Questions Asked on
December 10, 2011

  1. Physics

    A car with a mass of 1500kg starts from rest and accelerates to a speed of 18m/s in 12s. Assume that the force of resistance remains constant at 400N during this time. What is the average power developed by the car's engine?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    Two ropes are attached to a wagon, one horizontal to the west with a tension force of 30 N, and the other east and at an angle of 30° northward and a tension force of 40 N. Find the components of the net force on the cart. Show all your work.

    asked by Jay
  3. physics urgent

    A 1.5 m tall man stands 2 m in front of a flat wall mirror. Please find: image distance and height of image I have the formulas but i don't know how to solve this without the focal point or a radius...pls help!!!!!!!

    asked by sonia
  4. Calculus

    True or False: Consider the following statement: A differentiable function must have a relative minimum between any two relative maxima. Think about the First Derivative Test and decide if the statement is true or false. I want to say that its true and

    asked by Mishaka
  5. Physics

    A 1000kg elevator carries a maximum load of 800kg. A constant frictional force of 5000N retards the elevator's motion upward. What minimum power, in kilowatts, must the motor deliver to lift the fully loaded elevator at a constant speed of 3m/s?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    True or False: The diameter of most atoms will be between 0.05 nm and 0.3 nm. I think its false (I don't think there even is an average diameter for atoms...), but I can't find any reliable sources to back up my hunch. Help please...

    asked by Melissa
  7. college chemistry

    A diving bell is a container open at the bottom. As the bell descends, the water level inside changes so that the pressure inside equals the pressure outside. Initially, the volume of air is 8.58 m3 at 1.020 atm and 20°C. What is the volume at 1.584 atm

    asked by Betty
  8. accounting

    RC Corp. uses a job order cost accounting system. During the month of April, the following events occurred: (a) Purchased raw materials on credit, $32,000. (b) Raw materials requisitioned: $25,800 as direct materials and $10,500 indirect materials. (c)

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    A tennis player places a 60 kg ball machine on a frictionless surface. The machine fires a 0.053 kg tennis ball horizontally with a velocity of 43 m/s toward the north. What is the final velocity of the machine? Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  10. trig

    The manufacturer of a propeller for a small aircraft mandates a maximum operating angular velocity of 300 rad/s. Determine whether it is safe to install this propeller whose aircraft whose engine is expected to run at a maximum of 2800 rpm

    asked by bob
  11. Spanish for Mary

    It was very difficult to find information on your Textbook, because it is so recent --- late January 2011. But I now have a teacher's syllabus, the Course Description and Content. It's interesting that your textbook is used in Denmark! Studying the Table

    asked by SraJMcGin
  12. Science : Chemistry

    The concentration of dissolved chlorine in tap water can be determined by adding excess potassium iodide and then using aqueous sodium thiosulphate to precipitate the resulting iodide ions. In Ontario, the aesthetic objective for chlorine in tap water is a

    asked by Maame
  13. physiology

    Pepsin would have the greatest activity... a.)when the pH of the chyme is greater than 3. b.)immediately upon entering the duodenum. c.)immediately upon secretion into the stomach. d.)when the pH of the chyme is less than 3.

    asked by becca
  14. math

    Suppose the mean of dogs a pet shop grooms each day is known to be 14.2 dogs. If a sample of n=12 days is chosen and a total of 178 dogs are groomed during those 12 days, then the sampling error is?

    asked by Jake
  15. 11th grade english. Noun clauses

    I'm supposed to choose how the italicized noun clause is used. Not so sure about the different types of noun clauses.. can someone help me? & also kinda explain the difference? 1.The first thing to consider was [how to find a paying job.] S OP PN DO 2.I am

    asked by Amy
  16. physics

    A model airplane of mass 0.7 kg is attached to a horizontal string and flies in a horizontal circle of radius 5.6 m, making 1.6 revolutions every 7 s. (The weight of the plane is balanced by the upward “lift” force of the air on the wings of the

    asked by tanya
  17. statistics

    Three percent of the widgets produced by machine 1121 are defective. what is the probablity that a box of 30 widgets produced by that machine contains two or more defective widgets?

