Questions Asked on
August 27, 2011

  1. Calculus

    A man 5.50 ft tall approaches a street light 18.0 ft above the ground at a rate of 4.0 ft/s. at what rate is the end of the man's shadow moving when he is 9.0 ft from the base of the light?

    asked by Amanda
  2. science

    what is black hole form?

    asked by aman
  3. math

    list the integers between -5 and 2, inclusive.

    asked by ruth
  4. Math

    Find how much money there will be in the account after the given number of years. Principle $8500 Rate 4% Coumpounded quarterly Time 4 yeats A=8500(1+.04/4)raised to 40th power A=8500(1.01)raised to 40th power I am stuck here, how do you raise to the 40th

    asked by Shay
  5. scientist

    Which is the best reason for the smaller number of drone bees compared to the number of worker bees in a beehive?

    asked by alexandra
  6. algebra

    solve by elimination method 3x+4y=4 6x+8y=8

    asked by Carey
  7. instructional materials their preparation and use

    which term describes a picture in which one side has more than the other side? (a)formal balance (b)informal balance (c)design simplicity (d)shape please help

    asked by susue
  8. Differential Equations

    Solve the seperable differential equation for U. du/dt = e^(5u+7t) - Using the following initial condition U(0) = 12

    asked by Kody
  9. statistics

    Given that the population mean is 4.85, calculate the z-scores of 3.3,3.84.4 and 6.2.

    asked by Celle
  10. Physics

    a transport truck pulls on a trailer with a force of 600 N {E}. the trailer pulls on the transport truck with a force: a) zero b) of less than 600 N[W] if the truck is slowing down. c) equal to 600 N [W] only if the truck is moving at constant velocity d)

    asked by Allison
  11. Psychology

    What are psychoanalytical models?

    asked by Maple C.
  12. English

    Coud you please check these few sentences? Thank you. 1) I have just finished (with) make-up exams and I won't start school till 12 September. 2) Have you found out a suitable payment method for our purchases on the net? 3) My nephew would be interested in

    asked by Henry2
  13. science

    1. What weight of aluminum may be obtain from 1 kg of aluminum oxide? 2. how many liters of hydrogen would be form by the reaction of 25g of hydrochloric acid and sufficient quantity of zinc? 3. 0.82l of an unknown gas at 35 degree Celsius and 80 cm-Hg

    asked by josh
  14. teachers aide curriculum comtent

    when are children first developmentally ready to begin learning science? (a)kindergarten (my answer) (b)fifth grade (c)junior high (d)high school according to recent science curriculum guidelines what percent of class time should students spend in hands on

    asked by susue
  15. teachers aide curriculum comtent

    literary themes understood by all people regardless of their background or the time they live in are (a)universal (b)skill-based(my answer) (c)motivational (d)literature -based what does the curriculum web show? (a)how one theme unites different subjects

    asked by susue
  16. English

    Write one paragraph of eight to twelve sentences informing your fellow students of your reasons for wanting to earn your diploma in the program in which you're enrolled, particularly in terms of your career goals. For example, why did you decide to take

    asked by Abdullah
  17. in-organic chemistry

    provide balanced equations that represent the thermal decomposition of sodium nitrate and calcium nitrate; compare and comment on the products of each reaction.

    asked by bulelwa
  18. geometry

    if 3x + 8 =20 - 3x, what is x

    asked by q
  19. maths

    if 3x + 8 =20 - 3x, what is x

    asked by q
  20. penn foster

    a computer's cpu and hard drive are found in the a. power bar b. main peripheral device c. keyboard d.system unit

    asked by peoples
  21. busniess communication

    Today, many employers expect interviewees to do more than just answer standard questions, including all of the following EXCEPT: A. defer to the hiring company to take control of the interview process. B. provide samples of the work they would likely do in

    asked by nicole
  22. macroeconomics

    slides of your preferred city to relocate with your reasoning for this choice • 1–2 slides: Explain at least 2 reasons why housing prices vary from city to city • 3–5 slides: Explain 3–4 ways in which supply and demand affect the prices of the

    asked by koki
  23. english

    can you please improve these two sentences. im tryingtosay like the newly rich try to act as if their high class but they don't get accepted even if they have money. the majordiffference between the ric and the high class, is manner. here is my sentence:

    asked by yesudas
  24. Mat 116

    Solve for m p=4m+4v the solution is m=

    asked by Carey
  25. business communications

    Which of the following should you NOT do in the close of a job interview? A.Give a final explanation for a weakness that you have. B.Show enthusiasm for the job C.Summarize your accomplishments and strengths D.Smile and relax A,and B of course wouldnt be

    asked by nicole
  26. Algebra

    |3x+8|=20; -4 Basically that 4 is asking whether that is a possible solution to the problem. I tried to solve it and the two solutions I got were -28/3 and 4. So I got that -4 is not a solution but if someone could check for me and make sure I didn't mess

    asked by Linda
  27. Chemistry

    Calculate the change in internal energy at 1 atm & 25°C. H2 (g) + 1/2 O2 (g) ---> H2O (l) delta(H)= -286 KJ/mol Okay so i started with the equation: delta(E) = delta(H) - RTdelta(n) P= 1 atm T= 298 K but i don't exactly know what to do from here..please

    asked by ChemLover
  28. science

    is ther salt in the water picked up by hurricanes?

