Questions Asked on
July 29, 2011

  1. Physics

    Which of the following is not an example of potential energy? a.)The energy stored in a pile driver b.)The energy stored in a stretched spring c.)The energy of a body moving across a horizontal surface d.)The energy in the water at the top of a waterfall

    asked by Tarissa
  2. Prob ans stat

    Let x be a random variable that represents the length of time it takes a student to complete a take-home exam in Dr. Larson's psychology class. After interviewing many students, it was found that x has an approximately normal distribution with mean of 5.2

    asked by Hannah
  3. Algebra 2

    A country's population in 1991 was 15 million. In 2001 it was 16 million. Estimate the population in 2005 using exponential growth formula. Round your answer to the nearest million.

    asked by KEViN
  4. Statistics

    Solve the following problems by using the binomial formula. a. If n = 4 and p = .10 , find P(x = 3) . b. If n = 7 and p = .80 , find P(x = 4) . c. If n = 10 and p = .60 , find P(x ¡Ý 7) . d. If n = 12 and p = .45 , find P(5 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 7) .

    asked by Sara
  5. calculus

    For the function y=-3+4 cos(5pi/6(x+4)) , what is the minimum value?

    asked by Dakeva
  6. precal 2

    find values for b such that the triangle has no solution A=88 degree, a=315.6

    asked by danielle
  7. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction below : P4(s) + 5O2(g) ---> P4O10(s) How many grams of phosphorus react with 4.745 x 10^1 L of oxygen at STP to form tetraphosphorus decaoxide?

    asked by Brooke
  8. calculus

    Part of a circuit has two resistors connected in parallel as shown in the figure. R(1) is a constant resistor of 10 ohm, while R(2) is a variable resistor with resistance that varies at a rate of 2 ohms per minute. The total, or effective, resistance, R,

    asked by NEED HELP NOW!

    A stationary police car emits a sound of frequency 1200 Hz that bounces off of a car on the highway and returns to the police car with a frequency of 1250 Hz. The police car is right next to the highway, so the moving car is traveling either directly

    asked by Brit
  10. szabist imc larkana

    ten bricks each 6.0cm thick and mass of 1.5kg, lie on a table, how much work is required to stack them one on the top of another? A. 40j B. 88j C. 45j D. 0j E. None of these

    asked by basit shah
  11. arithmetic

    If the sum is 220 and the first term is 10, find the common difference if the last term is 30

    asked by sanjoy
  12. calculus

    Find the average value of the function f(x) = (2x - 5)^2 on the interval [1, 2].

    asked by Cynthia
  13. Principles of Marketing

    Discuss the type of media that might be most suitable for promoting (a) tomato soup, (b) greeting cards, (c) a business component material, and (d) playground equipment. Specify any assumptions necessary to obtain a definite answer.

    asked by Destiny
  14. Early Childhood Psychology

    Can someone please let me know if I chosen the right answers for my six questions below? If I did not choose the right answers could you please let me know which answer is the correct one? Thanks 1) In Piaget's theory, a symbol is closest to a(n) =

    asked by Sharon
  15. Math

    Please help, thank you. Write the logarithmic equation in its equivalent exponential form. log 0.000001 = –6

    asked by Ms. Tracy
  16. Math

    Write the exponential equation in its equivalent logarithmic form. 5^4 = 625 I know I have to change it to log or ln and something is equal to I think either 4 or 5.

    asked by Ms. Tracy
  17. chemistry

    A 20 gram piece of metal is added to a sample of 100 grams of water inside a calorimeter. If the metal is at a temperature of 125° Celsius and the water is at 20° Celsius, which of the following best describes what will occur inside the calorimeter?

    asked by Amanda
  18. Science

    What are the common ways of deciding that a reaction has occured?

    asked by Mane
  19. art

    Outline the main goals of Green Architecture, describing how one or several architects achieved each of those goals in a specific structure. Discuss the advantages and difficulties of Green Architecture in terms of meeting the functions of structures and

    asked by Pebbles
  20. Physics

    A kid slides down an icy (frictionless) hill starting from res. At the top his gravitational potential energy is 500J. Suppose after reaching the bottom he then continues sliding up another icy slope on the other side of the valley. Whenhe finally comes to

    asked by Tarissa
  21. To: Lasea

    Please stop posting your music exams. We'll be glad to help you with one or two questions, but we will not help you cheat.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  22. Clinical Procedures

