Questions Asked on
December 20, 2011

  1. Geometry

    A trapezoid has an area of 166.5 in.², a height of 9 in., and one base measuring 15 in. What is the length of the other base?

    asked by Ryan
  2. GeOmEtRy OnE qUeStIoN pLeAsE hElP!!!

    Segment DF bisects angle EDG. Find FG. segment EF is n+9 segment FG is 4n-6 Please Help me on this one question! I'd really appreciate it! Thank You :)!

    asked by Zelda

    Mens shirt sizes are determined by neck sizes. suppose the mens nexck sizes are approximatley normally distributed with mean 15.7 inches and standard deviation 0.7 inch.retailer sells men shirts in S,M,L,XL where the shirt sizes are defined in the table

    asked by JOJO
  4. Government

    The only two states that are exceptions to the unit rule for awarding electoral votes are: A.Michigan and Montana. B.New Hampshire and Vermont. C.Maine and Nebraska. D.Georgia and Louisiana. I don't know.

    asked by Calvin
  5. Government

    A president's policy initiatives are significantly more successful when the president. A.has the strong support of the American people. a former member of congress. on good terms with other world leaders. in office when the economy goes bad,

    asked by Calvin
  6. trig

    The cross section of a television antenna dish is a parabola. A dish has a receiver that is located at the focus, 4 ft. above the vertex. Find the equation. (which I did) -- x^2 = 8y If the dish is 8 feet wide, how deep is it?

    asked by lindsey
  7. physics

    A particle executes SHM with time period T and ampitude A.Find the maximum possible average velocity in time T/4

    asked by Jishan
  8. physics

    when a 0.05kg bullet is fired into a block that is suspended by a long cord so that it can swing as a pendulum. if the block is displaced so that its centre of gravity rises by 0.10m,what was the speed of the bullet?

    asked by jenni
  9. geometry

    A regular hexagon has perimeter 60 in. What is the hexagon's area?

    asked by cindy
  10. Math

    A stone is thrown vertically upwards from a platform 60meters above the ground. The initial velocity of the stone is 20m/s.The height of the stone above the ground at t seconds is given by: H(t)=20t-5t^2+60m.How long does it take for the stone to hit the

    asked by Lusi.
  11. statistics

    the assets (in billions of dollars)of the four wealthiest people in a particular country are 46,34,12,10. Assume that the samples of size 2 are randomly selected with replacement from this population of four values. After listing the possible sample and

    asked by nannie
  12. geography

    cultural exchange between nations has been as a result of technological advances

    asked by brianna
  13. Math~Reinyyy

    Could someone help me with these questions, I don't know question c) and d) Consider the function f(x) = (0.1x-1)(x+2)^2. a) Determine the function's average rate of change on -2

    asked by Elli
  14. math

    In missy's sports-cards collection, 5/7 of the cards are baseball. In frank's collection, 12/36 are baseball.Frank says they have the same fraction of baseball cards.Is he correct?

    asked by bebe
  15. math

    What is 0.00023 written in scientific notation

    asked by steve
  16. Trig

    If sin = 2/3 and is a second quadrant angle, determine the exact value of sec^2 could be a. 5/9 b. root5/3 c. 9/4 d. 9/5 Please help.......

    asked by Don
  17. grammar

    I have learned the difference between perception and interpretation, communication process is necessary for an effective way of communication. I have learned the most important skills for an effective team member. I know how to active listening techniques

    asked by hiop
  18. physics

    Two 4.0-g spheres are suspended by 9.0-cm-long light strings (see the figure). A uniform electric field is applied in the x-direction. If the spheres have charges of −3. 10-8 C and +3. 10-8 C, determine the electric field intensity that enables the

    asked by ann
  19. trigonometry

    A sheet metal worker constructed a triangular metal flashing with sides of 6 ft., 5 ft., and 3 ft. If he charges $2 per square foot for this type of work, then what should he charge? Do not use Heron’s formula. Justify and explain your reasoning.