    asked by steve
  29. Math

    “Vitamin E is a proven antioxidant and may help in fighting cancer and heart disease.” Is there anything ambiguous about this claim? Can someone please help and give me a detailed answer for this problem Thank you.

    asked by John
  30. Math

    For the question below can you please help explain why this survey question might lead to an erroneous conclusion thank you. SURVEY QUESTION: “Do you think that it is not important to give extra tutoring to students who are not failing?

    asked by John
  31. statistics

    mean is 6.36, calculate the z-scores for Cases 1, 9, 14, and 20 on the variable LIKE.

    asked by Maricel
  32. Statistics

    population mean is 6.36, calculate the z scores of 2,6,5,and 8.

    asked by Maricel
  33. math

    in 1991 the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 73.7 years in 1997 it was 76.9 years let E represent the life expectancy in year T and let T represent the number of years since 1991 the Linear function E (T) that fits the data is

    asked by Carey
  34. geometry

    you are planning on purchasing a new car and have your eye on a specific model. you know that new car prices projected to increase at a rate of 5%per year for the next few years find the cost of the car 4 years from now if the curent price is 27,000. Write

    asked by LaTonia
  35. geometry

    If a triangle has a base of 16 and a height of 18, what’s its area?

    asked by kardell
  36. algebra

    The diameter of an electric cable is normally distributed, with a mean of 0.8 inch and a standard deviation of 0.01 inch. What is the probability that the diameter will exceed 0.82 inch? (Give the answer to four decimal places.)

    asked by apryl
  37. Calculus

    find tha value of f(x)=x3 where f(x+h)-f(x)/h so far I got 3x2+3hx+h2/h and got stuck from here.

    asked by Josh
  38. Chemistry

    Okay so I'm doing doing significant figures in chem. And I was just wondering for problems like this: .000456 dm + .00524 m Do I have to actually convert stuff? And on the ones with exponents what do I do ? Ex: 3845.2 m cubed/ 25.2354 m

    asked by Kendra
  39. Pre Algebra

    How do I convert .31 1/5 to a fraction?

    asked by blawssom
  40. Math

    Write it's equation in slope-intercept form. y=-3/2x-7

    asked by Lisa
  41. Health

    Describe the new risk management processes at a nursing home in relation to state and federal mandates? I am thinking fire, tornado, hurricane disaster preparedness processes. Am I right? Which site can I get information?

    asked by Mercy
  42. algebra

    Solve the quadratic equation 2x to the 2nd power -3x-2=0using the quadratic formula. Read the information in the assignment list to learn more about how to type math symbols in MS Word, such as the square root.

    asked by shirley
  43. algebra

    P (C) if P(C)= P(C) this P(C)has i line above it

    asked by apryl
  44. algebra

    P(C)ifP(C)=2/13 the second one has a line over it

    asked by apryl
  45. stats

    women age 20-29 is 36ml staandard deviation 7ml. What is probability greater than 45ml and between 30 and 62 ml

    asked by anna
  46. soc

    All sages provide both wisdom and inspiration. Since Dasha’s speech contained wisdom and greatly inspired her audience, Dasha is a sage. Which one of the following points out the flaw in the argument above?

    asked by Dee
  47. english

    can you please help me make these sentences better. i was just saying that p diddy and jay gatsby form the the book th great gastby are related because they both lose their father at a young age and are exposed to the scoity around them. P Diddy relates to

    asked by yesudas
  48. Math

    Find the ldc for the fraction -11/245, 13/175

    asked by Jay
  49. AP Biology

    In the exponential model of population growth, does the growth rate remain constant, decine, or rise and then decline? I have researched this and I believe it to be rise then decline, but I am not really sure.

    asked by Skipper
  50. Calculus Precalculus

    Answer the calculus question about Point P, 45 mph, etc. It is ALREADY posted on here.

    asked by Zach
  51. Bio

    What is it called when b=d and r=0? A. iteroarity B. semelparity C. zero population growth D. cohort E. a survivorship curve I think it is E but I would greatly appreciate a teacher's input!

    asked by Rachel
  52. ap bio

    The number of trophic levels that can be maintained in an ecosystem is limited by: a. a gain in population size b. the loss of potential energy c. the number of individuals in the ecosystem i have chosen a but it is for a grade and i would love some help??

    asked by Bekah
  53. Math

    A number has the digit 4 in the ones place and the digit 7 in the tens place. Which of these is another way to write this number? A. 40 plus 7 B. 70 plus 4 C. 4 plus 7

    asked by Kashawn
  54. science

    One observation that regards the magnetic stipes on the ocean floor that would disprove the theory of platetectonics would be?

