Questions Asked on
August 8, 2011

  1. physics

    The pulley in the figure represents different pulleys with outer radius and inner radius indicated in the table. The horizontal rope is pulled to the right at a constant speed that is the same in each case, and none of the ropes slips in its contact with

    asked by help123
  2. Calculus

    A sphere with radius 1m has temperature 15 degrees C. It lies inside a con- centric sphere with radius 2m and temperature 25 degrees C: The temperature T(r) at a distance r from the common centre of the spheres satisfi es the di fferential equation:

    asked by Maria
  3. Physics

    A 40 g marble moving at 2.3 m/s strikes a 29 g marble at rest. Assume the collision is perfectly elastic and the marbles collide head-on. What is the speed of the first marble immediately after the collision? What is the speed of the second marble

    asked by falcon306
  4. thermodynamics

    Consider two closed systems A and B. System A contains 3000 kJ of thermal energy at 20°C, whereas system B contains 200 kJ of thermal energy at 50°C. Now the systems are brought into contact with each other. Determine the direction of any heat transfer

    asked by Yash
  5. Physics

    A car is traveling at 14 m/s. How fast would the car need to go to double its kinetic energy? By what factor does the car's kinetic energy increase if its speed is doubled to 28 m/s? We only get 3 chances and I'm on my last one before I get the question

    asked by falcon306
  6. physics

    5) A person on a motor cycle gains a speed of 10kmph to 60kmph in 10 secs. The angular rotation of the needle in the speedometer is about 200 degrees. What will be the angular speed in degrees/sec?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by YASH
  8. differential calculus

    a ferris wheel 15m in diameter makes 1 revolution every 2 minutes. If the center of the wheel is 9m above the ground, how fast is the passenger in the wheel moving vertically when he is 12.5m above the ground?

    asked by Adler
  9. ECE

    At which grade level is it most appropriate for children to group by more than one attribute? A. Primary B. Kindergarten C.Four years old D.Preschool

    asked by Karen
  10. Epidemiology

    Identify the study design best described by the scenarios or research questions presented below. Provide a two-sentence rationale for your answer. Choose from: • Ecologic • Cross-sectional • Case-control • Retrospective (Historical) Cohort •

    asked by Confused
  11. OSCM

    Develop a production plan and calculate the annual cost for a firm whose demand forecast is fall, 10,000, winter, 8,000, spring, 7,000 and summer 12,0000. Inventory at the beginning of fall is 500 units. At the beginning of fall you currently have 30

    asked by LCESKM
  12. maths

    A vampire enters a town and bites 2 person every night. The bitten 2 persons grows in to two big vampires and bites 4 persons the next night. These 4 vampires bites 6 people the next night and the 6 bites 8 and so many vampires will be there

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    what is the pH of a 0.025 M aqueous solution of sodium propionate, NaC3H5O2? What is the concentration of propionic acid in the solution?

    asked by Henry
  14. English

    I am writing an 5 paragraph essay on being stranded on an island. I chose a narrative. How does this look so far? Thesis-It was at this moment that Willie realized the reason he had been sent to this whole new environment and now had to learn a new way of

    asked by lizzie
  15. economics

    Samantha Jones has a job as a pharmacist earning $30,000 per year, and she is deciding whether to take another job as the manager of another pharmacy for $40,000 per year or to purchase a pharmacy that generates revenue of $200,000 per year. To purchase

    asked by aaniya gill
  16. Physics help

    A 300 g bird flying along at 6.4 m/s sees a 10 g insect heading straight toward it with a speed of 34 m/s (as measured by an observer on the ground, not by the bird). The bird opens its mouth wide and enjoys a nice lunch. What is the bird's speed

    asked by falcon306
  17. math

    if the line y=1.732(x-1.732) cuts the parabola y^2=x+2 at the point A and B. find PA.PB, where P is the point where line cuts the x-axis.

    asked by sonu
  18. Precalculus

    What is the magnitude of the resultant of a 100 newton force along the x-axis and a 150 newton force at an angle of 40° to each other? Where do i start?? help!

    asked by Hanson
  19. Physics 1 (college)

    Chap. 7, #36. (II) A ball is dropped from a height of 1.50 m and rebounds to a height of 1.20 m. Approximately how many rebounds will the ball make before losing 90% of its energy?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics

    Marissa drags a 15 kg duffel bag 18 m across the gym floor. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor and bag is 0.15, how much thermal energy does Marissa create? It says I'm look for deltaE_Th. I don't know what that means or how to figure

    asked by falcon306
  21. calculus

    Find the sum of the series 2 + 9/2! + 27/3! + 81/4! . . .

    asked by julia
  22. Chemistry

    How many calories are absorbed when 56.0 g of liquid water at 100C is vaporized to steam at 100C?

