Questions Asked on
September 10, 2011

  1. Chem

    What is the amount of energy of calories to heat 8.5g of water from 15 C to 36 C? I think you take 8.5g x 21 degree C, but then I am stuck. Thank you

    asked by Connie
  2. chemistry

    calculate the amount of 95% marble required to obtain 11.2Litres OF CARBON DIOXIDE

    asked by sum
  3. physics

    The figure shows the velocity of a solar-powered car as a function of time. The driver accelerates from a stop sign, cruises for 20 at a constant speed of 60 , and then brakes to come to a stop 40 after leaving the stop sign.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Chem

    A mass spectrum of phosporus atoms shows only a single peak at a mass of 31 what can you conclude from this observation?

    asked by Joe
  5. Chem

    What are the Kilojoules needed to melt 24.0g of ice at O degrees C, warm the liquid to 100 degree C and change it to steam at 100 degree C?

    asked by Sue
  6. MATH

    solve the system of linear equations using the Gauss- Jordan elimination method x1- x2+ 4x3 = 15 x1+ x2 = X3 = 4 -3X1-X2 + X3 = -2

    asked by gloria
  7. physics

    A meter stick lies on the bottom of a 100 cm long tank with its zero mark against the left edge. You look into the tank at an angle of θ = 24°, with your line of sight just grazing the upper left edge of the tank, and h = 32 cm. (a) What mark do you see

    asked by crystal
  8. finance

    The Blinkelman Corporation has just announced that it plans to introduce a new solar panel that will greatly reduce the cost of solar energy. As a result, analys now expect the company’s earnings, currently (year 0) $1 per share to grow by 50 percent per

    asked by Dora
  9. Chemistry

    What is the Wavelength( in nm) of the least energetic spectral line in the infrared series of the H atom? I don't understand how to find the least energetic spectral line?

    asked by Grace
  10. physics plzz

    In a game against the White Sox, baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan threw a pitch measured at 40.4 m/s. If it was 18.7 m from Nolan's position on the pitcher's mound to home plate, how long did it take the ball to get to the batter waiting at home plate? Treat

    asked by Unknown
  11. Physics

    An airplane lands and starts down the runway at a southwest velocity of 43 m/s. What constant acceleration allows it to come to a stop in 1.1 km?

    asked by Unknown
  12. Psychology

    Why is problem solving considered the highest level of mental activity? What makes an individual good at problem solving?

    asked by Linda
  13. Home school community

    what is three issues related to role confusion that a teacher may feel communicate?

    asked by Daisy
  14. math

    solve the equation by factoring. 3x(x-5)=6x^2-16x

    asked by carl
  15. Chemistry

    What are the joules needed to melt 50.0g of ice at 0 degree C and to warm the liquid to 65.0 degree C? Thank YOu

    asked by Connie
  16. physics

    A car moving with constant acceleration covered the distance between two points 60.0 m apart in 6.00 s. Its speed as it passed the second point was 15.0 m/s. (a) What was the speed at the first point? (b) What was the magnitude of the acceleration? (c) At

    asked by Rebekah
  17. algebra

    find the slope if it exists of the line containing the pair of points (7,1) and (10,-8) I have a slope of -3 is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    the price of a jacket was reduced by10%. during a special sale, the price was discounted another 10%. what was the total percentage discount from the original price of the jacket

    asked by Steph


    asked by ZAHRA ALI
  20. Finance

    Sports Novelties, Inc., has experienced an explosion in demand for its feathered football novelties. The firm currently (time 0) pays a dividend of $0.25 per share. This dividend is expected to increase to $0.75 per share 1 year from now. It is expected to

    asked by Dora
  21. algebra

    What is the value of x and KL if K is between J and L? JK=6x, KL=3x, and JL=27

    asked by Sarah
  22. Algebra

    How to write an equation for this problem: A boat rental company charges a $5 usage fee and $10 an hour to rent a canoe. How long did you rent the canoe if you were charged $45?

    asked by Jonathan
  23. Algebra

    How to write an equation for this problem: A boat rental company charges a $5 usage fee and $10 an hour to rent a canoe. How long did you rent the canoe if you were charged $45?

