Questions Asked on
September 19, 2011

  1. physics

    a ferry is crossing a river. If the ferry is headed due north with a speed of 2.5 meters per second relative to the water and the river's velocity is 3 meters per second to the east, what will the boat's velocity be relative to earth?

    asked by Lor
  2. Physics

    Two planes approach each other head-on. Each has a speed of 765 km/h, and they spot each other when they are initially 11.0 km apart. How much time do the pilots have to take evasive action?

    asked by Bridge
  3. Physics

    The figure below gives the path of a squirrel moving about on level ground, from point A (at time t = 0), to points B (at t = 3.00 min), C (at t = 6.00 min), and finally D (at t = 9.00 min). Both axes are marked in increments of 2.00 m (therefore the

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Environmental Engineering

    Consider the air over a city to be a box 100km on a side that reaches up to an altitude of 1.0 km. THe air is blowing into the box along one of its sides with a speed of 4 m/s. Suppose an air pollutant with a reaction rate of K = 0.20/hr is emitted into

    asked by Jimmy
  5. physics

    A car moves at 12 m/s and coasts up a hill with a uniform acceleration of -1.4 m/s2 a)What is its displacement after 6.0 s b)What is its displacement after 9.0 s?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    A point charge of 2.4 μC is located at the center of a spherical shell of radius 17 cm, which has a charge −2.4 μC uniformly distributed on its surface. Given: ke = 8.98755 × 109 Nm2/C2 . a)Find the electric field for all points outside the spherical

    asked by alex
  7. Geography

    What is the difference between a physical map and a political map?

    asked by Sean
  8. English

    Holidays are important to everyone. They boost your spirits. a. Correct b. Shift in person I would say it is correct, but then again isn't Everyone a singular prnoun? 2. After the teacher collected our essays, she told the students that she would return

    asked by MaccyDs
  9. chemistry

    A 1.00 mol sample of N2O4 (g) is placed in a 10.0 L vessel and allowed to reach equilibrium accourding to the equation N2O4(g) 2NO2(g) K = .0004 Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of N2O4(g) and NO2(g)

    asked by kevin
  10. Mathematics

    At a charity bike rally, 2/3 of the student population of Heartsworth Middle School participated. If there are 1,200 studentes at Heartsworth, how many participated?

    asked by Gian
  11. Math

    At a local river, there were 48 alligators laying on the riverbank. If 5/6 of the alligators were asleep, how many were not asleep?

    asked by Micaela
  12. math

    A company made $4 million in the second quarter. This is 1/3 more than it made in the first quarter and 4/5 of what it made in the third quarter. How much did the company make in the three quarters combined?

    asked by eric
  13. geography

    Which nation is farther north, Egypt or Greece? My answer is - Greece is farther north. Am I right?

    asked by Reed
  14. Science

    Unscramble acnsrl spgei

    asked by Hannah
  15. math

    Find all values of c such that the limit exists lim x-->1 (x^2 + 3x + c) / (x-1)

    asked by max
  16. math

    if you had a fraction strip folded into tenths,what fractional lengths could you measure with the strip

    asked by Anonymous
  17. science(regents)

    A television advertisement claims that a certain brand of cough drop reduces coughing for 8 hours. Describe an investigation that could be determine if this claim is vaild. IN your answer include this> - the treatment give to the expertimental group -

    asked by Flynn
  18. physical science

    which of the following statements correctly describes the substance with the formula KI?

    asked by matt
  19. math

    what do penguins eat for lunch

    asked by james
  20. Physics

    The speed limit on a particular freeway is 28.0 m/s (about 101 km/hour). A car that is merging onto the freeway is capable of accelerating at 5.50 m/s2. If the car is currently traveling forward at 13.0 m/s, what is the shortest amount of time it could

    asked by Jane
  21. Physics

    A daredevil is shot out of a cannon at 54 degrees to the horizontal with an initial speed of 33.3 m/s. A net is positioned a horizontal distance of 41.8 m from the cannon. At what height above the cannon should the net be placed in order to catch the

    asked by Ronald
  22. math

    Suppose you plan to make a box that will hold exactly 40 one-inch cubes. what are some demensions of all the possible boxes you can make? I thought of 2 but i can't think of anymore. Here's what I have, are they right? L= 10 W= 2 H= 2 L= 5 W= 4 H= 2 Can

    asked by saranghae12
  23. physics

    How far should and object be from a concave sperical mirror of radius 36cm to form a real image one-ninth it's size?

    asked by Salim
  24. physics

    A stone falls from rest from the top of a cliff. A second stone is thrown downward from the same height 3.3 s later with an initial speed of 64.68 m/s. They hit the ground at the same time. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . How long does it take

    asked by R
  25. physics

    A rocket, initially at rest on the ground, accelerates straight upward with a constant acceleration of 34.3 . The rocket accelerates for a period of 8.00 before exhausting its fuel. The rocket continues its ascent until its motion is halted by gravity. The

    asked by Karina
  26. math

    A rectangular play yard is to be constructed along the side of a house by erecting a fence on three sides, using house wall as the fourth wall. Find the demensions that produce the play yard of maximum area if 20 meters of fence is available for the

    asked by fifi
  27. Physics

    A big summer movie has a running time of 96 minutes. What is the movie's running time in seconds?

    asked by anonymous
  28. college physics

    A certain person's eye measures 24.0 mm from the pupil to retina. (a) If we treat the eye's lens as a thin lens, what is its focal length when the person focuses on a pencil 44.3 cm from the eye? (b) While the person focuses on the pencil, what is the

    asked by crystal
  29. physics

    I am looking out a window that is 1.3m tall. A water balloon suddenly drops across the entire length of the window in .22 seconds. How far above the window was it dropped?

    asked by jenna
  30. Physics

    a uniform rod of 3 kg and length 1 m is suspended from a fixed point by means of strings of length .8m and .6m which are attached to the free ends of the rod such that rod is horizontal. find the tensions in the string

    asked by Ashley
  31. Algebra 2 math

    What is the 32nd term of the arithmetic sequence where a1 = 12 and a13 = –60?

    asked by Angel
  32. physics

    Ted Williams hits a baseball with an initial velocity of 120 miles per hour (176 ft/s) at an angle of è = 35 degrees to the horizontal. The ball is struck 3 feet above home plate. You watch as the ball goes over the outfield wall 420 feet away and lands

    asked by aaa
  33. Physics

    A car is traveling 28 m/s when the driver sees a child standing on the road. He takes 0.8 s to react, then steps on the brakes and slows at 7.0 m/s2. How far does the car go before it stops?

    asked by Josh

    Which of the following explanations correctly describes the reason we see the Sun rise and set each day? 1.The Sun rotates on its axis 2.The Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical path 3.The Earth rotates on its axis 4.The Sun revolves around the

    asked by Kristina
  35. physics

    A woman rides a carnival Ferris wheel at radius 16 m, completing 4.2 turns about its horizontal axis every minute. What are (a) the period of the motion, and the magnitude of her centripetal acceleration at (b) the highest point and (c) the lowest point?

