Questions Asked on
August 7, 2011

  1. Geometry

    Find one counterexample to show that each conjecture is false. The product of two positive numbers is greater than either number.

    asked by Catelin
  2. Math

    Records show that 29% of all payments to a mail-order company are submitted after the due date. Suppose 50 payments are submitted this week. Let r be a random variable that represents the number of payments that are late. Use the normal approximation to

    asked by Justina
  3. physics

    A cyclist is cycling at a uniform velocity of 8m/s for 8 seconds. He then stops paddling and the cycle comes to rest in next ten seconds. Draw the velocity-time graph and calculate: (i) the average retardation.(ii) the distance covered with uniform

    asked by aisha
  4. math.

    If a+b=s and a-b=t, then which of the following expresses the value of ab in terms of s and t?

    asked by Yulim
  5. Statistics

    A severe storm has an average peak wave height of 16.4 feet for waves hitting the shore. Suppose that a storm is in progress with a severe storm class rating. Let us say that we want to set up a statistical test to see if the wave action (i.e., height) is

    asked by Justina
  6. Algebra

    I think this is a easy trick question, so I probably know the answer but I just wanted to double check. What is the domain and range of the function f(x) = 3^x Find the f^-1 and its domain and range? Thanks for your help.

    asked by Melanie
  7. Algebra

    1. Compare the quantity in Column A with the quantity in Column B. Column A slope of y = 2x +2 Column B slope of 2y = 3x +9 Answer-Column A is greater 2. |x-4| < 3 Answer- 1< x < 7 3. Solve for x in 3x + 4 =28 Answer-8 4. An algebraic ___________ has an

    asked by lizzie
  8. Math

    The lifetime of a SuperTough AAA battery is normally distributed with mean of 28.5 hours and standard deviation of 5.3 hours. For a battery selected at random, what is the probability that the lifetime will be 25 hours or less? a. 0.7454 b. 0.6604 c.

    asked by Justina
  9. MAT101

    During 1998-1999 Little League season, the Tigers played 52 games. They won 12 more games than they lost. How many games did they win that season?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. English

    Is this a better thesis statement? The reason Willie was taken out of such a bad environment was to protect him from the mob, but it also ended up teaching him a new way of survival.

    asked by lizzie
  11. Algebra

    1.What is the shape of the graph of any linear function? Answer-line 2. Solve for x in |5x -2| >5 Answer- 2/3 < x

    asked by lizzie
  12. statistics

    You have hired a polling organization to take a simple random sample from a box of 200,000 tickets and estimate the percentage of 1s in the box. Unknown to them, the box contains 50% 0s and 50% 1s. How far off should you expect them to be if they draw

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Geometry

    Find one counterexample to show that each conjecture is false. The sum of two numbers is greater than either number.

    asked by Catelin
  14. Calc II

    need help with practice assign ment and i need help , please email me email me carmenelectragowe (at ) @gmail

    asked by Carmen
  15. trigonometry

    a kite has 120 m of string attached to it when it flies at an elevation of 5 degrees. How far is it above the hand holding it? ( assume that the string is taut)

    asked by mae
  16. Math

    Please let me know if is it true? If exactly 15 seconds of speech are to be sampled at a rate of 44 100 samples per second and each sample is represented by 16 bits of data, then the resulting file size will be more than 1.4 megabytes.

    asked by Sub
  17. Algebra

    Find the value of x^3+¡¼2x¡½^2-3 when x =3. I don't know how to type x to the 3rd power it keeps putting a little triangle there. How do I do this? When I type it here or in word it does the same thing. Help!

    asked by lizzie
  18. IT

    This week you are beginning your project. The development for this project will take place over length of the capstone course. Your instructor will work with the the students to select and approve each portion of the project development. You will work on

    asked by Shirley
  19. Chemistry

    A robust first grader goes for swimming lessons three times a week,and he enjoys it thoroughly.During the first week of December, he develops an upper respiratory infection, starts coughing continuosly, and has a high fever of 39ºC. His condition remains

    asked by ROCKY
  20. Communication

    What are some of the pros and cons of matching clients and clinician in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or language?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Middle Child Psychology