    asked by Jonathan
  24. algebra

    5m+n=34 m-2n=9

    asked by erma
  25. College Algebra

    It takes Todd 3 hours longer than Tom to paint a 4x5 feet bedroom. Working together, both can complete the job in two hours.How long does it take each one to complete the painting job working alone?

    asked by Laowe
  26. astronomy

    the radius of earth is 4000 miles, how far would you travel in going around the equator?

    asked by katy
  27. physical science

    A boy with a mass of 30 kg stands motionless at the end of a diving board 3 m above the floor. The boy has: Answer no energy. kinetic energy only. potential energy only. both kinetic and potential energy.

    asked by Allison
  28. Algebra

    The technology cewnter bought a fax machine for $625.00 and it depreciates at a rate of $25.00 a month. Find a function(f) that can be used to determine the value of the fax amchine (t) months after purchase. Would it be F(t)=25(t)-625

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Physics

    A plane flies from base camp to lake A, a distance of 300 km at a direction of 20.0° north of east. After dropping off supplies, the plane flies to lake B, which is 210 km and 30.0° west of north from lake A. Graphically determine the distance and

    asked by James
  30. social studies

    Although the Chesapeake and New England colonies differed in many ways, relations with Native Americans followed a similar course in both regions. Why? What were the biggest factors in relations between the two sides? Did relations change over time and

    asked by Tim
  31. calculus

    given that f(x)=x^11h(x) h(-1)=4 h'(-1)=7 find f'(-1)

    asked by mike
  32. Physics

    A rocket starts from rest and moves upward from the surface of the earth. For the first 10s of its motion, the vertical acceleration of the rocket is given by a_y =( 2.70m/s^3)t, where the +y-direction is upward. 1) What is the height of the rocket above

    asked by Jason
  33. biology 12

    what is the best method useful for estimating the populations of eagles, and why? i orginally thought counting the number of nests. but i don't know why its the best way of estimating the population. can you plesae correct me if im wrong and help me with

    asked by yesudas
  34. maths P5

    There were 335 children in a hall. 1/4 of the girls and 2/5 of the boys are swimmers. There are 110 swimmers in all. How many boys are there in the hall? (need non-algebra or model to solve, pls)

    asked by jiejie
  35. p6maths(non-algebra)

    There were 1000 students at the parade ground and indoor sports hall. 40% of the 600 students at the parade ground were girls. 60% of the students at the indoor sports hall were girls. After some students in both venues moved from one venue to the other,

    asked by jiejie
  36. Mechanics

    A tension test was performed on a steel specimen having an original diameter of 12.5 mm and gauge length of 50 mm. Using the data listed in the table, plot the stress–strain diagram, and determine approximately the modulus of toughness. Use a scale of 20

    asked by Catherine
  37. English

    I used your synonym link. I included the words I found in parentheses. Can you check if they are appropriate, please? Thank you. ) The festival is held in Park City, Utah and represents one of the world’s premier showcases (synonym: main settings?) for

    asked by Henry2
  38. Algebra

    graph the equation using the slopeand y intercept Y=1/6x +6 is the answer I graph at 0, 6 and 6, 0?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Finance

    Zabberer Corporation bonds pay a coupon rate of interest of 12 percent annually and have a maturity value of $1000. The bonds are scheduled to mature at the end of 14 years. The company has the option to call the bonds in 8 years at the premium of 12

    asked by Dora
  40. gcse geography

    suggest ways modern civilizations depend upon energy resources. fuel for cars , electricity for the house and for buildings. do you think these are right? can`t think of anything else. thankyou :-)

    asked by deena
  41. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up and passes point B(at a height of 45.6m above its starting point O) in 4.9s What was its initial speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s^2 Answer in units of m/s. I think the answer is -14.7m/s but im not sure since you

    asked by Jimmy
  42. AP Calculus AB

    how do you solve limit approaching 0 of (sin^2x) / (x)

    asked by Jackie
  43. economics

    According to the rule for optimal input usage, a firm should hire a person as long as his or her marginal revenue product is greater than his or her marginal cost to the company. It is well known that many companies have management training programs in

    asked by aaniya gill
  44. english

    Which one is correct? 1) The distance between New Delhi to Mumbai is 600kms. 2) The distance between New Delhi and Mumbai is 600kms.

