acceleration

    asked by Tasha
  44. English Lit-Please offer opinion

    I asked this question yesterday but I thought of another possibility-I had to tell what figure of speeech And here we are as on a darkling plain Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight Where ignorant armies clash by night By Matthew Arnold in

    asked by Jamie
  45. government

    Using the Internet, encyclopedia, and/other reference material for research, write a 1,000-word report on feudalism in the history in one of the following countries: * France * England * Germany

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Finance

    19. Temple, Inc. has sales of $329,000, cost of goods sold of $204,000, depreciation of $5,900, and interest expense of $15,100. The tax rate is 34 percent. What is the times interest earned ratio? (Please calculate the arithmetic solution and show your

    asked by Vanessa
  47. Chemistry

    How many grams of CaCO3 can be precipitated if 50.0 ml of 0.10 M CaCl2 are mixed with 30 ml of 0.2 M KCO3?

    asked by Eric
  48. algebra

    could you see if my answers are correct?? if not could you please help me get them right? thanks very much A train leaves a station at noon. train is 180 miles from its destination at 12:45 pm and 90 miles from its destination at 2:15. how far is station

    asked by ann
  49. Trig-Please check

    What are polar coordinates of (4,6) 1.Round r to nearest hundredth and theta to nearest hundredth of RADIAN My work: r^2 = x^ + y^2 r^2 = 4^2 + 6^2 r^2= 16 +36 r^ =52 r=7.21 I'm stuck on how to do theta in Radians, could you please assist

    asked by Angela P.
  50. chem

    The reaction AB(aq)->A(g)+ B(g)is second order in AB and has a rate constant of 0.0282 M^{-1} s^{-1} at 25 Celsius. A reaction vessel initially contains 250 mL of 0.105 M AB which is allowed to react to form the gaseous product. The product is collected

    asked by Yuni
  51. programming

    The Binary Tree is one of the best ways to organize data when you need fast access. For this assignment, we will organize a list of names and perform various operations on those names. Build and show a binary tree based on the following names inserted into

    asked by Lynn
  52. integrated algebra

    how can you solve x^2 - 3x = 0 i was using a formula as: x^2-7x+10=0 (x-5)(x+2)= 0 x-5=0 x+5 +5 x=5 I was following this formula but got stumped on this question please help.

    asked by sally
  53. english

    I am trying these on my own is this correct? 1.The service contract...on the whole...applied to upgrade. rewrite: Don't understand this sentence 2.All of our costs were within fair-guidelines. rewrite: All the cost were within the guidelines. 3.Al the lots

    asked by SHARON
  54. trig

    3x^2+16y^2=48 conic sections

    asked by Anonymous
  55. English Lit-Please check

    Does an analogy ever have "as" in it. I'm just trying to figure out figures of speech and I know Writeteacher told me "as" would be a simile but in the following: My brother has grown a great deal in the last year. He is almost as tall as I am now. This

    asked by Jamie
  56. College Algebra

    A seed company sells two grades of grass seed. A 100-pound bag of a mixture of rye and bluegrass sells for $245 and a 100-pound bag of bluegrass sells for $347. How many bags of each are sold in a week when the receipts for 19 bags are $5,369?

    asked by Delores
  57. math

    Joel has twice as many CDs as Mariella has. Subtracting 7 from the number of CDs Joel has and dividing by 3 equals the number of CDs Blake has. If Blake has 25 CDs how many CDs does Mariella have? Help step by step

    asked by raj
  58. law

    The U.S. supreme court case that applied the right to privacy to abortions is?

    asked by tolu
  59. algebra

    5^400 or 4500 which is greater?

    asked by Niloy
  60. earth

    what is the chemical formula of chock?

    asked by NANDU
  61. Math

    you have four $5.00 bills. You buy a shirt for $10.00 What fraction of money do you have left. Use equivalent fraction.

    asked by Dave
  62. English

    Is this sentence grammatically correct? ''Everyone has a need to feel accepted and being cared about and it is family and friends that play a vital role in individual’s lifestyle choices.''

    asked by Ann
  63. Physics

    a car accelerates at a constant rate from zero to 26.7 m/s in 10 seconds and then slows to 19 m/s in 5 seconds. What is its average acceleration to the nearest tenth of a m/s^2 during the 15 seconds?

    asked by Jason
  64. algebra

    ¯3 x 5 + ¯36 ÷ ¯3 -- ¯7 — 10 + 6 x ¯8 ÷ ¯24 —1 =

    asked by Josh
  65. calculus

    f(12)=15 and f(5)=6 f(x)=

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Algebra II-Please check

    I'm sorry the computer jammed on an earlier post and I couldn't do anything-so here is the problem I need asistance with Please check and offer advice-I'm NOT SURE IF I USED CORRECT FORMULAS-thank you the problem is List the center, vertices, and foci of

    asked by Josh
  67. Algebra 1

    Marks pet needs to eat at least 18 grams of fiber but less than 25 grams of protein each day. Mark gives his dog Food A and Food B throughout the day. Food A has 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein in each serving. Food B has 4 grams of fiber and 1

    asked by D.D
  68. English

    Writing sentence and Paragraphs. Does the below look correct? Paragraphs 2 I am very excited about making medical billing and coding as my new field of my career. Since I use to work for Mary Brecking Ridge Hospital for 6 years. I learned a lot so now I

    asked by Mama
  69. precalculus

    how would I find points to plot a graph for the function f(x)=ln(4-x)?

