Questions Asked on
August 19, 2011

  1. physics

    1. You slowly lift a book of mass 2 kg at a constant velocity a distance of 3 m. How much work did you do on the book? I got 180 for this 2. A 15 kg crate is moved along a horizontal floor with a rope that makes a 30 degree angle with the horizontal. If

    asked by Mei Lei
  2. Science

    How to calculate the height of water column gushing that would be gushing out from a 100 mm diameter pipe opening if the velocity of the water flowing through the pipe is 1.6 meters / second.

    asked by Sasee
  3. Math

    Please can someone show me the steps to do this problem?? Also, please don't tell me to just google the solution because I've already tried and have tried to do this problem by myself for hours now...Thank you so much. You are measuring trees in a forest.

    asked by Lily
  4. Math

    Please can someone show me the steps to do this problem?? Also, please don't tell me to just google the solution because I've already tried and have tried to do this problem by myself for hours now...Thank you so much. You are measuring trees in a forest.

    asked by Lily
  5. General: Exam help

    Hi Is there anyway that I can plan extended written responses? Where you write a response to source material essay under exam conditions. I struggle with them and my teacher told me I need to learn, but he hasn't really taught us.:) What is the best way to

    asked by Em
  6. Precalc

    Can someone please help me? I don't know how to solve for time under 23 units. When I try I think I get the answer for above 23 units and when I try to subtract from the whole period my answer is wrong. The correct answer is 5.1337 hours. Fidel is

    asked by Rose
  7. wbnuwhui

    Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. (Points : 1) Paloma did not make it to work for, her car broke down on the freeway. Paloma did not make it to work for her car, broke down on the freeway. Paloma did not make it to work, for her car broke

    asked by jvciopajoi
  8. physical science

    the distance between two wave crests in the water is 3 meters. a swimmer notices one wave goes by every 6 seconds. What is the spped of the waves

    asked by Anonymous
  9. ODE I-variation of parameters-MATHS

    Evaluate yII+yI=tanx

    asked by ERIC
  10. science

    two identical 200 gram balls of diameter 3.0 cm are 5.0 cm apart. each carries a charge of 6.5 micro coulombs. one of the balls is realesed. find its acceleration if gravitational force is negligible small?

    asked by Aaron
  11. math

    A pool of water with surface area of 0.6 hectares has a uniform depth of 3 metres.A pipe drains water in the pool at the rate of 200 litres per second.How much hours does it take to empty the pool?

    asked by Charles
  12. Math

    The table shows the driving distance from certain cities. From To Driving Dis mi Pittsburgh Johnstown 55 Johnstown Allentown 184 1. Write a number sentence that compares the mileage from Pittsburgh to Johnstown to Allentown, and the mileage from Allentown

    asked by Hayley
  13. science

    help me to understand how to determine the volume in a partial graduated cylinder etc., 45 &40

    asked by ann
  14. ecology

    how to find the age of a plaNT

    asked by chetna shetty
  15. maths

    in a model of ship the mast is 9m high while. if the length of the actual ship is12m high.if the lenght of the ship is 28m. how long is model of ship?

    asked by priya
  16. Math

    when a problem asks for domain and range which is which?

    asked by star
  17. math

    if 1.6cm=20km in text book for reading maps than how much is 2.3cm.

    asked by chetna shetty
  18. anatomy

    where are the shoulders relative to these parts? 1. throat (inferior) 2. hip (superior) 3. ears (inferior) 4. hands (superior) 5. eyes (inferior) will someone please take a look at my answers and tell my if i am right

    asked by Jessica

    Discuss, in detail, the role played by DNA and RNA in genetic diseases. What are the breakthroughs, if any, in the treatment/management of genetic diseases?

    asked by ken
  20. Math 116

    Justin had $49 before spending n dollars on Jeans. How much money remains? Translate to an algebraic expression

    asked by Kelly
  21. Math

    solve for x, where x is a real number. (x^2)+3x-4=14 Please show me the steps im missing one and i cant figure out what

    asked by star
  22. Math

    Olivia run the 200 meter dash in 24 different track meets. what is the total number of meters that olivia has run during track meets?

    asked by Leslie
  23. math

    ramos was falling through the air of 30feet per second. how many feet did ramos fall in the 110 seconds before she opened her parachute?

    asked by jazmin
  24. health

    Describe the type of manager it would take to operate a tertiary hospital in a major metropolitan area, then compare and contrast to a manager of a small town country hospital. Do they differ?