    asked by SUNIL
  45. Physics

    Tom the cat is chasing Jerry the mouse across the surface of a table 1.4 m above the floor. Jerry steps out of the way at the last second, and Tom slides off the edge of the table at a speed of 5.8 m/s. Where will Tom strike the floor?

    asked by James
  46. Biochemistry

    What volumes of 25 mM CH3COOH and 25 mM NaCH3COO are required to prepare 300 mL of a 0.25 M buffer of pH = 5.0? (pKa = 4.76) I keep getting something along the lines of 19ml for the conj. base..I know that's way wrong. help please!

    asked by DanV
  47. physics

    A man pushing a mop across a floor causes the map to undergo two displacements. The first has a magnitude of 200 cm and makes an angle of 120° with the positive x axis. The resultant displacement has a magnitude of 240 cm and is directed at an angle of

    asked by grace
  48. English

    Can you please tell me if the word choice is correct? Thank you. 1) Marcus Shawcross believes that television has turned the average person into a mindless lump (synonym:a stupid mob?) 2) If he wore a shirt and a tie, he would look more suitably dressed.

    asked by Henry2
  49. bio 105

    what describe one environmental issue/problem/challenge

    asked by lilia
  50. science

    sugar is one of the main sources of what for cells

    asked by sara
  51. MIS

    what is WCA?

    asked by derek
  52. chemistry

    The osmotic pressure of a solution containing 5.00 mg of an unknown protein per 10 mL of solution was 2.73 torr at 25 °C. Find the molar mass of the unknown protein.

    asked by lily
  53. physics

    a room which is h = 9.0 feet tall and r = 12.0 feet wide. Attached to the ceiling is a piece of glass (with unknown index of refraction) which is 2.5 feet thick. A laser pointer in the bottom left corner is aimed so that the ray which reflects off the

    asked by crystal
  54. trig

    2x+5y+3=0 what is the value of sin theta

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    Samantha is 1.32 m tall on her eleventh birthday and 1.57 m tall on her twelfth birthday. By what factor has her height increased? Isnt the answer 0.189?! because that doesn't seem to be the write answer

    asked by Unknown

    If $795 is invested in an account that earns 11.75%, compounded annually, what will the account balance be after 27 years?

    asked by MARY
  57. Algebra 1A

    Find the slope intercept of equation of the line that has the given characteristics. Slope 3 and y interceot 0,7

    asked by Anonymous
  58. science

    sugar is one of the main sources of what for cells

    asked by sara
  59. Chem

    Energy needed to keep a 75w bulb burning for 1 hour = 270kj Calculate energy neede to keep it burning for 3 hours? In J and kcal? I got the J: It is 270kj x 1000/1 x 3/1 = 810000=8.1 x 10^5J But How Do I get the kcal? Thank you

    asked by Connie
  60. math

    Trying to convert 465 litres of trunk space to inches or sq. feet. Need to know how many suitcases will fit

    asked by michelle
  61. algebra


    asked by moriah
  62. geometry

    A rectangle has sides of 22 ft and 30 ft you need to pour concrete 1ft wide and 4 ft deep how many cubic feet of concrete will you need?

    asked by Teresa
  63. maths

    What are the steps to solve it? lim (x^2+y^2)/(sqrt(x^2+y^2+36)-6) as (x,y) approaches (0,0)

    asked by jack
  64. applied maths

    A tram starts from rest atone station and comes to a stop one minute later at the next. It accelerates uniformly at 2m/s2 until it reaches a speed of 20m/s. It travels at this constant speed for a certain time until it decelerates back to rest at 4m/s2.

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    find an equationof the line containing the given pair of points (2,4) (6,5)

    asked by Anonymous
  66. geometry

    If you have a circle in a square and r is the radius of the cicle and x is the measurement outside the square what would the formula be to find the area of the whole square using x and r?

    asked by Teresa
  67. physics

    The speed of a point on a rotating turntable, which is 0.264 m from the center, changes at a constant rate from rest to 0.902 m/s in 1.94 s. At t1 = 0.64 s, find the magnitude of the tangential acceleration. Answer in units of m/s2 I assumed the velocity

    asked by squires
  68. English

    I need to analyse the poem "At the Lunch Counter" by Alden Nowlan. Can anyone help me. It is for a year 8 exam.

