Questions Asked on
December 27, 2011

  1. math

    The derivative of f(x) = x^4/3 - x^5/5 attains its maximum value at x =

    asked by Ann
  2. math

    The length of the fence of a trapezium-shaped field ABCD is 130m and side AB is perpendicular to each of the parallel sides AD and Bc.if BC=54m,CD=19m and AD=42m,find the area of the field.

    asked by guru
  3. math

    One side of the rectangle lies along the line 4x+7y+5=0 , two of its vertices are (-3,1)and (1,1). find (i) the equations of the other three sides. (ii) the angle between the two diagonals of the rectangle . (iii) the area of the rectangle.

    asked by Nora
  4. math,(fraction)

    during school holidays, Chris read 312 pages of a book at first.he read the remaining pages in 20days, w/ the same number of pages each day. during these 20days, he read one-twelve of the book in many pages of the book did he read in the 6days?

    asked by Da S
  5. math,(fraction)

    Susan had some money. she spent one-sixth of her money on Saturday.on Sunday,she spent one-half of the remaining money and gave $20 to her niece. she spent the rest of her money at an average of $15 for the next much money did Susan have at

    asked by Da S
  6. Math,Ratio

    a chef uses salt and sugar in the ratio 2:7 to make a sauce.if the chef uses 129.5g of sugar,how much salt does he use? show ur answer clearly pls

    asked by Da S
  7. math,(fraction)

    Adam and Rahmad shared some beads.if Adam gave one-third of his share to Rahmad,Rahmad would have 70 more than Adam.if Adam gave one-fifth of his share to rahmad,Rahmad would have 10 more many beads does Adam have at first?

    asked by Da S
  8. Physics

    1. Consider the two vectors P and Q. The definition of P is P = 􀀃i × (􀀃i × 􀀃j). The definition of Q is Q = (􀀃i × 􀀃i) × 􀀃j . a. The magnitude of P is equal to the magnitude of Q. b. The magnitude of P is greater than the magnitude of

    asked by Sarah

    Steve cutter sells big blade lawn mowers in his hardware store, and he is interested in comparing the reliability of the mowers he sells with the reliability of Big blade mowers sold nationwide. Steve knows that only 15 percent of all Big Blade mowers sold

    asked by TIM
  10. math,(fraction)

    there were 25pupils in a class. they had 135 books altogether. two-fifth of the pupils were girls.they had the same number of books each. the remaining pupils were boys.each boy had one-third as many as each many books did each girl have?

    asked by Da S
  11. math,(fraction)

    a total of 9liters of orange syrup was poured equally into 6 jugs. Susan poured 2/5 liters of orange syrup from a jug into a glass and drank it.she found the syrup too sweet,so she added 4/5 liters of water into the jug she had.find the total amount of

    asked by Da S
  12. business math

    Mel’s Furniture received an invoice dated September 27 for five bedroom sets at $3,000 each. The invoice indicated a trade discount of 5/8/3. The seller of the furniture prepaid the freight of $200. Terms were 2/10 EOM. Assuming Mel pays on November 2,

    asked by l
  13. Question

    What is meant in the Illustrators Contest rules by “three different subjects”? Three of the same subject would be 3 illustrations of dragons. Examples of three different subjects could be dragons, space ships and an alien planet. What do they mean???

    asked by Lauren
  14. physics .

    A roller coaster starts from rest 85m above the ground . Assume there is no energy lost when it reaches the top of the secound hill , which is 55m high. How fast is the tolerant coaster moving?

    asked by maria
  15. math

    If the adjacent vertices of a square ABCD are A ( -2 , 0 ) , find - The equation of the two diagonals AC and BD - The point of intersection O of the two diagonals AC and BD - The equation of the altitude from O to the side CD - The centroid of the triangle

    asked by Nora
  16. physics

    Suppose 2 moles of an ideal gas are enclosed in a container of volume 2.70·10^4 m^3. The container is then placed in a furnace and raised to a temperature of 390 K. What is the final pressure of the gas?

    asked by maria
  17. math,(fraction)

    Becky bought 25kg of sweets.she kept 1kg of sweets for her use and packed the remaining sweets equally into some packets to distribute among some children.each packet contained 1/2kg of sweets.if each child received one packet of sweets,how many children

    asked by Da S
  18. physics

    A large, cylindrically-shaped weight is suspended from a long spring found hanging from a rafter. The weight is slender metal cylinder about two meters long that is suspended with its flat bottom about half meter above the level concrete floor. When a 1 kg

    asked by sand
  19. calc

    A machine lengthens a metal cylinder by rolling it under pressure. The radius of the cylinder decreases at a constant rate of 0.05 inches per second while the volume stays constant at 128π cubic inches. At what rate is the length L changing when the