    asked by Molly
  23. helping abused children

    Im still stuck on number 11 and 17 will you please help 11. As a teacher aide, if a child wishes to speak to you about an incident of abuse, what should you do first? A. Assure the child that you can help B. Find a quiet place were you can talk

    asked by beth
  24. College Algebra

    last year Lien earned $1,900 more than her husband. together they earned $59,100. how much did they both earn?

    asked by Tangela
  25. calculus

    (a) Modifying the parametric equations of a unit circle, find parametric equations for the ellipse: x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 = 1 (b) Eliminate the parameter to find a Cartesian equation of the curve x=2sint; y=4+cost; t >(or equal to) 0

    asked by Anna
  26. chemistry

    A) Calculate the hydrogen-ion concentration of a 5.45*10^-4 M H2CO3, solution, noting that Ka is bigger than Kb. B)What is the concentration of CO3^2-? after finding the concentration to A), do i use that concentration (M) as the initial M for CO3^2-?

    asked by Henry

    a firm faces the following. TC= 100-20Q+3Q^2 , TR=60Q-2Q^2 . Find (i) TFC , (ii) AC , (iii) AVC , (iv) MC , (v) AR , (vi) MR

    asked by FOSTER
  28. science 10

    A tennis ball is held stationary and then dropped from the roof of a tall building. What will be its velocity after 3.0 s?

    asked by eric
  29. Physical Chemistry

    1.6 mol of Neon gas are heated from 20.0 °C to 85.2 °C at a constant pressure of 1 atm. Calculate the work done. (R = 0.082057 L.atm/ K. mol)

    asked by Alfred
  30. statistics

    27. Consider the following hypothesis test. H0: µ = 15 Ha: µ ≠ 15 A sample of 10 gives a sample mean of 8.9 and population variance of 9. Consider the following data drawn from a normally distributed population: 4, 8, 12, 11, 14, 6, 12, 8, 9, 5, α =

    asked by charlie
  31. Calculus

    a) Find the Taylor series associated to f(x) = x^-2 at a = 1. Be sure to show the general term of the series. b) Find the radius of convergence of the series. c)Use Lagrange's Remainder Theorem to prove that for x in the interval of convergence with x > 1;

    asked by laura
  32. biology

    Define and distinguish between self-fertilization, cross-fertilization, true-breeding organisms, hybrids, the P generation, the F1 generation, and the F2

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Thermodynamics (Chemistry)

    Ag(s) + Cl2(g) --> 2AgCl(s) ∆H and ∆S are 254.14kJ and –115.0J/K respectively. Calculate equilibrium constant, K for the reaction at 500K?

    asked by Alfred
  34. geometry

    What is the area of a trapezoid with bases of 2inches and 4 inches and a height of 3 inches

    asked by Linda
  35. Algebra

    Do I have the right answer? A store owner bought a machine that laminates cards. the machine cost $1000. Each laminated item costs the owner $.50, but he charges the customers $4.00 per item. how many cards must be laminated and sold before the owner makes

    asked by lizzie
  36. Physics

    The mass of mars is 6.42 x 10^23 kg and its radius is 3.38 x 10^6m, What is the weight of a 70.0 kg student on this planet? I know weight equals (m)(a) but im not sure how to relate it to the information given

    asked by Tiaanne
  37. english

    which of the following is a run-on sentence? the house was owned by the mayor. mike joined the army, an he became more disciplined during the training. Karen's uncle arrives tomorrow she wants to see him. we like to take a walk after dinner.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Human Service HSM/230

    help needed with this assignment: 1. What are the characteristics of a mission? 2. What are three hypothetical examples of a mission? 3. In what ways do the examples fit the characteristics of a mission, if they do not fit the characteristics, also explain

    asked by Jan
  39. phi103

    21{1[2(24)24]}> The average height of members of the high school basketball team is six feet, three inches. Jerry is on the high school basketball team, so Jerry must be taller than six feet. The argument above is flawed because it confuses

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physical chemistry

    Ag(s) + Cl2(g) --> 2AgCl(s) ∆H and ∆S are 254.14kJ and –115.0J/K respectively. Calculate equilibrium constant, K for the reaction at 500K?

