Questions Asked on
September 1, 2011

  1. Velocity and Displacement

    The Space Shuttle travels at a speed of about 7.60 103 m/s. The blink of an astronaut's eye lasts about 120 ms. How many football fields (length = 91.4 m) does the Shuttle cover in the blink of an eye?

    asked by Fainah
  2. physics

    Starting at 9a.m you hike for 3h at an average speed of 4mph.You stop for lunch from noon until 2pm. What is your average speed over the interval from 9am to 2pm.

    asked by rally
  3. math

    Kendall pitches for his school's baseball team. Every game he averages 5 strikeouts per game. Each game is about 2 hours. If he pitches in 7 games during the season how many strikeouts will he have?

    asked by destiny
  4. trig

    a propeller turns at 300 rpm. Find the angular speed in rad/sec and the linear speed at the tip if the tip to the center is 30cm

    asked by b
  5. physics

    Earth has a mass of 5.98 × 1024 kg. The average mass of the atoms that make up Earth is 40 u. How many atoms are there in Earth?

    asked by jessica
  6. vector

    A golfer takes three strokes to get the ball into the hole once he is on the green. The first stroke displaces the ball 12 ft. north, the second stroke 6.0 ft. southeast, and the third stroke 3.0 ft. southwest. What displacement was needed to get the ball

    asked by Nar
  7. Physics

    Consider two masses m1 and m2 connected by a thin string. Assume the following values: m1 = 4.18 kg and m2 = 1.00 kg. Ignore friction and mass of the string. 1) what is the acceleration of the 2 masses? 2)What should be the value of mass m1 to get the

    asked by Logan
  8. physics

    A small droplet of oil with mass of 1.84×10-15 kg is held suspended in a region of uniform electric field directed upward with a magnitude of 6625 N/C. Is the excess charge on the droplet positive or negative? NEGATIVE b.How many excess elementary charges

    asked by TP
  9. Physics

    In a tug-of-war between two athletes, each pulls on the rope with a force of 365 N. What is the absolute value of the horizontal force that each athlete exert against the ground?

    asked by Logan
  10. physics

    Gold, which has a density of 19.32 g/cm3, is the most ductile metal and can be pressed into a thin leaf or drawn out into a long fiber. (a) If a sample of gold with a mass of 8.464 g, is pressed into a leaf of 5.036 ìm thickness, what is the area (in m2)

    asked by jessica
  11. Managerial Finance

    Compare the performance of East Coast Yachts to the industry as a whole. For each, comment on why it might be viewed as positive or negative relative to the industry. Suppose you create an inventory ratio calculated as inventory divided by current

    asked by Debbie
  12. non-Western Music

    What is meant by Caribbean music in a new mode?

    asked by Rodney
  13. Physics

    Item 10 Two equally charged, 1.00 spheres are placed with 2.00 between their centers. When released, each begins to accelerate at 225 m/s2 Part A - What is the magnitude of the charge on each sphere? =

    asked by Paige
  14. physics

    A person on a diet might lose 1.5 kg per week. Express the mass loss rate in milligrams per second, as if the dieter could sense the second-by-second loss

    asked by jessica
  15. programming

    Design a class named Book that holds a stock number, author, title, price, and number of pages for a book. Include a method that sets all the data files and another that prints the values for each data field. Create the class diagram and write the

    asked by hazy
  16. physics

    Three equal positive point charges of magnitude Q = 8.00ì C are located at three corners of a square of edge length d = 11.8 cm. A negative charge -24.00ì C is placed on the fourth corner. At the position of the negative charge, what is the magnitude of

    asked by TP
  17. College Math

    Ed Moura has $29,000 invested in stocks paying 5%. How much additional money should he invest in certificates of deposit paying 2% so that the average return on the two investments is 3%?

    asked by Karen
  18. geometry

    Lines BA and BC are opposite rays, Lines BD bisects angle EBC and Line BF bisects angle ABE. If the measure of angle EBD=4x+16 and the measure of angle DBC=6x+4 find the measure of ange EBD If the measure of angle ABF =7x-8 and the measure of angle

    asked by kd
  19. Chemistry

    Silver has a density of 10.5 g/cm3 and gold has a density of 19.3 g/cm3. Which would have a greater mass, 5 cm3 of silver or 5 cm3 of gold

    asked by Monique
  20. geometry

    A dog is tied to a leash that is hooked tot he outside corner of a barn that measures 12ft x 20ft. The length of the leash is 16ft. What is the maximum area in which the dog can wander?

