Questions Asked on
December 28, 2011

  1. math

    If the line 3x-4y = 0 is tangent in the first quadrant to the curve y = x^3 + k, then k is

    asked by S
  2. Geometry

    The perimeter of triangle ABC is 29 meters. Line segment AD bisects angle A. Find AB and AC. CD=5cm, DB=4 cm.(triangle angle bisector theorem)

    asked by Lily
  3. chemistry

    b. Methanol, CH3OH, which can be used as a fuel, can be formed by the reaction between carbon monoxide and hydrogen as depicted in the following balanced equation. 2H2 + CO ¨ CH3OH Suppose 356 g of CO and 65 g of H2 are mixed and allowed to react. (i)

    asked by jenny
  4. Physics

    The De-orbit Burn The Shuttle must reduce its velocity at a pre-calculated point in its orbit in order to return to Earth. In order to reduce the velocity and change the orbit of the Shuttle, a maneuver called the de-orbit burn is performed. For this

    asked by Rory
  5. Please help me!!! BIOLOGY

    1. Explain how natural selection and sexual selection can work together to cause the evolution of large antlers on male moose. 2. Suggest two ways a synthetic biologist can change the course of evolution.

    asked by Mira
  6. Government

    Senatorial courtesy refers to the tradition whereby:

    asked by Calvin
  7. Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards

    Fee Waiver Statment: A teacher or administrator must submit a letter on school letterhead listing the student or students who qualify for a fee waiver. The letter must be signed by the teacher or administrator and included with the submission form in lieu

    asked by Lauren
  8. Chemistry

    What acid and what strong base would react in aqueous solution to produce the following salts in the formula equation? Write the balanced formula equation for each reaction. a) potassium perchlorate b) cesium nitrate c) calcium iodide I don't need just the

    asked by Steven
  9. Trigonometry

    Solve the equations for value of x tan mx + cot nx = 0

    asked by Kewal
  10. calculus

    The derivative of f(x) = x^4/3 - x^5/5 attains its maximum value at x=

    asked by Ann
  11. chemistry

    (i) Give a brief explaination of the two bonding factors which determine the strength of an acid. (ii) Give a brief explanation of an Acid Buffer. (iii) Define an acid and base in terms of the Bronsted-Lowry theory. Give two examples of conjugate acid/base

    asked by cindy
  12. Math

    Suppose that 20% of the residents in a certain state support an increase in the property tax. An opinion poll will randomly sample 400 state residents and will then compute the proportion in the sample that support a property tax increase. How likely is

    asked by Rachna
  13. evolutionary machanism - BIOLOGY

    A flock of migrating birds is blown off course by a storm and carried towards a small island that has no birds. Only three of the birds survive the storm and make it to the island. They start to reproduce and, after several years there are 500 birds on the

    asked by Michelle
  14. Math

    The Prevu Theater keeps a set of five counterweights to help stagehands move heavy props. The weights can balance exactly any load that is a multiple of 10 kg, from 10 kg up to a total of the five weights. Give the masses of weights which meet these

    asked by Denise
  15. Physics

    A 8.22 kg block initially at rest is pulled to the right along a horizontal, frictionless surface by a constant, horizontal force of 16.8 N. Find the speed of the block after it has moved 2.3 m. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by April
  16. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    11.As a teacher aide in an ESL classroom,it's within your responsibility to

    asked by annie
  17. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    11.As a teacher in an ESL classroom,it's within your responsibilities to parents one-on-one to discuss their child's progress B.provide language translation for the teacher when reequested C.determine when an ESL, student is ready to be mainstreamed

    asked by annie
  18. Pre-Cal

    Find the area of each circular segment to the nearest tenth, given its central angle, x, and the radius of the circle. x= pi/8, r=7

    asked by Jessica
  19. English

    1. All flights have been cancelled because of bad weather. 2. All flights have been cancelled because of bad weather. 3. He cancelled the promise. 4. He canceled the promise. (Which one is correct? Which one is the correct form of the past tense of

    asked by rfvv
  20. maths

    A bag contained a number of 20cents, 50cents and $1 coins. 1/3 of the 20cents coins is equal to 2/3 of the 50cents coins. There are 3/5 as many 50cents coins as $1 coins. If the total value of these coins is $23.10, how many coins are there altogether ?

    asked by joi
  21. Math

    An apothecary has a set of five weights for use in the pans of his balance. By proper selection of weights, he is able to measure every multiple of 0.5 g, from 0.5 g up to a total of the five weights together. If the arrangement of weights is such that the

    asked by Denise
  22. history

    Which of the following statements is true regarding the Korean War?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. chemistry

