Questions Asked on
July 24, 2011

  1. Chemistry

    Predict the product(s) for the following reaction: H2SO4(aq) + KOH(aq) --> Choose one answer. a. K(s) + H2(g) + SO3(g) b. K2SO4(aq) + H2O(l) c. No reaction occurs d. K2S(aq) + H2O(l) e. KSO4(aq) + H2O(l) I keep getting: K2SO4(aq) + 2H2O(l) which isn't at

    asked by Toby
  2. Statistics

    the manufacturer of a certain brand of auto batteries claims the mean life of these batteries is 45 months. A consumer protection agency that wants to check this claim took a random sample of 36 such batteries and found the mean life for this sample is

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    A solution contains 32g of per 100.0g of water at 25 degree celcius. is the solution saturated, unsaturated, supersaturated

    asked by Anonymous
  4. statistics

    use the given information to find the minimum sample size required to estimate an unknown population mean. Margin of error/; $137, confidence level:99%, standard deviation = $535

    asked by susan
  5. Pre Cal

    which of the following best describes the behavior of thre function f(x)=(x^2-2x)/(x^2-4) at the values not in its domain? a) one vertical asymptote, no removable discontinuities b) 2 vertical asymptotes c) two removable discontinuities d) one removable

    asked by Ashley
  6. Statistics

    The distribution of heights of American women aged 18 to 24 is approximately normally distributed with mean 65.5 inches and standard deviation 2.5 inches. What is the probability that a randomly selected woman is over 70 inches tall?

    asked by Stacey Moore
  7. pre cal 2

    solve the equation 4cos^2x-1=0

    asked by kc
  8. algebra

    Snookers Lumber can convert logs into either lumber ofr lywood. In a given day, the mill turns out three times as many units of plywood as lumber. It makes a profit of $30 on a unit of lumber and $40 on a unit of plywood. How many of each unit must be

    asked by babs

    At a management luncheon, two managers were overheard arguing about the follow- ing statement: “A manager should never hire another worker if the new person causes diminishing returns.” Is this statement correct? If so, why? If not, explain why not.

    asked by KIM
  10. algebra

    In 1920 the record for a certain race was 46.5 seconds. in 1980 it was 45.3 seconds let R(t) = the record in the race and t=the number of years since 1920 R(t) = 46.5 - t*0.02 what is the predicted record in 2003? 44.84 what is the predicted record in

    asked by kelly
  11. independent clause

    Identify the : I stood at the window, but I didn't see him.

    asked by jessica
  12. Pre Cal

    a piece of wire 5 inches long is to be cut into two pieces. One piece is x inches long and is to be bent into the shape of a square. the other piece is to be bent into the shape of a circle. Find an expression for the total area made up by the square and

    asked by Ashley
  13. math algebra

    represent the given condition using a sing variable, x. The length and width of a rectangle whose length is 12 centimeters more than its width. the width of the rectangle is _____. The length of the rectangle is ____.

    asked by charlene
  14. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 46m. If the width were doubled and the length were increased by 12m, the perimeter would be 82m. What are the length and width of the rectangle?

    asked by Mona

    Solve for the new pressure in each of the following with N and V constant A sample of Na with a pressure of 770 mmHG at -60C is heated to 23C

    asked by SHARON
  16. biology

    how many chromosomes are present in ostrich? how many chromosomes are present in monkey? how many chromosomes are in lacto bacteria

    asked by neelima
  17. stat

    Weinberger and Spotts compare the use of humor in television ads in the United States and the United Kingdom. Suppose that independent random samples of television ads are taken in the two countries. A random of 400 television ads in the United Kingdom

    asked by ahmed
  18. algebra

    Factor the expression 25x^2-60xy+36y^2 into a product of binomials.

    asked by ROCKY
  19. Physics

    The captain of a small barge notices the front corner of the boat is on a collision course with the edge of a small pier. What could he ask the passengers to do to help him avoid a collision?

