Questions Asked on
September 17, 2011

  1. statistics

    72% working women use computers choose 5 at random whats the probility at least 1 does not use a computer whats the probility that all 5 use a computer

    asked by max
  2. Physics

    A rescue plane wants to drop supplies to isolated mountain climbers on a rocky ridge 235 m below. Assume the plane is traveling horizontally with a speed of 195 km/h (54.2 m/s). Suppose, instead, that the plane releases the supplies a horizontal distance

    asked by Bridge
  3. physics

    Julie throws a ball to her friend Sarah. The ball leaves Julie's hand a distance 1.5 meters above the ground with an initial speed of 12 m/s at an angle 35 degrees; with respect to the horizontal. Sarah catches the ball 1.5 meters above the ground. 1)What

    asked by aaa
  4. physics

    You are traveling on an airplane. The velocity of the plane with respect to the air is 180 m/s due east. The velocity of the air with respect to the ground is 40 m/s at an angle of 30° west of due north. 1)What is the speed of the plane with respect to

    asked by aaa
  5. trig

    A space shuttle 200 miles above the earth is orbiting the. Earth once every 6 hours. how far does the shuttle travel in one hour? Note the radius of earth about 4000 miles.

    asked by Ali
  6. Physical Science

    Would it be more efficient to warm your bed on a cold night with a hot water bottle that contains 1 kg of water at 50 degrees C or with a 1 kg gold bar at 50 degrees C?

    asked by Jackson
  7. Chemistry 1

    What answer should be reported, with the correct number of significant figures, for the following calculation: (965.43 x 3.91) + 9413.4136 I got 13189 as an answer. Can someone let me know if this is right?

    asked by James
  8. calculus 3

    A rectangular box has length 20 inches, width 14 inches, and a height of 13 inches. Find the angle between the diagonal of of the box and the diagonal of its base. The angle should be measured in radians.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. business

    Which stage in the consumer purchase decision process suggests criteria to use for the purchase, yields brand names that might meet the criteria, and develops consumer value perceptions

    asked by tiffay
  10. physics

    A coil of wire consists of 20 turns, or loops, each of which has an area of 1.5 x 10-3 m 2. A magnetic field is perpendicular to the surface of each loop at all times, so that Ø = Øo = 0°. At time to = 0s, the magnitude of the field at the location of

    asked by kait
  11. Biology

    A student claims the probability a human sperm will receive all chromatids of maternal origin is 50 %. Explain why she is wrong.

    asked by Ericka
  12. arithmetic

    first term and larst term of a geometric progression is 42.if the forth term is greater than the second term by 168, find the first term.the forth term.

    asked by charles
  13. Chemistry 1

    What answer should be reported, with the correct number of significant figures, for the following calculation: (965.43 x 3.91) + 9413.4136 I got 13189 as an answer. Can someone let me know if this is right?

    asked by James
  14. physics

    A ball thrown straight upward returns to its original level in 2.50s. A second ball is thrown at an angle of 36.degrees above the horizontal. What is the initial speed of the second ball if it also returns to its original level in 2.50

    asked by elisa
  15. physics

    ( If a person can jump a maximum horizontal distance (by using a 45° projection angle) of 1.33 m on Earth, what would be his maximum range on the Moon, where the free-fall acceleration is g/6 and g = 9.80 m/s2?

    asked by annne
  16. Chemistry - - Hydrocarbons

    Name the following hydrocarbons. A) CH3-CH2-CH-CH2-CH2-CH3 | CH3 I don't know if this will show up correctly after I post. But the CH3 at the bottom is supposed to be under the CH. I don`t get how to name. I counted up all the hydrocarbons, and I came up

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Art

    What elements of painting are important to Renaissance artists?

    asked by Becca
  18. 7th grade social studies

    Fill in this blank The number of representatives for each state is determined by _______________. Answer this question What is the system of government established by the Constitution, which gave some powers to the national government and reserved other

    asked by saranghae12
  19. chemistry 102

    The following decomposition reaction SO2Cl2-->SO2 + Cl2 was run in a laboratory. Following data collected: Time(s) Pressure SO2Cl2 (ATM) 0 1 2500 .947 5000 .895 7500 . 848 10000 .803 What is the overall order of reaction?

