Questions Asked on
January 3, 2012

  1. geometry

    use Euler's formula to find the missing number. Vertices: 10 Edges: 29 Faces? This just totally confuses me

    asked by ryan
  2. Orthocenter Question

    Triangle ABC has vertices A(0,6), B(4,6) and C(1,3) Find the orthocenter of triangle ABC. Please show your work so that I can understand how to do this type of problem. Thank You I really appreciate your help ^_^

    asked by Hilary
  3. Living environment

    1.All of Earth's water, land, and atmosphere within which life exists is known as a population b. an ecosystem c.the biosphere d. a biotic community IS THE ANSWER C

    asked by lisa
  4. Writing Sentences and Paragraphs

    Background You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe

    asked by Shawna
  5. punctuation and grammar

    My garden is full of water,because of yesterday's rain. Is this correct?

    asked by Angelica
  6. Science

    This graph shows the changes in two populations of herbivores in a grassy field. In the y axis it says number of organisms in the x- axis it says Time In the graph A is decreasing , B is increasing, At first they were steady then slightly A decreased and B

    asked by MAcy
  7. math

    the 10th term of an arithmetic series is 34, and the sum of the first 20 terms is 710, determine the 25th term.

    asked by Annie
  8. Trig

    Prove that 1 + tanAtanA/2 = tanAcotA/2 -1 = secA

    asked by Kewal
  9. Living environment

    IN a natural community in New York State, the producer organisms might include (1) bacteria , fungi, and viriuses (2) deer, rabbits , and squirrls (3) grasses, maple trees , and weds (4) trout, peas, and earthworms I the answer 3 Which sequence illustrates

    asked by lisa
  10. Geometry Triangle Question!

    In triangle ACE, G is the centroid and BE=9. Find BG and GE. (segments BE and AD cross in the middle of the triangle, BE overlaps AD and C is at the top of the triangle, and A is on the left corner and E is on the right) Thank You So Much!!! ^0^

    asked by Jenn
  11. math

    Jamal got a job working on a assembly line in a toy factory, on the 20th day of work, he assembled 137 toys, he noticed that since he started , every day he assembed 3 more toys then the day before , how many toys did jamal assemble all together during his

    asked by Annie
  12. calculus

    3. The radius r of a sphere is increasing at a constant rate of 0.04 centimeters per second. (Note: The volume of a sphere with radius r is v=4/3pir^3 ). a. At the time when the radius of the sphere is 10 cm, what is the rate of increase of its volume? b.

    asked by Yoona
  13. social studies

    What are some major differences between the ancient kingdom of Aksum and modern-day Ethiopia? Be sure to mention the geographic region and the names of both along with making at least three comparisons in your answer.

    asked by sharon
  14. english

    5. Choose the sentence that has a subject complement. A. I felt much better. [B. The nurse felt my pulse.] C. The day ended with many surprises. D. We can't leave without seeing her. is my answer correct

    asked by jake
  15. math

    a student plants a seed, after the speed sprouts the student monitors the growth of the plant by measuring its height every week, the height after each of the first tree wees was 7mm , 20mm, and 33mm, respectively, if this pattern of growth continuesinwhat

    asked by Melissa
  16. College Algebra

    Verify the function f and g, are inverses of each other by showing that f(g(x))=x and g(f(x))=x Graph the functions. f(x)=6/(1-x) g(x)=(1-6/x)

    asked by JB
  17. chemistry

    write the net ionic equation of the following reaction: HCl(aq)+NaOH(aq)--> NaCl(aq)+H2O(l)

    asked by Sid
  18. math

    determine the 100th term of the arithmetic sequence with t7=465 and t13=219

    asked by Melissa
  19. composition writing

    can i get a paragraph on 'An imaginary trip to the moon'?

    asked by c
  20. Living environment

    A characteristic shared by both predators and parasites is that they 1. feed on decomposing plant material 2. capture and kill animals for food 3. live inside their hosts 4. attack a living food source the answer is 2 right

    asked by MAcy
  21. Living environment(check please)

