Questions Asked on
September 2, 2011

  1. chemistry

    If the density of a certain alcohol is 0.785 g/mL, what volume of the alcohol would have a mass of 75.0g?

    asked by Tom
  2. Personal Finance

    Which of the following statements is true concerning home equity loans? A. Home equity loans are generally installment loans with a 5-15 year term. B. Home equity loans are secured by all of the borrower’s assets. C. Home equity loan interest is never

    asked by Her
  3. physics

    AT exactly noon,you pass mile marker 50 in your car.At 2:30pm you pull into a rest stop at mile marker215.What was yor average speed during this time

    asked by rally
  4. physics

    As you eat your way through a bag of chocolate chip cookies, you observe that each cookie is a circular disk with a diameter of = 8.92 1×10^−2 and a thickness of = 6.6×10^−2 1×10^−3 . the average volume of a cookie; 4.12 cm^3 ratio of the diameter

    asked by baby
  5. physics

    Given that the side of the square has a length b-a, find the area of one of the four triangles and the area of the small inner square. Give the area of one of the triangles followed by the area of the small inner square separated by a comma. Express your

    asked by Eli
  6. buss./stats

    a sample of the personal files of eight male employees revealed that during a six month period they lost the following number of days due to illness 2, 0, 6, 3, 10, 4, 1, 2 calculate the standard deviation show your work

    asked by tim
  7. physics

    A speedboat increases its speed uniformly from v1 = 20 m/s to vf = 26 m/s in a distance of 1.60 102 m. Substitute given values, obtaining the acceleration. Find the time it takes the boat to travel the given distance.

    asked by klew
  8. math

    You deposit $2200 in an account that pays 3% annual interest. After 15 years, you withdraw the money, what is the balance if the interest is compounded quarterly? so I figure you would get 2650.00 help please

    asked by katie
  9. chemistry

    If a swimmer has a lung volume of 6 at sea level, what would the volume of her lungs be when she is at the bottom of a pool that is 5 deep? Assume that the temperature and amount of the air in the lungs remain unchanged.

    asked by becca
  10. statistics

    5. Each year, a national achievement test is administered to 3rd graders. The test has a mean score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. If Jane's z-score is 1.20, what was her score on the test?

    asked by xiomara
  11. math

    Find the distance that the earth travels in seven days in its path around the sun. Assume that a year has 365 days and that the path of the earth around the sun is a circle of radius 93 million miles. [The path of the earth around the sun is actually an

    asked by brittany
  12. physics

    A 250g aluminum cup holds and is in thermal equilibrium with 850g of water at 83 degrees celcuis. The combination of cup and water is cooled uniformly so that the temperature decreases by 1.5 degrees celcuis per minute. At what rate is energy being

    asked by Marlee
  13. Personal Finance

    Which of the following is not one of the situations that can defer student loan payments? A. Peace Corps service B. change in citizenship C. postsecondary study D. economic hardship

    asked by Her
  14. British Literature

    In a Scandal in Bohemia Dr. Watson says that Holmes A)has a Bohemian soul B)has the powers of a warlock C)sees but does not deserve D)takes the kings case to make money 2. Christina Rosetti's No Thank You John and Promises Like Pie-Crust both have A)a

    asked by Iris
  15. chemistry

    A can of soda has 1.50x10^2 calories. Convert this energy to units of joules.

    asked by Sam
  16. Math Algebra

    f(x)=x^3+4 f=1, f=-1 Are the answer to this 5 and 3 I must not understand

    asked by katie
  17. Math

    At the South Pole there is no sunshine for 182 days every year, and at the North pole the same applies for 176 days per year. What total would you have if you were to combine these two figures. A 359 days a year B 358 days a year C 357 days a year D 335

    asked by Nicci
  18. statistics

    If the probability of running out of gas is .03 and the probability the electronic starting system will not work is .01 a.) what is the probability there will be enough gas and that the starting system will work? assume the two events are independent b.)