    asked by Britt
  20. Physics

    A 18 kg object and a 26 kg object are connected by a massless compressed spring and rest on a frictionless table. After the spring is released, the object with the smaller mass has a velocity of 2 m/s to the left. What is the velocity of the object with

    asked by Bob
  21. Geometry

    What is the area of a trapezoid with height 5 m and bases 8 m and 1 m?

    asked by Ryan
  22. socials

    what the purpose of the charlottetown accord? this the passage prime minister mulroney believed he had to continue with the constitution debate. Anxious to avoid previous mistakes, his government appointed a special "Citizen's Forum"-a committe that

    asked by Mohammad
  23. Univ of Phoenix

    Solve the system of equations by graphing. Then classify the system. x+y=9 x-y=3 Use graphing tool to graph the system

    asked by Yvette
  24. english

    1.when morgan tells clarence that he "ain't more than a paragraph," he uses a.)sarcasm b.)foreshadowing c.)burlesque 2. the Yankee finds armor a.)very comfortable b.)light and airy c.)hot, noisy, and inconvenient 3. Morgan is happy that Merlin keeps

    asked by lamia
  25. algebra

    solve the inequality express in interval notation x^4 + 4x^3 - 9x^2 - 36x < 0

    asked by anon
  26. grammar

    Students must write a reflection rapport what we had learning during class of managerial skill. During lesson of managerial skill, we have learning different subject how we can apply in our life and for our profession and how we can apply for other people.

    asked by nattyiy
  27. math

    Joyce took out a loan for $21,900, at 12 percent, on March 18, 2007, which will be due on January 9, 2008. Using ordinary interest, Joyce will pay back on Jan. 9 a total amount of_________.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Statistics

    suppose the correla tion between SAT Verbal scores and Math scores is .57 and that these scares are normally distributed. IF a student's Verbal score places her at the 90th percentile, at what percentile would you expect her Math scores to be?

    asked by Nic
  29. trigonometry

    1) (sin2t) (cos5t) + (cos2t) (sin5t) 2) {1/(sec x - 1)} - {1/(sec x +1)} = 2 cot^2 x

    asked by Britt
  30. math

    In 1 through 6, find each sum. Simplify, if possible. Estimate for reasonableness. 1. 7 __2 3 + 8 __5 6 2. 4 __3 4 + 2 __2 5 3. 11 ___9 10 + 3 ___1 20 4. 7 __6 7 + 5 __2 7 5. 5 __8 9 + 3 __1 2 6. 21 ___ 11 12 + 17 __2 3 7. Number Sense Write two mixed

    asked by lizzy
  31. grammar

    I have learned how to formulate personal learning goals SMART. Specific: a learning goal can only useful if it describes what you want to do; how you think, you will do it, when and where. A learning goal must be specific. During the class we must written

    asked by hiop
  32. physics

    a spring driven dark gun propels a .01kg dart. it has a spring constant of 784 N/m and the spring is compressed a distance of .05 m. with what speed will the dart leave the gun, assuming the spring has negligible mass?

    asked by Dasha
  33. Chemistry

    The pH of a 0.002 50 mol/L solution of benzoic acid is 3.65. Calculate the Ka for benzoic acid.

    asked by Maria
  34. pre calculus

    Find the inverse of the function below. Graph the function below and the inverse. Determine the domain, range and asymptotes of the function below and the inverse function. Please show all your work. f(x) = 2e^-x + 5 Just looking at this gives me a

    asked by Michelle
  35. trig

    You are sky diving and are trying to land on a target with a radius of 15 m. You land 10 m west and 10 m north of the center of the target. a. Write an inequality to describe the region inside the target area. b. Do you land within the target area? c. If

    asked by Elle
  36. math

    A car rents for $40 per day plus .20 cents per mile. your budget is $92 daily.What mileage will allow you to stay in budget?

    asked by kat
  37. trigonometry

    {1/(sec x - 1)} - {1/(sec x +1)} = 2 cot^2 x solve using identities?

