Questions Asked on
October 2, 2011

  1. physics

    You are trying to find out how high you have to pitch a water balloon in order for it to burst when it hits the ground. You discover that the balloon bursts when you have pitched it to a height of 14 m. With what velocity did the balloon hit the ground?

    asked by jj
  2. chemistry

    Mg3N2 +6H2O- 3Mg(OH)2 + 2NH3-- How many grams of H2O are needed to produce 150g of Mg(OH)2? I thought I had this but.....the correct answer should be 93 grams Where did I go wrong?? 1) Change 150 g Mg(OH)2 into moles by dividing by molar mass from periodic

    asked by Connie
  3. math word problems

    Sally and marta had the same number of postcards. After sally sold 18 of her postcards, marta had 4 times as many postcards as sally. How many postcards did each girl have to begin with?

    asked by lori
  4. Physics

    On a hot summer day in the state of Washington while kayaking, I saw several swimmers jump from a railroad bridge into the Snohomish River below. The swimmers stepped off the bridge, and I estimated that they hit the water 1.5s later. a) How high was the

    asked by Sam
  5. physics

    As you hurry to catch your flight at the airport, you encounter a moving walkway that is 85m long and has a speed of 2.2 m/s relative to the ground. If it takes you 68s to cover 85m when walking on the ground, how long will it take you to cover the same

    asked by Erin
  6. Physics

    The coefficient of kinetic friction for a 22 kg bobsled on a track is 0.15. What force is required to push it down a 6.0° incline and achieve a speed of 64 km/h at the end of 75 m?

    asked by Phil
  7. math

    the height in feet of a flare t seconds after it is shot is modeled by h(t)= -16t2+92t+3.5 find its average speed from 1 to 3 seconds

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    a) What is the area of the tri-angle determined by the lines y= − 1/ 2x + 5,y =6x and they-axis? (b) If b > 0 and m < 0, then the line y = mx +b cuts off a triangle from the first quadrant. Express the area of that tri-angle in terms ofm andb. (c) The

    asked by Ron
  9. Pre-Calculus

    A rectangle is bounded by the x-axis and the semicircle y = √36 – x2, as shown in the figure below. Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of x, and determine the domain of the area function. A = all real numbers except x = 36 all real numbers

    asked by Amanda
  10. Physics

    A 800 N crate is being pulled across a level floor by a force F of 320 N at an angle of 29° above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the floor is 0.25. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the crate.

    asked by Bridge
  11. Chemistry

    What shell contains a total of 16 orbitals? A. n = 1 B. n = 2 C. n = 3 D. n = 4 E. n = 5

    asked by Ninaya
  12. statistics

    samples of size n=900 are randomly selected from the population of numbers (0 through 9) produced by a random-number generator, and the proportion of numbers greater than 5 is found for each sample. what is the shape distribution of the sample proportions

    asked by Tonnickie
  13. chemistry

    what mass of water can be obtained from 4.0g of H2 and 16g of O2?

    asked by Genine.

    write the equation for the reaction of fecl2 with k3[fe(cn)6]???

    asked by david
  15. physics

    Two stones are thrown vertically up at the same time. The first stone is thrown with an initial velocity of 12.5 m/s from a 12th-floor balcony of a building and hits the ground after 4.6 s. With what initial velocity should the second stone be thrown from

    asked by Millie
  16. Chemistry

    A balanced equation for copper oxide + ethanoic acid.

    asked by Eloise
  17. physics

    Judy, by chance, spots a potted plant falling outside the window at 2.04 m/s . Further down the same building, Judy’s boyfriend clocks the pot at 56 m/s . How far apart are the friends? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 .

    asked by jj
  18. physics 180A

    A large spring is placed at the bottom of an elevator shaft to minimize the impact in case the elevator cable breaks. A loaded car has mass 480kg, and its maximum height above the spring is 11.8m. In order to minimize the shock, the maximum acceleration of

    asked by Nabby
  19. Chemistry

    A mixture contains only CuCl2 and FeCl3. A 0.7391 g sample of the mixture is completely dissolved in water and treated with silver nitrate. if 86.91 mL of 0.1463 M silver nitrate soultion is needed to precipitate all the chloride as silver chloride, what

    asked by Jessica

    Given: The initial position of the block is the origin; i.e., x = 0 at t = 0 . Consider down the track to be the positive x-direction. A block with an initial velocity v0 slides up and back down a frictionless incline. Which graph best represents a

    asked by Cassandra
  21. physics

    There are two blocks connected by a string and tied to a wall on an incline. The mass of the lower block is 1.0kg; the mass of the upper block is 2.0kg. Given that the angle of the incline is 31*, find the tension in (a) the string connecting the two

    asked by Erin
  22. Chemistry

    What must be the molarity of an aqueous solution of trimethylamine, (CH3)3 N, if it has a PH=11.20?

    asked by Allan
  23. physics

    a trench mortar fires a shell at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal and with a speed of 500 m/s. find its range and the maximum height it attains?

    asked by Gillianne
  24. physics

    a jet airliner moving initially at 3..00X10^2 mi/h due east enters a region where the wind is blowing 1.0 x 10^2 mi/h in a direction 30 degrees north of east. A) find the components of the velocity of the jet airliner relative to the air. b) find the

    asked by joshua
  25. science

    Steel expands 1 part in 100 000 for each 1°C increase in temperature. If the 1.5km main span of steel suspension bridge had no expansion joints, how much longer would it be for a temperature increase of 20°C?

    asked by Ali
  26. calculus

    given the circle having the equation x^2+y^2=9, find the shortest distance from the point (4,5). find the longest distance from the point (4,5).

    asked by fate
  27. chemistry

    How much heat is emitted when 4.55 of water condenses at 25 ? The heat of vaporization of water at 25 is 44.0

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Physcial Science

    Alpha particle tracks through gases and thin metal foils show few deflections. What does this tell us about the atom?

    asked by Martin
  29. finance

    Imperial Systems has $1 million available for capital investments during the current year. A list of possible investment projects, together with their net investments and net present values, is provided in the following table:

    asked by matie
  30. English 1301

    So I think I just might be over thinking these run-on sentences, but I keep second guessing myself and need some help with these sentences: 1. Death Valley National Monument, located in California and Nevada, is one of the hottest places on Earth,

    asked by Anthony.
  31. english

    when describing a deserted place how can you use onomatopoeia to biuld up the tension and make it fun for the reader? please give some examples thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  32. physics

    An outfielder throws a 0.150-kg baseball at a speed of 50.0 m/s and an initial angle of 30.0°. What is the kinetic energy of the ball at the highest point of its motion?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Physics

    A train has a mass of 5.22 multiplied by 106 kg and is moving at 70.0 km/h. The engineer applies the brakes, which results in a net backward force of 1.87 multiplied by 106 N on the train. The brakes are held on for 37.0 s. (a) What is the new speed of the

    asked by Seth
  34. College Chemistry

    How many grams of solute are needed to prepare each of the following solutions? A. 1.000 L of 0.180 M NaCl B. 250.0 mL of 0.150 M CuSO4 C. 500.00 mL of 0.355 M CH3OH

    asked by Bekah
  35. Chemistry

    Write a balanced equation for copper oxide + Ethanoic Acid

    asked by Eloise
  36. chemistry

    Calculate the energy in the form of heat, in kJ, required to convert 225 grams of liquid water at 21.0 °C to steam at 115 °C. Heat of fusion = 0.333 kJ/g; heat of vaporization = 2.26 kJ/g; specific heat capacities: liquid water = 4.18 J/g·°C., steam =

    asked by Ninaya
  37. Astronomy

    The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is called the astronomical unit (AU), which is about 150 million km (1.5 x 108 km). Jupiter is 780 million km from the sun. a) How far is Jupiter from the sun in astronomical units (AU)? b) Based on your

    asked by Rebecca
  38. Science

    Bill and Amy want to ride their bikes from their neighborhood to school which is 14.4 kilometers away. It takes Amy 40 minutes to arrive at school. Bill arrives 20 minutes after Amy. How much faster (in meters/second) is Amy’s average speed for the

    asked by Marias
  39. Pyschology

    When a result is significant, explain why it is wrong to say the result “proves” the research hypothesis. PLEASE HELP

    asked by Mark
  40. Calculus

    Suppose that f(2)=3 and f′(2)=5. Let g(x)=x^3f(x). Evaluate g′(2). Your final answer should be a single number.

