Questions Asked on
August 15, 2011

  1. Math

    A hurricane wind blows across a 6.00 m times 15.0 m flat roof at a speed of 190 km/hr. What is the pressure difference? Use 1.28 kg/m^3 for the density of air. How much force is exerted on the roof? If the roof cannot withstand this much force, will it

    asked by Catie
  2. chemistry

    Explain the relation between muscles, ATP energy, and the calcium ion.

    asked by meme
  3. Physics

    Body A has twice the mass and three times the specific heat of body B. They are supplied with equal amounts of heat. Body A experiences a temperature change ΔT. What change in temperature is experienced by body B? Question 2 options: A) ΔT B) 3ΔT/2 C)

    asked by Skylar
  4. math

    Determine the periodic deposit. round to the nearest dollar. how much of the financial goal comes from deposits and how much comes from interest. Periodic deposit %? at the end of each months Rate 8.25% compounded monthly Time 40 years Financial goal

    asked by marie
  5. Calculus

    sif xyz=0 (-3x^2yz)^3 p=27x^7y^4z^6 then p=?

    asked by Kelly
  6. Physics 1

    (II) How close to the edge of the 20.0-kg table shown in Fig. 9–47 can a 66.0-kg person sit without tipping it over?

    asked by Jerome
  7. trig and cotagent

    Evaluate cot(11pi/6) to the nearest hundredth (given in radians).

    asked by saad
  8. social study

    What country is 45 degrees north and 105 degrees west cross

    asked by michael
  9. Calc 2

    Use a graphing utility to graph the polar equations and find the area of the given region. Common interior of r = 12 sin(2θ) and r = 6

    asked by Em

    The latent heat of fusion of water is 3.34 x 105 J/kg. A farmer places a barrel containing 1000 kg of water in his barn one winter's night. When the water cools to 0oC, it begin to freeze. How much heat does the water give out while it is freezing until it

    asked by Maggie
  11. auto body

    If you have a 5 inch grinding wheel with 5000 rpms and a piece off material lies off of it how fast is the material moving?

    asked by heather
  12. Geometry

    A concrete pad has dimensions 9 ft by 9 ft by 4 inches. How many cubic yards of concrete does it contain?

    asked by Bart
  13. physics

    A racecar accelerates along a straight track. It reaches 160 km/hr when it is 0.4 km from the start. It maintains the same speed until it is 1.6 km from the start. What is the displacement of the car during the time that it goes 160 km/hr?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. math

    A researcher predicts that listening to music while solving math problems will make a particular brain area more active. To test this, a research participant has her brain scanned while listening to music and solving math problems, and the brain area of

    asked by Donna
  15. social studies

    what state does the letters solidedahnr?

    asked by gabby
  16. accounting

    1. Please refer to the worksheet below. Trial Balance Adjustments Adjusted Trial Balance Income Statement Balance Sheet Account Title Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Cash $1,700 $1,700 $1,700 Accounts receivable 8,500 $2,000 10,500 10,500 Supplies

    asked by jimmy
  17. Physics Help

    0.30 mol of argon gas is admitted to an evacuated 50cm^3 container at 20 C. The gas then undergoes an isobaric heating to a temperature of 340C. What is the set up for this? I can plug in the values

    asked by Lizzie
  18. MATH

    The time (t, in seconds) for a free-falling object to fall d feet is described by the mathematical formula: t=d over the square root of 16 If a worker accidentally drops a hammer from a building and it hit the ground 4 seconds later, from what height was

    asked by Wanda
  19. Chemistry

    a freshmann is currently enjoying the arts studio program she is pursuing at a well know university. In her free time she likes to skate,take salsa dance lessons, and cook. She particularly enjoys and decides to pickle olives to the rescipe, she needs to

    asked by ROCKY
  20. math

    2. Simplify. Please be sure to show all of your work. -3(-9) – |-5 – 3 3. Simplify. Please show all of your work 9c^3+7c-(3c^3-12+c) 4. Solve 4x- 3(5x-8) =23-9(x+2) . Please show all of your work 5. Solve the following equation for z. Please show all

    asked by christine
  21. bio tec

    what is a zygote

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Making Data Graphs

    In Example 2, find the percent of the total and the number of degrees in each sector for mountains, theme parks, relatives, and other. Find the median of the data set in Example 3. In which category does it fall? Find the average unemployment rate for

    asked by maria
  23. Marine Science

    1.Which condition is believed to be caused by El Niño and effectively weakens hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean? *warm water temperatures *high wind shear *low wind shear *high pressure 2.We only see hurricanes in the summer months because *there is more

    asked by maria
  24. Comp 155

    List the steps to buying a home.