    asked by Sara
  70. Math

    wxmaxima at which prices will make maximum profit if the demand function is q(x)=8.8*(sqrt(21-0.3*p^^2)). thank you

    asked by Anita
  71. english

    hi i really need some assitinance please help. The sentences in each word group below are coherent because they are linked by repetition of the same word, by synonyms, and by pronouns. Type the words that tie the sentences together in each group. Though he

    asked by derrick
  72. trigonometry

    Find a complex number a + bi such that a^2 + b^2 is irrational. Justify and explain your reasoning.

    asked by britt
  73. Math

    ok if the boy is 5ft tall and the flag pole is 15ft tall and 8ft long what proportion can be determaind to the lenght the boys shadow

    asked by person
  74. Ap-Chemistry

    How many grams of Ca will react with 15.0g of Cl to form calcium chloride? How many grams of calcium chloride will be formed? Explain step by step.

    asked by Salena
  75. statistics

    Start with x = 100 and add four x values to make a sample of five data such that the standard deviation of these data equals 0.

    asked by dream
  76. Finance

    Help me understand how lower wage earner's taxes can be cut when they do not pay taxes at the end of the year to begin with and most will receive more back from filing taxes than they pay in. Where is the greatest benefit?

    asked by Julie
  77. World History

    Both Hindus and buddhists believe in A. Many gods B.The caste system C. Formal rituals I got C.

    asked by sarah
  78. geometry

    a tree is standing upright.i want to cut it down at the would i find out how tall it is. so that i could fall it without hitting any if it is 80 feet tall it should fall 80 feet?

    asked by DEEK
  79. Math

    I don't get how you get these answers: cos180 degree = -1 sin45 degree = root(2)/2 cos(-135) = -root(2)/2 cot(-60) = -1/root(3) or -root(3)/3 What does cos or sin do to make the answer different? please help

    asked by NeedHelpPlz
  80. Climate

    Is there a picture I could use that has the global/prevailing winds labeled?

    asked by Ariel
  81. statistics

    a research participant has her brain scanned while listening to music and solving math problems, and the brain area of interest has a percent signal change of 58. From many previous studies with this same math-problems procedure (but not listening to

    asked by Anonymous
  82. precalculus

    analyze the graph of f(x)=(x+3)x-1)^2 x and y itercepts; end behavior; and maximum number of turning points

    asked by Sara
  83. Physics

    A subway train starting from rest leaves a station with a constant acceleration. At the end of 5.24 s, it is moving at 13.4144 m/s. What is the train’s displacement in the first 3.42696 s of motion?

    asked by Olivia
  84. Physics

    A subway train starting from rest leaves a station with a constant acceleration. At the end of 5.24 s, it is moving at 13.4144 m/s. What is the train’s displacement in the first 3.42696 s of motion?

    asked by Olivia
  85. writing

    write a 150-200 word paragraph to explain how purpose, content, audience, and tone impact academic writing.

    asked by unknown
  86. Finance

    Find the future value one year from now of a $7,000 investment at a 3 percent annual compound interest rate. Also calculate the future value if the investment is made for two years.

    asked by audrey
  87. Math

    I need help Angle B = 90 degree - 28 degree 34' Angle B = 61.43333333... how do I convert decimal answer into degree minute second? please helpa and thank you

    asked by NeedHelp
  88. Global

    Please break this down for me Any subject - and there were many - toward which he directed his insatiable curiousity, artistic talent and keen scientific mind found itself dissected, improved upon and catalogued for posterity. Leonardo, truly, was a man

    asked by Anonymous
  89. electrical

    A 35 kVA transformer supplies a load of 12 kW at a power factor of 0.45 lagging. Find the percentage of full load the transformer is carrying. If additional unity power factor loads are to be served with the same transformer, how many kW may be added

    asked by ram
  90. Geometry

    The line m has the equarion y= 2x + 1. The line n is perpendicular to m and passes through the point A(2,1). Write an equation of n

    asked by Marina
  91. math

    I am not even,I am greater than 200,the sum of my digits is 9,I am a multiple of 5,I am less than 300,I am evenly divsible by 9 what number am I

    asked by Ciara
  92. socials

    make list for & aganist proposal to increase amount of aid canada give to countries developing for: help improve conditions of poor childrens education decrease poverty against: no guarantee if aid be helpful it may be used for military and to support

    asked by Mohammad
  93. precalculus

    I have the problem 2e^x = squareroot(10e^x) +3. the solution must be in exact form only.

    asked by Sara
  94. precalculus

    another one where I need points to graph please. f(x)=(7/5)^(3-x).