    When the food relationship in a habitat are illustrated by means of diagram, the result is always a complicated web like pattern. This is due to the fact that 1 many consumers are adapted to use more than one food source 2 producer organisms always

    asked by Lisa
  22. physics

    An unknown force pushes a 17 kilogram block across a smooth (frictionless) floor. Three seconds after the force is first applied to the block, the block is moving with a speed of 6 meters per second. What is the magnitude of the unknown force?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Chemistry

    Why is bond energy defined only for gases?

    asked by Ethio
  24. math

    If the first World Series occurred in 1903 and the Yankees have played in 36 Series as of 2006, what percent of the Series have the Yankees played in since 1903?

    asked by Laura
  25. Living environment

    The apperance of the greatest percentageof white mice occured (1) before the maximum number of days of snow cover (2)at the same time as the maximum number of days of snow cover (3) after the maximum number of days of snow cover (4) both before and after

    asked by lisa
  26. Health

    what are the legal consequences of using steroids illegally.

    asked by Dee
  27. English

    how can you compare and contrast Walt Whitman "I Hear America Singing" to John Mellencamp "Little Pink Houses".??

    asked by David
  28. health

    11. Which of these describes bending the knee joint to bring the lower-leg and upper-leg bones closer together?

    asked by BUBBY
  29. Physics

    A deorbit burn has been performed. During this deorbit burn a pre-calculated Delta V (change in velocity) of 290 ft/s (or 88.4 m/s) will be used to decrease the Shuttle’s altitude from 205 miles to 60 miles at perigee. The Shuttle’s Orbital Maneuvering

    asked by Kendall
  30. Physics

    When a positive charge moves in the direction of the electric field, what happens to the electrical potential energy associated with the charge? It increases. It decreases. It remains the same. It sharply increases, and then decreases. A How is a motor's

    asked by Anonymous
  31. chemistry

    Boron forms a gaseous compound with hydrogen with empirical formula BH3. a 1.05L sample of this compound at a pressure of 88 mm Hg at 295K has a mass of .138g. what is the molecular formula of the compound?

    asked by mary
  32. geography

    which is more mountainous northern or southern asia?

    asked by Sean
  33. Physics

    A car with bad shocks has a mass of 1500 kg. Before you go for a drive with three of your friends you notice that the car sinks a distance of 6.0 cm when all four of you get in the car. You estimate that the four of you together have a mass of 271 kg. As

    asked by Sarah
  34. Chemistry

    Consider this equilibrium N2(g) + H2(g) NH3(g) +94 kJ The equilibrium law exoression for the balanced chemical equationwould be A. [N2][H2]/[NH3] B. [NH3]/[H2][N2] C. [NH3]2/[H2][N2] D. [NH3]2/[H2]3[N2] E. 2[NH3]2/3[H2]3[N2]

    asked by Q
  35. College Algebra

    Solve the following equation in the complex number system x^4+x^3+4x^2+10x-60=0 College Algebra - Reiny, Monday, January 2, 2012 at 11:49pm hint x = 2 and x = -3 are roots so either do long division by x-2 and x+3 to get a quadratic or do it by synthetic

    asked by Jennifer
  36. algebra

    Why does the inequality sign change when both sides are multiplied or divided by a negative number? Does this happen with equations? Explain why or why not? Write an inequality for your classmates to solve. In your inequality, use both the multiplication

    asked by wade
  37. PHYSICS 1A

    how much current is drawn by a lamp that has a resistance of 1.2 O when a voltage of 6.8 V is impressed across it/

    asked by ERICK BELTRAN
  38. chemistry

    14KMnos+4C3H5(OH)3----->7K2CO3+7Mn2O3+5CO3+16H2O I know this but !@#$%^& to do it please help me I have examination tomorow i i don't have idea how to do it:(:(:(

    asked by linda
  39. physics

    A map is drawn to a scale of 2cm=25km.If two points are 7.4 cm apart on the map,what is the actual distance between them?

