Questions Asked on
August 3, 2011

  1. physics

    A car of mass 1200kg travelling @ 72 km/h is brought to rest in 4s.Find a) the average deceleration b)the average braking force

    asked by Luc
  2. chemistry

    Sodium carbonate reacts with hydrochloric acid as shown below in an unbalanced chemical equation. What mass of CO2 is produced from the reaction of 2.94g Na2CO3 with excess HCL?

    asked by Astrid
  3. physics

    A hiker climbs a hill 300m high.If she weighs 50kg,calculate the work she does in lifting her body to the top of the hill

    asked by Luc
  4. English/Writing

    According to the authorities; only 35% of the criminals go to jail. a:use a period after "authorities" b:use a comma after "authorities" c:use a colon after "authorities" d:there are no errors ---- My answer is "d" Is that correct?

    asked by Sarah
  5. physics

    A)When the energy input to gas fired power station is 1000MJ,the electrical energy output is 300MJ.What is the efficiency of the power station in changing the energy in gas into electrical energy b)what form does the 700MJ of lost energy take c)what is the

    asked by Luc
  6. chemistry

    1. A solution of sodium oxalate has a pH of 7.82. The [OH-] in mol/L must be which of the following: a) 6.18 b) 1.5 x 10-8 c) 6.6 x 10-7 d) 7.82 e) -7.82 2. When 0.93 mol of O2 and 0.56 mol of NH3 are mixed together and allowed to come to equilibrium

    asked by tt
  7. math

    a cylindrical container has a base radius of 14cm and height 18cm. How many litres,correct to the nearest litre, of liquid can it hold. Take 22/7

    asked by stella
  8. statistics

    A sales firm receives an average of four calls per hour on its toll-free number. For any given hour, find the probability that it will receive exactly eight calls

    asked by Lindsay
  9. physics

    A car of mass 1200kg travelling @ 72 km/h is brought to rest in 4s and has a deceleration of 5m/s find the distance moved during the deceleration

    asked by Luc
  10. chemistry

    PCL5(g) -> PCl3(g) + Cl2 (g) Kp= 23.6 at 500K Calculate the equlibrium partial pressures of the reactants and products if the initial pressures are Ppcl5 = 0.560atm and Ppcl3 = 0.500atm.

    asked by San
  11. chemistry

    What mass of PbCl2 would be found in 0.48 L of a saturated solution of PbCl2 if the Ksp of PbCl2 is 1.6 x 10-5?

    asked by J.T
  12. math

    In a bag there are red, green, black,and white marbles. If there are 6 red, 8 green, 4 black, and 12 white and one marble is to be selected at random, what is the probability it will be white? I don't know how to solve these.

    asked by Amy
  13. chemistry

    In a methane fuel cell, the chemical energy of the methane is converted into electrical energy instead of heat that would flow during the combustion of methane. Using the half-reactions and reduction potentials given below a) Write a net equation for the

    asked by Vt
  14. chemistry

    In a methane fuel cell, the chemical energy of the methane is converted into electrical energy instead of heat that would flow during the combustion of methane. Using the half-reactions and reduction potentials given below a) Write a net equation for the

    asked by Vt
  15. chemistry

    For the equilibrium system below, which of the following would result in an increase in the concentration of CO(g)? 2H2(g) + CO(g) CH3OH(g) + 92 kJ a) decreasing temperature b) adding some CH3OH c) both b and d d) decreasing the volume of the container e)

    asked by tt
  16. chemistry

    1.) For which of the following substances is the standard enthalpy of formation equal to zero? a) water [H2O(l)] d) carbon dioxide [CO2(g)] b) lead [Pb(l)] e) tin [Sn(s)] c) carbon dioxide [CO2(s)] 2.) Consider the following four equations: 1. C6H6(l) +

    asked by tt
  17. English/Punctuation/Grammar

    "This will not be endured!" he roared. a:correct b:incorrect ---- My answer is "a" Is this correct?