    asked by Capreeca
  20. pre cal 2

    Find all solutions in the unterval [0,2pi), cos x/2-sinx=0

    asked by denise
  21. home economics

    Gear strategy has managed to improve the livelihood of the poor in south africa.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Gemotry

    if A(2,4) and B(3,1) and C(15,7) find the slope of the altitude from A to BC

    asked by Taylor
  23. Chemistry

    For the reaction: V2O5 + 6HCl --> 2VOCl3 + 3H2O If 13.65g of VOCl3 was produced in this reaction, how many grams of V2O5 were reacted in excess HCl? I used stoichiometry and converted 13.65g of VOCl3 into grams of V2O5. I got 73.28 g. However, I feel like

    asked by Toby
  24. pre cal 2

    Find all solutions in the interval [0, pi], 2sec^2x+tan^2x-3=0

    asked by Denise
  25. Physics

    How long does it take for the current in an circuit with = 150Ω and = 65mH to reach half its final value?

    asked by Ryan
  26. Physics

    An rms voltage of 120 V produces a maximum current of 2.6 A in a certain resistor.Find the resistance of this resistor?

    asked by Ryan
  27. pre cal 2

    find the exact solutions in the interval [0,2pi), sin4x=-2sin2x

    asked by kc
  28. Chemistry

    Need guidance on how to solve this one How many liters of water vapor can be produced if 108 grams of methane gas are conbusted at 312K and 98 atm. CH4 + 202 = C02 + 2H20

    asked by Anonymous
  29. pre calculus 2

    use the fundamental trig. Identities to simplify tan^4x+2tan^2x+1

    asked by denise
  30. physics

    a clock has its second hand 2 cm long. find the average speed and modulus of average velocity of the tip of the second hand in 15 seconds

    asked by lavanya
  31. Physics

    The conducting rod ab shown below makes frictionless contact with metal rails ca and db. The apparatus is in a uniform magnetic field of 0.855 T, perpendicular to the plane of the figure. The length L of the rod is 25 cm. (a) Find the magnitude of the emf

    asked by Chloe

    The volume of air in a persons lungs is 615 mL at a pressure of 760 mmHG inhalation occures at the pressure in the lungs drops to 752 mmHG, to wha volume did the lungs expand I got 615*760=V2*752=621 i keep getting 621 and the answer is 620 what i'am i

    asked by SHARON
  33. math

    3. The height H of an object t seconds after it is propelled upward with an initial velocity v is represented by , where g is the gravitational pull and h is the initial height. The gravitational pull of the moon is 1.6 meters per second squared. The

    asked by Anonymous
  34. English

    Per the guidelines set out in this document OR As per the guidelines set out in this document Which is correct?

    asked by jean
  35. Ida

    What does duracell manufacture say about the durability of their brand

    asked by Physics
  36. math

    the perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 21 meters. the length of one side is 3 meters longer than the length of the other two sides. find the length of each side.

    asked by Kylie
  37. interest

    If $635 is invested in an account that earns 9.25%, compounded annually, what will the account balance be after 21 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. COMM/156

    Write a second paragraph of at least 200 words explaining the strategies you will use to overcome those challenges.

    asked by Dominique
  39. algebra

    The area of a rectangular athletic field is represented by the expression 81y^2-16z^2 square meters. Write an algebraic expression to represent one possible set of dimensions(in the sense " length times width") of the athletic field. Include correct units

    asked by ROCKY
  40. chemistry

    calculate the amount of energy (kJ) lost when 50 mL of water at 0 Celcius freezes at 0 Celcius

    asked by donna
  41. math

    graph (3,5) (8,-1)

    asked by Donna
  42. Math

    Hi I'm reviewing the following solution in my trigonometry text book and I can't figure out how they got their answer. If someone can help explain how they calculated 542.25 for a^2 (nothing I do comes up with that number): a2=b2+c2-2bcCosA

    asked by Amy
  43. Algebra

    During the first part of a trip, a canoeist travels 98 miles at a certain speed. The canoeist travels 10 miles on the second part of the trip at a speed 5 mph slower. The total time for the trip is 3 hours. What was the speed on the FIRST part of the trip?

    asked by Greg
  44. Math

    Q: A coule borrow Rs. 10,000 to buy a car. The loan agreement specifies that monthly payements are to be made for 4 years. The annual inttrest rate is 10%. Determine the monthly payments?

