Questions Asked on
July 12, 2011

  1. physics

    The horizontal surface on which the block of mass 4 kg slides is frictionless. The force of 30N acts on the block in a horizontal direction and the force of 60N acts on the block at an angle. What is the magnitude of the resulting acceleration of the

    asked by alexa
  2. Chem

    RXN #1: H2 (g) + O2 (g) --> H2O2 (l) ; delta-H =? Calculate the enthalpy change (delta-H1) for the reaction above (RXN #1) using the information below and Hess' Law. RXN A: H2O2 (l) --> H2O (l) + 1/2 O2 (g); delta-H=-98.0 kJ/mol RXN B: 2 H2 (g) + O2 --> 2

    asked by Ally
  3. geometry

    A sign is in the shape of a rhombus with a 60° angle and sides of 9 cm long. Find its area to the nearest tenth

    asked by Anonymous
  4. trigonometry

    a man measured the angle of elevation of the top of a tower to be 70 degree. When he walked 300 m. further, the angle of elevation of the top was 35 degree. What is the height of the tower?

    asked by eekim
  5. Math

    Write a negation of the statement. Not all people like football.

    asked by Jen
  6. Basic Algebra

    solve. Cx+Hy=M, for x

    asked by Catherine
  7. physics

    A locomotive pulls a series of wagons. Which is the correct analysis of the situation? A. because action always equals the reaction,the locomotive cannot pull the wagons,-the wagons pull backward just as hard as the locomotive pulls forward, so there is no

    asked by alexa
  8. math

    The probability that Luis will pass his statistics test is 0.37. Find the probability that he will fail his statistics test.

    asked by candy
  9. Critical thinking

    8. “Let me demonstrate the principle by means of logic,” the teacher said, holding up a bucket. “If this bucket has a hole in it, then it will leak. But it doesn’t leak. Therefore, obviously it doesn’t have a hole in it.”Identify the premises

    asked by Katheryn Hy
  10. math

    Using Torricelli's Principle, it can be shown that the depth d of a liquid in a bottle with a hole of area 0.5 cm2 in its side can be approximated by d = 0.0034t2 − 0.52518t + 20, where t is the time since a stopper was removed from the hole. When will

    asked by sabrina
  11. physic

    If you run a complete loop around an outdoor track(400m), in 100 second,what is your average velocity?

    asked by syida
  12. chemistry

    iron(III) oxide reacts with carbon monoxide gas to form solid iron metal and carbon dioxide gas: Fe2O3 + 3 CO --> 2 Fe + 3 CO2 If you begin the reaction with 84.34 g of iron(III) oxide and 68.87 g of CO, which reactant will be in excess at the end of the

    asked by dan
  13. physics

    How long will it take an echo to return across a canyon that is 61.0 m from one side to the other if the temperature is 25 C?

    asked by Kayla
  14. Chemistry

    at 298 k, the Henry's law constant for oxygen is 0.00130 M/atm. Air is 21.0% oxygen. at 298 k, what is the solubility of oxygen in water exposed to air at 1.00 atm?

    asked by Josh
  15. math

    4/5 - 2p/5= 6/5

    asked by Anonymous
  16. chem

    methyl salicylate has a mass percent composition of 63.2% C, 31.6% O, and 5.26% H.The mass of one molecule of the compound is 2.53 x 10^-22.Determine the empirical formula and the molecular formula for methyl salicylate.