    There are children who are "attention getters" and want to be popular but in a negative way. They feel that by bullying their peers they would get respect and be accepted. Why do you think this child behaves in a negative way?

    asked by Sharon
  22. stat

    a how to solve the problem when on 100 point examination with mean 60, SD 10, if there are 5% A, 5% F, 15% B, 15% D, and 60% C, find the scores that devide the distribution into those catagories.

    asked by B
  23. Algebra

    1. Given g(x) = x^2 -x, find g (2/3). Answer- -2/9 2. The scatterplot of this data would suggest a Study Time (Min) 14 20 23 25 28 32 Test Score 60 67 68 70 72 73 Answer- positive correlation 3. The scatterplot of this data would suggest a # of cookies

    asked by lizzie
  24. Algebra

    1. What is the mapping of? Domain Range -3 3 -2 -6 -1 0, 15 0 -6 1 -1 I needed to represent these with arrows, but I can't. a. relation b. linear function c. all of these d. none of these Answer- none of these 2. Re-write 2x - 3y < 6 in slope intercept

    asked by lizzie
  25. Math

    Can you please explain step by step on how to do each of these two problems below? And then tell me whether it involves an arithmetic sequence or a geometric sequence I also need the work shown out on both problems thank you. Perform the indicated

    asked by John
  26. Finance 200

    The treasurer for Thornton Pipe and Steel Company wishes to use financial futures to hedge her interest rate exposure. She will sell five Treasury futures contracts at $105,000 per contract. It is July and the contracts must be closed out in December of

    asked by Ann
  27. Art 101

    Discuss how art was used as a vehicle for propaganda in the works of Höch, Grosz, and Picasso.

    asked by Bonnie
  28. Algebra

    1.What is the domain of this relation? domain range -3 3 -2 -6 -1 0,15 0 -6 1 -1 Answer- -3,-2,-1,0,1 2. Compare the quantity in Column A with the quantity in Column B Column A slope of y =3 Column B slope of x =3 Answer- The two quantities are equal 3.

    asked by lizzie
  29. Algebra

    1. The input –output table is accurate. X Y+ 7 -5x -1 7-5(-1) =12 0 7-5(0) =7 1 7-5(1) =2 2 7-5(2) = -3 3 7-5(3) = -8 Answer- True

    asked by lizzie
  30. statistcis

    Im a nurse that works in a hospital. What are some examples of Inferential statistics used in the workplace?

    asked by elien
  31. Math

    Can you please explain step by step on how to do each of these two problems below? And then tell me whether it involves an arithmetic sequence or a geometric sequence I also need to show the work on both problems thank you. Perform the indicated operations

    asked by John
  32. science

    i presume During the digital-to-analogue conversion process, each sampled value is converted to its closest quantisation value. Does anyone have different thought, please explain?

    asked by Sub

    Two ingenious 120 student students decide to use an oscillating mass on a spring to check the shutter (exposure) time of their camera. They set up vertically alongside the mass and spring. A pointer attached to the mass allows the scale on the meter stick

    asked by Melissa
  34. paragraph

    write a 150 word paragraph to explain how purpose audience tone and content impact academic writing

    asked by ernest
  35. Survey of Sccounting

    Why would an entrepreneur want to choose one over the other, proprietorship, a partnership, or corporation?

