Questions Asked on
September 4, 2011

  1. chemistry

    What is Delta H rxn for the following chemical reaction? H2O(l) + CCl4(l)-> COCl2(g) + 2HCl(g)

    asked by Rachel
  2. physics

    A 10-kg block slides down a smooth inclined surface. Determine the terminal velocity of the block if the 0.1-mm gap between the block and the surface contains SAE 30 oil at 60 °F. Assume the velocity distribution in the gap is linear, and the area of the

    asked by pramoda
  3. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the resulting solution if 21.0 mL of 0.210 M HCl(aq) is added to a) 26.0 mL of 0.210 M NaOH(aq) b) 31.0 mL of 0.260 M NaOH(aq)

    asked by Ada
  4. Geometry

    ABCD is a trapezoid. If AC is equal to 8x - 3 and BD is equal to 2x + 9, find the value of x so that ABCD is isosceles.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. statistics

    One year, professional sports players salaries averaged 1.6 million with a standard deviation of .7 million. Suppose a sample of 100 major league players was taken. Find the approximate probability that the average salary of the 100 players exceeded 1.1

    asked by Katie
  6. Geometry

    ABCD is a parallelogram. Find x and y using the following information: AB = 5x - 2y DC = 4 AD = y BC = 5 - x

    asked by Alexis
  7. physics

    . Two people pull on a stubborn mule, as seen from a helicopter in Figure 2.1. Find (a) the single force that is equivalent to the two forces shown, and (b) the force that a third person would have to exert on the mule to make the net force equal to zero.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Microbiology

    Which of the following statements about the outer membrane of Gram-negative cell wall is FALSE? A. The outside leaflet is largely composed of lipopolysaccharides. B. The outer membrane contains porins that allow passage of molecules and ions directly into

    asked by Sham
  9. Chemistry

    In the explosion of a hydrogen filled balloon, 0.50 g of hydrogen reacted with 4.0 g of oxygen to form how many grams of water vapor? (water vapor is the only product)

    asked by Jennifer
  10. calculus

    given: f(x)=x^4-3x^3+2x^2-7x-11 find all roots to the nearest 0.001

    asked by Maria
  11. Chemistry

    I don't understand what valence electrons and core electrons are. Ex: Se = 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p4 What makes 4s2 and 4p4 valence electrons and the rest core

    asked by Monique
  12. English

    ok i'm going 2 the 7th gr. this week & i'm done with my summer reading. I just read 2 books this is my second book assignment so is this is good or not (if it need some grammar. PLZZZ ANSWER THIS ASAP PLZZZ The Skin I'm In By: Sharon G. Flake Main Events

    asked by Gen
  13. Chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 6.70 g of Al2(SO4)3? Express your answer using scientific notation with two decimal places.

    asked by Andres
  14. Math

    A ladder is placed against a wall, with its base 2 m from the wall. The ladder touches the top of a 2 m fence that is 1.5 m from the wall. How high up the wall does the ladder reach? Thanks for answering! Your help is greatly appreciated.

    asked by Jim
  15. Math

    In a line with slope of 3/2 that passes through the point (4,3), what is the y-intercept? a (-3,0) b (0,-3) c (0,0) d (0,3) e (3,0)

    asked by Alli
  16. Physics

    In an experiment, a shearwater (a seabird) was taken from its nest, flown 4760 km away, and released. It found its way back to its nest 14.9 days after it was released. If we place the origin at the nest and extend the +x axis to the release point, what

    asked by Adnane
  17. Math

    Hey umm what do you learn in the 5th grade math??? This is for my brother cause he is going to the 5th grade.

    asked by Gen
  18. Algbera

    Afarmer decides to enclose a rectangular garden, using the side of a barn as one side of the rectangle. Wht is the maximum area that the farmer can enclose with 100 ft of fence? What should the dimensions of the garden be to give this area.