    asked by PAM
  25. Application to Intemediate Algebra

    Why will these expressions not add up? I need a little boost, thanks Michael

    asked by Michael
  26. Math

    A satellite moving in a circular orbit with respect to the earth's center experiences a gravitational force. If the satellite is put into a new circular orbit of smaller radius, how will the gravitational force and the speed of the satellite change ,if at

    asked by Troy
  27. Math

    If the addition of 2,000 joules of heat to 10 kilograms of a substance raises it's temperature 2 degrees,the specific heat of the substance is. a. 0.01j/kg degrees. b. 0.2j/kg degrees. c. 50 j/kg degrees d. 100 j/kg degrees e. 200j j/kg degrees

    asked by Troy
  28. Geometry

    a triangle has vertices A, B, and C, and the respective opposite sides have lengths a,b, and c. If a=1, b=3, and C=60, then sin^2(B) is equal to ?

    asked by qwerty123
  29. Algebra

    Why can not this equation be added together? Example: x^2/3+x^1/3; explain why thank you Michael

    asked by Michael
  30. Arkansas History

    What are some major cities in Crowley's Ridge?

    asked by Rikky
  31. Statistics

    a fair dice is tossed seven times. suppose that on tosses 2 through 7, the value seen is different from the value seen on the preceding toss. Let S denote the sum of the 7 value seen, the probability that s to be even is

    asked by Appollonius
  32. trig

    sina=^10 sinb=^5 find a+b if a,b are acute angles

    asked by Anonymous
  33. trig

    sina=^10 sinb=^5 find a+b if a,b are acute angles

    asked by parminder
  34. personal finance

    What is short-term and long-term disability?

    asked by Camille
  35. Web Design

    how has the internet changed since 1980?

    asked by Josh
  36. statistics

    Student A gets 40%maxmium marks and 10 above pass mark.Student B gets 50%maxmium marks and 50 above pass mark.find the pass mark.

    asked by Malar
  37. trig

    a plane is flying with airspeed of 140 mph and heading 280 degrees. The wind currents are running at 20mph at 260 degrees clockwise from due north. Find the true course and ground speed of the plane.

    asked by Frankie
  38. direct variation or neither

    Tell whether the equation represents direct variation or neither, 7=3x+2 represents A) represents inverse variation B) represents direct variation C) represents neither.

    asked by Tiara
  39. shakhenbi

    a block of metal has a length of 20cm, breadth 10cm and height 5cm. its mass is 2.7kg. find the density of the metal in g/cm3. find out what the block is made of.

    asked by tomba
  40. psychology

    I am confused, I thought these were one in the same, but as I research they are saying that they are differnt approches. Can you help me...Is cognitive therapy the same as cognitive behaviorial intervention?

    asked by liz
  41. geometry

    Hello I have an assignment were I have to answer the following questions. I have posted the questions and their answers below can someone please read over them and see if what I wrote is correct and if it is not how do I fix it? Thank You ! 1.Who was

    asked by need help
  42. physics

    a block of metal has a length of 20cm, breadth 10cm and height 5cm. its mass is 2.7kg. find the density of the metal in g/cm3. find out what the block is made of.

    asked by tomba
  43. Personal Finance

    What are the functions of auto, home, health, disablity, and life insurance?

    asked by Me
  44. chemistry

    What would be the best technique to separate a soluble solid from a solution, like separating salt from a mixture of salt water?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    Find the area of the sector of the disk of radius r=15 ft and with arc length s=13 ft. When I did it it came out to .8666667, is that right or do I have to do 1/(13)(15) to get 1.15384571.

    asked by Sue
  46. Personal Finance

    What are some examples of companies for auto, home, health, disablity, and life insuance?

    asked by Me
  47. Math

    A person deposited $500 in a savings account that pays 5% annual interest that is compounded yearly. At the end of the 10 years, how much money will be in the savings account?

    asked by leslie
  48. Personal Finance

    What are some coverage characteristics of auto, health, like, disability, and and life insurance?

    asked by Me
  49. physical science

    A magnet is plunged into and out of a coil of wire 2 times per second. This induces 5 volts. If the number of coils in the wire is doubled from 100 to 200, and the original rate 2 times per second is kept the same, what will be the new voltage induced.

    asked by Alicia
  50. COM

    Read essay below and explain how effectively did the author persuade you and why? _______________________________________ The United States is the only modernized Western nation that does not offer publically funded health care to all its citizens; the

    asked by Taylor
  51. math

    an antique dealer visited three shops.she spent 25$ at the first the second shop she spent half of her remaining money .at the third shop she spent one third of her remaining money and had 60$ left.How much money did the dealer have originally?

    asked by lisa
  52. Precalculus

    Identify the graph of the equation. What is the angle of rotation for the equation? y^2+8x=0 How do i figure this out? I think it has to be a hyperbola.