    asked by Anne
  36. Algebra

    The ordered pairs represent values for x and y. (1,1) is x =1 and y=1. Substitute these ordered pairs in the equations and evaluate to see if are true. Then, graph the points and line to find another solution.

    asked by Michelle
  37. Physics

    In the game of baseball, a pitcher throws a curve ball with as much spin as possible. This spin makes the ball “curve” on its way to the batter. In a typical case, the ball spins at about 20.5 revolutions per minute. What is the maximum centripetal

    asked by Anon
  38. physics

    A batter hits a softball over a third baseman's head with speed and at an angle from the horizontal. Immediately after the ball is hit, the third baseman turns and runs at a constant velocity , for a time . He then catches the ball at the same height at

    asked by Ana
  39. Physics

    a car leaves skid marks 84 m long on the highway. Assuming a deceleration of 7.50 m/s2, estimate the speed of the car just before braking.

    asked by Shay
  40. physics

    A cannon sends a projectile towards a target 1390m away. The initial velocity makes an angel of 39 degrees with the horizontal. The target is hit. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s^2. what is the magnitude of the initial velocity?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. arithmetic

    If you have the terms 64, 49, 36, 25, 16, 9, 5, and 1 what equation will work to find the nth term?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. physics

    Driving home from school one day, you spot a ball rolling out into the street (see the figure ). You brake for 1.40 , slowing your 950- car from 16.0 to 9.50 .

    asked by Ozzie
  43. Math

    To subtract 91 from 99, do you need to regroup? Explain

    asked by Kristin
  44. economics

    Suppose the supply and demand for milk is described by the following equations: Qd=600-100P, Qs = -150+150P, where P is price in dollars . Qd is quantity demanded in millions of gallons per year. A. Create supply and demand tables corresponding to these

    asked by ARul
  45. statistics

    the authors's generac generator produces voltage amounts with a mean of 125.0 volts and a standard deviation of 0.3 volts, and the voltages have a bell-shaped distribution. using the empiral rule, what is the percentage of voltage amounts between 124.4 and

    asked by marie
  46. statistcs

    Bao Xishun is the world's tallest man with a hieght of 92.95 in. (or 7ft, 8.96 in.). men have hieghts witha mean of 69.6in and a standard deviation of 2.8 in. 1) convert Boa's height to a z score 2) does Boa's height meet the criterion of being unusual by

    asked by marie
  47. chemistry

    calcululate the molality of CsCl in a 8% by mass aqueous solution. answer in units of m

    asked by chelsey
  48. MATH

    The value V of a machine t years after it is purchased is inversely proportional to the square root of t+2. The initial value of the machine is $10,000. Find the rate of depreciation when t=5 . Round your answer to two decimal places. A. -381.80 PER YEAR

    asked by Roger
  49. physics

    A landscape architect is planing an artificial water fall. Water flowing at 1.11 m/s will leave the end of a horizontal channel at the top of a vertical wall h=4.00 m high. Will the space behind the waterfall be wide enough for a pedistrian walkway? To

    asked by Margaret

    A stopper tied to the end of a string is swung in a horizontal circle. If the mass of the stopper is 13.0 g, and the string is 93.0 cm, and the stopper revolves at a constant speed 10 times in 11.8 s, a. What is the angular velocity of the stopper?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Physics

    A small mailbag is released from a helicopter that is descending steadily at 2.87 m/s. a)After 5.00 s, what is the speed of the mailbag? b)How far is it below the helicopter?

    asked by Thi
  52. physics

    A sphere is fired downwards into a medium with an initial speed of 40 . Part A If it experiences a deceleration of , where is in seconds, determine the distance traveled before it stops.

    asked by Massiel
  53. anatomy'

    disease is an unhealthy state of a. organ system b.the entire body c. an organ d.all are true

    asked by jaz
  54. Physics

    On a distant planet, golf is just as popular as it is on earth. A golfer tees off and drives the ball 4.3 times as far as he would have on earth, given the same initial velocities on both planets. The ball is launched at a speed of 40 m/s at an angle of

    asked by Kendra
  55. calculus

    Use the demand function X=325(1-(6p/7p+4)) to find the rate of change in the demand x for the given price p=$5.00. Round your answer to two decimal places. A. 5.13 UNITS PER DOLLAR B. -0.85 UNITS PER DOLLAR C. 0.85 UNITS PER DOLLAR D. 1.35 UNITS PER DOLLAR

    asked by Roger
  56. physics

    A helicopter is rising at 5.2 m/s when a bag of its cargo is dropped. The bag falls for 2.5 s. what is the bags velocity

    asked by ben
  57. statistcs

    The authors generac generator produces voltage amounts with a mean of 125.6 volts and a standard deviation of 0.3 volt. using the Chebyshev's theorem, what do we know about the percentage of voltage amounts that are within 3 standard deviations of the

    asked by marie
  58. 4th grade math

    hi, what is the least possible number, when rounded will become 1,000,000? would it be 999,999?

    asked by vyz
  59. physics

    An airplane has a velocity relative to the air of 192 m/s in the westerly direction. If the wind has a speed relative to the ground of 59 m/s directed to the north, what is the speed of the plane relative to the ground?

    asked by A
  60. Chemistry

    Chloroform is a liquid that is not soluble in water. It has a density of 1.498g/mL. Astudent mixed a sample of chloroform and a sample water and observed the result. Sketch what the student saw, and identify all components of the drawing. for a container,

    asked by jess
  61. Physics

    A home run is hit such a way that the baseball just clears a wall 30 m high located 117 m from home plate. The ball is hit at an angle of 40 degrees to the horizontal, and air resistance is negligible. Assume the ball is hit at a height of 2 m above the

    asked by Ronald
  62. phyiscs

    The height of a helicopter above the ground is given by h = 2.90t3, where h is in meters and t is in seconds. At t = 1.75 s, the helicopter releases a small mailbag. How long after its release does the mailbag reach the ground?

    asked by fayez

    8) A rock of mass 400 g is tied to one end of a string that is 2.0 m in length and swung around in a horizontal circle. It takes 2 s to complete one circle. a. Find the angular velocity of the rock just as the string breaks. b. At what speed is the rock

    asked by Anonymous
  64. science

    How do the physical properties of the parts of a pencil affect howthe pencil is used?

    asked by Ricahard
  65. Psychology

    Four research participants take a test of manual dexterity (high scores mean better dexterity) and an anxiety test (high scores mean more anxiety). The scores are as follows. Person Dexterity Anxiety 1 1 10 2 1 8 3 2 4 4 4 -2 (c) figure the correlation

    asked by summer
  66. chem

    How many gold atoms are in an 0.408 ounce, 18 gold bracelet? (18 gold is 75% gold by mass.)

    asked by tiffany
  67. calculus

    Find all values of x in the interval [0, 2π] that satisfy the inequality. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) 14 cos(x) + 7 > 0

    asked by Anonymous
  68. statistics

    For an ungrouped data set with an odd number of observations that have been sorted or arrayed from smallest to largest values, where is the median located?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. 3rd grade math