    asked by Nikayla
  19. Psychology

    Jan is continuously late for school and has been stealing from others lockers and purses. How would each of these perspectives explain her behavior? Biological: Evolutionary: Humanistic: Jan could feel that she can't make her own choices, and can't control

    asked by Jewbee
  20. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y with respect to x. y= [(x^5)/5]lnx-[(x^5)/25] How would I go about doing this? Should I use the product rule to separate (x^5)/5]lnx ?

    asked by Natalie
  21. Math

    what is terminal geometry

    asked by Gen
  22. Geometry

    YWXZ is a parallelogram with diagonals that intersect at point S. If YS = 34 and SX = 2x - 10, find x

    asked by LeiLani
  23. Algbera

    A student opens a mathematics book to two facing pages. The product of the page numbers is 2352. Find the page numbers.

    asked by Nikayla
  24. physics

    How many times will the incident beam shown in Figure P25.3 (x = 1.10 m, y = 1.80 m) be reflected by each of the parallel mirrors? mirror on the right

    asked by nish
  25. pre cal

    A movie theater seats 400 people. For any particular show, the amount of money the theater makes is a function m(n) of the number of people, n, in attendance. If a ticket costs 2 dollars, find the domain and range of this function

    asked by hannah
  26. Chemistry

    H2O is the same thing as HOH correct? Does it matter which one you use in a Double Replacement Reaction? To me personally, HOH is easier to balance. Would I get marked down if I left HOH in my balanced reaction, if technically speaking, both are

    asked by Sam
  27. math

    solve for the unknown: 6e^(-4t) = 2

    asked by terra
  28. math

    State College's baseball team had the following scores in their last 8 games: 14, 5, 6, 0, 6, 9, 6, and 15. Determine to the nearest tenth the mean of these scores.

    asked by Please help me!!!!!
  29. math

    To get a C in history, Nandan must average 74 on four tests. Scores on the first three tests were 69, 75, and 60. What is the lowest score that Nandan can get on the last test and still receive a C?

    asked by Please help me!!!!!
  30. biology

    why does it make a difference if you measure metabolic rate in terms of o2/animal or o2/g

    asked by reba
  31. math

    find ab if bc=2o and dc=25 on aright triangle

    asked by suraj
  32. physics

    Determine the stopping distances for a car with an initial speed of 93 km/h and human reaction time of 3.0 s for the following accelerations. (a) a = -4.0 m/s2 , but has changed from what was graded. m (b) a = -8.0 m/s2 but has changed from what was

    asked by Adnane
  33. Physics

    Peggy drives from Cornwall to Atkins Glen in 35 min. Cornwall is 73.4 km from Illium in a direction 24° west of south. Atkins Glen is 25.1 km from Illium in a direction 13° south of west. Use Illium as your origin. (a) Draw the initial and final position

    asked by Amanda

    Discuss they types of advertising media that you think are most appropriate for a restaurant that has a large population of foreign guests.

    asked by PATRICIA
  35. English

    Thank you very much. Could you check if the final version is OK? I made changes in 1 and 6 and I corrected the mistakes. 1) According to Lord Henry, their age needs a new form of hedonism, that is the pursuit of pleasure as the greatest goal in life. 2)

    asked by Henry2
  36. Math

    if x^13 = j and x^12 = 4/9, which of the following is an expression for x in terms of j? a. 9/4 j b. 4/9 j c. 4j d. 9j e. 13j

    asked by Alli
  37. Chemistry

    New problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 22.5 ml of ethanol (density=0.789 g/ml) initially at 7.7 deg. C is mixed with 31.6 ml of water (density=1.0 g/ml) initially at 27.1 deg. C in an insulated beaker. Assuming that no heat is lost, what is

    asked by Ben
  38. Math

    Yolanda walked a distance of 3 miles in 90 minutes. If her speed for the first mile was 6 miles per hour, how many minutes did it take her to walk the rest of the distance.

    asked by Nick
  39. Science

    An object that floats in water has ___________ in water?

    asked by Jeanne
  40. Math

    Sets A, B, and C have 6 members in common. Sets A and B have a total of 17 members in common. Sets B and C have a total of 10 members in common. If each member of set B is contained in at least one of the other two sets, how many members are in set B?