    asked by vika
  20. cal

    The force on an object is F=−20j. For the vector v=−5i−4j, find: (a) The component of F parallel to v: (b) The component of F perpendicular to v: The work, W, done by force F through displacement v:

    asked by Anonymous
  21. physics

    The figure above shows a top view of a bar that can slide without friction. The resistor is 6.00 Ω and a 2.50 T magnetic field is directed perpendicularly downward, into the paper. Let l=1.20 m. a. Calculate the applied force required to move the bar to

    asked by kait
  22. math

    1)An object is suspended from two points on the ceiling 25cm apart by two pieces of rope of lengths 27cm and 24 if the object exerts from a downward force 200N then find the tension in each rope 2)An airplane heading north at 550km/h encounters a wind of

    asked by Abraham
  23. geometry concepts

    determine Which point is between the other two and three points are Collinear mn=32 nl=16 lm=48

    asked by ty
  24. Physics

    I have a projectile motion question. If let's say a cannon which was placed on a moving cart with negligible friction projects a cannonball straight up in the air where will it fall? Would it be behind the cannon, on the rider or fall straight down back

    asked by Jen
  25. Algebra

    A history test is to have 20 questions in which some are multiple choice and some are essay. The multiple choice questions are worth 4 points each and the essay questions are worth 8 points each. if the test has a total of 100 points, how many of each type

    asked by Kay
  26. Geometry

    The equation T = 0.03c + 0.05b relates the numbers of cans c and bottles b collected in a recycling rally to the total dollars T raised. How many cans were collected if $147 was raised and 150 bottles were collected? Solve the equation for c and justify

    asked by David
  27. Pre-Calculus

    I'm trying to finish up my pre-cal homework and I am stuck on 2 problems... ***determine the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant*** 32. f(x)=x^2-4x 33. f(x)=√x^2-1 (that's square root of x^2-1) thank you so much for

    asked by Cristina
  28. Physics

    A delivery truck travels 19 blocks south, 25 blocks east and 24 blocks north. What is its final displacement from the origin? Assume the blocks are equal length. Magnitude ?blocks Direction ?(counterclockwise from east is positive) I got the displacement

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Science

    Hi, I have two questions about biology I need help with. 1) Some questions fall outside the realm of science, which of the following questions could not be answered using the scientific method? A)What is the function of the appendix in human beings? B) Why

    asked by Jon
  30. physics

    A 8.0×10−2 arrow hits the target at 25 and penetrates 3.8 before stopping. What average force did the target exert on the arrow?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. MATH


    asked by DESIREE
  32. Gov

    what was the overall problem with the Articles of Con.? give 4 examples that illustrate the problem

    asked by Mike
  33. math

    writing numbers in standard form ex 624

    asked by alyssa
  34. Goverment

    with the improvements in transportation and communication, would the original Articles of Con. work for all 50 states today? explain your reasoning.

    asked by asian boy
  35. math,word problem

    Twice the square of a certain whole number added to 3 times the number makes 90.Find the number.

    asked by Raha
  36. math

    The tangent from point T touches a circle at R.If the radius of the circle i 3cm and T is 5cm from the center of the circle.Calculate/TR/.

    asked by Raha
  37. geography

    How imoortant is trade to Canada? Consider the impact on our lifestyle, jobs, and economy.

    asked by michelle
  38. Pre-Calculus

    I'm trying to finish up my pre-cal homework and I am stuck on 2 problems... ***determine the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant*** 32. f(x)=x^2-4x 33. f(x)=√x^2-1 (that's square root of x^2-1) thank you so much for

    asked by Cristina
  39. Science

    An animal has the genotype AaBbCcDD. Gene A is on chromosome 1, gene B is on chromosome 2, gene C is on chromosome 3, and gene D is on chromosome 4. What is the probability that this animal will produce ABCD gametes?

    asked by Jamie
  40. math

    use the digits 0,2,4,6,8 exactly once to form a 3-digit and 2-digit NEGATIVE intfer that will give you the LEAST possible sum when the two intergers are added together.

    asked by tina
  41. Management & Economics

    a producer of light bulbs claims to have the folllowing production function: Q=10L*G. a) what is the marginal product of labor? or glass? b)Draw the relavant isoquant map and isocost line if the cost of labor is $4 per work-hour and the cost of glass is $4

    asked by Lisel
  42. studying for chem 2

    My professor really likes conceptual problems and that is what we will be tested on. How can I practice concept questions??