    asked by jmmy
  40. english

    2. Which of the following is a correctly written compound word? A. Quickly-running B. Thirty one [C. Self-evident] D. Spur of the moment-decision is my answer correct

    asked by jake
  41. english

    6. Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect usage of the singular possessive? A. The alpha male is often the pack's leader. B. Icarus's fate was sealed when he approached the sun. [C. Mary was dominant among Jesus' disciples.] D. The

    asked by jake
  42. Chem 30

    1) Suppose the mass of the NaOH used in a reaction was doubled. What would you expect to happen to the heat given off by the reaction? Explain your answer. 2)Again, suppose the mass of the NaOH used in a reaction was doubled. What would you expect to

    asked by Brett
  43. algebra

    1. Find the variation constant and and an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y y=42 when x=6 variation constant is K= equation of variation is y= 2.Jack usually mows his lawn in 6 hours. Marilyn can mow the same yard in 4 hours. How

    asked by Pinky P
  44. physics

    A uniform plank of length 5.3 m and weight 228 N rests horizontally on two supports, with 1.1 m of the plank hanging over the right support (see the drawing). To what distance x can a person who weighs 446 N walk on the overhanging part of the plank before

    asked by Anonymous
  45. algebra

    1. If the sides of a square are lengthened by 7cm, the area becomes 256cm^2. Find the length of a side of the original square. 2. What does it mean to refer to a 20in TV set or a 25in TV set? Such units refer to the diagonal of the screen. A 35 in TV set

    asked by Pinky P
  46. english

    14. Concerning dictionaries and their proper use, which one of the following statements is most accurate? A. Formal usage of a word is considered colloquial. B. A dictionary's word entry offers a fixed, permanent meaning. C. A syllable is a unit of sound.

    asked by jake
  47. english

    9. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? [A. He spoke sharply to his sister.] B. I feel goodly now that I'm over the flu. C. The sauce tasted bitterly, and I couldn't swallow it. D. Joe looked sad at his broken bike. is my

    asked by jake
  48. reading

    what are 2 sentences using the word overwhelm? what are 2 sentences using the word hysterically? what are 2 sentences using the word appetizing? Also sorry for the 3 questions,but I must finish my mission.THANK YOU!

    asked by Madlekia
  49. Functions

    For the given function f,g, and h, find f*g*h and state the exact domain of f*g*h f(x)=e^x g(x)=log_x h(x)=x/x+8

    asked by Jenn
  50. math

    Sandy decided to give one-fourth of her CDs to Jenn. Then she gives one-half of the remaining CDs to Bob. If she is left with 6 CDs,how many CDs did she have to begin with?

    asked by Jessica
  51. physics

    The temperature in a room is kept at a constant 20 °C but the humidity is only 20%. If the room has a volume of 30m³, and the room’s door and windows closed, how many kilograms of water must be put into the vaporizer to increase the humidity from 20%

    asked by sand
  52. calculus

    a bowling ball of mass 6.5 kg rolled with a velocity of 12m/s. The ball hits a 1.3kg bowling pin. Sending it off with a speed of 3.5m/s at an angle of 80 degrees with respect to the original direction of the bowling ball whats is the angle and direction of

    asked by Anonymous

    This week’s assignment requires that you prepare a reading journal. The reading for the journal is Naguth Mahfouz's "The Lawsuit." In preparing your reading journal, you will be asked to write some responses, summaries, and a précis. Be mindful that the

    asked by JESSICA910

    what is the meaning of HYSTERICALLY

    asked by Madlekia
  55. physics

    A 4.9 kg bag of groceries is in equilibrium on an incline of angle è = 26°. Find the magnitude of the normal force on the bag.

    asked by BC
  56. math

    How can I solve this: Sandy decided to give one-fourth of her CDs to Jenn. Then she gives one-half of the remaining CDs to Bob. If she is left with 6 CDs,how many CDs did she have to begin with?

    asked by Jenna
  57. algebra

    The area of the wall you are going to paint is 50 feet2. If the width is half the height, what are the dimensions of the wall? In answering this problem follow the steps below: 1. Represent the height as ‘x’ and then write the width in terms of x (for

    asked by Jennifer
  58. math

    what is the formula if the inputs are 15,16,17,and 18 and the output is 2,4,6,and 8?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Science(grade 9)

    when two different species live in the same area and use the limited resources, which of the following will occur? (1) competition (2) succession (3) parasitism (4) industrialization is it succession ?