    asked by Sarah
  18. Geography

    How were the traditional Southeast Asian farmers affected by European colonization? A. They became wealthy from the rising values of the cash crops they grew and exported to Europe. B. Unable to compare with large landowners, they were forced to leave

    asked by Chandler
  19. Career research/Decision making

    If you borrow money from post-secondary education. a:you never have to pay it back. b:you owe it back. c:none of the above ---- My answer is "b" Is that correct?

    asked by Sarah
  20. Identifying Furniture Styles & Periods

    1. Which one of the following elements is characteristic of Gothic furniture? A. Melon-bulb turnings B. Tracery designs C. Carving of acanthus leaves D. Animal shapes 2. A sideboard is a A. type of card table. B. drop-leaf table. C. chest of drawers. D.

    asked by Suzan
  21. geometry

    The diagonals of a rectangle ABCD meet at O. If angle BOC is equal to 44 degree, find angle OAD.

    asked by m.d.
  22. science

    what is the dependent and independant variable, force or pressure?

    asked by mark
  23. Mathematics

    1. Show that Sin3è - Cos2è = (1 - Sinè)(4Sin^2è + 2Sinè - 1). Without using a calculator, show that è = 18 degrees is an exact solution of the equation Sin3è = Cos2è. Justifying your answer, find the exact values of: i) Sin18 degrees. ii) Sin234

    asked by Edwards
  24. Math

    There are a total of 107 chickens and rabbits on a farm. The total number of legs of rabbits is 56 more than the total number of legs of chickens. How many chickens are there on the farm?

    asked by James
  25. Human Services

    Calculate the fixed cost, variable costs, and break-even point for the program suggested in Appendix D. BASED ON THE ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS FOUND IN THE COURSE MATERIALS FOLDER. · Base your calculations on the financial data for 2002. XYZ NON-PROFIT

    asked by Isabella
  26. Biochemistry

    Given that ∆Go’ = -15 kJ/mol and k1 = 1.5 X 10-6s-1, calculate k2.

    asked by Ashley
  27. pre-algerbra

    step by step how to solve algerba problems

    asked by Carus II
  28. maths

    The second angle of a triangle is 4 times as large as the first. The third angle is more than the sum of the other two angles. Find the measure of all three angles.

    asked by susan
  29. pre calc

    A graph of y = cos(1/2 x) - sin( x) for -4ð x 4ð is shown in the figure. Assume z = 4. (the figure is just the graph) its asking me to find the x intercepts but i don't know how. it also asks me to find: The x-coordinates of the eight turning points on

    asked by g
  30. social studies

    Conduct a research to examine the sphere of influence of an organisation that renders a service in your area,hospital.purpose of the organisation.

    asked by Sphere of influence
  31. biology

    an investigation was done to determine the role of petals in insect pollination in apple flowers.when flowers are self pollinated,the tubes grow a little into the stigma and style and fertilization does not take place.(1)10 flowers with petals and 10

    asked by Region
  32. buiness math


    asked by torae
  33. maths

    A pie graphs show the budget of 2 business for 2 different business.How do you work out the different expenses each month and Calculated the cost in Rands.1 company budget is R12000 and other is R9200.How do u work out the pie graphs .need to get the

    asked by zubeida
  34. chemisty

    Farmers often spray water on plants when there is a chance of frost to protect them from freezing. Calculate the amount of heat released when 100 mL of water at 25oC cools to -2oC. (ΔHfusion water is 6.03 kJ/mol, cwater = 4.18 J/(goC), cice = 2.01

    asked by Vt
  35. chemistry

    What mass of PbCl2 would be found in 0.48 L of a saturated solution of PbCl2 if the Ksp of PbCl2 is 1.6 x 10-5?

    asked by J.T
  36. French

    Is this French sentence correct: "Dans cet article, il s’agit des nouvelles taxes établies" if I wanted to say "This article is about the new established taxes.

    asked by dannytan
  37. Chemistry

    How many moles of Ne occupy 2.0 L at STP?