    asked by Lauryn
  43. science

    two words that describe the u in nucleus

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Management & Econ

    a) Explain why a short run average cost curve only touches the long run average cost curve at one point on the long run average curve. b) Define clearly the concept of returns to scale c)What are the two causes of the region of economics of scale for a

    asked by Lisel
  45. Physical Science

    What is the Celsius equivalent of a temperature of 160 degrees F?

    asked by Jackson
  46. science

    Which of the following would you most likely find surviving ina boiling-hot spring? A) An archaean b)bacteria C)a eukaryote d)none of the above

    asked by Jon
  47. english

    I need help writing a paper for my written analysis course. It is a paper to be written on, "How I solved a problem." I have to incorporate critical and creative thinking with this paper.

    asked by Keri Ann
  48. chem da

    convert 7.5g/cm cubed to kg/m cubed? using dimensional analysis

    asked by Skylar
  49. University Math

    If f (x) = (x^2+5x+2)^2, find f'(x). Find f'(5). Please show your work and explain it so I can understand how to solve this. Thanks

    asked by Mary
  50. physics

    A bus is pushed forward and released at = 3.5 with a speed of 1.0 . It rolls at a steady speed for 1.2 , then one wheel begins to stick. The bus comes to a stop 3.4 from the point at which it was released.

    asked by smarth
  51. guilford tech

    If you have swam one lap in a swimming pool, that means you have swam from one end to the other and back. In 2.5 h, a swimmer makes exactly 26 laps in a swimming pool that is 37 m long. Determine the distance the swimmer traveled, the total displacement of

    asked by mary
  52. English

    Could you please check the following sentences, please? Thank you very much. 1) enry VII was the first king of the Tudor dynasty. His foreign policy aimed at making England’s tradition position stronger. 2) He also laid the foundations of the English

    asked by Henry2
  53. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much! 1) Mary I (Tudor 1553-1558) was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She succeeded his half-brother Edward VI, the son of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymore. 2) She was one of

    asked by Henry2
  54. health

    i need some sites on then few questions i cant find anything on this can someone help me ?.... thanks! Government role and level of effect: national, state, and local Identify the government structure. Discuss the function and role for this issue

    asked by bobbi
  55. math

    Graph the equation by completing the table and plotting the points. You may use Excel or another web-based graphing utility. a) y = 3x - x2 Use the values of x provided in the table to find the y values. Show your work.

    asked by shirley
  56. Math

    How long will it take for $100.00 compounded daily at 1.5 % to become $1000.00

    asked by Peggy
  57. science

    The current classification system used by biologists is: A)Complex and unchanging. b)universally accepted by all biologists c)based on four generalized types of living organism: the bacteria, archaea, eukarya and protista d) updated and revised whenever

    asked by Jon
  58. Chemistry

    Use Equation 7.1 and assuming that core electrons contribute 1.00 and valence electrons contribute nothing to the screening constant, S, calculate Zeff} for these two ions. Express your answers as integers. Enter your answers numerically separated by a

    asked by Caitlin
  59. hsm

    . Explain the risks or benefits that the organization would face by attempting to capitalize on the opportunity.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    Find the coordinates of the x-intercept. -x+5y=-15

    asked by Betty
  61. Politics

    Hello! I have another question about Syria.. So I'm trying to write a congressional speech about why the UN should go and help Syria. I need to find 3 reasons to write about, but I only have 2 at the moment. My first reason is that the President of Syria

    asked by michelle
  62. Arabic

    I am trying to write my birthday in Hindu Arabic. it is 10-12-1961. Can you help me figure it out. Thank you.

    asked by ncc
  63. Physics

    A rescue plane wants to drop supplies to isolated mountain climbers on a rocky ridge 235 m below. Assume the plane is traveling horizontally with a speed of 195 km/h (54.2 m/s). How far in advance of the recipients (horizontal distance) must the goods be

    asked by Bridge
  64. 7th grade social studies

    what are the synonyms of these words? executive ratified confederation independent separation supreme legislature constitution PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    asked by poprocks!
  65. physics

    A package is dropped from a helicopter that is descending steadily at a speed v0. After t seconds have elapsed, consider the following. (a) What is the speed of the package in terms of v0, g, and t? (Use any variable or symbol stated above as necessary.