    asked by MAcy
  60. English

    I'm finding it difficult to check these sentences. Could you please help me? Thank you. 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. At the end of the play Hamlet manages to kill Claudius, but he also dies and

    asked by Henry2
  61. Math

    complete the function table below for the function F(x) =x2=2 . the numbers in the second row of the completed table make an arithmetic sequence ?.

    asked by Love
  62. Math

    Patrick plants 4 trees in his neigbor's yard. The shortest tree is 5.6 feet. The tallest tree is 11.2 feet. What is a reasonable total height of the trees that Patrick plants? A. 25ft B. 30ft C. 45ft D. 50ft

    asked by Mica
  63. Algabra A(1)

    a solution of 67% soution is mixed with a solution o f57% to make 30 liters of a 59% solution. How many of each solution is used?

    asked by Hannah
  64. English

    how can you compare and contrast Walt Whitman "I Hear America Singing" to John Mellencamp "Little Pink Houses".??

    asked by David
  65. social studies

    Both Johnson and Lincoln were criticized for "abuse of power." Give examples for each man. Is it hypocritical to praise one and damn the other?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. history

    Evaluate the role played by Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War. To what extent does Lincoln "cause" the Civil War to start? In what way(s) is Lincoln being President critical to the Union's success? Why was Lincoln so heavily criticized? (And was the

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    sam invested $5000 in a GIC earning 8% compound interest per year, the interest gets added to the amount invested, so the next year sam gets the interest on the interest already earned , as well as on te original amoun, how much will sam's investment be

    asked by Melissa
  68. math

    a certain antibiotic redues the number of bacteria in your body by 10% each dse, if 4 doses of the antibiotic are taken, what percent of the original bacterial population is left

    asked by Melissa
  69. Math

    There are 21 boxes of crackers in 1 case. Each box contains 24 crackers. What is the best estimate for the number of crackers in 7 cases? A. 3,100 B. 3,500 C. 3,800 D. 4,000 Do I do 24x21? If I'm suppose to do that I don't know what I'm suppose to do next

    asked by Jaycee
  70. science

    A 68.4g sample of Potassium Chloride was added to 200g of water at 20 degrees celsius. Is the solution saturated, unsaturated, or supersaturated?

    asked by Maddy
  71. Math

    Triangle RST is an equilateral triangle. segment TX is perpendicular to segmenet RS. If RT = 8, then TX = what? THANKS

    asked by Debra A
  72. math

    in the video game gemetric constructors a number of the shapes have to be arranged into a predefined form , in level 1, you are given 3 min 20s to complete the task, at each level afterward, a fixed number of seconds are removed from the time until, at

    asked by Annie
  73. English

    wat does the song "This land is your land" by Woody Guthrie actually mean.? What is the significance of the song?

    asked by David
  74. calculus

    6. Determine a, b, c, and d so that the graph of y=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d has a point of inflection at the origin and a relative maximum at the point (2, 4). Sketch the graph.

    asked by Yoona
  75. world history

    why might a casual observer think japan's and china's government were the same? and what were the fundamental differences?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Science(help test tomorrow 6 garde)

    What kind of combination is iron filings and saw dust?

    asked by Elizabeth
  77. Math

    Patrick plants 4 trees in his neigbor's yard. The shortest tree is 5.6 feet. The tallest tree is 11.2 feet. What is a reasonable total height of the trees that Patrick plants? A. 25ft B. 30ft C. 45ft D. 50ft I got 33.6 so its B?

    asked by Mica
  78. english

    how can i revise this sentence using more formal word choices. I spend tons of my time on my English class because writing and researching stuff is hard.

    asked by aran
  79. algebra 2

    Lincoln High School has 98 teachers. Of the 42 female teachers, 8 teach math. One seventh of all of the teachers teach math. What is the probability that a teacher is a man or does not teach math?

    asked by kirstyn
  80. math

    The bright of a model ticket us 4% of the bright of the actual rocket. The model is 1.8 meters high how high us the actual rocket?