    asked by Britt
  38. English grammar

    During the lesson the teacher has learning our about perception and interpretation. We must be awareness what we are seeing, and how we do interpret an object. During lesson of managerial skill teacher show us a pictures of wish that we must

    asked by natty 2
  39. trigonometry

    Use identities to simplify each expression. 1) (sin2t) (cos5t) + (cos2t) (sin5t) 2) {1/(sec x - 1)} - {1/(sec x +1)} = 2 cot^2 x

    asked by Britt
  40. English

    1) Do you say "a packet or a box of washing powder"? 2) Is it possible to use the word "washing-up liquid"? 3) They don't smoke or cut down on cigarettes because they know they harm our health (??) They are harmful

    asked by Henry2
  41. English

    Would someone please check my work. I need to combine the following sentences into one by using a semicolon. 1)Abalone fishing in California is strictly regulated. A person is allowed to harvest only twenty-four of these large mollusks per year. A)Abalone

    asked by Luis
  42. english grammar

    I have learning about the communication process that a correct interpretation in the communication process is necessary for an effective way of communication between sender and receiver. Make mistakes in interpretation can cause misunderstanding between

    asked by natty 3
  43. grammar

    I have learning how prepare for an effective meeting. For an effective meeting you must invite a neutral facilter to sensitive meeting, only hold a meeting if necessary , an meeting must have clear objectives , all meeting have an agenda which includes:

    asked by hiop
  44. Solving trig functions! urgent please help!

    1.2sinxtanx + tanx-2sinx-1=0 2.6tan^2x-4sin^2x=1 Both functions is for 0

    asked by Sally
  45. matematicas

    (sinx)^2+cosx +1 = 0 , domain: [0,2pi) aydame por favor gracias

    asked by yo
  46. English

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. In particular, I'm not sure about the use of "none" as a pronoun and a few words concerning ecology. 1) I give people a lot of/lots of/a few/few/no presents for Christmas. I don't think "none presents" is

    asked by Henry2
  47. scientific notation

    the speed of light is1.86 times 10^5 miles per second. using a year of 365 days, how far does light travel in a year?

    asked by cathey
  48. physics

    A bicyclist is riding her bike around White Rock Lake. As she is riding her bike she is approaching a start line from an old race she can use to measure her displacement. What is her displacement if her initial velocity is 4.00 m/s as she crosses the start

    asked by Anonymous
  49. APUSH

    Identify and analyze the factors that changed the American city in the second half of the nineteenth century.

    asked by Estafania
  50. math/ calculus

    full work out with explanation of this problem please we're working with derivatives and i don't understand it given h(x)= cotx/x find h'(pi/2)

    asked by Angie
  51. math

    Use logarithms to solve expenential equqtion 5^x=30

    asked by ddd
  52. chemistry

    How many water molecules are in a 0.265 g sample?

    asked by troy
  53. algebra

    List all possible rational zeros for the polynomial below. Find all real zeros and factor completely. Please show all your work. f(x) = 2x^4 + 19x^3 + 37x^2 - 55x - 75

    asked by edward
  54. English

    I realized I made a mistake when talking about plastic bags. I think I should have written "reusable" instead of "disposable". I forgot to include the following sentences. 1) Plastic is one of the worst things for the environment because it isn't

    asked by Henry2
  55. english grammar

    I have learned active listen, when people talk you must really listen to other team members. Don’t jump to conclusion let people finish to talk. Make things clear for yourself and for the sender and let the sender know that you really understand him. I

    asked by natty 5
  56. chemistry

    A scientist collects a sample of carbon dioxide that contains 1.5 x 1025 molecules of CO2. In grams, what is the mass of the sample?

    asked by Antonio
  57. math

    if the mean is 69 the median is 83 and the mode is 85 and the range is 70 what is the second lowest test score?

    asked by Byron
  58. APUSH

    Evaluate the impact of the civil war on political and economic developments in two of the following regions. a) The South b) The North c) The West

    asked by Estafania
  59. physics

    the force of kinetic friction between a 60 kg object and a horizontal surface is 50 N. if the initial speed of the object is 25 m/s, what distance will it slide before coming to a stop?

    asked by Dasha
  60. physics

    i need help w part b and c A proton is released from rest in a uniform electric field of magnitude 388 N/C. (a) Find the electric force on the proton. magnitude N direction (b) Find the acceleration of the proton. magnitude m/s2 direction (c) Find the

    asked by ann
  61. Math - Measurement Pink Wk Bk (PLZZZ HELP!)