    Which one of the following elements is necessary for a bacterial micoorganism to grow? A. Light B. Acid environment C. Body Temperature D. Carbon dioxide I chose C

    asked by Joan B.
  23. pre cal 2

    use law of sines t solve the triangle A=5degree 40', B=8degree 15', b=4.8

    asked by danielle
  24. precal 2

    use the law of cosines to solve the triangle A=55 degree, c=10, b=3

    asked by danielle
  25. Math

    Use Mathematical Induction to show that the statement 2 + 6 + 10 + . . . + (4n – 2) = 2n^2 is true

    asked by Josh
  26. history

    16. Citizenship Describe the different roles of citizens and non- citizens in the Roman Empire, especially as the roles pertain to civic participation.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Algebra

    Solve the exponential equation. 4^2x – 2 = 26 I know I use the one to one property to equate. But I am confused. Thanks!

    asked by Meghan
  28. chemistry

    Use the collision theory to explain how increasing the surface area of a solute will increase the rate of the dissolving process.

    asked by kendra
  29. Math

    Given the situation described, identify the type of sampling involved. Students at Local U are classified according to the progress toward their degree program as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and nonmatriculating, then random samples from each

    asked by Jen
  30. physics

    An extreme skier, starting from rest, coasts down a mountain slope that makes an angle 25.0° with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between her skis and the snow is 0.200. She coasts for a distance of 13.8 m before coming to the edge of

    asked by Kelly
  31. history

    what new ideas in technology occurred during the Greco-Roman civilization?

    asked by Jessica
  32. elementary and intermediate algebra

    Barry can do a certain job in 9 hours, whereas it takes Samuel 12 hours to do the same job. How long would it take them to do the job working together?

    asked by elza
  33. math

    A piece of wire of length 240 cm is bent into the shape of trapezium where the eqtn is = 13x+13x+y+y+24x. Find the value of x and y for which A is maximum, hence find the maximum area. a. express y in term of x b. show that the area A cm^2 enclosed by the

    asked by Yuni
  34. PSY/soo

    Compare and contrast normal and abnormal psychology. · Examine at least two mental disorders and two mental illnesses from the perspective of psychology. · Discuss the similarities and differences among the therapies for each school of thought in

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    a body covers a circular path of radius 'R' in 20 seconds.calculate the distance and displacement of the body at the end of 70 seconds.

    asked by pratik yadav bansal public school
  36. Math

    The cardinal number of the set {cat, dog, horse, fish, lizard, meerkat, rhinoceros, elephant, giraffe, platypus, hippopotamus, skunk} is ____. I think its 12 right?

    asked by Jen

    Correct Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar etc. 1. Here's the slice of cake you asked for. 2. You should always check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation when transcribing. 3. He denies any fever, chills, night sweats, and weight loss. 4. Since the

    asked by Leslie-To:Writeacher
  38. physics

    A mosquito inside a car is not hit by the back wall when the car starts moving.Why?

    asked by ...........................
  39. math

    chalk contains 3% of carbon,10%of calcium & 12%of oxygen.find the amount in grams of each of these substancein 1kg of chalk.

    asked by sonam
  40. history

    Describe Rosa Parks in one paragraph

    asked by tammy
  41. biology

    how to calculate the class average of millilitres of CO2 exhaled per minute?

    asked by lola
  42. chemistry

    when atoms collide, what determines whether they will react by transfering electrons or by sharing electrons

    asked by ashly
  43. Math

    Please help me to solve it, today is mydue day ! Suppose an individual makes an initial investment of $2400 in an account that earns 8%, compounded monthly, and makes additional contributions of $100 at the end of each month for a period of 12 years. After

    asked by Thanh
  44. Am. History

    this is not a homework question but we are studying the Bill of Rights and my question is what, in laymans terms, is the significance of the 9th amendment? i have googled it and read many articles but i still can't get what it means. any information would

    asked by Stacy
  45. Economics

    What are the roles of Hayek and Keynes' theories in the economy right now?

    asked by Emily
  46. math

    i have two two judges convicting a robberer judge a mean is 33.0 and standard deviation is 2.0. judge b has a mean of 30.0 and a standard deviation of 8.1. which judge would the robber want to sentence?

    asked by patricia
  47. chemistry

    The mercury (I) ion is unusual. Look up the charge of the ion. Suggest a possible explanation for its charge. Further Explain how the electron configuration plays a role in its unusually abilities.

    asked by ashly
  48. public administration

    what are the circumstances that determine public policy in South Africa ?

    asked by dadly
  49. math

    i took the sat and received a score of 488 on the math section. the average score was 445 with a standard deviation of 110. where does my score fit in the sample and what is the z score?