    asked by Camille
  25. Math HELP!!!!!!

    A pancake shop serves 3 kinds of pancakes,5 kinds of syrup,and 2 kinds of juice.How many different breakfast combinations are possible with one of each kind of item?

    asked by MIKI
  26. math

    Explain how to find the sum positive eight plus negative ten using game chips, then give the answer.

    asked by chachis
  27. Math

    Write an expression for the sum of 1 and twice a number n. If you let n be any odd number, will the result be an odd number?

    asked by Melea
  28. Personal Finance

    Please post a 150-300 word response to the following discussion question by selecting Reply: · What does it mean to have insurance? Choose two types of insurance (auto, home, health, disability, or life insurance) and identify one characteristic of each.

    asked by Camille
  29. Physics

    You have left your bicycle outside in the backyard for three hours on a very cold day. Now you decide to go for a ride. The metal handlebars feel colder than the plastic hand-grips because: Question 4 options: A) The latent heat of fusion of the plastic is

    asked by Skylar
  30. Advanced Algebra 2

    the sides of the triangle are in ratio 2:4:5. If the perimiter of the triangle is 88 meters, determine the legnth of each side.

    asked by Spencer
  31. geometry

    if bc = 2x-3 and ac = 2x+10, find the length of ab

    asked by bre
  32. math

    find the interest rounded to the nearest dollar periodic deposit $60 at the end of each month Rate 5% compounded monthly Time 30 years

    asked by marie
  33. Algebra 1:(

    when writing an exponential number, it represents the number of times a base multiplies itself? Whats the vocab word for this..?

    asked by Kristeena
  34. chemistry

    You have a 22 g sample of ethanol with a density of 0.7893 g/mL. What volume of ethanol do you have?

    asked by patricia
  35. Math

    Describes a real world situation using words as label and using math symbols to relate the words.. Its a vocab work. And the school couldn't get me a text book today because my names not in the system. PLEASE help me:((

    asked by Kristeena
  36. Math

    It is a fraction that compares two quantaties measured in different units. ex:.(miles per hour)

    asked by Alana
  37. math

    Determine the regular payment amount, rounded to the nearest dollar. The price of a home is $160,000. the bank requires a 15% down payment. The buyer is offered two mortgage options: 1 year fixed at 8% or 30-year fixed at 8%. Calculate the amount of

    asked by marie
  38. scientist

    How do I turn up the sound on a stereo without turning the volume button up?

    asked by Connor
  39. math

    Give a number to the thousandths place that is greater than 7.2 but less than 7.3.

    asked by john
  40. math

    determine the inverse, f^-1, of f when f(x)= 5-2x^3

    asked by Christa
  41. math

    Give a number to the thousandths place that is greater than 7.2 but less than 7.3.

    asked by john
  42. math

    Explain how you could show five less than a number using an expression

    asked by salvador
  43. math 116


    asked by tranika
  44. math 116


    asked by tranika
  45. UCP

    Identify the accommodations that providers must make to assure effective learning in an e-health environment.

    asked by Taylor
  46. UCP

    Outline how learning might be facilitated or hampered in an e-health environment.

    asked by Taylor
  47. math

    simplify: X/(X-1/2)

    asked by Anonymous
  48. trig

    Solve the equation for cos(3theta/2).tan(3theta/2)for greater than or egual to zero but less than 2pi. Write your answer as a multiple of pi.

