Questions Asked on
August 12, 2011

  1. Physics

    To raise the temperature of a 2.0-kg piece of metal from 20ºC to 100ºC, 61.8 kJ of heat is added. What is the specific heat of this metal in kJ/(kg.K)? Question 1 options: A) 0.39 B) 0.31 C) 1.6 D) 1.2 E) 0.77

    asked by Zuen-Lee
  2. chemistry

    One mole of each of the following compounds is strongly heated and any gas produced is collected at room temperature and pressure. From which compound is 24dm3 of gas likely to be collected? (One mole of any has occupies 24dm3 at room temperature nd

    asked by mimzymo
  3. Trig/pre-calc

    r=8cos(theta)+5sin(theta), convert the polar equation into a rectangular equation and then complete the square and determine the center radius...? Help?! I missed the section, and am not getting anywhere with the text...

    asked by A
  4. Pen Foster

    checking my answers in Introduction to Allied Health anyone have that one?

    asked by melanie
  5. Physics _ Please help

    25 kg of ice at 0° C is combined with 4 kg of steam at 100° C. What is the final equilibrium temperature in ° C of the system? (Lf = 3.33 x 105 J/kg; Lv 2.26 x 106 J/kg, specific heat capacity of water =4186 J/(kg.K)) Question 2 options: A) 40 B) 20 C)

    asked by Maya
  6. math

    a peanut butter jar has a height of 5.9in and diameter of 3.6 in. one cubic inch holds 0.45 oz of peanut butter. How many ounces will fit in the jar

    asked by christina
  7. science

    A runner completes one full lap around a 400 meter track. What is her displacement?

    asked by abu
  8. psychology

    the means of travel within and between neurons is different because: a. electrical signals move impulses within the neuron, while chemical signals move the impulses between neuron. b. chemical signals move the impulses within the neuron, while electrical

    asked by lachelle mitchell
  9. trig

    A tower is supported by a guy wire from the top of the tower to the ground 16 ft from its base. The wire makes an angle of 62 with the ground. The length of the wire is a. 30.09 ft b. 18.12 ft c. 28.41 ft d. 34.08 ft

    asked by Val
  10. Chemistry

    A sample of zinc metal reacts completly with an excess of hydrochloric acid: Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq) --> ZnCl2(aq) + H2(g) The hydrogen gas produced is collected over water at 25.0 °C. The volume of the gas is 78.0 L & the pressure is 0.980 atm. Calculate the

    asked by ChemLover
  11. math

    The distance from the center of a round table top to the edge of the table top is 4 ft. What is the area of the table top?

    asked by ray
  12. geometry

    jo was comparing two cylinders that both had a radius of 5cm. the first had a height of 10cm, and the other a height of 20cm. How many times greater was the volume of the larger cylinder?

    asked by christina
  13. Physics

    A river flows due East at 0.979 m/s. A boat crosses the river from the South shore to the North shore by maintaining a constant ve- locity of 12.8 m/s due North relative to the water. The river is 306 m wide. What is the velocity of the boat relative to

    asked by Nicole
  14. World History Honors

    Hi! Can anyone help me with this assignment...? Using the primary source documents and information from your chapter, form a thesis that describes why Herodotus referred to Egypt the way he did (Why he referred to Egypt as the “gift of the Nile.”)

    asked by mel
  15. geometry

    what is the perimeter of a square if both sides were 17 cm

    asked by joseph
  16. math

    Biologists have noticed that the chirping rate of crickets of certain species is related to temperature, and the relationship appears to be very nearly linear. A cricket produces 113 chirps per minute at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 173 chirps per minute at

    asked by Christa
  17. fractions

    How can i draw fraction strips to show that 2/5 is equal to 6/15

    asked by lisa
  18. Biology

    There are many differences between the two major cell types: prokaryotes and eukaryotes. However, the different structures and modes of organization perform basically the same functions. Briefly compare and contrast the different features or functions of

    asked by Chandler
  19. Math

    Find cos(theta) if (-15, 8) is a point of the terminal side of theta.

    asked by Britt
  20. Algebra-Matrix

    What element is a location a_23 of matrix A, if |4 -3 4| 5 0 -6 7 2 -8 I have the answer at -6 Is this correct?

    asked by lizzie
  21. geometry

    how many milliliters of soup will this hemispherical bowl hold?(1cm cubed holds 1mL) Radius= 7 cm

    asked by christina
  22. math

    a bowling ball has a diameter of 8.4 in. It is made of plastic that weighs 0.05lb/in cubed.Find the weight of the bowling ball

    asked by christina
  23. math

    a steel cargo container is shaped like a cube measuring 5.2ft on each edge. How much steel is needed to make this container?

    asked by christina
  24. math

    A classroom measures 32ft long, 25ft wide, and 9ft high. The combined area of doors and window is 140 ft^2. What is the remaining area of the four walls of the room?

    asked by christina
  25. math

    a cube with 2-inch sides is placed on a cube with 3-inch sides. Then a cube with 1-inch sides is placed on the 2-inch cube. What is the surface area of the three cubes?

    asked by christina
  26. WORLD GEO.