    asked by John
  18. Precalculus

    Can someone help me with this question? I got the transformation for horizontal shift and vertical shift, however, I don't know how to find the vertical/horizontal compression/stretch. 1. Describe the transformations that were applied to the parent

    asked by Melinda
  19. physics

    In introductory physics laboratories, a typical Cavendish balance for measuring the gravitational constant G uses lead spheres of masses 1.79 kg and 16.9 g whose centers are separated by 5.49 cm. Calculate the gravitational force between these spheres,

    asked by tanya
  20. physics

    A cork gun contains a spring whose spring constant is 11.0 N/m. The spring is compressed by a distance DX = 9.8 cm and used to propel a cork of mass 6.60 g from the gun. Assuming the cork is released when the spring passes through its equilibrium position

    asked by leav
  21. Statistics

    A shipment of portable radios contains 14 good radios and 3 defective ones. If two are randomly selected (without replacement) and tested, find the probability that at least one will be defective.

    asked by Katie
  22. trig

    How do i solve this equation over the interval [0degrees,360) cot(theta)+2csc(theta)=5

    asked by ALISON
  23. latin

    1.) One who acknowledges the gradual increases in bidding at a public sale is called a/an _____. 2.) The primary connotation of discipline to most people is ________. According to the derivation of the word, however, a better definition of discipline would

    asked by Taylor
  24. Information Technology

    Draw a flowchart for a program that allows the user to enter 20 names along with their ages and their Social Security Numbers in three parallel arrays. Programs should find and print the oldest and the youngest employee and print their names and their

    asked by Nadeem
  25. physics

    When an immersion glass thermometer is used to measure the temperature of a liquid, the temperature reading will be affected by an error due to heat transfer between the liquid and the thermometer. Suppose you want to measure the temperature of 7 mL of

    asked by tienking
  26. physics

    A(n) 4.5 lb hammer head, traveling at 4.7 ft/s strikes a nail and is brought to a stop in 0.0009 s. The acceleration of gravity is 32 ft/s 2 . What force did the nail receive? Answer in units of lb

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    The population, P, of a town is modelled by the equation P=6x^3 +7x +750, where x is the number of years since the year 1960. a) What was the population of the town in the year 1960? P=6x^3 +7x +750 =6(60)^3 + 7(60) + 750 =6(216000)+420+750

    asked by Jayson
  28. precalculus

    How do I find the vertical/horizontal compression/stretch? For the graph, determine the equation of the function in the form y=a(x-h)^2+k. Then describe the transformations that were applied to y=x^2 to obtain the graph. Here is the graph: imgur dot

    asked by Melinda
  29. Statistics

    A shipment of portable radios contains 14 good radios and 3 defective ones. If two are randomly selected (without replacement) and tested, find the probability that at least one will be defective.

    asked by Katie
  30. physics

    A 75kg box is being pulled across the floor with a force of 465N.If the kinetic coefficient of friction is 0.57,what is the acceleration of the box?

    asked by Auriel
  31. Chemistry

    Suppose you are going to add 450 mL of a 0.10 mol/L hydrochloric acid solution to 250 mL of a 0.2 mol/L sodium hydroxide solution. a)Which one is the limiting reactant? b)What is the theoretical yield of sodium chloride?

    asked by Maame
  32. physics

    a baseboard heater draws a current of 10.0A. How much charge passes through it in a time of 30 min?

    asked by lolp
  33. accounting

    In 2007, Clyde Blackstock opened Clyde’s Pets, a small retail shop selling pet supplies. On December 31, 2007 Clyde’s accounting records showed the following: Merchandise inventory at December 31, 2007 $10,250 Merchandise inventory at January 1, 2007

    asked by Anonymous
  34. PHI 103

    "All dogs hate cats. Sirius is a dog. So Sirius hates cats" is an example of a (Points : 1) sound inductive argument. valid deductive argument. invalid inductive argument. weak deductive argument. I am confused a little about this question. "10 is less

