Questions Asked on
January 2, 2012

  1. World

    Will the world end?

    asked by Blob
  2. math

    solve for the unknown:log 5⁡〖1/25〗+log 16⁡4-log(1/3)⁡〖1/9〗=m

    asked by Anonymous
  3. chemistry

    What are the the missing reactants for the double-displacement reaction that produces PF5 and AsCl3 ?

    asked by Crystal
  4. Algebra

    Use scientific notation to multiply the following two numbers. Express the answer using scientific notation; retain all nonzero decimal places (1.9 • 10^4) • (8.4 • 10^5)

    asked by yolanda
  5. Physics

    A hemispherical bowl of radius R is rotated about its axis of symmetry which is kept vertical. A small block is kept in the bowl at a position where the radius makes an angle Θ with the vertical. The block rotates with the bowl without any slipping. The

    asked by Kewal
  6. Physics

    A turn of radius 20m is banked for the vehicles going at a speed of 36km/h. If the coefficient of static friction between road and the tyre is 0.4, what are the possible speeds of a vehicle so that it neither slips down nor skids up ?

    asked by Kewal
  7. C++

    Write a function that takes an int argument and doubles it. The function does not return a value.

    asked by Kewal
  8. GeOmEtRy!!!

    Determine whether a figure with the given vertices is a parallelogram. use the method indicated. P(-5,1) S(-2,2) F(-1,-3) T(2,-2); Slope Formula

    asked by VeRoNiCa C.
  9. Biology

    what would b possible sources of errors for a potato experiment involving osmosis with potato going into salt solutions ( 50% and 25%) and also potato going into 100% distilled water?

    asked by iamme
  10. math

    is 7pi/6 an irrational number?

    asked by sam
  11. physics

    A body of mass 2 kg is dropped from the top of a tower of height 100m. If the acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2 calculate the K.E at the end of 5 seconds

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    The perimeter of a rhombus is 40 cm and the distance between a pair of parallel side is 5.6 cm. If the length of one of its diagonals is 7 cm, find the length of the other diagonal.

    asked by Kamal
  13. science

    please help...A wheel 1.0m in diameter is rotating about a fixed axis with an initial angular velocity of 2rev.s-1.the angular acceleration is 3rev.s-1. (1)compute the angular velocity after 6s. (2)through what angle has the wheel turned in this time

    asked by anonymous
  14. physics

    Inclined plain-----on Hypotenuse weight of 250 Newton is placed and the base distance is 9 m. What is the minimum force required to lift the weight up?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    I have rope of 4 meters. I want 1.85 meters of rope from that rope. i don't have scale to measure the length of the rope. how can i get the rope of 1.85 meters exactly?

    asked by Bhaskar
  16. Maths

    When J gives A $6, they will both have the same amount. When A gives J $6, she will have 1/3 of J's amount. What are the amounts they both have at first?( please do not solve by algebra, i have not been taught algebra)

    asked by Mathshelpme

    Name the smallest angle of triangle ABC, segment AC is 9, segment CB is 10, and segment AB is 8.

    asked by Lily
  18. Geometry One Question

    Three security cameras were mounted at the corners of a triangular parking lot. Camera 1 was 151 ft from camera 2, which was 122 ft from camera 3. Cameras 1 and 3 were 139 ft apart. Which camera had to cover the greatest angle? camera 1 camera 2 cannot

    asked by Flower
  19. History

    what were key changes in the roles that women played in American societies from 1900-1929, and how were these changes reflected in the way women were portrayed in the media during that time

    asked by onya
  20. Prob. & Statistics

    If one event, say Black, has P(.70) and another event, say Red, has P(.30). What is the probability in ten events of alternating choices, Red then Black, and being 100% correct, 90% correct. What should be the expected % correct and what is the standard

    asked by Joe D.
  21. math

    a particle with initial velocity of 200m/s travels 1500m with uniform retardation 10m/s2.what is the time reqd? explain reason for two answer

    asked by debsubhra
  22. finance

    13. A project has the following cash flows. What is the internal rate of return? Year 0 cash flow -$443,600 1 $224,800 2 $224,800 3 $ 67,200 (Please calculate the solution and show your work)

    asked by Vanessa
  23. Trig

    sinAsin2A+sin3Asin6A+sin4Asin13A/sinAcos2A+sin3Acos6A+sin4Acos13A = tan9A

    asked by Kewal
  24. reposting english correction

    Hi, Writeacher this is my reposting from the Jack and the Beanstalk story. #1- Well in the beginning of the of the story he was a caring good boy. So, he was a good character. The only bad thing he did was stealing from the ogre. #2- In the beginning of