    4. 3 1/2 T = ______ ib 5. 32 oz = ________ ib 7. _____ ib = 7 T Solve: 10. 12 oranges weigh 2 1/4 pounds. How many ounces is this? __________ PLEASE HELP, I really don't get this. Please Help!!!! Thank You!!! :) PS: For homework, we have to do p. 6 in our

    asked by Lauren
  62. algebra

    Rewrite with positive exponents. Assume that even roots are of nonnegative quantities and that all denominators are nonzero. (2x^2y-^1)^-6

    asked by Katrina
  63. Math

    In an arithmetic sequence, the first term is 5, and the fifth term is 21. What is the second term? Help please ASAP!!

    asked by Byun
  64. Biology

    Is predation (predators feeding on prey) the only form of species interaction that represents consumption?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. pre calculus

    Solve the following inequality and write using interval notation x^2 - 22/ x -4 >_ -7/2 this sign > has the slash underneath Help me!

    asked by Amy
  66. Human Services

    a human services professional by asking 10 to 20 questions about the nature of the practice setting and about interventions provided. List the interview questions asked and summarize your response from the interviewee.

    asked by Juliana
  67. socials

    what the result of national referendum? (Charlottetown Accord)why it have this outcome? the charlottetown accord was put to a national referendum in october 1992. Mulroney warned that rejection of the accord would endanger the very future of the nation.

    asked by Mohammad
  68. english grammar

    I have learned what the most important basis skill for teamwork. For a successful teamwork, team members must have team conditions: clear goals, common responsibility, open communication, mutual respect and flexibility. Open communication and mutual

    asked by natty 4
  69. check grammar

    Core quality are qualities that belong to a person‘s nature and that characterize a person strengths. Sometimes when a core quality are a bit too much, they can dominate other qualities and so they become a pitfall instead of strength. Core quality have

    asked by popely w
  70. grammar

    I have learning how prepare for an effective meeting. For an effective meeting you must invite a neutral facilter to sensitive meeting, only hold a meeting if necessary , an meeting must have clear objectives , all meeting have an agenda which includes:

    asked by hiop
  71. pre calculus

    Solve the exponential equation Express you solutions in exact form only Please show your work e^2x - 9e^x - 20 = 2

    asked by anon
  72. math

    what is the positive value of n if the slope of the line joining (6,n) and (7 pie squared) is 20?

    asked by mk
  73. Psychology

    How are glial cells connected to stem cells?

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  74. american history

    congress passed the alien and sedition acts, the virginian and kentucky resolution were written by jefferson and madison which one comes first

    asked by lora
  75. english

    kindly please correct my english grammar if it is correct or mistake. how to use the word all. 1.all girls are beautiful. 2.all of them is really has a kind heart. 3.all peaple is good.

    asked by jessie
  76. Question

    Is there any good (verY) summer art programs for good artist and summer writing program for good writers. I can't seem to find any.

    asked by Lauren
  77. Unweight/Weight

    What is the high unweight average in middle school and high school???? What is the high weight average in middle school/high school?????