    Use the digits 3, 7, 1, 5 to write a number that rounds to each of the following. 2,000 3,500 6,000 7,400

    asked by boss cat
  70. algabra

    Aki’s Bicycle Designs has determined that when x hundred bicycles are built, the average cost per bicycle is given by C(x) = 0.1x^2-1.2x+9.457, where C(x) is in hundreds of dollars. How many bicycles should the shop build to minimize the average cost per

    asked by Lois
  71. Chemistry

    An object travels at a speed of 7500 cm/sec. How far will it travel in a day?

    asked by David
  72. physics

    A quarterback throws the football to a sta- tionary receiver who is 26 m down the field. The football is thrown at an initial angle of 36.5 to the ground. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . a) At what initial speed must the quarter- back throw the

    asked by destinee
  73. Math

    A plumber makes $4.50 per hour more than his apprentice. During an 8-hour day, their combined earnings total $372. How much does each make per hour? (hint: if you decide to use cents instead of dollars,then use 450 cents per hour and 37200 cents total

    asked by Lou

    What are 6 human adaptions to the environment in Angola, Africa? Thanks!! :)

    asked by Samantha
  75. math

    comparing 1,272 and 1,269. Do you need to cmpare the ones digits? Which number would be the farther to the right on the number line and why?

    asked by Trevor
  76. calculus

    Find lim f(x) for f(x)=Ix-3I/x-3 x->3

    asked by Roger
  77. Englishpleashelp

    After the teacher collected our essays, she told the students that she would return the graded papers on Wednesday. a. Correct b. Shift in person My friend and I say it is a shift in person since it says OUR and then shifts it to students. are we correcT?

    asked by MaccyDs
  78. help

    conversions: 3.0 cups/lb to L/Kg how do i go from cups to liters ? i know that 1pt=2 cups but i still cannot figure it out?? help

    asked by kk
  79. 4th grade Math Help

    Samuel has 1,482 baseball cards in his collecion. Maria gave Samuel 126 cards. How many cards does he have now? Explain what computation method you used and why. Please Help! Thanks Kevin

    asked by Kevin
  80. math

    A rectangular playground is 80 feet wide and 100 feet long. Nicole made a scale drawing of the playground using a scale of 1 inch : 20 feet. What will be the length of the playground on the scale drawing?

    asked by Cady
  81. math

    Two planes took off from a Chicago airport flying in opposite directions. One plane traveled 30mph faster than the other. They were 1500 miles apart after 2hrs. How fast was each flying

    asked by Ciee
  82. calculus

    Find the derivative of the given function. Simplify and express the answer using positive exponents only. y= ((9x^2-4)^3/7x^2+4)

    asked by Roger
  83. chemistry

    A 51 kg person drinks 270. g of milk, which has a "caloric" value of approximately 3.0 kJ/g. If only 15% of the energy in milk is converted to mechanical work, how high (in meters) can the person climb based on this energy intake? [Hint: The work done in

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Physics

    A landscape architect is planing an artificial water fall. Water flowing at 1.11 m/s will leave the end of a horizontal channel at the top of a vertical wall h=4.00 m high. Will the space behind the waterfall be wide enough for a pedistrian walkway? b. To

    asked by Margaret
  85. Math

    For the limit lim x → 3 (x3 − 2x + 5) = 26 illustrate the definition by finding the largest possible values of δ that correspond to ε = 0.2 and ε = 0.1. (Round your answers to four decimal places.)

    asked by Jen
  86. Geometry. HELP!!

    The ratio of the measures of an angle to its complement is 3:2. Find the measures of the angles. (don't give me the answer, just tell me the process, thank you).

    asked by Antonia
  87. 3rd math

    Bethany has 40 apples. Write a subtraction story about the apples that would require regrouping. Then write the answer in a complete sentence.

    asked by Kristin
  88. math

    In each game of marbles a loser gives the other player a marble when they finish jane won 15 times, and kathy has 22 more marbles than when she started how many games did they play

    asked by georgia
  89. Chemistry

    A 50.0mL sample of ethylene glycol had a mass of 55.505g. Find the density of ethylene glycol.

    asked by jess
  90. chemistry

    Carbon atoms can form single, double,triple covalent bonds, but there is no experimental evidence for thr formation of quadruple covalent bond..pls., explain why this is so.

    asked by justme
  91. Physics

    On a spacecraft two engines fire for a time of 560 s. One gives the craft an acceleration in the x direction of ax = 5.10 m/s2, while the other produces an acceleration in the y direction of ay = 7.30 m/s2. At the end of the firing period, the craft has

    asked by Kendra
  92. chemistry

    If given the quantum numbers: 2,1,-1,-1/2 give the element. I understand the first two numbers and getting to the p orbitals of the second period, but I am not sure on how to designate -1 and -1/2 to Carbon (the answer) Also for: 4,1,0,-1/2 is Selenium. I

    asked by Holly
  93. Science: Physics

    A big summer movie has a running time of 96 minutes. What is the movie's running time in seconds?

    asked by anonymous
  94. math

    John receives $200 for his birthday. He buys 4 DVDs at $12.95 each. Sales tax is 6.25%. How much birthday money does he have left?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. English

    Can you help me determine if I chose the correct/incorrect sentences appropriately. It’s really urgent. 1)Jenny, 13, says “My favourite subject is English. We all have to learn English in my country because it is very difficult to find a job if you

    asked by Henry2
  96. Chemistry (rate reactions)

    The rate constant for the thermal decomposition at 85 degrees Celsius of dinitrogen pentoxide equals 6.2 x 10 raised to -2 min. As determined by experiment this decomposition is first order-- 2 N2O5 ----> 4 NO2 + O2 Calculate the rate of the reaction when

    asked by Sheldon
  97. physics

    A copper wire 81.9 cm long and 1.10 mm in diameter has a mass of 6.43 g. (a) Find the number of electrons in the wire. (Copper has an atomic number of 29; that is, there are 29 protons in the Copper atom. Copper's atomic mass is 63.5.) how many electrons:

    asked by austin
  98. help

    conversion problems: $3.98/lb to cents per gram 3.0 cups/lb to L/Kg (please show me the work) thank u

    asked by kk
  99. Algebra II

    The length of a rectangle is twice its with. The are is 128yd^2. Find the length and the Width

    asked by Lois
  100. sql

    Write a SELECT statement that returns four columns based on the InvoiceDate column of the Invoices table: • Use the CAST function to return the first column as data type varchar. • Use the CONVERT function to return the second and third columns as a

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    The measure of one angle in a linear pair is 30 more than twice the measure of the other angle. Find the measure of the angles. (I really need help! Thanks)

    asked by Ellen

    Which of the following are a consequence of the Earth's yearly motion around the Sun? (check all that apply) 1.the Sun appears in different constellations in different seasons 2.the planets look different than stars 3.the Sun rises and sets 4.the Moon

    asked by Kristina
  103. pre-calculus

    the path of a ball is given by y=-.05+3x^2+3x+5, where y is the height (in feet) of the ball and x is the horizontal distance (in feet) from where the ball was thrown. Find the maximum height of the ball.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Engineering