    asked by Nrsn9398
  38. physics

    What are the maximum values of the following when an incandescent 55-W light bulb (at 110 V) is connected to a wall plug labeled 110 V?

    asked by Sophia
  39. physics

    A transformer with 360 turns in its primary coil and 18 turns in its secondary coil is designed to delivered an average power of 1400 W with a maximum voltage of 60 V. What is the maximum current in the primary coil?

    asked by Sonia
  40. science

    determine your distance traveled and displacement if you walk 100m forward and then 35m backward

    asked by stacey
  41. Helping Abused children

    Please help 4. As a teacher aide, if you report an incident of child abuse, A. you must be able to prove your allegations to the authorities. B. you’ll most likely be asked to testify in court. C. you should keep all information related to the case

    asked by beth
  42. algebra

    Will someone check my work here and let me know if I am right. Thanks. Evaluate x+y/7 for x=44 and y=12 My answer is x+y/7=8 2. Translate to an algebraic expression. The product of 42% and some number. The translation is .42x=y 3. Use < or> to make the

    asked by babs
  43. physics

    An apple of mass 0.1kg is thrown from a 54 meter high building at an angle of 45 degrees with an initial velocity of 7. How long does it take for the apple to hit the ground? (assume g = 9.8 m.s-2)

    asked by Anonymous
  44. chemistry

    An 8.6 g sample of a metal is heated to 110.0oC and then placed in a coffee cup calorimeter containing 125 g of water at a temperature of 23.00oC. After the metal cools, the final temperature of the metal and water is 26.83oC. Assuming that no heat is lost

    asked by TI
  45. intermediate algebra

    SOLVE BY FACTORING 2a^2-3a=-5

    asked by ROCKY
  46. physical science

    A 4.0 -m ladder leans against a vertical wall and makes an angle with the horizontal ground of 52degrees. What is the height above the ground where the ladder makes contact with the wall?

    asked by portia
  47. chemistry

    Given that ΔHof of copper (II) chloride, CuCl2(s), is –220.1/kJ and ΔHof of copper (I) chloride, CuCl(s), is –137.2 kJ, calculate ΔHo for the reaction when 14.0 g of copper is used: CuCl2(s) + Cu(s) → 2 CuCl(s)

    asked by tom
  48. math

    what is (x to the 3rd power + x to the 2nd power) divided by ((x+4)(X-4)) multiplied by (x+4) divided by (3x to the 4th power + x to the 3rd power + 2x to the 2nd power)

    asked by kellie
  49. algebra

    Please check these too. thanks Simplify 6[86-(94-86)]= my answer is 468 2. On three consecutive passes, a football team gains 6 yards. loses 17 yards and gainbs 31 yards. Wht number represents the total net yards. The total net years is 20 yards. 3. Solve

    asked by babs
  50. math

    Write the slope-intercept equation for the line with slope -2/3 and y-intercept (0, 3) and graph the line. Please show all of your work. (

    asked by susan
  51. art

    10th century copper sculpture illustrated work of artist peforming "giving tangible form to the unknown" the unknown case in this is what diety

    asked by Anonymous
  52. chemistry

    1.If its molar solubility is designated by “x”, then which of the following expressions best represents the solubility product for the substance Ag2SO4? a) x2 b) 27x4 c) 4x3 d) 108x5 e) 3x4 2. Consider the equilibrium, 4HCl(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g) +

    asked by tt
  53. algebra

    Solve 8x-(4x+4)=20 Ms. Sue would the answer be 3/2?

    asked by babs
  54. Calculus

    put function in standard form f(x)=-4x^2-32x+9

    asked by Josh
  55. CJ101

    Describe what SARA is and explain how it is used in fighting crimes. In what type of policing model is SARA most effectively used? Why?

    asked by CHASE
  56. algebra

    would the answer to 8x-(4x+4)=20 would that be 6 then? I posted it wrong before thank you for helping

    asked by babs
  57. bio

    Name some plants (or even animal products) that are said to have properties that are beneficial to humans. Describe how you would show whether those claims are true. please a need help i am in the hospital

    asked by Anonymous
  58. maths

    Write the slope-intercept equation for the line that passes through (2, -4) and has slope -7/2.