    asked by Lauren
  78. socials

    identify wat problems Meech Lake Accord created for the differnt part of canada. i say that aboriginal people also want to be recognized as distinct society. quebeckers saw clause as way of protecting french culture and language, but opponents worried that

    asked by Mohammad
  79. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences, please. 1.The second boy on the left is wearing a yellow T-shirt and khaki bottoms with pockets in both sides. The third boy is wearing a pair of white linen trousers with black knee- high gaiters and hiking

    asked by Henry2
  80. high school grade 3

    if drop down an stone -that it is like a ball- into the slush and if it was soft enough, stone come into the slush in some distance, if throw it away from a certain height to comes into slush and if we want stone to come into slush 2 times more than

    asked by farnoosh
  81. chemistry

    By reference to Molecular orbital Theory and giving the appropriate MO diagrams explain why the bond in N2 is very strong short (bond dissociation entalpy 945 kjmol-1,bond length 109.8 pm) while that in O2 is weaker and longer (bond dissociation entalpy

    asked by laura
  82. Trig

    sin/tan = ?

    asked by Don
  83. science

    Which object is denser, 100cm cubed of wood that weights 61 grams, or 10 grams of water that has a volume of 10ml?

    asked by gg
  84. chemistry

    What is the concentration (m) of a solution that consists of 48 grams of copper (2) acetate dissolved in 645 mL of solution?

    asked by Catherine
  85. English

    Can you please tell me if I used the words correctly? Thank you. I have problems defining the words in point 3. 1) Do you use a box of detergent to wash clothes in the washing machine? 2) Do you use a dish-washing liquid to do the washing-up? 3) How would

    asked by Henry2
  86. English

    I need the help of your science experts to find a topic for a common science project to be carried out in English among three different schools. My question to you and your science experts is number 5. We need to find a project students can work on for two

    asked by Henry2
  87. APUSH

    Identify and analyze the factors that changed the American city in the second half of the nineteenth century.

    asked by Estafania
  88. English

    Can someone please tell me what, if any, figure of speech is used here? "Anyone who calls a spade a spade should be compelled to use one." Simile Metaphor Personification Analogy Hyperbole None of these

    asked by Anonymous
  89. English

    I am reading the book Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck and I am supposed to write the place where it was published along with the copyright date, but I can't find it. Any ideas what they are?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. IGCSE??????

    Qhat is IGCSE???? Is it a good program or something. Is it a program for high schoolers for those who get straight A's and they get send to this program and they chouse any courses???? Right????

    asked by Lauren
  91. math

    2+2-2*2/2= wat is it and it not 2 if ur thinking show me wat is it

    asked by Anonymous
  92. English

    Cocoa farmers usually get only about 25 cents for each pound of cocoa beans they sell. This is not even enough to pay for the cost of growing cocoa trees. (In the last sentence, what does 'this' refer to?)

    asked by rfvv
  93. Trig

    ( sec -1 )(sec +1 ) = ?

    asked by Don
  94. chem 110

    if a 72g.ofHCL( molar mass=36g./mol) is in 200-ml what is the molarity

    asked by bianca
  95. APUSH

    Evaluate the impact of the civil war on political and economic developments in two of the following regions. a) The South b) The North c) The West

    asked by Estafania
  96. grammar

    All I got were a doll, a hat, and a bat. subject-verb agreement

    asked by John
  97. Math - Measurement

    Is there any picture of a ruler (cm and inches) saying the parts of it???? Like which one in the ruler is a haft or 3 quarters.

    asked by Lauren
  98. math

    Tim needs batteries.AA batteries cost $3 per pack.D batteries cost $4 per pack. If she has $26 to spend and buys 3 times as many packs of AA batteries as D, how many packs of each does she buy?

    asked by Arjel
  99. English

    Shall I replace the word counter with section? For example, "sweets section, pasta section"? Could you please check these sentences? 1) When I go to the supermarket, I get a trolley or a plastic basket first and then I go to the meat and fish section(/to

    asked by Henry2
  100. math

    prove -x-y=-y-x, for all integers

    asked by olivia
  101. math

    the speed of light is 1.86 times 10 with the power of 5 miles per second. using a year of 365 days, how far does light travel in a year?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Math 30 pure

    simplify: (x+y)^10 simplify: (2a+5)^5

    asked by peter
  103. Math

    A total number of 121 people came to the school science fair this year. This number is 7 MORE than TWICE the number of people who came last year's science fair. How many people came last year?