    asked by Miki
  69. World History Honors

    What is it about Greco-Roman culture that creates positive feelings in people?

    asked by mel
  70. Earth/Space Science

    Explain why scientific ideas that have been subject to many tests are still considered theories and not scientific laws.

    asked by Sapphire
  71. cjs 220

    what is the purpose of major crime reporting

    asked by kathy
  72. ECON 405

    As of July 26, 2011, the interest rate for a 20 year, A-rated Municipal bond was 5.0%. Assuming that your marginal tax rate is 25%, what would be the tax free equivalent rate on an A-rated, 20 year corporate bond?

    asked by Pauline
  73. ECON 405

    10. As of this morning, the New Mexico Lottery power ball jackpot was reportedly worth $111 million. The $111 million dollar value is based on an annuity paying $5.55 million per year for 20 years. Using a discount rate of 3%, what is the present value of

    asked by Pauline
  74. geography

    Why are lines of latitude and longitude important? My answer--- They are important because they help you locate exactly where a certain location is. Do you think this is the answer my teacher is looking for?

    asked by Reed
  75. geography

    This is concerning Rotation. If it is dawn in the eastern United States, what is it in the western United States? Why? My answer --- It is nighttime. This is because the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Is this correct?

    asked by Reed
  76. geography

    One more. If you are a resident of Canberra, Australia, are you a resident of an island or a continent? Is this a trick question? Because my answer is -- You are a resident of both an island and a continent. Is that right?

    asked by Reed
  77. Science

    At 518 degress celsius that rate of decomposition of a sample of acetaldehyde, initially at a pressure of 363 torr, was 1.07 Torr/sec when 5% had reacted, and 0.760 torr/sec when 20% had reacted. What is the order of the reaction?

    asked by Jenna
  78. business

    Your decision to pursue a higher-level degree is based on investment in human capital. What are the marginal costs and benefits of pursuing additional education and the inherent risks associated with this decision?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    In a total time of 25s, a field hockey player runs 25 m [26 degrees N of E] and then runs 32 m [18 degrees S of E] determine her average velocity.

    asked by Elizabeth
  80. chemistry

    At 518 degress celsius that rate of decomposition of a sample of acetaldehyde, initially at a pressure of 363 torr, was 1.07 Torr/sec when 5% had reacted, and 0.760 torr/sec when 20% had reacted. What is the order of the reaction?

    asked by Jenna
  81. AP US History

    To what extent would it be accurate to say that the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies had merged to create a single American Society by the outbreak of the revolution?

    asked by Elizabeth
  82. math

    a theater seating 300 charges $1 for children $2 for students and $5 for adult half as many adult and children and students areceipt totaled $800 how many children aattend

    asked by gloria
  83. Math

    determine whether the system of alinear equqtion has one and only one solutions or no solutions find all solutions whenever they exits 3x- 4y =12 6x -8y =24

    asked by gloria
  84. Information literacy

    Which of the following is an article from a popular magazine?

    asked by Shawn
  85. com/155

    write a paragraph to explain how purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing.

    asked by cathy
  86. BAF 260

    How to find the after tax earnings on $12,000 for corporate rates?

    asked by Rhonda
  87. Pre-Calc

    Find the area of the region between the graph of y=1/x, the x-axis, and the vertical lines x = 1 and x = 4.

    asked by Lena
  88. physics

    A locomotive is accelerating at 2.0 m/s2. It passes through a 20.0-m-wide crossing in a time of 2.8 s. After the locomotive leaves the crossing, how much time is required until its speed reaches 36 m/s?

    asked by Danny
  89. Russian

    Russia's historical roots date back to the? A)400s B)600s C)800s D)1000s

    asked by bab
  90. Pre-Calc


    asked by Lena
  91. math

    on the third weekly examination, the class average was 78. If the average had increased at the rate of p points perweek, the class average on the first examination was...

    asked by Anonymous
  92. social study

    suppose the president vettoed a bill passed by congress according to the information which of the following actions by congress would most likely ensure that the bill will become law?

    asked by mama
  93. biology

    how do I draw a food web for a dog and a horse? arent they both primary consumers I have to answer this.