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    A 2.5 kg mass weighs 23.75 N on the surface of a planet similar to Earth. The radius of this planet is roughly 7.7 × 10^6 m. Calculate the mass of of this planet. The value of the universal gravitational constant is 6.67259 × 10^−11N · m2/kg2. Answer

    asked by tanya
  36. accounting

    Plumley Ad Agency contracted with a company to prepare an ad campaign. Plumley uses a job order costing system. Plumley estimates that the job will take 145 designer hours at $90 per hour and 85 staff hours at $45 per hour. Plumley uses two overhead rates

    asked by Anonymous
  37. english

    what are the possesive and the plural possesive forms of the following words: shelf wrench bus Thank You

    asked by sean
  38. physics

    An air puck of mass 0.33 kg is tied to a string and allowed to revolve in a circle of radius 1.12 m on a horizontal, frictionless table. The other end of the string passes through a hole in the center of the table and a mass of 1.1 kg is tied to it. The

    asked by tanya
  39. business

    Truthfully, the only difference between you and garage floor coatings experts is time. If you'll invest a little more time in reading, you'll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to garage floor coatings. The coating process is specifically

    asked by How to increase the life of Floor
  40. ~~~~~College Algebra

    Question: Various models have been used to make projections of growing populations. Thomas Malthus made one of the most famous conjectures of such a model in the early 19th century. Within Malthus’ claim was that the population of Earth would inevitably

    asked by Brianna
  41. Trigonometry

    A climber, working his way up a vertical cliff stops for a rest on the ledge. The ledge where he stopped is 12 meters wude. The angle of depression from the edge of the ledge to the bottom of the cliff is 72 degree and the angle of elevation to the top of

    asked by Tomina
  42. pre calculus

    Use the remainder theorem to find the remainder when f(x) is divided by x -2. Then use the factor theorem to determine whether x -2 is a factor of f(x) f(x) = 2x^5 + 6x^4 - x^2 - 7x - 12

    asked by anon
  43. Chemistry

    Balance the redox reaction.2NaClO3+4HCl-2ClO2+2H2O+2NaCl+Cl2

    asked by Boateng Emmanuel
  44. math

    write a set of data with this following description there are 7 numbers in the data set the minimum is 17 the range is 45 the median is 32 the mode is 41

    asked by mina
  45. physics 2B

    physics 2B---- A toy balloon is filled with helium gas ( He}) at 1atm} and 30 degrees Celcius. If the volume of the balloon is 0.025 m^3, how many atoms does it contain?

    asked by Celi
  46. Spanish-7th grade

    I have to translate these sentences-I’m not sure about some of the questions 1. I am sick today-Yo estoy enfermo hoy. 2.Is he red-headed?-¿Es él pelirrojo? 3.Is she pretty-¿Es ella es bonita? 4.We are smart.-Nosotros somos inteligente. 5.Are they

    asked by Mary Beth
  47. English

    I forgot to add these two long sentences. I really need to improve the punctuation. 1) A group of journalists followed the drama series but most of them were negative about it because in their opinion "Kid Nation" was too difficult for young people and it

    asked by Henry2
  48. algebra

    Solve the following inequality and write your answer using interval notation . Please show all your work 10^3 + 6x^2 - 90x - 54 < 0

    asked by anon
  49. calculus

    Evaluate integral from -2 to 3 of 4 lxldx

    asked by Dean
  50. English

    Do you generally say: 1) We cooked food on the plane or in the plane or from the plane. (In this sentence I just want to say that we cooked our meals ourselves when we were travelling on the plane) Thank you.

