August 16, 2011

  1. statistics

    For a class actvitity, your group has been assigned the task of generating a quiz question that requires use of the formuala for conditional probability to compute P(B|A). Your group comes up with the following question: "If P(A and B) = 0.40 and P(A) =
  2. Informatics

    1.Identify the accommodations that providers must make to assure effective learning in an e-health environment; b.Outline how learning might be facilitated or hampered in an e-health environment
  3. physical science

    economic impact of potical fibres
  4. science physics

    a small aircraft experiences s lift force equal to 3.8 times of its weight. a)draw a diagram to show the forces acting on the aircraft when it is flying in a horizontal circle with its wing banked at an angle to the horizontal b)determine the maximum bank
  5. English

    What is the meaning of the poem Snow and Ice by Quincy Troupe?
  6. Legal Studies

    Hey :) If a juvenile is held in remand does this mean that their being held in custody (a juvenile detention center etc) while their waiting trial (i.e. havent been sentenced yet)? I'm just having some trouble understanding the meaning of remand. Any help
  7. algebra

    solve 12-8(3x-5)>-7x+29
  8. english

    after the play_________, several critics made scathing comments about it
  9. maths

    an example of two irrational numbers whose product and qoutient is a rational number.
  10. Algebra

    Please explain One factor of x3 + 5x2 + 2x - 8 is (x + 4). Find the remaining factors.
  11. SPS

    An educator claims that the average salary of substitute teachers in Pennsylvania is at most $60 per day. A random sample of ten school districts is selected, and the daily salaries are shown. Is there evidence to support the claim at á = .01? 48 56 66 55
  12. Algebra

    log25 8 less than or greater than x How do I write this in a different form? fraction
  13. differential calculus

    find the implicit function of x^3+3^y=3xy
  14. English

    In to kill a mocking bird Atticus says that mrs.dubose had alot of courage what does this meän?!
  15. math

    triangle ABC and triangle DBC on the same base BC and angleA
  16. math

    List the ages of two people in your life, one older than you and one younger than you. It would be best if the younger person was 15 years of age or younger. Find the prime factorizations of your age and the other two persons’ ages. Show your work listed

    AIR CONTAIN 20% oxygen by volume . the volume of air required to oxidise 1gram CNG AT STP WILL BE WHAT
  18. health

    How does technology improve our ability as health care organizations to market ourselves in our communities
  19. geometry

    if the radius of a circle is 3.1, find the circumferance.
  20. physics

    starting from rest s=0,pulley A (rA=50 mm)is given a constant angular acceleration, A=6 rad/s2. Pulley C(rC=150mm) has an inner hub D (rD=75 mm) which is fixed to C and turns with it. What is the speed of block B when it has risen s=6 m ?
  21. math

    Mickey bought 3 books from the bargain bin at his school's book fair and paid six dollars. If buying books from the bargain bin follows a direct variation, how much did his sister pay for the 4 books she bought?
  22. English

    Write a diary entry imaginig that you are Malvolio locked in a dark room in punishment for your "madness".It should be around 100-150Words
  23. math

  24. English

    Please write one of the following: congratulatory message *sale of an item *missing person *missing pet MUST BE BETWEEN 100-150WORDS
  25. psychology

    Suppose that you are dropped off at a large mall without money and merely wander around casually looking at the stores and displays. Later, someone asks you where a particular store is located in the mall. The fact that you can direct the person to the
  26. physics

    a body travels half of its total path in the last second of its free fall from rest.what is the duration of fall .
  27. physics

    Between two stations a train acclerates uniformly at first, then moves with constant velocity and finally retards uniformly. If the ratio of the time taken be 1:8:1 and the max speed attained be 60km/h then what is the average speed over the whole journey?
  28. math

    Explain how to find the sum 8 + (-10) using game chips, then give the answer.
  29. math

    Explain how to find the sum negative sixty-five plus positive forty-one using a number line, then give the answer.
  30. Physics

    A 50.3-g golf ball is driven from the tee with an initial speed of 57.0 m/s and rises to a height of 33.2 m. (a) Neglect air resistance and determine the kinetic energy of the ball at its highest point. (b) What is its speed when it is 7.04 m below its
  31. Physics

    A 8.49-m ladder with a mass of 24.2 kg lies flat on the ground. A painter grabs the top end of the ladder and pulls straight upward with a force of 247 N. At the instant the top of the ladder leaves the ground, the ladder experiences an angular
  32. Physics