    asked by pop
  17. physics

    A student stands on a bathroom scale in an elevator at rest on the 64th floor of a building. The scale reads 845 N. As the elevator moves up,the scale reading increases to 940N,then decreases back to 845N. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. Find the

    asked by alexa
  18. chem

    Which of the following species is isoelectronic, Ba2+ and Ba, Al3+ and Ar, Cl - and Na+ , or Sr2+ and Se2-

    asked by Carol
  19. Algebra

    Find the slope of the line containing each given pair of points, If the slope is undefined, state this (-1,4) and (5,-8)

    asked by Poochie
  20. chemistry

    a gasoline tank has a mass of 60 kg and a density of .752 gcm^3 what is the volume

    asked by jen
  21. biochemistry

    For the reaction to generate 2‐phosphoglycerate (2PG) from 3‐phosphoglycerate (3PG, ΔG = 0.83 kJ/mol; ΔGo’ = 4.4 kJ/mol. (R = 8.31 x 10‐3 kJ•K‐1•mol‐1) a)What is the ratio of 3PG:2PG in cells at 37C? b)Considering your result, is the

    asked by melani
  22. Chemistry

    A solution of H2SO4 with a modal concentration 6.25m has a density of 1.300 g/ml. What is the molar concentration?

    asked by Josh
  23. calculus

    Calculate the left Riemann sum for the given function over the given interval, using the given value of n. (When rounding, round answers to four decimal places.) f(x) = e^−x over [−6, 6], n = 6

    asked by louis
  24. math

    Maya and Sally were the two finalists in a singing competition. The person with the most votes from the audience was chosen as the winner. Sally received 25% of the total votes and lost by 62,500 votes. No person in the audience was allowed to vote more

    asked by Kelvin
  25. MATH

    Maya and Sally were the two finalists in a singing competition. The person with the most votes from the audience was chosen as the winner. Sally received 25% of the total votes and lost by 62,500 votes. No person in the audience was allowed to vote more

    asked by Kelvin
  26. Critical Thinking

    6. According to Nature, today’s thoroughbred racehorses do not run any faster than their grandparents did. But human Olympic runners are at least 20 percent faster than their counterparts of fifty years ago. Most likely, racehorses have reached their

    asked by Katheryn Hy
  27. africa american literature

    In the play A Raisin in the sun who is the protagonist inursuit of a superobjective and eamples of them either acheiving or not acheiving the superobjective

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    Essay question:show all work. Find the difference (-7x^2 5x-9)-(2x^2 7x 5)

    asked by Ms.Ellis
  29. intermediate algebra

    Simplify. -2x5(x7)+(x3)4-(4x5)2(-x2)

    asked by swirl swirl
  30. Math

    What is the measure of the dent angle for a star-shaped polygon 9^ 10 degrees ? A) 170° B) 30° C) 50° D) 130°

    asked by candy
  31. Science (Chemistry)

    Iron forms two chlorides.One gram of the first chloride produces 2.26g of silver chloride and one gram of the second chloride produces 2.65g of silver chloride.Prove that these data illustrate the law of multiple proportions Please provide detailed answer

    asked by Atul
  32. physics

    On take off, the combined action of the engines and wings of an airplane exerts a(n) 7767 N force on the plane,directed upward at an angle of 59.1 degrees above the horizontal. The plane rises with constant velocity in the vertical direction while

    asked by alexa
  33. chemistry


    asked by ASHLEE
  34. Math

    How many matchsticks are needed for a 6 × 6 design? A) 42 B) 72 C) 40 D) 84 C)40

    asked by candy
  35. biology

    the differences between a living thing and non living thing (essay)

    asked by phyllis
  36. Math

    Find the number of degrees in the point angle of a {9/2} star polygon.

    asked by candy
  37. govern.

    Give an example of how the U.S. Constitution has become less elitist.

    asked by honey
  38. Drug information Sources

    in addition to comprehensive manufacturer listings, the blank contains pharmaceutical wholesaler and third party administrator directories. a-Drugdigest b-drug topics red book c-drug information handbook d-pharmary times

    asked by Lillian Morales
  39. Math-geometry

    (a) translate the argument into symbolic form and (b) determine if the argument is valid or invalid. You may compare the argument to a standard form or use a truth table. If Nicholas Thompson teaches this course, then I will get a passing grade. I did not

    asked by Jen
  40. MATH

    1. Maximize z = 16x + 8y subject to: 2x + y ≤ 30 x + 2y ≤ 24 x ≥ 0 y ≥ 0 Graph the feasibility region. Identify all applicable corner points of the feasibility region. Find the point(s) (x,y) that maximizes the objective function z = 16x + 8y.