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math/calculus

    lim as x->+1 x^3 -1/x^2 -1 lim as x->-1 x^3 -1/x^2 -1 lim as x->1 x^3 -1/x^2 -1

    asked by angie
  26. Math(urgent!!)please!

    3/4(2x-1)-5 is equal or greater than 5/4(x-3)

    asked by Nicola
  27. math/calculus

    let f(x)=ln(x)x>0 let k(x)= f(g(x)) and m(x)= f(g(x)) a) Find the domain of the function K(x). b) Find the domain of the function M(x). c) Find the value of k'(5)

    asked by angie
  28. math/calculus

    f(x)= the absolute value of x^2-6x-7 a) Find a piecewise defined function that has no absolute value involved b) Let g(x)=f(x) for x is greater than or equal to 7 find an expression of g^-1(x) c. give the domain and range of g^-1(x)

    asked by angie
  29. physics

    A cat chases a mouse across a 1.5 m high table. The mouse steps out of the way, and the cat slides off the table and strikes the floor 1.0 m from the edge of the table. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . What was the cat’s speed when it slid

    asked by kesha
  30. physics

    Bill kicks a rock off the top of his apartment building. It strikes a window across the street 11 m away. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . If the window is 22 m below the position where Bill contacted the rock, how long was it in the air? Answer

    asked by kesha
  31. C Programming

    I need help creating a program that uses a menu with options to enter student information (name, ID, GPA), print student information, or quit the program. Use data files and FILE pointers to store and print information entered.

    asked by Jackie
  32. finance

    All techniques with NPV profile- mutually exclusive projects. Projects A and B, of equal risk. Are alternatives for expanding Rosa Company’s capacity. The firm’s cost of capital is 13%. The cash flows for each project are shown in the following table.

    asked by Vanessa
  33. World history

    What religion are the four noble truths associated with ?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. chemistry

    C3H8 (g) + 5O2 (g) 3CO2 + 4HOH If such an oxidation is carried out on a gaseous mixture prepared by mixing 6.1 grams of propane and 11.0 L of oxygen measured at 1.0atm and 150 degrees celcius, what will be the total final volume under the same conditions

    asked by mackenzie
  35. algebra

    At the local ballpark, the team charges $5.00 for each ticket and expects to make $1,300 in concessions. The team must pay its players $1,800 and pay all other workers $1,500. Each fan gets a free bat that costs the team $3.00 per bat. How many tickets

    asked by codi
  36. Math

    Could someone give me an example of a linear eqution using elimination to solve the systems of equations?

    asked by Angel
  37. Chemitry

    3moles of sodium hydroxide will neutralize 1mole of citric acid,what volume of 2moles of sodium hydroxide solution will neutralize 50cm of citric acid solution?

    asked by Zuhur
  38. World

    Proximity to China allowed the introduction of Buddhism and Confucianism into which state?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. World

    What was one major difference between the Inca and the Aztec civilizations ?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. History

    How was the Inca and Aztec empires similar ?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. World history

    What was one major factor in the spread of Eastern Orthodoxy ?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. calculus

    consider the function; f(x)=x^4-3x^2-1 a) Find all the point where f'(x)=0 b) Use the second derivative test to classify the stationary points?

    asked by Tatoosh
  43. calculus

    2. Consider the function f defined by f(x)=(e^X)cosx with domain[0,2pie] . a. Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of f(x) b. Find the intervals on which f is increasing. c. Find the x-coordinate of each point of inflection of the graph of f.

    asked by Yoona
  44. calculus

    2. Consider the function f defined by f(x)=(e^X)cosx with domain[0,2pie] . a. Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of f(x) b. Find the intervals on which f is increasing. c. Find the x-coordinate of each point of inflection of the graph of f.