    It is found that ozone reaction in water nearly follows first-order kinetics in ozone concentration decreases by 50% in 12 minutes (t1/2 = 12 min). A water supplier wants to inject ozone into a pipe bringing water to thee water treatment plant to

    asked by Jimmy
  105. Algebra 2-Probability

    1. What is the theoretical probability of rolling a sum less than 5 using two number cubes? a.1/6 b.1/4 c.1/2 d.3/4 2. Segments parallel to the sides are used to divide a square board 3 ft on each side into 9 equal-size smaller squares. If the board is in

    asked by Nan
  106. math

    if u received 2 dozen items and sold three of those items the first day, how many of those items are left?

    asked by linda
  107. theme (lit)

    what is a theme of magical realism? why might magical realist authors right so much about this theme?

    asked by Skylar
  108. xsxsds

    The cellular phone plan you signed up for gives you 400 minutes a month for $35 and charges $.15 for each additional minute over 400 minutes. How long can you talk on the phone each month and stay within a budget of $45?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. human geography

    plezz help me on this question here goes identify and explain ,in paragraph form, 2 reasons why some geographers today believe Malthus' theory used to predict the future population issues?

    asked by Riddhi
  110. calculus

    a circle, with a diameter 48 cm is cut into 12 equal sectors. a square, with a side length 41cm, is cut into 16 equal squares. wich has the greatesst area? how much greater is it

    asked by chai
  111. geography

    Which country has the largest land area in Europe? In Asia? My answer was - Russia is the largest in both Asia And Europe. Ms. Writeteacher looked and my answer and asked me if I was sure Russia was in Europe. All the maps that I have been looking at show

    asked by Reed
  112. geography

    Kabul is the capital of the country that borders the Soviet Union, Iran and Pakistan. What is the country's name? If I looked at my map correctly the answer is - Afghanistan. Am I right?

    asked by Reed
  113. geography

    Ms. Sue, I am not home schooled. Our teacher gives us a geography sheet every week and we are to find the answers in our book, encyclopedia, online, or whatever reference material we can. The question about Kabul really had the Soviet Union on the actual

    asked by Reed
  114. math

    the length of a rectangle is four times its width. if the area is 100 m2 what is the length of the rectangle?

    asked by cindy
  115. chem

    A student placed 12.0grams of glucose in a flask added enough water to dissolve glucose by swirling then added additional water until the .100 ml mark. A 60.0ml sample of this glucose soon was diluted to 0.500 L. How many grams of glucose are in 100. ml of

    asked by ALISON
  116. physics

    a car slows from 22m/s to 3m/s at a constant rate if 2.1m/s. how many seconds are required before the car is traveling at 3m/s

    asked by bob
  117. math

    use the distributive prperty to rewrite the expression without parentheses. 1. (-2a)(a+7) 2. (-3x)(-x^2+2) 3. (2x + 11)(5x) 4. (-2-3y)(-7y^2 5. (t-4)(-2) 6. (x)(x-5)

    asked by Janae
  118. Chemistry

    Temperature Rate Constant 310 0.830 320 2.27 330 5.83 340 14.2 350 32.8 Use an Arrhenius plot to determine the frequency factor for the reaction. I know the equation to find the frequency factor is K= Ae^-Ea/RT but i am still getting the wrong answer. Do I

    asked by Tc
  119. Math

    1. Evaluate the indefinite integral ([6x^2 + 12x^(3/2) +4x+9]/sqrt x)dx. Answer = + C 2. Evaluate the indefinite integral (12sin x+4tan x)dx. Answer = + C 3. Evaluate the indefinite integral. (x^7)e^(x^8)dx. Answer = + C Thank you for helping.

    asked by Matt
  120. geography

    Which country has the largest land area in Europe? in Asia? My answer - Russia is the largest in both Asia and Europe. Am I right?

    asked by Reed
  121. Psychology

    Twenty students randomly assigned to an experimental group receive an instructional program; 30 in a control group do not. After 6 months, both groups are tested on their knowledge. The experimental group has a mean of 38 on the test (with an estimated

    asked by summer
  122. math

    Tom has a total of 95 beads. He has 20 more red beads than blue beads. He has twice as many white beads as red beads. How many blue beads does Tom have?"

    asked by r
  123. physics

    a 40 kilogram barrel is rolled up a 10 meter long ramp to a height of 5 meter how much does the barrel weigh

    asked by casper
  124. physics!

    A copper wire 81.9 cm long and 1.10 mm in diameter has a mass of 6.43 g. (a) Find the number of electrons in the wire. (Copper has an atomic number of 29; that is, there are 29 protons in the Copper atom. Copper's atomic mass is 63.5.) how many electrons:

    asked by austin
  125. calculus

    For the limit lim x → 3 (x3 − 4x + 4) = 19 illustrate the definition by finding the largest possible values of δ that correspond to ε = 0.2 and ε = 0.1. (Round your answers to four decimal places.)

    asked by Anonymous
  126. fith grade math

    well i'm trying to do 49 x27 how would you do that?

    asked by ashley
  127. Geography

    Are there 7 countries in Central America?

    asked by Bridget
  128. Essential Mathematics 1

    Can somebody please help me evaluate: 13 1/3 + 6 2/9 ? (=

    asked by Brittney
  129. Math

    Marta picked 37 apples. Jin picked 35 apples. Ken picked 23 apples. How can you use place value to find the number of apples picked in all?

    asked by Amy
  130. Calculus Infinite Geometric Series

    So this is what Im basically doing, I got how to do Number 1 and 2. This is the way I did it. Im supposed to find the common ration and the sum number. 1. 4 + 2 + 1 + ... The Common ratio is 0.5, so in decimal form it would be 1/2. I sort of get confused

    asked by Anonymous
  131. anatomy

    What contains blood vessels that nourish the growth zone of the hair? -hair shaft -arrector pili muscle -hair root -hair bulb in follicle -cortex -hair papilla

    asked by Katie
  132. chemistry

    Substance A has a specific heat of .650J/gK and substance B has a specific heat of .325J/gK. If 100 J of energy is applied to a 10 g sample of each substance, which will have a higher temperature?