    asked by Nick
  41. English

    Could you please check these sentences on the Aesthetic movement I wrote. Thank you. 1) The Aesthetic Movement originated in France in the last decades of the 19th century as a reaction against the materialism and the restrictive moral code of the middle

    asked by Henry2
  42. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y with respect to x. y= (lnx)/(3+4lnx) Should I start by using the quotient rule?

    asked by Natalie
  43. english

    I'm doing a project that I must compare a book I've read to 1 or 2 songs. I've read the Alex Cross series by James Patterson(Cat&Mouse) and thought that Tupac would be a good comparison but I'm having trouble with what song(s) would work.

    asked by amanda
  44. entrepreneur

    No one can predict a natural disaster or world crisis. When a hurricane or flood or a pandemic strikes a country, who is most likely to respond first? Which economic system is the best solution to handling a crisis of epic proportion?

    asked by bryson
  45. chemistry f/u

    Thank you Mr. bobpursley. I am still unclear on a few things. massethanol*Ceth(Tf-7.7)+masswater*Cwater*(Tf-27.1)=0 solve for Tf 17.75g ethanol x(Tf-7.7)+31.6g water x (Tf-27.1)=0 This is the algebra that I do not know how to derive to move to the next

    asked by Ben
  46. Physcis-Electricity

    an Ampere is the flow of 6.28 X 10^18 electrons per second past a fixed point in a conductor. how many flow past a fixed point if the current is 17.5 mA?

    asked by Gena
  47. College Algebra

    Value of Computer Software The value V, in dollars, of a shopkeeper's inventory is software program is given by V=-50t + 300, where t is the number of years since the shopkeeper first bought the program. SHOW YOUR WORK for a and c. a) Find the value of the

    asked by Anonymous
  48. General Chemistry

    A solution of 2.50g of compound having the empirical formula C6H5P in 25.0g of benzene is observed to freeze at 4.3 degrees Celsius. Calculate the molar mass of the solute and its molecular formula.

    asked by Sasha
  49. Calculus

    int x^9*(sin(x^5)) Can someone please explain me how to do this integral?

    asked by Carole
  50. English

    Thank you very much. I left out the following sentences. In particular, in sentences 3 and 4 I'd like to know if the tense choice is correct. 1) As a consequence, the Aesthetic writers believed that art did not have any didactic purpose; it need (?) only

    asked by Henry2
  51. college algebra

    solve for C makeup: S=C+RC

    asked by sue
  52. college algebra

    suppose you invest $15,000 in two funds paying 11 1/2%and 14% simple interest. the total annual interest is $1950. how much is invested in each fund?

    asked by sue
  53. Science

    You need to make an aqueous solution of 0.201 M iron(II) bromide for an experiment in lab, using a 250 mL volumetric flask. How much solid iron(II) bromide should you add ?

    asked by Billy
  54. college algebra

    10 1/2 of what number is 42.

    asked by sue
  55. Geometry

    ABCD is a parallelogram. If AB = 2x - y, CD = 7, BC = x + y , AD = 2 find x and y.

    asked by Alexis
  56. Physics

    A car traveling at 86 km/h strikes a tree. The front end of the car compresses and the driver comes to rest after traveling 0.86 m. What was the average acceleration of the driver during the collision? Express the answer in terms of "g's," where 1.00g =

    asked by Adnane
  57. English

    Thank you very much. I left out a last sentence on the same theme. 1) The portrait stands for the dark side of his personality, which he tries to forget by locking it in a room. The moral of the novel is that every excess must be punished and reality

    asked by Henry2
  58. math

    4 x (32 - 2 ) + 2 / 4 x 3 simplify

    asked by drea
  59. Geometry

    ABCD is a parallelogram. If angle B is equal to 2x and angle A is equal to x + 30, find x.

    asked by Alexis
  60. Physics

    an Ampere is the flow of 6.28 X 10^18 electrons per second past a fixed point in a conductor. how many flow past a fixed point if the current is 17.5 mA?