    asked by christy
  81. calculus

    5. Let for and f(x)=12X^2 for x>=0 and f(x)>=0 a. The line tangent to the graph of f at the point (k, f(k)) intercepts the x-axis at x = 4. What is the value of k? b. An isosceles triangle whose base is the interval from (0, 0) to (c, 0) has its vertex on

    asked by Yoona
  82. Chemistry

    a 2.16g sample of Pb(NO3)2 is heated in an evacuated cylinder with a volume of 1.18L. the salt decomposes when heated: 2Pb(NO3)2 (s)_> 2PbO (s) +4NO2 (g) +O2 (g) Assuming complete decomposition, what is the pressure in the cylinder after decomposition and

    asked by mary
  83. physics

    The earth's atmosphere extends to a height of nearby 200KM above its surface there many be explosion and noises taking place in the outer space but we do not hear them.why?

    asked by Vivek
  84. physics

    How long does it take a 20 kW steam engine to do 7.3×10^7 J of work?

    asked by Olivia
  85. English

    what is true about the dangerous game? A.whitney"s tale ship-trap island foreshadow danger. B.that fact that rainsford smokes a pipe foreshadows his death. C.that fact that ivan does not speak foreshadows the story of ivans youth. D.rainsford consturction

    asked by Rebecca
  86. maths

    principal=Rs.3,750,rate of interest=8%p.a,time=2years

    asked by jaya
  87. french

    Rewrite the following statements using negation. 1.) Il parle espagnol. 2.) J'etudie Change the following statements in questions using inversion. 1.) Vous jouez au foot. 2.) Marie est ici. The following sentence is written using the "est-ce que"

    asked by ALISA
  88. physics

    A 3.4-kg box is released on a horizontal surface with an initial speed of 4.8 m/s. It moves on the surface with a deceleration of 0.45 m/s2. Calculate the kinetic friction force on the box.

    asked by Robert
  89. math

    How do I figure this: A lunch bill is unknown. J has $8.00; not enough for the total bill. H. pays 3/5 of the bill. How much does H. pay? What's the total bill?

    asked by sam
  90. english

    whats the difference in moods and expressing something like say list words or phrases which express someones feeling at that stage mean and how is that different then the mood of the person

    asked by amy
  91. physics

    A stone is projected upward at an angle of 60degree to the horizontal from the top of a tower of height 100meter and it hits the ground at a point. If the initial velocity of projection is 100meter. Calculate the maximum height of the stone above the

    asked by John
  92. finance

    14–1. (Defining capital structure weights) Templeton Extended Care Facilities, Inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $400 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton’s management has determined

    asked by Jay
  93. Question

    Is Phillips Exter Academy is a high school or a program that I can apply during high school????

    asked by Jessie! :)
  94. physics

    A stone is projected upward at an angle of 60degree to the horizontal from the top of a tower of height 100meter and it hits the ground at a point. If the initial velocity of projection is 100meter. Calculate the maximum height of the stone above the

    asked by John
  95. Pre-Alegebra

    IF the scale model of an 82 inch long table is 10.25 inches long, what is the scale used to create the model?

    asked by Kenzie
  96. disasters

    why is the idea of a zombie apocalypse possible. this is serious i need to write a 5 page paper on it and i have NOTHING D:

    asked by mary
  97. Science 7R

    What is the EXACT site for cell webquest because when I googled it at home I couldn't find it and went I googled it at school the other day it worked.

    asked by Laruen
  98. ALGEBRA 1

    The height h is the time of seconds that the ball has been in the air with an initial vertical velocity of 48 feet per second from a height of 5 feet above the ground is given by the equation h=-16t^2 + 48t + 5 where t is the time in seconds that the ball

    asked by CRAig
  99. statistics

    The abc shoe factory manufactures shoes 24 hours a day. the workers produce 50,000 shoes every 2.3 days How many hours does it take to produce 50,000 shoes

    asked by angie
  100. math

    juanita planted 2 flower gardens in similar square shapes. what are the measures of all the angles in each garden? explain how you know.

    asked by l
  101. Math

    How many different arrangements can be made with the letters from the word ORANGE?

