Questions Asked on
January 6, 2012

  1. Trigonometry

    Prove that tan2A = (sec2A+1)√sec²A-1

    asked by Kewal
  2. Math

    A tree is growing at the edge of a cliff. From the tree, the angle between the base of the cliff and the base of a nearby house is 62 degrees. If the distance between the base of the cliff and the base of the house is 500 feet, how many feet tall is the

    asked by Christopher
  3. Chemistry

    How many atoms are present in a sample of 2.0 x 10^23 molecules of C7H5(NO2)3? Do you use Avogadro's Number? And please show work.. :)

    asked by Sunny
  4. algebra 1 function question

    given functions f(x) = 3x-5 and g(x) = 1/3 - 4/3x correct the error g(-3) = 1/3 - 4/3(3) = 1/3-4 = - 3 2/3 error i believe is 3 should be -3 so g(-3) = 1/3 - 4/3(-3) 1/3- (4/3 times -3/1) = 1/3 -( -12/3)= 1/3 +12/3 = 13/4 = 4 1/3 other one: f(1) = 1/3 -

    asked by ann
  5. Environmental Science

    1. The main provisions of the Endangered Species Act include all of the following EXCEPT: a. individuals may not destroy the habitats of endangered species may not catch or kill, uproot, sell or trade any endangered or threatened species. c. the

    asked by Cheryl
  6. probability and statistics

    the average age for licensed drivers in the country is u=40.3 years with a standard deviation of o= 13.2 years. a. a researcher obtained a random sample of n=16 parking tickets and computed an average age of m=38.9 years for the drivers. is it reasonable

    asked by kiera
  7. Chemistry

    What method would you use to separate salt, sand , marble chips and iron nails?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. geometry

    An architect needs to design a rectangular room with an area of 75 ft What dimensions should he use in order to minimize the perimeter? Round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary

    asked by Tyler
  9. psychology

    The small structure in the brain that plays a key role in scrutinizing incoming information for its emotional importance is known as the ______________.

    asked by Jazmyne
  10. Government

    A __________ defines the decision-making rules for a nation, thus limiting what a government can and cannot do. A. social contract B. tradition C. constitution D. strong leader

    asked by Casper
  11. anatomy & physiology

    What would happen if our themoregulation used a postive feedback to maintain homeostasis

    asked by Lynn
  12. Science

    1. Symbiotic relationships may evolve a. very quickly to remove all benefits acquired by the relationship. b. rapidly over a short period of time throughout all species. c. over time by co-evolution of adaptations that reduce the harm or improve the

    asked by Cheryl
  13. statistics

    You are conducting an experiment to see if a given therapy works to reduce test anxiety in a sample of college students. A standard measure of test anxiety is known to produce a  = 19. In the sample you draw of 86 the mean is equal 17.5 with standard

    asked by sai
  14. History

    How did china influence the economic development od taiwan. A. Chinese buisness men invested in taiwanese companys. B. Taiwan grew economically because of chinas acceptance of captialism C. Chinas cultural revolution allowed taiwan to devolup its high

    asked by sarah
  15. math

    how do you solve 4x-6-8x-9=21

    asked by chalo
  16. math

    during two hours at one area high school there are 3 class changes and two class periods. if the time spent in class is six less than six times the time spent changing classes, how long are the classes at this high school?

    asked by Vic
  17. Geomerty

    In order to measure the distance AB across the meteorite crater, a surveyor at S locates points A, B, C, and D. What is AB to the nearest meter? nearest kilometer? Draw triangle BSA (B is the bottom left corner, S is the top, and A is the bottom right

    asked by Anonymous
  18. pre algerbra

    how do you solve 45 min/2 mi=?h/1 mi

    asked by steph
  19. geometry

    If the length of CE=24, WHat is the Length of FE?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Trigonometry

    Prove that sin3A+sin2A-sinA = 4sinAcosA/2cos3A/2

    asked by Kewal
  21. algebra

    perform the indicated operation: 3/5 x 7/10

    asked by Brandy
  22. Communication

    Inexperienced writers often try to skip the earlier stages of writing where you generate ideas and plan your paper. But when they do, they usually struggle composing their first draft. What advice would you give to a developing writer about brainstorming

    asked by Bee
  23. science

    can u pl answer the following 1. _______ used in air craft to measure altitudes . 2.The metal that burns in oxygen with a dazzling light is _________ . 3. the gas liberated on heating copper corbonate is _________ . 4 .what is king of chemicals ? 5. what