    asked by Debra

    I NEED HELP ON C THROUGH F. THANK YOU A spring id vertically, as shown below, and a 500g mass is hung from its lower end. The EQUILIBRIUM extension of the spring is observed to be 10.0cm. (1) What is the spring constant of the spring? ANSWER: 49N/m (B) If

    asked by Melissa
  37. Statstics

    Let x be a random variable representing dividend yield of Australian bank stocks. We may assume that x has a normal distribution with \alpha =2.3% A random sample of 18 Australian bank stocks has a sample mean of x bar = 6.1%. For the entire Australian

    asked by Justina
  38. Math

    When using the student's t distribution to test mu, what value do you use for the degrees of freedom if the sample size is 42? a. 41 b. Can not be determined from information given. c. 43 d. 42

    asked by Justina
  39. science

    If a baseball is thrown 30 m/s backwards from a truck moving 50 m/s, how fast will the ball strike the glove of a ground-based catcher?

    asked by felicia
  40. Pre-calculus

    find the trig functions of angle x if the terminal side of x passes through the point (-12, 5).

    asked by Lala Kennedy
  41. social studies

    what is the exact location of Christmas island.. thanks..

    asked by jundel
  42. Math

    What price do farmers get for the peach crops? in the third week of June, a random sample of 40 farming regions gave a sample mean of $6.88 per basket. assume that the standard deviation is known to be $1.92 per basket. find a 90% confidence interval for

    asked by Justina
  43. statistic

    1. Compute descriptive statistics for liberal art colleges and research universities in the Excel file colleges and universities. Compare the two types of colleges . what can you conclude.? 2.The Excel file MBA Student survey provides data on a sample of

    asked by Toha
  44. Math 209

    A particular rat given n trials in a maze can run through the maze in t minutes, where: t=6+_20__ n+2 How many trials are needed so that the rat can run through the maze in exactly eight minutes?

    asked by Wanda
  45. history

    what were vietcong hideouts?

    asked by tammy
  46. Math

    Can you please explain step by step on how to do each of these two problems below? And then tell me whether it involves an arithmetic sequence or a geometric sequence I also need the work shown out for both problems thank you. 1). A person hired a firm to

    asked by John
  47. trig

    Find sec theta if theta=3/4 in Q1

    asked by andy
  48. Geometry

    Whts next after 1,1/2,1/4,1/8... It's a pattern. Please help.

    asked by Catelin
  49. chemistry

    solubility of NaCl in water at 298K is 35.8 kg per 100 kg of water calculate mass fraction of NaCl?

    asked by bikram
  50. Physics

    A force of 10N applied normal to the wall can just prevent the sliding of a wooden block. If co-efficient of static friction is 0.2.Find the weight of the body.

    asked by avi
  51. statistics

    the average starting salary is Rs 15000per month with a standard deviation of Rs.1000 assuming normal distribution,what is the probability that starting salary will be more than Rs.17000, out of 200 degree holders how many will getRs.14000?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Reading

    What Does It Mean When They Say Death Before Dishonor

    asked by Jimmy
  53. trigonometry

    at a point 27 m from the front of a pole, the angle of elevation of the top of the pole is 53. find the height of the pole

    asked by mae
  54. trigonometry

    a ladder which is 5 m long leans against a nail on the makes an angle of 62 derees with the ground. find the height of the nail above the ground and the distance of the foot of the ladder from the wall.

    asked by mae
  55. physics

    A diver descent 100 m below sea level. If the density of sea water is 1024 kg m-3, find the pressure she will experience.

    asked by justin
  56. physics

    . A water heater can has a power of 350 W. It is placed in a container filled with 1 litres of water with a temperature of 40 ºC. The heater is then allow to run for 1 hour. How much water will there be left in the container after 1 hour? (Specific heat

    asked by justin
  57. math

    I have a math assignment and i am meant to do i backyard design and i have to fit in a fishpond which has an outside diameter of 2.5 and a water depth of 40cm. how should i measure it out into the backyard design?

    asked by Joshua
  58. MGM255

    I need two types of organizational theory? An organizational structure with a diagram?