    asked by Jennie
  102. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for my assignment we are pretending that we are going somewhere in the world.we're pretending to write to a travel agent about the place we are going to. here's the sample: Title:________________________ Address:____________________________

    asked by Madlekia
  103. Physics

    You are at a furniture store and notice that a Grandfather clock has its time regulated by a physical pendulum that consists of a rod with a movable weight on it. When the weight is moved downward, the pendulum slows down; when it is moved upward, the

    asked by Lexi
  104. math

    Mindy, Daisy, Araceli and Leigh worked together on a job. The job paid $220. Each person was paid according to the amount of work they contributed to the job. Daisy and Araceli earned $280 together. Daisy and Mindy have $260, and Daisy and Leigh got $220.

    asked by Linda
  105. Physics

    Two identical rollers are mounted with their axes parallel, in a horizontal plane, a distance 2d = 40.4 cm apart. The two rollers are rotating inwardly at the top with the same angular speed. A long uniform board is laid across them in a direction

    asked by Jennie
  106. math

    what percent of the total population believed saying to be true?

    asked by elli

    WHAT IS THE ANSWER OF 42- 9= 43-

    asked by JUNIOR
  108. math

    write the mixed number as a decamal which is 4 2/5 what is it as a decimal? please help me thank you

    asked by shyann

    HI! I searched on a lot of websites for this, but none of them actually was right for me. I need to do an egg drop withh only straws and glue/tape. Thanks!

    asked by Qwerty
  110. Physical Science

    Explain why adding flexible springs to a ball and stick model would make it more accurate.

    asked by Alyonka
  111. Essay

    I need to do an essay but need to know if it is usually blank percent rainy or blank persent sunny usually in Port Saint Lucie? Can you help or give me a website that gives me percentages on how it usually is.

    asked by Rob
  112. Chemistry

    which of the following statement are true for all electric cells? I. electrons flow from the anode to the cathode II. reduction occurs at the anode III. oxidation occurs at the cathode IV. oxidation occurs at the anode V. reduction occurs at the cathode A.

    asked by Q
  113. Math

    In a survey of 624 students, 60% more preferred getting news online to getting news on tv. How many students prefer getting news online. I started with the equation 1.6x+x=624, but I don't know if this is the right set up or right idea. Any help is

    asked by Ricky
  114. socials

    Canadian charter of rightgs and freedoms (fundamental) going to church service of ur choice is freedom of? that be belief? i confused because it can also be religion, choice? Which act be used 3 times in history of canada that can override charter rights?

    asked by Mohammad
  115. algebra

    ceate a quadratic equation with the given solutions 8i and -9i

    asked by rita
  116. Physical Science

    Contrast the structure of table salt and table sugar.

    asked by Alyonka
  117. physics

    A closed auditorium of volume 27100 m^3 is filled with 2210 people at the beginning of a show, and the air in the space is at a temperature of 292 K and a pressure of 1.013·105 Pa. If there were no ventilation, by how much would the temperature (in K) of

    asked by maria
  118. physics

    Two copper cylinders, immersed in a water tank at 46.3°C contain helium and nitrogen, respectively. The helium-filled cylinder has a volume twice as large as the nitrogen-filled cylinder. a) Calculate the average kinetic energy of a helium molecule at

    asked by maria
  119. Argument

    How do you turn this fallacy into a valid agrument:seeing that all teenagers are irrational and make poor decisions parents should make their decisions.

    asked by English
  120. To Lauren/Laruen ~

    It pains me, but you have been banned for using completely unacceptable words in a very insulting post. I'm hoping you'll learn some online manners (including not using all-caps) in a few days, and we might try again. =(

    asked by Writeacher
  121. Functions

    For the given function f,g, and h, find f*g*h and state the exact domain of f*g*h f(x)=e^x g(x)=log_x h(x)=x/x+8

    asked by Jenn
  122. physics

    A diesel engine works at a high compression ratio to compress air until it reaches a temperature high enough to ignite the diesel fuel. Suppose the compression ratio (ratio of volumes) of a specific diesel engine is 19 to 1. If air enters a cylinder at 1

    asked by maria
  123. geometry

    for every perpendicular bisector measure the distance from the circumcenter to each vertex describe the relationship using numerical expressions. how do you write/use numerical expressions?