    asked by ryan
  21. Physics

    Three blocks rest on a frictionless, horizontal table, with m1 = 9 kg and m3 = 16 kg. A horizontal force F = 104 N is applied to block 1, and the acceleration of all three blocks is found to be 3.3 m/s2. 1) Find m2 2)What is the normal force between 2 and

    asked by Logan
  22. Physics

    An airplane is flying through a thundercloud at a height of 2100 m. (A very dangerous thing to do because of updrafts, turbulence,and the possibility of electric discharge.) If there is a charge concentration of 20.7 C at height 3280 m within the cloud

    asked by Mary
  23. Physics

    Consider three charges arranged as shown. The picture is three particles in a horizontal line. There charges are represented below in order A B C + + − the distance from A to B is 4.4 cm. The distance from B to C is 4.6 cm A=8.2 µC B=4.5 µC C=−4 µC

    asked by Meridith
  24. chemistry

    Which of the following changes will decrease the total amount of gaseous solute able to be dissolved in a liter of liquid water? increasing temperature increasing pressure decreasing surface area decreasing temperature

    asked by kara
  25. Velocity and Displacement

    A plane is sitting on a runway, awaiting takeoff. On an adjacent parallel runway, another plane lands and passes the stationary plane at a speed of 47 m/s. The arriving plane has a length of 32 m. By looking out the window (very narrow), a passenger on the

    asked by Fainah
  26. math

    Angelo is paid double time for each hour he works over 40 hours in a week. Last week he worked 42 hours and earned $660. What is his normal hourly rate?

    asked by matt
  27. language and barriers

    to be truly successful teacher aide in a nonbiased culturally diverse classroom you must? (a)be concerned about and aware of the problems of both minority and nonminority students (b)be particulary sensitive to minority students as many come from unstable

    asked by susue
  28. physics

    A tourist purchases a car in England and ships it home to the United States. The car sticker advertised that the car's fuel consumption was at the rate of 40 miles per gallon on the open road. The tourist does not realize that the U.K. gallon differs from

    asked by jessica
  29. physics

    When point charges q1 = +8.9 µC and q2 = +5.4 µC are brought near each other, each experiences a repulsive force of magnitude 0.71 N. Determine the distance between the charges.

    asked by Eric Gordon
  30. trig

    Derive the identity 1 + cot ^2 theta = csc^2 theta by dividing x^2 + y^2 = r^2 by y^2

    asked by Anonymous
  31. CHEMISTRY:))))

    A rock is 5.0% by mass fayolite(Fe2SiO4), 7.0% by mass forsterite(Mg2SiO4) and the remainder silicon dioxide. What is the mass percent of each element in the rock? I have the answers but i don't know how to solve the problem. How would you in steps solve

    asked by ALISON
  32. Algebra

    A car can average 140 miles on 5 gallons of gasoline. Write an equation for the distance "d" in miles the car can tavel on "g" gallons of gas?

    asked by Jennifer
  33. Physics

    Top fuel drag racer can reach the maximum speed of 304 mph at the end of the 1/4-mile (402 m) racetrack. (a) Assuming that the acceleration is constant during the race, calculate the average value of the acceleration of the top fuel car. (b) What is the

    asked by Logan
  34. Physics

    Consider a disk of radius 2.6 cm with a uniformly distributed charge of +3.6 µC. Compute the magnitude of the electric field at a point on the axis and 3.3 mm from the center. The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 10^9 Nm2/C2. Answer in units

    asked by Monica
  35. math ap

    how can you use four rods that measure 2cm, 5cm, 7cm, and 9cm to measure a length of 1 cm?

    asked by jazlyn johnson
  36. chemistry

    Magnesium metal reacts with HCl solution, liberating H2 gas and generating Mg2+ cations in solution. A 2.335-g sample of Mg metal is added to 50.0 mL of a 4.00 M HCl solution, and the reaction goes to completion. How many grams of H2 are formed?

    asked by ALEX
  37. ENG125

    how is the more direct performative aspect of drama and /poetry reflected in these forms? for example, each genre's uses of literary structure, language, technique, and style. How do these literary elements affect your reading experence?

    asked by bonnie
  38. physics

    A traditional unit of length in Japan is the ken (1 ken = 1.97 m). What is the volume of a cylindrical water tank of height 7.17 kens and radius 6.21 kens in cubic kens

    asked by jessica
  39. BIO/CHIM

    How many grams of sucrose would you need to prepare 10 mL of .01M solution of sucrose(FW+342g/mole)? show your work

    asked by milly
  40. math

    what is the place value for each of the following numbers 2,071,463,548

    asked by lexus
  41. Physic

    A speedy tortoise can run at 0.14m/s, and a hare can run 15 times as fast. In a race, they start at the same time, but the hare stops to rest for 2 min, so the tortoise wins by a shell(20cm). How long does the race take?