    asked by kimberly
  59. intermediate algebra

    rewrite with positive exponents. Assume that even roots are nonnegative quanities and that all denominators are nonzero. [3/ua^2)^-4

    asked by ROCKY
  60. science

    Write ideas for the inquiry project and area of expertise

    asked by naiya
  61. English

    It also affects the way in which one family relates to another, to the neighborhood, and to the community What correction should be made to this sentence?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Algebra II

    this is the question: Rewrite the equation with the right side completely factored. N =-2x^2 + 76x + 430

    asked by Lynn
  63. math

    7(ac + 2b) + 2ac

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Vocab./English

    The mom left the room with a MODICUM (small amount) of respect after her baby began... a:sleeping b:screaming --- My answer is "a" is that correct?

    asked by Sarah
  65. math

    A pie graph show two different business if transport is the greatest expenses of one is how do u Calculates the cost in rands•

    asked by zubeida
  66. COM155

    Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. Bold each adverb. Underline each adjective. Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at

    asked by Anonymus
  67. English/Writing

    An appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it an it's usually set off with commas. a:true b:false ---- My answer is "a" Is that correct?

    asked by Sarah
  68. Chem/Solution Concentrationa

    How many gtams of potassium bromide(KBr), could be recovered by evaoportating 650.g of 15 percent KBr solution to dryness? Can you explain how to solve this?

    asked by Terr
  69. physics

    A box of mass 5 kg is pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a force of 40N inclined @ 30dgrees. Calculate A)the work done by the force over a distance. B)the speed gained by the box after travelling 10m.

    asked by Luc
  70. Latin American History

    ________ or "government by a few" is common in Latin America. a:democracy b:republic c:oligarchy d:dictatorship ---- My answer is "c" Is that correct?

    asked by Sarah
  71. Physics

    A chair lift carries people of average mass 75kg to a height of 450m above the starting point. Calculate a) the work done by the chair lift to move one person through 450m. b) the power expended to carry 60 people every 5 minutes.

    asked by Luc
  72. math

    give me an ex. about close to 1,1/2,0 pls. for my project THANKS

    asked by rosswyn
  73. MATH

    about math EX. 9/10 is close to 1 THANKS AGAIN

    asked by rosswyn
  74. physics

    A block of mass 2kg is pushed along a table with a constant velocity by a force of 5N.When the push is increased to 9N,what is a)the resultant force b)the acceleration

    asked by Luc
  75. world regional geography

    2. _______ is one of the first Latin American countries to have a separate ministry of tourism with dedicated funds within its federal governmental structure.

    asked by jerry
  76. Calculus 2

    The volume of the solid generated by revolving the region about the given line. above the curve y=3 below the curve y=sqrt of 3x on the left by the y-axis the line y=3

    asked by Larry
  77. physics

    How much work is done when a mass of 30N is lifted vertically through 6m

    asked by Luc
  78. Ag econ

    How do you prove marginal profitability of implementing precision ag practices to a farm operation.

    asked by Thomas
  79. physics

    In loading a lorry a man lifts boxes each of weight 100N throughta height of 1.5 m. a)how much work does he do in lifting 1 box b)how much energy is transferred when 1 box is lifted c)if he lifts 4 boxes/minute@ what power is he working

    asked by Luc
  80. math

    what is the numeral for two million, five and three hundred fifty-one thousandths

    asked by kita
  81. math

    In their little league baseball season, Dominick had twenty-four hits in his forty times at bat. Michael had eighteen hits in his thirty times at bat. How many more hits per at bats did Dominick have?