    asked by liliey
  124. physics

    A brick wall with a thermal emissivity of 0.8 is heated by the sun all day and is at a temperature of 25 °C in early evening. A pedestrian walking past the wall feels its warmth radiating in to the cool evening air. The wall has surface area of 5m^2. What

    asked by sand
  125. General chemistry

    Discuss in detail the healthcare applications of chemical reactions. Which chemical reactions would you consider to be of importance to healthcare professionals? Why? In which situations are these chemical reactions useful to healthcare professionals?

    asked by Norma
  126. Math

    A company charges $6 to make a pattern for an order of T-Shirts and $11 for each T-Shirts it produces from the pattern. The expression $11n + $6 represents the cost of n T-Shirts with the same pattern. Find the total cost for 5 T-Shirts with the same

    asked by Micaela
  127. physics

    A 5.3kg block is released from the top of a 20degree incline. If the coefficent of kinetic friction is .33, what is the acceleration of the block down the incline?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. chemistry

    what mass of sodium chloride can dissolve in 14.8g water at 100 degrees Celsius?

    asked by michelle
  129. Physics

    A 0.350-kg ball is dropped from rest at a point 1.10 m above the floor. The ball rebounds straight upward to a height of 0.420 m. Taking the negative direction to be downward, what is the impulse of the net force applied to the ball during the collision

    asked by Robert
  130. chem

    what is the relationship between the amount of heat produced per mole of reactant?

    asked by Sid
  131. geometry

    Find the surface area of a sphere with a circumference of 155 mm. Round to the nearest tenth. Help please

    asked by ryan
  132. poetry

    how are rivers a metaphor for the history of the speakers people in language hughes'"the negro speaks of rivers"?

    asked by fadi
  133. English

    Thank you very much. Could you help me check these sentences, too? 1) The protagonist is obsessed with the old man's eye that reminds him that of a vulture. 2) On the eighth night the old man is scared by the lantern and awakes. So the narrator kills him

    asked by Henry2
  134. Math

    I honestly need help: Write these equations in slope-intercept form: 2x+y=-4 x-y=-8

    asked by Izzy.
  135. English

    Please help me understand what I should do. Below is the assignment that I am not understanding. What is a one page diary entry? What is APA format? Answer in complete sentences and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited

    asked by Becka
  136. English

    What is the meaning of "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"?

    asked by John
  137. math

    the cookie monster has a package of cookies with him consisting of 4 chocolate chip, 5 raisin and 6 almond nut, 7 other different assorted cookies. if he reaches into the package and eats all the cookies, eating one cookie at a time, how many different

    asked by navroz
  138. chemistry

    How do you calculate the mass, in amu of 2287 atoms of Li

    asked by Stephanie
  139. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1) The story is mainly set at night. The setting in time of the story is the night (is this possible?) 2) Another important theme is that of fear. 3) Dr. Frankenstein challanges the laws of

    asked by Henry2
  140. socials

    Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms (legal) if charged with crime u hve right to a ? to defend u ( witness?) death penalty not used in canada because its known (cruel?) all people have right to life, liberty and ?( security?) if u be arrested, u hve

    asked by Mohammad
  141. COM/220

    I wanted to know if anyone knew a good website for these three topics: Identity theft, Education, and Drugs?

    asked by Sade C
  142. socials

    charter of rights and freedoms (equality) man gets job over women inspite being less qualfied this break right of? (sex?) i think this false that teen not allowed into store based on age is always protected in charter mentally and disable hve right to

    asked by Mohammad
  143. math

    the cookie monster has a package of cookies with him consisting of 4 chocolate chip, 5 raisin and 6 almond nut, 7 other different assorted cookies. if he reaches into the package and eats all the cookies, eating one cookie at a time, how many different

    asked by navroz
  144. catering

    1. You're likely to encounter formal service in all of the following settings except which one? A. A gourmet restaurant B. A wedding C. A church outing D. A dinner party

    asked by julia
  145. english

    In your Ántonia how does Jim's view of the two groups differ from the townspeople's view?

    asked by loren
  146. Calc

    The coordinates of the point where the normal to the curve y= 1/3 x^3 + 1/2 x^2 + x at x=1 intersects the y-axis are what?