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  24. physics

    what is the speed of a sound wave if its frequency s 160 hertz and its wavelength is 2.2m?

    asked by aatqa
  25. probability and statistics

    a population forms a normal distribution with a mean of u=80 and a standard deviation of o=15. for each of the following samples, compute the z-score for the sample mean and determine whether the sample mean is a typical, representative value or an extreme

    asked by darrell
  26. probability and statistics

    welsh, davis, burke, and williams (2002) conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink on sports performance and endurance. experienced athletes were given either s carbohydrate-electrolyte drink or a placebo while

    asked by kiera
  27. history

    how did oil crisis in the 1970s illustate the promblem of economic interdependence? A.all nations rely on oil. C. multinational corporation had brought new technologies to developing countries i think its a

    asked by sarah
  28. History

    what was the result of partian of india in 1947? A. the division futher escalted the violence between pakistan muslims and indians hindus. B. the division resulted in two economically diversed regions C.lashes with british forces shaply divided the nation

    asked by sarah
  29. history

    Which of the following is not a reason there was a rowing spirit of nationalism in africa foloowing world war 2? A. African soliders who had fought parts of the world returned home disturbed by africas discrimination. B. Workers in war time defense

    asked by sarah
  30. history

    In the 1930s what did brazil do to restore its fallng economy? A. brizal moved away from dependence on a single export. B. brazil fozused efforts on forestry C. brazil restored its silk trade with china D. brazil privatized the nations buisness and restoed

    asked by sarah
  31. history

    the civil war yugoslavia was fought A.between communists and anti communists B.between pro democracy supporters and followers of milosevic C.among serb, croats and muslims D. between northern and southern yugoslavia my choice is c

    asked by sarah
  32. history

    The conflict between palestians and jews in palestine centered around A . Differences in religion B. The claim by both groups that it was there home land C. Disagreements over borders D . The role of the british in palestine I got B. Why did colonial

    asked by sarah
  33. History

    In sowing seeds of peace the purpose of the camp on maine can best be decribed as A. to educate Arab and Israeli teens B. to give orphans of families destroyed by conflict a place to meet C. for arab and israeli teens to get to know each other as people

    asked by sarah
  34. History

    Which of the following was an effect of growing cash crops in africa A. There was a food shortage B. Countries achive econmic independence C. Small formers became rich D. Governments neglected indutrial growth. I got D. Which is the biggest effect the

    asked by sarah
  35. History

    Which of the following is most symbolic of mother teresas dedication to working with the poor? A. She wore a blue-bordered sari like the one worn bo the poor women of india. B. She founded a new order in the poorest area of calcutta C. She resided among

    asked by sarah
  36. History

    Following world war 11 what factors led to japans economic sucess? A. the adoption of eastern economic philosophy that emphasized supply and demand economy B. the concentration on the production of high-quality agricultural products C. efficient modern

    asked by sarah
  37. physics

    a mover uses a ramp to pull a 1000 newton cart up to the floor of his truck 0.8 meters high if it takes a force or 200 newtons to pull the cart what is the length of the ramp

    asked by hunter
  38. History

    How did the two superpowers that emerged during the cold war compete for influence over other nations ? A. The united states and germany competed through each countrys military developments leading to the arms race B. The coviet union and the united states

    asked by sarah
  39. math

    Renter’s Insurance protects a person who is renting an apartment from losses or damages that can occur in the apartment setting. Give two examples of things that could happen in an apartment that would be protected by having renter’s insurance.

    asked by danny
  40. Math

    given the digits {1,1,2,5,5,5,6,7} how many even numbers less than 5 000 000 are there?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    What is the value of x -7 if the other two sides have a value of 68 and 49?

    asked by Shanyah
  42. history

    who came up with the idea of the school bus?

    asked by sally
  43. math

    helping lil bro with homework and he forgot to bring his books home and I cant remember anything 1. The word “risk” is used often in insurance discussions. Assume you have an apartment and how likely you are to buy Renter’s Insurance? 2. When you buy

    asked by Mark
  44. ap chemistry

    what is the pH of 2.50M HF (aq)? Ka=7.2X10^-4

    asked by mary
  45. Algebra 1

    Please help me find the answer to this problem. it would be nice to have the details to how you came by the answer: Radical of 3/4 + radical of 1/3 your help is greatly appreciated