    asked by Henry2
  51. English

    I urgently need you to revise this paragraph on dinosaurs. I need to simplify it using synonyms. 1) Whatever killed off (synonym??) the dinosaurs almost certainly had a bearing (I need a proper synonym) on the rest of the mass extinction, which was on a

    asked by Henry2
  52. Biology

    Using the codon table, determine the sequence of the protein that will be produced from the mRNA sequence below. Be sure to begin with a start codon. 5'-CCCAAUGUUGCGGCCAUGACAC-3' A. N-Methionine-Leucine-Arginine-Proline-C B.

    asked by Mariana
  53. physics

    A horizontal spring with a spring constant of 22 N/m has a 600 gram block attached to it and is at rest on a frictionless surface. A second block which has a mass of 220 grams is pushed toward the 600 gram block at a speed of 1.50 m/s. The second block

    asked by Anonymous
  54. physics

    A 75kg box is being pulled across the floor with a force of 465N.If the kinetic coefficient of friction is 0.57,what is the acceleration of the box?

    asked by Auriel
  55. spanish

    So i am a little confused about two different words in spanish. Apparently caer means to fall but caerse means to get married. am I correct on this? Why are the verbs the same but when you add the reflexive to it is means a whole different thing?

    asked by Rebecca
  56. Geometry

    Two triangles are similar. The lengths of the sides of the smaller triangle are 5,6,and 9. The perimeter of the larger triangle is 50. What are the lengths of the sides of the larger triangle?

    asked by Taylor
  57. math

    prove cos(x+y) / cos(x-y) = (1-tan x tan y)/(1+tan x tan y)

    asked by Yuni
  58. stat

    Assume that the population of heights of female college students is approximately normally distributed with mean m of 67.26 inches and standard deviation s of 5.96 inches. A random sample of 78 heights is obtained. Show all work. (A) Find (B) Find the mean

    asked by tina
  59. Math

    Consider the rectangle with an area of 24x^3-54x^2-15x, with a side length of 6x^2-15x. Write and simplify an expression for the length of the rectangle. ^ Could someone please show me how to do this?

    asked by -Untamed-
  60. math

    I am greater than 10. I am less than 20. One of my factors is double the other. what number am i?

    asked by jan
  61. Pre-algebra

    I have some practice problems, and I need to have them worked out, showing your work. I will gain a better understanding of these problems by practicing them. Thank you. (6x+1)(x^2-9x+5) (2x^4+3)(4x^3+2) (12y^3+8y^2+20y)divided 2y (6x^2-25x-10) divided by

    asked by Sherrie
  62. math

    the difference between a square root inside a bracket and one outside a bracket

    asked by lisa
  63. Spanish

    I posted a question about nationality before-thank you for the answer Also are these correctly done? 1.Juan Gabriel Juan Gabriel es mexicano. 2.Carlos Vives Carlos Vives es colombiano. 3.Julio Iglesius y Enrique Iglesias son espanoles. 4. Samantha es

    asked by Julian
  64. Environmental Science

    Will someone please help me understand this? Identify a keystone species that has been removed or reduced in number in its habitat. How has the removal of this species effected the ecosystem to which it belonged?

    asked by PENNY
  65. Plan Book

    I'm making My Future College Binder. Here are the sections below. - Grades/Report Cards/Progress Reports - New Life Checklists (just list og goals and things to do at my school year and home and things NOT to do, at the end of the school year I grade it) -

    asked by Laruen
  66. chemistry

    Compound C (MW = 550) is provided at a concentration of 25g/100mL. 1mL is taken and compound D is to be added (MW = 1025, concentration = 75mM) to give a final ratio of compound C:D of 4:1. What volume of compound D is to be added?

    asked by Bob
  67. English

    I have to do an essay and i have trouble answering some of the questions.Thnaks!I need help with the second question.(its anthropology) 1)whatare Different forms that marriages take in the world? Polygany, monogamy, polygny, polyondry,exogomy & exogomy.