    asked by kkg
  19. physics

    a cylinder of diameter 1cm at 30degree celcius is to slid into a hole on a steel plate. the hole has a diameter of 0.9997 cm at 30 degree celcius. to what temperature must be the plate be heated when steel has the alpha 1.1X10^-5/degree celcius

    asked by Tanya
  20. trigonometry

    If a flywheel is 3 feet in diameter and if a belt over the wheel is traveling at the rate of 3000 feet per minute, find the number of revolutions of the wheel per minute.

    asked by Marie :)
  21. math

    Convert eat of the following repeating decimal to a/b form, where a and b are integers and b doesn't equal 0. a. 0.7 c. 2.37 e. -4.34

    asked by Aisha
  22. Ethologists

    hi my names Rebecca and i need to write an assignment, i need a little help! i need too find the best Ethologists! as i need to compare them and write about who is the best one and why. does anyone know if they can help me and give me a few names of good

    asked by Rebecca
  23. Algebra

    can you solve this set of equations using the elimination method? 3x+4y=34 and 3x+2y=26

    asked by Shirley
  24. chemistry

    Potassium has a lattice energy of -163.8 kcal/mol and a heat of hydration of -155.5 kcal/mol. How much potassium nitrate needs to dissolve in water to absorb 114 kJ of heat?

    asked by Lola
  25. Genetics

    In an organism with 2n=20 (n=10) chromosomes, how many: Chromosomes in telophase II Chromosomes in G2 Chromatids metaphase I Chromatids prophase I DNAs anaphase DNAs prophase II

    asked by Tommy
  26. social

    Whenever Levi cries, his parents seem to satisfy him by changing his diaper, feeding him, or holding him. Simply put, Levi’s parents seem to fulfill his dependency needs. What stage of development would Erikson say that Levi is experiencing? Trust vs.

    asked by Fran
  27. social

    Tai decided to join a group protest of his university’s policies because he felt it was the right thing to do, even though his participation might result in being arrested. Tai’s behavior is consistent with Kohlberg’s preconventional morality

    asked by Fran
  28. Genetics

    A homozygous pea plant with round peas and yellow cotyledons was crossed to a wrinkled, green plant. The F1 was selfed and produced: 193 round, yellow 69 round, green 64 wrinkled, yellow 26 wrinkled, green a) propose hypothesis that allows you to calculate

    asked by Tommy
  29. math

    Function M described by M(x)= 3x+16 can be used to predict the circumference of the waist of a male in x inches who is obese . Predict the circumference of a male’s waist whose inches are 49 would this be 3(49)+16=163 I hope I did this right

    asked by katie
  30. physics

    A particle has ⃗r(0) = (4 m)j and ⃗v(0) = (2 m/s)i. If its acceleration is constant and given by ⃗a = −(2 m/s2) (i +j), at what time t does the particle first cross the x axis? Answer in units of s. part 2. At what time t is the particle moving

    asked by squires
  31. Health Care

    What does it mean to have insurance

    asked by Andrea Davenport
  32. science

    I have used dilute-IT to make a o.1N solution of HCl in .6 N NaCl after bringing the solution to the exact mark on the volumetric flask it lost volume do to off gassing, do I bring it back up to the exact volume?.

    asked by Michelle
  33. math

    You have 2 floors, and there are 14 steps inbetween the two floors. you have a cat that can get to the top by either taking one step at a time or two steps. ( at one time going up the cat can take both one or two steps). How many possible combinations are

    asked by J
  34. physics

    An observer, whose eyes are 1.97 m above the ground, is standing 47.0 m away from a tree. The ground is level, and the tree is growing perpendicular to it. The observer's line of sight with the treetop makes an angle of 25.0° above the horizontal. How

    asked by bob
  35. Algebra 2

    I need help setting up an equation for the following word problem: Two buses leave Dallas at the same time and travelin opposite directions. One bus averages 56 mi/h and the other bus averages 52 mi/h. When will they be 363 mi apart?