    asked by Neil
  61. statistics

    The number of independent errors in a transmitted message of n symbols follows a Binomial distribution. The probability of an error in transmission is .001. If 2,000 symbols were sent, a) Find the expected number of errors. b) Write out the formula for the

    asked by Layla

    Which is the origin of man?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. math

    PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION. THIS QUESTION IS HARD FOR ME AND i DON'T GET IT. please show working when answering. Just in case your wondering this is a practice question. Use the following pattern to answer the question Design (n) Number of

    asked by Rakshana
  64. Mr. bobpursley

    Thank you for your time and frankness. I agree with you.

    asked by Ben
  65. algebra

    suppose you invest $15,000 in two funds paying 11 1/2% and 14% simple interest. the total annual interest is $1950. how much is invested in each fund?

    asked by susie
  66. Engllish

    Could you please check these descriptions I need to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you. 1) The man in photo A is wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and a grey-and-black striped tie underneath. He is also wearing a belt. He is holding a black folder in

    asked by Henry2
  67. math

    What is the expression,with only one varrible to this problem. Thirty-six than the number of days in a given number of weeks

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Trig

    Use linear velocity to find out how many miles per hour Jethro's truck is going. In 15 seconds, Jethro's truck's 24-inch diameter tires rotated 101 times.

    asked by Summer
  69. chemistry

    Calculate the amount of heat required to heat a 42kg sample of ethanol from 14.0C to 18.0C

    asked by Emily
  70. English

    Thank you very much.These are the last sentences of the day. 1) In photo C an Asian boy is sitting at his desk. His exercise book is open on his desk (in front of him). He holds a book in his hands and seems to be flicking (skimming , thumbing) through it.

    asked by Henry2
  71. English

    I left out the following three points. Thank you very much. 1) he is wearing a nice lilac button-up coat over a long-sleeved black patterned shirt and a pair of elegant, black trousers. 2) She is holding a black hand bag in her right hand. She has black

    asked by Henry2
  72. fluid mechanics

    What is the pressure change require to change the volume of air by 1%?

    asked by serena
  73. fluid mechanics

    A plastic bag is filled with 1 ft3 of air at 17° C at atmospheric pressure. What is volume at 2 atm pressure?

    asked by serena
  74. Physics

    The vertical position of a ball suspended by a rubber band is given by the equation y(t) = (3.4 m)sin(0.49 t/s − 0.40) − (0.4 m/s)t + 5.4 m. (a) What are the equations for velocity and acceleration for this ball? (Use the following as necessary: t.)

    asked by emily
  75. Physics

    What is the velocity at the midway point of a ball able to reach a height y when thrown with an initial velocity v0? (Assume the ball is thrown upward and that up is the positive direction. Use the following as necessary: y and g. )

    asked by emily
  76. parts of speech

    How many players are on a team?

    asked by larry
  77. Algebra

    The width of a rectangle is 2ft less than the length. The area is 8ft^2.Find the length and the width. The width is__ ft. The length is __ ft.

    asked by Nikayla
  78. Algebra

    x^2+10=0 Choose the nature of the solutions of the equation It is 2 real solutions

    asked by Nikayla
  79. scientist

    Scientists performed an experiment to determine whether there is a connection between learning ability and food. They took two groups of 20 mice each, all from the same purebred strain. The mice were deprived of food for 3 days and then given a standard

    asked by Dani
  80. math

    We are learning inequalities and I just did some homework but the teacher returned it saying I did some of them wrong. 1. -2x - 10 < 2 2. -2x + 15 < 17 I didn't flip the inequality sign when I divided by (-2). But why do we always have to flip the sign

    asked by jess
  81. Algebra

    Solve for x X^2+12x+4=0

    asked by Nikayla
  82. algebra

    evaluate and if possible simplify x-5/15 for x=-5 18/-35 divide by 22/25

    asked by babygirl
  83. science

    Megan could dissolve only 36 grams of salt in 100ml of water. Describve what she could do if she wanted to dissolve more salt in 100ml of water?