    asked by Allison
  41. social studies

    analogies for bermuda cyprus mediterranean

    asked by helena
  42. physics

    a 10kg wood ball hangs from a 1.1 m long wire. The maximum tension the wire can withstand without breaking is 600N. a .9 kg projectile traveling horizontally hits and embeds itself in the wood ball. What is the largest speed the the projectile can have

    asked by Sandra
  43. chemistry DONT spik

    a sample of carbon dioxide gas has a mass of 52.0g. how many oxygen atoms arr present?explain please don't skip

    asked by anu
  44. physics help

    a fireman D=50 m away from a burning building directs a stream of water from a ground-level fire hose at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. If the speed of the stream as it leaves the hose is 40.0 m/s at what height will the stream of water

    asked by student
  45. chemistry

    Calculate the pH at the point in the titration of 25.00 mL 0.108 M HNO2 at which 10.00 mL 0.162 M NaOH have been added. For HNO2, Ka=5.1 x 10^-4 and: HNO2 + OH- -----> H2O + NO2- I know that HNO2 is a weak acid and that 5.1 x 10^-4=[NO2-]/[HNO2][OH-]. NaOH

    asked by Holly
  46. Chemistry

    When 0.083 moles of lead(II) nitrate are dissolved in enough water to make 617 mililiters of solution, what is the molar concentration of nitrate ions? Answer in units of

    asked by Rara
  47. chemistry

    a sample of carbon dioxide gas has a mass of 52.0g. how many oxygen atoms arr present?explain

    asked by anu
  48. physics

    A 9.10-kg hanging object is connected by a light, inextensible cord over a light, frictionless pulley to a 5.00-kg block that is sliding on a flat table. Taking the coefficient of kinetic friction as 0.203, find the tension in the string.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physics

    A block is sent sliding down a frictionless ramp. Its speeds at points A and B are 2.30 m/s and 3.00 m/s, respectively. Next, it is again sent sliding down the ramp, but this time its speed at point A is 4.50 m/s. What then is its speed at point B?

    asked by Trish
  50. college physics

    How many revolutions per minute would a 18 m-diameter Ferris wheel need to make for the passengers to feel "weightless" at the topmost point?

    asked by Luke
  51. statistics

    Consider a hypothetical population of dogs in which there are four possible weights, all of which are equally likely: 42, 48, 52, or 58 pounds. If a sample of size n=2 is drawn from this population, what is the sampling distribution of the total weight of

    asked by Sam
  52. Chemistry

    A 23 L flask at 254 K and 19 Torr contains nitrogen. What mass of nitrogen is present? Answer in units of g.

    asked by Laurie
  53. Physics

    A motorist traveling at 15 m/s encounters a deer in the road 39 m ahead. If the maximum acceleration the vehicle’s brakes are capable of is −6 m/s2, what is the maximum reaction time of the motorist that will allow her or him to avoid hitting the deer?

    asked by John
  54. Math

    Algebra Solving Equations by multiplying OR dividing. GRADE 9 LEVEL Kurt and four friends are eating in the food court at South CenterMall. They will divide the bill equallyamong the five of them. Two friendsorder hamburgers and two order pizza.All of them

    asked by Jab
  55. Physics

    A dog team driven by an Inuit hunter pulls two toboggans (Figure 1.49). The dog team can apply a maximum force of 700 N. Each toboggan experiences a constant frictional force of 100 N. a) Determine the acceleration of the two toboggans, if each has a mass

    asked by Emily
  56. physics

    A military gun is mounted on a railroad car (m = 1590 kg) as shown in Figure P7.34. There is no frictional force on the car, the track is horizontal, and the car is initially at rest. The gun then fires a shell of mass 26 kg with a velocity of 280 m/s at

    asked by megan
  57. chemistry

    A student estimated the volume of liquid in a beaker as 200 mL. When she poured the liquid into a graduated cylinder, she measured the volume as 216 mL. What is the percent error of the estimated volume from the beaker, taking the measurement in the

    asked by paul
  58. Science

    The binding energy of 20 10 Ne is 161 MeV. Find its atomic mass.

    asked by Sheryl
  59. Economics

    You read in a newspaper that the nominal interest rate is 12 percent per year in Canada and 8 percent per year in the United States. Suppose that the real interest rates are equalized in the two countries and that purchasing-power parity holds. a) Using

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Science

    10.034 mJ = ______________ cJ

    asked by Kelss
  61. earth

    Which process could lead directly to the formation of pumice rock?

    asked by Grace
  62. Physics

    A rubber ball dropped from a height of exactly 5 ft bounces (hits the floor) several times, losing 10% of its kinetic energy each bounce. After how many bounces will the ball subsequently not rise above 2 ft?

    asked by Kyle
  63. Geology

    What is the defining characteristic of the troposphere? (Straight forward answers please & thank you)

    asked by Rachel
  64. physics

    An object moving with uniform acceleration has a velocity of 11.0 cm/s in the positive x-direction when its x-coordinate is 2.97 cm. If its x-coordinate 2.95 s later is −5.00 cm, what is its acceleration?

    asked by Johna
  65. Accounting

    You have recently been employed by a large retail chain that sells sporting goods. One of your tasks is to help prepare financial statements for external distribution. The chain's largest creditor, National Savings & Loan, requires that financial

    asked by Nirav
  66. algebra

    Please help....struggling with word problems and please explain how to get the answer.... Max has a collection of 210 coins consisting of nickels, dimes, and quarters. He has twice as many dimes as nickels, and 10 more quarters than dimes. How many coins

    asked by Laura
  67. Algebra - Did I do this right?

    Q = Josh and his brother willdrive from Boston to New York, a distance of 220 miles. If they drive an average speed of 55 miles per hour, how long will it take Josh and his brother to arrive in New York? A = 266,806/220 = m m = 1212.7445 Did I do it

    asked by Jab
  68. Physics

    A passenger walks from one side of a ferry to the other as it approaches a dock. If the passenger's velocity is 1.50 m/s due north relative to the ferry, and 4.50 m/s at an angle of 30.0* west of north relative to the water, what are the direction and

    asked by Erin
  69. math

    asked by anonymous
  70. trig

    Question Part Points Submissions Used The angle of elevation to the top of a very tall Building is found to be 7° from the ground at a distance of 1 mi from the base of the building. Using this information, find the height of the building.

    asked by sanam
  71. game theory economics

    Mitchell Electronics produces a home video game that has become very popular with children. Mitchell’s managers have reason to believe that Wright Televideo Company is considering entering the market with a competing product. Mitchell must decide whether

    asked by aaniya gill
  72. math

    The holiday dinner is at the Milton’s house this year. Mrs. Milton will do most of the cooking. 5. Cooking time for a turkey is determined using the rate of 1/3 hour per pound. Mrs. Milton figures she will have at most four hours to cook the turkey. What

    asked by Jab
  73. physics

    If the force of friction acting on a sliding crate is 79 N, how much force must be applied to maintain a constant velocity? 79N so... What will be the net force acting on the crate? What will be the acceleration?

    asked by Audrey
  74. math

    The attendance at a baseball game was 400 people. Student tickets cost$2 and adult tickets cost$3. Total ticket sales were $1050. How many tickets of each type were sold.

    asked by jim
  75. Physics

    For anti-ballistic missile system, the time of flight tf is determined by the initial speed v0 of the missile and the range R. What is the time (in minute) of the flight tf available to kill an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile launched from

    asked by Maxx
  76. Physics

    A ball rolls off a table moving 3.6m/s in the horizontal direction. The table is 1.2 meters high. Find the amount of time needed for the ball to hit the ground.

    asked by Laura
  77. A.P. Chemistry

    Three volatile compounds X,Y, and Z each contain elements Q. The precent by weight of element Q in each compound was determined. Some of the data obtained are given below Percent by weight Molecular Compound of Element Q Weight X 64.8% ? Y 73.0% 104. Z

    asked by Lucy
  78. Business English

    Which of the following would be classified as an informative or positive message? a) A request for information b) An announcement of a policy that reduces benefits c) A memo for the file recording actions and rationales d) A letter to an employer

    asked by Diana
  79. Physics

    how can the equilibrant of two or more concurrent forces be found

    asked by Lala
  80. CHEM 102 (University Chemistry)