    asked by ANONIMOUS
  41. us government

    What is the primary role of each branch of government?

    asked by mandy
  42. Math-so confusing :(

    Convert the compound statement into words. p = Students are happy. q = Teachers are happy. ~(p V ~q)

    asked by Jen
  43. Math-geometry

    Let p represent a true statement, while q and r represent false statements. Find the truth value of the compound statement. ~[(~p ^ q) ^ r]

    asked by Jen
  44. business statistics

    What is the p-value when we test H0 : µ = 10 versus Ha: µ < 10 and have a calculated test statistic Z = -2.41 (ó is known) .008 -.008 .016 .4920 -.4920

    asked by CS
  45. critical thinking

    List two ways that the media influences campaigns. This was not covered in this lesson im in so i don't know how to answer it.

    asked by erika
  46. basic english

    2. She ___ (drive) recklessly for several years before she had an accident. A. had drove B. drives C. had driven

    asked by healpmerealquick
  47. Regulation for Drug Development

    Quinine which is found in the bark of the cinchona tree, is effective in?

    asked by Lillian Morales
  48. Calc

    The altitude of a triangle is increasing at a rate of 2500 centimeters/minute while the area of the triangle is increasing at a rate of 4000 square centimeters/minute. At what rate is the base of the triangle changing when the altitude is 11500 centimeters

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Regulation for Drug Development

    the approval of a new drug application nda by the fda allows for which of the following?

    asked by Lillian Morales
  50. English

    Is the word me in the following sentence subjective or objective: Between you and me, I know the company will lay off more employees.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    If x represents the total number of bags a person checks and each person checks more than two bags, the equation below can be used to determine C, the total fee for all the bags. 20 + 25 + 50(x - 2) = C Arianna paid a total of $145 to check all her bags on

    asked by Kelvin
  52. INF103 Computer literacy

    Searching for information on Google is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Is that true? Was the library of the 19th century more efficient?

    asked by Bernice Smith
  53. Chemistry

    how many grams are in 12.5 moles of chlorine (gas)?

    asked by Help
  54. Basic Math

    How would I be able t find how many cubic centimeters in a cubic meter? What is the density of water using metric units? Convert: 3000 m to miles 32degrees F to C degrees 5.08 cm to inches I am not looking for you to give me the answers. Just tell me how I

    asked by Willy Wonka
  55. American History

    the spanish, french, and the english all explored america and left a lasting mark on the new world's development. compare and contrast the colonbization methods used by each. be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each

    asked by Stacy
  56. physics

    A block accelerates at 3.3 m/s^2 down a plane inclined at an angle of 26 degrees.Find micro(k) between the block and the inclined plane. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s^2.

    asked by alexa
  57. physics

    A 4.1 kg object hangs at one end of a rope that is attached to a support on a railroad beoxcar. When the car accelerates to the right,the rope makes an angle of 37 degrees with the vertical. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. Find the acceleratino

    asked by alexa
  58. Chemistry

    The boiling point of an aq solution 102.11 C. What is the freezing point?

    asked by Josh
  59. physics

    Consider a 626N weight held by two cables. The left hand cable had tension T and makes an angle of theta with the wall. The right hand cable had tension 720N and makes an angle of 27 degrees with the ceiling. What is the tesion T in the left hand cable

    asked by alexa
  60. math

    A store offers a 15% discount on all items in the store during a sale. All store employees get an additional 10% employee discount. In the equation below, C represents the cost of an item for an employee including tax, and x represents the original price

    asked by Kelvin
  61. physics

    You hit someone with a force of 173N. How much force is exerted on you? Answer in units of N.

    asked by alexa
  62. physics

    if a bowling ball with a 22 cm diameter is half way submerged in a bucket of water, what is its mass?