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Calculus

    Greetings, This is a question about selecting courses for my semester. I was planning to take Calculus 3 (Mostly 3-Dimensional topics involving calculus) and a C++ programing course. If you have heard of these courses, can you please tell me your thoughts

    asked by Simon
  148. Calc

    3x^2 and 3x^3 are both increasing and positive for x>0. How many times greater is the rate of increase of 3x^3 than the rate of increase of 3x^2 at x=4?

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Psychology

    What does this statement mean? And do you agree with the statement. Memory is a very important part of learning. Learning cannot take place if you don’t retain the information and recall the information.

    asked by Sharon
  150. Calc

    The curve 3y^2- 3xy +2x^3 = 7 has vertical tangents when: a. y=x b. y=2x c. 2y=x d. y=3x e. 3y=x

    asked by Anonymous
  151. hist

    14. By 1800, the number of African slaves that had been imported to the Americas was about _______ million.

    asked by Anonymous
  152. English 9

    trace the sequence of your moods what does the mean i don't understand this plezz help

    asked by amy
  153. math

    what type of triangle is it when it has two sides that are 8cm long and one that's 14 cm long and two 26 degrees and one 128 degrees

    asked by yamika
  154. science

    im trying to figure out what would happen if 4500 calories of heat are added to a 50 gram ice cube at -10 degrees celsius

    asked by ju
  155. algebra

    1. If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 20 inches, what is his hang time? Use the hang-time function V=48 T^2 2.10x^4-11x^2+3=0

    asked by Pinky P
  156. math

    Frances sells greeting cards. The materials for a card cost $2.40, and she will include an 80% markup. What is the selling price of each card?

    asked by Josh
  157. logarithms

    Solve the logarithm equation. Express the solution in exact form only. log[6](64x^3+1)-log[6](4x+1)=1

    asked by Jennifer
  158. socials

    canadian charter of rights and freedoms(misc.) right that say canadian ppl are allowed to move to any location of Canada? ( mobility?) # of official languages in canadian constitution agreeing with charter (that be french and english ?) this can dominate

    asked by Mohammad
  159. chemistry

    What are the materials used to create a free standing atomic model of iodine?

    asked by Mimi
  160. Math

    -2b + -b =

    asked by Lulu
  161. trig

    prove that tan^2x+ sec^2x =1

    asked by Cindy
  162. Calculus I Quick Optimization Problem

    Could you please explain this problem step by step, thank you! You are planning to make an open rectangular box that will hold a volume of 50 cubed feet. What are the dimensions of the box with minimum surface area?

    asked by Lisa
  163. socials

    i writing paragraph on whether the first nations within canada be granted some form of self government with the regard to their economy, education, laws, and environment? i have to give evidence to back my claims. i not sure if this good idea because if

    asked by Mohammad
  164. math

    write 3 different ones numbers you could add to 15 without needing to regroup

    asked by donna
  165. algebra

    The Physical Education Deparment sells t-shirts for $12 and shorts for $8. One month, they sold 77 total items for $780 in total. How many t-shirts did they sell?

    asked by Cat
  166. math

    what do the numbers 8/10,0.75,0.2 and 2/5 look like in order from least t greatest?

    asked by emily
  167. english

    11. Which of the following italicized words is correctly capitalized? A. Jim must drive to the North to study the northern lights. B. Mount mckinley is the tallest mountain in North America. C. The most beautiful State is Hawaii. [D. Marsha speaks

    asked by jake
  168. Alebra

    Kathy works at an optical store selling eyeglasses. Each week she earns $180 plus a 2% commission of her total sales for the week. Next week she wants to earn at least $350. 1. Write an inequality that represents the dollar amount of eyeglasses kathy must

    asked by Megan
  169. Math

    Tomas put $180 in an account earning simple interest. At the end of one year, the account had $186.30 in it. Assuming no additional deposits or withdrawals, what was the interest rate being paid? I really need help!

    asked by Jenny