    What must be the molarity of an aqueous solution of trimethylamine, (CH3)3N, if it has a pH = 11.20? (CH3)3N(aq)+H2O(l) double arrow (CH3)3NH+(aq)+OH-(aq) Kb value = 6.3x10^-5 mol/L

    asked by Calvin
  81. chemistry

    34.42mL of 0.1013 M NaOH is used to titrate a 25.00 mL sample of H2SO

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Astronomy

    Show that Kepler's third law is consistent (approximately) for the orbits of the Mars and Saturn. Show all your calculations and appropriate units. P Mars = 690 days; a Mars = 2.3 x 108 km P Saturn = 10,700 days; a Saturn = 1.4 x 109 km

    asked by Rebecca
  83. health

    Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you discuss corrections accreditation and privatization. Address the following questions: • What is corrections accreditation? How does corrections accreditation affect the professional development of corrections

    asked by nikki
  84. Chemistry

    If the standard state of sufur is S8 (s), which of the following equations represents the standard enthalpy of formation of H2SO4 (ℓ) ? A. 2H (g) + S (g) + 4 O (g)  H2SO4 (ℓ) B. H2 (g) + S8 (g) + 2 O2 (g)  H2SO4(ℓ) C. H2SO4 (ℓ)  H2 (g) +

    asked by Hannah
  85. Chemistry

    Nitrogen effused through a pinhole 1.7times as fast as another gaseous element at the same conditions.Estimate the other element's molar mass. Answer in units of g/mol

    asked by Laurie
  86. physics

    why is it wrong to think of a scientific law as a universal statement of truth?

    asked by Rebecca
  87. chemistry

    A solution of 114 mL of 0.190 molecules KOH is mixed with a solution of 200 mL of 0.220 molecules NiSO4. a. write a balanced equation for the reaction that occurs. identify all phases in answer

    asked by susie
  88. English

    I really need you to check these sentences I wrote on the drama. Please help me! 1) The tragedy is the oldest and once most popular form of drama. It consists of a dramatic work in which events move to a tragic conclusion. 2) Tragedies are generally

    asked by Henry2
  89. physics

    Two stones are thrown vertically up at the same time. The first stone is thrown with an initial velocity of 11.5 m/s from a 12th-floor balcony of a building and hits the ground after 4.0 s. With what initial velocity should the second stone be thrown from

    asked by Brianna
  90. science

    A certain infant analgesic medicine has a single dose of 36.0 mg/kg of body weight. How much analgesic will be administered in a single dose for an 18.4 pound toddler

    asked by hope
  91. science

    Why can neutrinos travel immense distances through matter whereas other elementary particles cannot?

    asked by Sheryl
  92. Socials

    Describe the situation of women in Canada, in the years before world war I. They had very few rights. Their husbands controlled their property, and they were mainly employed as servants and factory workers. They didn't have the right to vote, and were

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy change, ΔrH, for the following reaction, 4 NH3 (g) + 5 O2(g) → 4 NO (g) + 6 H2O (g) given the thermochemical equations below. N2 (g) + O2 (g) → 2 NO (g) ΔrH° = +181 kJ N2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) → 2 NH3 (g) ΔrH° = 91.8 kJ 2 H2

    asked by Hannah
  94. physics

    A motorcycle is traveling up one side of a hill and down the other side. The crest of the hill is a circular arc with a radius of 35.5 m. Determine the maximum speed that the cycle can have while moving over the crest without losing contact with the road.

    asked by Gloria
  95. trigonometry

    the height of a triangle is 10m longer than twice its base. its area is 176m^2. Find the lengths of its height and base.

    asked by michael
  96. Math

    Expand [1+x^2(1+x)]^7 in ascending powers of x as the term in x^8.

    asked by Ethan
  97. Physics

    A box of books weighing 290 N is shoved across the floor of an apartment by a force of 400 N exerted downward at an angle of 35.0° below the horizontal. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between box and floor is 0.57, how long does it take to move

    asked by Seth
  98. College Chemistry

    Zinc, copper, lead, and mercury ions are toxic to Atlantic salmon at concentrations of 6.42 times 10 to the -2 mM, 7.16 times 10 to the -3 mM, 0.965 mM, and 5.00 times 10 to the -2 mM, respectively. What are the corresponding concentration is milligrams

    asked by Bekah
  99. Chemistry

    If DeltaH for the reaction I2 (s) Delta 2I (g) is 153 kJ/mol. What is the longest wavelength of light that can break an I – I bond? In other words, what is the minimum energy, expressed in terms of wavelength, required to break one I – I bond?

    asked by Ninaya
  100. physics

    A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 45.4 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 2.98 m/s 2 until its engines stop at an altitude of 150 m. What is the maximum height reached by the rocket? The

    asked by ben
  101. physics

    A man cycles to his destination with the wind at 8m/s and returns home against the wind at 4m/s what is his average speed

    asked by Anonymous
  102. physics

    A 19.2-kg box rests on a frictionless ramp with a 16.1° slope. The mover pulls on a rope attached to the box to pull it up the incline. If the rope makes an angle of 43.6° with the horizontal, what is the smallest force F the mover will have to exert to

    asked by Patrick
  103. geometry

    Point B is midpoint of Lince AC. Given: AB=2x-1 BC=4x+2 AC=25 Find: AB and BC

    asked by Bee
  104. Social Media

    Over the last century, has music changed from being about artistic expression to being more about money and business? Is it even possible for a band or artist to make topical or political commentary in a song today while focusing on turning a profit?

    asked by Sly
  105. math

    Find the value of the angle data in degrees rounded to the nearest tenth of a degree.

    asked by susie
  106. chemistry

    A total of 2.00 \rm mol of a compound is allowed to react with water in a foam coffee cup and the reaction produces 115 g of solution. The reaction caused the temperature of the solution to rise from 21.0 to 24.7 ^\circ \rm C. What is the enthalpy of this

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Science NEED HELP NOW

    Bill and Amy want to ride their bikes from their neighborhood to school which is 14.4 kilometers away. It takes Amy 40 minutes to arrive at school. Bill arrives 20 minutes after Amy. How much faster (in meters/second) is Amy’s average speed for the

    asked by Marias
  108. Chemistry

    If H for the reaction I2 (s)  2I (g) is 153 kJ/mol. What is the longest wavelength of light that can break an I – I bond? In other words, what is the minimum energy, expressed in terms of wavelength, required to break one I – I bond? A. 246 nm B.

    asked by Hannah
  109. physics

    A fireman d = 39.0 m away from a burning building directs a stream of water from a ground-level fire hose at an angle of èi = 25.0° above the horizontal as shown in the figure. If the speed of the stream as it leaves the hose is vi = 40.0 m/s, at what

    asked by austin
  110. functions grd 12

    what are the number of turning points for this equation? y=4x^2 and can you plz explain how u find them thanks :)

    asked by kerry
  111. Math

    Factor 1. 8a^2-2ab-21b^2 2. 6m^2-90m+324 3.5x(2-x)+4x(2x-5)-(3x-4) 4. 9(y-1)^2-25 5. 3x^2-27(2-x)^2

    asked by Melissa
  112. English

    I'm writing an essay involving analysis of a short story. I need to put in-text citations after quotes, etc. The short story was read online so there is no page number, etc. How do I cite this-I'm really confused. I looked in Purdue Online Writing Lab but

    asked by Jeremy
  113. Physics

    Two objects attract each other gravitationally with a force of 2.9 10-10 N when they are 0.29 m apart. Their total mass is 4.0 kg. Find their individual masses.

    asked by Ellen
  114. US History

    How did the British mercantlism prevent the economic development of the colonies? A.) The colonies were process to export their products to Great Britain only, thus limiting development. B.) British laws discouraged the growth of manifacture and forced

    asked by Please help
  115. government

    Society operates more efficiently if government power is centralized. What reasons exist for continuing federalism in its current form? In other words defend a federal system of government? (Give 4 arguments).

    asked by AlyssaJKC
  116. Comp 156

    How does a persuasive essay differ from a biased essay?

    asked by Sly
  117. Letter to Teacher

    Dear Mrs. Gebbia, Hi! You may not know me but my name is Laruen Jean-Baptiste. I’m currently in the 7th grade & it will be an honor for me to join the school’s newspaper this year. I love writing a lot, it’s part of my life. When I join the

    asked by Laruen
  118. Math

    Susan has some $2-coins and $5-coins. If there are 18 coins and the total amount of these coins is not less than $75, find the minimum number of $5-coins.

    asked by Nicole
  119. MATH


    asked by cathy
  120. Physics

    A spring with k=42N/m is mounted horizontally at the edge of a 1.2m high table. The spring is compressed 5cm and a 25g pellet is placed at its end. When the spring is released,m how far horizontally from the edge of the table does the pellet strike the

    asked by alan
  121. statistics

    The following data on the number of iron workers in the United States for the years 1978 through 2008 are provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Using regression techniques discussed in this section, analyze the data for trend. Develop a scatter