    A solid disk rotates in the horizontal plane at an angular velocity of 0.034 rad/s with respect to an axis perpendicular to the disk at its center. The moment of inertia of the disk is 0.11 kg·m2. From above, sand is dropped straight down onto this
  33. Maths

    Mr T's salary is $800 less than 3 times of his wife's salary. His wife's salary is 4/10 as much as his. how much is their total monthly salary?(non-algebra method pls)
  34. com/170

    review the evaluatio paragraph on p.179 of the text. Identify what the author did well and what the author could hae done better.
  35. com/170

    review the evaluatio paragraph on p.179 of the text. Identify what the author did well and what the author could hae done better.
  36. Maths

    The breadth of a rectangular plot of land is 85% of its length. The difference between the length and breadth is 18m. A) what is the length B) what is the area
  37. Physics

    The drawing (which I will describe) shows a top view of a door that is free to rotate about an axis of rotation that is perpendicular to the screen. Find the net torque (magnitude and direction) produced by the forces F1 and F2 about the axis. Picture
  38. How to Start your own day care facility

    THe first step to planning a child care center is to what?
  39. Soc/105

    How have talent-based reality shows changed the development of new talent in the music industry? 
  40. Logic

    Can someone please help me solve these problems? I have to use the 17 rules of inference to prove the arguments valid: 1) 1. T = R 2. (~R > ~T) > (P . ~S) / ~S v T 2) 1. C > F 2. A > B 3. ~F . A 4. ~C > (B > D) / B . D 3) 1. (S v Q) / ~P > ~S 4) 1. D > P
  41. psychology

    Justin’s new telephone number is 663-7589. He frequently tells people that it is 633-7589. He is puzzled as to why he keeps doing that until he realizes that the first three digits of his social security number are 633. Justin realizes that his problem
  42. pre school

    Considering storybooks with electronic features, educators believe that: a. they may be more educative than human read-alouds. b. they are not worth the money. c. they attract but do not hold toddlers attens for long. d. reading with a responsive adult is
  43. math

    translate 6 more than the sum of x and y
  44. ECON

    Which of the following is least likely to affect an economy's capacity to produce?
  45. compostion and communiucation II

  46. math

    Name three numbers between o.33 and o.34
  47. world regional geography

    the entire region of northern africa and southwest asia is dominated by
  48. health

    A prescription calls for erythromycin 400mg/5ml, dispense 100ml. The dose is 40mg/kg/day and the child weighs 44 pounds. The si. reds ? tsp qid until gone. How many tsp and how many days will the prescription last?.
  49. health

    Pharmacist dilutes a vial containing 1gm of antibiotic with 10ml of water. The solution is then added to 100ml of d5w. What is the concentration, in mg/ml, of the antibiotic in the d5w?
  50. music

    Are all the notes of a chord played at the same time?
  51. accounting

    At the beginning of the year, Logan company's assets are $200,000 and its equity is $150,000. during the year, assets increase $70,000 and liabilities increase $30,000. What is the equity at the end of the year?
  52. Accounting

    At the beginning of the year, Keller Company's liabilities equal $60,000. During the year, assets increased by $80,000, and at year-end assets equal $180,000. Liabilities decrease $10,000 during the year. What are the beginning and ending amount of equity?
  53. English

    i need to know if these words fit the sentences correctly, like do they make sense. The words that i put in them from a vocab list are capitalized. This: * means a new sentence. *At the risk of being boring, let me REITERATE my warning against careless
  54. English

    what does provisional and inconclusive mean?
  55. Health

    sorry about all the questionsD: i promise this is the last one, i hate creating so many posts, but, for health class were learning about cosmetic teeth whitening, (its a small extra credit thing) I need to know if enamel micro abrasion is safe for
  56. English

    What is the meaning of the poem snow & ice by Quincy Troupe?
  57. Englishh

    1. What happens when the needs of society conflict with the needs of the individual?
  58. Public Health

    Would like to know where to find a human resource law/policy on absenteeism, workplace injury or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
  59. world geography

    In terms of GNI PPP, excluding Singapore, the wealthiest nations of Southeast Asia are
  60. 6th grade math

    Length of of a side of a cube, if the volume is 1000 cubic meters?
  61. Careers

    If you have a 2-page resume, can you print it out double-sided because I want to save paper.