    asked by Yoona
  45. science

    how is it possible a can with calculated density greater than 1.00g/ml could have floated?

    asked by terry
  46. chemistry

    If 10 g of C2H2 is mixed with 80 g of Br2, what masses of c2h2br2 and c2h2br4 will be formed? Assume that all the C2H2 has reacted.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. chem

    How many liters of 1.00 M HCl must be added to 50.0 ml of 0.500 M HCl to give a solution whose concentration is 0.750 M?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    what is a function? if the input is 72 what is the output

    asked by nya
  49. statistics

    Use the data given in table 13.1 on page 846 to construct a frequency distribution with a first class ( in ten thousands ) of 150-296.

    asked by Charles
  50. algebra

    Two expressions for calculating the drug dose for young children are: (2t^3 + t^2 -t)a / 48t^2 -24t and (3t^2 -2t)a / 3t^2 + 34t - 24 where t is the age of the child in years and a is the adult dose. If the adult dose for a pain killing drug is 250mg, then

    asked by dominic
  51. math, algebra

    How much should you deposit right now at 6% compounded monthly so that you can withdraw $1000 each month for 10 years? thanks in advance!

    asked by dominic
  52. math, algebra

    Two expressions for calculating the drug dose for young children are: (2t^3 + t^2 -t)a / 48t^2 -24t and (3t^2 -2t)a / 3t^2 + 34t - 24 where t is the age of the child in years and a is the adult dose. If the adult dose for a pain killing drug is 250mg, then

    asked by dominic
  53. algebra

    Mellissa receive three times as many points as janice. how to write that expression

    asked by gabriel

    What responsibilities did Marilyn Monroe have?

    asked by MichelleRenee
  55. math

    week 1 3 miles week 2 7 miles week 3 11 miles week 4 15 miles sophia predicted that jhon will run 32 miles during 9th week. use words symbols or numbers to explain wether sophia's prediction is correct

    asked by gabriel
  56. Chemistry

    Find delta G knot for the following reaction: 2Ch3OH(l) + 3O2(g) --> 2CO2(g) + 4H2O(g)

    asked by Summer
  57. algebra

    It takes 30 days to fill a laboratory dish with bacteria. If the size of the bacteria doubles each day. How long did it take for the bacteria to fill one half of dish?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. algebra

    If two typists can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists will it take to type 18 pages and 6 minutes?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Chemistry

    For the reaction: 2 NO(g) + 1 O2(g) 2 NO2(g) Calculate K, the equilibrium constant, from thermodynamic data at 281 K. (Hint #1: Assume that S and H do not change with temperature.) (Hint #2: Work in J/mol)

    asked by Summer
  60. algrbra

    If a hen and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs will six hens lay in six days?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. College Algebra

    Penn foster College Algebra exams...

    asked by Sam Shah
  62. Math Finance

    How much interest does $2560 earn in 17 months at a rate of 5 1/8 ?

    asked by Clara
  63. English

    I find it difficult to check these sentences since the punctuation is missing, the word choice is unclear and they contain grammar mistakes! I really hope you can help me. I think we need to simplify the sentences. 1) Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, unlike

    asked by Henry2
  64. algebra

    A trader buys tea for $1200 and sells it for $1550. Per sack of tea he makes a profit of $50. How many sacks of tea did he buy? Is the answer 7?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Chemistry

    The reaction describing the formation of ozone from oxygen is shown below. 3 O2(g) 2 O3(g) Calculate Grxn at 288 K for this reaction in a flask where [O2] = 3.419 x 10-2 M and [O3] = 5.783 x 10-4 M. Assume G° = 326 kJ. Use molarity to construct the

    asked by Summer
  66. Pattern Help?