    asked by Beatrice
  53. statistics

    The heights of American women aged 18 to 24 are normally distributed with a mean of 66 inches and a standard deviation of 2.5 inches. In order to serve in the U.S. Army, women must be between 57 inches and 79 inches tall. What percentage of women are

    asked by Ann
  54. physics

    Determine the stopping distances for a car with an initial speed of 93 km/h and human reaction time of 3.0 s for the following accelerations: -4.00 m/s^2 -8.00 m/s^2

    asked by Phil
  55. English

    How would I cite quotes from books like The Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451 in MLA Format? I have quotes I have to use in a comparison paper about Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. But The Hunger Games is written in

    asked by Sarah
  56. Chemistry

    Predict and balance the following organic reactions. 1. Ethanol(ethyl alcohol) and methanoic acid(formic acid) are mixed and warmed. 2. Ethanoic acid is combined with propanol.

    asked by Summer
  57. Math

    Write the standard form of the equation for the circle that passes through the points (2, 6), (-4, 6), and (-4, -2). Then identify the center and radius. So far I got 2D+6E+F+40 -4D+6E+F+52 -4D-2E+F-20 IS this correct> and how do I solve it?

    asked by Janice
  58. Math

    Determine the solution set of the system. x^2+y^2=9 x+y=3 Very confused on this one! PLease Help!

    asked by Janice
  59. math

    identify the property z(x-y) =zx -zy commutative.associative, distributive?

    asked by lionel messi
  60. math

    identify the property (x+3) -2 =(3+x) -2 commutative, associative, distributive?

    asked by lionel messi
  61. math

    simplify \``````27

    asked by lionel messi
  62. math

    write an algebraic expression: the total cost of x containers of yogurt at $0.79 each?

    asked by cristiano ronaldo
  63. math

    simplify completely: 65 degrees

    asked by cristiano ronaldo
  64. math

    simplify completely -2 (2x + y) -7x + 2y?

    asked by cristiano ronaldo
  65. math

    simplify completely -2 (2x + y) -7x + 2y?

    asked by max
  66. Child Care Managment

    which of the following is is best suited to a formative assessment of progress? A, muscular strngth and endurance B body fat analysis C. Flexibility D awareness of selfand space. I think is A. But if Im wrong can somebody help me. thanks.

    asked by Alex
  67. MATH

    Can anyone please help me with this? Can anyone please build or generate at least five Pythagorean Triples using one of the many formulas available online. Then After building the triples, verify each of them in the Pythagorean Theorem equation. Thank you

    asked by John
  68. Chemistry

    A mixture of gases at 760.0 torr contains 35.0% nitrogen, 22.0% oxygen , and 43.0% carbon dioxide by volume. What is the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas in torr?

    asked by Erica
  69. Comp 155

    identify key points to keep in mind when writing a topic sentence. How might these key points help you write effectively

    asked by Me
  70. social studies

    who were among the settlers at sagadahoc and who was thier leader?

    asked by marina
  71. Comp 155

    When writing a paragraph, it is important that the topic sentence and supporting points within that paragraph be directly related. What would be the reaction of a reader if the topic sentences in an essay did not coincide with the supporting points?

    asked by Me
  72. georaphy

    Can you help? Is the Arctic Circle north or south of the Tropic of Capricorn? My Mom says it can be north or south of the Tropic of Capricorn because the earth is round. My answer is the Arctic Circle is north of the Tropic of Capricorn. WHO is RIGHT, Me

    asked by Reed
  73. Phyisics

    If a toy plane was going 28 feet in five seconds. How fast was the plane going. If you could show me how you got the answer

    asked by Steve Allen
  74. Labor Relations

    1. The Local Roofers' Union makes an agreement with management for guaranteed raises each year of no less than 3% of their pay for the next two years in exchange for a reduction in their medical benefits coverage. This is called A. an interest dispute. B.

    asked by Gloria
  75. geography

    What does a star or dot in a circle usually mean on a map? I have my answer but again my Mom questions it? Here is my answer! A star in a dot means a capital of a country. A dot in a circle means a capital of a state.

    asked by Reed
  76. SAT math

    If five distinct lines lie in a plane, then at most how many distinct points can lie on two or more of these lines? 6 7 8 9 10.

    asked by Grace
  77. Geometry please help me need to finish!

    1.Who was Blaise Pascal and how did he help start the study of probability? 2.Who was Pierre de Fermat and how did he help start the study of probability? 3.What was the relationship between Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat and what were they studying

    asked by need help
  78. algebra

    Find the y intercept for the equation -2x+2=4

    asked by Lee
  79. physics


    asked by Anonymous
  80. algebra

    Translate the mathematical phrase “The product of 4 and the quantity ‘x + 11’ “ into an algebraic expression. Simplify completely.

    asked by Anonymous
  81. human service

    can you please help me to understand the difference between Arbitration and mediation?

    asked by patiance
  82. Algebra

    3. In his propane oven, he bakes two baking sheets with 24 Peanut Butter cookies on each sheet, two baking sheets with 18 Chocolate Chip cookies on each sheet, and one baking sheet with 10 Peanut Butter cookies and 12 Chocolate Chip cookies Write an

    asked by Anonymous