    asked by saad
  49. trig

    Solve the equation for cos theta-tan theta=0 for greater than or egual to zero but less than 2pi. Write your answer as a multiple of pi, if possible form the following choices: pi , 5pi A. --- ---- 4___ 4 B. pi 3pi 5pi 7pi ----- '----- '-----'----- 4_____

    asked by saad
  50. physics

    suppose you were able to blow air out of your mouth at one third of an atmosphere pressure. How tall a column of water could your mouth air pressure push up a straw? I know atm pressure is 1 atm but I'm really confused about how to go about this problem.

    asked by Allie
  51. Maths

    What is the difference between the value of the smallest digit and the value of the largest digit?

    asked by Titus
  52. physics

    A hill that has a 17.5% grade is one that rises 17.5 m vertically for every 100.0 m of distance in the horizontal direction. At what angle is such a hill inclined above the horizontal?

    asked by Taylor
  53. chemistry

    a 100g sample of wate at 90oC is added to a 500g sample of water at 10oC. what is the final temperature of the water

    asked by julius
  54. world history

    According to the work of anthropologist Franz Boas, A. the concept of cultural relativism is wrong. B. some societies and peoples are more evolved than others. C. no race is superior to any other in brain power. D. people of different cultures think

    asked by titus
  55. Math 209

    If C dollars are deposited in an account paying r percent annual interest, approximate the amount in the account after x years if C=$150, r= 1.9% and x=25 years

    asked by Wanda
  56. Math

    find the domain: 1/(x^2+2x-3)=square root of x

    asked by Christie
  57. algebra

    Do I divide here? Factor 6c+60

    asked by =)
  58. math

    Hello, can someone please enlighten me? MSI means 1000 sq inches, right? I would like to convert this to feet, but I have no idea where to begin. Can you please show me the steps needed or even just show me an example? I was told by someone that 1MSI is

    asked by mary
  59. pre-algebra

    measuring your heart rate is one way to check the intensity of exercise. studies show that a person's maximum heart rate depends on his or her age. The expression 220-a approximates a person's maximum heart rate in beats per minute, where a is the person's

    asked by cortney
  60. Trig

    Find the polar coordinates of (8, –8) for r ≥ 0. I am getting 8 square root of 2 as the first coordinate. I am not sure if I am finding the arctan correctly.

    asked by Dara
  61. statistics

    a. A random sample of 25 was drawn from a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 5. The sample mean is 80. Determine the 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean.

    asked by Sally
  62. business

    A company has the following alternatives on some real estate that it needs for its new plant. It can lease the facility for $10,000 a month for 15 years, or it can buy the facility now for $800,000. The company’s weighted average cost of capital is 12%

    asked by lyn
  63. statistics

    a. A statistics practitioner randomly sampled 100 observations from a population with a standard deviation of 5 and found that x is 10. Estimate the population mean with 90% confidence.

    asked by Sally
  64. physics

    A persn carries a 218N suitcse up a stairs.the displcment is 4.20m vertically & 4.60m horizntally. A.hw much work does the person do on the suitcase B. If the prsn carries the same suitcse dwn.hw much work does he do

    asked by Luc
  65. social studies

    Could you help me with examples of time, change, and continuity.

    asked by madie
  66. physics

    A man pushs a cart wt a force of 36N directd@ an angle 25dgree belw the horizontal. The horizntal comp oe the force is 32.6N.The vrticl comp of force is 15.6N.Fnd work dne on the cart as the prsn moves50m

    asked by Luc
  67. math

    a wheel makes 4 3/10 revolutions per minute. if it rotates for 95 minutes, how many revoltutions does it make?

    asked by rick
  68. Math

    Find the inverse of f(x) if f(x) equals (3X + 7)/(X-2) THanks So much!