    asked by Emily
  104. Biology

    Do all living organisms undergo sexual reproduction?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Alegra

    solve the inequality express in interval notation x^4 + 4x^3 - 9x^2 - 36x < 0

    asked by Alissa
  106. English

    How does the action that a 3rd person omniscient presents contrast to an action narrated by a 3rd person objective? I can't seem to see the difference.

    asked by Amy
  107. socials

    leader of parti quebecouis? i think that was Premier Jacques Parizeau. sole purpose of this political party? premier jacques parizeau called a provincial referendum on full sovereignty, the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada. so it just

    asked by Mohammad
  108. english grammar

    Teambuilding consensus when team decisions have to be making it is very important that every member of the team at least can live with it. Everybody must have had the opportunity to mention his arguments and everybody must have the feeling that his opinion

    asked by natty 6
  109. english grammar

    Johari Window can you use for apply for yourself. The Johari Window is a simple graphic model that shows how you see yourself, how other people see you, what you hide for other people and the complete unknown. Johari Window learns you express your feeling,

    asked by popely q
  110. Trig

    cot (tan + cot) = ?

    asked by Don
  111. physics

    Which of these two is faster-a plane traveling at 250km/hr and a cat running at 250km/hr

    asked by Lekan
  112. science

    how are fruit and salad a like

    asked by Divyne
  113. science

    i need a arostic poem on w e g e n e r and h e s s

    asked by vicky
  114. books

    in the nineteenth century, hank morgan is a middle-class,a)newspaperman,b)cowboy,c)engineer

    asked by lora
  115. Psychology

    How are glial cells connected to nanotechnology?

    asked by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!
  116. English

    Could you please check these sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you. 1)Who (amont you) gets the best marks in both English and science? Who achieves the best results in both English and science? We are going to choose high achievers who get the best/highest

    asked by Henry2
  117. math

    Use logarithms to solve expenential equation 5^x=38

    asked by ddd
  118. Science


    asked by Jishan
  119. math

    the speed of light is1.86 times 10 with a power of 5 miles per second. using a year of 365 days, how far does light travel in a year?

    asked by cathey
  120. science

    how is fruit and salad a like

    asked by Divyne
  121. Trig - Thanks Damon and Lindsey

    Thanks a bunch

    asked by Don
  122. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) I sort my rubbish into three separate containers at home. One is for paper; one is for plastic and one is for regular kitchen rubbish. 2) Then, I put my sorted rubbish (litter/trash) into the

    asked by Henry2
  123. math

    what is the anti-derivative of cos^5x

    asked by .....................................
  124. College Algebra

    what is the domain of each of the following functions,their intercepts and thier range? f(x)=x+3 and f(x)=-2x-3 if x=-2

    asked by Sara
  125. Computer

    Could someone tell me the defintion, goal, and usage for keyboards, powerpoint, and word?

    asked by Ariel
  126. English

    I left out these sentences. Thank you. 1) We are leaving from Alba for Genoa on 23 March at 12.30 am. We are meeting at Medford Square, just in front of the hotel called The Castle at 12.00 a.m. 2) We are scheduled to arrive in Genoa at 13.45. In the

    asked by Henry2
  127. computer science

    what is ddos

    asked by Anonymous
  128. math

    evaluate n+(-12) for each value of n. n=15

    asked by LauRen Burgess
  129. medical coding

    person has upper respiratory infection w bilateral acute conjunctivitis .. whAT WOULD the code be?

    asked by sophia
  130. Maths

    Write 2x to the power of -2 without negative indices. How is the answer 2/x squared? Please explain

    asked by 10M1
  131. math/calculus

    find f"(x) if f(x)= cube root(x^2-2x+1)

    asked by Angie
  132. Question

    Is Newport News Public Schools is in ny???? Because there I found out that there is a summer program of arts in it. And I thought like is it for other students that are not in that school can do it.

    asked by Lauren