    asked by patricia
  50. phi 103

    A fallacy is an argument that (Points : 1) is a weak inductive argument. makes a mistaken in deriving a conclusion. has a false conclusion. is a sound inductive argument.

    asked by lucy
  51. Principles of Marketing

    Identify the strategy decisions a marketing manager must make in the Price area. Illustrate your answer for a local retailer.

    asked by Destiny
  52. HELLO!?

    i have posted several questions? and NON have gotten help? :( WHY is everyone else getting help and NOT me? HELLOO???

    asked by ashly
  53. geometry

    In thea diagram,ABCD is a trapezium with AB,DC and vertices A(-4;1),B(x;-3),C(1;y) and D.Determine the value of x if the distance AB is 5 units.

    asked by Phillip


    asked by IFEOMA
  55. algebra

    Bayside Insurance offers two health plans. Under plan A Gisielle would pay the first $110 of her medical bills plus 30% of the rest. Under plan B, Gisielle would pay the first $250, but only 20% of the rest. For what amount of medical bills will plan B

    asked by tara lee
  56. comp/155 week 4 assignment

    need help

    asked by jennifer
  57. Chemistry

    for a particular reaction H=-28.4 KJ and S=-87.9 J/K. Assuming these values change very little with temperture, over what temperature range is the reaction spontaneous in the forward direction?

    asked by Joshue
  58. Allied Health

    What are the most important functions of health information management?

    asked by Jamie
  59. chem

    if the saturation of carbon is 12 and nitrogen is 6 what is the tempature of 200ml in 450 g containers in parts per million

    asked by john
  60. statistics

    Can you help me with this statistics problem? A company requires all employees to take drug test. The company can afford only the inexpensive drug test- the one with a 5% false-positive rate and a 10% false-negative rate. (This means that 5% of those who

    asked by Kay
  61. math


    asked by Donna
  62. Technical Drawing

    1. Construct a triangle with dimension 5cm, 6cm and 75 degrees. 2. Construct a triangle with two sides 5cm, 6cm and an included angle of 120 degrees.

    asked by nelly
  63. english

    Read the two-paragraph analysis passage on p. 177 of the text. Identify the purpose of the writing.

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Calculus

    How can I convert polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates?

    asked by Josh
  65. Chemistry

    A sample of 0.30 moles of a metal M reacts completely with excess fluorine to form 18.69 grams of MF2. How many moles of F are in the sample of MF2 that forms? M + F2 ---> MF2 How many grams of M are in this sample of MF2 ?

    asked by Brooke
  66. precal 2

    Reprenesent the complex number 5/2(square root of 3-i) graphically and find its trigonometric form.

    asked by danielle
  67. Chemistry

    How many moles of H atoms are there in 33.4282 grams of C2H4Cl2?

    asked by Brooke
  68. Chemistry

    If it were determined that there were 6.391 x 10^22 atoms of H in an unknown sample of C2H4Cl2, how many milligrams would the unknown sample weigh? Sorry for all the questions Dr. Bob.

    asked by Brooke
  69. Statistics

    In a particular hospital, newborn babies were delivered yesterday. Here are their weights (in ounces): 99, 104, 106, 110, 111, 112

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Algebra

    How do i simplify 3n^2+3n/6n^2+9 by removing factors of 1

    asked by Tim
  71. Including Students with Special needs.

    How would understanding the function of a student's behavior influence your response to it?

    asked by Claudia
  72. Including students with special needs.

    How does this approach differ from traditional responses to student behavior?

    asked by Claudia
  73. Including students with special needs

    How could you use the notion of behavior functions to understand how students can find and press teachers' "hot buttons"?

    asked by Claudia
  74. History

    Why were the Etruscans considered to be the greatest influence on early Rome?

    asked by Dee
  75. Computers

    Give an example of where you might use Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint other than computer class?

    asked by Jessica
  76. basic algebra

    Graph the line passing through the given point and having the given slope-intercept form of the equation of the line if possible. (1,-2),m=-1/2

    asked by Camille Byrne
  77. history

    why were the plebeians and patricians in conflict?

    asked by Dee
  78. Math

    In how many different ways can the top eight new indie bands be ranked on a top eight list? The top hit song for each of the eight bands will compete to receive monetary awards of $1000, $500 and $250, respectively. In how many ways can the awards be given

    asked by Jen
  79. hardware

    What percentage of the address space of IP4 do the network classes of A, B, and C represent? ( Hint: Think of the classes in terms of power of 2.)