    asked by REHAN
  45. computers in day care

    A software program features an electronic coloring book, in which children get to paint characters that come to life with the click of a mouse. This type of program is primarily designed to develop children’s A. hand-eye coordination. C. emotional

    asked by nk
  46. Math

    Q: Many business transactions involves making or recieving cash payment at various future dates. Discuss by given quantitative example?

    asked by REHAN
  47. Chem

    How do I do this problem Assume you dissolve 2.56 g of malic acid, C4H6O5, in half a liter of water (500.0 g). Calculate the molarity, molality, mole fraction, and weight percent of acid in the solution. (Assume the final volume of the solution is 500. mL)

    asked by Ann
  48. Calculus

    For the function g(x) = xe power x, there is inflection point at?

    asked by Bud
  49. sociology

    what is a contemporary sociologist who uses conflict perspective.

    asked by lolla
  50. math

    what is the factor of a^3 - 2a + 4? please help me guys. :(

    asked by ayrajudelle
  51. alegebra

    solve this system of equation using the substitution method. 6x+8y=72 2x+5y=45

    asked by thomas
  52. math

    How to calculate angle B if u are given AB=10,6 and AC=6 then angle D=alfa

    asked by tamara
  53. Chemistry

    According to the experiment procedure, given that the NaOH solution has a concentration of 0.100M, and that the vinegar (acetic acid) has a concentration of 5.0%m/m (mass percent), what volume(mL) of titrant would be required to reach the "equivalence

    asked by JP
  54. pre cal 2

    use the given values to evalute all six trigonometric functions secx=3/2, cscx=-3square root5/5

    asked by denise
  55. computers in day care

    Which of the following statements about children and computers is not correct? A. Today, many children begin using computers in preschool or day care. B. Some day care providers begin computer-assisted instruction with children as young as two years old.

    asked by nk
  56. math

    Perform the indicated operations: -42÷6+(-7)

    asked by tamika
  57. pme

    a bullet moving at 270 m/s penetrates 5 cm into a tree limb, beforecoming to rest assuming that the force exerted by the tree limb is uniform, find its magnitude? mass of the bullet is 10 g

    asked by babu lal
  58. math

    Which sentence is not a statement? (Points : 1) 2 x 4 = 7 8 + 2 Jan and Ella are neighbors. Bill is a photographer

    asked by tamika
  59. Life Orientation

    What is human factor that causes ill health,accidents,crises,and disasters within community within South Africa

    asked by Dineo
  60. Geometry

    A bag contains five pieces pf paper wit hthe emasures of various angles. The angle measures are 23,35,23,41,113. Suppose you pick 3 pieces of paper from the bag at random. What is the probability you can form an isosceles triangle with the three angles?

    asked by Lisa
  61. Geometry

    use the distance formula and the Pythagorean Theort to find the distance, to the nearest tenth, from R(6,-5) to U(-2,6). Hellllp! Thansk!!

    asked by Lisa
  62. Geometry

    Given: A(3,-1), B(5,2), C(-2,0), P(-3,4), Q(-5,-3), R(-6,2). Prove: angles ABC and RPQ are congruent by completing the paragraph proof. AB=RP=13, BC=(?)=53, and CA=QR=26. So segment AB is congruent to (?), segments BC and PQ are congruent and segment CA is

    asked by Lisa
  63. Geoemetry

    Write an equation in point slope form for the perpendicular bisector of the segment with endpoints A(-3,-3) and B(5,6)

    asked by Butch
  64. life oriantation

    pollution impacts on the community

    asked by edgar
  65. physics

    Find the value of the magnetic field necessary to cause a proton moving at a speed of 2.50 ×10^3 m/s to go into a circular orbit of 15.5-cm radius. An electron has an energy of 100 eV as it enters a magnetic field of 3.50 × 10−2 T. Find the radius of

    asked by Kayla
  66. Medical Manager

    I have to write a paper on compare and contrast the differences between a medical biller in a physician's office and a medical biller in a hospital? Discuss the responsibilities required in each Please help me thank you

    asked by Susan
  67. Calculus

    It is estimated that the demand for a manufacturer's product is increasing exponentially at an instantaneous rate of 5% per year. If the current demand is increasing by 4000 units per year and if the price remains fixed at $850 per unit, how much revenue

    asked by Alex
  68. English

    What is the tone of Tess of the D'urbevilles? What is the theme of Tess of the D'urbevilles. Thank you.