    asked by alaina
  63. Math

    Determine the present value of the annuity: $1500 at the end of each 3-month period, for 5 years, at 4.5% p/a, compounded quarterly

    asked by Kate
  64. chemistry

    calculate when 7.14 of butane reacts with excess oxygen

    asked by marjori
  65. math

    Write the expression in terms of common logarithms, and then give a calculator approximation (correct to four decimal places). log_(9) \(77\) =

    asked by Anonymous
  66. english

    I need to use at least five different pronouns in my sentences. Can you help? (I) recently asked (my) sister about (her) use of credit cards. (She) told (me) that (she) uses it to make everday purchases. (I) asked (her) if (she) was making any type of

    asked by fred
  67. bio chem

    What is the ph when 100 mL of 0.1 M NaOH is added to 150 mL of 0.2 M Hac if pka for acetic acid =4.76?

    asked by brit
  68. Chemistry

    Use the bond enthalpies and bond energies from the data book in themochemical equations to calculate the reaction enthalpy of:H2(g) + Br2(g) ->2HBr(g) and show your workings in the question above in an energy level diagram.please..

    asked by Gift
  69. Math

    What is the measure of the dent angle for a star-shaped polygon 9^ 10 degrees ? A) 170° B) 30° C) 50° D) 130°

    asked by candy
  70. Electrotechnics N4

    a circuit with 3 resisters {9 ohms 10 ohms and 12 ohms} connected in parallel with the source 150v\50HZ.use kitchoffs law to find the current of the circuit and the current across each resister?

    asked by hlehle
  71. Chemistry

    Standard enthapies of formation are not always like bond enthalpies.Explain

    asked by Gift
  72. physics

    A ball is dropped from top of a building.if the distance travelled by ball in the last third of total time is 10m,the height of building is

    asked by Nitin
  73. Math

    True or False?? Although the surface area of a sphere may be decreasing, the value of the volume will remain the same. True right?

    asked by candy
  74. Chemistry

    Xenon is one of the noble gases, and is generally quite fact,it was long believed that all the noble gases were totally unable to form compounds.It came as quite a surprise,therefore,when it was discovered that some of its compounds could be

    asked by Gift
  75. trigo

    In a right tringle,/_ABC has a value of 37 degree while its opposite side is equal to 5,where angle c=90 degree find: a.) Remaining sides of the triangle b.) /_ABC using any trigonometry functions

    asked by William john
  76. trigo

    In a right tringle ,angle ABC has a value of 37 degree while its opposite side is equal to 5,where angle c=90 degree Find A.)Remaining sides of the triangle B.)Angle ABC using any trigonometry Functions

    asked by William john
  77. History-Civil War

    To Damon, if available, this is my last question in this subject..for me very confusing..don't know where to start or what I'm looking for. Do you see an overall vision, or approach to command and strategy, in Ulysses S. Grant's actions as overall military

    asked by Joanne
  78. MATH

    Coach Johnson is 10 years older than Tim. When Tim started football 3 years ago, Coach Johnson was twice his age. How old is Tim now?

    asked by Kelvin
  79. math

    After working 4 hours, Frank has made 21 machine parts. At the same rate, how many parts can he make in 7 hours? A) (21/4)*7 B) 7(21) C) 7(4) /21 D) 7(4)(21)

    asked by Anonymous
  80. chemistry

    What mass of crystals will form when a hot saturated copper sulphate solution made by dissolving 60 g of copper sulphate crystals in 100 cm3 of water at 60 degree Celsius is cooled to 25 degree Celsius?

    asked by nehal
  81. Law and Ethics

    Hi, I'm a incoming freshmen to a university. Over the summer I obtained the book that we would be using for a course. I have spent several hundred hours of self research and self teaching reading the whole entire book and solving every single problem in

    asked by George
  82. marketing

    Envision that you run a highly successful tattoo and piercing parlor in a small West Coast city. You are fairly certain that between you and your key competitor, you have saturated your target audience of people in their teens and 20s. To grow your

    asked by David
  83. Math

    True or false? Three concurrent lines can be parallel to one another.