    asked by Domonique
  42. teacher aide language and other barriers

    if one child displays discriminatory behavior toward another in the classroom you should? (a)seat the two students apart from one another (b)discipline the child immediately for misbehavior (c)have the children involved discuss their differences (d)consult

    asked by susue
  43. teacher aide language and other barriers

    in an esl classroom teachers aides should prepare themselves to (a)learn or become familiar with appropriate language related software programs (b)handle all disciplinary measures that arise on behalf of the teacher (c)counsel parents reguarding their

    asked by susue
  44. English

    I have a writing project. I would like advice from you. This is the assignment. "You've applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for

    asked by Linda
  45. Physics

    A ball is thrown directly upward with an initial velocity of 14 m/s. If the ball is released from an initial height of 2.8 m above ground, how long is the ball in the air before landing on the ground? Ignore air drag.

    asked by Logan
  46. Chemistry

    An irregular shaped stone was lowered intro a graduated cylinder holding a volume of water equal to 2.0 ml. The height of the water rose to 7.0 ml. If the mass of the stone was 25 g, what was the density

    asked by Monique
  47. communications100

    Select the phrase below that uses the least biased language: 1.When greeting your new boss, be sure and shake his hand. 2.The linguists received their training at Oxford. 3.Mankind should celebrate this invention. 4.Due to the bravery of the fireman, the

    asked by michelle
  48. Art and Architecture

    Choose a contemporary painting, sculpture, or piece of art that captures your interest. This should be a piece created between the end of World War II (about 1945) and today. You may choose one of the illustrations or color inserts in the textbook, opt for

    asked by Samy
  49. Math Graphs

    If you were going to graph this function what would be the coordinates of the points that you would plot? Is this a linear or nonlinear function? Explain. f(x)= 2x+5 inputs (5) and (8) f(8)= 2(8)+5=16+5=21 f(5)= 2(5)+5=10+5=15 Would the points be (5,15)

    asked by katie
  50. Algebra

    Could someone help me reason this equation out? It stumped me. 3x +x(x-1)=0 I can only come up with 0 but I know it is more indepth than that. Thanks.

    asked by Aria
  51. SCIENCE HELP!!!!

    ICice scraps and loosens rock particles.what is this an example of? a chemical weathering b biological weathering c mechanical weathering d biological and chemical weathering my answer is c,am i right?

    asked by LIDIA
  52. economics

    q = 5,000 - 100p tc= 10,000 - 10q plot the demand curve marginal revenue curve marginal cost curve profit maximising price, quantity, and profits

    asked by debra
  53. chemistry

    Which of the following changes will decrease the total amount of gaseous solute able to be dissolved in a liter of liquid water? increasing temperature increasing pressure decreasing surface area decreasing temperature

    asked by kara
  54. English

    I rewrote all the sentences in the simple present as you suggested to me. Can you please check them? 1) The narrator writes that he has always been fond of pets. He has had pets at home since he was a child. He has continued having pets at home even after

    asked by Henry2
  55. Math

    Temperature fell 28 degree at 6AM to 17 degree at 11AM. What's the equation ?

    asked by Gygy
  56. Honors Chem B

    Suppose you want to heat a mug of H2O (250ml) from room temperature 25 degrees celcius to 100 degrees celcius. How much energy would you need from your microwave?

    asked by Deahna
  57. Comp 155

    Define repetition in writing and explain why it is important to avoid repeating words or phrases when you create an academic essay

    asked by Her
  58. Math for the middle school and elementary teacher

    what number am I? I am a 3-digit number. I am equal to the sum of the cubes of my digits. I am between 100 and 200. My digits are odd. Explain whether or not other solutions to the riddle are possible. My answer was that correct? please let me

    asked by liz
  59. math

    If a flywheel is 4 feet in diameter. Find the speed of a belt which drives the wheel at 400 revolutions per minute?

    asked by Suchie :)
  60. Physics 2

    A pair of charges exert attractive forces of magnitude 2.4*10^-2 N on each other when they are separated by 2.0 m. The total charge of the pair is +3.0 Micro Coulomb. What is the charge on the object with positive/negative charge?

    asked by Wilson
  61. chemistry

    oxygen will react with the metal copper it will also react with the nonmetallic compound butane (c4h10) which ofthese reactions is combustion reaction?explain your answer.

    asked by lauren
  62. maths

    I will be very greatful to you if you help me to solve the below problem: A man purchased goods Rs.880.He sold one-fourth of the goods at 15%loss.At what percent gain should the remaining be sold to gain 5% on the whole? I had done the above problem like