    I don't understand this rule... 0,1 1,8 2,15 3,22 4,29

    asked by Anonymous
  67. physics

    How much work is needed to stop a 20g bullet moving with speed of 150m/s

    asked by Dasuki
  68. World history

    During the middle ages, in which of these societies did invasion, ang migration NOT play a significant role in social, cultural, and economic change? A. Byzantium B. Kievan Russia C. Mali D. Song China

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    luke is thinking of two numbers whose sum is 14 and whose difference is 6. what numbers is luke thinking of?

    asked by Ron
  70. french

    what are regular and inregular french er verbes?

    asked by Annabelle troy lopez
  71. Sociology

    Can you help me relate what I call dangerous dogs, specifically, like dogs who attack other dogs on a walk and then go on to attack the person walking the dog to the 3 sociological perspectives: functionalism, conflict and interactionism Please if you can

    asked by Sue
  72. science 7th grade

    How is it possible that a can with a calculated density greater than 1.00g/ml could have floated (in water)

    asked by terry
  73. Math

    what is scale

    asked by Zachary
  74. History

    I have to write three major events or ideas from the book Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck. I don't really know what could be considered as a major event. I know one can be that Danny died, falling into a ditch while he was drunk. Im not sure what else to

    asked by Anna
  75. english

    please teach me which sentence is correct in english gammar. 1. It does not have to be a goodlooking. 2. It does not has to be a goodlooking.

    asked by jessie
  76. pre calc

    from a distance of 50 feet from the base building, the angle of elevation to the top of the building is 68 degrees. estimate the height of the building to the nearest foot. a.124 b.20 c.19 d.46 i think its d?

    asked by jim
  77. World history

    The spread of Bantu-speaking peoples over southern Africa before 1400 CE can be best explained by their , A. Conversion to Islam B. use of cavalry C. Centralized political systems D. Knowledge of agriculture

    asked by Anonymous
  78. World history

    Inca and Aztec empires were similar in that both A. Developed from Mayan civilization B. acquired empires by means of military conquest C. Independently developed iron technology D. Depended entirely on oral record keeping

    asked by Anonymous
  79. World history

    In comparison to medieval culture, Renaissance culture was A. More concerned with things of the earthly world B. disinterested in classical models C. Based less on urban vitality and expanding commerce D. More other-worldly and religious

    asked by Anonymous
  80. MATH plz helo check my answer

    -3 ≤ 2x - 5 < 13 i thing the answer is 1 < x < 9 and how would you graph this on a number line so MY NUMBER LINE IS 1 TO 9, SO AT 1 i have a closed circle and at 9 i have a open circle and its shaded in is it right

    asked by lisa
  81. World history

    Which of the following factors represents the most significant cause of the growth of cities in Afro-Eurasia in the period 1000-1450? A. Climate Change B. increased interregional trade C. Decreased agricultural productivity D. Increased invasions

    asked by Anonymous
  82. World history

    Whih of the following was the most important factor in enabling the Spanish to defeat the Aztec Empire ? A. The Spanish were able to field larger armies than in the Aztecs. B. Spanish tolerance of Aztec religion and culture weakened Aztec resistance. C.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Geometry Question

    B is the midpoint of segment AC and D is the midpoint of segment CE. Solve for x, given BD=3x+5 and AE=4x+20. Sorry I couldn't get the link for the picture but, the diagram is a picture of a triangle with a C at the top, and A and E on the bottom angles,

    asked by Jenn
  84. World

    In general, how did Islam spread to southeast Asia? A. Isolated regimes were revisited by dervishes and other Sufi sects. B. Islam was carried to southeast Asia from china C. trade to southeast Asia from Africa and Persia established Islamic centers on the

    asked by Anonymous
  85. social studies

    In what ways (political, technological, cultural) has the world of Andrew Jackson become "unrecognizable" from the world of George Washington?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. World

    What was the commen cultural trait of the urbanized trading ports of the east coast of Africa? A. A single ring family from the Malinke tribe. B. a commen descent from refuges from Badhdad C. The artist style of the nok culture D. Bantu - based and

    asked by Anonymous
  87. World history

    Unlike the Catholic Church, Byzantine Orthodox missionaries A. We're frequently merchants who traded while they preached. B. permitted people to use local languages in religious services and literature C. Were sent out the religious, not political,

