Questions Asked on
December 25, 2011

  1. physics

    In an arcade game a 0.142 kg disk is shot across a frictionless horizontal surface by compressing it against a spring and releasing it. If the spring has a spring constant of 174 N/m and is compressed from its equilibrium position by 8 cm, find the speed

    asked by rm
  2. Calculus

    Calculate the height of a cylinder of maximum volume that can be cut from a cone of height 20 cm and base radius 80 cm , please help me

    asked by sara
  3. Physics

    A bullet with a mass m = 4:83 g and initial speed of 330 m/s passes through a wheel which is initially at rest as in the The wheel is a solid disk with mass M = 2.29 kg and radius R = 1.:6 cm. The wheel rotates freely about an axis through its center and

    asked by Lindsay
  4. physics highe school

    Explain the different sections of the graph in as much detail as you can?

    asked by Kindihun
  5. maths

    a solid cube of side l floats on water with 20% of its volume under water. Cubes identical to it are piled one by one on it. Assumes that the cubes do not slip or topple and contact between their surfaces is perfect. How many cubes are required to submerge

    asked by santosh
  6. English

    Wild Nights -- Wild Nights! Were I with thee Wild Nights should be Our luxury! Futile -- the Winds -- To a Heart in port -- Done with the Compass -- Done with the Chart! Rowing in Eden -- Ah, the Sea! Might I but moor -- Tonight --In Thee! Which best

    asked by Anonymous
  7. MAth

    The sum of four consecutive integers is at least 114. Find the smallest possible values for these numbers. HOW YOU DO THIS?

    asked by TRACY
  8. IGCSE Chemistry

    Hydrocarbons A and B both contain 85.7 % carbon. Their molar masses are 42 and 84 respectively. a) Which elements does a hydrocarbon contain? b) Calculate the empirical formula of A and of B. c) Calculate the molecular formula of A and B. I solved a) and

    asked by Amir
  9. statistics

    2. Classify the following variable as nominal, ordinal, discrete, or continuous and state why it is such a variable: number of automobile accidents per year (Points : 3)

    asked by vickie
  10. Calculus

    Find the turning points of y = 3 x 3 + 6 x 2 + 3 x – 1 and determine their nature, also, find the equations of the tangents at these points. please help me

    asked by Noor
  11. Calculus--Reiny

    Calculus - Reiny, Friday, December 23, 2011 at 6:59pm I read that as (4a^2-1)/(4a^2-16) * (2-a)/(2a-1) , my brackets are necessary = (2a+1)(2a-1)/( 4(a+2)(a-2) * (2-a)/(2a-1) the (2-a)/(a-2) are opposite, they will give you the -1 so.. = -(2a+1)/(4(a+2)) ,

    asked by -Untamed-
  12. calculus

    Evaluate the following integrals by using appropriate method : ∫cos⁡ ^3 ( 2x-5 )dx help

    asked by Jacob
  13. physics

    a motor pumps water from a depth 0f 6meters. f it pumps 100kg of water in one minute with a velocity of 10m/s. calculate the work done

    asked by afsal
  14. Environmental Club Recycling Project Letter

    Dear Club Members of Environmental Club, We are going to be start a HUGE organization in order to help the environment. People around the world should realize that recycling is important. If we don't recycle animals won't have a home to leave in the woods

    asked by Lauren
  15. Math

    Use multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and at least one set of parentheses to write an expression that simplifies to 7, 13, or 17. Do your work step by step and explain each step as you simplify the expression. Demonstrate the consequences

    asked by Mary
  16. math

    if a & b are perpendicular vectors, show that a)(a+2b).(a-b)=|a|^2-2|b|^2 b)(a+b).(a-b)=|a|^2+|b|^2 *how to show it?just multiply it?if yes where does||come from? does||show that it should be a value?

    asked by Yuni
  17. Themes in American History

    I am not sure how to set a time chart on this one (5) The evolution of the concept of "God given freedom of the individual" stemming from the Protestant Reformation and developing through the American Enlightenment and the Great Awakening, and culminating

    asked by Michael
  18. calculus

    find dy/dx when y = (5 sec^2 x-7 ) ^3 (x^5-5 cosec x - 1)^7 help

    asked by Jacob
  19. ALGEBRA 1

    ARE THESE ANSWERS RIGHT ? Express as a trinomial: (2x-3)(x+7) IS THE ASNWER 2x^2 + 11x - 21 WHAT IS THE VALUE OF 2 times 5^-2 IS THE ANSWER 2/25 DIVIDE: x/x^2-49 divide by 5x^3/x^2 + 9x + 14 IS THE ANSWER x+2/5x^2(x-7)

    asked by Lisa
  20. Math

    THe population of Anytown in 1960 was 1,576,230. In 1990 the population was 892,560. Find the percent change. AM REALLY CONFUSED PLEASE HElp

    asked by RAY
  21. English

    1. I lied that you were a fine gardener. 2. I lied him that you were a fine gardener. (Are both grammatical?) 3. I lied and told him that you were a fine gardener. (Did the two actions happen at the same time in this sentence?) 4. Lying, I told him that he

    asked by rfvv
  22. maths

    If the base side of a triangle is (x+4) and the height is (x+1), what is x? Please demonstrate how you reached the answer. Thanks.

    asked by Jbean
  23. social studies

    whats the history of christmas?PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by please help me sir
  24. calculus

    The value of c for which f(x) = x + c/x has a local minimum at x= 3 is (a) -9 (b) - 6 (c) -3 (d) 6 (e) 9

    asked by H
  25. Family law

    In Jackson v. Jackson, the court approaches the issue of changing: (Points: 5) alimony. child support. child visitation. child custody. is it D

    asked by Andy
  26. English

    Could you please check these two statements, please? 1) At midday I went to my mother-in-law's (house) and I had lunch there. We had seven different kinds of starters. 2) The ones I liked most were breaded artichokes and watercress with cherry tomatoes and

    asked by Henry2


    asked by Laruen
  28. MATH

    for which value of X will the fraction 7/2x-6 be undefined ? and check this IF three times a number decreased by 5, the result is 7. find the number. 3x-5=7 and x=4 is this right?

    asked by CHRIS