    The two largest metropolitan areas in Canada are Toronto and A. Montréal. B. Edmonton. C. Ottawa. D. Vancouver.

    asked by DEON
  27. Math

    Determine the minimum furnace output for a 2200 square ft house using the formula B=28a

    asked by Tamara
  28. Physics 2010

    Which has the greater kinetic energy: a bowling ball that slides down the lane without rolloing, or one of the exact same mass that moves at the same translational speed but rolls without slipping?

    asked by Adam
  29. English

    does this sentences seem correct and well puctauted. if not can you correct them kindly. 1) America’s credit crisis caused a fragile financial system, which may go bankrupt in the near future. 2)Leaders are born, and their contributions to this world are

    asked by pria
  30. Am. History

    During the 1820's and 1830's a distinct American culture began to emerge. what was this called? I think it is American Popular Culture.

    asked by Stacy
  31. biology

    What are two behaviors in either a plant or animal that demonstrates a circadian rhythm?

    asked by Sal
  32. fp 101

    Your household cash flow helps to determine this C: Capacity Under these __________, you may still be approved with a cosigner Conditions This demonstrates how much your assets are worth. (Capital) Using your car or house as a promise to pay (Collateral)

    asked by heather
  33. English

    i don't know if the following sentence i wrote makes sense and punctuated properlly. please correct me if im wrong. the sentence i wrote is based on the fact that when leaders get power, they try to win time but alwys fail. hers the sentence: Thus, we

    asked by pria
  34. CRT/205

    I just want to make sure I am on the right track with this assignment. I have answered the questions about an article but I struggle with premises and conclusions. I just want to know if I have answered the questions appropriately. Here is the article I

    asked by vc23
  35. Science

    A synonym for remediation could be

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Science

    According to Peter Saundry there is no true universal code of ethics because standards of conduct vary from place-to-place and time to time. True or false

    asked by Tina
  37. algebra

    16540=2500 using an algebrac equation problem what is x

    asked by kate
  38. English COM 155

    ♦ Stacy's financial information is securely stored online. (Stacy's financial information)? ♦ Aaron's bank statement should be stored securely online with Stacys. (Aaron's bank statement)? ♦ Seth's students are learning how to effectively store

    asked by heather
  39. soc/105

    how are we affected by globalization without the internet

    asked by Anonymous
  40. biology

    In reference to plant and animal adaptations, how are the principles of heredity and genetics applicable to how organisms change over time?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Soc/105

    Can you think of any other ways we "see" or are affected by globalization every day that is NOT related to the internet?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    Jeff bought 3 bags of dog food. He also bought a set of new dog bowls that cost eighteen dollars . He spent a total of forty-five dollars. Write both the verbal and mathematical equation to find out how much Jeff paid for each bag of dog food

    asked by drea
  43. Algebra-Matrix

    How would I do these Matrices? 1. |1/2 14 10 -8| 2, Let matrix A = [8 -2 4 7 ] Let matrix B = 2A, Find b_22

    asked by lizzie
  44. physics

    a body displaced 12m due to east then 5m due to north then 9m vertically upward what is the resultant displacement?

    asked by gallium
  45. Math

    Simplify the following expression, and rewrite it in an equivalent form with positive exponents. -15x^4y/17x^2y7 A. -3x^2/y^6 B.3x^2/y^6 C.-3x^6y^8 D. 52x^2/y^6

    asked by Donnice
  46. english

    My dogs name is Daisy. or My dog's name is Daisy. Is the second sentence correct?

    asked by heather
  47. physics

    a body displaced 12m due to east 5m due to north then 9m vertically upward what is the resultant displacement?solution with complete reason n figure

    asked by armando
  48. physics

    is there is error in accurate value?why

    asked by armando
  49. physics

    is constant acceleration reverse its direction?why

    asked by armando
  50. algebra

    Can you sketch the y=x+9 equation?

    asked by Christine
  51. math-functions

    A car purchased for $11900 has a resale value of $2000 after 10 years. Assuming its resale value decreased linearly over these years, what was the resale value of the car after 3 years?

    asked by Christa
  52. bioinformatics

    can you find if any of the probesets found found significant by the previous SAM analysis represents a gene representd by multiple probesets

    asked by Anonymous
  53. bioingormatics

    how to set the option of the function aafTableAnn(probeids,chip,colnames=aaf.handler(chip=chip), widget=FALSE)

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Statistics

    Each year, approximately 160 colleges compete in the National Concrete Canoe Competition. Each team must design a seaworthy canoe froma a substance not known for its capacity to float. The canoes must weigh between 100 and 350 pounds. Find the midrange.

    asked by Cassandra
  55. values and ethics....please help me

    is anyone can help me for my exam to make a reflection of this subject.below... “People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.”

    asked by jessie
  56. college writing

    Instructions: revise to remove fragnments and/or parallelism errors. ?1. I like basebal because it is fun and teaches me about the sport.