    asked by adam
  94. World Lit

    A dialog between dead men by jorge luis borges. the guy who says "how grievous it is to see such a distinguished soldier brought low by the instruments of perfidy!" is this guy rosas or quiroga?

    asked by Skylar
  95. Physics

    An airplane must reach a speed of 240.5 mi/h in order to take off. If the runway is 571.5 m long, what is the minimum value of the acceleration that will allow the airplane to take off successfully?

    asked by Anon14
  96. Physics

    A rock is dropped from a tree of height 36.5 m into a lake (depth 9 m) below. After entering the water, the rock then floats gently down through the water at a speed of 12.5 m/s to the bottom of the lake. What is the total elapsed time?

    asked by Anon14
  97. Chem

    Calculate the amount of heat required to heat a 3.8 gold bar from 30 to 67. Specific heat capacity of gold is 0.128 .

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Pre-Calculas

    The voltage E of an alternating current electrical circuit can be represented by the sinusoidal function E = 220 cos( t), where E is the measured in volts and t is measured in seconds. How long does it take the alternating current to complete one full

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Statistics

    Given the list 10,7,5,3,-6 find by hand, mean,meadian, midrange, mode(s), range, popvar, and sample standard deviation. (seven problems)

    asked by marie
  100. science

    i need to make a taxonomic key for fruite apple orange strawberry banana can you help me with that

    asked by MAtt
  101. physics

    a woman walks 2 km due east and then walks 4 km in the direction 30 degrees north of east. what is her magnitude of displacement from her starting point?

    asked by arty
  102. Math Gr. 9

    a) Evaluate each power 3^1, 3^2, 3^4, 3^5, 3^6 b) Examine the final digit of each of your answers. What pattern do you notice? c)Use the pattern you found in part b) to determine the final digit in the number 3^3234. Explain. please & thankyou !

    asked by Vanessa
  103. business

    Do you think that in the Post-Washington Consensus the developing world will be better off economically and politically

    asked by amber
  104. algebra

    Name the units in each rate.Then write a unit rate. 442 mi in 8.5 hr

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Chem >Jai

    Posted by Connie on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 10:36am. What is the amount of energy of calories to heat 8.5g of water from 15 C to 36 C? I think you take 8.5g x 21 degree C, but then I am stuck. Thank you Chem - Jai, Saturday, September 10, 2011 at

    asked by Connie
  106. french

    What is le PMU in france and what graph could I use to represent it? i tried looking up information but am a little confused. Is it like betting on certain games?

    asked by sarah
  107. Chem

    How many KJ are released when 75.0g of steam at 100 degree C condenses cools to 0 degree C and freezes at 0 degree C? I set it up like this but it is wrong, What am I doing wrong: 75g x 2260J/1g water x 1Kj/1000J =

    asked by Sue
  108. trig

    What's the general solution for 3sin^2x+sinxcosx=2

    asked by Piwokazi
  109. chemistry

    When 1.0 of gasoline burns, it releases 11 kcal of heat. The density of gasoline is 0.74 How many megajoules are released when 9.0 of gasoline burns?

    asked by nicole
  110. English

    I realized I didn't check some of the missing words... I'm posting you the sentences again. 1) Photo B shows a check-out clerk and a customer standing at the counter of a clothes department (or shop). The customer may have just bought a present for a

    asked by Henry2
  111. english

    i need to find variations of certain words. what does this mean?

    asked by kaycie
  112. math

    find the slope of the y intercept y=1.7x-3? I have the answer as 1.7,3

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Maths

    A geometric progression has a third term of 20 band sum to infinity which is three times the first term. find the first term.

    asked by Tejiri
  114. Chemistry 12

    How to draw the structural diagram of 2,3 dichlorohexane

    asked by Tarkan
  115. math

    find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point m=-4(1,2)

    asked by Anonymous
  116. English

    I urgently need you to check these descriptions I wrote myself, mailny grammar and word choice. Thank you. 1)Photo A shows people in a business environment. There three women and a man sitting at a desk while another man is standing. This is writing

    asked by Henry2
  117. English

    I left out the following sentences. I hope you can have a look at them. I need you to check the word choice, please. 1) Photo B shows a and a customer standing at the. The woman is paying her gift by credit card. 2) In the background I can see different

    asked by Henry2
  118. Social Psychology

    Explain altruism from your point of view. Do you believe true altruism exists? Why or why not? Give one example, of yours are from someone else’s, of altruistic behavior (real or perceived). Hi Jiskha, I was able to explain altruism from my point of

    asked by Sharon
  119. french

    what is le PMU of france and do you know were I can get a graph to represent it?