    asked by Amber
  68. science-biology

    On my homework there's a diagram of a flying bird with the allele of aa and then there's an arrow pointing to the land with 3 birds on the ground with the alleles AA. What would the allele frequency of A change from? A)1 to .75 B)0 to .25 C)0 to .75 D)1 to

    asked by jon
  69. Physics

    Your car has been setting out in the hot summer sun all day. The metal hood, the glass windshield, and the fabric upolstry are all at 180 degrees farenheit. If you touch the hood with your hand it could be burned, if you touch the windshield it will be

    asked by Clay
  70. science-urgent

    On my homework there's a diagram of a flying bird with the allele of aa and then there's an arrow pointing to the land with 3 birds on the ground with the alleles AA. What would the allele frequency of A change from? A)1 to .75 B)0 to .25 C)0 to .75 D)1 to

    asked by jon
  71. Chemistry

    Tap water is measured for arsenic and found to have a mean signal of 0.006065. Next, a small amount of Arsenic is spiked into the tap water such that the new value is 0.50ppb higher than before. The mean signal from this new low-level concentration is

    asked by Ken
  72. English

    Which of the following alternatives are possible? Thank you. 1) They went to families with very strict parents. 2) They stayed with families ... 3) They were sent to families with .. 4) They went to stay with families with ... 5) There was a prize for the

    asked by Henry2
  73. algebra

    42x^5 _____ 7x

    asked by marcus
  74. Math 109

    Your cousin has just won the lottery and wants to create an account that will have $100,000 in 16 years to help pay for their child's college tuition. If the account has a fixed interest rate of 4.6% compounded 4 times each year, how much money should they

    asked by Haley
  75. math engineering

    ) ∫_(-1)^2 ∫_0^6▒〖x² sin⁡(x-y)dxdy= 〗 ∫_0^6 ∫_(-1)^2▒〖x^2 sin⁡(x-y)dydx〗 determine whether the statement is true or false. If it is true, explain why. If it is false, explain why or give an example that disproves the statement.

    asked by syakila
  76. physics

    Q:What happens to the pressure of particles in the container when it is heated.explain. Q:A pressure of 2200Kpa is exerted by the particles in the container on the wall of area 25cm2. find the force exerted by the particle.

    asked by saffa
  77. math

    would you use mental math to solve 2984+1997+406? explain

    asked by shreya
  78. calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the graph of the equation 2y^2=x+4 and x=y^2

    asked by Angi
  79. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph y=(x^3 + 2)^5 at x= -1

    asked by Maha
  80. Physics (verification)2

    I would love for someone to please verify my solution for this problem: A former amusement park attraction consisted of a huge vertical cylinder rotating rapidly around its axis. The rotation speed should be sufficient for the people found inside to be

    asked by Greg
  81. chemistry

    who made (arranged) the modern periodic table?

    asked by S.M.K
  82. statistics

    what is the probability of a rating of150 and 200 with a deviation of15

    asked by Neal
  83. physics

    A horizontal spring with a spring constant of 22 N/m has a 600 gram block attached to it and is at rest on a frictionless surface. A second block which has a mass of 220 grams is pushed toward the 600 gram block at a speed of 1.50 m/s. The second block

    asked by Anonymous
  84. calculus

    use the technique of cylindrical shells to find the volume created then the plane region bound by y=x^2 and y=x is revolved around y=2

    asked by Anonymous
  85. physics please helpp

    A copper sheet of thickness 2.09 mm is bonded to a steel sheet of thickness 1.35 mm. The outside surface of the copper sheet is held at a temperature of 100.0°C and the steel sheet at 26.3°C. a) Determine the temperature (in °C) of the copper-steel

    asked by maria
  86. calculus II

    Using integration by substitution. find the exact value of integral from [0,9/16] sqrt(1 - sqrt(x))/(sqrt(x))

    asked by Alex
  87. English

    Thank you very much! I still have a few other sentences I'm not sure of. 1) "Lost" was popular because it had (not it has?) an unusual plot. (also: because of its unusual plot). 2) Forty-eight out of three hundred and twenty passangers survived the crash.