    asked by Mary
  36. Social Psychology

    The topic is Peer-Pressure I see education as such a critical force to "arm children" and combat them into feeling empowered as individuals, not just a face or sheep in the crowd. Although education does a lot to promote team work and collaboration, I also

    asked by Sharon
  37. English

    Can Anyone Unscramble These 13 Letters (NOSOREGGTIACN. The correct word will mean "A Whole Bunch"

    asked by Colleen
  38. ALGEBRA2

    CAN YOU SOLVE these [2x+3] = 5 and [x+6] = 2x

    asked by Mary
  39. math

    f(x)=x^3+4 f=1, f=-1 would the answer be 5 and 4? help Thought I knew this

    asked by katie
  40. health projects

    i need ideas how to make a reproductive system of the female? i don't have no clue how to make it

    asked by joanna
  41. american history 1865

    why it was the most vital area that America needed to address conflict with Native Americans

    asked by Bernice Smith
  42. Physics

    415V 505V 515V .------------.------------. There are 3 points w/same distance from each other (6x10-3m between each point). What is the magnitude and direction of electric field (E) in the vicinity of the origin (the middle point – 505V) ? Thank you!

    asked by Spencer
  43. chemistry

    Suppose the following: HO-C(H2)-C(H2)-OH + 2 HI --> I-C(H2)-C(H2)-I + water How many mL of the first compound* are needed to react with 9.3 grams of HI? (The density of the first compound is A = 1.11 g/mL) *by first compound, i mean HO-C(H2)-C(H2)-OH

    asked by kc
  44. Geometry

    Use the special triangles to find the exact values of the following: 1) csc45degrees 2)sec30degrees 3)longest side of a 30-60-90 triangle if the side opposite the 60degree angle is 5radical3

    asked by Jaime
  45. physics

    A car moving with a constant acceleration covers the distance between two points 80 m apart in 8.0 s. Its velocity as it passes the second point is 14 m/s. (a) What was the speed at the first point? 1 m/s (b) What is the constant acceleration? 2 m/s2 (c)

    asked by Erin
  46. Geometryy

    given that sec theta = radical13/whole number 3, and csctheta

    asked by Jaime
  47. Trig

    Find the exact value of each of the following using reference angles. a)sin 225degrees b) cot 120degrees

    asked by Ryland
  48. Algebra II

    Find all values of theta given that theta is between 0 degrees and 360 degrees. It is known that cos theta = -√3 ____ 2

    asked by Cobra7710
  49. physics

    An Earth satellite moves in a circular orbit 824 km above Earth's surface with a period of 101.2 min. What are (a) the speed and (b) the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the satellite?

    asked by Pat Rick
  50. physics

    After flying for 13 min in a wind blowing 37 km/h at an angle of 25° south of east, an airplane pilot is over a town that is 59 km due north of the starting point. What is the speed of the airplane relative to the air, in km/h?

    asked by Pat Rick
  51. Rounding#'s

    use a calculator to find each rounded to 4 decimal places. 1) sec 15.2 degrees 2) an acute angle theta if csctheta= 1.38

    asked by Timmy
  52. Math

    a/b + b/a = x a/b - b/a = y in the equation above, if a is (not equal) to 0 and b is (not equal) to 0, which of the following must be equal to x^2-y^2? a. 2 b. 4 c. ab/2 d. a^2 b^2/2 e. 4a^2b^2

    asked by Stephen
  53. math


    asked by terra
  54. Math

    The sum of two numbers that differ by one is x. In terms of x, what is the value of the lesser of the two numbers? a. x+1/2 b. x/2 c. x-1/2 d. x/2 -1 e. 2x+1/2

    asked by Stephen
  55. math

    Simplify by referring to the appropriate triangle or trigonometric identity: cos(arctan(x))

    asked by terra
  56. statistics

    The diameters of apples in a certain orchard are normally distributed with a mean of 4.77 inches and a standard deviation of 0.43 inches. Show all work. (A) What percentage of the apples in this orchard is larger than 4.71 inches? (B) A random sample of