    How many milliliters of a 3.00 M solution of hydrochloric acid are needed to completely react with 25.0 g of zinc sulfide according to the chemical reaction shown below? ZnS(s) + 2HCl(aq) ? ZnCl2(aq) + H2S(l) (Answer to three significant digits.) _____ mL

    asked by joe walker
  24. English

    Could you help me check these sentences, please? They refer to the same theme as yesterday's ones. (Can you say that?) 1) We met my son’s ski instructor at the baby ski lift (?) at two sharp. 2) Most ski slopes are very simple and therefore suitable

    asked by Henry2
  25. CALC

    The radius in meters of a circular oil slick increases at a rate of (12 - 0.3t), where t is measured in hours. Which of the following expressions would calculate the rate at which the area of the oil slick is increasing when the radius is 100 meters?

    asked by TIFFANY
  26. Biology - Evolution

    In one sentence each, describe a) one positive effect of direct artificial selection b) one negative effect of direct artificial selection c) one negative effect of indirect artificial selection

    asked by Sara
  27. Fitness

    describe the path that oxygen follows through the human body to reach muscle tissue and describe the path carbon dioxide follows from inside the cell to the outside envrionment

    asked by Heather
  28. phycis

    A roller coaster has two hills and starts from rest atop the first hill , which is the higher of the two hills . The secound hill increases if the height of the initial hill is increased by 20m

    asked by martin
  29. Math

    What is the VOLUME of the solid with the given measurements? Trianglular prism: base 2cm by 3cm height 8cm

    asked by Blake
  30. CALC

    Find the tangent line to the ellipse defined by 3x^2 + 5y^2 = 17 at the point (-2, 1).

    asked by TIFFANY
  31. math

    can u help this the qustion is : A circle passes through the points (1,4)&(5,0) and its centre lies on the line x+y-3=0.Find (i) the equation of the circle and it parametric equations . (ii) the centre,diameter and area of the circle . (iii) the equation

    asked by steev
  32. maths

    A rectangle is divided into 4 parts, A B, C and D. The areas of A: B: C are in the ratio 10:18:5. C is a square with an area of 25cm squared. What is the area of rectangle D?

    asked by joi
  33. Social studies

    What is an example of checks and balances

    asked by David

    I need to make sure I understand this. I need to rewrite each sentence twice, once as a periodic sentence and once as a cumulative sentence. To me, both look like cumulative sentences though, so I am a little confused. If someone could check my work I will

    asked by Luis
  35. criminal justice major

    I was expelled from college for having a argument with one of my teammates and went in her room with a bb gun in my pocket but never pulled it out on her the bb gun was for a soccer player and i gave it right back i to him. i was arrested the next day and

    asked by terriyine
  36. English

    Slot Boundaries. I am new to this and Im not sure what I am supppose to do. I have to seprate the word document sentences and draw verticle lines to identify the slot boundries. Then I am required to label each slot with the form and function. After

    asked by Amy
  37. chemistry

    Find the amount of solute deposit when 200 cm 3 of the solution is cooled from 55oc to40oc.

    asked by Stephen
  38. physics

    If the mass is 4.3 kg, the initial speed is 4.0 m/s, and the initial height is 8.4 m, find the speed of the ball when it is at a height of 8.0 m. Please and Thank You for the help.

    asked by Liz
  39. social studies

    i have to do a poster project of Thomas Jefferson and (i'm in the 8th grade) you get graded on how the colors correspond and how clear the pictures are and you have to have a caption under the picture saying what it is and a little bit about it and he will

    asked by jordyn
  40. Trigonometry

    Find all the angles between 0° and 90° which satisfy the equation sec²Θcosec²Θ + 2cosec²Θ = 8

    asked by Kewal
  41. Math,Ratio

    Mrs Rama uses 0.4 liters of watermelon juice for every 0.9 liters of apple juice to make a jug of mixed fruit juice. a) for 225 ml of apple juice,how much watermelon juice should Mrs Rama use? b) if Mrs Rama uses 80 ml of watermelon juice,how much apple

    asked by Da S
  42. maths

    1/5 of Jane's money is equal to 1/3 of Sam's money. The difference in their amount is 1/2 of Adam's money. If Adam gives $120 to Sam, Sam will have the same amount of money as Jane. How much do the 3 people have altogether?(non-algebra solution pls)

    asked by joi
  43. maths

    The number of Samad's stamps is 30% of Derrick's stamps. The number of Derrick's stamps is 40% of Bee Hua's stamps. If they have 608 stamps, how many stamps does Derrick have?

    asked by joi
  44. calc

    Find dy/dx given x^2+ y^2= 2xy. Im not sure how to find dy/dx

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  45. Social St.