    asked by HELP
  46. math-calculus

    5a-3/a+7 = 5a-14/a+1 so i find that only lowest common denominator for equation is (a+7)(a+1) (a+7)(a+1)(5a-3/a+7) = (5a-14/a+1)(a+7)(a+1) in first part i get rid of a+7's and in second part i get rid of a+1's. (a+1)(5a-3) = (5a-14)(a+7) 5a^2+2a-3 =

    asked by Shreya
  47. Geometry

    A pet store has various sizes of guinea pig cages. What are possible dimensions of this cage? L=6 cm W=4.8cm This problem has a multiple choice: A)28 in. BY 24 in. B)28 in. BY 18 in. C)30 in. BY 24 in. D)30 in. BY 18 in.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    Im not too sure how to find the x-intercept & y-intercept for a sstandard form question when it looks like this: 4x-12=0 If someone could explain this too me that would be awesome. thanks :)

    asked by Lily
  49. statistics

    one of six radios in a crate is known to be defective. the radios are tested one at a time. if the first two radios are not defective, what is the probability that the third radio tested is defective.

    asked by luckybee
  50. Math

    At the school store, colored pencils are reduced from $2.40 a box to $2.00 a box. What is the percent of decrease?

    asked by Martha
  51. physics

    A(n) 11 g bullet is fired into a(n) 111 g block of wood at rest on a horizontal surface and stays inside. After impact, the block slides 14 m before coming to rest. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s If the coefficient of friction between the surface

    asked by Jason
  52. physics

    A(n) 11 g bullet is fired into a(n) 111 g block of wood at rest on a horizontal surface and stays inside. After impact, the block slides 14 m before coming to rest. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s If the coefficient of friction between the surface

    asked by Jason
  53. physics

    A(n) 5 g bullet is fired into a 249 g block that is initially at rest at the edge of a frictionless table of height 1.7 m. The bullet remains in the block, and after impact the block lands 1.6 m from the bottom of the table. The acceleration of gravity is

    asked by Jason
  54. Physics

    A 1000 kg car is moving at a constant speed of 7 m/s when it hits the back bumper of another car with 1200 kg of mass moving in the same direction at a constant speed of 6 m/s. As a result of the collision both bumpers get coupled. Show all work and

    asked by Will
  55. English

    I'm reposting you a few sentences I checked myself again, because you told me they were too wordy. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. 1) Correction: A

    asked by Henry2
  56. math

    ben and glen are practicing short golf shots. they are aiming for a flag that is 110 yards away? they consider any shot between 105 and 115 yards to be accurate. here are their results in yards. ben: 110,130,88,105,108,110,118,100,120,103.and Glen:

    asked by theresa
  57. English

    Could you please tell me which of the following phrases are possible? Thank you. 1) Hamlet wants to ____ ______; Hamlet wants to take revenge Hamlet wants to avenge his father Hamlet wants to revenge himself 2) Hamlet is sure that Claudius is the murderer

    asked by Henry2
  58. geometry

    Q(-8,3), R(6,3), S(3,-3), T(-11,-3) Which of the following is the strongest classification that identifies this quadrilateral?

    asked by joseph
  59. physics

    I will be thank full to u if u help me in solving the below problem If the change in the value of g at a height h above the surface of the earth is same as depth x below the surface of the earth, then (h

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  60. brain teaser

    If there are 10 apple and you take away 7. How much do you have? i said 7 but i was told i was wrong

    asked by Anonymous
  61. English

    I left out three sentences. Could you please check them too? I did some of the corrections myself. 1) Hamlet has been troubled since his father _________ in tragic circumstances. (died, was murdered but not "has been murdered"?) His uncle Claudius _______

    asked by Henry2
  62. English

    I'm really sorry. The last two sentences in my last post shouldn't be there because you already checked them. I really apologize for that.

    asked by Henry2
  63. physics

    A(n) 5 g bullet is fired into a 249 g block that is initially at rest at the edge of a frictionless table of height 1.7 m. The bullet remains in the block, and after impact the block lands 1.6 m from the bottom of the table. The acceleration of gravity is

    asked by Jason
  64. psy220

    what are the central themes and startegies of positive psychology?

    asked by gary
  65. english

    Can someone help go through my homework? The topic is : A high school diploma is important to my future. I am required to write an eight-sentence paragraph that fully develops the topic. A high school diploma open doors to a basic job, pay and is an

    asked by Roarke
  66. math

    37 + (-12) =

    asked by Claire
  67. Math

    How do you factor this: f(x)=1/2(x-2)^3+1

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by ATHIRA.P
  69. algebra

    please help me find error: f(1) = 1/3 -4/3(1) =1/3 - 4/3 = - 3/3 = -1 should -1 be +1 or is there no error thanks note i reduced question from posting about 10 am this morning.