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  63. Basic violet 14

    1 TB of Basic violet 14 (magenta) in 20 lts of water, how much Sulphur Dioxide do I use?

    asked by Dionne
  64. math

    (7 + u ) + 5v

    asked by debra
  65. math

    find all values of c such that f(x) = (x+1)/(x^2+2cx+4) has domain R

    asked by greg
  66. Shadow

    Write an equation to solve each problem. The sides of one cube are twice as long as the sides of a second cube. What is the side length of each cube if the total volume of the cubes is 72 cm^3? Would it be, 3x+6x=72? Thanks

    asked by Shadow
  67. Physics

    If a car is travelling with a constant speed of 5.53 m/s in the Westward direction, what is the resultant force acting on it? Ignore friction

    asked by Logan
  68. physics

    Which of the following equations is dimensionally consistent? A. a3 = 1.2 (v/t)3 + 0.2 x3/t6 + 1.5 v4/x3 B. a3 = 1.2 (v/t)3 + 0.2 x2/t6 +3 v6/x3 C. a3 = 1.2 (v/t)3 + 0.2 x3/t6 - 1.5 v6/x3 D. a3 = 1.5 (v/t)2 + 0.2 x3/t6 - 1.5 v6/x3

    asked by Jeff
  69. Probability

    A coin is tossed 6 times. what is the probability of getting at least two heads?

    asked by FAKAAPO
  70. algebra

    A jogger leaves home and runs at a constant speed of 4 miles per hour. Nine minutes later, a bicyclist follows along the same route at a constant speed of 15 miles per hour. Find the bicyclist's travel time needed to catch the jogger.

    asked by Alice
  71. algebra

    i have tried for a long time and just cant come up with the rule for this function table. x= 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 y=180 165 150 135 120 and 105 if any one can help me thanks.

    asked by Trey
  72. Algebra

    give an example of a function that you might encounter in everyday life and describe its domain and range.

    asked by carmen
  73. Chemistry

    Give two simple tests you would use to distinguish between sodium carbonate and zinc carbonate solids

    asked by Sarah
  74. Personal Finance

    ◦What is Social Security? Discuss how it fits into your retirement plan. There are concerns that Social Security may have trouble paying full benefits in the future. Why does this matter to you now?

    asked by Her
  75. english literature

    what is the main theme "lamb to the slaughter" story and what is the issued rise by the author?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Ag Bio 1

    In general, greater biodiversity exists closer to Earth's equator than in areas closer to Earth's poles. What does this mean in terms of the number of species that are found in these regions? Please help, they might as well have been speaking Japanese D:

    asked by Kiersten
  77. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 7:35pm. Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 2:04am. 1. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, which amounted to a bowl. 2. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons

    asked by rfvv
  78. English

    Is there anyhong wrong with these two sentences? 1. Her sister and her are now employed at Beef Barn as cooks. 2. The mechanic told Bill and I that the car was not finished.

    asked by Lesley
  79. geometry

    Given: VYX = 23x - 5 WYX = 18x - 2 VYW = 3x + 7 Find all three angles.

    asked by Muffin
  80. geometry

    Given: MQN = 18x - 1 MQP = 33x + 10 Ray QN is an angle bisector of MQP. Find MQN and MQP.

    asked by RSFNOIWJFOWD
  81. Physics

    Which of the following represent examples of the following situation: An object that starts at the origin at t=0 and at some time later its displacement from origin is zero but the velocity is not zero: 1)An object in a uniform circular motion around a

    asked by Logan
  82. MATH

    I get really confused with math . I am great with all of the other subjects . In fact I get all B's except for Math , I get 1's !!! I really need help with it . I ask for help but whenever people help me and put it in the most simplest way possible .. I

    asked by Kaylyn
  83. Math

    4.3t-2.1t-2.3=7.6 what would "t" equal?

    asked by Kristen
  84. Math

    Sam lives 5 miles from school, Joe lives 2 miles from schoo, and Andy lives 1 mile from school. What is the range of the miles the boys live from school?

    asked by Joei Fierro
  85. bio

    how many grams of sucrose would you need to prepare 10 mK of ,o1M solution of sucrose(FW+342g/mole)? show your work

    asked by milly
  86. math

    So is the function, f(x)= 2x²- 3x + 4 linear or nonlinear? Find f(-3) and f(3) for this function. I have the answer f(x)= 2(3)²- 3(3) + 4 =29 and f(x)= 2x²- 3x + 4 =49 I hapo this is correct and this is non linear?

    asked by katie
  87. Algebra

    one side of a triangle is 3 inches shorter than twice the length of the shorest side. the third side is 5 inches longer than the shorest side. if the perimeter is 110 inches, find the lengths of all three sides

    asked by Anonymous
  88. calculus

    Find the slope of the line secant to the following function passing through the given x-values: f(x) = x3 + 5x; x = 3 and x = 6

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Trig

    assume A= alpha using complementary rule how do I solve for alpha? cos(2A+40) =sin(3A-60) I don't understand how to start the question. What are the steps in solving for alpha. Do i get cos to equal sin somehow?