    asked by jim
  66. statics

    σ = sqrt [ σ2 ] = sqrt [ Σ ( Xi - μ )2 / N ]

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Algebra

    Find the vertex and the axis of symmetry for the parabola with the given equation y=5x2-30+47....

    asked by Gwendolyn
  68. The Short Story Part 2

    In a "Pair of Silk Stockings",the silk stockings are a symbol of? A.Mrs. Sommers's inability to handle money. B.Mrs. Sommers's lack of concern for her children. C.Mrs. Sommers's selfish needs. D.Mrs. Sommers's desire for attention.

    asked by Angie
  69. Physics

    A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff h = 225 m above ground level with an initial speed of v0 = 155 m/s at an angle of 37.0° with the horizontal a. Determine the time taken by the projectile to hit point P at ground level. b. Determine the range

    asked by Bridge
  70. Calculus

    I'm trying to finish up my pre-cal homework and I am stuck on 2 problems... ***determine the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant*** 32. f(x)=x^2-4x 33. f(x)=√x^2-1 (that's square root of x^2-1) thank you so much for

    asked by Cris
  71. college physics

    A 4.5 cm long insect is perpendicular to the optical axis of a thin lens; the bug is 5.4 cm away from the lens. The lens forms an inverted image of the insect which is 0.9 cm long on a screen behind the lens. a. How far behind the lens is the screen? b.

    asked by william
  72. Physics

    The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is about one sixth its value on earth. If a baseball reaches a height of 62 m when thrown upward by someone on the earth, what height would it reach when thrown in the same way on the surface of the moon? Answer

    asked by Joe
  73. English(Urgent)

    I need help!!! I am suppose to give an opinion on "No Man is an Iland": "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind." If people died somewhere does it affect in other place in the world because of this loss. This is my answer: Yes, it

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physics

    An airplane of mass 2800 Kg has just lifted off the runway. It is gaining altitude at a constant 2.3 M/s while the horizontal component of its velocity is increasing at a rate of 0.86 M/s2. Assume g= 9.81 M/s2. (a) Find the direction of the force exerted

    asked by John
  75. Biology

    A student claims the probability a human sperm will receive all chromatids of maternal origin is 50 %. Explain why she is wrong.

    asked by Ericka
  76. chemistry

    a 52g piece of ice at 0 degree is added to a sample of water at 6 degree all the ice melts and the temp of the water decreases to 0 degrees how many grams of water were in the sample?

    asked by brenda
  77. psychology

    Jiskha experts, can someone please explain to me what is the premise of business psychology?

    asked by Sharon
  78. Biology

    why correcting lens is not used so often in microscope ?

    asked by Mr.Green
  79. Algebra 2

    [3y+6]>or equal to 21 If you could put this in set notation, graph, and interval notation that would be great. Thanks

    asked by Brandon
  80. statistics

    Pleas HeLp!!!!!!!!!! A random sample of the test scores of 100 applicants for college entry at a large junior college showed a mean score of 72.6. Determine a 99%, 95%, and 90% confidence interval for the m mean score of all applicants at the junior

    asked by courntey
  81. Finance

    Dave takes out a 30-year mortgage of 200000 dollars for his new house. Dave gets an interest rate of 16.8 percent compounded monthly. He agrees to make equal monthly payments, the first coming in one month. After making the 68th payment, Dave wants to buy

    asked by Katy
  82. Art History

    How does Perugino's work represent the ideas of Humanism and the Renaissance?

    asked by Becca
  83. World History

    How did gandhi's salt march illustrate his philosophy of civil disobedience? 1. the march began civilly with speeches by gandhi and other leaders, who pledged to fast from eating products made with slt for 90 days 2. the march was against the civil laws

    asked by james to henry
  84. Math

    What is the decimal notation for 8 3/6?

    asked by Anonymous

    Two trains, each having a speed of'34 km,/h, are headed at each other on the same straight track. A bird that can fly 58 km /h flies ofi" the front of one train when they are 102 kmapart and heads directly for the other train. On reaching theother train

    asked by KKK
  86. psychology

    Is the “reality” assumed by cognitive theorists relative or absolute? Why?