    asked by Sara
  95. English grammar

    Does this sentence sound correct: 'This can be a very delicate topic to discuss with clients and hence health professional must proceed with caution and discretion'

    asked by Lil
  96. Math

    you have four $5.00 bills. You buy a shirt for $10.00 What fraction of money do you have left. Use equivalent fraction.

    asked by Dave
  97. World History

    How did scientific discoveries change people's attitudes towards natural events and religious faith?

    asked by Autumn
  98. Chemistry

    A 12.0L sample of a as at a constant pressure of 608 mm Hg was heated from 40 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius. What volume does the gas now occupy? would I multiply 608 by 12 and then divide by the degrees celsius?

    asked by Hannah
  99. physics

    what does mechanical equilibrium have to do with skiing

    asked by Anonymous
  100. chemistry

    S^2-(aq)+HCl(aq)--> Cl^1-(aq)+HS^1-(aq) Match the species to its identity as a Bronsted-Lowry acid, base, conjugate acid or conjugate base.

    asked by Tasha
  101. Chemistry

    Which molecule has the greatest average velocity at 100 degrees celsius. He, Cl2, Xe, O2, NO2 I used the root mean squared formula but I think I did it wrong. I got Xe as my answer. Is this correct?

    asked by Hannah
  102. English

    Writing sentences and paragraphs. Is the below correct? Paragraph 1 I am anxious study this field medical billing and coding that is the reason I am applying for this position. It will be a wonderful experience working in a clinic or hospital. The position

    asked by Sis
  103. English

    Writing sentences and paragraphs. Is this correct? Paragraph 2 Dear Elizabeth, I am anxious when I found out that you move back to town, and looking for job. My SBU manager, is currently hiring for a production manager. She is SBU manager for ACS. I think

    asked by Sis
  104. math

    Prove that the least height (h) of a triangle contains a circle of radius (r) is h=3r

    asked by jack
  105. PHYSICS

    Find the period time of the moon from the following values, R=6400km,the distance between the earth and the moon=384000km,g=9.8m/s2

    asked by NANDU
  106. healthcare

    why would it be difficult for a small community hospital or a practicing physician to survive in today's health care climate?

    asked by kathy
  107. Accounting

    The balance sheet of Burger King reports current assets of $30,500 and current liabilities of $15,800. Calculate the current ratio of Burger King and detemine whether it will increase or decrease as a result of the following transactions: -Paid $2,030 cash

    asked by Francesca
  108. Physics

    How do you conclude the answer to the following : What will be the approximate pressure (bar/psi ) for a bullet shaped object weighing 35kg..500mm diameter x 900mm. to travel horizontally for a distance of 30 metres before landing..

    asked by Cory
  109. weather zones

    could you please give us some info about plants,animal,charactorisics,and etc. about the polar circle?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. precalculus

    have to graph the following piecewise function stating values for f(0) and f(-2) {-x-2 if x

    asked by Sara
  111. social studies

    how are community celebrations and national holidays different

    asked by andy
  112. penn foster

    what is a POA unducator? How and when are they used

    asked by emma
  113. billing and coding

    what is a POA indicator used?

    asked by emma
  114. Physics

    How do you conclude the answer to the following : What will be the approximate pressure (bar/psi ) for a bullet shaped object weighing 35kg..500mm diameter x 900mm. to travel horizontally for a distance of 30 metres before landing..

    asked by Cory
  115. math

    Find the slope if it exists of the lie containing the pair of points (-7,-11) and (-9,-17)

    asked by Joslyn
  116. spanish

    please unscramble these spanish words " 1)cesla 2)utiels 3)asloresce 4)oclamih

    asked by sarah
  117. Algebra


    asked by Traci
  118. Health Science

    What would be some examples of dilemmas which affect the health promoting work of the podiatrist?

    asked by Caroline
  119. english

    Jordan likes going to the theatre to watch movies

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Math

    The Commutative Property can be used to rewrite the expression 3 x 5 2/3 as 3(5) + 3(2/3).

    asked by Micaela
  121. Math

    The Commutative Property can be used to rewrite the expression 3 x 5 2/3 as 3(5) + 3(2/3). TRUE OR FALSE

    asked by Micaela
  122. Spanish II

    Is this how you say "The boy stands up"..."El muchacho lavantarse"

    asked by Ebonique
  123. SAT

    How does the SAT motivate students?

    asked by Amanda
  124. physics

    A block of ice at 0 degree celsius is placed in a room whose temperature is also 0 degree Celsius explain what will happen?

    asked by diana
  125. ENGLISH

    CAN YOU CHECK THESE PLEASE: 1.We followed the protocols precisely with test results yielding further opportunities for experimentation. Rewrite: The test results of the protocols no longer will permit opportunities for future experimentation. 1.Customers'

    asked by SHARON
  126. english

    Is it correct to say 'people's psychological, physical and social needs'' or instead of saying people's would I just say people?

    asked by Lil
  127. science

    Am I correct to label hot chocolate and ocean water as solvents

    asked by howard