    asked by Alfred
  41. Statistics

    While attending a sales meeting you were asked about the relationship between sales calls and actual sales made. Fortunately, you had just completed a study on this topic bu you failed to bring the report with you. However, you do recall that the

    asked by Bob
  42. english

    In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. What are the verbs in this sentence

    asked by Sarah
  43. Modern History- Oral Assignment

    Hi I'm doing an assignment on the Cold War. Specifically the role the Warsaw Pact and Nato played in increasing tensions. My problem is that it is a multimodal, so I need to present a speech and back it up visually. I don't want to do a powerpoint or

    asked by Em
  44. Physics

    Two objects x and y with a total mass od 2.5 x 10^3 kg are joined together in outer space and are at rest. An astronaut in a space shuttle presses a button that is explosive and separates the two objects from each other. X moves to the right with a

    asked by Xanther
  45. Chemistry

    How many moles of helium gas are there in a 10-liter balloon, inflated to a pressure of 1.00 atm at a temperature of 300K

    asked by kortnie
  46. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution in which 296 mL of HCl measured at 28.0 C and 1.02 atm, is dissolved in 1.5 L of aqueous solution?

    asked by Angel
  47. english

    In the Book theif What does Herr Steiner ,Rudy's father do for a living ? help me answer this question thank you

    asked by joy
  48. SQL for business help

    I have no idea where to begin with this. A SQL statement that creates a user defined function that returns an int value is needed. This int return value is obtained by deducting the lowest Count field value from the highest Count field value of the Part

    asked by Anonymous
  49. trig

    If z=1+i, then the multiplicative inverse of z esqaire is:

    asked by Anonymous
  50. marketing

    i need example of a informative and positive message ..

    asked by jhallyn
  51. Physics

    a barrel of oil at rest has a mass of 65kg it is rolled down a 1.2m ramp. Due to constant force exerted on it, the barrel reaches a velocity of 4.2 m/s upon leaving the ramp. Find the constant force on the barrel while it is on the ramp? Help please.

    asked by Tyners
  52. programming

    Hi i need to make a video (ON gps) using still image on AVI SYNTH. At the same time i have to use atleast three editing techniques they are a)dissolve, b)fade, C)crop, d)resize and e)zoom. i wrote my script but i couldn't play the video. please help. #

    asked by Sub
  53. math

    (six to the secon power / 3 x 10.5 ) - 8.2

    asked by drea
  54. Psychology

    Can one be happy in life just by seeing others happy? No because a lot of things can make you happy?

    asked by Jia
  55. math

    if equation of directrix of a parabola is 2x+3=0, axis is 2y-3=0 and length of latus rectum is 6 then what will be the focus?

    asked by sonu
  56. math

    what will be equation of latus rectum of parabola x^2-2x+4y=0.

    asked by sonu
  57. math

    An equitorial triangles is inscribed in the parabola y^2=4ax, where one vertex is vertex of parabola. what will be the length of the side of triangle?

    asked by sonu
  58. math

    Find all the points om the parabola y^2=8x, whose focal distace is 4.

    asked by sonu
  59. Geometry

    How do you find the measurements of two opposite sides of a rectangle when given x+10=2x+8?

    asked by Miranda
  60. science 12 (electricity)

    What experiment can i use to test the amount of time constants needed to charge or discharge a given capacitor? Please...and is the time to charge and discharge the same? im a bit confused. Thanx in advance

    asked by Luke
  61. public health

    Where did the practice of public health first originate? North america South America Asia is it North America?

    asked by dan
  62. math

    Have you seen any graphs in a meeting at work or in a business situation that you thought were useful? Do you think graphs are useful for describing functions, or do they have the potential to cause even more confusion?

    asked by shaloo
  63. math

    You have just graduated from college and landed your first big job. You have always dreamed of being a homeowner, and after carefully shopping for your dream home, you find one that you would like to purchase at a cost of $250,000. After researching banks

    asked by Tonia
  64. science 10

    A student driver is travelling at 22.2 m/s and sees a school zone ahead. Using her brakes, she accelerates at -2.8 m/s2 to reduce her velocity to 8.2 m/s. How much time did it take to change her velocity?

    asked by eric
  65. Stats

    A strong positive correlation of .95 indicates that the independent variable X is the cause for the variaton in Y. True/False- I say False but don't know for sure.

    asked by Bob
  66. english

    what are the proper nouns for this sentence He was also concerned about poverty in America, some of his paintings illustrate his varied intrests

    asked by Anonymous
  67. calculus

    In a problem where you have to solve the limit f(x) as x approaches x sub zero, what does x sub zero mean?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  68. Math

    (i) Solve the equation 3y^2-5y-2=0 (ii) hence, solve the equation, 3(1/x-1)^2 -5(1/x-1)-2=0

    asked by StuartKess

    A solid cylinder has an area of 10cm2 and a height of 1.0 m. The cylinder is composed of two different materials with mass densities of 2000 kg/m3 and 1500 kg/m3. If each of the two materials occupies an equal volume, what is the mass of the cylinder?

    asked by Melissa
  70. math

    given the function f(x)= x+2, find each of the following f(7), f(-6), f(0)

    asked by chris
  71. math

    Find the volume of a cone with a height of 7.1 m and a circular base whose radius is 3.2 m. Use 3.14 for pi.

    asked by laurie
  72. SQL server help!