    asked by ann
  70. algebra

    please help me find error: f(1) = 1/3 -4/3(1) =1/3 - 4/3 = - 3/3 = -1 should -1 be +1 or is there no error thanks note i reduced question from posting about 10 am this morning.

    asked by ann
  71. Geometry

    How many points in a plane are in the locus of all points equidistant from two parallel lines in the plane? a.0 b.1 c.2 d.infinitely many D?

    asked by Lily
  72. English

    I left out these last sentences on Hamlet and a few other sentences on grammar. I hope you can check if they are grammatically correct. 1) Hamlet's father's ghost appears to Hamlet to tell his son that he was murdered by Claudius. 2) Hamlet arranges a play

    asked by Henry2
  73. science

    can u pl tell me the weight of human brain

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  74. English

    Here are a few other doubts.I hope you can have a look at them. Thank you. 1) When they built a camp near the Marula trees, the elephant stood on the edge of the camp, but after twenty minutes, he dared to walk quickly into the camp. 2) This elephant

    asked by Henry2
  75. Anatomy & physiology

    Compare and contrast the two feedback mechanisms our bodies use to maintain homeostasis what would happen if our thermoregulation used positive feedback to maintain homeostasis

    asked by Lynn
  76. algebra

    Find the domain of the function g(x)=3/10-7x

    asked by angela
  77. Maths

    I will be thank full to u in solving the below problem. The sum of two numbers is 108.8 times one of the numbers is 9 more than the other .find the numbers

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  78. math

    A photograph is 4.5 in wide and 6 in. long. A yearbook editor has the photo reduced to fit a space 1.9 in. wide. How long is the reduced photograph?

    asked by kokodiva
  79. math

    the game of the euchre uses just 9s,10s,jacks,queens,kings and aces from a standard deck of 52 cards. how many five-card euchre hands have all black cards. is the right answer 495 ways which i got by doing 12C5 x 40C0 = 495 ways

    asked by sana
  80. eco/372

    what is the pro and cons of expansionary monetary policy?

    asked by at
  81. geometry

    Jim has put a fence along the side AC of the triangular patch of land shown below. A right angle triangle ABC is shown having length of one leg equal to 6 meters. The measure of angle ABC is 90 degrees. A fence is shown on the hypotenuse of the triangle.

    asked by sunny
  82. Law

    What must you keep in mind about decisions posted on the internet so soon after a ruling? can please somebody help me with this my book doesnt say anything about this.

    asked by Tobby
  83. Math

    On tuesday you all took the science and then your social studies final exams. What is the probability of you passing your social studies final exam given that you know that you passed your science final exam first ? The probability of you passing both is

    asked by Ray
  84. physics

    A water-cooled engine produces 1589 W of power. Water enters the engine block at 14.61 °C and exits at 29.91 °C. The rate of water flow is 147.3 L/h. What is the engine’s efficiency?

    asked by melisa
  85. physics

    Find the net change in entropy when 213 g of water at 0.0°C is added to 213 g of water at 96.9°C.

    asked by melisa
  86. Algebra

    The linear equation y=0.15x+0.79 represents an estimate of the average cost of gas for year x starting in 1997. the year 1997 would be represented by x=1, for example, as it is the first year in the study. similarly, 2005 would be year 9, or x=9 A) what

    asked by Marcus
  87. algebra

    (^7ã2x^6y)^11 can you explain to me how to rewrite this rational exponent

    asked by Ree
  88. spanish

    Adonde vas despues de comer?

    asked by sammy
  89. English

    Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you. 1) the first who trusts/to trust are both possible? 2) "Let's check the answer to those exercises" She proposed checking the answers... She told/ordered us to check.... She suggested checking the

    asked by Henry2
  90. probability and statistics

    the population of sat scores forms a normal distribution with a mean of u=500 and a standard deviation of o=100. if the average sat score is calculated for a sample of n=25 students. a. what is the probability that the sample mean will be greater than

    asked by darrell
  91. English

    What does the poem "America" by Maya Angelou really mean.? What is really try to say in this poem..???

    asked by David
  92. algebra


    asked by Linda
  93. physics

    A 640-kg racing car completes one lap in 14.3 s around a circular track with a radius of 45.0 m. The car moves at constant speed. (a) What is the acceleration of the car? m/s2 (b) What force must the track exert on the tires to produce this acceleration?