    asked by Tone
  80. Math

    A mini license plate for a toy car must consist of two numbers followed by a letter. Each number must be a 5, 7 or 9. Each letter must be a C, A or N. Repetition of digits is NOT permitted. Use the counting principle to determine the number of points in

    asked by Jen
  81. phy. science

    what normally warms up faster when heat is applied?

    asked by sue
  82. Math-probability

    A bag contains a total of 30 batteries, of which six are defective. Selecting four at random, without replacement, determine the probability that none of the batteries you select are good. I think it's 2/15, but im not sure if that's correct....

    asked by Jen
  83. Math

    Evaluate: 7^C4 i think its something like: (7*6*5*4*3*2*1) / ((2*1)(4*3*2*1)) = (7*6*5*4)/(4*3*2*1) = (7*6*5)/(2*1) = 105...did i do i right??

    asked by Jen
  84. Math

    Given that P(A) = 0.5, P(B) = 0.6, and P(A and B) = 0.30, determine P(A|B) ??

    asked by Jen
  85. Math

    If P(A or B) = 0.5, P(A) = 0.2 and P(B) = 0.7, determine P(A and B).

    asked by Jen
  86. chemistry

    A sample of gas has increased in temperature from 20° Celsius to 22° Celsius. Which of the following happens as the temperature of the gas goes up? A.The gas undergoes a phase change. B. The velocity of the gas particles decreases. C.The kinetic energy

    asked by kendra
  87. College Algebra

    Write the first four terms of the following sequence. Assume that n starts at 1. an= (-(n-4)/6n) I am not sure how to start this.

    asked by Missy
  88. Math

    Haley was told that her systolic blood pressure reading of 123 was in the 56th percentile for people aged 16-24. Interpret its meaning. Im not even sure about this question....

    asked by Jen
  89. Algebra

    Solve the logarithmic equation. log2(4x)-log2(x+3)=1

    asked by Meghan
  90. MAth

    1. John’s loans for his business total $155,000. One of the loans is a SBA loan at 11% interest; the other loan is a Community Business Partner loan whose interest is 6.5% After one year the loans accumulated $12,325 in interest. What was the amount of

    asked by Molly
  91. Math

    The number of dry cleaning orders picked up at Sunny Fresh Dry Cleaners was sampled over 4 hour periods. Below is the sample: 61 58 67 52 25 64 38 49 51 61 58 61 27 61 58 34 Construct a stem and leaf plot of the data. ??

    asked by Jen
  92. history

    Who was Hannibal what happened to him and why was he important?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Middle Childhood Psychology

    Could someone please check my answers to make sure that they are correct. If any of my answers are wrong, please provide me with the correct answer? Thank you! 1. Marabella knows that a given amount of spaghetti remains the same whether the spaghetti is in

    asked by Sharon
  94. Calculus

    Find the equation of a circle with center C(1,6) and tangent line x-y-1=0.

    asked by Cad
  95. math

    the volume of an cylindrical can with a radius r cm and height h cm is 128000 c^3, show that the surface area of the can is A=2(22/7)r^2 + 246000/r. Find the value for r to minimize the surface area. *i know what the quest. ask but i do not know how to

    asked by Yuni
  96. English

    What is the word part for this sentence. The folly of youth stands in stark contrast to the wisdom of age.

    asked by Nisey
  97. trig

    An arc subtends an angle 15 degrees at the centre of the circle. If the radius is 4 centimetres, find the area of the sector?

    asked by Sulaksha
  98. Can someone please check my answers

    Three fresh water and ocean water resource challenges fresh water resource challenges Aquifer depletion Lowers the water table. Prolonged aquifer depletion drains an aquifer dry, eliminating it as a water resource and may cause sink holes. Overdrawing

    asked by girl
  99. Math

    The number of dry cleaning orders picked up at Sunny Fresh Dry Cleaners was sampled over 12 hour periods. Below is the sample: 142 171 125 91 140 125 97 125 162 142 125 117 89 125 140 128 From this data set, compute the sample mean, median, mode and

    asked by Jen
  100. Computer Science

    Consider the following application files: /JavaCS1/src/guiprojectcity2/ import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; public class DisplayWindow extends JFrame{ private Container c; public DisplayWindow(){ super("Display"); c =

    asked by Sally
  101. Calculus

    Solve the separable differential equation: dy/dt=4y^6 and find the particular solution satisfying the initial condition y(0)=-3 y(t)=?