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Algebra

    69% of the students at a school are involved in after-school activities. There are 598 students in the school. Which is the best estimate of the number of students in after school activities? A. 360 B. 380 C. 420 D. 450

    asked by Robin
  89. Algebra

    Which must be a whole number? A. The time it takes to drive 300 miles at 55 mph B. The area of a circle with a radius of 5 feet C. The area of a triangle with base of 15 and height of 9 D. The number of books in 12 bookstores

    asked by Robin
  90. pre calc

    a kite currently flying at an altitude of 16 meters above the ground. If the angle of elevation from the ground to the kite is 30 degrees, find the length of the kite string to the nearest meter.

    asked by jim
  91. math

    what is 12 1/5 - 4 4/5?

    asked by kate
  92. pre calc

    sin 20 pi cos 9 pi cos 13pi/2 sin(-17 pi0 are all of these undefined?

    asked by jim
  93. Geometry Question fill-in-the-blank

    When three or more lines intersect at one point they are, ______. Thank You ^0^

    asked by Jenn
  94. HCA/220

    How would you ensure that your staff and other health care professionals are proficient in medical abbreviations and terminology?

    asked by mbevz
  95. physics

    a comet experiences a uniforn acceleration from 60m/s to 183m/s what is the rate of acceleration?

    asked by ricky
  96. Math

    The second of two numbers is 6 times the first. Their sum is 77. Find the numbers.

    asked by Lisbett
  97. Radical expressions

    What is the process we follow when adding and subtracting radical expressions? Explain the process and demonstrate with an example.

    asked by Ashley A.
  98. Radical expressions

    What is the process we follow when multiplying and dividing radical expressions? Explain the process and demonstrate with an example.

    asked by Ashley A.
  99. Calculus

    1/a+1 + 1/a-1 I solved this out by multiplying the (a+1) by (a-1) and multiplying (a-1) with (a+1) To get (a+1)(a-1) as the denominator. Then I did the same with the numerators and got this: 1(a-1) + 1(a+1)/(a+1)(a-1) And I got 2a/(a+1)(a-1) But still

    asked by -Untamed-
  100. Trig

    Half Angle Identities cosx = 7/25 greater than 270 deg and less than 360 Determine cos 1/2x a. -7rt2/10 b. 7rt2/5 c.7/25 d.-4/5 I get 7rt2/5 Is this correct??

    asked by Don
  101. Calculus

    Integrate dx/xlnx. What method am I supposed to use? I'm totally lost.

    asked by W
  102. Algebra

    What is the process we follow when multiplying and dividing radical expressions? Explain the process and demonstrate with an example

    asked by Ashley A.
  103. Calculus

    Integrate (1/2)sin(x^(1/2))dx. I've tried using u-substitution, with u=sin(x^(1/2)). du would then = ((1/2)x^(-1/2))(cos(x^(1/2))). As you can see, this only make the problem more complicated. I don't get what to do. Thank you in advance!

    asked by W
  104. political science

    The American people have long debated the extent of the Necessary and Proper Clause. Write a list of questions that could be applied to any proposed act of Congress to judge whether or not it is necessary and proper

    asked by Anonymous
  105. English

    10 words of merry things 3 words of frosty things 10 words of musical gifts 9 words of things with bells

    asked by Amanda
  106. 7th grade math

    what are the rules for these two problem? I can not figure it out. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out 1, 10 2, 9 3, 8 4, 7 lI know the left is increasing by one and the right is decreasing by one but I can't find an equation for this. and the

    asked by hello
  107. Psychology

    How does hindsight bias relate to a presidential election?

    asked by lilly
  108. Psychology

    How can false consensus be applied to elections?

    asked by adrina
  109. 7th gr math proportional relationships

    music down loads cost .95 cents each . is this a proportional relationship?

    asked by brenda
  110. Algebra

    Help me solve this please ::::Divide: ã10a/16y

    asked by Chelsea
  111. history

    The basis for the alphabet developed by the Greeks came from

    asked by Anonymous
  112. math

    what are these words unscrambled: untoegrnc visteiop unrlerpadecpi please help

    asked by matt
  113. physics

    An 89 N box of oranges is being pushed across a horizontal floor. As it moves, it is slowing at a constant rate of 1.20 m/s each second. The push force has a horizontal component of 25 N and a vertical component of 30 N downward. Calculate the coefficient

    asked by Jules
  114. history

    Both Johnson and Lincoln were criticized for "abuse of power." Give examples for each man. Is it hypocritical to praise one and damn the other?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. pre calc