    A SQL statement is needed to create a stored procedure, which adds a new record to the Part table of week 3. The stored proc returns an out parameter that contains the value of the PartID PK of the record just added. Input parameters are needed to pass the

    asked by Anonymous
  73. math

    what will be the focus and directrix of parabola y*y = -16x.

    asked by sonu
  74. Business

    You're an individual investor who holds common stock in a large blue chip company. You've received notice of a proposed change. Instead of using the existing statutory method, the proposal calls for the company's board of directors to be elected by the

    asked by Cory
  75. statistics

    Suppose that X is in finate(6,25) determine the vale of b in P(X greater than b)=0.66

    asked by mandi
  76. Math

    Valerie soent 32% study time on math and science. Math @ 3 hrs and Science at 5 hrs. How much time spent on studying subjects?

    asked by Reanna
  77. Econ

    MR=1000-10p Solve for p

    asked by Hi
  78. Science

    Give specific examples of at least two (2) production and two (2) consumption habits humans have related to material resources.

    asked by Renae
  79. MATH

    Which two different even numbers (less than 10) have the sum of 12? (whose sum is 12)

    asked by Amy
  80. Management

    I need a diagram for Wal-Mart Divisional Structure. I search and google it. I can not find one.

    asked by Jos
  81. English

    Is this better? Paragraph 1&2 Can my thesis statement stay the same even though we changed it slightly? I awake very groggy, to find myself on this very remote island with not a person in sight. Attached to my shirt is a letter written by my English

    asked by lizzie
  82. Math

    Equations with Rational Expressions 5/3x - 1/9 = 1/x

    asked by Jlewis
  83. statistics

    if 20% of the people in a community use the library in one year, find these probabilities

    asked by krys
  84. Engllish

    Here it is. I still haven't come up with a wow ending sentence. Do I need to change my thesis statement in the 1st paragraph? I did change it in the last. I awake very groggy, to find myself on this very remote island with not a person in sight. Attached

    asked by lizzie
  85. reading

    I need help on writing a book report on anastasia absolutely

    asked by hannah
  86. math

    if one point of a focal chord of a parabola x^2-8y=0 is (-4,2), what will be the other end of the focal chord.

    asked by sonu
  87. statistics

    if 20% of the people in a community use the library in one year, find these probabilities. a) at most 3 people used the library b) exactly 3 people used the library c) at least 5 people used the library

    asked by krys
  88. grammar

    What is a gender

    asked by Anonymous
  89. arithmetic

    kim can a rent a boat from company A for $ 120 for the whole day .She can rent the same boat from company B for a fee of $ 40 plus $ 20 per hour . what is the number of hours at which the rental fees will be the same ?

    asked by rut
  90. math

    Find cos x if sin x cot x = 4. I got 4 but isnt it impossible for cos to equal 4? Isnt it only supposed to range from -1 to 1? the answer choices are 1)4 2)2 3)1 4)sqrt 2

    asked by kate
  91. statics

    test 55%answer correct 44 correct answers how many questions on test

    asked by jo
  92. Soc/105

    why does plagiarism have a red x next to my paper when trying to check it?

    asked by Anita
  93. math

    So i need to figure out what the angle and speed was of a foot ball that traveled 59 yards how can i figure that out? what formula can i use?

    asked by Kate
  94. English

    Please let me know what you think? I have the 1st three paragraph Imagine being ripped from the bed by several strangers, blindfolded, handcuffed and thrown into the back of a car, sometime later a plane, and then a small boat. Willie awakes very druggy,

    asked by lizzie
  95. math

    Create a lineaer equation from your own life and then write a brief paper describing this linear function. It should relate a particular 'thing' to another 'thing'. It could be something about the amount of money you spend, the number of minutes you spend

    asked by shaloo
  96. math

    find whether the line 2x-y=0 is tangent, real chord on imaginary chord to the parabola y^2-2y+4y=0.

    asked by sonu
  97. math

    find whether the point (2,10/3) lie inside or outside the parabola 2x-x^2+3y=0.

    asked by sonu
  98. soc/105

    what are the different ways that you consume popular culture?

    asked by Anita
  99. communication skills

    case study about transportation

    asked by bernard
  100. math

    4 x (32-2) + 12/4 x 3 ?

    asked by drea
  101. Math

    -2x+9y=56 9x-9y=0

    asked by Denise
  102. child developement

    according to erickson, lack of identity is

    asked by carol
  103. pre algerbra


    asked by Carus II
  104. pre calculus

    -2< x < 5 - -

    asked by Carus II