Questions Asked on
December 26, 2011

  1. business math

    Jill Ley took out a loan to pay for her child's education for $60,000. The loan would be repaid at the end of 8 years in one payment with an interest of 6 percent. The total amount Jill has to pay back at the end of the loan is:

    asked by Anonymous
  2. business law

    Feaheny offered in writing to sell Quinn her house. She made an offer to sell on an installment payment basis, but also asked Quinn to make a cash offer. Quinn made a cash offer which Feaheny rejected. Quinn then accepted the installment payment basis.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. physical science

    An oxygen gas tank has a volume of 8 L and a pressure of 1500 N/m2. If the temperature decreases from 2500 K to 2000 K and its volume increases to 24 L, what is its final pressure?

    asked by Samantha
  4. math

    explain in your own words the difference between how the Pythagorean Theorem is used and how the converse of the Pythagorean Theorem is used.

    asked by veronica
  5. chemistry

    What would be the dangers of mixing chlorofluorocarbons (r-22 refrigerant)and chlorine gas in a indoor swimming pool area? Question is in regard to a substanial R-22 refrigerant leak that ends up in a enclosed pool area daily mixing with chlorine gas in

    asked by Dennis
  6. Chemistry

    CO2-Sensing probe (electrochemical device based on pas-permeable membrane) Eind=A-0.0592*log[CO2(aq)]ext, where A is constant which of the following may interfere with these measurements, if present in the aqueous solution: O2, N2, NO2 and Why?

    asked by Michael
  7. Language and Other Barries

    8.In general,the best type of multicultural classroom materials are those that

    asked by annie
  8. physics

    A chandelier of mass 250 kg is hung vertically from a ceiling using a 1.25 m long brass rod of square cross-section of sides 0.4 cm each. How much will the rod stretch when the chandelier is hung? By what factor is the minimum breaking load greater than

    asked by sand
  9. chemistry

    What would be the dangers of mixing chlorofluorocarbons (r-22 refrigerant)and chlorine gas in a indoor swimming pool area?

    asked by Dennis
  10. admas

    the true unemployment rate is 7% assume that 100 employable people are selected randomly

    asked by sucad
  11. English

    Hi, I have to write up paragraphs on these themes from Frankenstein: a) good vs. evil (manichean) b) duty of responsibility c) nature vs. nurture However, I'm confused about what the differences between these points are... For example, in "nature vs.

    asked by Candice
  12. Maths

    If the base side of a triangle is (x+4) and the height is (x+1), what is x if the area is 20cm3? Please demonstrate how you reached the answer. Thanks.

    asked by Florence
  13. physics

    A 5kg mass is sliding at a speed of 7 m/s on horizontal sheet of frictionless ice when it smacks in to a wall of the ice rink. There are bumpers made of elastic springs placed along the wall for protection. The mass hits the bumper, compressing it by 5cm

    asked by sand
  14. english

    what is the word that has similar in meaning with good?

    asked by dorcas
  15. statistics

    A sample of 400 high school students showed that they spend an average of 70 minutes a day watching television with a standard deviation of 14 minutes. Another sample of 500 college students showed that they spend an average of 55 minutes a day watching

    asked by badar
  16. statistics

    According to a Louis Harris poll, 63% of men drivers always use seat belts. A recent sample of 900 men drivers showed that 60% of them always use seat belts. Test at the 1% significance level if the proportion of men drivers who always use seat belts is

    asked by Ishaq
  17. statistics

    A department store management claims that families spend an average of $625 on gifts during the Christmas season. A sample of 120 families showed that they spent an average of $665 on gifts during the past Christmas season with a standard deviation of

    asked by Badar
  18. math

    what is the value of x if 4:x=24:28

    asked by dorcas
  19. english

    what is the word similar in meanng with occasionally?

    asked by dorcas
  20. Chemistry

    Two characterstics that lead to an element being classified as a metal. Please help!

    asked by Meron
  21. Chemistry

    Two characterstics that lead to an element being classified as a metal. Please help!

    asked by Meron
  22. math

    Find the exact value of the volume of a can of sauerkraut with a diameter 12 centimeters and height of 8 centimeters. Include correct units with your solution. Use "pi" in place of the pi symbol.

    asked by kim
  23. physics

    A lead brick with volume of 7*10^-4m^3 is floating in bath of liquid mercury. a) What fraction of the lead brick’s volume is above the surface of mercury? A student uses a stick to push the lead brick below the mercury surface so that it is completely

    asked by sand
  24. Happy Boxing Day

    To all our Canadian friends - Happy Boxing Day. And to everyone - may the coming year bring you great health and lots of happiness and prosperity.

    asked by E.G.
  25. Chemistry

    You need to prepare 2 M solutions, with 10 g of solute. What volume of solution will you prepare for ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3?

    asked by Amir
  26. english

    Citing issues you find confusing

    asked by Anonymous
  27. entrepreneur

    I am trying to find price per foot. if a roll of wire is selling for $72.00 what is the price per foot

    asked by craze
  28. Research and Evaluation

    1) A sample of 49 observations is taken from a normal population. The sample mean is 55 and the sample standard deviation is 10. Determine the 99% confidence interval for the population mean. 2) The Fox TV network is considering replacing one of its

    asked by David M.
  29. Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (plz help)