    asked by candy
  84. Algebra

    an equation and two ordered pairs are given. show that each pair is a solution of the equation. Then graph the two pairs to determine another solution. 6x-3y=3; (1,1), (-1, -3)

    asked by Poochie
  85. Math

    Imagine you have invested $500 in an account that pays 5% simple interest per year. Can you find an arithmetic sequence to look for the amount of money in the account after 20 years?

    asked by Kate
  86. Calculus

    The altitude of a triangle is increasing at a rate of 3000 centimeters/minute while the area of the triangle is increasing at a rate of 1500 square centimeters/minute. At what rate is the base of the triangle changing when the altitude is 9500 centimeters

    asked by Joe
  87. American History (Ms. Sue)

    would you mind giving the a look and see? The English, French and Spanish all wanted to claim the New World for their county. The English’s intentions were for a colony of genuine settlers who were wanting to live peacefully with the natives. Their

    asked by Stacy
  88. intermediate algebra

    multiply. (x-0.8)(x-0.5)

    asked by swirl swirl
  89. Microeconomy

    If each worker in UK produced 72 computers/year and 180 tons of grain/year what is the opportunity cost for the computers

    asked by Klara
  90. intermediate algebra

    Find two algebraic expressions for the area of each figure. First, regard the figure as one large rectangle, and then regard the figure the figure as a sum of four smaller rectangles t,5,t,3

    asked by swirl swirl
  91. algebra

    Y= 3x+5> Is this equation a function? I believe it is but I am confused, My understanding of functions is that regardless of what number I use for x, as long as I get one answer for y it is a function

    asked by kelly
  92. intermediate algebra

    combine like terms. Write all answers in order. 9b5+3b2-2b5-3b2

    asked by swirl swirl
  93. Ethics & Enterprise

    Can someone help me with this assignment? Complete the following for identifying an ethical issue: • Identify an potential ethical dilemma from a real company. The company could be a current company for which you work, a company in which you used to

    asked by Maria
  94. trgonometry

    a tower and a monumement stand on a level plane. The angles of depression of the top and bottom of monument as viewed from the top of the tower are 13 degree and 31 degree respectively. If the height of the tower is 145 ft.,find the height of the monument

    asked by eekim
  95. math

    List the coefficients of the given polynomial: -x3 – 4x2 + 3x – 6 My answer was going to be: -1, -4, 3, -6

    asked by Ashley
  96. Physics

    In the process of digitising sound an audio signal made of a range of frequencies no higher than 18khz can be correctly represented using a sample rate of 40 000 samples per second is this right ??? I think it is .. Thanks

    asked by gordon
  97. Math-geometry

    Construct a truth table for (p ^ q) ↔ ~p

    asked by Jen
  98. anthroplogy

    wht are the rich getting richer and the rest of us not? Use domestication emergence and social stratification to explain

    asked by ami
  99. travel

    barrys family drove 843 mi to see his grandparents. on the first day they drove 483mi. on the second day, how long did it take to reach barrys grandparents house if they averaged 60 mi/h?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Physics! - PLEASE HELP

    A 75 kg passenger in a van is wearing a seat belt whent he van moving at 15m/s, collides with a conrete wall. The front end of the van collapses 0.50 m as it comes to rest. a) what was the paseenger's kinetic energy before the crash b) What average force

    asked by Allison
  101. physic

    A ball is thrown straight up and returns to its starting point in 5 second. What is the initial speed of the ball?

    asked by syida
  102. Math-geometry

    Given the argument and its Euler diagram below, determine whether the syllogism is valid or invalid. All roads come to an end. Carrollton Avenue is a road. Carrollton Avenue comes to an end.