    The minute hand of a clock is 7 inches long. How far does the tip move in 16 minutes? a.56/15pi b.8/105pi c.4/105pi d.28/15pi

    asked by jim
  116. Math-pre-calculus

    Given tan theta=-8/5 and sin theta < 0, find cos theta.

    asked by shandra
  117. math

    The area of the wall you are going to paint is 50 feet2. If the width is half the height, what are the dimensions of the wall? In answering this problem follow the steps below: 1. Represent the height as ‘x’ and then write the width in terms of x (for

    asked by Jennifer
  118. Math-pre-calculus

    Given tan theta=-8/5 and sin theta < 0, find cos theta.

    asked by shandra
  119. physics

    What is force defin it

    asked by Vivek
  120. trigonometry

    I need help!!!! In the right triangle shown below, OG = 7, DG = 8, and m

    asked by lana
  121. Cultural diversity

    The federal government has a lot of programs in place to hire the Natives and this is often run by the Bureau,however, if this is in place, why army the Indians getting the benefits? Who is swinging the money?

    asked by Sara
  122. Functions

    Given the following function f(x)=-x^2-10x. Find the domain, range and decreasing intervals?

    asked by Jennifer
  123. piecewise function

    f(x)={2x-1 ifx>1 {-4 if -1¡Üx

    asked by Jennifer
  124. physics

    A spring has k=88 N/m. create a graph and use the graph to determine the work needed to stretch the spring from x = 4.1 cm to x = 5.8 cm, where x = 0 refers to the spring's unstretched length.

    asked by Anonymous
  125. science

    As the consultant for KU Consulting, you have been authorized to change the existing facility (limited construction budget) and/or refine the process flow of the manufacturing area. Operational limitations: All changes must be completed within a 60 day

    asked by kaye
  126. Functions/End behavior

    f(x)=x^2(x^2-2)(x+2) Determine the end behavior, find the power function that the graph of f resembles for large values of |x| Find the maximum number of turning points

    asked by JB
  127. Geometry

    What point is on the perpendicular bisector of the segment with endpoints (3,4) and (9,4)?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. physics

    A wheel of diameter 28.0 cm is constrained to rotate in the xy plane, about the z axis, which passes through its center. A force = (-38.0 + 39.0 ) N acts at a point on the edge of the wheel that lies exactly on the x axis at a particular instant. What is

    asked by Joe
  129. English?

    Identify the tense of the underlined verb. Laura( has been writing) a novel for the past two years. present progressive past progressive present perfect progressive past perfect progressive

    asked by Lovely
  130. physics

    An oxygen molecule consists of two oxygen atoms whose total mass is 5.3 x 10-26 kg and whose moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to the line joining the two atoms, midway between them, is 1.82 × 10-46 kg·m2. From these data, estimate the

    asked by Joe
  131. History

    The Federal government has a lot of programs in place to hire the Natives and this is often run by the Bureau, however, if this is in place, why aren't these Indians getting the benefits. Who is swindling the money?

    asked by Sara
  132. science

    If 20g of Ca(0H)2 took part in the following reaction, how much CaCl2 would be formed. Ca(0H)2 + 2HCl to CaCl2 +2H20

    asked by tracey
  133. science

    If 100g of CuSO4 took part in the following reaction how much Cu(0H)2 would be formed CuSO4 + 2NaOH to Na2SO4 + Cu(OH) 2

    asked by tracey
  134. science

    How many grams of copper sulfate is needed to make 1125L of 25 ppm solution

    asked by tracey
  135. science

    Ho many millilitres of sucrose is needed to make 25 L of liquering soluton at 20% v/v

    asked by tracey
  136. Rational Zeros

    List all possible rational zeros for the polynomial below. Find all real zeros of the polynomial and factor f(x)=2x^4+19x^3+37x^2-55x-75

    asked by JB
  137. College Algebra

    Solve the following equation in the complex number system x^4+x^3+4x^2+10x-60=0

    asked by Jennifer
  138. geometry

    Please help! In triangle RST,segment XY parallels segment RS. If TX=3, XR=TY and YS=6 find XR.

    asked by Quinton