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Algebra

    The state of Texas has anarea of approximately 266,806 squaremiles. Its area is approximately 220times the area of the state of RhodeIsland. What is the area of Rhode Island? How would you put this into a algebra expession as well?

    asked by Jab
  123. Chemistry

    If C(s) + CO2(g) CO(g), when equilibrium is established at 1000K, the total pressure in the system is 4.70 atm. A. If kp= 1.72, what are the partial pressures of CO and CO2? B. What is Kc of the reaction?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Chemistry

    What is the total number of orbitals having n = 5 and ℓ = 3? A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9 E. 10

    asked by Ninaya
  125. AP Biology

    Why can't humans drink salt water for hydration?

    asked by Nicole
  126. More Algebra

    Eve and Jason have an exercise routine that they do together three days a week. Together, they can lift 225 pounds. a) If Eve can lift 113 pounds,how many pounds can Jason lift? b). If Eve can lift 87 pounds, how many pounds can Jason lift? c) What

    asked by Jab
  127. Calc

    Find the constant of proportionality for the following situation: "y is jointly proportional to x and z and inversely proportional to w." w=2, x=5, y=4, and z=9 So i think the equation is y=xz/w But what is the constant of proportionalit supposed to mean?

    asked by Jake
  128. AP Chemistry

    THe following reaction is carried out in a bomb calorimeter: 4NH3(g )+ 5O2(g) ---> 4NO(g) + 6H20 The calorimeter constant is 45.0kJ/K. WHen 34.0g of NH3 are reacted in the calorimeter, the temperature rises by 10.0C. What is the change in energy, dE (where

    asked by bluedevil
  129. Algerbra

    The area of a rectangle is 243cm^2. The length is three times greater than the width. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

    asked by Leigh
  130. physics

    How long is the rocket in the air? Answer in units of s

    asked by ben
  131. math

    nine solid metal spheres, each of radius 2 cm, are dropped into a cylinder partly filled with water. If the spheres are totally immersed, find the rise in the water if the radius of the cylinder is 3cm

    asked by boo
  132. Physics

    A puck of mass m = 1.10 kg slides in a circle of radius r = 24.0 cm on a frictionless table while attached to a hanging cylinder of mass M = 3.00 kg by a cord through a hole in the table. What speed (in m/s) keeps the cylinder at rest?

    asked by Julie
  133. chemistry

    When anhydrous iron sulfate decomposes it forms iron (III) oxide, sulfur (IV) dioxide and sulfer (VI) oxide. Write a balanced equation for this reaction. My answer is this: FeSO4 ----> Fe2O3 + SO2 + SO3 Is that right?

    asked by Franky
  134. physics

    A hot air balloon is going up ward at a constant speed of 3.5 m/s. When it is 78 m above the ground, a package is released from the balloon. After it is released, for how long is the package in the air? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in

    asked by bob
  135. chem - asap

    i combined agno3 with 25ml of tap water, and it turned faint blue which ion is present in trace amounts in tap water but not in distillied water? explain. what is the source of the ion in the tap water?

    asked by Smarth
  136. math

    What is the dormain and range of h(x)=|2x -3|-1

    asked by Luc
  137. Physics

    Consider a particle undergoing positive acceleration. (1) what is the shape of the position-time graph? (2) How do we determine an instantaneous velocity from the position-time graph?

    asked by Nick
  138. Chemistry

    A solution of HCL (.1053 M) is added to a solution of NaOH (50.0 mL) It takes 28.31 mL if the acid to neutralize the base (naOH).

    asked by Nola
  139. calculus

    Find the equation of the line tangent to at x=1. Give your answer in y=mx+b form as an equation. If b=0, make sure you put +0 after mx. For example, even if your answer is y=3x, type in y=3x+0.

    asked by brandy
  140. math

    Route 27 runs from Bakersville to Malden through Smilyville. The distance from Bakersville to Smilyville is 81 miles, and the distance from Bakersville to Malden is 204 miles. What is the distance from Smilyville to Malden?

    asked by Jab
  141. Chemistry

    The distance to the moon is 250,000 miles. Calculate the distance in kilometers. 250,000mi x 1.61km/1mi =402,500 km But the correct answer is supposed to be 408,500km. Why am I 6000 short?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. math

    The Pythagorean Theorem for right triangles states that if a and b are the lengths of the legs of a right triangle and c is the length of the hypotenuse, then a2 C b2 D c2

    asked by Anonymous
  143. chemistry

    Balance these equations 1. Kclo3-kcl+oz 2. K2cr2o7+h2so4-k2so4+cr2+o(so4)3+h2o

    asked by sai. college
  144. School's Newspaper

    I need some article ideas to make the school's newspaper look really creative. Can you give me sites on ideas on writing any artitcle please also I need ideas to make the school's newspaper creative. Please. Thank You !!! :)

    asked by Laruen
  145. science

    If a cocolate bar has a mass of 5 grams and a volume of 10cm3 what is its density

    asked by DaVionne Robertson
  146. Microeconomics

    Last year Delta airlines purchased and stored 1 million gallons of aviation fuel at a time when aviation fuel was selling for $2.00 per gallon. Aviation fuel is now valued at $3.00 per gallon. What is the opportunity cost of using this stored fuel now?

    asked by mel
  147. Math- Probability

    in a recent year, 281 of the 290,789,000 people in the U.S. were struck by lightning. estimate the probability that a randomly selected person in the U.S would be struck by lightning this year.

    asked by Amanda
  148. Physics

    A car is traveling at 95km/hr when it collides with a stone wall. The car comes to rest after the first 30 cm of the car is crushed.what was the average horizontal force acting on a 68.1 kg driver while the car came to rest? If 5 cardboard boxes each 1.25

    asked by Dan
  149. writing

    Write one topic sentence for your Week Nine essay and explain the primary role of a topic sentence in an effective essay? My essay will be about "Most Americans should not use credit cards." The topic sentence I have is "Most Americans should not use

    asked by Samantha
  150. math

    solve for b ab+3c=2x, I got b=2x-3c/a

    asked by Bob
  151. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution with a density of 0.998 g/ml at 20 degrees Celsius is prepared by dissolving 12.8 mL of CH3CH2CH2OH (p=0.803 g/mL) in enough water to make 75.0 mL of solution calculate the percent (w/w), percent (w/v), parts per million, and molality?

    asked by Jessica
  152. physics

    An object is thrown straight down off of a cliff with a velocity of 18m/s. a) What is the object's velocity after 15s? b) If the cliff is 358m high, how long does it take for the object to hit the ground?

    asked by Mel
  153. biology

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria. What are they, what do they do? EXPLAIN I know that you can tell them apart by the method called gram staining. The gram consists of two dyes one violet which

    asked by BOO!
  154. Chemistry

    At 906 K, 3.60 mol of ammonia gas is placed into 2.00 L vessel and allowed to decompose to the elements nitrogen and hydrogen. If Kc = 6.56 E-3 for this reactions at this temperature, calculate the equilibrium concentration of each component at

    asked by Anonymous
  155. chemistry

    If the standard state of sufur is S8 (s), which of the following equations represents the standard enthalpy of formation of H2SO4 (ℓ) ? A. 2H (g) + S (g) + 4 O (g)  H2SO4 (ℓ) B. H2 (g) + S8 (g) + 2 O2 (g)  H2SO4(ℓ) C. H2SO4 (ℓ)  H2 (g) +

    asked by Ninaya
  156. crimnal justice

    Which of the following is an ethical system that does not support using the individual as a means to an end? A. Natural law B. Utilitarianism C. Ethical formalism D. Egoism

    asked by frankie
  157. OChem

    Confused! Please help!! Assume an organic compound has a partition coefficient between water and diethyl ether equal to 6.63. If there are initially 9.05 grams of the compound dissolved in 80.0 mL of water, how many grams will remain in the aqueous layer

    asked by Katherine
  158. statistics

    The following data on the number of iron workers in the United States for the years 1978 through 2008 are provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Using regression techniques discussed in this section, analyze the data for trend. Develop a scatter

    asked by Anonymous
  159. statistics

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 10% of all major automobile crashes result in serious injury to at least one person involved in the crash. The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that there are approximately 20 major

    asked by vee
  160. physics

    for an atom of mercury, an electron in the 1s shell has a velocity of about 58% of the speed of light. If the mass of the electron at such speed is 1.23 Me and the uncertainty in velocity is 1000 m/s, what is the uncertainty in position of this electron

    asked by Ama bankye
  161. Math

    Ernesto makes a snack mix. For every cup of raisins he adds 2 cups of peanuts and 3 of pretzels. What fractional part is peanuts?