    asked by ALISON
  90. math

    tonya and lauren are designing a soccer uniform. They want 2 colors on the shirt. the choices are green, orange, yellow, purple, blue and silver. How many ways can they choose 2 colors?

    asked by destiny
  91. physics

    A point charge Q produces an electric field of magnitude 80.5 N/C at a distance of 1.08 m. If the field is directed toward the charge, what is the value of q

    asked by Anonymous
  92. geometry

    assuming that a=8-x,b=9+x,and c=13,find a and b

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Pre-Calculus

    I need to write a polynomial of the smallest degree with roots 5 and 6 and the answer can't have parentheses. Can someone point me in the right direction. I have several of these to do.

    asked by Sandra
  94. English

    Thank you very much. Couldyou check these other sentences,please? 1)When reporting a story written in the past, can I use the simple present (present perfect)? Example: the narrator had always been fond of pets. He had had pets at home since he was a

    asked by Henry2
  95. Basic violet 14

    what ph level is sulphur Dioxide, I want to put it in my mixture of 4 TB of basic violet 14 and 20 lt of water, but do not want the colour to change, please help me

    asked by Dionne
  96. teachers aide in early childhood education program

    the most rigidly structured early childhood program disussed in this study unit is ? (a)head start (b)the eclectic model (c)the montessori model (d)DISTAR I cannot figure this one out ,i know it is not head start .can someone please help me

    asked by susue
  97. math

    solve for sinx=cos2x (between 0 and 2pi)

    asked by rachel
  98. homelandsecurity

    • Prepare a report that discusses the positive aspects of this action and the potential hazards

    asked by jay
  99. physics

    A person is to run a circular track with a radius of 93 meters. The person starts at a certain spot and runs 3 and 1/2 times around the track in a time of 227 seconds. Find the magnitude of average velocity for this trip (|vav|) and find the average speed

    asked by Jeff
  100. physics

    A golfer takes three strokes to get the ball into the hole once he is on the green. The first stroke displaces the ball 12 ft. north, the second stroke 6.0 ft. southeast, and the third stroke 3.0 ft. southwest. What displacement was needed to get the ball

    asked by Hari
  101. Math

    I have a square cake. The cake is iced on top and all the sides. I need to cut the cake in 6 pieces all pieces getting the same amount of cake and icing. Please help me if possible with a diagram.

    asked by Sammy
  102. College Algebra

    The school play sold 498 tickets. Students paid $3.50 each, while non-students paid $5.50 each. If a total of $2121.00 was collected, how many students and how many non-students attended?

    asked by Kyle
  103. algebra

    A seismograph 300 km from the epicenter of an earthquake recorded a maximum amplitude of 5.9 102 µm. Find this earthquake's magnitude on the Richter scale.

    asked by Sharon
  104. Math

    y=(x^2+10)^3 using 4 and 5 would the answer be 4 and 7?

    asked by katie
  105. computers

    Using the operator precedence that excel 2007 follows,which calculation wuld be perfomed first from the following equation?119+7*3/(8-6)-4/2 a)119+7 b)7*3 c)8-6 d)4/2 is a) correct answer thank you

    asked by vedrana
  106. Honors Chem B

    Thank you bobpursley!

    asked by Deahna
  107. trig

    if cos(theta) equal -3/4 find sin(2theta)

    asked by Anonymous
  108. english

    In the short story The Ransom of Red Chief, how much money did Sam and Bill need to carry our their fradulent scheme in Western Illinois? It sooo depends on the interpretation of the question......

    asked by Amy
  109. eng

    hello, thanks gain for helping me. i just had a few doubts. you said "Puff Diddly is a hip-hop star no doubt, and Bill Gates is giving away his fortune to others in need or sick. I am not certain if Bill Gates worries about being rejected by society." my

    asked by To BobPursely-- yesudas
  110. College Pre Calculus

    anne and nancy use a metal alloy that is 19.3% copper to make jewelry. how many ounces of a 19% alloy must be mixed with a 20% alloy to form 110 ounces of the desired alloy?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. English

    A Thirteen Letter Word That Means "A Whole Bunch". The Thirteen Letters Are As Follows: NOSOREGGTIACN

    asked by Colleen
  112. English

    Last night, I slept like a log. Should "I slept like a log" be A. I slept like a baby. B. I slept well. C. I slept as if there were no tomorrow.

    asked by Lesley
  113. algebra

    sketch each parabola using the given information. vertex (2,3) point (6,9)

    asked by Anonymous
  114. physics

    Four vectors, each of magnitude 89 m, lie along the sides of a parallelogram. The angle between vector A and B is 77◦. A 89 m C 89 m B 89 m D 89 m What is the magnitude of the vector sum of the four vectors? Answer in units of m I got 346.8757431m, but

    asked by Jane
  115. math pre calculus

    Let A=(-2,INF] and B=(2,INF). FIND: a.)AUB b.)A (UPSIDE DOWN "U")B c.)A\B d)B\A *I was thinking a was (-2,inf), b was (-1,2), c was (-1,1) and d was (2,inf) but i don't think that is right since i don't have a U in the answers.