    asked by ali
  55. algebra

    Copper weighing 4480 kilograms has a volume of 0.5 cubic meters. What is the density of copper? I started with 4480kg/0.5m and got 8960. Is this correct and what is the unit at the end?

    asked by 1carriebear
  56. English

    In Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, what are some examples of allusions to Shakespeare, the Bible, fairy tales, or Greek myths?

    asked by Emily
  57. Chemistry

    I need help on how to calculate the following please: Calculate the risk assesment of the amount of the ozone in the air between the hours of 4pm and 6pm where I live(Corpus Christi,Texas)

    asked by Jelly
  58. basic statistics for the behavioral sciences

    there are 80 students enrolled in statistics. (a)you and 11 other earned the same score. what percent of the class received your score? (b)forty percent of the class received a grade of C. how many students received a C? (c) only 7.5% of the class received

    asked by jan
  59. algebra

    An airplane traveled from Boston to Las Vegas making a stop in St. Louis. The plane traveled 2410 miles altogether, which is 230% of the distance from Boston to St. Louis. Find the distance from Boston to St. Louis to the nearest mile. The answer is 1048

    asked by 1carriebear
  60. algebra

    The breaking strength (in pounds) of a certain new synthetic is normally distributed, with a mean of 166 and a variance of 4. The material is considered defective if the breaking strength is less than 160 pounds. What is the probability that a single,

    asked by Anna Swain
  61. Physics

    44.34miles^2 = _______Km^2 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Geometry

    A company produces cardboard boxes with the top, bottom and sides measuring 5 feet. It costs the company 4 cents a square foot to make each box. The square footage is determined by finding the area of all six sides of the box. Find the cost to make 100

    asked by Jack
  63. maths

    the cost price of 2 articles is same as the selling price of 3 articles . what is the loss or gain%? a)50% loss b)331/3%gain c)25%loss d)331/3%loss e) none of this

    asked by avinash
  64. maths

    a man sold an article at 10% loss , if he had taken 45Rs more , the gain would have been 8%. what is its cost price a.150 b.180 c.200 d.250 e.none

    asked by avinash
  65. maths

    a man sold an article at a profit of 25%. if he had bought it at 10% less and sold for 10RS more, the gain would have been 40%. find its cost price a.800 c.960 c.1000 d.1080 e.none

    asked by avinash
  66. Calculus

    A parcel delivery service will deliver a package only if the length plus girth (distance around) does not exceed 84 in. What are the radius, length and volume of the largest cylindrical package that may be sent using this service?

    asked by Amanda
  67. education support

    what communication strategies would you use to support the child who distress and crying by himself> provide an example for each strategy? I need help pls

    asked by kayla
  68. science

    A man incurs a deep laceration on his thigh, he goes to the hospital and gets the wound cleaned, stitched and dressed. He was discharged soon after. Four days after the man finds the wound extremely painful and had a smelly discharge. QUESTION: by which

    asked by Annie
  69. algebra/math

    Suppose that people's heights (in centimeters) are normally distributed, with a mean of 165 and a standard deviation of 6. We find the heights of 40 people. (a) How many would you expect to be between 158 and 172 cm tall?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Social studies

    Economy of America

    asked by Prashanth
  71. chemistry

    an ideal gas in a closed inflexible container has a pressure of 6 atms and a temperature of 27 degree c. What will be the new pressure of gas of temperature is decreased to -73 degree c. 1) 2atm 2) 3atm 3) 4atm 4) 8atm 5) 9atm

    asked by marjani
  72. chemistry

    a radioactive material is undergoing nuclear decay. After 40 minutes, 25% of the sample remains. What is the half-life of the sample

    asked by marjani
  73. Science

    These are the instructions on a homework worksheet: "Measure the following lines using a ruler and write the measurements in the boxes provided." "Measuring Lines in cm - exact" Can someone please tell me what they mean by "Measuring Lines in cm - exact"?

    asked by Smom
  74. teachers aide curriculum comtent


    asked by susue
  75. teachers aide curriculum comtent

    a sense of what it was like to live in a certain time and place is called? (a)historical literacy (b)historical empathy (my answer) (c)ethnic literacy (d)geographic literacy

    asked by susue
  76. health care management

    Networks and alliances are marriages of money and convenience. Systems are marriages of commitment and values. Develop arguments and counterargements for each statement.

    asked by daniel
  77. Physics

    How do you solve this using the component method? 56n, northwest + 38n, 75 degrees east of north

    asked by Sabbie
  78. social

    describe black hole of calcutta

    asked by monica
  79. English

    Could you please check these few sentences? Thank you. 1) I clapped him for good luck. As the curtain went down, everybody clapped and cheered. (Do these two verbs have the same meaning?) 2) While she was pouring milk into the cup, she dripped some over

    asked by Henry2
  80. biology

    What are harmones? And their description

    asked by Surya
  81. Psy 202

    1. One of the reasons that certain advertisements are successful is because viewers want to behave like those they observe. What is the general term that psychologists use to describe this type of behavior

    asked by Stacy