    Is it right how the Supreme Court Justices are appointed? And why you agree or disagree? (I need others opinion) I think I would disagree because even though the President is known as the boss, it does't mean that it doesn't have the citizens right to vote

    asked by M.
  46. steev

    can u help this the qustion is : A circle passes through the points (1,4)&(5,0) and its centre lies on the line x+y-3=0.Find (i) the equation of the circle and it parametric equations . (ii) the centre,diameter and area of the circle . (iii) the equation

    asked by math
  47. math

    mario wants to put a rectanguar frame on a picture of a snowboarder.he has 18cm of string to make a the frame. Q-does he have enough strings and what could be the dimensions.

    asked by Micheal
  48. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    6. to say that all African American males are fast runners is an example of A.prejudice B.sexism C.sterotype D.bias

    asked by annie
  49. cultural diversity

    i have 3 questions that i am stuck on and i really need to see if this site can help me with this ones.this my first time on here. 1.a young asian child would probably be less inclined to engage in backchanneling than a middle-class american child does

    asked by denise
  50. English

    I left out these sentences. Could you please have a look at them, too? 1) This morning we got up really late. It was almost nine o’clock and our ski lesson was at ten. 2) We had less than half an hour to get washed and dressed and go downstairs for

    asked by Henry2
  51. world religions

    I am pretty confused with this queston any help would be great!! If Jesus were human what does that mean for Christianity and Judaism

    asked by Heather
  52. math

    I want to know why [5-5cos(square)(filter)] is equal to [5sin(square)(filter)] Do you guys know what I mean? sorry for that I can't type (square and filter) signs

    asked by Nicole
  53. Government

    With regard to lower courts,the Supreme court's most important function is:

    asked by Calvin
  54. Math

    Please explain how to solve this equation with substitution: The owner of a hair salon charges $20 more per haircut than the assistant. Yesterday the assistant gave 12 haircuts. The owner gave 6 haircuts. The total earnings from haircuts were $750. How

    asked by Jane
  55. math

    Please show me how to solve using elimination: It takes a florist 3 h 15 min to make 3 small centerpieces and 3 large centerpieces. It takes 5 h 20 min to make 4 small center pieces and 7 large centerpieces. How long does it take to make each small

    asked by Jane
  56. Fitness

    what 3 anatomical factors influence a persons vo2max and what 3 internal physiological factors influence a persons vo2max

    asked by Heather
  57. Government

    Precedent,while not an absolute contraint on the courts,is needed to: A.maintain legal consistency over time,so the confusion and uncertainty about the law can be avoided. B.preserve the courts as a majoritarian. C.check the president in the area of public

    asked by Calvin
  58. Math,Ratio

    mr kim mixes cement&sand to make a mixture.he uses 2 pails of cement for every 5 pails of sand. a) if he uses 24 pails of cement,how many pails of sand does he use? b) if he uses 35 pails of sand,how many pails of cement does he use?

    asked by Da S
  59. Math

    amount of $680.00 to be divided into 3 people in order of 1st, second and 3rd

    asked by Melania
  60. math

    1) -3y+4 > 7y-3 over 6 2) 3y over 2 + 5 over 3 < -7y+2 over 4 3) If A(1,2) B(-2,6) and P(4,p) are collinear, find p. THANK YOU!

    asked by Nicole
  61. physical

    What is the electrons velocity that made its momentum equal to the momentum of photon whose wave length 5200A?

    asked by dany
  62. math

    Reducing to the Least Common Denominator: x + 1/m -m.

    asked by Sebastian
  63. HELP

    how is macaroni and cheese prepared?

    asked by Madlekia
  64. calc

    The top half of a storage tank is a circular cylinder that is 5 meters tall and has a diameter 2 meters. The bottom half of the tank is shaped like an 8-meter inverted cone (pointed down). Let h represent the depth of the tank's contents. At t = 0 minutes,

    asked by Eliza
  65. Zeppieri

    What are you taught during your first year of playing the piano?

    asked by Rebecca
  66. intermediate algebra

    0.3x + 0.2y=5, 0.5x + 0.4y=11 using the substitution method

    asked by cecelia
  67. physics

    What is the initial height big an object if, when dropped from rest , its kinetic energy is 21J 2/3 of the way towards the ground? The mass is 5

    asked by holly
  68. calc

    Suppose the function a) Use the definition of the derivative to show that f ' (-2) = -1. b) Write an equation for the line tangent to the graph of f at x = -2.

    asked by Eliza
  69. alegebra II

    N= -2x^2+76x+430

    asked by Daniella
  70. WRONG

    Will not let me Submit Question

    asked by Calvin
  71. Calc

    Suppose 4y + xy = 2. Evaluate d^2x/d2^y at the point (-3, 2).

    asked by Randy
  72. calculus

    1] Reducing the Denominator: x + 1/m -m. 2] Factor the numerator.

    asked by Sebastian
  73. calc

    If f (3) = 9 and f ´(3) = 4, find the tangent line to the graph of f when x = 3.

    asked by TIFFANY
  74. calc

    Suppose the function f(x)=4/x a) Use the definition of the derivative to show that f ' (-2) = -1. b) Write an equation for the line tangent to the graph of f at x = -2.

    asked by Eliza
  75. honors physics

    What is the minimum velocity for a tolerant coaster traveling on the ground to make it over 112 m hill

    asked by salli
  76. chimie

    formule de lewis du c2h7no

    asked by lolo