    Carmen bought 3 box of pencils. Each box has the same number of pencils. She used 5 pencils and 7 pencils left over. How many pencils were in each box?
  63. 6th grade math

    Length of of a side of a cube, if the volume is 1000 cubic meters?
  64. Physics

    For no apparent reason, a poodle is running at a constant speed of 5.80 m/s in a circle with radius 2.3 m. For t_delta = 0.5 s calculate the magnitude of the average acceleration a_av. I have no idea how to start this problem because I'm trying to use this
  65. algebra

    Input:1,2,3,4,5 output:3,5,9,17,33 what is the rule?
  66. Math

    There are 8 more girls in the math club. The club has a total of 44. How many are girls and how many are boys?
  67. math

    what is 4 27/27 as a whole number
  68. Math

    An angle θ, in standard position, has its terminal side in Quadrant IV on the line 12x + 5y = 0. Find the exact values of sin θ and cos θ.
  69. 3rd grade math

    what is standard form ? and What is expanded form ?
  70. CALCULUS:)

    Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Then find the area of the region. 2y=3sqrtx and y=3 and 2y+2x=5
  71. CALCULUS:)

    Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating the region enclosed by x=0, x=1, y=0, y=9+x^4 about the x-axis.
  72. CALCULUS:)

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. x=3y^2, y=1, x=0 about the y-axis.
  73. CALCULUS:)

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=x^2, x=y^2 about the axis x=–3
  74. CALCULUS:)

    The region between the graphs of x=y^2 and x=6y is rotated around the line y=6. The volume of the resulting solid is ____?
  75. Math

    im doing a math word scramble and i cant unscramble the following: AHLSSNET GIRLTEAHING OUOETRRSAQ GTEERNARTHA ICARLAFTO UNTOEGRNC LUQSEA VITSEIOP UNRLERPADECPI REAORDDRIE ENITMELGENS Help me. Due tomorrow by the time i get to Ms. Bladys class
  76. Early Childhood Language Art

    which one of the following is not necessarily an element of good poetry? A.unique diction b.carefully selected words c.rhyming words d.meaningful content I said D is it correct
  77. statistics

    A random variable X is best described by a continuous uniform distribution from 20 to 45 inclusive. The standard deviation of this distribution is approximately
  78. Nursing

    A resident is in the cafeteria infoms you that they have to go to tthe bathroom. What should you do?
  79. english

    What are some examples of real and fantastic plot elements?
  80. Medical

    Okay heres my question..... What would you do if you were working in a clinic and the patient your working with; you are giving it a bed bath and they tell you they prefer to wear a tee shirt?
  81. Early Childhood Language

    1. Beginning child storytellers: A.have story sense and story grammar immediately b.sequence story events in mature ways c.often tell a series of unrelated events d.display mature gesturing ability I said c is that correct 2.children with many experience
  82. early Childhood Language

    I said c for #2

    A gas cylinder contains a mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen, which have different molecular masses. The contents of the cylinder are in thermal equilibrium. Which of the following statements is correct? Question 1 options: A) All carbon dioxide
  84. math

    what is 10 divided by 5/6
  85. math

    A machine on a production line fills 8 soft drink cans per minuet. How many cans does it fill in 8 hours?
  86. AP Geography

    I need a comparison of Europe's economy versus Russia and the Near Abroad's. I've done like five other topics, writing two or three pages for each, can I just get some quick help? I need three or more idea's I can toss together in words. Websites are
  87. algebra

    What is x to the 7th power divided by x to the 6th power?
  88. early childhood education

    1. Small group discussions with preschools enables them to: A. Find out if they are superior B. Learn to argue C. Outsmart the others and gain teachers attention D. Compare their ideas with peer ideas I choose D 2. Children with many experience with
  89. algebra

    every inch on a model is equivalent to 3.5 feet on the real boat. what would be the mathmatical rule to express the relationship between the length of the model, m, and the length of the boat, b?
  90. Algebra

    Please help me One bowling charges $5.50 for shoe rental plus $2.50 per game. A second bowling alley charges $4.00 for shoe rental plus $3.00 per game. If one person rents a pair of shoes to bowl, how many games should they bowl to make the first bowling
  91. MATH 2

    WHAT IS 2X+8=X+7
  92. math

    what is the largest negative coterminal angle of -417?
  93. math

    How do I find a complex prisoner number for f(z)=z^2+3? I have tried all the numbers but they all seem to be going up
  94. math

    Also how do I find numbers in Julias set? what number is in between an escapee and a prisoner?
  95. Public Health

    Would like to know where to find a human resource law/policy on absenteeism, workplace injury or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.