    asked by Henry2
  88. Pre-algebra

    Could someone please help me solve the following problems, and show me how to do the work? I am getting confused, and need something to refer to when doing future problems. Thank you so much! (6x+1)(x^2-9x+5) (2x^4+3)(4x^3+2) (12y^3+8y^2+20y) div. by 2y

    asked by Sherrie
  89. English

    Thank you very much! Here are a few other sentences I need you to check. 1) Whales are marine mammals who use a method termed echolocation to communicate with each other (or one another?) . This method consists in producing sounds which are very similar to

    asked by Henry2
  90. Law

    Under the _____, the solid waste provisions are more supportive than punitive in nature. (Points : 2) Gutter Act Bathroom Act Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Drain Act is it C?

    asked by Bryan
  91. Pre-algebra

    I have some practice problems, and I need to have them worked out, showing your work. I will gain a better understanding of these problems by practicing them. Thank you. (6x+1)(x^2-9x+5) (2x^4+3)(4x^3+2) (12y^3+8y^2+20y)divided 2y (6x^2-25x-10) divided by

    asked by Sherrie
  92. Revise Research Paper

    Can you please revise this? Tell me what I should change? Thanks! How Media Affects Body Image By: Bryce R I Glance in the mirror and snarl at what I see, Why can’t my teeth be gleaming white? Why can’t my skin be completely acne free? The struggle to

    asked by Bryce
  93. english

    I have to find three or four nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs from a book. Please can you tell me if I am right? noun - Stanley, lizard, toothbrush. adjectives - sweet, fresh onions. The answer sweet,fresh. He suddenly realised where he'd seen the gold

    asked by peter
  94. statistics

    2 Packets of crisps from a production line have a weight distribution that is normal with a mean of 50.0 grams and a standard deviation of 2.0 grams. Samples are taken of size 36.

What is the probability that a sample mean is less than 49.0 grams?

    asked by Nezar
  95. Chemistry

    Tc-99 is a radioactive isotope that decays by beta emission and is used by radiologists in the diagnosis of liver disease. Its decay behavior is shown by the activity-time table. What is its half-life?

    asked by Jennifer
  96. Question

    Can i apply 2 colleges???? I want to go to Yale and Tiche School of Arts.

    asked by Laruen
  97. Math

    How can pupils be easily helped to understand base ten concepts

    asked by Charles
  98. Math

    The median weekly earnings for people working in sales is $450. Assume that the weekly earnings are approx. normally distributed with a standard deviation of $90. What is the mean weekly earnings for people working in sales?

    asked by Stacy
  99. Math

    How do you simplify (8x^4/3y-3)^4

    asked by Ally
  100. Summer Session

    Do you take Yale Summer Session during High School (for high school students)????????

    asked by Lauren
  101. physics

    A 1.67-kg block of aluminum at 21.7°C is to be melted and reshaped. How much heat must flow into the block in order to melt it? c_aluminum=0.386 kJ/kg.K T_fusion=1359 K L_fusion=205 kg/K

    asked by maria
  102. family law

    Lump-sum alimony can be used as a type of __________ alimony. (Points: 5) permanent rehabilitative reimbursement bridge-the-gap im confused between B n C plz help

    asked by Andy
  103. Spanish

    If someone is from the United Staes, what is the nationality in Spanish. Ella es americano.(Is that correct?) Thank you

    asked by Julian
  104. marketing

    SGCA is having a sales contest to encourage retailers to quickly reduce the inventory of SuperGamer computers. Retailers with the highest sales during the next month win an expense paid trip to a special dealer meeting at a resort in Hawaii. This is

    asked by Anonymous
  105. physics

    A satellite moves in a circular orbit around the Earth at a speed of 6.1 km/s. Determine the satellite’s altitude above the surface of the Earth. Assume the Earth is a homogeneous sphere of radius 6370 km and mass 5.98 × 10 24 kg. The value of the

    asked by tanya
  106. psychology

    The task is to redesign Milgram's experiment so no one is hurt, physically or emotionally. However, from my understanding, the experiment is designed to test how far subjects will obey an authority figure even if it means inflicting pain on another. To

    asked by Amanda
  107. history

    what were the most important foreign policies during the 1800's and 1900's

    asked by Rebecca
  108. English

    I have a few doubts on two sentences. 1) Can you say that a TV programme is nice or beautiful? 2) Last night was the first episode. The first episode was last night. 3) Last night there was the first episode. In sentence 2 the subject is after the verb.