    asked by Laynette
  57. statistics

    Given a level of confidence of 99% and a population standard deviation of 7, answer the following: (A) What other information is necessary to find the sample size (n)? (B) Find the Maximum Error of Estimate (E) if n = 74. Show all work

    asked by Laynette
  58. statistics

    A sample of 106 golfers showed that their average score on a particular golf course was 87.98 with a standard deviation of 5.39. Answer each of the following (show all work and state the final answer to at least two decimal places.): (A) Find the 90%

    asked by Laynette
  59. statistics

    A researcher is interested in estimating the noise levels in decibels at area urban hospitals. She wants to be 95% confident that her estimate is correct. If the standard deviation is 4.02, how large a sample is needed to get the desired information to be

    asked by Laynette
  60. early childhood education

    an important use for telephone conversation at a child care facility is to help (a)staff members understand program philosophy (b)staff members understand the reason for the childs day to day behavior (c)parents understand program philosophy (d)parents

    asked by clair
  61. Math

    AB+BA = 1A4 In the correctly worked out addition problem above, A and B represent two different digits. What digit does A represent? a 3 b 4 c 5 d 8 e 9

    asked by Stephen
  62. Math

    a/b + b/a = x a/b - b/a = y in the equation above, if a is (not equal) to 0 and b is (not equal) to 0, which of the following must be equal to x^2-y^2? a. 2 b. 4 c. ab/2 d. a^2 b^2/2 e. 4a^2b^2

    asked by Stephen
  63. chemistry

    If there are 2.0 grams in 1 meter of copper wire, how many centimeters would be needed to provide .28 grams of copper?

    asked by Julie
  64. math and language arts

    What is a sentence using the words abacus and trigonometry and hypotenuse i could use as a example? It much use definions.

    asked by Stevie
  65. math

    All numbers raised to zero is equal to 1. True or False?

    asked by Namie
  66. Math

    A page of a certain book is 12 inches high and 8 inches wide. The top and bottom margins on the page are each 2 inches wide, and the side margins are each 1 inch wide. The area on the page available for printing is what percent of the total area of the

    asked by Michael
  67. AP Calculus

    If f(x)=3x^2-x+2 then what is 2f(a)? What is f(2a)? What is f(a^2)? What is [f(a)]^2? What is f(a+h)?

    asked by meghan
  68. physics

    A plane is flying horizontally with speed 244 m/s at a height 5670 m above the ground, when a package is thrown downward from the plane with a vertical speed v(initial) = 73 m/s. What horizontal distance is traveled by this package? The acceleration of

    asked by squires
  69. College Precalculus

    What is the domain of (1)/square root(7x+17)?

    asked by Kendyl
  70. College Precalculus

    What is the domain of square root(14x/x^2-121)

    asked by Kendyl
  71. trig

    how would i graph 3sec(x + (pi/2))

    asked by max
  72. physics

    two boys start running straight toward each other from two points that are 100m apart,one runs with a speed of 5m/s while the other moves at 7m/ close are they to the slower one's starting point when they reach each other

    asked by amy
  73. Math

    Hi I wanted some help with this question, I don't want the answer though as I want to try to see where my workings are going wrong. 3 x 34 / 9 - 2 (10 - 6) - 4 / 2 A -13 B 5 C 6 D -14 But I'm getting -3. Here's how I work through the equation using PEMDAS

    asked by Nicci
  74. Biochem

    What is the pH and pOH a solution that was made by adding 400 mL of water to 350 mL of 5.0 x 10^-3 M NaOH solution?

    asked by Max
  75. math

    If a flywheel is 3 fee in diameter and if a belt over the wheel is traveling at the rate of 3000 feet per minute, find the number of revolutions of the wheel per minute.