    asked by Carly
  102. economics

    If all the assumptions of perfect competition hold, why would firms in such an industry have little incentive to carry out technological change or much research and development? What condition would encourage research and development in competitive

    asked by kim
  103. psychology

    I need help clarifying something. I was under the impression that Human service takes a generalist approach, but in a recent discussion, I was told that it is important for a therapist, clinician choose a theoretical Framework. Why is this?

    asked by lee
  104. Calculus

    how to convert this from rectangular to polar? r=cos theta

    asked by Josh
  105. solid mensuration

    The volume of the box is 900 cubic inches. Find the dimension with a ratio of 1:3:5.

    asked by acshikari
  106. art

    Compare and contrast the evolving role of architects from the 18th to the 21st centuries, commenting on areas of greater control and involvement with decision making that specific architects assumed in the planning and construction of actual structures.

    asked by Pebbles
  107. Math

    Given the situation described, identify the type of sampling involved. Students at Local U are classified according to the progress toward their degree program as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and nonmatriculating, then random samples from each

    asked by Jen
  108. Math

    The National Association for Women in Science asked recent high school grads if they had taken certain science classes. Of those surveyed, 90 said they had taken physics, 138 said they had taken chemistry and 45 said they had taken both. Thirty-two said

    asked by Jen
  109. Math

    Form the converse: If I do not mow the lawn, then the grass grows too tall. Is it: If the grass does not grow too tall, then I did not mow the lawn??

    asked by Jen
  110. physics

    If a professional jumper jumps in a running trainn and remains in air (say,4 ~5 sec),does he returns back his original position?

    asked by ...........................
  111. physics

    if a ship moving to South and wind is flowing due West(at given velocities),we can find the angle by which the ship is deviated.Does here the momenta of wind and ship matter?If it had been water at same velocity instead of wind, what would have happened?

    asked by ...........................
  112. chemistry

    We know that all matter are made up of atoms and all atoms consists of electrons,protons,neutrons,etc.Then why do we find such a variety of matter?Why is wood not gold?

    asked by ...........................
  113. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  114. strayer's

    If a business borrows $20,000 and repays $30,800 in 4 years, what is the simple interest rate?

    asked by doris
  115. strayer

    If the principal P = $700, the rate r = 8 1 2 %, and time t = 1 year, find the following

    asked by doris
  116. calculus

    Using L'Hôpital's rule, evaluate lim of xe^(-x) as x approaches infinity

    asked by Cynthia
  117. Math

    Write the statement in symbols using the p and q given below. Then construct a truth table for the symbolic statement and select the best match. p = I eat too much q = I'll exercise. I'll exercise if I eat too much. Is it q->p?? I do not know how to do the

    asked by Jen
  118. Calculus

    Part of a circuit has two resistors connected in parallel as shown in the figure. R(1) is a constant resistor of 10 ohm, while R(2) is a variable resistor with resistance that varies at a rate of 2 ohms per minute. The total, or effective, resistance, R,

    asked by Cynthia
  119. Math

    What is the exact circumference of a circle with a diameter of 21 inches? Is it 110.25p inches??

    asked by Jen
  120. math

    A property dealer charges commission at the rateof 2%on the first Rs200000,1%on the next Rs 200000& 0.5% on the remaining price.find the commission on the property that has been sold for Rs 540000.

    asked by sonam
  121. Math

    The theoretical probability of undesirable side effects resulting from taking Grebex is 1 in 20. If 100 people take Grebex to lower their blood pressure, how many will encounter undesirable side effects? Would it be 5 people that will encounter undesirable

    asked by Jen
  122. Chemistry

    What mass (in grams)of KNO3 would have to be decomposed to produce 29 L of oxygen measured at STP?

    asked by Kyle
  123. English

    In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, describe the sentence structure--simple, compound, complex, compound-complex or a mix

    asked by Kay
  124. Pre-Calc

    Find the vertex, value of p, axis of symmetry, focus, and directrix for x – 4 = (-1/6)(y + 2)^2

    asked by Brian
  125. History

    How long did the roman civilization last?

    asked by Matt
  126. MATH 157

    How do I determine the real number solution for the following problem: The problem reads : Determine the number of real-number solutions to the equation from the given graph. x^2 - x + 15 = 0, given the graph of y = x^2 - x + 15

    asked by Janelle
  127. computer

    Write a menu driven program that either accepts words and their meanings, or displays the list of words in lexicographical order (i.e. as in a dictionary). When an entry is to be added to the dictionary you must first enter the word as one string, and then

    asked by james
  128. biology

    what compound is formed when CO2 is bubbled through water?show the reaction.

    asked by lola