    asked by drea
  82. physics

    A load of 500N is raised 0.2m by a machine in which an effort of 150N moves 1m.What is a) the work done on the load b)the work done by the effort c)the efficiency

    asked by Luc
  83. maths

    show that sin3theta-cos2theta =(1-sin theta)(4sin squared theta + 2sin theta -1)

    asked by victor2
  84. biology

    Based on what you know about phenotypes and figure 2 for the p generation what is the corn plant genotype on each cob containing the P corn kernals

    asked by kate
  85. biology

    from the phenotype of the kernals on each P generation cob what would the predicted genotype of any F1 plant be?

    asked by kate
  86. maths

    show that sin3theta-cos2theta =(1-sin theta)(4sin squared theta + 2sin theta -1)

    asked by victor2
  87. mathematics

    Given that A + B = 120 degrees and cosA + cos B = 1 divided by squareroot of 2,show that cos A-B divided by 2 = 1 divided by square root of 2

    asked by ceasar
  88. physics 1

    a 5.00kg object placed on a frictionless horizontal table is connected to a string tat passes over a pulley and then is fastened to a hanging 9.00kg object.Find the acceleration of the two objects and the tension in the string.

    asked by Ian
  89. maths

    tan5x/4x as lim x approaches to pi

    asked by rohan
  90. Chemistry

    1. Show quantitatively how you would prepare a solution of 3.10 x 10^2 g of 0.125 molar (m) ethylene alcohol from ethylene glycol and water.

    asked by eddy
  91. Math 209

    The width of a rectangular carpet is 7 meters shorter than the length, and the diagonal is 1 meter longer than the length. What are the carpet's dimensions?

    asked by Wanda
  92. mathematics

    give that sin( A + B )= 2cos(A - B ) and tan A = 1/3,Find the exact value of tanB

    asked by CHRYSTABELLE
  93. Chemistry

    1. What amount of Potassium Chloride forms when 5.25 litres of Chloride gas at 0.95 atm and 293K reacts with 17.0g of Potassium.

    asked by Kam
  94. English

    I need to prepare different grammar tests. I really hope you can see if everything is OK. 1) Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence. (6 pts.) 1.It usually takes him half an hour to drive to work. 2.Sandra was hurrying to school yesterday

    asked by Henry
  95. English

    I still have to include a few more exercises. Thank you very much. 1) Complete the sentences with must/mustn’t, have to/don’t have to, should/shouldn’t (9 pts.) 1) My mum is angry with me. I ................ stay in my room an study in the afternoon.

    asked by Henry
  96. math

    A building has 7 storeys. If the interior length is 41 m and the width is 32 m, What is the total floor space in the building including open spaces for stairs, etc?

    asked by Rona
  97. Math

    Solve the equaton by completing the square. 4x^2-8x-3=0

    asked by Ashley
  98. Math

    Is 0 is even no?

    asked by Abhishek kumar
  99. Physics

    A spring id vertically, as shown below, and a 500g mass is hung from its lower end. The EQUILIBRIUM extension of the spring is observed to be 10.0cm. (I) What is the spring constant of the spring? (II) If the is pulled down by 5.00cm and released, what is

    asked by Melissa
  100. physics

    consider a solid cylinder rolling from rest down a plane inclined at an angle theta to the horizontal.After rolling down a distance s down the plane,determine (i) acceleration of the cylinder (ii) if the cylinder is hollow ; find its acceleration after a

    asked by victor2
  101. Elementray Statistics

    Assume that a population is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 20. Would a sample mean of 115 or more be considered unusual? Why or why not?

    asked by Alice
  102. english

    Will s person that is born deaf(deaf since birth) be able to speak? please provide a proof for your answer(i.e. website)

    asked by Chester
  103. English

    Here is my outline for my speech. How does it look? I know I need a better conclusion, I am just not sure exactly yet. Aggressive Driving Introduction • How many of you have turned on the news or opened a newspaper to find that another human being was

    asked by lizzie
  104. Math 221

    What if the size for each sample were increased to 20? Would a sample mean of 115 or more be considered unusual?