    asked by Hazel :)
  76. Financial ratio statement

    Where can find information on the patton fuller community hospital. what is their web address. Or maybe you can answer my question. Are the financial ratios for the hospital improving? Explain

    asked by pj
  77. physics

    As you eat your way through a bag of chocolate chip cookies, you observe that each cookie is a circular disk with a diameter of = 8.92 1×10^−2 and a thickness of = 6.6×10^−2 1×10^−3 . the average volume of a cookie; 4.12 cm^3 ratio of the diameter

    asked by baby
  78. coding in the physcians office

    what happens when an office fails an audit?

    asked by lisa
  79. analytic and solid geometry

    a circle is centered at (-3,4) and in tangent to 5x-4y+12=0.find its equation.

    asked by glysdi
  80. Macroeconomics

    I need help with my assignment. You want to start a company, and are trying to decide between two different industries. You are doing your final research before you write your business plan. Industry A has 20 firms and a Concentration Ratio (CR) of 30%

    asked by Cora
  81. physics

    Wiley Coyote (Carnivouous hungribilous) is chasing the roadrunner (Speediburd cant- catchmi) yet again. While running down the road, they come to a deep gorge, 22 m straight across and 101 m deep. The roadrun- ner launches itself across the gorge at a

    asked by squires
  82. Sociology

    Compare/Contrast independent and dependent variables. Provide example of each.

    asked by hopeless
  83. Math

    If you are getting a B in everything else in this class but you don't do any of the news item write ups(which are 9% of your grade, then will your final grade be a B? If not a B, then what will your final grade be?

    asked by Jenna
  84. English

    I added a few things I'd like you to check. Is the past perfect possible in sentence 2? Thank you. 1)He is so tired that he soon falls asleep. When he wakes up he finds a loaf of bread and a jug of water beside him. 2) He thinks the water is drugged.

    asked by Henry2
  85. English

    I left out the following sentences on the same theme. Thank you. 1) He also sees that his prison is square and that the wall is covered with iron, with horrible figures, such as skeletons. The floor, instead, is made of stones. 2) The ceiling is thirty to

    asked by Henry2
  86. English

    English - Writeacher, Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 11:35pm 1, 2, and 2-1 -- correct 3. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, and they amounted to a bowl. incorrect I said this was incorrect because it's not clear what the

    asked by rfvv
  87. physics

    during a thunderstorm,wind with a speed of 47.7 m/s blows across a flat roof with an area of 688m/^2 .Find the magnitude of force exerted on the roof by the wind

    asked by Thini
  88. HSM/220 WK 6 Budget

    I need to find the indirect costs for the budget assignment for hsm/220. I've filled everything in, but I am coming up empty for the direct cost portion. How do you come up with the indirect costs for the budget assignment? Thanks, So Fresh

    asked by SoFresh
  89. English

    1. Two glasses of water amount a bottle of water. 2. Two glasses of water amounts a bottle of water. (Which one is right? Do we have to use a singular verb or a plural verb?) 3. 100 grains of rice amounts to a cup of rice. 4. 100 grains of rice amount to a

    asked by rfvv
  90. psychology

    what are the 5 most important structures of the brain and why

    asked by Anonymous
  91. media

    12. What are some of the most influential and important games released to the general public within the last few years?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Chemistry

    A compound F on heating give a cracking sound and G give a reddish brown fumes when hot, and yellow when cool, and a gas H light a glowing splint and a residue J. Identify F,G,H,J. What is the name of that crack sound and the name of the compound?

    asked by Rilwan
  93. government

    what does reducing the national deficit even mean ?

    asked by amanda
  94. English

    I changed the sentences as you suggested to me. Thank you. 1) Looking up at the pendulum, he realizes that its movement has become wider and quicker and that it is coming down. Its lower part is of bright steel, about a foot long; the horns (what are

    asked by Henry2
  95. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you. Where can I look for criticism on Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum"? 1) While he is thinking of his near death, he hears a sound of trumpets and the walls rush back. General Lasalle has entered Toledo with his

    asked by Henry2
  96. physics

    A Hurricane Katrina rescue helicopter was seen carrying a heavy bag of sand (1194.0 kg) to place on one of the broken levees. Kimberly, a KSU student figured that the acceleration of the sand bag then was 1.1 m/s2 in the downward direction. What is in

    asked by Jeon
  97. physics

    A particle of mass m and initial velocity v collides elastically with a particle of

    asked by Nantu
  98. physics

    A particle of mass m and initial velocity v collides elastically with a particle of mass M coming from opposite direction.After collision m has velocity V/2 at right angles to incident direction and M moves at an angle of 45 degree . Find M/m.