    asked by Abii
  84. Math

    The area of a rectangular athletic field is represented by the expression48x^4+32x^3-72x square meters. Write an algebraic expression to represent one possible set of dimensions (in the sense “length times width”) of the athletic field. Include correct

    asked by donnice
  85. science

    Megan could dissolve only 36 grams of salt in 100ml of water. Describve what she could do if she wanted to dissolve more salt in 100ml of water? please i need the answer by tomorrow :(

    asked by Abii
  86. science

    1:an example of chromotography? please i need these science questions by tomorrow :(

    asked by Abii
  87. calculus

    f(x)=5x-4 if 0

    asked by Anonymous
  88. probability---normal distribution

    population size=50 population mean= 80m standard deviation = 0.70m what proportion would have average meter of 89 or more? ---------------------------- now I know how to solve this problem if the question is worded "what proportion would have average meter

    asked by Alex
  89. algebra

    -7/10-1/5=-7/10-2/10=5/10=-1/2 is this right -5/8+2/7=-35/56+16/56=-19/56 is this right

    asked by babygirl
  90. Dr. Bob

    Thank you kind sir for guiding my work on the last question. You gave me the means to answer the question correctly without giving me the answer. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. If you tutor online, I would gladly pay for your guidance if you are

    asked by Ben
  91. English

    What are examples of traditional values and opposing forces of those traditional values in the book whale rider by witi ihimaera? I checked sparknotes and there was nothing. I just need 2-3 examples so I could do it on my own!

    asked by Shiva
  92. algebra

    simplify show all work -6a-4a^2-2(10a^2+3a) evaluate -10+x divide by 2(9-x^2) for x=-6

    asked by babygirl
  93. English (Critique my essay!)

    This my reading response paper! Critiquing is most welcome! P.S Its an informal paper so we don't need an intro or conclusion we just go straight to the point. “The Creation Cycle” The Creation Cycle is partially conjoined with the Creation of the

    asked by Shiva
  94. Chemistry

    New problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 22.5 ml of ethanol (density=0.789 g/ml) initially at 7.7 deg. C is mixed with 31.6 ml of water (density=1.0 g/ml) initially at 27.1 deg. C in an insulated beaker. Assuming that no heat is lost, what is

    asked by Ben
  95. Calculus

    Please help me calculate these integrals. Suppose that Int 0->1 f(t)dt=11 . Calculate each of the following. A. int0->0.25 f(4t)dt= B. int0->0.25 f(1−4t)dt= C. int0.25->0.375 f(3−8t)dt=

    asked by Cady
  96. physics

    I will be greateful to you,if you kindly hep me to solve the below problem: When a horizontal force of 200N is applied on a body ,he acceleration produced in it is 1.5m/s2.when the force is 300N the acceleration produced in it is 2.5m/s2.find the mass of

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  97. english

    could you please correct the given sentence : There is not much fish in the pond RS Telagathoty edlapadu india

    asked by telagathoty
  98. maths

    how much time does a boy spend in his school when he reaches at 9.50am and leaves from his school at 2.40pm?

    asked by pankaj kumar
  99. statistics

    For any distribution (normal or not normal), the probability of selecting a score greater than the median is

    asked by Helen
  100. physics

    A motor boat is moving towards north at 25km/hr and rate of flow of water is 10km/hr along a direction of 60degree is east of south.Find the resultant velocity of the boat and also the direction in which it is moving?

    asked by Deepak Rathi.
  101. Geometry

    ABCD is a rectangle. Find x and y using the following information: AB = -2x DC = 7y + 1 AD = -x BC = 2y + 2

    asked by Alexis
  102. business

    Optional Assignment Search the internet for an example of the power or politics in an organization, identify how it has been used and relate it to the theory we have studied this week. Your APA formatted MS Word paper should be a minimum of one page in

    asked by beth
  103. algebra

    simplify (-y)^6

    asked by babygirl
  104. calculus

    rectangle with a length of 24 1/5 and a width of 17 1/6 cm

    asked by ars
  105. geometry

    two segments that are not congruent, their sum and their difference. Then subtract from the sum of the difference between them and verify that the segment obtained is twice the lower segment.