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Chemistry

    How many grams of formaldehyde, H2CO, are in 500 ml of a 40% solution of formaldehyde in water? (Assume for this problem that the density of the formalin solution is 0.98 g/ml)

    asked by Kelsey
  134. Science: Physics

    A circle graph has labeled segments of 5.7%, 21%, 13, and 6%. What % does the unlabeled segment have?

    asked by anonymous
  135. Psychology

    Evolutionary theories often emphasize that humans have adapted to their physical environment. One such theory hypothesizes that people should spontaneously follow a 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking—even if they are not exposed to the usual pattern of

    asked by summer
  136. Physics

    What net external force is required to give a 35.7 kg suitcase an acceleration of 2.8 m/s2 to the right? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Brett
  137. chemistry

    If you dissolve 29.25 g of sodium chloride in 250 g of H2O. What would be the freezing point? Kfp- -1.86 degrees C/molal I know the formula is K times molality. I am taking -1.86(2.00) and getting -3.72 degrees Celsius, when the answer is -7.44 degrees.

    asked by Hannah
  138. Geography

    Which ocean does most of the International Date Line pass through? I think it is the Pacific is that correct?

    asked by Sean
  139. math

    how many oz of 25% alcohol solution must be mixed with 14oz of 30oz alcohol to make 26% alcohol

    asked by nana
  140. Math

    To subtract 91 from 99, do you need to regroup? Explain

    asked by Kristin
  141. business

    Can someone help me with this question by providing resources. What are the major implications for using positive psychology to study business ethics? Give a specific example .

    asked by PENNY
  142. Physics

    Iron has a density of 7.9g/cm^3, what is the mass in kg of an iron statue that has a volume of the bottle in cubic meters?

    asked by anonymous
  143. English

    Choose the one that is not correct Wood frame house are caught fire. Clothing burst into flame and people suffer intense third-degree flash burns over their exposed flesh.

    asked by Kate
  144. chemistry

    Substance A has a specific heat of .650J/gK and substance B has a specific heat of .325J/gK. If 100 J of energy is applied to a 10 g sample of each substance, which will have a higher temperature?

    asked by Anonymous
  145. engineering

    The velocity of a sports car is graphed as a function of time . Use the graph to answer the questions. a) Find the sports car’s maximum velocity, , during the 10- interval depicted in the graph. b) During which time interval is the acceleration positive?

    asked by AnaLuisa
  146. Penn Foster

    what's the answer to question subject Planning and implementing for the Envioroment Question, The three major areas of a child care facility are A. Adult,service and storage. B. adult, children's and service C. Children's service. and activity D.

    asked by Kathleen
  147. calculus

    For the given equation, find the slope of the tangent to the curve at the point (-4,2). y^2+8y+x^2+8x-4=0 A. -1.50 B. -0.50 C. -2.00 D. 0.00 E. UNDEFINED

    asked by Roger
  148. math

    /I'm trying to do 225 divided by 5 in distruburive peoperty how wuold i do that

    asked by Anonymous
  149. statistics

    once again I am not getting this. assume that the population of heights of male college students is normally distibuted with a mean of 69.09 and standard deviation of 4.71. A random sample of 92 heights is obtained. find the mean and standard error of the

    asked by denise
  150. Math

    A rectangle of length of 10 cm has diagonals of length 12 cm. Calculate the width of the rectangle.

    asked by willian
  151. Math

    1. Evaluate the indefinite integral integral symbol[6x5+2sec(x) tan(x)]dx. 2. Integral symbol 8 at the top, 5 at the bottom 3x2+3x2 dx = Thanks

    asked by Sara
  152. math

    what is the largest are of rectangular area that can be enclosed in sixteen meter fence ?

    asked by aa
  153. algebra

    counterexample if x less than or equal 6, then 2x-3 less than 9

    asked by Frank
  154. math

    the perimiter of a triangle is 122cm. If the lengths of the sides of the triangle are(3x-1)cm, (4x+2)cm and (2x-5), what is the lenght of the longest

    asked by Anonymous
  155. physics

    If a ball is thrown vertically upward with initial velocity of 8 meters per second, what would the speed be when it returns to the starting point with acceleration of 9.81?

    asked by Kelli
  156. Math

    solve for x Pc/x = c/p

    asked by Jenna
  157. Chemistry I

    I need to convert 0.17mg of NaCl to formula mass units. How would I go about that?

    asked by Lindsey
  158. English

    Thank you very much. I just wanted to know if the statement in 2 is correct or incorrect. 1)Lorenzo says:” I’m not very fond of French and English. I think learning foreign languages takes a lot of time and you have to revise too often. If you don’t,

    asked by Henry2
  159. english

    who is the richest man in the village who can afford to buy the land forfeited by George Jacobs if Jacobs hangs as a witch?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. help with hw

    convert : 60 cents per doz oranges to cents per orange please show me the work......

    asked by candy90
  161. statistics

    Suppose that is normally distributed with mean 90 and standard deviation 12. What value of does only the top 20% exceed?

    asked by sarah
  162. English

    You are a technical writer in a large company, working on a training manual to help hew users learn the company’s computer system. Employees will use your manual in training seminars taught by your company’s trainers. The manual will also serve as an

    asked by Donna
  163. math

    draw a diagram to show how to find the solution 2.6 / 0.4 explain what the quotient means

    asked by anna
  164. geometry

    M= (x+25) L=55 find the value of x

    asked by F.Morris
  165. geography

    The line of longitude which passes through Greenwich, England, is called the ? My answer is - The Prime Meridian. Am I right?

    asked by Reed
  166. geography

    The line of longitude which passes through Greenwich, England, is called the ? My answer is - The Prime Meridian. Am I right?

    asked by Reed
  167. calculus

    Find the points of discontinuity on [-3,5] for the function f(x)=[[x-1]], where the double bracket indicates the greatest integer function.

    asked by Roger
  168. calculus

    identify the type of curve and sketch the graph of y2-2x+6y+5=0

    asked by elise
  169. math

    1.) 15 * 4 2/3 2.) 10 2/3 divided by 4

    asked by Kimberly
  170. Biology

    A student claims the probability a human sperm will receive all chromatids of maternal origin is 50 %. Explain why she is wrong. Are the following true or false and support your answer: i. Red blood cells and nerve cells in adult humans are suitable for

    asked by Ashley
  171. math

    the rule in words is to divide by 2 then subtract 1...what is the equation if Input(x) Output(y) 2 0 4 1 6 2 8 3 10 4 I can't get a grip on it...please help!!

    asked by ggirl
  172. Chemistry-help

    Hi, I have a question on Gas Chromatography(GC). The following were injected into the GC system: - 1) 1% sample solution in acetone 2) a 500 times dilution of item 1) The retention time of the main peak in the diluted sample solution 2) shifted by ~ 2min.

    asked by jess
  173. calc - limits

    I have been trying to figure out these limit problems and I get stuck on trying to move the function around to make it possible to solve. The first one is: lim sinx - cosx / tanx - 1 x--> (pi/4) All I've gotten so far is to replace tanx with sinx/cosx but

    asked by terra
  174. Chemistry 112

    4Nh3(g) +3O2(g)=2N2(g)+6H2O(g) has kp=2.1x10^6 atm. Initial concentration of NH3=2.00 atm, and N2=1.00 atm, with all other concentrations being zero. Compute final concentration of NH3.

    asked by Dominique
  175. calculus

    If f(x) = 5x - 7, what is f(2)?

    asked by yashira
  176. geography

    Does a line of latitude or a line of longitude divide the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres? This is an easy one but I just want to double check. The answer is a line of latitude. Right?

    asked by Reed
  177. English

    You told me they were inappropriate because there could be many combinations and not just one (for example: grow up, get up together, hold/host and have a party) Is it better to say "go on the internet" or "surf the internet"? I still have an exercise to

    asked by Henry2
  178. Chemistry

    Describe the process of ionization using hydrogen chloride, HCL, and water, H2O ?