    asked by Jen
  103. Chemistry

    Ethanol, C2H5OH or C2H6O, is mixed with gasoline and sold as gasohol. Given the following thermo-chemical reaction, calculate the kilograms (kg) of CO2 produced when enough ethanol is combusted to provide (or give off) 369 kJ of heat: C2H5OH (l) + 3 O2 (g)

    asked by Robert
  104. math


    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math-geometry

    Identify which argument is invalid: a.) If I catch the bus on time, then I am not late to work. I was late to work. Therefore, I did not catch the bus on time. b.) If I shower in the morning, then I do not smell bad. I do not smell bad. Therefore, I

    asked by Jen
  106. chem

    The mass of one molecule of the compound is 2.53 x 10^-22.Determine the molecular formula for methyl salicylate. emprical formula = C8H803

    asked by bella
  107. Math

    Can someone help me with this one problem Please! :) Add: (-1/3x^2-1/4x+3/4)+(1/2x^2-1/4x-1/2)

    asked by Ashley
  108. Chemistry

    5.00 liter steel cylinder is filled with water vapor at 100 °C and 650 mm Hg. Determine the mass of water that condenses to a liquid when the closed system is cooled to 20 °C. The vapor pressure of water at 20 °C is 18 mm Hg. 6.

    asked by Anonymous
  109. math


    asked by Anonymous
  110. PSY 230

    Describe how a person’s cognitive style influences learning style. How is personality influenced by inherent learning styles and learning environments?

    asked by Gayle
  111. PSY 230

    Explain how having a negative self-schema affects one’s social interactions. How does social intelligence affect one’s responses in any given situation? How might a person’s self-guides affect his or her perspective of the world?

    asked by Gayle
  112. Math-Can you help me Sue?

    Can you help me with some of the questions I posted please? I am so lost :( Thank you!

    asked by Jen
  113. anthropology

    religion why do we have it? Give the main theories behind the universality of belief systems throughout the world.

    asked by mas
  114. english101

    What are some of the effects that the water proxmity has on western europe?

    asked by fran
  115. math


    asked by Anonymous
  116. Calc

    I need help solving this problem. logbase5(x+2)=2

    asked by Leanna
  117. Algebra

    find the value of C such that the graph of 3x+C=5y has an X- intercept of (-4,0).

    asked by Poochie
  118. pre calc.Math

    Please help me any one of these please! Thank You to any one r=2-6 cos(θ) convert this polar coordinate equation into an equation in rectangular coordinates(x,y) given (-8,8) convert this point into polar coordinates with 6 >= 0 and 0

    asked by Ann
  119. Physics

    A planet has a mass of 6.06x 10^23 kg and a radius of 3.99 x 10^6 m. a) What is the acceleration due to gravity on this planet? b) how much would a 72.5 kg person weigh on this plane?

    asked by Kristi
  120. Math

    Find the range of the data set. {11.3, 7.3, 8.8, 6.4, 9.2} Highest 11.3 lowest 6.4 11.3-6.4 = 4.9 Answer: 4.9 Right?

    asked by candy
  121. math

    employees worked 200 regular hours and 50 hours of overtime. what percent of the total hours for the week were overtime?

    asked by melvin
  122. Physics

    A 38.3-kg crate rests on a horizontal floor, and a 74.7 kg person is standing on the crate. Determine the magnitude of the normal force that a) the floor exerts on the crate and b) the crate exerts on the person.

    asked by Kristi
  123. physics

    A block of a mass of 1 kg rests on the inclined surface of a wedge of a mass of 2.2 kg. The wedge is acted upon by a horizontal force F and slides on a frictionless surface. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s^2. If the coefficient of static friction

    asked by alexa
  124. statistics

    The passing rate for the boards is 34%. If 70 people take the boards, the probability that 30 of them will pass the exam is?

    asked by Sam
  125. Chemistry

    If a buffer is prepared using equal amounts of acetic acid and sodium acetate predict what the pH of the solution will be.

    asked by Michael
  126. physics

    A child learns in school that the earth is traveling faster than 100,000 kilometers per hour around the sun, and in a frightened tone asks why we arent swept off. What statement about the motion of the Earth is, on average,true? A. We are traveling slower

    asked by alexa
  127. Math

    6^x^2=600; 10 Correct?