    I need help and I'm a bit confused. How to Submit Your Work Regional Programs Students first submit work to regional programs administered by affiliates of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Students and teachers can connect with their regional

    asked by Lauren
  30. Maths

    what are the meanings of Mathematics of Buying and Mathematics of Selling, using language from the Business Mathematics aspect.

    asked by ummu
  31. math

    .004999 to the nearest hundreth

    asked by angel
  32. Rockland Center of Art: School of Arts (plz read)

    I have a question. Ok while I was reading the supply list that I need for Rockland Center for the Arts: School of Arts they wrote this Something to carry your wet(empty pizza boxes work well) in the supply list. What does that means??? Btw that's not the

    asked by Lauren
  33. Kumon

    What matirals do I need for Kumon?????

    asked by Lauren
  34. calculus

    When the area in square units of an expanding circle is increasing twice as fast as its radius in linear units, the radius is (a) 1/4pi (b) 1/4 (c) 1/pi (d) 1 (e) pi

    asked by Hank
  35. introduction to floral design amd flowers

    Im trying to find out if my answers to the exam is right

    asked by brittney
  36. maths

    a car is traveling at 100km/hr and rounds a slight curve to the right of 30 degrees. the driver hits a mailbox of 80kgs on the curb with the left front of his car. how far does the mailbox move and in what direction to the car's travel does it move. thank

    asked by cisco
  37. After School

    Is there any after school programs???? BESIDES rockland art center, kumon, girl scouts, and karte.

    asked by Lauren
  38. Math

    Please show me how to solve the following problem: The ocncession stand is selling hot dogs and hamburger during the game. At half-time,they sold a total of 78 hamburgers and hot dogs and brought in $105.50. How many of each item did they sell if

    asked by Jane
  39. English

    I'd like to know if the following sentences are possible. 1. He drove over the ramp (I can't find an example). He followed the signs to Milan and then left the motorway. 2. He stopped at the tollbooth and inserted the money in the ...

    asked by henry1
  40. Math

    Please explain to me how to solve this problem: Reid and Maria both play soccer. This season, Reid scored 4 less than twice the number of goals that Maria scored. The difference in the number of goals they scored was 6. How many goals did each of them

    asked by Jane
  41. physics

    A ladder of length 5m has mass of 25 Kg. the ladder is leaned against a frictionless vertical wall at an angle of 10 degrees with the vertical. A repairman with a mass of 82Kg needs to stand on an upper rung of the ladder that is 1 m from the end. What is

    asked by sand
  42. social studies

    how do you find a crossword puzzle on ancient Mesopotamia

    asked by asheley
  43. world geography

    i need the answers to Geography Essentials, Europe, And Russia And Its Neighbors and East Asia And Southeast Asia and South Asia, Northern Africa, And Southwestern Asia Sub-saharan Africa, Australia,oceania, And Antartica Latin America And North America i

    asked by Daniel
  44. world geography

    Two U.S. West Coast ports are world ports that connect the United States and Asian markets. They're Los Angeles/Long Beach and

    asked by Daniel
  45. physics

    A guitar string 75.0cm in length is strung to play the note C at a frequency of 880Hz as it 3rd harmonic. a.) what is the length of the transverse wave on the guitar string? b) what is the speed of this transverse wave along the guitar string? c.) what is

    asked by sand
  46. chemistry

    A balloon has a volume of 175 cm3 at 19ºC. At what temperature will the volume of the balloon have increased by 25.0% (at constant pressure).

    asked by sakura-chan
  47. RIT

    What is really RIT Honors Program????

    asked by Lauren
  48. Question

    A family history of movement to obtain work in agriculture is required. What does that means?????????

    asked by Lauren
  49. Communication

    Imagine you are the office manager for a medical practice and have recently attended a conference where you learned about active listening and its benefits. You want to share the information with your practice’s staff.

    asked by Monique
  50. physics

    How much work is done to move a 6kg Christmas cake from the bottom shelf to.the refrigerator ( 0.5m high) to the top shelf (1.5m high)

    asked by maria
  51. Math,Ratio

    the length of a rectangle is 6times as long as its breadth. a.) what fraction of the perimeter of the rectangle is the length of the rectangle? b.) find the ratio of the length of the rectangle to its breadth and to its perimeter. c.) if the perimeter of

    asked by Da S
  52. Future Question

    When they said "science fiction or fantasy works" what do they mean?????????????

    asked by Lauren
  53. geometry

    the base of a right triangular prism has a width of 8 inches and a height of 6 inches. the length of the third side of the triangle is 10 inches and the length of the prism is 12 inches. What is the surface area of this prism?

    asked by julissa

    Would someone please check my work. Thank you. Rewrite each sentence in an active voice 1) Mistakes were made. A)He made mistakes. 2) Musical legends such as Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, and Johnny Cash have all influenced Norah Jones A)Norah Jones was

    asked by Luis