    asked by Mr. Green
  179. math

    mary has 108 red beads and 90 green beads she wants to use all the beads. how many necklaces can she make and how many of each color will be on each necklace

    asked by radix elementary
  180. Programming Logic

    Programmign Logic for business Modify the PROCESS routine in Section 5.4 to determine whether the student is full time or part time before checking whether he or she lives in district or out of district. Use a flowchart and pseudocode to show your

    asked by JEFF
  181. Maths

    Evaluate the limit lim 7e(^-6x) as x -> infinity. Thanks

    asked by Mary
  182. english 11 honors

    in the story the great gatsby how would you explain what the following quote means; There were the same people, or at least the same sort of people.the same profusion of champagne the same many colored, many keyed commotion, but i felt an unpleasantness in

    asked by cheerlovee
  183. social studies

    who was the star of "Steamboat Willie''

    asked by nicole
  184. 7th grade math

    typical weights for tiger clubs age(weeks) expected body weight(kg) birth 1.3 1 2.3 2 3.0 3 3.8 4 4.5 5 5.2 6 6.0 7 6.7 8 7.5 9 7.6 10 8.9 11 9.7 using table above describe the pattern relating age and weight. Do you expect this pattern to continue

    asked by Anonymous
  185. math

    when the product of 6 and 6 is divided by thesum of 6 what is the quotient

    asked by lisa
  186. Math/Calculus

    Find the average rate of change on the interval [-6,3] of the function h(x)=x^2-4x+7. A. -7 B. 7 C. 1 D. 13 E. -5

    asked by Roger
  187. world history

    what enlightenment philosopher most inspired the creators of the us constitution? What do tea, sugar, stamps, and French product all have in common?

    asked by Skylar
  188. math

    find the product or quotient . write the strategy you used . write model,break apart, multiplication table ,inverse operations pattern ,or doubles 56 divided by 7

    asked by xavier
  189. calculus

    Determine the following limit. lim (1/x-3) x->3

    asked by Roger
  190. economics

    Is it possible for companies both to maximize financial value for shareholders and to act responsibly in the communities in which they operate, to treat their employees, customers, and suppliers well, and to engage in activities that are good for the

    asked by denise
  191. FRENCH

    which group of people first planted the grape vines: a) the romans b) the guals c) the french

    asked by Sarah
  192. statistics

    given the following population data, x=17,13,23,15,19,19,21,28 calculate the z score value for a score of 18.

    asked by jo
  193. math

    tami wrote the even number between 325 and 337 the sum of the hundreds digits and tens digit equals the ones digit

    asked by Anonymous
  194. Algebra

    use the distributive prperty to rewrite the expression without parentheses. 1. (-2a)(a+7) 2. (-3x)(-x^2+2) 3. (2x + 11)(5x) 4. (-2-3y)(-7y^2 5. (t-4)(-2) 6. (x)(x-5)

    asked by janae
  195. algebra

    Danna wants to get 93 average in her three tests she took two tests and the scores are 89 and 94 what should be her score in the next test?. I know the answer . However I don't know the way please help

    asked by michael
  196. math

    If arc BF = 45‹ and arc AE = 39‹, what is the measure of Ú1?

    asked by thomas
  197. physics

    A car travels up a hill at a constant speed of 32 km/h and returns down the hill at a constant speed of 61 km/h. Calculate the average speed and the answer is not 46.5

    asked by Ann2793
  198. Algebra

    Can someone please help me convert these equations into a matrix equation. x+4y-z=7 x+y+z=2 -2x-2y+2z=-8

    asked by Anonymous
  199. Math for Professionals

    You find that a small business loan in the amount of 50,000 is the amount you need to purchase the restaurant location. After researching banks to find the best interest rate, you find that banks for small businesses offer the best interest rate of 9%

    asked by Sherry
  200. physics

    A particle travels along a straight line with a speed = (0.50 -7 ), where is in seconds. Determine the acceleration of the particle when = 2 .

    asked by Angie
  201. calculus

    I really appreciate all of your help!

    asked by Anonymous
  202. chemistry

    A 13.5 g sample of X reacts with a sample of Y to form 81.1 g of XY. What is the mass of Y that reacted?

    asked by Mary
  203. physics

    A figure skater is warming up on the rink. She does a lap of a 100m rink. She completes the laps in 3 minutes. What was her speed?

    asked by dave
  204. L.arts

    the book says Ponyboy,Dally, and Johny saved the kids in the hall way when they were in the church is that true? because in the movie they didn't

    asked by Bart
  205. trig

    Sketch the graph of f(x)=sin(x+30 degrees) and g(x)=cos2x in the same system of axis [-180 degrees;180 degrees]

    asked by Ntombie
  206. Math

    Math help??? 1.) 13 1/3 divided by 6 2/9 2.) 15 * 4 2/3 3.) 10 2/3 divided by 4

    asked by Kimberly
  207. geometry

    What is volume of a rectangular container that is 15 inches long,3 1/2 inches wide,and 10 inches high

    asked by sucolah
  208. English

    I have to write a 700 word essay on what my name means ????????????? And I need help!!!!

    asked by Erica
  209. algebra mrs sue help

    -16 - (-43) i got -16 + (43) = 27 -156 - 98 i got -156 + 98 = -254 -192 - 47 i got -192 + -47 = -239 0 - (-51) i got o + 51 = 51 -63 -89 i got -63 + -89 = -152 -12 - (-21) i got -12 + 21 = 9 92 - (-16) i got 92 + 16 = 108 72 - 15 i got 72 + -15 = 57 -86 -

    asked by MARKO
  210. College English

    I need to write a 700 word essay on what my name means. Can I please get some help!!!

    asked by Erica
  211. calculus

    Describe the interval(s)on which the function f(x)=(x-11/x^2-121) is continuous.

    asked by Roger
  212. Language Art

    Anyone know what those words call that depend on how you use it on a sentence, it can have a positive or negative feeling?

    asked by Shadow
  213. Math

    Pedro says the next expression in the following pattern is n+17,n+18,n+15,n+16,n+13,n+14._____ . Explain his error and write the correct expression.

    asked by Anna
  214. math

    making bracelets 3 strands 4 colors how many combinations are there

    asked by kevin
  215. Essential Mathematics 1

    Can somebody please help me Evaluate: 3 1/9 * 2 1/4 ? (=

    asked by Brittney
  216. History

    I am doing a research paper on the French and Indian war, and I can't find the environment that the French were in compared to the British.

    asked by Alyonka
  217. french

    I am doing a debate in french and my side is that the HLM in France isnt working and it should be replaced with a new type of system. Do you know any websites with information about the HLM in france. All I can find in wikipedia. also any charts or graphs

    asked by Rebekah
  218. math

    to subtract 4 5/6 from 10 1/2, you must renamed the mixed number 10 1/3. How do you rename the 10 1/3?

    asked by Steve

    how can we research on HISTORY OF HEALTH CARE?