    asked by candy
  128. science

    calculate the % of compound A extrcted if an aqueous solution containing 5.0g/100 ml is extracted with 33ml of diethyl ether thrice.(partition for ether-water distribution=4:1)

    asked by Nadeeshani
  129. critique my reflection paper

    first of all, im an ESL English student so bear with my mistakes I have been an English 101 student for about 3 weeks now, and over the course of my stay I have learned a lot more that I thought possible. I learned to write, to express myself, how to think

    asked by healpmerealquick
  130. business communication

    Which of the following statements explains why threats are not effective for motivating people

    asked by lachelle mitchell
  131. algebra 2

    Find the function value. Let f(x) = e3x. Find f(0.06), rounded to four decimal places.

    asked by re
  132. algebra 2

    Solve the problem. The growth in the population of a certain rodent at a dump site fits the exponential function A(t)= 164e0.032t, where t is the number of years since 1975. Estimate the population in the year 2000.

    asked by re
  133. math


    asked by Anonymous
  134. chemistry

    Hi, my question: The first five ionization energies of three different elements are: 1. 570 1800 2700 11600 15000 2. 740 1450 7730 10540 13600 3. 800 2400 3600 25020 32820 Which one of those elements is the most electronegative? I know that

    asked by Andi
  135. math

    3x/4-21x/32= -13

    asked by Anonymous
  136. math

    3x/4-21x/32= -1 1/8

    asked by Anonymous
  137. MATH

    Solve the equation. (Enter solutions from smallest to largest. If there is no solution, enter NONE in the answer boxes.) x2 - 5x + 5 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  138. physics

    which one is angle will give the longest range ? 30 degrees ? 45 degrees ? 60 degrees ?

    asked by cj
  139. Math

    Give the equation of the circle with the given center and radius. Center at (0, 2); radius = 5

    asked by candy
  140. Math-geometry

    Write the statement in symbols using the p and q given below. Then construct a truth table for the symbolic statement and select the best match. q = The food is good. p = I eat too much. If the food is not good, I won't eat too much.

    asked by Jen
  141. trig question...

    During a 12-hour period, the tides in one area of the Bay of Fundy cause the water level to rise to 6 m above average sea level and to fall 6 m below average sea level. The depth of the water at low tide is 2 m as measured against a pier. a.) Suppose the

    asked by Sean
  142. math


    asked by Anonymous
  143. Math

    Decide if the given number is a solution to the given equation. 24/x = 2; 3

    asked by candy
  144. Math

    Stacey buys a $1000 RRSP today. After one year she adds $2500. By the end of the second year, the money has grown to $3851 as it has earned interest over time. What rate of interest does the money earn? 1000x^2 + 2500x - 3851 Use the quadratic formula

    asked by Kate
  145. critique my reflection paper

    i revised it and found my mistakes.. ignore my conclusion because it's not good i'm going to work on it. I have been an English 101 student for about 3 weeks now, and over the course of my stay, I have learned a lot more than I thought possible. I learned

    asked by healpmerealquick
  146. Science

    What happens when SO2 gas is mixed with burning Oxy-Acetylene gas

    asked by Gene
  147. math

    A map has a scale of 5cm=20km. If two cities are 17 centimeters apart on the map what is the actual distance between the two cities to the nearest tenth of a kilometer

    asked by Anonymous
  148. math

    Write the answer to the problem as an algebraic expression. A theater ticket for adults is a dollars and the price of a child's ticket is C dollars. If 29 adults and 45 children attend the theater one night, how much money did the theater make? 29a + 45c

    asked by candy
  149. Math

    Find the center and radius of the circle. x^2 + (y + 7)^2 = 4

    asked by candy
  150. Med terms

    I am having troubles finding all 10 mistakes and need some help. Inpatient Progress Report Attending Physician: Moreover, Cindy Patient: Stephen R. Peters DOT: 03/01/19XX CHIEF COMPLAINT: This 53-year-old man visited the outpatient clinic for dyspnea and

    asked by Rachel
  151. Health administration

    Health systems can be formed through which of the following mechanisms Ownership Not-for-profits For-profits Mergers

    asked by deedee
  152. calling ms. Sue ( another assignment )