    asked by loe
  116. Comm 100 college

    Which of the following are included in listening to evaluate? A.separate facts and inferences B.take down notes on everything the speaker says C.try to put yourself in the speaker's shoes D.identify pertinent information we want to remember A?

    asked by Nicole
  117. MAth

    There is a red/red sided coing and a yellow/red sided coin. Player A wins if it all red. Player B wins if it is yellow and a red. I know it it fair but why?

    asked by Gabryella Sherman
  118. Math

    Craig reads a book with 10 pages in the morning, a book with 26 pages before dinner, and a book with 10 pages after dinner. Find the mode of the number of pages in the books that Craig read.

    asked by Joei Fierro
  119. physics

    A uniformly accelerated particle covers three successive equal distances in time intervals t1, t2 and t3 respectively.

    asked by sreekanth
  120. chemistry

    it is the rest of my question B. is this reaction exothermic or endothermic? C. what is the oxidizing agent in this reaction D. in corrosion reactions the oxidizing agent actually removes electrons from the oxidized substance . are electrons actually

    asked by lauren
  121. math

    yancey collects plastic banks. he has 3 different banks-a pig, cow and horse. how many ways can he arrange his banks n a shelf?

    asked by destiny
  122. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much for your help. 1) That night there was a fire and his house was completely destroyed. 2) When he visited the ruins the day after, he saw a gigantic cat with a rope round its neck against the wall that

    asked by Henry2
  123. physics

    A positive charge of 1.100ƒÊ C is located in a uniform field of 1.10~105 N/C. A negative charge of -0.100ƒÊ C is brought near enough to the positive charge that the attractive force between the charges just equals the force on the positive charge due

    asked by Anonymous
  124. science

    the last question i do not get can one of y´all help me out lisa is working on a science project her task is to answer the question ¨does rogooti(which is a commerical hair product) affect the speed of hair growth control group: independent variable:

    asked by jhon
  125. physics

    a bullet moving with velocity of 100m/s pierces a block of wood and moves out with a velocity of 10m/s.if the thickness of the block reduces to one half of the previous value,what will be the emerging velocity of the bullet?

    asked by armando
  126. algerbra

    point b is the midpoint of ac. what is the value of a? c(-3a,6/7a)

    asked by trevor
  127. calculus

    find cosx and sinx if tanx = 4

    asked by rachel
  128. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you. 1) The animal becomes his wife’s favourite pet, whereas the narrator immediately starts disliking it. The more the cat is fond of its master, the more he hates it . 2) His hatred grows when, one morning, he

    asked by Henry2
  129. Calculus (Urgent!!)

    Hello everyone, I need help with the following problems. Find the partial derivative of the following: 1) f(X1, X2) = X1^1/2*X2^3/4 2) f(x1,x2,x3) = ln(x1)x2 + 3x3 3) f(x,y) = 3x + 4y 4) f(x,y) = x^1/2 +x/y + y/x Find the maximum of the following function:

    asked by Joan
  130. chem

    using what you know about the valence shells of the metals of the periodic table explain why sodium and potassium are most commonly found bound with halides while manganese and calcium are most commonly found bound with carbonatr

    asked by mary
  131. economics

    Is it true or false? If supply of aproduct increases and demand for the product decreases, the equilibrium quantity will definitely change.

    asked by dzingai
  132. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 cm greater than it width. The perimeter is 58 cm. What are the dimension of the rectangle? I know the formula for Triangle Perimeter is 2(L+W) and the L is +5 more than the W but I can't write the equation for it. This is

    asked by Shadow
  133. physics

    flow of electrons in a conductor is called what?

    asked by sue
  134. Math

    (5a)to the power of 3, for a = -1 I just want to know if both of the numbers in the parenthesis have to go to the power of three or if only -1 goes. Thanks :)

    asked by EliZaBeTh
  135. math (someone please help me!)

    f(x)=((x+1)^3)-2 -Determine the number of turning points f has.

    asked by Amy
  136. Comp 155

    Define sentence variety and rhythm in your own words and explain how they interact in effective writing.

    asked by Her
  137. physics

    occurs when atomic nuclei decay

    asked by sue
  138. literature

    a villnelle is?

    asked by jake
  139. english

    i tried my best to coorrect this, but it still sounds wierd. the following paragraph is about the great gatsby, and how many celebrities relate to Gatsby.c can you please suggest ideas and help me make it sound more fluent. thanks!!! P Diddy, Bill Gates,

    asked by yesudas
  140. Trig

    find the exact values of the six trig functions of angle... sin(-315degrees) how do i do this?