    asked by Anonymous
  220. Mathemtics =/

    Help please!? 1)5/8 divided by 5? 2)45 divided by 3 3/4 3) 3/4 + 5/8 ------------= 3/4 - 1/2

    asked by Dotti
  221. history

    If a photographer took the same picture of this wilderness setting landscape, would it be as colorful and peaceful?

    asked by tamika
  222. algebra

    two angles are complementary the measure of one angle is 1 1/2 times the measure of the other find the measure of each angle x+1.5x=90 2.5x=90 x=36 x+y=90 36+y=90 y=54 want to know if this right

    asked by babygirl
  223. math

    I'm trying to see what the question; How many temperatures are at least 44 degrees, but don't know if it should be the same as 44 degrees, or i it should be less than or higher than 44 degrees.

    asked by Rone
  224. social studies

    3.8 centimeters represents about how many kilometers?

    asked by lucy
  225. Algebra

    [-3 1 3] [-3 -5 -3] A=[-2 5 -4] B=[2 -1 4] If[4 -2 -1]and [-5 -2 -5]find BA I add the number and I came out with 666 468 and 946 I think I'm wrong Please help...

    asked by Nette
  226. calculus

    Need help asap! what is the limit as x approaches 0 of -x/tan(3x) ?

    asked by miley
  227. Chemistry

    Convert 19.0cm cubed to meters cubed?

    asked by Jess
  228. Government US

    Thomas Sowell said a very wise thing. "If by “fair,” you mean everyone having the same odds for achieving success, then life has never been anywhere close to being fair, at any place or time." Fair and unfair have been in debate for a long time, and no

    asked by Jishkhasha
  229. Algebra

    A fitness club charges $3.50 per visit plus an annual fee of $150. What type of function is this(linear, quadratic, or inverse variation)?

    asked by Michael
  230. day care

    simone works at a day care center in her town. in her position, she hires an trains staffmembers.She enforces the center policies and handles its finances. What is simones position at the center?

    asked by elly
  231. physics

    a 1200 kg car goes from 15m/s in 16s. What is the average force acting on it?

    asked by sydni
  232. geography

    What two countries are similar in physical shape? My answer is Africa and South America Is this right?

    asked by Reed
  233. Englishpleashelp

    We, Us) Persian Gulf veterans are proud of our service. a. We b. Us Is it we or Us? I think it is We since you know in the constitution that is how it goes. We goes with US We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,

    asked by MaccyDs
  234. MATH


    asked by JOHN
  235. English

    Though you once told me this exercise was not very appropriate I’d like to know if there are alternatives to the ones I chose: Complete the verbs in the phrases p……… football play football g……… advice give advice b………… friends

    asked by Henry2
  236. American Government

    In The Declaration of Independence how did they signify the colonists’ relationship to Britain?

    asked by Tim
  237. heathhcare

    give me a medical timeline from the last 50 years?

    asked by peggy
  238. statistics

    i have 95 beads. 20 more red than blue.two times as manywhite beads than red beads. how many blue beads do i have?

    asked by Anonymous
  239. writing

    explain how purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing.

    asked by Anonymous
  240. math

    find the average 2 1/3 3 3/4

    asked by justin
  241. Math

    If f (x) = sin3 x, find f'(x). Find f'(−2pi/3) Thanks.

    asked by Sara
  242. maths

    an aeroplane flying at 600 km travels for 3 hours on a bearing of 310T how far north and how far wesr is it from its starting point after 3 hours

    asked by jess
  243. algebra

    9 - 26 got -17 -4 - 15 i got : -19 21 - (-7) i got: 28 27 - (-16) i got: 43 -16 - (-43) i got 59 47 - 19 i got : 28 -156 -98 i got : -58 -192 -47 i got: -145 0 - (-51) = 51

    asked by MARKO
  244. geomatry

    is the amount of space between two points on a line it is always expressed as a non-negative number

    asked by kathery
  245. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  246. Algebra

    (-1,4) and (5,8) is (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). The slope is m=(y2-y1)/(x2-1). Substitute and evaluate to find the slope.

    asked by Michelle
  247. statistics

    compute the percentile rank of the raw score 8 in the following distribution 8,5,6,9,3,5

    asked by Emily
  248. accounting

    Identify what professional development needs and goals are required for superannuation with a brief explanation of what each one is about.

    asked by mirza
  249. Math

    What is a polygon with 12 sides ?

    asked by Brian
  250. physics

    60mi/h is how many m/s?

    asked by Anonymous
  251. Math

    travel 250 mi in 5 h need the unit rate for each situation.

    asked by Nicole
  252. properties of operations

    why don't i have to do any computing to solve 15 times 0 times (13+7)

    asked by Anonymous
  253. disease

    what is the relation between high Blood glucose level (not Diabetes) and Urinary tract infection.

    asked by Mona
  254. English

    Could you check these sentences, please? Thank you. 1)The protagonist soon sees a light coming from the bottom of the wall that make(s) the figures seem spectral and unbearable, like demons looking at him from different directions. 2) He devoted his entire

    asked by Henry2
  255. calculus

    x squared minus four, at which intervals is the function increasing or decreasing?

    asked by Jill
  256. a l g e b r a

    -16 - (-43) i got -16 + (43) = 27 -156 - 98 i got -156 + 98 = -254 -192 - 47 i got -192 + -47 = -239 0 - (-51) i got o + 51 = 51 -63 -89 i got -63 + -89 = 152 -12 - (-21) i got -12 + 21 = 9 92 - (-16) i got 92 + 16 = 108 72 - 15 i got 72 + -15 = 57 -86 -

    asked by MARKO
  257. geometry!

    can anyone please explain to me how to solve these problem step by step: 1. 3x+y= -6 2. 2x-5y=12 thank you!

    asked by Sara
  258. physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a car of mass 1900 kg moving at a constant speed of 21 m/s

    asked by gina
  259. hw help ASAP

    8.00in^3 to ml please show me how to solve this

    asked by bb222
  260. physics

    What is the velocity of a car going east for 50 miles in one hour? my answer. 50 miles/hour (east)?????

    asked by dave
  261. math

    sophia is making raffle tickets for the schools give away drawing.she wants to use the digits 2,5, and 7 to make three-digit numbers how many different three-digit numbers can she make if she uses each digit once

    asked by tykea
  262. math

    solve. (3k+4.2)+8.6 and (3s)x8

    asked by Christine
  263. Geology

    Im having a difficult time with a geology final question. "The number of ice advances during the Pleistocene was most likely" one four 20-25 over 100 I understand one cap, 4 major ice events with 11 ice advances but am very unclear on an answer or how to

    asked by Suzi
  264. Math

    what does the output is 6 less than one-half of the input mean?

    asked by Rene
  265. math

    23 + 45 = 68 the sum is even Explain use word and / or numbers

    asked by ryan
  266. math

    kathy's family uses 138 gallons of water doing laundry each week. how many gallons of water does kathy's family use for laundry in 1 year? (hint: 1 year = 52 weeks)

    asked by stephanie
  267. 11french

    can someone proof read my paragraph? Salut tout le monde! Je m'appelle Olivier et j'ai ne au Congo en Afrique. Je suiss venu en Canada quand j'ai ete sept ans pour echapper les confits politiques et pour trouver le paix. Le langue officiel au Congo est le

    asked by rebecca
  268. Mathemtics

    Help??? 13 * 4 2/3

    asked by Calicenta

    Modify the PROCESS routine in Section 5.4 to determine whether the student is full time or part time before checking whether he or she lives in district or out of district. Use a flowchart and pseudocode to show your solution. Here

    asked by JEFF
  270. Help needed!!!