    asked by Cindy
  69. Math

    Suppose a scientist on Earth throws a baseball upward. The scientist lets go of the ball 2 meters above the ground with an initial velocity of 10 meters per second. How long does it take for the ball to hit the ground (H=0)? (Use the quadratic formula to

    asked by A.S.
  70. Philosophy

    Our text discusses the challenge relativism presents to various ethical and religious viewpoints. Consider a specific moral question which might make it difficult to accept the relativist's response. State the moral issue involved, and provide an

    asked by edwina
  71. philosophy

    o human beings have any obligations to other animals, in terms of their treatment? If it is wrong to treat animals cruelly, why is it not wrong to eat them? Explain if, and how, you think humans can find a balance between treating animals ethically while

    asked by edwina
  72. physics

    1/2(v0+v)(v-v0) ----- (a)

    asked by zevi
  73. Hum/205 college level

    can someone please look over this and tell me what you think?? thanks! The history of the Western Art is a steeped in religious symbolism; but all art is in one way or another, an extension of the religious urge in humanity. However to some westerners it

    asked by Jennifer
  74. physics

    1/2(v0 + v) (v- v0)/ (a)

    asked by zevi
  75. physics

    1/2(v0 + v) (v- v0)/ (a) =

    asked by zevi
  76. stats ( please check)

    6. X has a normal distribution with a mean of 80.0 and a standard deviation of 3.5. Find the following probabilities: (A) P(x < 77.0) (B) P(75.0 < x < 85.0) (C) P(x > 85.0) (Points : 6) I think I have the first two but I am stumped on the third one. Thank

    asked by Celest
  77. buhlebesizwe

    A clear explanation of the consequences of drug abuse

    asked by lebugang
  78. Life orientation

    Two community organistions that are giving redress to enviromental or humam factor that cause ill health

    asked by Alina
  79. MAT101

    Suppose you have a cookie stand, and when you charge $3 per cookie box you sell 200 boxes. But when you raise your price to $4 you only sell 120 boxes. Write the equation for the number of boxes you sell as a function of the price you charge. Denote "b"

    asked by Kirk
  80. think build live success

    How can plan of action help you adsress a current problem or challenge you are having with school

    asked by Herstine
  81. chemistry

    describe how you would prepare from the specified stock solution: 400 mL of 0.45 M urea starting with a 6 M urea stock solution

    asked by luv2swim
  82. business

    can you tell m about the description on several b2b and b2c technology and application as it relates to a pastry business?

    asked by gwen
  83. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of the specified titrant required to neutralize 35 ml of .4 M NaOH. Titrant: 0.75 M H2SO4 [2NaOH + H2SO4 „» 2H2O + Na2SO4]

    asked by luv2swim
  84. think build live success

    how can our judgements affect our outlook

    asked by Herstine
  85. Quick Science Question

    During hurricane season, Why are they usually late summer and autumn events?

    asked by Willy Wonka
  86. SCHOOL


    asked by AMANDA
  87. Enviornmental Science

    I need data on hurricane damage on the East Coast since 1900. What was the trend in the human death toll over that time. Why has it changed in that way?

    asked by Marqus D.
  88. Enviornmental Science

    I also need data on property damage costs over the same time period. Why is that the trend? What has happened since 1900 to influence these results?

    asked by Marqus D.
  89. Chem

    How much heat is liberated at constant pressure if .928 g of Fe reacts with 26.2 mL of .238 M HCl? Delta H= -87.9

    asked by Anonymous
  90. MAT101

    A reservation clerk worked 12.6 hours one day. She spent twice as much time entering new reservations as she did verifying old ones and a half as much time calling to confirm reservations as verifying old ones. How much time did she spend entering new

    asked by Anonymous
  91. MAT101

    Why is it important to be able to identify sets and set theory as related to business operations? What applications do you think functions have for the business world? Can functions be used to predict next year's profits, or how much your company will

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Pre Cal

    a 6 foot person is standing x feet away form a 10 foot lamppost. What is the distance d from the base of the lamppost to the end of the persons shadow, espressed as a function of x.