    asked by Anonymous
  106. physics

    A fast, measured pitched baseball left the pitcher's hand at a speed of 49.0 m/s. The pitcher was in contact with the ball over a distance of 1.59 m and produced constant acceleration. (a) What acceleration did he give the ball?

    asked by Adnane
  107. statistics

    What score in a distribuiton that has a mean of 500 and a standard deviaiton of 100, would identify the top 60% of scores?

    asked by Monica
  108. algebra


    asked by babygirl
  109. geometry

    the points A(1;1),B(5;-1)and C(3;5) are the vertices of a triangle and AD bisects BC.Find the coordinates of D.

    asked by Bongani
  110. algerbra

    if 16-b 9 c) b < or equal to 7 d) b > or equal to 7

    asked by peter
  111. college meth

    Find the value of the expression. -128 divided by 4square plus 6 minus 1

    asked by jackie
  112. algebra

    is this right -5/9 divide by 15/7 (-5/9)(7/15) -35/135=-7/23

    asked by babygirl
  113. managerial maths

    A company is selling product x, which has demand !@#$%^&ntion of p=52-2x and the total cost function of TC=3x^2+2x+10. the marginal revenue and marginal cost functions are; a) MR=52-2X and MC=6x+2 b) MR=52-4x and MC=6x+2 c) MR=52-2X and MC=6x d) MR=52-4x

    asked by thila29
  114. maths

    let f(x,y)=Y^2+xy-x^2-5y+2. find the critical point

    asked by thila29
  115. maths

    Annual sales (in million of units) of PC are expected to grow in accordance with the rate of f(t)=0.18t^2+0.16+2.64 ; (0

    asked by thila29
  116. algebra

    -5/9 divide by 15/7 (-5/9)(7/15) -35/135=-7/27 this right

    asked by babygirl
  117. algebra


    asked by mike
  118. math


    asked by Anita
  119. physics

    A motor boat is moving towards north at 25km/hr and rate of flow of water is 10kn/hr along a direction of 60 degree is east of south find the resultant velocity of the boat and also the direction in which it is moving

    asked by Anonymous
  120. trig

    cos(arccsc(-20)) Im not allowed to have a decimal answer

    asked by max
  121. algebra

    solve 17/35=-x

    asked by babygirl
  122. Physics

    I don't know your annswerd me

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Math - Calculus

    What is the inverse function of.... f(x) = x^3 - 1

    asked by Kathy
  124. Calculus

    Salary Contracy - A union contract guarantees a 10% salary increase yearly for 3 years. For a current salary of $28.00, the salary S (in thousands of dollars) for the next 3 years is given by... S(t)= 28.00, 0

    asked by CeeCee
  125. immunology

    What are the organs of the immune system and the !@#$%^&tions

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 6.70 g of Al2(SO4)3? Express your answer using scientific notation with two decimal places.

    asked by Andres
  127. Public Health

    I am writing an essay on OSHA in construction industry and I am to include staffing mix & predictive factors on the Law. Am I right to say staffing mix is how many number of workers are staffed. Predictive factors - falls are common protective gear

    asked by Heather
  128. Chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 6.70 g of Al2(SO4)3? Express your answer using scientific notation with two decimal places.

    asked by Andres
  129. math

    how do you do the following without a calculator: 3 x 4^(1/4) - 12 x 2^(-3/2)

    asked by terra
  130. Math

    solve equation in interval. sec x = -3 -¦Ð ¡Ü x < ¦Ð the answer is x = -1.911 and 1.911 could someone please write the steps to solving this

    asked by Amy
  131. English

    I isolated the sentences I'd like you to check. Can you please have a look at them? 1) Basil and Dorian first meet at a party at Lady Brandon's. Basil's first reaction is (of)fear, because he knows he has met someone whose personality can absorbe both his

    asked by Henry2
  132. Chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 6.70 g of Al2(SO4)3? Express your answer using scientific notation with two decimal places.