    asked by raquel
  162. physics

    What quantity is given by the gradient of such a graph?

    asked by Tim
  163. English

    Could you check these few sentences n travelling. Thank you 1) Go to the check-in desk. Put your luggage on the conveyor belt for it to be weighed. 2) Once you get your boarding card, go through security. Put any metal thing in a basket for it to be

    asked by Henry2
  164. Calculus

    Use Leibniz's rule to find dy/dx. **Leibniz's rule: If g(x) and h(x) are differentiable functions and f(u) is continuous for u between g(x) and h(x), then d/dx of the integral from g(x) to h(x) of f(u) du = f[h(x)]h'(x) - f[g(x)]g'(x) y = the integral from

    asked by Shelby
  165. differentiation

    a curve i s given the equation y=3x^2+3+1/x^2,where x>0. at point A,B, and C on the curve,x=1,2 and 3. find the gradients of A,B and C.

    asked by sakina
  166. math

    John's father is thrice as old as John. 6 years from now, his father will be 24 years older than John. How old is John now?

    asked by Anonymous
  167. calculus

    lim as approaches infinity of sin(pie.x/2-3x) i need the work and answer find the limit

    asked by Ben
  168. math

    you ate 1/4 of a pizza. your sister ate 1/6 of the pizza. how much of the pizza is left?

    asked by antonio
  169. Math

    A person can have 1 of 4 blood types: A, B, AB, or O. A Student determined that the probability that a randomly selected person has blood type O. What is wrong with his reasoning?

    asked by Jake
  170. math

    What is the dormain and range of square root of x-5

    asked by Luc
  171. Physics 180

    A horizontal spring with k=35N/m is compressed .085m and used to launch a .075kg marble. find the marble's launch speed. Repeat for a vertical launch.

    asked by johnny
  172. Math

    expand and simplify 1. -(y^2-4y+7)(3y^2-5y-3) 2.2(a+b^3

    asked by Melissa
  173. chemistry

    Calculate the enthalpy change, ΔrH, for the following reaction, 4 NH3 (g) + 5 O2(g) → 4 NO (g) + 6 H2O (g) given the thermochemical equations below. N2 (g) + O2 (g) → 2 NO (g) ΔrH° = +181 kJ N2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) → 2 NH3 (g) ΔrH° = 91.8 kJ 2 H2

    asked by Ninaya
  174. english

    can you help me classify this sentence: The two blue birds trill merrily each morning. What would (each morning) be?

    asked by jen
  175. Chemistry

    why is a water molecule is much more likely to give up a proton than a methane molecule

    asked by Cynthia
  176. College Math

    Could you show me how to do 5z/7 - 5z/8 = 1 The answer is 56/7 But how did they get it ?

    asked by HM
  177. Physics

    A chair with a mass of 30.0kg is shot with a 10g bullet traveling at a speed of 250m/s. The bullet goes 6cm into the chair. The given kinetic friction for for this problem is .2. How far does the chair slide in cm?

    asked by Phil
  178. Astronomy

    What do you need to know in order to calculate the mass of a planet from observations of a satellite in orbit around that planet?

    asked by Frances
  179. chemistry

    how many carbon-hydrogen bonds does ethane have? how many carbon-carbon bonds does ethane have? is it 6 for the 1st and 1 for the 2nd?

    asked by alexis
  180. Chemistry

    What type of chemical reaction is involved in the breakdown of large molecules, such as those found in food,into smaller molecules? i think it might be Catabolism, but im not sure

    asked by jess
  181. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by adding 1.00 g of solid \rm NaCl to 50.0 mL of 0.100 M \rm {CaCl_2}. What is the molarity of chloride ion in the final solution? Assume that the volume of the final solution is 50.0 m

    asked by jared
  182. psychology

    Thanks so much for your help PsyDag. God Bless!!!!

    asked by bj
  183. algebra

    The one day cost of renting a truck for a local move is a function of the number of miles put on the truck. The cost c in dollars is determined from the mileage m by the linear function C(m) = 0.42m + 39. Find the cost for 66 miles.

    asked by Anonymous
  184. English

    Ok so I'm join this contest at my school (long story but read that directions below) 7th Graders Against 8th Graders "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn,the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss. PROGRAM GOALS •To

    asked by Laruen
  185. Physics

    How does the resultant of two vectors change as the angle between the two vectors increase?

    asked by Lala
  186. computers

    Assuming that a manger sends 40 SNMP GET commands each second. what percentage of a 100 Mbps LAN link's capacity would resulting response traffic represent?

    asked by Mike
  187. calculus

    Piecewise f(x) = { (x^2, x2) I am not sure what the graph would look like for the 2nd function. Any tips on drawing functions like this would be of great help.

    asked by Joe
  188. chemistry


    asked by TETA
  189. Economics

    This is about economic solution.There are 2 regions but they were given by different each other function of demand and supply.1.First question is we won't sell these products on both regions and you can't transport the product each other.So please find the

    asked by Bayarbold
  190. physics

    a body starts from rest and acquire avelosity V in time T. The instantaneous power developed to the body is proportionalto

    asked by pradhan
  191. pre calculus

    Change the exponentioanl expression to an equivalent expression involving a logarithm. e^-1/3 = 9t Somebody help PLease!

    asked by anon
  192. chemistry

    how many grams of CaO can form if 82.o g of CaCO3 decomposed

    asked by avm
  193. chemistry

    Write chemical formouls detailwise 1. Ammonium acelate 2.forric cyanide 3. Sodium sulphide 4.calcium corbonate 5.silver acelatep 6.sodium nitrate

    asked by sai. college
  194. 11Law

    what is some background information on homosexuals?

    asked by rebecca
  195. Astronomy

    Jupiter is farther from the sun than is the Earth. In the course of several earth years what phases would you expect jupiter to exhibit to an observer on earth. explain

    asked by Regina
  196. Science

    If the force of friction acting on a sliding crate is 79 N, how much force must be applied to maintain a constant velocity?

    asked by Audrey
  197. Calculus

    Take the derivative of the following functions. You do NOT need to simplify. h(x)=(6x^3+2x)/(x^2-3x+5)= F(x)=(5x^2+1)(3x-2) =

    asked by Allison
  198. math

    What is the dormain and range of g (x) =square root of x-5

    asked by Luc
  199. Calculus

    Limit as x approaches 6: ((60-6x- abs(x^2-10x))/(abs(x^2-100)-64)

    asked by Jake UCD
  200. biology

    how to predict proteins function base on protein 3D structure?

    asked by Xue Lin
  201. arithmetic

    State whether the following sequence is arithmetic, geometric, or neither. 10, 10.25, 10.50625, 10.76890625, .... (Points : 1) arithmetic sequence geometric sequence neither

    asked by catherine
  202. statistics

    The following gives the height of 100 men in centimeters. 153 162 168 154 151 168 162 153 161 167 157 154 165 156 163 165 160 171 170 173 164 158 163 155 167 162 168 153 161 166 163 162 163 163 163 164 165 163 162 162 163 161 162 162 158 162 167 158 169

    asked by shelly
  203. Statistics

    A bag contains two blue, three purple, four yellow, two red, three green and one orange marbles. What is the conditional probability that, without replacement, the second marble is purple given that the first marble is green?

    asked by Jessica
  204. writing essays

    Which of the following will help you produce clear and focused writing? A.Brainstorming before writing. B.A rubric that provides criteria. C.The style of your paper. D.A solid thesis statement. i got A what do you think

    asked by ciara
  205. trig

    Graph y=-2sin(x/2-pi/2)+3

    asked by Anonymous
  206. Physics

    A ball dropped from rest on to horizontal ground 20m between rebounds with 3/4 of the velocity with which it hits the ground find time that elapses between the first and second in part of the ball with the ground

    asked by Anonymous
  207. Physics

    A car has a velocity of 10m/s it now accelerate at 1m/s square, for 1/4.find the final speed of the car.

    asked by Anonymous
  208. Budgeting your money

    After two months of following her budget, lisa finds that her food bills are much higher then she expected. Select her best option from those offered below. A : She should scrap her present budget and start all over again. B. It is clear that lisa is just

    asked by ciara
  209. PH103

    A person who is shown his or her argument commits a fallacy should

    asked by Anonymous
  210. science

    if i have a Km of 9.78 x 10^-3, is that a relatively high Km, and therefore a low affinity for an enzyme?

    asked by terra
  211. calculus

    Having a really hard time with this! e^8x^2-5 = 14 solve the exponential equation express in exact form. Someone please help!