    asked by Ashley
  93. Pre Cal

    a function f is defined as f(x)= square root of (x+4). a) identify the domain of the function b) identify the range of the function c)Compute the intercept d) compute the x intercept E) sketch a graph of the function

    asked by Ashley
  94. Pre Cal

    find the surface area of a box of hieght h whose base dimensions are p and q, and that satisfies either one of the following conditions: a) the box is closed. b) the box has an open top. c) the box has an open top and a square base.

    asked by Ashley
  95. pre cal 2

    Find all solutions in the interval [0, pi], 2sec^2x+tan^2x-3=0

    asked by Denise
  96. pre cal 2

    Find all solutions in the interval [0, pi], 2sec^2x+tan^2x-3=0

    asked by Denise
  97. Pre cal

    a sinusoidal function has a local maximum at (0,2) and the next minimum at (Pi/4, -2). a correct equation for the function is

    asked by Angela
  98. algebra

    robs tractor is just as fast as lucy's. It takes rob 2 hours more than it takes lucy to drive to town. if rob is 80 miles from town and lucy is 60 miles from town, how long does it take lucy to drive to town?

    asked by ken
  99. english

    are the past participle correct for the following words appear has appeared seem had seemed finish has finished dance has danced look had looked return has returned wave had waved examine have examined need has needed include have included thank you

    asked by Paula
  100. english

    Write three paragraphs, with a total minimum word count of 500 words, explaining what your point of view will be and what you plan to accomplish in your paper. “Credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students”

    asked by bella
  101. English

    I'm having problems with containers? Can you please help me? Thank you. 1) I bought a 6-pack of eggs, a packet (?) of cow's milk cheese and 3,5 ounces (100 gr.) of cooked ham, a bottle of washing liquid and one of floor cleaner. 2) I also bought a two-pack

    asked by Henry2
  102. Pre Cal

    the function y= tan (x/3) has an x intercept at?

    asked by Ash
  103. Pre Cal

    simplify the expression 2sin^2 t + cos^2 t-2

    asked by Angela
  104. physics

    find the bouyant force on a copper obect that displaces 2.8 meters cubed of water

    asked by scott
  105. physics

    find the acceleration of a 3 kg mass as it moves with a constant speed of 4 m/s along a circle of radius 2 m.

    asked by scott
  106. english

    Is gone the past and past participle tense of the word go?

    asked by Paula
  107. Pre Cal

    which of the expressions are identical? a) cos^2x b)(cosx)^2 c) cos (x^2) d) (sinx)^-1 E) sin^-1 x f) sin (x^-1) g) 1/ sin x

    asked by Angela
  108. Basic Statistics

    A population of 300 voters contains 147 Republicans, 135 Democrats, and 18 independents and members of other parties. A simple random sample of 30 voters will be drawn from this population. Consider repeatedly drawing simple random samples of size 30 from

    asked by mike
  109. Precal

    a 6' person is standing x feet away form a 10' lamppost. what is the distance d from the base of the lamppost to the end of the person's shadow, expressed as a function of x.

    asked by Angela
  110. Bio

    A biologist marked a cell that he knew was about to undergo meiosis. A short time later he observed the four cells produced by the original marked cell; their chromosome numbers were 17, 17, 18, and 16. He knew these numbers indicated that something

    asked by Jessica
  111. Algebra

    Using complete sentences, explain how to graph y = x - 2 using the slope-intercept method.

    asked by Kelvin
  112. Pre Cal

    simplify the quotient: [x(5x+1)-3(x^2+1)]/ [(x-1)^2]

    asked by Ashley
  113. Chemistry

    Write the balanced net ionic equation. Label species as solids liquids gase aqueous. HNO3(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) ---> I don't understand the steps? And how to balance it?

    asked by Keith
  114. PreCalculus

    Write an equation to construct a function whose graph is like that of y=x^2, except for pieces removed for values between 3 and 5, and 8 and 9. I am not sure how to approach this question. Would I make a piece wise function? PLease helpp brains about to

    asked by Alice
  115. Vectors

    If /U/=9, /V/=11, and theta = 43 deg (angle between), find the magnitude of U+V and give the direction that the that the resultant makes with U.