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  20. physical science

    pour a liter of water at 40 c into a liter of water at 20 and the final temperature of the two becomes about____________________c

    asked by annie
  21. Physics

    2. We have two vectors that line in the x-y plane. If we take the cross-product of those two vectors we know that a. the magnitude of the cross-product will always be equal to the product of the magnitudes of the two vectors. b. the magnitude of the

    asked by Sarah
  22. maths p5

    3.A rectangle is divided into 4 parts, A B, C and D. The areas of A: B: C are in the ratio 10:18:5. C is a square with an area of 25cm2. What is the area of rectangle D? 4. Mr Lee is 38y old. His daughter is 32y younger. a) In how many years time will Mr

    asked by joi
  23. english

    I am the best candidate to be class president . If you vote for me all your wishes will come true. what type of fallaies is this is it red herring? plezzzzz help

    asked by kaily
  24. foundation of mechanics

    A particle is released from rest at a point P on an inclined plane. The inclination of the plane is tan"1 (4/3) to the horizontal. If the coefficient of friction between the particle and the plane is 1/3, find i) the speed of the particle when it passes Q,

    asked by khairul
  25. Geometry

    If each exterior angle of a regular polygon measures 40 degrees, what is the total number of sides in the polygon? a.) 9 b.) 8 c.) 6 d.) 5

    asked by Taylor
  26. maths p5

    1. Three boxes A, B and C weigh 12kg altogether. Box A weighs 1.2kg more than B and 0.3kg more than C. What is the weight of the heaviest box? 2. Peter and Ali have 375 cards altogether. If Ali gives 25% of his cards to Peter, he will have 1/4 as many

    asked by joi
  27. Chemistry

    What would be the dangers of mixing chlorofluorocarbons (r-22 refrigerant)and chlorine gas in a indoor swimming pool area? Question is in regard to a substanial R-22 refrigerant leak that ends up in a enclosed pool area daily mixing with chlorine gas in

    asked by Dennis
  28. Trig

    cos45cos25 - sin 45sin25 = ?? a. cos70 b. sin70 c. cos 20 d. sin 20 which answer is correct ?

    asked by Don
  29. Trig

    If tanx = 2/3 tany = 1/2 then tan(x-y) = ?? a.7/4 b.7/6 c.1/8 d.8/6 which answer is correct ??

    asked by Don
  30. Trig

    If sinx = 1/4 Find the exact value of cos2x I used the formula for double angle identities : cos2x = 1-2sin^2x and got the answer 1/2 The book says the answer is 7/8 How would they get to that conclusion?

    asked by Don
  31. calc

    An object moves along a parabolic path defined by the equation y = 2x 2 + 1 in such a way that the y-value is decreasing at a constant rate of 2 units per second. At what rate is the x-coordinate changing when x = 3/2?

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  32. English

    Is it self plagerism if I take the same argument or main idea from a paper that I wrote last semester and use that same principle/argument/main idea/thesis in another paper for the next semester if it's is completely rewritten with different words and

    asked by Jhon
  33. physics

    A chandelier of mass 250 kg is hung vertically from a ceiling using a 1.25 m long brass rod of square cross-section of sides 0.4 cm each. How much will the rod stretch when the chandelier is hung? By what factor is the minimum breaking load greater than

    asked by sand
  34. Physics

    3. A particle of mass 0.5 kg has velocity 2 m/s. It is moving at constant velocity along a line that passes 0.5 m away from the origin, as shown in the figure below. Rank the angular momentum of the particle when it is at the points A, B, and C from

    asked by Sarah
  35. mathematics

    if AD biscepts angle A in right triangle ABC what is the value of X 1. 60 degrees 2. 90 degrees 3. 100 degrees 4. 120 degrees show work

    asked by ashadaine
  36. economics

    an example of a durable good would be

    asked by brent
  37. American History

    Which of the following statements about the provisions of the Compromise of 1850 is true? A. The principle of popular sovereignty was abandoned. B. The New Mexico Territory was absorbed into Texas. C. Fugitive slaves were denied any and all constitutional

    asked by Jiman
  38. Trigonometry

    Solve the equation tan²3Θ = cot²a

    asked by Kewal
  39. english revision, editing

    Hi I have to do the following corrections. I was wondering if I corrected them correctly.(my work is the bottom) this is what I need to correct : Another kind of story people passed on are fairytales.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. physics

    A sample of gas at P = 1123 Pa, V = 1.41 L, and T = 291 K is confined in a cylinder a) Find the new pressure if the volume is reduced to half of the original volume at the same temperature. b) If the temperature is raised to 391 K in the process of part

    asked by maria
  41. physics

    Air in a diesel engine cylinder is quickly compressed from an initial temperature of 21.1°C, an initial pressure of 1.00 atm, and an initial volume of 670 cm^3 to a final volume of 44.5 cm^3. a)Assuming the air to be an ideal diatomic gas, find the final

    asked by maria
  42. operations management

    a small business contactor has recently experienced two successive years in which work oppotunities exceeded the firm's capacity.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Fantsy