    asked by Nantu
  99. physics

    A particle makes a head-on-collision with an unknown particle at rest.The proton rebounds back with 4/9 of its initial kinetic energy.Find the ratio of mass of unknown particle to mass of proton assuming the collision to be elastic.

    asked by Nantu
  100. physics

    Consider a ball of mass m1 moving with a velocity u1 collides elastically with a ball of mass m2 at rest.Show that the maximum energy transfer takes place when m1=m2.

    asked by Nantu
  101. physics

    Particle A of mass 'm' has initial velocity v.After colliding with a particle B of mass'2m' the particles have the following paths B makes an angle 45 degree while A makes an angle X.first,A was moving straight.Find X.

    asked by Nantu
  102. physics

    1) Two large vertical plates parallel to each other are 2mm apart. A thin flat plate of 1 mm thickness,0.6 m*0.6 m size and 25 N weight is towed vertically up b/w the two large plates with a velocity of 0.2 m/s. the inside plate is equidistant from the two

    asked by sumit
  103. M.E.M.S school

    (l+m) (l-m)

    asked by Prasanna
  104. math

    Angles X and Y are congruent. Angle X has a degree measure of 15. What is the measure of angle Y?

    asked by angel
  105. Parenthetical Citations

    How detailed do I need to be with my parenthetical citations? I am using a website as a source with many different webpages. It is confusing because I don't know how detailed I need to be with web addresses. I must have 15 different webpages for the same

    asked by Lily
  106. Literature

    In the story, "After Twenty Years" by O. Henry, what is the main character's behavior and feelings about his situation?

    asked by Liz
  107. maths

    how to find the area of a sector along with rectangle shape of pond

    asked by s.sivasankararao
  108. sociology

    what are some unique objects that you possess?

    asked by renee
  109. physics

    The speed of an automobile increases from 11 m/s to a speed of 47 m/s over a time period of 9.0 seconds. What is the average rate at which the speed of this car is changing during this time period?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. physics

    A 0.15 kg ball is attached to the end of a 0.82 m string and moved in a horizontal circle at 4.3 m/s what net force is needed to keep it in a circular path

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Finance

    Jenny has a part time job and her net take-home income is $2000 per month. She needs to allocate her funds to reflect a balanced monthly budget. Jenny's main categories of expenses include rent, utilities, and groceries. How would Jenny best utilize her

    asked by Dimples
  112. Physics

    A car acchdently rolls off a it leaves the cliff it has a horizontal velocity of 13m/s,it hits the ground 60m from the shoreline. What is the height of the cliff?

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Chem

    Bromine melts at -7.25 degree C and boils at 58.8 degree C. The enthalpy of fusion of bromine is 10.57 kJ/mol and the enthalpy of vaporization of bromine is 29.96 kJ/mol. The specific heat of liquid bromine is 0.474 J/g∙K. How much heat, in kJ, is

    asked by Maegan
  114. physics

    Hot water of mass 80g, at a temperature of 100degree celcius is pourd into 30g of water at 30degree celcius. Assuming that no heat is lost, calculate the final temperature

    asked by bright
  115. physics

    A student of weight 600 N was sent to another planet called Nerdland. If Nerdland has a mass that is three times the mass of the earth and a radius that is half the radius of the earth, what would be the mass in kg of the student when on Nerdland?