    asked by Joe
  116. Pre Cal

    a radio actice substance decays so that half of the substance decays every 2 minutes. if 100 g of the substance are present initially, how many grams will be present after 4 minutes and 8 minutes respectively?

    asked by Angela
  117. AP Bio (but its a question about chemistry)

    i have no idea how to do this! Calculate the volume of the specified titrant required to neutralize 35 ml of .4 M NaOH. Titrant: 0.75 M H2SO4 [2NaOH + H2SO4 „» 2H2O + Na2SO4]

    asked by katie
  118. AP Bio (but its a question about chemistry)

    no idea how to do this... describe how you would prepare from the specified stock solution: 400 mL of 0.45 M urea starting with a 6 M urea stock solution

    asked by katie
  119. Pre Cal/Vectors

    Can someone show the steps involved in figuring out this type of problem? Given the magnitudes of vectors u and v and the angle Ό between them, find the magnitude of the sum u + v to the nearest tenth and the angle that the sum vector makes with u to the

    asked by Joe
  120. A/P Chem

    A student wants to make a 5.00% solution of potassium chloride using .0377 g of the substance.What mass of water will be needed to make the solution?

    asked by Autum
  121. Pre Cal

    find the domains of the following functions: a) f(x)=x^20 b) g(x)=1/(x-3) c) h(x)=1/(4x^2=21x-18) d) k(x)=sqrt (4x^2-21x-18) e) p(x)=1/sqrt(4x^2-21x-18)

    asked by Angela
  122. math

    solve by substitution method. 5m+n=36 m-5n=54 the everton college store paid 1,859.00 for an order of 49 caculators the store paid 11.00 for each scientific calculator. the others ,all graphing caculators, cost the store 55.00 each. how many of each type

    asked by joe
  123. math

    solve by the elmination method 0.3x-0.2y=4 0.4x+0.3y=49/23

    asked by Barney
  124. pre cal

    Find all solutions in the interval[0,2pi),cos x/2-sinx=0

    asked by kk
  125. pre cal 2

    verify the identity tanx times cotx/cosx=secx

    asked by kc
  126. Pre Cal/ domain

    Domain of a) x^20 b) 1/(x-3) c)1/(4x^2-21x-18) d) sqrt(4x^2-21x-18) e) 1/ sqrt(4x^2-21x-18)

    asked by Angela
  127. chemistry

    how many moles of methane are required to produce 22g of CO2 after combustion

    asked by rahul
  128. precal 2

    solve the equation 4cos^2x-1=0

    asked by denise
  129. Chemistry

    If the Ka of a monoprotic weak acid is 4.3*10^-6, what is the pH of a 0.16 M solution of this acid?

    asked by Josh
  130. Pre Cal

    simplify the quotient: [(x+1)^3(4x-9)-(16x+9)(x+1)^2]/[(x-6)(x+1)^3]

    asked by Angela
  131. Humanities

    Can anyone tell me examples of someone who is considered a modern-day social critic?

    asked by Kian
  132. chemistry

    When 0.100 mol of carbon is burned in a close vessel with 8.00g of oxygen, how many grams of carbon dioxide can form?

    asked by Kristin
  133. vocab

    Consider your key board and a valuable tool about require persistence and patience to master. As a vaguely important to all of you to trade in, it needs to be trained with respect. Don't make it the recipient of your frustrations. The more are issues with

    asked by Zenit
  134. Chemistry

    I have tied to solve this problem but am stuck. Hoping what I have done so far is accurate but need help in conversion. What mass, in grams, of oxygen gas (O2) is contained in a 10.5 liter tank at 27.3 degrees Celsius and 1.83 atmospheres? Show all of the

    asked by Anonymous
  135. madical

    You’re reviewing reimbursement for a Medicare surgical craniotomy case. The case falls into a DRG1. Which has a relative weight of 3.0970 and a geometric mean length of stay of 6.3. The hospital’s current standard reimbursement rate is $1500. Calculate

    asked by julie
  136. algebra

    factor by grouping if possible and check 5x^3+4x^2-10x-8

    asked by ROCKY
  137. algebra

    factorcompletely. if polynomial is prime, state this 9+8t^2-18t

    asked by ROCKY
  138. algebra

    factor completely. remember to look first for a common factor. if a polynomial is prime,state this -4t^2+64

    asked by ROCKY
  139. math

    A firm develops a new product that will add Rs.50,000 to product. Each year for 5 years. If the discounted 10%. How much will new product add to share holder value?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Math