    asked by ALISON
  141. organic chem

    what steps should we do if ethanol in a beaker ignites in the laboratory?

    asked by Vivian
  142. math

    If you were going to graph this function what would be the coordinates of the points that you would plot? Is this a linear or nonlinear function? Explain. f(x)= 2x+5 inputs (5) and (8) f(8)= 2(8)+5=16+5=21 f(5)= 2(5)+5=10+5=15 Would the points be (5,15)

    asked by katie
  143. math


    asked by Sharon
  144. math

    What is the algebraic rule for x = 1, 2, 3, 4, ... and y = 3, 9, 18, 30, ...

    asked by Roma
  145. Math

    list three rational nummbers between 1 and 2

    asked by ruth ***
  146. BioChem

    What is the pH of hydroiodic acid (HI)?

    asked by Max
  147. calculus

    does the sequence a=(2n)! / n! converge? Explain

    asked by Todd
  148. English

    Could you please check these other senteces? 1) he protagonist of the story is sentenced to death and has hallucinations. The seven tall candles on the tables first seem angels and then ghosts to him. 2) After a while, he loses consciousness but not

    asked by Henry2
  149. psychology

    10. People do not always demonstrate the behaviors that they observe. According to Albert Bandura, a social cognitive psychologist, what is the key to demonstrating observed behaviors? (Points: 5) Unconditioned stimuli Stimuli control Rewards Habits

    asked by Anonymous
  150. chemistry

    The melting of 0.140 g of Br2 (which occurs at -7.2 C at 1 atm pressure) absorbs 9.43 J of heat. Compute the enthalpy change in 2.00 mol of Br2 when it freezes.

    asked by rafay
  151. organic chem

    what steps should we do if a large bottle of acetone is broken and spilled in the laboratory?

    asked by Vivian
  152. organic chem

    why should we notify the laboratory instructor of any incidents that occur in laboratory?

    asked by Vivian
  153. Pre-Calculas

    I a lighthouse is 75 feet tall and boat is out at sea 40 min away, how far is the boaat from the lighthouse. I'm stump on this problem..Help!

    asked by Carlos
  154. English

    Thank you for your help. I have questions. 1. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, which amounted to a bowl. correct (You said 'correct.' In this sentence 'which' refers to '256 spoons of rice.' This one should be regarded as a

    asked by rfvv
  155. Algebra

    Nine less than 7 times a number

    asked by Nick
  156. Algebra

    Nine less than 7 times a number

    asked by Nick
  157. geometry

    Draw all rectangles with an area of 51 square cm with whole number base and height. Find the perimeter of each rectangle

    asked by Mila
  158. physics

    Suppose the volume V of some object hap- pens to depend on time t according to the equation V (t) = At3+B/t , where A and B are constants. Let L and T denote dimensions of length and time, respectively. What is the dimension of the constant A? 1. L2/T 2.

    asked by rreshs
  159. social studies

    name two things colonial leaders offered to attract settlers

    asked by Doug
  160. maths

    A circular pool has a diameter of 3m and is filled to a depth of 70 cm. Mr Thorpe climbs into the pool and submerges for ten seconds while his son measures the new depth at 72 cm. Calculate Mr Thorpe’s volume

    asked by ayesha
  161. chemistry

    what does 9.54e-7+7.25e-4 equal?

    asked by lilly
  162. MATH

    v+(-6)= - 9 I got v=-3

    asked by Laura****
  163. science please help!!!!!!

    which of the following is the result of water erosion? a sand dune b landslide c desert d canyon my answer is a am i right?

    asked by LIDIA
  164. english

    can you please help me make this paragraph sound a little bit better. thanks!!!im taking about how power from fame and wealth make celebrites think like thir god. this eventually distrys them, or their carrer. Celebrities are viewed top priority in

    asked by yesudas
  165. MATH

    write and simplify an expression of 8,038 and 133 meters?

    asked by CHACHII"s
  166. math

    Scientists have calculated that the Moon's revolution around Earth is increasing by about .015 s per century. At this rate, how long would it take the length of a month to increase by one full day?

    asked by matt
  167. science

    3 scientistperform the same experiment. 2 of them got the same answers, 1 of them got something completely different. what should these 3 peple do before trusting their answers and sharing their results with others?

    asked by cody
  168. math

    What are three points that you can plot to graph the function f(x)=2x²- 5? I don't understand this

    asked by katie
  169. Science

    How many times did earth orbit the sun between140ce and 1543, please show work

    asked by Katelyn
  170. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  171. algebraII/Math

    whai is the answer to 6y-5=-3(2y+1)

    asked by montgomery
  172. math

    Kevin has a rabbit, ferret, gerbil and turtle.he feeds them in a different order each day. How many different orders can he feed his pets?

    asked by destiny
  173. maths

    Which of the following discount series is better for a customer. 0%,10% or 18%12%? Explain.