    asked by amy
  212. cell bio

    NTP hydrolysis is used in two ways to drive directionality of the targeting and translocation phases of secretion. What are the principles of these two mechanisms?

    asked by Allie
  213. bio-assap

    if there were two proteins samples of exactly the same concentration but one sample contained a protein having a significantly higher number of arginine and lysine residues compared to that of the other sample - would there be a difference in the amount of

    asked by david
  214. chem - asap

    write the equation for the reaction of fecl2 with k3[fe(cn)6]???

    asked by Smarth
  215. Geomentry

    (3x-14)degrees (70)degrees

    asked by Mike
  216. physics

    A block is dropped onto a spring with k = 27 N/m. The block has a speed of 3.2 m/s just before it strikes the spring. If the spring compresses an amount 0.13 m before bringing the block to rest, what is the mass of the block?

    asked by james
  217. physics

    An object moving with uniform acceleration has a velocity of 11.0 cm/s in the positive x-direction when its x-coordinate is 2.97 cm. If its x-coordinate 2.95 s later is −5.00 cm, what is its acceleration?

    asked by Johna
  218. Chemistry

    Given the general equation: 3x +4y 2x, kc= 4.5 E-5 a. What is the kp? b. What does Kc equal for 2xy 3x + 4y? c. What does Kc equal for 6xy 9x +12y?

    asked by Anonymous
  219. chem - asap

    write the equation for the reaction of fecl2 with k3[fe(cn)6]???

    asked by Smarth
  220. Science

    What did Sir Humphry Davy do with the battery he built? I've looked online and haven't been able to find anything. Please help me!!!!

    asked by Sammy
  221. Math

    Factor 1. a^4-16 2. (m-n)^2-(2m+3n)^2 3.2x^4y^4-6x^5y^3+8x^3y 4.12m^2n^3+18m^3n^2

    asked by Melissa
  222. math( statistics)

    How many simple random samples, SRS's, are possible of size 40 from a population of size 5000? (express in scientific notation 4 sign. figures) * I'm not sure how to start off.

    asked by Sue
  223. trig

    Find all solutions to the equation 2cos(2x) = x + 1, correct to 4 decimal places.

    asked by sam
  224. English

    I forgot to add a sentence on tragedies. Thank you. 1)The tragedy is the oldest and oce most popular form of drama. It consists of a dramatic work in which events move to a tragic conclusion. 2) Classic tragedies were generally introduced by a prologue

    asked by Henry2
  225. English

    Aristotle's Virtues: Vice of Excess: Rashness the Virtuous Mean: Courage Vice of Deficiency: Cowardice I'm just confused. Would the "Vice of Deficiency" mean the deficiency of the virtuous mean? Meaning is cowardice the deficiency of courage?? OR does the

    asked by Amy
  226. algebra

    can you please help me with this so that i can do my other problems simplify and show alll work -4x^2-3x-(x-x^2+3)

    asked by babygirl
  227. Progress Report/NJHS

    What do they REALLY do at the national jr honor socity? I'm just being curious. Also What is REALLY a progress report ? (before report cards)

    asked by Laruen
  228. algebra

    2(a-4)+15=13 Please show step by step

    asked by jane
  229. physics

    When does the rocket reach maximum height? Answer in units of s

    asked by ben
  230. Fib. Number

    I noticed someone else is having problems with the same problem below that I am. Since I have a Matt in my class he is having the same problem I am and could use some help. Fib. numbers are not in my math book and I cannot find any help online with these

    asked by Scott
  231. Calculus

    Assume that a>0. Evaluate the integral from 0 to a of x dx by approximating the region bounded by y=x and the x-axis from 0 to a with rectangles. Use equal subintervals and take right endpoints.

    asked by Erica
  232. Calculus

    Find the value of a≥0 that maximizes the integral from 0 to a of (4-x²)dx. Thank you!

    asked by Shelby
  233. Geology

    How is a mid-latitude cyclone formed: thunderstorms on the west side of an occluded front, frontal systems in association with the Jet Stream, a lot of hot air, or cyclonic circulation around a sub-tropical high? (Straight forward answers, if possible use

    asked by Rachel
  234. math

    3/4 - 1/3z= 1/4 please show step by step to ans.

    asked by jane
  235. chemistry

    case 1: Iron (3) sulphide contains 46.3% by mass of sulphur, and 53.7% by mass of Fe. case 2: Also Iron (2) sulphide contain 36.50% by mass of S and 63.50% by mass of Fe.a) Calculate the mass of sulphur which combine with 1gm of Iron in case 1 and in case

    asked by solo boy
  236. English

    I have to write an analytical essay discussing how Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Tale and Prolgue present the complex interaction of body and spirit. And I am struggling on a good thesis. From the text, I know that she definitely indulges in the bodily, as she

    asked by Grayson
  237. Algebra 2

    Find the coordinates of any vertices formed. 3x + 4y ≥ 12, 5x + 6y ≤ 30, and 1 ≤ x ≤ 3. I tried graphing this, which formed a parallelogram, but it was hard to find eyeball vertices.

    asked by Peter
  238. physics

    some university students loaded their things into a toboggan. the toboggan has a mass of 8 kg and they are pulling it with a force that is 40 degrees above horizontal. if the coefficient of friction between the toboggan and a dry patch of sidewalk is

    asked by maria
  239. alg2/trig

    Which expression is defined for all real numbers? a) x + 3/x^2 b) 5/(x + 2)^2 c)4/(x − 2)^2 d)7/x^2 + 3

    asked by jaz
  240. college Algebra

    If the average rate of change of g(x) from x = 1 to x = 5 is 17.5, and if the average rate of change of g(x) from x = 5 to x = 10 is 35, then what is the average rate of change of g(x) from x = 1 to x = 10?

    asked by Brianna
  241. math

    1. The cost, in millions of dollars, to remove x % of pollution in a lake modeled by

    asked by nikki
  242. physics

    Stickman is driving a dragster. He does the quarter mile in 4 seconds and at the finish line is speed is 100m/s. He deploys his parachute after he crosses the finish line and wished to slow to a speed of 10m/s in 10s. What diameter parachute does he need

    asked by Matt
  243. calculus - please help!

    if f is a function such that lim x->6,f(x)=-5, evaluate lim x->6 -2f(x)+5f(x+3).

    asked by archi
  244. Math

    On July 5th six different people reported to the police that they had seen Bigfoot, the large hairy creature sometimes seen but never captured. The next day, twice as many people called the police; sure they had seen the creature. Each day the police

    asked by Lilly
  245. U.S. History

    So I read the book Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. I have to pick three major events/ideas found in the book. This is what I think: 1. The flu epidemic which hit the town at the most busiest time of year. 2. The violence and suicides due to economic issues

    asked by Anonymous
  246. college algebra

    If the average rate of change of g(x) from x = 7 to x = 10 is -80, and if g(7) = 400, then find g(10).

    asked by brianna mattson
  247. english

    Does anyone know where to find a summary for the story "Half Beat" by Elizabeth Gonzalez in the book the best american nonrequired reading?

    asked by Rebecca
  248. Statistics

    A bag contains two blue, three purple, four yellow, two red, three green and one orange marbles. What is the conditional probability that, without replacement, the second marble is purple given that the first marble is green?

    asked by Jessica
  249. Physical Science

    What fuel other than uranuin can be used in a nuclear reactor?

    asked by Martin
  250. Geology

    How is a mid-latitude cyclone formed

    asked by Rachel
  251. Physics

    One type of aeroplane has a maximum acceleration on the ground of 3.4m/s what is the minimum length of runaway needed if it is to reach its take off speed of 110m/s.and how long atime will this take.

    asked by Anonymous
  252. physics

    A bullet is fired with a speed of 450 m/s through a board 20cm thick. If the bullet is subject to a large deceleration of magnitude 10^6m/s^2, will the bullet be able to emerge from the other side of the board.?

    asked by Mohammed
  253. candles for chem

    How does the wax burn without touching the flames in a candle?

    asked by Skylar
  254. Biology

    What is the difference between an action and absorption spectrum? (We're talking about photosynthesis and the colors absorbed and such)

    asked by Anonymous
  255. English

    I'm posting you the ones I'm most doubtful about. 1) The Romantics turned to earlier verse forms. They saw society as an evil (force?) which destroyed the individual's personality. 2) In some of them (?) this spirit of revolt led to ......In others (?) it

    asked by Henry2
  256. Calculus

    Let f(x)=x^2+5x-3. Find f′(x) and find f′(1).