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Comp 155

    Based on the readings in Ch. 6, Section 2 of the text, identify key points to keep in mind when writing a topic sentence. How might these key points help you write effectively?

    asked by Camille
  70. physics

    A rope is usd to pull a box 15mt across the floor.the rpe is @an angle of 46dgree to the horizntal. A force of628N is dne by the rope to the box.hw much work does the rope do on the box

    asked by Luc
  71. Pre-calculus

    The problem is Find the difference quotient and simplify your answer F(x)=5x - x^2, F(5+h) - F(5) over h ^2 this means power of two

    asked by Omar
  72. economics

    Suppose two competitors, Coa, Inc., and Han, Inc., are locked in a bitter pricing struggle in the aluminum industry. In the limit pricing payoff matrix, Coa can choose a given row of outcomes by offering a limit price ("up") or monopoly price ("down"). Han

    asked by Anonymous
  73. physics

    A student lifts a box that weighs 185N.The box is lifted0.8m.the stdnt drps the bx.hw much gravity do on the bow whn it falls0.8m.

    asked by Luc
  74. math

    if 1000 articles of a given type can be returned out by a first machine in 8 hours, by a second in 5 hours, and by the third in 4 hours, how long will it take to turn out the articles with an machine working?

    asked by jelaine
  75. math

    if 1000 articles of a given type can be returned out by a first machine in 8 hours, by a second in 5 hours, and by the third in 4 hours, how long will it take to turn out the articles with an machine working?

    asked by jelaine
  76. calculus

    what is the derivative of y = (4x squared - 5/2x+3)raise to 3/2 three halves..

    asked by JM
  77. calculus

    what is the derivative of y = (4x squared - 5/2x+3)raise to 3/2 three halves..

    asked by JM
  78. Physics

    If a bullet is fired with the speed of 6.0x10² m/s horizontally from a height of 48 m, how long will it take to hit the ground? What is The range of projectile? Assume that there is no air resistance.

    asked by Confuzzled
  79. math

    Determine if(3/8-1 is a solution to 8x-7y=10. Please show all of your work

    asked by christine
  80. math

    Four-year -college tuition. The average tuition at a public four-year college was $3983 in 2001 and $5948 in 2005. Find the rate at which tuition was increasing.

    asked by christine
  81. math

    Write a slope-intercept equation of the line whose graph is described Parallel to the graph of 3x + 2y = 5; y-intercept (0, −1)

    asked by christine
  82. math

    Write the slope-intercept equation for the line with the given slope that contains the given point m = 3/4 ; (0, 5)

    asked by christine
  83. Algebra

    Solve the following system using substitution: y = x + 2 y = 3x I don't understand this question.

    asked by lizzie
  84. maths

    16 similar writing pads and 24 similar jotter books are stacked in a pile. their total thickness is 14.4cm.Each writing pad is 3x as thick as each jotter book. what is the thickness of the pile of jotter books? Please show me a non-algebraic method of

    asked by Joel
  85. Geometry

    If there is a parallelogram which has four sides xy and x+25 ,4x+35 abc is parallelogram find x,y,z

    asked by Anonymous
  86. economics 201

    explain with a clear graph five factors that will change the supply of a product

    asked by eco
  87. math

    Simplify. Please show all of your work. 12* 1/4 +2/-2^3

    asked by christine
  88. math

    Simplify. Please be sure to show all of your work. -3(-9) – |-5 – 3|

    asked by christine
  89. math

    Simplify. Please show all of your work 9c^3+7c-(3c^3-12+c)

    asked by christine
  90. math

    Solve 4x- 3(5x-8)=23-9(x+2) . Please show all of your work

    asked by christine
  91. geometry

    the figure below represents a building in the shape of a pentagon. using the scale 1 inch= 94 feet, what is the perimeter of the building?

    asked by Hanna
  92. math

    Solve. Please show all of your work. Find the length and width of a rectangular lot with a perimeter of 108 meters if the length is 8 meters more than the width.

    asked by christine
  93. Accounting

    Why do you think the Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment has a zero on the trail balance section?