    asked by sarah
  120. Gr. 9 Math

    a) Evaluate each power 3^1, 3^2, 3^3,3^4, 3^5, 3^6 b) Examine the final digit of each of your answers. What pattern do you notice? I noticed that it ends with 3,9,7,1,3,9... etc c)Use the pattern you found in part b) to determine the final digit in the

    asked by Vanessa
  121. physics

    The figure shows the velocity of a solar-powered car as a function of time. The driver accelerates from a stop sign, cruises for 20 at a constant speed of 60 , and then brakes to come to a stop 40 after leaving the stop sign.

    asked by Anonymous
  122. World History Honors

    Why do modern people glorify the ancient world??

    asked by mel
  123. Physics

    Two trucks having equal speeds hit their brakes at the same time, but truck has three times the acceleration as truck . Question:If truck B stops in time T, how long (in terms of T) will it take for truck A to stop?

    asked by Ashley
  124. biochem

    I need to create a 100ml buffer with a pH of 4.00 using 0.100M Benzoic acid (pKa = 4.20)and 0.180M sodium benzoate. What volume of each material do I need to make this buffer? I think I need to use pH=pKa + log(A/HA)but am not sure if that is correct. Any

    asked by amy
  125. Physicsss

    A typical virus is a packet of protein and DNA (or RNA) and can be spherical in shape. The influenza A virus is a spherical virus that has a diameter of 85 nm. If the volume of saliva coughed onto you by your friend with the flu is 0.023 cm3 and 10−9 of

    asked by Unknown
  126. algebra

    xy squared-3z all over 3

    asked by sammi
  127. statistics

    a sample of 120 men and women randomly divided into 3 groups with 40 people per group. group 1 members varied their workouts. group 2 performed the same exercise at each workout. group 3 had no set schedule or regulations for their workouts. by the end of

    asked by nancy
  128. math (please help)

    How do I solve for T? PI(67.2/2)^2*T*13.6g/cm^3= 5lb*435.6g

    asked by Andie
  129. math


    asked by Anonymous
  130. History

    What was unique about Native Americans 1600? I know that they were one of nature, they were in tribes and had lots of traditions but these don't really seam unique

    asked by Ann
  131. Maths

    Amy had 20% more money than John. After she spent 50% of her money, she had $72 less than John. How much money had she left?

    asked by mathsmad
  132. Algebra 2

    Exponential Notation Evaluate the following: x^-4 for x=2 I understand the -(2x2x2x2) equals 16 but the answer in the book says 1/16 How do you get 1/16?

    asked by Ann
  133. maths

    There were 335 children in a hall. 1/4 of the girls and 2/5 of the boys are swimmers. There are 110 swimmers in all. How many boys are there in the hall?

    asked by mathsmad
  134. social studies

    In what ways did English settlement patterns differ according to region and environmental factors?

    asked by Tim
  135. math

    what is the domain of the piecewise function f(x)={2x^2 -2,if x < or= 1 {x+1,if x>1?

    asked by justme
  136. earth

    if the radius of the earth's orbit around the sun is 93,000,000 miles, what is the speed of the earth in it's orbit in miles per hour?

    asked by katy
  137. maths

    Tickets for the Universal Studios amusement park are priced at $32 for Senior Citizens,$66 for adults and $48 for children. There are 10 senior citizens in a tour group, the rest are adults and children. There were 2/3 as many adults as children. The total

    asked by mathsmad
  138. Algebra 2

    Exponential Notation Evaluate the following: x^3+y^-2 for x=-3 and y=4 I don't understand how to solve this equation. I solved it and got -11 as my answer but the books answer is -26 15/16 Thanks For Your Help

    asked by Ann
  139. physics

    A football is thrown upward at a(n) 23◦ angleto the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s To throw a(n) 52 m pass, what must be the initial speed of the ball? Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Maths

    Mdm P bought a tv set at a discount of 40%. GST(Goods and Services Tax)of 7% was charged for the purchase.She paid a down payment of $433.35 which is 15% of the purchase price, inclusive of GST. What is the original price of the tv set?