    asked by Jos
  59. Algebra

    2. Find the value of x^3 + 2x^2 - 3 when x=3 Answer-42 4. Compare the quantity in Column A with the quantity in Column B. Column A Column B The solution of The solution of 2(x-3) = 6x 3x + 2 + 5x + 6

    asked by lizzie
  60. Algebra

    4. Compare the quantity in Column A with the quantity in Column B. Column A The solution of 2(x-3) = 6x Column B The solution of 3x + 2 + 5x + 6

    asked by lizzie
  61. Maths

    1/7 of Matthew's allowance is equal to 3/8 of Ryan's allowance. What is the ratio of Matthew's allowance to Ryan's?

    asked by Joel
  62. Maths

    Caharles can buy 50 oranges and 60 apples for $100. He can 100 oranges for $100. How many apples can he buy for $100?

    asked by Joel
  63. english

    reasons why fables can be a negative thing on children?

    asked by sara
  64. statistic

    Explain the concept of correlation and how to interpret correlation coefficients of 0.3,0, and -0.95

    asked by Toha
  65. statistics

    1. In a Gallup poll of 2,040 adults, 956 said that second-hand smoke is very harmful. What is the percentage of adults who said second-hand smoke is very harmful?

    asked by jen
  66. statistics

    The first class in a relative frequency table is 50–59 and the corresponding relative frequency is 0.2. What does the 0.2 value indicate?

    asked by elien
  67. Calculus

    A pipe in the shape of a right-angle elbow contains a vertical section and a horizontal section with a valve at the right angle. Presently the valve is closed and the vertical section of the pipe contains a column of water having length L. When the valve

    asked by Jane
  68. World History

    Hi! I've been having trouble doing my world history assignment.. if anyone can help; here are the instructions.. This assignment asks you to write about an event from two different points of view. Historians often read conflicting accounts of events and

    asked by mel
  69. Algebra

    Evaluate log36(1/6) I believe the answer is -.5 but I just wanted to check to make sure I was doing this correctly. Thank you!

    asked by Melanie
  70. English

    I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on being sent to a desert island. Here is my thesis statement: Whoever would have guessed that the reason Willie was taken out of such a bad environment woud end up teaching him a new way of survival? How does this

    asked by lizzie
  71. Math

    S is directly proportional to M^3. It is given that S=36 for a certain value of M. Find the value of S when this value of M is (a) doubled (b) reduced by 40%

    asked by StuartKess
  72. english

    Complete similie - the wind shook trees like ------------

    asked by wind
  73. algebra

    how to solve this f-1/5=1

    asked by babygirl
  74. ie math


    asked by bocho
  75. business

    What do the criteria on each tab of the rating scale mean to you? How do you envision meeting the requirements of the criteria for each tab? How can having an evaluation tool for your dissertation now influence your future studies?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. accounting

    Valmont, Inc. experienced the following events in 2012, in its first year of operation. 1. Received $20,000 cash from the issue of common stock. 2. Performed services on account for $50,000. 3. Paid utility expense of $12,500. 4. Collected $39,000 of the

    asked by stephanie
  77. geology

    a ____ wave is an elastic rebound wave that travels outward in all directions from the point of an earthquake? I'm debating between, seismic, body and surface which one is correct? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Algebra

    A solar collector and its stand are in the shape of a right triangle. The collector is 5.00 m long, the upright leg is 2.00 m long, and the base leg is 4.58 m long. Because of inefficiencies in the collector’s position, it needs to be lowered by 0.50 m

    asked by Angel
  79. Algebra

    find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. m= -7,(6,0)

    asked by Denette
  80. Algebra

    2. Find the value of x^3 +2x^2 -3 when x =3 Answer-42 12. What type of correlation would you expect between the number of minutes a candle burns and the height of the candle? a. no correlation b. positive correlation c. negative correlation d. equal

    asked by lizzie
  81. Algebra

    1. What is the equation for the line that passes through the point (-5,2) and has a slope of 0? Answer-2 2. What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2, 4, 15) and (1, 1.24)? Answer- -2.91 3. Write a funciton rule for the table shown x

    asked by lizzie