    The closing price for XYZ Company's common stock is uniformly distributed between $10 and $20 per share. What is the probability that the stock price will be greater than $17? What is the probability that the stock price will be between $12.50 and $16?

    asked by Bill
  141. math

    Q: A couple borrow rs.10,000 to buy a car. The loan agreement specifies that monthly payement are to be made for 4 years. The annual interst rate is 10%. Determine the monthly payement?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. english

    heve you ever created or experienced a ''colossal vitality of an illusion'' and later discovered that what you created was just that;an illusion? Describe that illusion.[the great gatesby novel,chepter5]

    asked by harvinder
  143. Pre Cal/Logarithism

    given that f(x)=11^x, find x when f(x)=7 a) x=Ln(7/11) b) x=Ln7/Ln11 c) x= 7/11 d) x= ll sub 7 11

    asked by Angela
  144. chemistry

    What will be the concentration if 40 grams of sugar is added to 100 grams of water?

    asked by MANALI
  145. english

    Disclose the range of emotions that Jay Gatsby reveals before,during and after his momentous meeting with Daisy Buchanan,a meeting arranged by Nick Carraway at Gatsby's request.[the greats gatsby novel p.79-93]

    asked by harvinder
  146. chemistry

    A sample containing 5.20g O2 gas has a volume of 19.0L, pressure and temperature remain constant, Oxygen is released until the volume is 7.00L how many moles of O2 are removed I know i convert 5.20g to moles which give me 0.1625 moles of O2 and i use the

    asked by SHARON
  147. Manegerial Economic

    can anybody answer my two recent question of manegerail economics? Which i have sent recently math questions?

    asked by Anonymous
  148. physics

    a cyclist travels at a distance of 10.0 km. in 30 min. after w/c he speeds up to 40 km/hr for 6.0 more mins. Find his average speed.

    asked by presalie
  149. physics

    a cyclist travels at a distance of 10.0 km. in 30 min. after w/c he speeds up to 40 km/hr for 6.0 more mins. Find his average speed.

    asked by presalie
  150. physic

    The star nearest to our solar system is said to be 3.8 ly away. How many km. away is this if a spaceship can travel at the speed 100 times that sound , how long armed it take that spaceship to travel from the earth to the nearest star. Express your answer

    asked by presalie
  151. math

    what is the equation that responds to a vertical shift up 3 and a horizontal shift left 4 of f(x)=absolute value of x

    asked by ak
  152. algebra

    factor the following expression completely: 70w^3-125w^2+30w

    asked by ROCKY
  153. physics

    A projectile is lanched om horizontal plane. Variation of slop of trajectory of projectile with time. Where m=0 to1 and t=0 to 10. What will be the horizontal range?

    asked by Shivam
  154. physics

    A projectile is projected with speed u at an angle alpha on an inclined plane of inclination angle bita. Find time of flight nn inclined plane and maximum height attained by projectile w.r.t. Inclined plane, range of projectile on inclined plane, angle of

    asked by Shivam
  155. math

    solve by substitution method: 8x-3y=-94 2x+22=y

    asked by Ralph
  156. algebra

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 226 inches. the length exceeds the width by 37 inches. find the length and the width.

    asked by Sarah M.
  157. math

    a 6' person is standing x feet away form a 10' lamppost. what is the distance d from the base of the lamppost to the end of the person's shadow, expressed as a function of x

    asked by Ashley
  158. algebra

    Andrew factored the expression 20x^3-12x^2+8x as 4x(5x^2-12x^2+8x). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 4x(5x^2-12x^2+8x),she got 20x^3-48x^3+32x^2; thus, Andrew's solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help

    asked by ROCKY
  159. chemistry

    calculate the amount of energy (kJ) lost when 50 mL of water at 0 Celcius freezes at 0 Celcius

    asked by michelle