    asked by Tanieka Birden
  57. values and ethics subject please help me urgent pls

    miss sue can you help me and example.or anyone can help me to make a relection of this subject...thank you.. “People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.” howad newton

    asked by jessie
  58. chemistry

    When reacting 100 mL of 2 M HCl with 100 mL of 2 M NaOH, how many milliliters of water should be produced? (REM: Density of Water)

    asked by Starr

    Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. phsical

    A ball is tossed vertically upward from a height of 2 m with an initial velocity of 10 m/s. Just before the ball hits the ground, its velocity will be what?

    asked by abu
  61. physical

    A runner moving at a velocity of 6 m/s increases the velocity in a 2 s time interval to a rate of 10 m/s. What is the rate of acceleration?

    asked by abu
  62. physical

    A ball rolling across a field with an acceleration of -0.5 m/s rolls 12.5 m and then comes to a stop after 8 seconds. What was the ball's initial speed?

    asked by abu
  63. biomechanic

    How much force must be produced by the biceps brachia at a perpendicular distance of 3 cm from the axis of rotation at the elbow to support a weight of 200 N at a perpendicular distance of 25 cm from the elbow?

    asked by abu
  64. light

    an object 5 millimeters high is located 15 millimeters in front of a plane mirror. how far from the mirror is the image located?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. algebra

    : if the formula R=-0.037t + 50.1 can be used to predict the world record in the 400 meter dash t years after 1925, for what years will the world records be 48.1 seconds or less.

    asked by jackie
  66. writing and composition

    I am having a hard time coming up with a thesis statement for my paper on medical billing and coding.

    asked by trenquillia
  67. Physics

    1.9 mol of gas at a temperature of -180 C fills a 3.4 L container. What is the gas pressure? Never been good at physics or mol stuff, how do you set it up?

    asked by Catie
  68. Chemistry

    Describe the physical and chemical changes that occur in grains during cooking.

    asked by Tootsie
  69. geometry

    the base of the semicircle 12ft. what is the area?

    asked by lme
  70. English

    Write one paragraph of eight to twelve sentences persuading a friend to enroll in Penn Foster by describing at least three advantages of distance-education with Penn Foster compared to a traditional school education. Use the comparison-contrast order for

    asked by Abdullah
  71. writing

    If I could get some help? I was wonderung if I had done this right.Write two paragraphs about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it. I have determined that the first two sentences in each

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Physics

    A proton is fired with a speed of 3.00 X 10^6 m/s directly towards a large and positively charged plane of surface charge density +9.25 X 10^-7 C/m^2 . If the proton starts 1m from the plane, the minimum distance between the proton and the plane is closest

    asked by Joordan
  73. english

    ♦ I store my finacial documents in a fire proof safe. (documents) ♦ Its a good idea to have extra copys of financial information incase your origanal is damaged. (copys) ♦ To store financial information properly I need to organize all of the bank

    asked by heather
  74. Calculus

    Find the area of the region enclosed by y−2x^2 ≥ 0 and |x|+|y| ≤ 1

    asked by Lindsay
  75. physics

    If the earth acceleration due to gravity on a mass of 2000kg on the earth surface is 10ms.What will be the acceleration due to gravity when it is at a point twice the radius of the earth.What is the gravitational force on it.

    asked by Boniface
  76. Mathes

    The radius of the circular base of the larg tin is 5 cm the height is 10,5 cm .calculate the volume of the large tin of jam .use the formula v=nr2h and use n =3,14

    asked by Segopotso makhubedu
  77. bagnan high school

    An airplane has a speed of 600 km h −1 with respect to air. It has to fly a distance of 800 km northward. In what direction should it fly if a steady wind is blowing at a speed of 120 km h −1 from the west? What will its speed with respect to the

    asked by kousik jyoti
  78. entrepeneurship

    What are the characteristucs of busi ness that is future oriented

    asked by Anonymous
  79. medical transcription 2

    PLEASE CAN SOME ONE POST THE ANSWER FOR Exam 40988300-A Transcription Assignment 6: Diagnostic Imaging/ Interventional Radiology TE#13: MRI brain for Edgar Jorda Read more: penn foster medical Transcription.....thank you!

    asked by kane
  80. math

    If a person took a survey and there were scores 1-5 Poor=1 Fair =2 Average =3 Good =4 Excellent =5 The response was. (1) for average (6) for good (2) for excellent. 9 total questions... How do I figure out the average chosen score?

    asked by KIm
  81. consumer math

    The ____________ is the amount a person is paid per hour for working more than the regular number of hour per week.

    asked by derricj
  82. math

    in a bike race, ramit and keith started at the same time abd rode with constant speeds. Ramit rode 30 miles per hour, and keith rode at 35 miles per hour. If ramit crossed the finish line 10 minutes after keith, how many miles long was the race?

    asked by kel
  83. Math Help

    When asked for standard deviation when dealing with grouped data for linear regression, do you give them for each the x and y variable or is there a way to configure for grouped data set? I have a Ti 84 plus calculator

    asked by Brad