    asked by Stacey
  87. CRT 205

    Can someone review this and let me know if it is acceptable?? This class was so hard and it has been all i can do to pass it! Here is the article i chose Addiction Is a Choice, Not a Disease Addiction , 2009 Content Level = Intermediate Dale Netherton,

    asked by Lindsay
  88. math riddles


    asked by hannah motanna
  89. algebra

    What are the pairs of numbers on a graph which represent the equation of d=3.5t+50?

    asked by stevan
  90. Statistics

    20. A study involves measuring the number of days absent from work for 216 employees of a large company during the preceding year. As part of the results, the researcher reports, “The number of days absent during the preceding year (M = 9.21; SD = 7.34)

    asked by Katie
  91. trig

    An automobile windshield washer 10inches long rotates an angle of 60degrres. If the rubber part of the blade only covers the last 9inches of the wiped, find the area of the windshield cleaned by the wiper.

    asked by ALISON
  92. Math

    a rectangle is to be fenced with a 100 meter wire. Find the dimensions of the lot so that the area is at maximum

    asked by Paulina
  93. Math

    I have math HW and these are the questions i wasn't aware of how to answer... please help. a)Prove that 4x-y-1=0 is parallel to y=4x-5 b)Show that the points A(3,1), B(5,2) and C(11,5) are collinear c)Show that the lines y=2x-4 and x+2y-10=0 are

    asked by Crissy
  94. trig

    Given the radius of a wheel is 12inches and the angular speed is measured to be 3pie/4 radiant per second, find the linear speed of the piece of gum stuck to the where. Give both an exact answer. And a decimal answer rounded to 4 decimal places.

    asked by ALISON
  95. statistic

    This data shows the final exam scores of 10 randomly selected students and the number of hours they studied for an exam. (hours, scores) (3, 65), (5, 80), (2, 60), (8, 88), (2, 66), (4, 78), (4, 85), (5, 90), (6, 80), (3, 71) Find the equation of the

    asked by maria
  96. child development

    I need to know the approach to research(research design) of the psychosocial theory, social learning theory,cognitive-development theory and sociocultural theory of child development. I cannot find this info anywhere

    asked by Bubba
  97. science

    calculate pressure on surface of tank of 3*2*2 cm if it is half filled

    asked by adomeo
  98. science-electromagnetism

    Find the current density J at (2 m, 1 m,3 m) if H=2xy^2k Am^-1.

    asked by justy
  99. physics

    A 4.5 "kilo" bag of sugar is on a counter. How much work is required to put the bag on a shelf a distance of 0.55 m above the counter?

    asked by kaira
  100. physics

    The coil of the ac generator rotates at a frequency of f =60.0 Hz and develops an emf of 120 V (rms). The coil has an area of A = 3.0 x 10 -3 m 2 and consists of N = 500 turns. a. Find the magnitude of the magnetic field in which the coil rotates. b. If

    asked by kait
  101. social studies 7th

    I am checking my child's homework. Can you help? During what years was the Civil War fought? My child's answer is- The Civil War was fought over the span of four years. I really do not think this is the answer the teacher will be looking for. What do you

    asked by Mom needs help!
  102. physics

    The magnetic field shown in the figure decreases from 1.0 T to 0.4 T in 1.2 s. A 6.0 cm diameter loop with a resistance of 0.010 W is perpendicular to the field. a. Find the average emf induced in the coil during this time. b. What is the size and

    asked by kait
  103. PHYSICS!

    Orville walks 270 m due east. He then continues walking along a straight line, but in a different direction, and stops 230 m northeast of his starting point. How far did he walk during the second portion of the trip and in what direction? Please I need a

    asked by Unknown
  104. Chemistry

    If I have a bottle containing 12 ozs (355mls)and the alcohol is 48% by volume, how many mls of alcohol arer in the solution?

    asked by Sandy
  105. social studies 7th

    Confused! Who were the presidents of the United States and of the Confederate States of America? My child has as an answer- The Union and the Confederacy each had a president. The president of the Union was Abraham Lincoln, while Jefferson Davis was the

    asked by Mom needs help!
  106. language arts

    Some visitors to the park enjoy rock climbing others prefer kayaking.

    asked by melissa
  107. Physics

    A 29 kg sign is supported by a vertical chain at each end. A strong wind blows and the chains make a 30 degree angle with the vertical. What force does each chain exert? Thank you for answering~

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math

    Given the arthmetic sequence 2 old no 1 all over 2, 1,...., 71, find the common difference.