    asked by Nicole
  105. Chemistry

    4. During a practical exercise, you find out that you need to adjust the pH of a strong acidic solution of volume 5.6 litres from 4.52 to 5.25 (i) What would you add, OH- or H3O+ to adjust the pH? Explain your answer. (ii) Assuming that there is a

    asked by Edwards
  106. Writing

    Please help.. Did i identify all of the adverbs and adjectives in the following? I personally did not have any credit cards for a very long time. In the past, I have had more then I needed and found them only causing me problems. I was young and not very

    asked by Anonymous
  107. mathematics

    Show that for any p and q on the line ,the distance from p+q/2 is the same as the distance from p+q/2 to q.

    asked by CHRYSTABELLE
  108. mathematics

    Find the equation of the smaller circle tangent to both axes and passing the point (-3,6)

    asked by ceasar1
  109. mathematics

    Find the equation of the parabola with the vertex at the origin and directrix y =5

    asked by victor
  110. maths

    simplify 12-1/9 /4/3+(1/2)^2

    asked by kate
  111. maths

    simplify -3(-9)-[-5-3]

    asked by sofiya
  112. college algebra

    COMPOUNDS P=2500, r=12%, t=20yrs, n=2

    asked by shakera
  113. Mathematics

    1. Show that Sin3 Theta - Cos2 Theta = (1 - Sin Theta)(4Sin^2 Theta + 2Sin Theta - 1). Without using a calculator, show that Theta = 18 degrees is an exact solution of the equation Sin3 Theta = Cos2 Theta. Justifying your answer, find the exact values of:

    asked by Edwards
  114. Calculus

    When Pal throws his beach ball straight up in the air, it's height h at time tis given by h=(-1/2)gt^2+v(sub 0). Find the velocity of the ball at time t.

    asked by Jordan
  115. Calculus

    When Pal throws his beach ball straight up in the air, it's height h at time tis given by h=(-1/2)gt^2+v(sub 0). Find the velocity of the ball when t=0.

    asked by Jordan
  116. Science

    TRUE or FALSE? when ice cubes melt into liquid water, its physical properties changes

    asked by Floyd
  117. Geometry

    30-60-90 triangle has a hypoteneuse of 10 use trig to find the short side

    asked by Christa
  118. maths

    3. Simplify. 2y+y^2-xy-(xy-y+3y^2)

    asked by susan
  119. math

    4. Solve . 16-2(8w-7)=3w-18(2-w)

    asked by susan
  120. math

    can someone help me to make this a non- function. f(x){(1,-8),(3,-4),(5,0),(9,4),(10,-2)

    asked by tamika
  121. maths

    factorize (x^2-4x)(x^2-4x-1)-20

    asked by pavatharani
  122. maths

    factorize 2*2^1/2x^3+3*3^1/2y^3+5^1/2(5-3*6^1/2xy)

    asked by pavatharani
  123. maths

    if a=(3^1/2+2^1/2)/(3^1/2-2^1/2) b=(3^1/2-2^1/2)/(3^1/2+2^1/2) find a^3+b^3

    asked by pavatharani
  124. maths

    if x=1/(2-3^1/2) prove that x^3-2x^2-7x+5=3

    asked by pavatharani
  125. maths

    if x=3+8^1/2, find x^4+(1/x^4)

    asked by pavatharani
  126. maths

    factorize a^3+b^3+c^3-3abc

    asked by pavatharani
  127. maths

    if the sides of a triangleABC is 16cm,19cm and 15cm what about the angleB is it the greatest or smallest angle or is angleB = angleC or ia angleA the smallest angle? plz help

    asked by pavatharani
  128. chemisty

    Farmers often spray water on plants when there is a chance of frost to protect them from freezing. Calculate the amount of heat released when 100 mL of water at 25oC cools to -2oC. (ΔHfusion water is 6.03 kJ/mol, cwater = 4.18 J/(goC), cice = 2.01

    asked by Vt
  129. as

    In the figure a 1.2 block is held at rest against a spring with a force constant = 740 . Initially, the spring is compressed a distance . When the block is released, it slides across a surface that is frictionless except for a rough patch of width 5.0 that

    asked by Anonymous