    asked by Allison
  257. Science

    How would the Koppen Climate classification system describe the climate(s) of the Hawaiian Island? I read somwhere that Hawaii has over 13 Koppen Climate classifications and what are they?

    asked by tgsd
  258. Social Media

    What protest and of-the-moment commentary songs have been most influential and successful at getting their point across

    asked by Sly
  259. Algebra II

    prove the following using trigonometric identities: cos 0 (sin 0 + cos 2nd power / sin 0) = cot 2. Keep getting stuck. thanks

    asked by Debbie
  260. Math

    A fast food shop plans to employ 8 full-time staff and some part-time staff.Suppose that the daily wages for a full-time staff and a part-time staff are $350 and $250 respectively. In order to control the daily running cost, the total expenditure on wages

    asked by Nicole
  261. english writing

    what does the word class means to you? Why or why not?

    asked by jessica
  262. Physics

    What is the maximum amount of force a human can exert in newtons?

    asked by Preston
  263. Astronomy

    In the equation 4pi^2/G/p^2 times a^3, what is the value of 4pi^2? Is it 39.47? or 157.913

    asked by Rebecca
  264. Math

    Expand and simplify 1.(9a-3)^2 2.(x^2+2x-1)^2 3. 2(3a+4)(a-6)-(3-a)^2+4(5-a)

    asked by Melissa
  265. calculus

    Let f(x)=6x+16x^2 . Then the equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x) at the point (2,16) is given by y=mx+b for m= and b=

    asked by Hannah
  266. English

    I urgently need you to check this paragaph. Thank you very much!! 1) Sybil Vane is an actress Dorian meets in an absurd theatre in the East End of London. Lord Henry is pleased with Dorian’s sudden love for Sybil Vane because it makes his creation more

    asked by Henry2
  267. Diff Calculus

    Find the interval(s) where the function is increasing of decreasing. find the: a) critical value(s) b) critical point(s) c) max. value + max. point d) min.value and min. point e)point on inflection if there is: 1) y=x^4-3x^3+22x^2-24x+12 thanks:)

    asked by unknown
  268. earth

    A satellite moves in a circular orbit about our earth exactly four times a day. Find its orbit, radius , speed and weight.

    asked by Aaron
  269. human services

    my beliefs, values, and clinical gesatalt with individuals and systems paper

    asked by Tara
  270. English

    Thank you very much. Here are the very last sentences on the same theme. Thank you!!! 1) Alan Campbell was an extremely intelligent young man with a passion for science and music. He had first met Dorian at Lady Berkshire’s during a Rubenstein recital.

    asked by Henry2
  271. Mechanics

    Why does an anisotropic shaft split axially under excessive torque?

    asked by Arnold
  272. physics

    A tennis ball is hit vertically upward and returns 6 sec later calculate. A) the greatest height reached by the ball. B) the initial velocity of the ball .

    asked by Anonymous
  273. intermediate algebra

    Divide and check: show all work (t4 − 2t2 + 4t − 5) ÷ (t2 − 3)

    asked by Clare
  274. chem

    does the wick burn or the wax burn in a candle?

    asked by Skylar
  275. physics

    what maximum height will a 311.2 m drive reach if it is launched at an angle of 17.0 degrees to the ground

    asked by Nick
  276. Math

    Dominic arrived at work and went behind the counter at the north end. As he faced out over the counter, north was to his right, south to his left. While he was standing at the north end, a customer ordered a sandwich. Dominic went through these steps: 3

    asked by Casey
  277. pre calculus

    Write the expression below as a single logarithm. 2in(x+4)-in((x^(2)+x-12)/(x))

    asked by amy
  278. Calculus

    find f'(a) for f(x)=1/sqrt(13-7x) i got my answer to be 7 / (7(13-7x)sqrt(13-7x)) but it says i am wrong please help

    asked by Kelly
  279. physical Chem

    why does the Shroedinger equation have a specific operator for kinetic energy and only a general expression (V) for potential energy

    asked by quaffi
  280. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 3x + 4/4x^2-4 and and the width is8x − 8/6 the area of the rectangle is a)1 b)2 c)x+1/x-1 d)4 please help!

    asked by tina
  281. government

    The framers did not create a perfect form of federalism. How has U.S. society been harmed by the federal government devised by the U.S. Constitution? (3 examples)

    asked by AlyssaJKC
  282. physics

    calculate the acceleration if you push with a 20n horizontal force on a 3 kg block on a horizontal friction-free air table

    asked by Anonymous
  283. Physics

    Nuclear fusion reactions require that positively charged nuclei be brought into close proximity, against the electrostatic repulsion. As a simple example, suppose a proton is fired at a second, stationary proton from a large distance away. What kinetic

    asked by Sui
  284. physics

    why is the pressure on the ground more when a man is walking than when he is standing?

    asked by prashanth
  285. Pre-Calc

    Evaluate the indicated function for f(x)=x^2-8 and g(x)=x-4 (fg)(3) Am i doing this right? ((x^2)-8))(x-4) =(x^3 -12+32)(3) Answer=3x^3 -36+96 Thanks!

    asked by Cade
  286. Fibonacci numbers

    I have three problems to answer dealing with Fibonacci numbers. I understand the first two, but would like for reassurrance that they are correct and lost on the last one and could use some help. Thank you. 1. Fibonacci numbers can not be used more than

    asked by Jennifer
  287. Geology

    why do fall winds always warm as they descend the lee side of a mountain

    asked by Rachel
  288. algebra

    want to know if this right find the x and y intercepts of the equation plotting the intercepts -3x-5y=15 -3x-5(0)=15 -3x-0=15 -3x=15 x=-5 the x intercepts are (-5,0) find the y -3x-5y=15 -3(0)-5y=15 0-5y=15 -5y=15 y=-3(0,-3)

    asked by babygirl
  289. math

    540 kg of dry concrete mixture is to be spread over three surfaces in the ratio equal to that of their areas.If their areas are 9 square m,11 square m and 16 square m,how much is used on each surface?

    asked by Ella
  290. Biology

    (Is my answer right or wrong because i have no idea.) Why is the caspid protein important? The caspid includes protein that enable a virus to enter a host cell. The caspid protein of a typical virus bind to the surface of a cell and "tricks" the cell into

    asked by BOO!
  291. physics

    A freight train has a speed of 20.8 m/s at a given instant and 10.8 seconds later its speed is 17.1 m/s. What is the train's acceleration

    asked by haleigh
  292. Marketing

    Pick a product or service and explain the nature of consumption by Hispanic, African American, or Asian consumers. Why does consumption differ from the other groups? You are required to find 2 sources to support your paper (newspaper articles, books or

    asked by Jeremy
  293. math

    sig figs for.. 1.399 x by 10-3 0.0763 m2 212.080 g 673.133 K 6.69808e+06 cm

    asked by becca

    Solve the equation. 3x + 7x =120 It will help if you explain it too. Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  295. calculus

    optimize f(x,y)=(x^4 y^4) subject to 4x^2 9y^2=36

    asked by divine
  296. Geology

    which 2 would create a low pressure at the surface? warm temp., cold temp., air moving through a terrain constriction, or air moving out of a terrain constriction. What is the main reason hail is not associated with tropical thunderstorms: lack of

    asked by Rachel
  297. Math !!!!! Help please !!!

    i tried these quesions so many times , but i just cant get he right answer ! 1.) 4(2-a)^2-81 2.) -(x-y)^3 3.)3x^2-27(2-x)^2 4.) 9(y-1)^2-25

    asked by Melissa
  298. Budgeting your money

    Which one of the following statements best describes a budget "blind spot"? A : To little oney was set aside to cover an expense B. This is an expense the person overlooked or did not account for when setting up the budget. c. This is an item that requires

    asked by ciara
  299. history

    These lawyers, and men of learning, and moneyed men, that talk so finely, and gloss over matters so smoothly, to make us poor illiterate people swallow down the pill, expect to get into Congress themselves...and then they will swallow up all us little

    asked by alexis
  300. german

    I have to finish a Paragraph about some event in the past and how I now reflect on it (have to use Präsens, Präteritum und Perfekt! I'm not too confident with this. We are also having a test tomorrow: "Here are the topics that you will encounter in the

    asked by Kyle
  301. Social Studies

    What is natural resources ???

    asked by Laruen
  302. Comp 156

    identify three essential steps that a writer might take to choose accurate sources.

    asked by Sly
  303. science

    Tight junctions prevent the movement of the extracellular matrix between cells. A) True B) False Which one is it please :)

    asked by Joe
  304. history

    what is vigilantism and how and when does it arise? (political philosophy)

    asked by TRACEY
  305. english

    please help classify each word in this sentence: Several children played on the swings during recess.