    asked by Henry2
  109. Sociology

    I have a powerpoint to do and I need some help with gathering information on New Zealand and the United States. I need help with comparing: 1. Cultural Influences 2. Social Inequalities- race, ethnicity, gender 3. Soical Institutions- family, religion,

    asked by Timica
  110. math

    Hi I Have A Question About Rolle's Theorem Why We cant solve [ F(x) = abs(x) ] ? *abs = absolute

    asked by jack
  111. physics

    Im having trouble finding out what the graphs would look like for these kinematic equations a.v=vox b.dx=dox + voxt c. vy=voy +gt d. dy= doy +voyt +1/2gt^2 can someone explain to me what the graphs would look like and why? Thanks!!

    asked by Rebecca
  112. social

    can you please tell me few finer points on mother teresa and indira gandhi as i participate in a competition

    asked by Anonymous
  113. pre-algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  114. calculus

    Evaluate the integral from -4 to 4 of [x^3 sin(6x)] / [sin(5x)]dx

    asked by Mathew

    For each sentence in the paragraph, discuss the social influence factors that were most likely in operation. Alvin Reid, a well-dressed and ‘business-like’ man, steps into the classroom while Ms. Ramkissoon is about to start her lecture. ---- authority

    asked by KIM
  116. ------college algebra division


    asked by Brianna
  117. family law

    A qualified __________ relations order can be issued by a court to require that the retirement benefits of one spouse, or a percentage thereof, be paid to the other. (Points: 5) domestic domicile community marital is it A

    asked by Andy
  118. math


    asked by perry
  119. Math

    Simlifying Rational Expressions Reduce to lowest terms, stating the restrictions on the variable. I really don't understand the whole cancelling out the factor thing, and not cancelling out the terms. As I was having lots of trouble with this stuff this is

    asked by -Untamed-
  120. Math

    Determine the perimeter of the rectangle if x = 2*sqrt2cm. In simplest radical form. ^ Don't get how to solve.

    asked by -Untamed-
  121. English

    I left out two last sentences. Thank you very much in advance. 1) At first the two teens were (also: got?) very upset, but at the end (or "then"?) they were better than before (or: they were better behaved than before?) 2) They didn't want them to use bad

    asked by Henry2
  122. Math

    a mountain with a base 5977 feet below sea level rises 17365 feet. what is the elevation of its peak

    asked by Monique
  123. analytical chemestry

    100grms lead nitrate+20ml sodium hydroxide+100ml h2o =

    asked by joseph
  124. u.s. history II

    What U. S. intelligence agency did Johnson illegally authorized to spy on domestic dissenters

    asked by crystal
  125. Math

    Israel has 72 apples.12of them are red .What percentage of the apples are red

    asked by Jazmin
  126. geomerty

    two sides of a triangle have lengths 45 inches and 50 inches. How long can the third side be?

    asked by nora
  127. English

    I left out a sentence. What is the meaning of "as" in the following sentence? As she was leaving the room, she dropped her scarf so I ran after her. Does "as" mean "when/while/the moment that"?

    asked by Henry2
  128. science


    asked by thomas
  129. english

    can you give me those similarities and differences of africa and asia?? please reply ASAP. thnx.. :)

    asked by diana
  130. Math

    Please help how to solve this problem and thank you in advance. x2 + 9x +14 = 0=

    asked by Mandy
  131. Summer Session Question

    If I get accepted to Yale Summer Session will this also help me get to Yale????? yes or no Plus how to get accepted to this summer program?????? btw I'm taking this during the summer after 11th grade

    asked by Laruen