    Are these list below are fantasys??? - Unicorns - Fairies - Princess - Mermaids

    asked by Lauren
  44. chemistry question

    why is it that when an unknown carbonate of group one or two (inc H) reacting w/ HCl, the mole ratio is 1:1

    asked by chemistry
  45. cal

    find the area between the graph of function and x-axis over the given interval, if possible. f(x)= 16/(x-1)^2 for (-infinity, 0]

    asked by binzo
  46. medical terminology

    Anyone know anything about medical terminology? I need a list of the most common.

    asked by Kathy
  47. physics

    a) What is the root-mean-square speed for a collection of helium-4 atoms at 311 K? b) What is the root-mean-square speed for a collection of helium-3 atoms at 311 K?

    asked by maria
  48. Physics

    1. Consider the two vectors P and Q. The definition of P is P = 􀀃i × (􀀃i × 􀀃j). The definition of Q is Q = (􀀃i × 􀀃i) × 􀀃j . a. The magnitude of P is equal to the magnitude of Q. b. The magnitude of P is greater than the magnitude of

    asked by Sarah
  49. Geometry

    What is the converse of " If it is snowing, then it must be cold"? a.) If it is cold, then it must be snowing. b.) If it is not cold, then it is not snowing. c.)If it is not snowing, then it is not cold. d.) If it is cold, it is not snowing.

    asked by Lauren
  50. Trig

    sin45cos25 + cos45sin25 = ?? a. cos70 b. sin70 c. cos20 d. sin 20 which answer is correct ??

    asked by Don
  51. physics

    A christmas bulb of mass W is swung in a vertical circle on a cord length Y. What minimum speed v needed at the top of the circle to keep the cord taut?

    asked by Noah
  52. physics

    i want to know the force of 3.0 kg weight dropped from 1.0 meter height for breakage testing purpose

    asked by rk
  53. Trigonometry

    Solve the equation tan²3Θ = cot²a

    asked by Kewal
  54. calculus

    If a function f is continuous for all x and if f has a relative minimum at (-1,4) and a relative minimum at (-3,2), which of the following statements must be true? (a) The graph of f has a point of inflection somewhere between x = -1 and x=3 (b) f'(-1) = 0

    asked by Sam
  55. psychology

    when physical energy has resulted in aresponse in a sense organ, it is clear that

    asked by sam
  56. physics

    What is the minimum velocity needed for a roller coaster , traveling on the ground , to make it over a 112 m hill?

    asked by maria
  57. Social/ELA

    What does it mean to live a civic life?

    asked by M.
  58. anatomy and physiology

    the wide band of fibers that sep[arates the two hemispheres of the cerebrum is called the? 1 choroid plexus,2 central fissure ,3 cerebral aqueduct or 4 corpus callosum

    asked by sue
  59. chemistry

    What is the molarity of a salt water solution containing 8moles of salt in 2 L of solution?

    asked by brenda
  60. English

    I really need your help to express a few things related to skiing. As a matter of fact, I don't know much about it. Thank you very much for your help. 1) Do you happen to know anything about an Ipad application called Siri, which should be able to send

    asked by Henry2
  61. us history

    "The Patriots won the Revolution in more ways than one." Explain that sentence. Be sure to think about non-military factors, as well as the obvious military ones.

    asked by jasmine
  62. Language

    a) a song of praise _ _mn b) upright structure; pillar _ _ _ _mn c) convict; find guilty _ _ _ _ _mn

    asked by Curly Sue
  63. interior

    a clerestory window is one that

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    Matt has a large family when looking at the dates of their birthdays, he noticed that every prime day had at least one birthday. this was also true for perfect squares cubes and multiples of 3,5,7, and 11. what days (1 to 31) are not represented

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math (Ms.Sue)

    the town is going to divide the community gardens into rectangler plots that are 3 yards * 15 many plots will the community gardens have?what is the area of each plot? please explain how you got the answer.

    asked by lidia
  66. scientist

    Scientists performed an experiment to determine whether there is a connection between learning ability and food. They took two groups of 20 mice each, all from the same purebred strain. The mice were deprived of food for 3 days and then given a standard

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Question

    Entries will be judged by professional artists only. Each quarterly judging and the Grand Prize judging may have different panels of judges. The decisions of the judges are entirely their own and are final. They said in the FAQ: Q: Are there any

    asked by Lauren
  68. arithmetic

    The sum of the first 4 terms of an arithmetic series is -8 and the sum of the first 5 terms is 85. Determine the first term and the common difference

    asked by Ashley
  69. trig

    Matt has a large family when looking at the dates of their birthdays, he noticed that every prime day had at least one birthday. this was also true for perfect squares cubes and multiples of 3,5,7, and 11. what days (1 to 31) are not represented

    asked by Anonymous