    asked by Geometric
  109. chemistry

    Name a reagent that will react with a) copper(II)hydrooxide and aluminium hydroxide b)aluminium hydroxide but not copper(II)hydroxide 2)suggest how you could separate a mixture of silicon(IV) oxide and magnesium oxide 3)Name a reagent that could react with

    asked by sahar
  110. Math

    A winner of the Florida Lotto has decided to invest $500,000 per year. Two possible considerations are an international stock with an estimated return of 12% and a mutual fund with an estimated return of 6%. The estimated risk index for the international

    asked by Nica
  111. gcse geography

    i need to do a case study on France and i have several questions i need help with.Do you know of any good websites that can help me. Some of the questions i need to answer and are struggling with are:- *Which other capital cities/major population centres

    asked by xavier
  112. science-electromagnetism

    At a particular instant in the,in a region of space where E=0 and B=3i Wbm^-1 , a 2 kg particle of charge 1 C moves with a velocity of 2ims^-1.What is the particle's acceleration due to magnetic field?

    asked by justy
  113. science-electromagnetism

    how do we calculate the current density given the magnetic field?

    asked by justy
  114. algebra

    translate the sentence to an algebraic inequality. The height of the members of the basketball team is at least 79 inches

    asked by babygirl
  115. physics

    a rock hits the ground at a speed of 10m/s and leaves a hole 25cm deep. what is the magnitude of the (assumed) uniform deceleration of the rock?

    asked by yazan
  116. statistics math

    two un biasedtetrahedral dice each have four faces number 1,2,3 and 4. the two dices are thrown together and the sum of the numbers on the faceson which they land is noted. Find the expected number of occasions on which the sum is 7 or more when the dice

    asked by sam
  117. statistics

    Let a random variable be distributed as shown below X=x : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 P(x): .1 .09 .2 .15 .16 .2 (a) Find the probability p(6) (b) Find the probability P(3< X < 5) (c) Find the probability P(X < 4) (d) Find the probability P(X > 2)

    asked by kim wallace
  118. Science

    What would happen to the amounts of solar radiation reflected and absorbed if a large aount of light colored dust was added to the air

    asked by Chandler
  119. Physics

    A ball swings in a vertical circle at the end of a rope 1.50 m long. When the ball is 35.9° past the lowest point on its way up, its total acceleration is (-22.5 i + 20.2 j)m/s^2. Find radial acceleration?

    asked by Zach
  120. physics

    A car comes to a stop for a stop sign in 4.6 seconds. If it was initially traveling at 27.5 m/s, how much space did it take for the car to stop?

    asked by Steve
  121. Physics

    A stone is thrown from a cliff top with a vertical velocity of 50 m/s and horizontal velocity of 20 m/s. What is its resultant velocity? At what angle above the horizontal is it thrown?

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Maths

    if the quardilateral ABCD is a //gm what is the value of x? if A is 3y' B is (2y -5)' C is (3x +3)'

    asked by Ayushi
  123. physics

    A child is in danger of drowning in the Merimac river. The Merimac river has a current of 3.1 km/hr to the east. The child is 0.6 km from the shore and 2.5 km upstream from the dock. A rescue boat with speed 24.8 km/hr (with respect to the water) sets off

    asked by aaa
  124. physics

    An electron travels 7.63 m in 7.33 × 10−8 s. How fast does it travel? Answer in units of cm/s

    asked by shannon
  125. physics

    Ted Williams hits a baseball with an initial velocity of 120 miles per hour (176 ft/s) at an angle of è = 35 degrees to the horizontal. The ball is struck 3 feet above home plate. You watch as the ball goes over the outfield wall 420 feet away and lands

    asked by aaa
  126. Math

    I am stuck on doing this math problem written on a sheet of paper. (eighty-one thousand minus fifty-five thousand, four hundred fifty-six) It mas to be done manually, without a calculator.

    asked by Alex L.
  127. AP English

    Which of the following is a factor that can help account for the great difference between Old English as we know it and Middle English as we know it? Although there were possibly hundreds of dialects of both languages, we really only have a written record

    asked by Anonymous
  128. College Math

    r^2+10r-23=0 I used the quadratic formula and I got a -5+2√12 However the real answer is -5+4√3 What am I doing wrong?

    asked by HM
  129. Geo

    Which ocean separates Canada from China?

    asked by Vanessa