    T_T ok so here's another assignment that should be pass tomorrow. please critique and i need help on how can i close this paragraph. "This English 101AYR course is coming to an end. What are your opinions about the hybrid (50% in-class - 50% online)

    asked by healpmerealquick
  153. health administration

    What federal agency produces a report projecting healthcare expenditures for the coming decade?

    asked by deedee
  154. english

    Here is my first paragraph of my essay: Imagine being 6’3” in the eighth grade and everyone in the school making comments about your size. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to being tall. My best friend’s mother found a quote written

    asked by lizzie
  155. Physics

    A binary star system consists of two equal mass stars that revolve in circular orbits about their center of mass. The period of the motion, T=29.6 days, and the orbital speed v= 220 km/s of the stars can be measured from telescopic observations. What is

    asked by Casey
  156. physics

    An unmarked police car traveling a constant 90 km/h is passed by a speeder. Precisely 2.00 s after the speeder passes, the police officer steps on the accelerator. If the police car accelerates uniformly at 2.00 m/s^2 and overtakes the speeder after

    asked by victor
  157. Basic Algebra

    A box to hold pencils measures 5.8 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches high. Find the volume of the box.

    asked by Catherine
  158. Math

    What is the cost of putting carpet down in a room 25 feet wide and 33 1/2 feet long with carpet that costs $9.50 a square yard?

    asked by JMS
  159. Literature

    Is this a couplet? If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man loved.

    asked by Dee
  160. statistic

    Identify the level of measurement for the following? How long does it take you to drive to the school on average ( to the nearest minute)

    asked by mike
  161. math

    A fence surrounding a 1/2 mile racetrack is 8 feet high. How many square yards of wood are contained in the fence?

    asked by VLG
  162. math

    A room measures 15 ft by 19 ft. The ceiling is 10 ft. above the floor. The door is 3 ft. by 7 ft. A gallon of paint will cover 78.2 ft2 . How many gallons of paint are needed to paint the room (including the ceiling and not including the door). Round your

    asked by candy
  163. English

    My question is if I were to cite a specific portion of a poem from one line (see bottom for the poem), like for example in my essay if I wanted to say -the unwelcome bed - would I put quotations on it and a citation or should I just leave it because I want

    asked by Samantha
  164. Chemistry

    Please help me solve this problem: What is the value of the equilibrium constant (K) for the reaction below 25^o C? 3I2(s) + 2Fe(s) --> 2Fe^3+(aq) + 6I^-

    asked by Shylo
  165. math

    -31°F = °C -31+(-31)=-62 -62 + 33 = -35°C Answer: -35°C Correct?

    asked by candy
  166. science

    what is the delta H of N2 + 3H2 ---> 2NH3 + 22,000 cal

    asked by Mandy
  167. critical thinking

    What are some other examples of paradigm in science and the field of medicine?

    asked by erika
  168. English

    My question is if I were to cite a specific portion of a poem from one line (see bottom for the poem), like for example in my essay if I wanted to say -the unwelcome bed - would I put quotations on it and a citation or should I just leave it because I want

    asked by Samantha
  169. Civics

    14. Martin Luther King Jr.'s _____ speech championed equality and justice for all people, not just blacks. A."Birmingham Jail" B."I Have a Dream" C."Civil Disobedience" D. "Peace in America"

    asked by Bee
  170. Chemistry

    what is the mole fraction of solute molality concertration for an aqueous solution that is 19% NaOH by mass?

    asked by Josh
  171. critical thinking

    What is a social contract, and why is sovereignty an important part of a social contract?

    asked by erika