    asked by Jeon
  116. physics

    Lauren was driving north on Hwy 75 with a speed of 46.7 m/s when she heard on a CB that a patrolman was hiding 112.7 m north of where she is. Knowing that the patrolman can start clocking the car in 2.9 seconds, Lauren decided to slow to 27.5 m/s. and

    asked by Jeon
  117. Math

    Explain why there is no number that can replace N to make the |N| = -1 true.

    asked by Cathy
  118. geometry

    Given that Vector BD Angle ABC, Measures Of Angle ABC =6x - 12, And Angle = 72 Degres, Which Equations Could Be Used To Find The Value Of X? A - 6x - 12 = 72 B - 1/2 (6x-12) = 72 C - 2(6x - 12 = 72 D 6x - 12= 2(72) Can Anyone Help Me How To Solve Or Help

    asked by jacob
  119. Math

    Write rules for using absolute value to compare two integers. Be sure to take all of the possible combinations into account.

    asked by Sadie
  120. math

    Daphne ran a distance of 180 feet. Peter ran a distance of 15 yards. What is the ratio of the distance Daphne ran to the distance Peter ran? (3 feet = 1 yard) a. 4:1 b. 5:1 c. 6:1 d. 12:1 e. 36:1

    asked by scott
  121. 8th grade math

    List the integers that can replace n to make the statement -|8| < n < or = to - |-5| true.

    asked by Bob
  122. calculus

    find the highest or Lowest point on the surface z=3x^4+4x^3+6y^4-16y^3+12y^2

    asked by Anonymous
  123. math

    if x = 6 + y and y = -z/3, what does x equal in terms of z? a. 3(6+z) b. 3(z-6) c. 6-z/3 d. z/3-6 e. 6+z/3

    asked by scott
  124. melanie

    What is the average (arithmetic mean) value of the integers from -50 to 50, inclusive? a. -51/2 b. -25 c. 0 d. 25 e. 51/2

    asked by scott
  125. Personal Finance

    Which of the following is not one of the recommended solutions if you are having trouble making payments on your consumer credit? A. live with your parents or other family members B. take a second job C. sell some assets D. transfer balances to another

    asked by Her
  126. hemistry

    does glucose sometimes act as a monomer? explain your answer

    asked by nancy
  127. chem

    2.why does cellulose need to be so tough? 3.two drugs have no common primary or secondary effects in common. would you expect these drugs to produce dangerous synergistic effects when taken together?why or why not? 4.quack doctors used to sell patent

    asked by larsa
  128. Math

    Points K,L, and M are on line l in that order. N is a point not on line l. The measure of angle KLN is (3x+3) and the measure of angle NLM is (5x-7). What is the value of x?

    asked by Luke
  129. Genetics

    Phenylketonuria, a Metabolic disease in humans, is caused by a recessive allele, k. If two heterozygotes marry and plan a family of six children: a)what is the probability that all will be unaffected? b)what is the probability that three will be unaffected

    asked by Tommy
  130. com155

    read two paragraph analysis passage identify the purpose of writing

    asked by porta
  131. chemistry

    Potassium has a lattice energy of -163.8 kcal/mol and a heat of hydration of -155.5 kcal/mol. How much potassium nitrate needs to dissolve in water to absorb 114 kJ of heat?

    asked by Lola
  132. english

    . The exact price of the product should be mentioned. A. Early in the letter as soon as the offer is first mentioned. B. In the middle of the letter, as soon as benefits are first mentioned C. in the last fourth of the letter, after the copy makes the

    asked by jan
  133. College Basic Math

    Round to nearest hundred? 483.9 a. 400 b. 484 c. 480 d. 500 I think its A

    asked by Tony
  134. Physics

    If you have swam one lap in a swimming pool, that means you have swam from one end to the other and back. In 1.5 h, a swimmer makes exactly 83 laps in a swimming pool that is 27 m long. Determine the distance the swimmer traveled, the total displacement of

    asked by Kayla
  135. College Basic Math

    11. Write as a decimal. 9% a.0.9 b. 0.09 c. 0.009 d. 9 i think its B

    asked by Tony