    Help please!? 1)5/8 divided by 5? 2)45 divided by 3 3/4 3) 3/4 + 5/8 ------------= 3/4 - 1/2

    asked by Tammy(;
  271. easyish MATH

    for a project i need to graph numbers like: 3.456 billion, 92.07 billion etc. however i need to graph 1.009 TRILLION and 1.268 trillion. i wanted to keep the scale written as billions, how can i express the trillions as billions? thanks!

    asked by dawn
  272. Algebra 1

    When adding radicals, do you add two radicands together even if they're different? How would you answer this equation in radical simplest form? 3 rad 12 + 3 rad 12 + 5 rad 8 +5 rad 8 I got 6 rad 12 + 25 rad 8 Is this right? Sorry if my questions are

    asked by Squid
  273. physiology

    what happens to the osmotic pressure with increasing solute concentration

    asked by darlene
  274. Bioloby

    What are important criteria for PCR primer design?

    asked by Xue Lin
  275. math

    explain how you would round 265,588 to the nearest ten thousand

    asked by esha
  276. easy math

    this is easy, but for whatever reason, i cannot get it :/ how would i express 3.456 billion as a number? or 1.009 trillion? i justneed them in their full form so i can put them in an excel graph :( thanks!

    asked by dawn
  277. Mat126: Survery of Mathematics

    In a recent article, the author states that 71% of adults do not use sunscreen. Although 71% is a large percentage, explain why it could be misleading. As you answer the questions above, identify what types of misrepresentation or misuse have been

    asked by Leslie
  278. chemistry

    what is the formula of a pumpkin?

    asked by graciela
  279. English

    How important is the setting of the novel A Farewll to arms What impact does the setting have on the interpretation of events?

    asked by Christopher
  280. Chemistry

    6000 millimeters equal how many meters?

    asked by Sam
  281. science

    An object measures 12 x 3 x 2.5 cm and has a density of 0.6 g/cm3. When it is placed in water, what is the volume of the part of the object that is above the surface of the water?

    asked by frankie
  282. United states history

    Which was the 50 state added to the u.s.

    asked by Liseth
  283. Science

    Analyzing Ideas- Why would you weight less on a high mountain than you would at sea level?

    asked by Jenny
  284. easy math

    for a project i need to graph numbers like: 3.456 billion, 92.07 billion etc. however i need to graph 1.009 TRILLION and 1.268 trillion. i wanted to keep the scale written as billions, how can i express the trillions as billions? thanks!

    asked by dawn
  285. lab chemistry

    what is the boiling point of 2-propanol at the top of pike's peak

    asked by frank
  286. math

    odd and even numbers

    asked by ryan
  287. Math

    Math help??? 1.) 13 1/3 divided by 6 2/9 2.) 15 * 4 2/3 3.) 10 2/3 divided by 4

    asked by Cathy
  288. maths

    slove the equestionx+√x=6/25

    asked by laxmiprasad
  289. (hsb)

    solve the problem of housing

    asked by roshane
  290. French

    I am doing a debate in french and my side is that the HLM in France isnt working and it should be replaced with a new type of system. Do you know any websites with information about the HLM in france. All I can find in wikipedia. also any charts or graphs

    asked by Rebekah
  291. MATH

    I am a number between 0.23 and 0.31. I have 3 digits. All of my numbers are the same. What number am I?

    asked by Stephen
  292. Geometric Series (bobpursley)

    Could you please check my same post again, I had another question.

    asked by Anonymous
  293. math

    f 2/3 of amount x is 60, then what is 4/5 of x?

    asked by Anonymous
  294. Math

    How do you show the distributive property for 12 x 468

    asked by Aiden
  295. physics

    A figure skater is warming up on the rink. She does a lap of a 100m rink. She completes the laps in 3 minutes. What was her speed? Answer a. 33.3 m/min b. 300 m/min c. 66.7 m/min my answer b.300 m/min ?????

    asked by dave
  296. science

    Suppose a new drill could reach twice as far in the earth's crust as a drill can today. How would this affect rocks?

    asked by Rod
  297. Essential Mathematics 1

    7 1/3 - 2 5/6

    asked by Ashley
  298. math

    simplify 5/7 - 1/2 (1/3+3/7)

    asked by timothy
  299. math

    15 1/36 - 1 1/9+3 1/3

    asked by jessica
  300. critical thinking.

    "Some lawyers don't lie," is an example of which kind of categorial proposition? a. Particular Negative b.Particular Affirmative i think its a but i'm not sure

    asked by Alex
  301. Mathemtics 1

    3 1/9 * 2 1/4

    asked by Ashley
  302. Essential Mathemtics 1

    13 1/3 / 6 2/9

    asked by Ashley
  303. math

    8/25 / 1/5 *6/5

    asked by justin
  304. geomtry

    when two planes intersect, their intersection is a:

    asked by jay
  305. FRENCH

    the square kilometer area of france is: a) 180,000 b)550,000 c)360,000

    asked by Sarah
  306. english

    what is (considering wear expression ) mean?

    asked by johnny
  307. Essential Mathematics 1

    10 2 2/3 / 4

    asked by Brittney
  308. math

    find the average 5/8,2/5,1/40

    asked by justin
  309. math

    -6r (12s)

    asked by kendak
  310. Pre-Algebra


    asked by Cheyenne
  311. English

    i need few points about the following topics fixation,inter fiction and foster reading pls help me you know

    asked by sheelas
  312. math

    (1/2)^2 +1/2 * 2 2/3 simplify

    asked by ashley
  313. math whats wrong with the answer

    (1/4)2 +3/4* 2 3/5 =214/96

    asked by ashley
  314. helppppppp

    convert 8.8m/sec to km/hr please show steps

    asked by Anonymous
  315. Math, Please Help!!!

    how to divide x^3 -1 by x^2 - 4.

    asked by Misty
  316. Essential Mathemtics 1

    15 * 4 2/3

    asked by Ashley
  317. math

    write a polyoil equation ofleast degree for each set of roots +/-2i,3,-3.

    asked by tashonda
  318. brief calc

    estimate the derivative of the function. when you are unable to eliminate the h in denominator use h=.001 3^x

    asked by bandit
  319. Math

    calculate lim┬(√(x^2+y^2)→∞)⁡〖(sin⁡(x^2 y^2))/(2x^2+3y^2 )〗

    asked by Daniel
  320. Essential Mathemtics 1

    10 2/3 / 4

    asked by Ashley