    asked by eddie
  94. Mathematics

    What are the differences and similarities between a regular pentagon and an irregular pentagon

    asked by Robyn
  95. Math

    Solve z= 9/13c for c

    asked by Hanna
  96. physics

    An empty plastic box of mass 9 kg is found to accelerate up at the rate of g/3 m/sec2 when placed deep inside water. Mass of the sand that should be put inside the box so that it may accelerate down at the rate of g/4 m/sec2 is

    asked by usha
  97. Math

    Solve for a: a^-1 + b^-1 = 1

    asked by Anna
  98. psychology

    Bryan was edgy and seemed to lose his temper at the drop of a hat. His sister suggested that he would benefit by practicing an altered state of consciousness. He was surprised to hear his sister suggest that he should take drugs, but was soon corrected

    asked by lachelle mitchell
  99. Algebra

    solev the compound inequality 2x-9/86

    asked by Tina
  100. social studies

    The task of economic policy is to create a prosperous America. The unfinished task of prosperous Americans is to build a Great Society. Our accomplishments have been many; these tasks remain unfinished: > to achieve full employment without inflation; > to

    asked by Anonymous
  101. stats.& Prob

    Astudy shoed 53% of college applications were submitted online. Assume this result is based on sa simple random sample of 1000 applications with 530 submitted online. Use 0.01 sig.level to test claim that among all student applications the percentage

    asked by sheila
  102. To: Nadia/Christine

    Christine -- changing screen names is not going to help you. Your last set of questions has been deleted.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  103. Math

    For a class test, the mean score was 65, the median score was 71 and sthe standard deviation of the scores was 7. The teacher decided to add 5 points to each score due to a grading error. Which of the folloiwng must be true for thenew scores? TH

    asked by Gail
  104. Math

    coach byrd gives 7 lessons a day . how many days will it take him to give 100 lessons? please HELP!!!

    asked by Alyssa
  105. algebra 1

    what is the property name for this problem? h+0=h

    asked by skylar moore
  106. consumer math

    the lowest _ is the "best deal". (hint: it is an abbreviation)

    asked by Anonymous
  107. psy230

    A business researcher has to decide which of three employees should be placed in a particular job that requires a high level of perceptual-motor coordination. All three employees have taken tests of perceptual-motor coordination, but each took a different

    asked by Asia
  108. accounting

    Pearson began 20XX with 30,000 $1 common shares issued and outstanding. Paid in capital in excess of par was $25,000 and retained earnings were $75,000. Net income for 20XXwas $22,000. Requirements: Review Pearson's transactions for 20XX in the Excel

    asked by Anonymous
  109. business

    A company has the following alternatives on some real estate that it needs for its new plant. It can lease the facility for $10,000 a month for 15 years, or it can buy the facility now for $800,000. The company’s weighted average cost of capital is 12%

    asked by sam
  110. theology

    if there is 4 of something and it is called: "Quadruple" What is the name given to 13 of something; like 4 babies are called: Quadruplets, what are 13 babies called?

    asked by sandy
  111. Chem 121

    how do I calculate error analysis on my tritation expirement?

    asked by John
  112. SMU

    "P v Q" is best interpeted as

    asked by joan turner
  113. Phi103

    "P v Q" is best interpreted as

    asked by joan turner
  114. flvs

    By now, you should be familiar with the causes and alliances of World War I and understand why the war began, who fought in the war, and the way the war was fought. Assignment: Are you the type of person who likes to write? Do you feel like writing helps

    asked by maria
  115. bio

    Evolutionary theory is based on several assumptions. What are these assumptions and are they valid?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Life Since the 1950s

    Spread of Independence Between 1945 and 1962, many nations in Asia and Africa achieved freedom from Western influence. After WWII, many Jews returned to Israel, their Jewish homeland. Palestinian Arabs resisted this “invasion.” In 1947, the United

    asked by maria
  117. math

    Explain how to find the sum positive eight plus negative ten using game chips, then give the answer.

    asked by drea
  118. english3

    "The Wild, Wild West" assignment: Write a Cowboy song or poem.

    asked by maria
  119. american history Lexington and Concord Essay

    Who was telling the truth? Which source was more believable? Is only one version true or could parts of each source be close to the truth? It is time for you to decide. You will write a persuasive essay explaining what you think really happened on April

    asked by maria
  120. Revolutionary War Letter

    It is 1776. Write a three to five paragraph letter to your sister in England explaining your decision to participate in the rebellion against Britain. Be sure to list three reasons for your support of the rebellion against Britain and include any reasons

    asked by maria