    asked by bob
  94. Math

    Please explain how to solve: 1/3 = p-2/p+8

    asked by Jane
  95. Math

    Given A = {2,4,6,8,10} B= {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} What is (A¿B) ? Is it {2,4,6,8,10}?

    asked by Jane

    A 62 kg water skier, moving at 14 m/s , lets go of the towline. Momentum= 868 kgm/s Impulse= -868 Ns c.If the water exerts an average force of -275 N on the skier, how long must the force act? 3.16 s d. How far does she travel during this time? I'm

    asked by Anon
  97. Physics

    A skater of mass 60 kg takes a 20 m radius turn at 12 m/s. Find the skater's angle of lean (between body and vertical)

    asked by Rosie
  98. sociology

    I need to do a paper on advocates against inequality (person or organization). where might I be able to find a list that I can choose from? Or suggestions would be appreciated.

    asked by Anonymous
  99. world religions

    I really need help with thses questions ! Any help would be great true or false- Moses was a wealthy egyptian what is Yavneh and why was it so important?

    asked by Annie
  100. math

    Please explain how to solve: You have 11 cups of flour. It takes 1 cup of flour to make 24 cookies. The function c(f) = 24f represents the number of cookies, c, that can be made with f cups of flour. What domain and range are reasonable for the function?

    asked by Jane
  101. math

    The Venn diagram below shows the dinner orders for a local restaurant. How many people did NOT order steak for dinner? Steak, chicken & fish were order. In the Venn circles, the total that did not order steak was 56. There is 43 in the right lower corner

    asked by Jane
  102. physics PLEASE helpp

    Find the net change in entropy when 213 g of water at 0.0°C is added to 213 g of water at 96.9°C.

    asked by melisa
  103. PHYSÝCS

    Suppose a person metabolizes 2150 kcal/day. a) With a core body temperature of 37.1°C and an ambient temperature of 21.3°C, what is the maximum (Carnot) efficiency with which the person can perform work? b) If the person could work with that efficiency,

    asked by melisa
  104. Algebra 1

    5x/(x^2 – 25)

    asked by Jackie
  105. English

    I still have a few more doubts. Could you please check these sentences, too? 1) He said he would come the following day, the next day, the day after (is the last a mistake?). 2) She agreed to come (she accepted to come is a mistake?) the next day. 3) The

    asked by Henry2
  106. Physics

    Georgie was pulling her brother (of mass 26 kg) in a 11.9 kg sled with a constant force of 37 N for one block (100 m). How much work did Georgie do? How long would a 300 W lightbulb have to glow to produce the same amount of energy expended by Georgie?

    asked by Anonymous
  107. English

    I just wanted to know if the following rephrases are possible. 1) African cheetahs stalk their prey in semi-arid grassland. 2) They catch, capture, their prey in semi-arid grassland. (are these verbs possible to rephrase "stall"?) 3) They follow their prey

    asked by Henry2
  108. math

    Jason bought a laser printer that regularly sells for $ 649.99AT THE MARKDOWN RATE OF 35%.What is the final selling price

    asked by Matt
  109. PHYSICS 11th

    A girl holds a 1.7 kg air rifle loosely and fires a bullet of mass 2 g. The muzzle velocity of the bullet is 160 m/s. What is the magnitude of the recoil velocity of the gun?

    asked by Anon
  110. Download

    Can someone give me a website so that I can download the youtube video: The Aztec Civilization? Thanks Ariel

    asked by Ariel
  111. statistics

    a weather girl predicts there is a 50% chance of rain and a 10% chance that the rain will turn into snow. What is the probability that it will snow?

    asked by luckybee
  112. jefferson high school

    two tuning are struck at the same time one tuning fork has a frequency of 20hz while the tuning fork has a frequency of 226hz how many beats will result

    asked by peter lynch
  113. math

    Give two examples of why having health insurance would be a good idea. What problems would there be if you didn’t have it? Sorry i can not come up with 2 examples

    asked by anonymous
  114. cultural diversity

    Native americans are ambivalent about early intervention programs forchildren with disabilities because they:

    asked by Elizabeth
  115. chemisty

    14KMnO4+4C3H5(OH)3----->7K2CO3+7Mn2O3+5CO3+16H2O how to do it help me if you can I spend days to find this but I couldn't please help mee.....

    asked by pamela
  116. math

    You’re monthly budget allows for $112.00 a month for auto insurance. How much do they spend on insurance for the year? 124.00 a year i think that is how much they spen for the year

    asked by anonymous