    asked by Andres
  133. chemistry

    Suppose you have two 100-{\rm mL} graduated cylinders. In each cylinder there is 58.5mL of water. You also have two cubes: One is lead, and the other is aluminum. Each cube measures 2.0cm on each side. After you carefully lower each cube into the water of

    asked by Jennifer
  134. business/economics

    List and briefly describe the components of a marketplace.

    asked by MeMe
  135. General Chemistry

    A balloon is filled with helium gas at 23 degrees C. The balloon expands until the pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure of 755 toor. The balloon rises to an altitude of 6000 feet where the pressure is 550 toor and the temperature is 5 degrees C.

    asked by Ronnica
  136. English

    Here are the other sentences which refer to Lord Henry. Can you please check the tense choice? 1)Lord Henry is a symbol of hedonistic and decadent upper classes, despising the Victorian virtues of work and morals, generally associated with the middle

    asked by Henry2
  137. Math Check

    i wanted to make sure that both functions are the same. y = 2 sin (4x + pi) +3 = y = 2 sin 4 ((x) + (pi/4)) + 3

    asked by Amy
  138. math

    A popular tourist attraction in Ottawa is the Peace Tower which rises from the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings. Describe at least one method that you could use to estimate the height of the tower, including the measurements you would need to make.

    asked by Jim
  139. medical law

    Explain with whom, when, and how HIPAA education should be shared with your health care workers. Create an outline of a training plan that would address all of these areas. You should have at least 1 page of written explanation and 1 page for your training

    asked by Pam
  140. math

    The table below gives the total spectator attendance for various U.S. sports in 1997. Sport Attendance (millions) Pro Baseball 64.9 College Basketball (Men’s) 27.7 College Basketball (Women’s) 6.7 Pro Basketball (Men’s) 21.7 College Football 36.9 Pro

    asked by Please help me!!!!!
  141. math

    The price in dollars of a gallon of gasoline at the end of each month is recorded for one year. The results are: 1.19 1.28 1.55 1.76 1.85 1.85 1.83 1.76 1.66 1.52 1.48 1.47 Find the mode of these prices.

    asked by Please help me!!!!!
  142. maths

    I will be thankfull to you if you help me to solve the below problem: 6√x-11/3√x=2√x+1/√x+6 I tried to solve the above problem like this: (6√x-11)(√x+6)=(3√x)(2√x+1) 6√x(√x+6)-11(√x+6)=(3√x)(2√x)+(3√x)(1)

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  143. Sociology

    Which sociological perspective holds the view that people create their social worlds through interaction and manipulation of symbols? A. Functionalist B. Conflict C. Interactionist D. Global

    asked by Lenny
  144. Math Plz help me

    I want to know about the ROund off rule : my quiz say Round you answer two decimal place. answer 28.6123 second quiz show ,39.70 .. Now further i need to round 2 decimal place . plz Thanks in advance .

    asked by shamaila
  145. maths

    Please guide me to solve the below problem: 'A'an do 2/3 of a work in 40 days.'B'can do 1/2 of the work in 75 days.'C'can do 3/4of work in 75 days.If all them together work in how many days will they do 5/6 0f the work. I had solved the above problem like

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  146. English

    Thank you very much. Here are some other sentences I'm still doubtful of (word choice). 1) Lord Henry believes the ageing process makes people sallow, hollow-cheecked and dull-eyed. 2) He suggests that Dorian should not give his life to the ignorant, the

    asked by Henry2
  147. Calculus

    int x^9*(sin(x^5)) Can someone please explain me how to do this integral?

    asked by Carole
  148. Stats

    what is the range of data with a total of 1000 values?

    asked by Ann james
  149. English

    I left out the following sentences. I really don't know which alternative is best. 1) Influenced by Lord Henry’s words on youth and beauty, he is terrified of aging (ageing?). He fears that he will lose everything when he loses his youth. 2) He

    asked by Henry2
  150. arithmetic

    What is the sum of the arithmetic sequence 22, 13, 4 … if there are 28 terms?

    asked by Joe