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  174. TQM HONDA

    hi do you guys know what is the quality dimensions of Honda or any car brand, i cant find it on net...thanks

    asked by strawberry charlotte

    may i please get some notes on stoichiometry because i don't seem to be getting anything.

    asked by elizabeth
  176. math

    A reciepe for tomato and pasta salad calls for 32 ounces of tomatoes and 4 cups of pasta.the recipe makes 8 Servings.If you only wnat to make enough for 2 servings, how much of each ingredient should you use/

    asked by n
  177. Physics

    Which of the following represent examples of the following situation: An object that starts at the origin at t=0 and at some time later its displacement from origin is zero but the velocity is not zero: 1)An object in a uniform circular motion around a

    asked by Logan
  178. matha

    roman symbols

    asked by hiranmayee
  179. calculus

    Show that if a,b does not equal 0, then the line with x-intercept x=a and y-intercept y=b has the equation: x/a + y/b = 1

    asked by terra
  180. math

    Factorize the following: 2x^2 + 3x - 7

    asked by sam
  181. math

    use the ruler and the equation to make a function table. rule: multiply by 7. p times 7 = r

    asked by stephanie
  182. reading


    asked by mhoward
  183. math

    the function y=20x shows the amount of money in Marcy's bank account after x weeks. How much money will be in the account after 6 weeks?

    asked by stephanie
  184. math

    Let f (x)= x + 32 − 4 x − 13 Choose the correct interval form for the DOMAIN of f and then enter the values for the endpoint(s) in the appropriate answer blank(s). Enter N/A in any unused blanks.

    asked by Sydney
  185. algebra

    this is algebra review but I can't remember how to solve this at all. I need to graph this equation.. 3x=2y-7 I don't know how to get the Y by itself

    asked by michelle
  186. calculus

    7cosx+5sinx=2k+1 6 35 3 14

    asked by vikas verma
  187. Physics

    Suppose you are given that z = c x2 y4 where c is some number. For a particular value of c, x and y, z is equal to 7. Suppose x is decreased by a factor of 2.6 and y is increased by a factor 4. What is the new value of z?

    asked by Mike
  188. PHYSICS

    Suppose you are given that z = c y2/x3 where c is some number. For a particular value of c, x and y, z is equal to 129. Suppose x is decreased by a factor of 2.3 and y is decreased by a factor 7.9. What is the new value of z?

    asked by JJ
  189. SCIENCE HELP!!!!!

    How do weathering and erosion change landforms over time? A. they tear them down B. they build them up C. they make them prettier D. they do not change them much my answer is b,am i right?

    asked by LIDIA

    Security codes in Fiji are made up of 4 digits. How many different 4-digit codes are possible i)If the first digit cannot be zero. ii)If the first digit cannot be zero and digits cannot be repeated.

    asked by FAKAAPO
  191. algebra

    The breaking strength (in pounds) of a certain new synthetic is normally distributed, with a mean of 172 and a variance of 9. The material is considered defective if the breaking strength is less than 166 pounds. What is the probability that a single,

    asked by Anonymous
  192. Henry3

    Suppose someone invents a new unit of length called a zizzle. If 3.5 zizzles = 1 meter, what is 11.9 zizzles/s in km/hour?

    asked by Jeff
  193. Physics

    Any thing with mass has this, even a speck of dust

    asked by Help needed!
  194. Science

    What is the name for the study of sound. It starts with an e i think.

    asked by Adam
  195. Physics

    Three point charges + q, -q and + q are placed at the vertices P, Q and R of an equilateral triangle. If F=1/4ðE q 2/ r2 where r is the side of the triangle, What is the force on charge at P due to charges at Q and R? It is along which direction.? Since

    asked by Prathiksha
  196. Ethics

    I am needing help with informal fallacies. The sentence is: It is morally wrong to cause pain to another person. Therefore, dentists are immoral people. What is the fallacy for this?

    asked by Pam
  197. honors Chem B

    How do I find specific heat? from previous question.

    asked by Deahna
  198. physics

    Two vectors A and B are added. Show that the magnitude of the resultant cannot be greater than A+B or smaller than l A-B l.

    asked by Nar
  199. statistic

    The mean salary per day of all the 5000 employees who work in a company is 150 Rs. and the standard deviation is 15 Rs. Let be x bar is the mean salary per day for a random sample of certain employees selected from this company. Find the mean and standard

    asked by sandhya
  200. math

    the time of sunrise and the daily high temperature is this a casual relationship?

    asked by Anonymous
  201. 9th grade History

    Was one of the strengths of the Articles of Confederation that Congress could collect taxes from both the states and individuals?

    asked by None of your business