    asked by mathsmad
  141. physics

    a roller whose diamater is 1.0m.weight 360N.what horizontal force is necessary to pull the roller over a brick 0.1m,heigh when the force is applied at the centre?

    asked by jack
  142. Physics

    A jet plane lands with a speed of 110 m/s and can accelerate with a maximum magnitude of 7.00 m/s2 as it comes to rest. (a) From the instant the plane touches the runway, what is the minimum time interval needed before it can come to rest? (b) Can this

    asked by KM
  143. physics

    How do you derive the equation for position vs. time from the velocity vs. time equation? For example let's say the velocity equation is v = 0.17t + -0.43 How would I go about figuring out the position vs. time equation with accurate numerical constants?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. physics

    plz anyway help me for the solution of this question. from the top of a tower P,a ball is thrown vertically upwards.when the ball reaches a distance h below P,its speed is double of what it was at height h above that the greatest height attained by

    asked by jack
  145. Calculus

    Let F(a) be the area between the x-axis and the graph of y=x^2cos(x/4) between x=0 and x=a, for a>0 (consider the area to be negative if the graph lies below the axis).

    asked by Catherine
  146. astronomy

    what is the speed of a point on the equator in miles per hour as the earth rotates on its axis?

    asked by katy
  147. physics

    A block of mass 1.4kg is placed on a rough surface. the coefficient of friction between the surfaces is 0.58. A constance force of magnitude 10N, making an angle of 37 degrees with the horizontal is acting on the block. the block is given an initial

    asked by usha
  148. Chemistry

    the managing director of a well-known company on wall street thrives on a diet of fruit jam, bread, pasta, and coffee. She exercises intermittently. One day she decides to to her primary healthcare provider for a routine checkup. The healthcare provider

    asked by ROCKY
  149. Science

    Can someone please help me with these questions below thank you. 1. What do you think the impact of the earth's climate will be like if everyone enjoyed the same lifestyle? 2. What will it be like for The health of ecosystems and biodiversity? 3. What will

    asked by John
  150. medical coding and billing

    a patient is brought into the ER for attempted suicide and given iv drugs including glucagon and gastric lavage and aspiration and then transferred to psych facility what are the medical codes used for the facility services? i don't want answer i just want

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Chemistry

    differentiate alkenes and alkynes, cis isomers and trans isomers. Describe how cis-trans isomers are used for night vision

    asked by ROCKY
  152. physics

    A canoe has velocity of 0.40m/s southwest relative to earth.the canoe is on a river that is flowing 0.50m/s east relative to earth find the velocity (magnitude and direction) of the canoe relative to the river.

    asked by jack
  153. Math

    Please help me solve this... 3(x-2)(x+6) Thanks

    asked by Sarah
  154. calculus

    Evaluate h(x) for the following values of x? Consider the following function. h(x) = (tan(x)-x)/x^3 (a) Evaluate h(x) for the following values of x. (Give your answer correct to six decimal places.) x = a) 1 b) 0.5 c) 0.1 d) 0.05 e) 0.01 f) 0.005 what is

    asked by Ram
  155. psycology

    nisa has grown up in a small villegein the foothills. There was no electricity and water had to be hand pumped.they seldom saw people from the outside.when she entered school the bus had to pick her up

    asked by joe
  156. biology 12

    what is the best method useful for estimating the populations of eagles, and why? i orginally thought counting the number of nests. but i don't know why its the best way of estimating the population. can you plesae correct me if im wrong and help me with

    asked by yesudas
  157. chemersty

    Calculate the value of the following in exponential form, using standard scientific or "e" notation (for example, 105 = 1.05e2). Enter your answer with the correct number of significant figures. 885.75 g + 10.151 g - 25.50 g

    asked by ellen
  158. Physics

    A small rock is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 13.0 m/s from the edge of the roof of a 20.0 m tall building. The rock doesn't hit the building on its way back down and lands in the street below. Air resistance can be neglected. A.) What is the

    asked by Walter
  159. physics 180

    a gazelle attempts to leap a 1.8 meter fence. assuming a 45 degree takeoff angle, what's the minimum speed for the jump?

    asked by nabeelah