    asked by jen
  306. College Math

    I am really struggling with this Fibonacci number problem. If the greates common factor of "m" and "n" is "r", then the greatest common factor of Fm and Fn is Fr. Show that this is true for m=6 and n=9. I am so confused

    asked by Matthew
  307. math

    3/4-1/3z=1/4 5/6c-2/3c=1/3 please show step by step Thanks!

    asked by jane
  308. math

    expand and simplify 1.(x^2-3x+4)(-x^2+3x-4) 2.3(2x-5)-9(4x-5)

    asked by Melissa
  309. Technology

    Which software is best for creating advertisement? Give at least 3 different possibilities

    asked by Michael
  310. algebra

    3/4 of a number is 1/2. Find the number in the lowest terms... please show work I am confused

    asked by Laura
  311. physics

    A bullet is fired with a speed of 450m/s through a board 20 cm thick. If the bullet is subject to a large deceleration of magnitude 106m/s2, will the bullet be able to emerge from the other side of the board ?

    asked by Khalid
  312. algebra

    A survey of 2,000 people was given to find their mode of transportation to work each day. The pie chart below gives the results. Of the people surveyed, how many travel by bike to work?

    asked by Tanita Canty
  313. English

    I forgot to include these last two sentences. Thank you very much. 1) But now that she has experienced the true essence of love, everything else seems false and artificial. 2) Dorian is very angry and disappointed and instantly severes their relationship.

    asked by Henry2
  314. Geology

    When will a thunderstorm tend to be more severe and have a longer duration in reference to the axis of a storm.

    asked by Rachel
  315. English

    Aristotle's Virtues I'm just confused if in generally the vice of deficiency means the "definicency of the mean" OR the deficiency of what is stated. Ex: cowardice the definicency of courage OR deficiency of cowardice: being lack of cowardice

    asked by Amy
  316. Vocab

    Is a person who doesn't spend money, petty?

    asked by Amy
  317. English

    How does Shakespeare work loyalty and betrayal into the play King Lear. Context of order vs. chaos?

    asked by Alexis
  318. US government

    What is the freedom from prior restraint?

    asked by Anne
  319. algebra

    what is a variable change and a constant change?

    asked by judy
  320. Astronomy

    Suppose the Sun were twice as massive as it actually is. What would be the orbital period of a planet at a distance of 10AU from the Sun?

    asked by SW
  321. cell bio

    Sketch a transition phase diagram with two curves; one for C18:0 and a second for C18.1. Label X and Y. Add a third curve for what you might predict would happen if a nonionic detergent like Triton X-100 were present in the C18:0 preparation

    asked by Allie
  322. Math

    Let L be the line whose equation is Re(z) + Im(z) = 2. Find the equation of the inversion of L, expressed in terms of a complex variable z. Thanks so much! Lexi

    asked by Lexi
  323. english

    what are some research topics about popular culture

    asked by Kelly
  324. Chemistry

    Piece of iron weighs 20 pounds and measures 1 ft. by 1 ft. by 4in. What is its density in grams/cc? 20lbs/1 x 12inx12inx4in/1 x .454kg/1lb x 1g/1000kg x 1in^3/2.54cc= 20/1 x 576/1 x .454/1 x 1g/1000 x 1/2.54cc= 13.28g/cc The right answer is supposed to

    asked by Anonymous
  325. Calc

    ex: Find the indicated derivative using implicit differentiation. e^x/y^2= 8 + e^y; dy/dx Please I need help and thank you very much!

    asked by Ed
  326. science

    hi im eleven and i know nothing about acids and alkalis so plz help it sez nothing here about

    asked by ellie
  327. egd

    I need information on a floor plan.The floor plan consists of 1 bedroom,bathroom & a kitchen.I need a design brief on how to draw it and what any other relavinet info.Please con you help!!!

    asked by kyle
  328. English

    Thank you very much. Here are a few things of Romanticism I'd like you to check. 1) The Romantics turned to earlier verse forms. 2) They saw society as an evil (force?) which destroyed the individual's personality. In some of them this spirit of revolt led

    asked by Henry2
  329. help please

    Emilio is employed as full-time mechanic in the service department of an auto dealer. In his soare time, He draws political artoons and sells them to the weekly newspaper in his hoe town. He is paid $35 for each cartoon, which amounts to an additional

    asked by ciara
  330. Geology

    When a hurricane approches a costal area the damage from the storm surge is greater if it occurs: low tide, high tide, tide makes no difference? The dew point of a prcel of air refers to: its elevation above the surface, the temp. at which condesation will

    asked by Rachel
  331. Statistics

    Please help me. I am working a paper that needs a verbal statment and a numerical statement. My hypthoesis is The use of social media Facebook is associated with an increase among couples.. if anyone can help that would be great. Thanks so much.

    asked by Mark
  332. algebra

    how to solve equations like SQRT(x-6)/SQRT(4-x) for their domain

    asked by Shaq
  333. math

    3/4-1/3z=1/4 5/6c-2/3c=1/3 please show step by step Thanks! I now the ans for the first one is 3/2 but how did you work it out?

    asked by jim
  334. maths

    solve x2-(5-i)x+(18+i)

    asked by shars
  335. Geology

    A thunderstorm tends to be more severe and have a longer duration if the axis of the storm is: tilted, perpendicular to the ground, or it makes no difference. (Straight forward answers, if possible use the answer choices provided please & thank you)

    asked by Rachel
  336. Calculus

    Take the derivative of f(x) = 4x^3+(7/x^2).

    asked by Allison
  337. physical geology

    Select a city or region that is faced with one of the following issues: o Saltwater invasion in coastal wells o Depletion of an aquifer for drinking or agricultural water o Subsidence associated with water pumping o Depletion or pollution of surface water

    asked by chris
  338. Socials - - Canada

    Identify four cultural/racial groups who were not popular choices for coming to Canada. With each group identify four ways in which the federal Gov't systematically made it tougher for these people to immigrate to and to move around in the country. Provide

    asked by Anonymous
  339. English

    These sentences refer to the definition of tragedies. Can you please check the grammar? Thank you very much in advance. 1) Classical tragedies were usually introduced by a prologue from a chorus, who commented on the main action or advised the main

    asked by Henry2
  340. Math

    simplify 1. (2x^4-3x^2-6)+(6x^4-x^3+4x^2+5) 2. -7x(x^2+x-1)-3x(2x^2-5x+6) 3. -2x[ 5x-(2x-7)]+6x[3x-(1+2x)]

    asked by Melissa
  341. Geology

    Winds blow whenever there are: cold temperatures, pressure inequalities in the atmosphere, or the earth rotates on its axis

    asked by Rachel
  342. physics

    A bullet is fired with a speed of 450 m/s through a board 20cm thick. If the bullet is subject to a large deceleration of magnitude 10^6m/s^2, will the bullet be able to emerge from the other side of the board.?

    asked by Mohammed
  343. Biology

    explain the progression of the atmosphere from prebiotic to its current makeup

    asked by Catherine
  344. calculus

    john h!@#$%^&1.70 . he has 3 more dimes than quarter.

    asked by Anonymous
  345. Calculus

    find f'(a) for f(x)=1/sqrt(13-7x) i got my answer to be 7 / (7(13-7x)sqrt(13-7x)) but it says i am wrong please help

    asked by Kelly
  346. Science

    what standards are used to measure temperature? WHAT DOES THIS QUESTION MEAN? and i would like an answer too

    asked by jeydyeiy
  347. math

    how do i write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line through the given points??? through (0,-1) and (-5,-3)??

    asked by Rebecca
  348. science

    Tight junctions prevent the movement of the extracellular matrix between cells. A) True B) False Which one is it please :)

    asked by Joe
  349. Maths

    Sacks are filled with 100 kg of sand corect to the nearest 10 kg. what is the least possible amout of sand and the greatest possible amound of sand in a sack?

    asked by Alex lloyd
  350. Math

    what would be a set of 12 numbers that have the landmarks: maximum 8 range 6 mode 6 median 5

    asked by Dalton
  351. uco

    how to solve 3x^2+4x-2=0 (mod 5)

    asked by phlicia
  352. Math help please

    i tried these quesions so manytimes , but i just cant get he rigt answer ! 1.) 4(2-a)^2-81 2.) -(x-y)^3 3.)3x^2-27(2-x)^2 4.) 9(y-1)^2-25

    asked by Melissa
  353. programming

    what are application- level requirements

    asked by jason
  354. Math 116


    asked by Peggy